Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

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Synonyms: Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, Saiki Kusuo no Sainan
Japanese: 斉木楠雄のΨ難
English: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
German: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Spanish: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
French: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
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Type: TV
Episodes: 120
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 4, 2016 to Dec 26, 2016
Premiered: Summer 2016
Broadcast: Not scheduled once per week
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: J.C.Staff, Egg Firm
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Gag HumorGag Humor, SchoolSchool, Super PowerSuper Power
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 5 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.421 (scored by 548489548,489 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1622
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #139
Members: 977,718
Favorites: 26,293

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Main Protagonist is an overpowered Psychic and is of similar character. While the vibe is different, the settings come close to each other. Both are students and have interesting people around the Protagonist. 
report Recommended by Souru
- Self aware - 4th wall, what 4th wall? - Deadpan protagonist with dead eyes - Silly gags and puns - Bright colours and simple lines  
report Recommended by Lemon
These are both light hearted comedic shows with similar senses of humour, neither show takes itself too seriously. Both MC's are ridiculously over powered, and decide to focus on the downsides of having such power.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Although Saiki is an esper and Sakamoto is not, both characters turned out to be surrounded by people who becomes enchanted by their abilities in school and eventually into their personal life. 
report Recommended by Aleron
The main characters in both animes are so overpowered, but they hide their powers. Funny daily life stories. The main heroins also like the main characters who don't care at all.  
report Recommended by naparahnaid
both anime focus on comedy (daily life of school boys/girls) and its quite funny <(','<)lol  
report Recommended by juju20x5
I find them rather similar with school life setting and comedy. While Saiki has supernatural power and Handa-kun is a well-regarded school idol and prodigy calligrapher, all they wanted just a normal/quiet life but often hilarity ensues. 
report Recommended by aisoka
In a certain sense, Saiki can be considered as the "male" version of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, since while Nozaki parodies the shoujo's tropes, setting and characters, Saiki does the same, only with works for the shonen audience. The only difference is that Nozaki is strongly focused on romance and sometimes are sentimental, while Saiki always remains a gag comedy with an unceasing parody and humor.  
report Recommended by RobertBobert
Lots of funny scenes in each episode 
report Recommended by mazz_opique
i would say if you really enjoy the comedy of one of these anime, then you will definitely enjoy the other one as well they have the same kinda vibe to the main characters (uramichi and saiki)- very tired and annoyed from everything and everyone around 
report Recommended by 3rza
Similar type of comedy shorts type feel, concerning a character and how hes not what he seems. Although more alike in 'vibes' i guess than plot, as Saiki Kusuo is definitely more extensive with a larger cast and somewhat of character development, but both shows are baseline feelgood comedies and I think if you enjoyed the comdey style in one youd like the other. 
report Recommended by crimsonrose2407
both anime focusing on comedy which is quite funny.(worth to watch)  
report Recommended by juju20x5
I instantly thought Beelzebub when I started watching Saiki. They are about high schoolers with unique attributes. They are both slap stick comedies with no deep plot and have episodes with stand alone plots.  
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
somehow the exact same type of cast/characters, writing and comedy with the exact opposite plot/premise - both shows will make you laugh way more than you expect (comedy gold mines) - iruma and saiki are the exact opposites of each other personality wise but they both live with the goal of wishing to be seen as normal and blend in (even though their roles make it very unlikely) - both main characters end up having like a fanclub's worth of friends without desiring it and it's great 
report Recommended by hwanghyunjin
lots of lively characters and school comedy which connect to you.  
report Recommended by yasaswy1994
Both are comedies that are actually enjoyable and are not filled with second-hand embarrassment. The focus is more on the characters than on a relevant plot. Although not on the same level as Asobi Asobase, Sakiki does have its fair share of screaming and hilarious faces to go along with the anime. In general, their plots aren't alike but they have the same vibe. 
report Recommended by mai_mai_
Both focus on a hilariously over powered psychic MC. Both light hearted shows with their comedy at the forefront and main focus of the anime. Both have great humour and comedic character designs. Both have amazing OST's and characters. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
The obvious comparison between these shows is the main characters... Both psychics with similar personalities (bar their intelligence) being forced into similar wacky situations. Both shows have a very similar style of humour and plot-layout as well. The main difference between these shows is the intent. Saiki is a more fast paced, skit based show intent on being as entertaining as possible whereas Hana starts off similar to that but quickly converts into a fairly heartfelt comedy with some real meaning behind it. 
report Recommended by Jordanious77
Why did I recommend this when Saiki is a genius and Yoshiko is an idiot. Because everyone besides Saiki is completely clueless. Yoshiko's childhood friend is somehow similar to Saiki. Both anime have minimalistic art and many colors. Both are fun to watch. 
report Recommended by Azzo67890
High-school comedies, quite parodic, with "alien" characters. Psi seems to have Cromartie references, such as Nindou and the guy twitching his hair... So far, I prefer Cromartie. It's definitely more manly too. 
report Recommended by Roruman
This is mostly a recommendation from me because Saiki has psychic powers like Anya, while this really isn't a family show Saiki's parents are really lovable people too. 
report Recommended by ch6isx
short, quick moving gag jokes. sarcastic character who acts tough/emotionless actually cares for his friends a lot more than he lets on. neither show takes itself too seriously. Senyuu has more of a plot building up in the background, while Saiki is solely comedic.  
report Recommended by fizzytastic
School setting with really crazy comedy and large cast of characters. There are some similiar archtypes (for example, hot-blooded class president, delinquent who tries to leave his past behind, etc.). 
report Recommended by FrostLich
In terms of the comedy, style presented, both go for an in your face style that is quick, loud and entertaining if that is your preference in said comedy. Character interactions are very similar in tone and attitude too but one must keep in mind that this style of comedy is character focus around said events, so basically, liked the character and the pieces will fall into place.  
report Recommended by Alufei
Both consist of really funny shorts with unexpected and overly dramatic gags. Some of the episodes are philosophical in a sense dealing with people, problems of society and emotions. Both are set in a school environment. 
report Recommended by Lopika
If Hiroshi Kamiya ranting about the absurdities and logical inconsequences of Japanese society and humanity in general sounds like your idea of fun, both series are right up your alley. The protagonist also plays a similar role in both series, being a reluctant helper for the bunch of dysfunctional beings that in turn make him find his human side. 
report Recommended by Sarubadooru
- Deadpan, level-headed protagonist. - So very punny. - Fast paced gag humour. - Colourful supporting cast with their own amusing and troublesome quirks (troublesome for the protagonist at least). The setting is very different but the pacing and style of joke telling is pretty similar. Japanese knowledge is helpful because subbed puns can be hit or miss.  
report Recommended by Lemon
Both basically are about high school daily life with over the top comedy scenes. In Saiki Kusuo, mc is using his psychic power to solve any problem he is facing, while in Chio chan, mc is using her gaming knowledge to solve any problem she is facing. 
report Recommended by lswarmruler
As for Osomatsu-san there is no story as a whole, I think it's important that its recommendation is not just another anime with comedy. For Saiki Kusou is somewhat the same, there is no story outside of comedy to develop. It doesn't switch between comedy and story. It's just for comedy. 
report Recommended by Xenoneo202_
Both are gag comedies that involve the use of wacky and unusual characters getting themselves into comedic situations. If you like one for its humour and wide variety of different characters you’ll definitely like the other. 
report Recommended by Akoram
When I watched Wan Sheng Jie, I immediately thought it was similar to Saiki K. They're both Supernatural Slice-of-Life Comedies. Saiki K. has a school theme while Wan Sheng Jie has more of a roommates theme. And here are some similarity points: (I'll add more when I think of them.) Characters- There's a diverse cast in both, which are full of parodies. In Saiki K. there's the typical anime characters- delinquent, pretty girl, super energetic class rep, the stereotypical dumb guy, etc.. In Wan Sheng Jie there's typical supernatural creatures- the angel, vampire, werewolf, demon, mummy, etc. Their personalities are also hilarious and fun to watch. Character to character interactions are  read more 
report Recommended by AC77
The moment I saw the first episode of this show, I immediately thought of the Disastrous life of Saiki K. There are many things that are similar between the two shows which include: - similar genres (slice of life, comedy, school - the genres are present in similar style as well) - similar characters - to elaborate: Koyuki and Kusuo share the desire to be normal, yet their daily lives are interrupted by the weird people around them. Hanadori and Kaido are normal high school students who believe they have some dark power contained within them, even though  read more 
report Recommended by Eleris18
-Gag anime -Parody scenes -Fourth wall breaker -Best MC Dude, an anime that has the combination of Levi and Akashi as its main character (VA and other stuffs) which is surrounded by Yato like people? Why not?! 
report Recommended by Creisede
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K has many very similar aspects as Ouran High School Host Club. For starters, they're both comedies with similar senses of humor. They also have episodes which can be watched almost completely independently. There are no long-lasting arcs so you won't need to have watched the whole show to get each episode. If the rewatch value of OHSHC was admirable to you, then you'll find Saiki K to be the same. Overall, both are dumb fun anime which you can rewatch over and over when you're feeling down :) 
report Recommended by lilmartini
Both are comedic anime, perfect for getting a good laugh at the end of the day. With each of them having characters with unique and interesting quirks, never a day goes by without some random and stupidly dumb events occurring. Grand Blue is probably more age-restricted, as it contains content not suitable for younger children (such as drinking, nudity (censored) and suggestive ideas). However, this anime would definitely not be complete without such idiotic themes. It creates a large part of the plot and sets up the scene for many situations. Saiki Kusuo has some supernatural elements and is a crucial factor in its own right. The  read more 
report Recommended by IchiR7246
-Both are comedy anime with likeable characters Even though these series don't have similar stories, they'll both leave you with a smile. So if you are looking for another show like Love is War, then I recommend Disastrous life of Saiki(or vice versa) because of their likeable and sometimes relatable characters. Details: -Both main girls(Teruhashi in "Saiki" and Kaguya in "Love is war") have the goal to make the main character fall in love with them but falls for them instead -The main character in both series (Kaguya and the president /Saiki) are both gifted in some way 
report Recommended by FuMarie
-very funny -contain bunch of short stories, but still follow the storyline -the mc sometime use their power to reluctantly get rid of their problem or doing nice thing to the other -have another char who make their live dont go as they want the difference - saiki is on highscool setting yet detroit metal city is on death metal life - personality of the main char 
report Recommended by wildape
-Main characters talk too much (probably need to pause a lot to read the whole thing if you don't speak Japanese). -Both main characters are cool dudes that can do everything and anything, basically. -A LOT of characters in both stories but you'll like all or most of them (charismatic chatacters). -Funny shows; somehow the humor feels similar. 
report Recommended by NJGore
Stereotypical high school delinquents, clubs, main character gets involved with weirdoes at his school. The opening songs are from the same artist. Both are in my opinion among the best comedy anime out there. 
report Recommended by dhflauhe28376
Both shows, Saiki Kusuo and Nanbaka, have the similar factor of heavy comedy in the earlier episodes. Although Nanbaka strays away from comedy and focuses more on serious issues in the latter portion, Saiki Kusuo holds true to the comedic aspect and carries through 'till the end. If you've seen Nanbaka and enjoy the wit and humor of the characters, Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan is definitely something you should consider. 
report Recommended by QuotingLegacies
+These two shows share comedy in the form of Introspection. The main protagonists always have a unique view or way of interpreting mundane things. 
report Recommended by dragonhold24
Both shows are absurd parodies of 2010s anime, where there are many references to classic genre defining shows. 
report Recommended by FireX
>Style of comedy is similar (Ridiculousness, randomness, and funny) >Both have some kind of supernatural phenomenon >few similar characters (gender may be opposite)  
report Recommended by guddi
Comedies with casts full of weirdos, but memorable weirdos with interesting personalities. The mix of the character relationships and randomness thrown in it then creates an enjoyable humor.  
report Recommended by abystoma2
The character with supernatural God-like powers? check. High school comedy? check. Unusual or simply strange set of friends? check. Action? check, kinda. While Saiki is the level-headed protagonist, Haruhi is not, but the story-telling is similar (due to Kyon). Well if you enjoyed one, you would definitely like the other 
report Recommended by Halettan
Wild highschool antics! Chuubyou is basically ~Judgement Knights of Thunder~ - the anime- in a way. Wacky sense of humour with characters who each have more than a couple of screws loose, while the protagonist keeps wishing for a peaceful life. 
report Recommended by sicklything
- Slapstick comedy - Overpowered main character - Short episodes - Superpower vs. Demon power - Occasionlly breaks the fourth wall 
report Recommended by cornonacob
Best comedy shorts. If you dont laugh watchin these get some help. Please 
report Recommended by RagonWest
The two series are the showcase of the very best and the worst of J.C Staff. For the fan of both franchise, I recommend to watch these two until the end. It's enjoyable. For the casual viewers, watch out for a sudden disappointment with the production. In general, comedy lovers and battle shounen maniac should take this ticket to ride. 
report Recommended by SgtBateMan
Don't seem related at first, but enjoyed them for similar reasons. Both have a similar style of quick, cynical humour and clever writing, with Bunny girl senpai providing a more coherent story with a bigger emotional pay off. A good gateway anime before more dialouge heavy shows like March comes in like a lion and the Monogatari series. 
report Recommended by RugbyBrazzers
They're both just so sweet. Ore Monogatari is basically Saiki K with the roles reversed. Suna is way too similar to Saiki and Takeo to Nendo. The two anime are both hilarious, they both follow an episodic way of story telling, but Saiki is more focused on the daily and funny lives of Kusuo and his friends while Ore Monogatari is just a sweet ol' fluffy romance show.  
report Recommended by Lybees
- The comedy style is very fast - School setting - All characters are all funny - Prison school has more perverted comedy - Saiki K uses the stupidity of the characters as comedy - Many surprising twists and turns 
report Recommended by NatureSpark99
- Both have comedy with high school setting - Both have tons of comedy situations where one will burst into laughter  
report Recommended by Kizurk
Both are comedic flash animation shows, that focus on the protagonists' daily life, and how their troublesome interactions with others influence their lives. Saiki is a more "affectionate" high-school comedy, whereas Aggretsuko is a biting satire against the workaholism in Japanese culture. 
report Recommended by Krankastel
Both feature parodies of generic anime tropes. 
report Recommended by Amabuer
Super OP character Lots of fun secondary characters Parents are Baka-couple in both cases 
report Recommended by karthik072000
Main character doing normal daily stuff showing barely any emotions while surrounded with many fun and enthusiastic characters that makes every situation more bizarre and life more enjoyable. Colorful aesthetic and energetic soundtrack 
report Recommended by Joshhhp
Both are short episodes with brilliant humour and lovable characters. Both shows have a very similar charm with laughs often at the expense of the silliness of it's own cast of characters. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both shows are comedies that are totally hilarious. But the thing that makes both shows similar is the format as both shows are told in five mini-episodes in one compilation episode. Both shows are great comedies worth watching, but Saiki Kusuo is centered on one guy while Azumanga is about girls going crazy. 
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
If you like Saiki K, you'll also enjoy Durarara!! Both shows poke fun at common anime tropes and aren't afraid to make fun of the audience. While Durarara!! does have more drama than Saiki K, the comedy is still there. It's very self aware.  
report Recommended by willIV
They both are very good feel good animes that are great to watch on your free time. 
report Recommended by Oni_ChanPost
While the two shows are different, they share some similarities. Both main characters have powers and will eventually meet other characters in their towns and have small events that the main character either solves or tries to avoid. While Saiki won't be fighting a main villain, it was pretty interesting to watch his daily life. 
report Recommended by MysticBlaze7329
both have peculiar humor and 4-5 minutes per episode, although i have to give the edge to saiki k for a better cast 
report Recommended by Samoug
-Short comedy episodes -Character driven -Absurd type of humor 
report Recommended by Calabre006
while Saiki k never gets quite as dark as Kotoura-san does at times, they're still both a comedy anime where the main character can read minds, they even both have their name in their respective anime title too 
report Recommended by heartchan856
I can't really explain it. But for some reason, every time I sit down and watch an episode of Urusei Yatsura (2022), it makes me think about The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. It's probably because it ticks a lot of the same boxes: an episodic story, fast-paced gag humor, crisp and colorful art, and most importantly, outrageous characters voiced by a talented cast of seiyuu. 
report Recommended by kumakami89
Comedies where the MCs have supernatural powers  
report Recommended by MJSpice
the main characters are both stoic. both of the characters remain calm on every situation they encounter.  
report Recommended by dklonx
Short episodes with a comedy focus. Original manga's both Shonen Jump series. Lovable characters, OSTs and art styles. Great character designs. Both topical/current and are very popular/successful.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both have very short episode lengths (less than 5 minutes each) and our both hilarious comedies. Both of these had me laughing so hard it hurt. They're also both very fast paced.  
report Recommended by ravioliqueen
both have good humor 
report Recommended by Sockentoaster
Both main characters are very similar, they both are talking to themselves about things that are very relatable which makes you like them first episode. 
report Recommended by veinnnn
both highschool students who have a big secret to hide, and basically the whole plot is them hiding that secret. 
report Recommended by Corosite_
Both have hilarious comedy. The casts were unforgettable and the endings of both hit me personally. The character development of both mc's felt satisfying and heartwarming 
report Recommended by Jaekoi
So... You should read my rec for Wan Sheng Jie (1) if you want the full "reasons why" but I also had to make one for (2) specifically due to the introduction of a new character. The Demon King guy in Wan Sheng Jie is pretty similar to Saiki in some ways. I mean, he just wanted to sleep, but people keep waking him up, and then he gets mad and starts destroying everyone. Let's be real let's not interrupt his nap from now on okay? It's really cool just how similar these two series are. IF you like one 99% chance you'll like the other because of  read more 
report Recommended by AC77
Both main characters have super powers and are very strong, yet want to live a normal, average, life. 
report Recommended by dadnaya
Both funny episodic anime where the lead male protagonist has special abilities (psychic powers/military training) 
report Recommended by Ph8
Psychological battles of sorts in bizarre settings. JoJo is campy while Psi is a parody, so they are different genres, but similar. Psi has references to JoJo, such as a Jotaro-lookalike in the early episodes, sound texts representing intense situations, characters spelling their character's strategy and thinking a counter to it, a glorious GAR narrator explaining concepts in a bombastic style, shorts arcs, a silent protagonist (mostly applies to Jotaro again), etc. Both are great anime, though JoJo is obviously the better one. 
report Recommended by Roruman
Both MC's have a very simple goal (sleeping and leading a normal life) and are trying their best to achieve that goal, while being in a situation that makes this very hard to achieve (being held hostage in the Devon lord's castle and having superpowers). The comedy in both anime derives from the supporting characters reactions either to the MC or what's happening around them. So both anime have a pretty big and fleshed out supporting cast.  
report Recommended by Sugaminny
Hilarious, short-form comedies that feature extraordinary main characters leading normal lives. Lots of anti-humor and fourth wall breaks.  
report Recommended by -j--
both equally strongest and hide their power in public Recomend by Shiori-chan 
report Recommended by YuHachiman
I am surprised this one has not been mentioned before. The main appeal of Saiki is not the premise (as interesting as it may be). Rather, it's the ensemble of wacky characters and the funny high-jinks they get into. This is something that Urusei Yatsura has a lot of, as well. As with Saiki, Urusei Yatsura has an ensemble of extremely endearing and lovable dumbass characters (with new ones being introduced periodically), always finding themselves in a new absurd scenario.  
report Recommended by kaijikaijikaiji
-They both take places in School. -Both have Megane MCs with deadpan expression. -Both MCs are forced to do things they actually dislike (Keima forced to save the girls from Kaketama, while Saiki forced to take a part in any events that makes him inconvenience). -Both MCs are "The god" in their own story (Keima is the god of galge. Saiki In other hand, has a "god-like" power). -Both have Supernatural elements. The difference is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai focused on romance and the Harem Story of Keima, while Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan as the title says, focused on how disasterous Saiki's life was.. Despite Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan didn't  read more 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both have a main character with psychic powers and both have the same style of humour. 
report Recommended by koshkarr
The daily routine of a special teenager with strange superpowers. Nonsense humor and absurd situations everywhere. Very colorful art. 4th wall almost always broken. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Both make great use of inner monologues for comedy. 
report Recommended by Inferno792
-Both are shorts anime (<5minutes) - almost entirely comedy based with nothing taken seriously - both have absurd out of the box comedy - Characters are interesting and have unique designs and interactions ' - both are episodic and don't really have singular big plot - both involve characters with super power. Saiki is psychic, while Azuchimomoyama is mahou shoujo - if u like Saiki Kusuo, you'll most likely love Seizei Ganbare too 
report Recommended by lswarmruler
The chuuni boy is actually the least powerful when it comes to superpowers in high school. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Nice and great souls to relax 
report Recommended by ByronLove98
Both shows are lighthearted comedies that don't take themselves too seriously. Both gag anime with strange settings, both have slice of life elements. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
The genre and settings of both animes are quite similar. Both MCs are high school students who are considered geniuses/talented (Aoyama=soccer, Saiki=psychic) and surrounded by people who are obsessed with them, yet the MCs prefer to avoid them (Aoyama being a cleanliness freak while Saiki intentionally maintaining a mediocre image to live a peaceful, normal & average life/lifestyle). Both MCs are also notably serious yet their actions and seriousness make situations more hilarious. 
report Recommended by khayediaz
Both lighthearted comedy series that don't take themselves series. Both have amazing art styles, OST's and character designs as well as well written characters and plots. Similar senses of humour. The respective Manga of each series are both Jump titles. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both shows frequently use over the top humor as well as fast-paced action for comedy. Similarly, they both contain a wide cast of characters each with a unique personality that stays the same throughout the show 
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Well, the main characters (at least one) is super powerful. While they hide it from basically everyone except the people they live with. Both are also very funny and have comedy and stuff. I'm bad at writing stuff like this... but yeah. Try it. You won't be disappointed (I hope) 
report Recommended by AC77
Both are extremely fast-paced anime with good comedy tho saiki is a lot better in terms of comedy, Fushig na Somera-chan is still very fun to watch.  
report Recommended by RPWPA
Both are short a light hearted comedy series with loveable characters and take very little time investment to get into the show. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Focusing on the Dad character in both of these anime series only, and yes, I do mean Kuniharu Saiki for Saiki and Hiroshi Mizuno for Tsuki ga Kirei. Both of the Dads have the same voice actor and have the same decently malleable personality. On a general level, these Dads are roughly the same Dad-like characters, in a good way, of course. 
report Recommended by chiringu
The main cast in both anime is mostly male and both have short-story 5-minute-episodes with very unique and individual characters. They're both fun shows to enjoy. 
report Recommended by KatouHasegawa
Both are shonen shows with interesting plots, lovable characters and great senses of humour. Both Saiki and Senku are often isolated from others due to their own genius and hilarity ensues when they are often surrounded by some of the more "simple" characters. The character designs and OST's are both amazing and I feel both shows are criminally under-rated. They are both adapted from popular Shonen JUMP manga and occasionally break the fourth wall for comedic effect. Both are exhilarating anime that leave you hungry for more! 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Short episodes with emphasis on comedy. Lovable characters with great character designs. Laughs often at the expense of it's own characters and even it's own writing and the suggested incompetence of the creators and characters alike. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both of these anime are gag anime that make you laugh out loud real hard. Saiki Kusuo is more straightforward in its comedy while Gag Manga Biyori is filled with more random and bizarre moments.  
report Recommended by Shinn_Asuka666
Short episodes therefore low time investment to get into. Silly humour with lovable characters and great art styles. Both cover the phenomenon of psychics, exorcisms, spirits etc.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
You must be scratching your head thinking, "how in the world are these two anime similar?" (This is a kinda long recommendation, but reading it would be appreciated) Well, the similarities lie in one key aspect and that is the fantastic usage of time. Saiki Kusuo utilizes 5 minute episodes to adapt a single chapter, and does so extremely well as the experience from start to finish is aimed at comedy first without anything in between. 3-Gatsu no Lion takes the chapters from the manga and adapts 2 per episode, which are about 25 minutes long, or 20 minutes if you take out the OP/ED. I'll admit that these two  read more 
report Recommended by any13th
While the episode style is different because Persona is much more story oriented the humor for both is similar and equally funny. 
report Recommended by Stevejg09