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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
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Bakemono no Ko
- Small child trapped in a fantasy/spirit world. - Small child grows and makes the best of their situation. - Small child earning their keep and learning new things. - Traditional Japanese-style fantasy realm. Spirited Away is the much better paced, written, and animated story of the two. Bakemono no Ko attempts to be a bit more 'grown-up', and has a story spanning a much longer period of time.
report Recommended by Lemon
Coming-of-age movies about a child happening upon another world. Both are delightfully evocative with consistent interest and tight animation.
report Recommended by Mykaterasu
The alternate worlds in both movies give a similar surreal, dream-like feeling
report Recommended by THIAGO
These films are extremely similar, child runs off and gets lost in a new world filled with weird beings. They both find someone that will guide them though it, teaching them the ways of life there. But eventually their goal is to return to the human world. Both these films are masterpieces a highly recommend both
report Recommended by FinnMont
These films explore the boundary between the human and fantasy worlds. The protagonists are young children who mature through their experiences within the other world after receiving the help of magical creatures. The stories focus on family (whether it's adoptive or biological), unlikely friends, and personal growth through learning. The fantastical wonder in a child's mind as s/he sees the world - that's what these films will bring back to you, regardless of what age you are now.
report Recommended by whither
Similar stories about humans going to a world of monsters/spirts/beasts They both have amazing animation.
report Recommended by Cam1922
Both are about a young MC who gets lost in a alternative world and find a mentor to guide them.
report Recommended by Kriseiki
Starting out as a bratty kid who only thinks about themselves characters, Chihiro and Ren find themselves crossing a barrier between the norm and the supernatural, into a mystical world not like the one they are used to. Full of mythical humanoid characters, in a landscape where they are now the irregulars, the two embark on a tale of growing up. The Boy and The Beast are much more explicit with the theme of "growing up" so much that Ren, the protagonist, goes through a coming of age story. Spirited Away is much more implicit in that Chihiro learns from her time in the spirit world   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both films feature a child who after getting trapped in another world, mature and make the best of their situations. The Boy and The Beast definitely has a more prominent "growing up" theme and has more comedic and action elements, as compared to the peaceful-adventurous tone of Spirited Away.
report Recommended by saipucakes