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A hapless country doctor describes with breathless urgency a night-time summons to attend a young patient. Events soon take on a surreal aspect as "unearthly horses" transport him instantaneously to the bedside. The doctor, preoccupied with personal distractions and grievances against those he is employed to care for, fails to find what is revealed to be a vile, fatal wound. He is humiliated by the villagers, who are "always expecting the impossible from the doctor," and doomed to an endless return trip, losing everything. (Source: ANN)

Movie - Oct 2, 2007
17,218 6.70
After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows on his head and he gets into a lot of trouble.

Movie - Jan 1, 2002
6,780 6.44
A boy and his young sister were curious about the book someone had left on a bench, and they opened the book. Then the small Tower of Bavel was completed on a page. Looking into the tower, they found an old man sitting and reading a book, surrounded by innumerable books. As the man turned pages, mythical animals appeared and disappeared. (Source: yamamura-animation.jp)

Special - Oct 14, 1996
2,660 5.60
A very old crocodile, so old that he had witnessed the building of the pyramids, was suffering from rheumatism, and no longer able to catch his food. In desperation, he decided to eat his great grand son. Although his thousands of years of longevity entitled him to much respect, the family decided he would have to be put down. Unable to bear the disrespect of his family, the old crocodile said goodbye to the Nile. One day the old crocodile met an octopus. The octopus treated her new friend to a variety of fish that she caught just for him. When the night fell, he couldn’t restrain himself from eating one of the octopus’s legs. Since then, the old crocodile began to help himself to the octopus’ leg every night… (Source: AniDB)

Movie - Mar 25, 2005
2,648 6.30
A seaside school. In the corridor stands the principal, beloved of the high-spirited youngsters. Gazing at a picture of a whale drawn as a child, the head teacher is swept away with sentiment into a flashback from the past. Just then, on the ocean horizon... (Source: Official site)

Movie - ??? ??, 2007
1,925 6.10
The destiny of photographer Eadweard Muybridge and that of a Japanese mother clash poetically in this exploration of the irrepressible human desire to make time stand still. (Source: AniDB)

Movie - May 16, 2011
1,428 6.08
Buildings, black crows, a flood of bar codes, clone-looking businessmen, shopping-addicted ladies...these images which probably symbolizes excessive, standardized and overcrowded modern cities are condensed in this animation. Various techniques, like modified photo, drawing animation, 3D object and permeating lighting are combined onto a multi-planed (line drawing) stand, with a challenge to express a unique sense of unity and compression. (Source: yamamura-animation.jp)

Special - ??? ??, 1990
1,118 5.20
A child whose head is numerals, a child who winds his own face and has it under his arm. What was left is his identity, a child whose eyes are provided by fishes, a child who lies down on the floor and head-butts his identity, a child who cannot say anything because of a zipper across his mouth. He undo the zipper but under it is another zipper... Ecology and philosophy of children with sadness and humour. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

ONA - Oct 20, 2007
936 5.66
A music video by Koji Yamamura.

Music - ??? ??, 1999
835 5.18
A Parade for three managers and four performers. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - May ??, 2016
732 5.39
A short film by Koji Yamamura.

Movie - ??? ??, 1989
721 5.38
Raoul, an alligator, has a bad tooth, and also need a hair cut. Is he going to a barber, or a dentist, or neither of them? Madillo, an armadillo, wonders if he should bring an umbrella, or not. So, what is your choice? In the story of this animated film, a series of events which need judgements, spontaneity and decisiveness of the "Junior Directors" continue to occur. The film was completed with the ideas from those "Junior Directors" through having several workshops with them. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1999
692 5.51
Take a journey into the imaginative world of Kid's Caste where a young boy's dreams make playing with toys a reality. As his room takes on exciting changes, you, too, will delight at the many different whimsical sounds and voices. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1995
675 5.32
Karo was hurrying to his house on a rainy day. Then he met a fish swimming in the air. He talked about the fish to Piyobupt but Piyobupt laughed at Karo. So they started to imagine and imagine. And outside of the window, flying fishes were enjoying the rain. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1992
632 5.30
One day in winter, two birds were flying to the snow field. They found a fine big tree and decided to build their house on it. Carrying logs, cutting them, putting together, finally a lovely house was completed. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1992
608 5.08
It was a wonderful day. At the kitchen, Karo and Piyobupt were making sandwiches. Yes, they were going on a picnic. When you eat sandwiches on the beautiful green field, how delicious they are and how much you eat them. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1992
594 5.12
- Original add
Some short pieces of funny animations and penakisticope. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 2003
594 5.26
Short film by Yamamura Kouji.

Movie - ??? ??, 1985
562 4.57
Short film by Yamamura Kouji.

Movie - ??? ??, 1985
559 5.00
Spans 13 meters 53 cm long picture scroll painting by Sotatsu Tawaraya, "Tsuru shitae waka kan (Anthology with Cranes)" (17th Century) is a unique painting to evoke the moving image. Yamamura try to decipher this "Anthology with Cranes" and the intent of Sotatsu Tawaraya, finished in experimental work and interpret it as animation. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 2011
502 4.92
A fantastic animation adventure about Kipling Jr., his father, mother, and a musical band led by Rog. Advanced animation techniques, yet to be seen on the screen, help to create incredible movements by animated dolls. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - ??? ??, 1995
497 5.49
A tribute to Norman McLaren's "Begone Dull Care" by Yoji Yamamura. It celebrates the birth of Norman McLaren with Christmas music.

Movie - ??? ??, 2014
497 4.66
One morning, a boy dashes out the door of his apartment carrying a school bag on his back. He jumps into the building elevator as on any other day; but today, it won't stop and just keeps on going down.When it finally stops with a jolt and the door opens, the boy finds himself in a world deep under the ground. There his adventure begins. (Source: yamamura-animation.jp)

Movie - ??? ??, 1991
474 5.93
A short animation by Koji Yamamura, created in cooperation with the National Film Board of Canada.

Movie - May ??, 2013
400 4.76
The painter Kuwagata Keisai lived over 200 years ago. He created 'Ways to Sketch', a series of picture books illustrating humans and animals, all richly expressed. One day he was sketching out a carp, just at that moment he slept and he became a carp in dream. A carp was enjoy to swimming, but a fisherman caught that carp... (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - Aug 23, 2019
342 N/A
An animated archive of imaginary monsters written by a fictitious monsterologist in Medieval Europe. This work depicts the habits of monsters using movement inspired by short phrases such as “Taste of Tears”, “Tamed Wildness”, etc. (Source: Yamamura Animation)

Movie - Nov ??, 2016
324 5.79