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Tomodachi Game
Jun 27, 11:59 AM
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Jun 25, 6:17 AM
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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Jun 24, 11:30 AM
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Second Life Ranker
Jun 10, 9:17 AM
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Omniscient Reader
May 29, 9:41 AM
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Chainsaw Man
May 23, 1:14 PM
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itikitty Jun 25, 5:33 PM

?! really ... wow that sounds hard to do.. I'm curious what if you don't find something interesting to read/watch?. and how you can manage time to watch and work when the day is busy...?

only a few episodes a week.that's... still a lot for me It's so easy for me to forget watching anime when I'm busy with work or other activities...

yup thanks actually i'm quite unsure to start watching GTO.. but you said it's a good i wanna give it a try.

ahh same I'm always on the lookout for something good to watch too. but I have a problem when it comes to reading. I don't really like to read online so I always go to the nearest store in my house to buy books. but because I prefer reading novels I always forget to buy comics. I wish there were light novels for sale here but for some reason there aren't any. none....WHY?!
itikitty Jun 15, 2:14 AM
haha it's just a fairly common problem my parents are quite strict so lately I'm not allowed to go out but the problem was solved because I'm pretty good at making excuses haha I was out with the excuse of "wanting to go to grandma's place" so I went to grandma's place while stopping by to fix my laptop. but sometimes I get quite annoyed I'm old enough you know? 20 years to be exact but somehow... ah?! I'm even talking about boring things. sorry

ahh I understand sometimes I even get annoyed and stop watching anime for a while a few months maybe?. do other things for entertainment like watching C-dramas or movies in general but.. i'm tired of seeing artists!! . I want to see animation!! haha and without realizing it I'm back to watching anime and the cycle repeats itself.. always.

hmm but I'm quite excited lately because I just watching GTO it's very interesting but as expected the story is sometimes too ... like what I can expect Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity) I don't mind but still as a woman who likes cute things like sanrio. sometimes i feel annoyed. hmm and well I've seen worse the anime called HenSemi is still haunts me to this day I thought it was going to be a regular comedy!!! but it wasn't...

but basically GTO is a very good story at first I felt normal hmm the story almost reminded me of golden boy but everything immediately changed a few minutes later precisely when he came to Mizuki's house carrying a big hammer.. I was moved to tears.. haha ​​I'm not a person who cries easily so that's for sure I will remember forever. from that second time seemed to stop and I continued to watch it non-stop.

haha it may sound very bragging or unreal. but thats all i can say.

so hmm don't give up!!
memorycloud Jun 12, 10:49 AM
that's good. glad to know your work and thesis arent overlapping and causing you much stress.

summer here has been hot. not as bad as last year thankfully. but i think mid june until the end of the summer season is going to be terrible. the highest temps i've had was around 103.
ceberios May 30, 6:40 AM
Hi I read your MAL review for mushoku tensei and I noticed this phrase " moronic Youtuber flexing his popularity and trying to mess with MAL "
I really wanna know who is the guy you're referring to please
memorycloud May 20, 11:53 PM
i see. i dont have much going on this summer as well. i do have a beach trip planned with my friends sometime in july. other than that, i'll probably just go out every once in a while when it gets too stuffy.

hope your thesis doesn't take up too much time and you'll be able to enjoy your summer!
itikitty May 20, 11:29 PM
haha yup many examples that we can take. just like we can't compare films made in 1927 that still use black and white with now. but I didn't expect you to give examples with "war tools"

aahh i see .. The satisfaction when you find something good is really unbearable, right? but i still haven't found it lately maybe because the adaptation for shojo manga is getting less and less. romcom stories from shonen manga are still good but ... love stories made for boys/girls are definitely different!!!!

The King's Avatar and Link Click. it's definitely famous when people talk about donghua or even when we talk about anime in general they definitely show up

ohh hmm, I think it's a common . that's why there are many words to express relationship between one person and another ( acquaintance, friend,lover,etc)

okay I'm sorry. I also definitely get annoyed.. when people I just met say they're my friends.

sorry late reply. My laptop has been having problems lately. I wanted to go outside to fix it but...haha next month for sure
memorycloud May 13, 8:45 PM
i agree with you on that. i sometimes do get cravings for ice cream but i don't go for it as much as i used to. i remember neapolitan used to be my favorite as well, the mix of flavors was something i really liked. now i just usually go for my go-tos.

have any plans for the summer?
itikitty May 11, 6:59 AM
actually the difference in art is only a matter of time, so I don't really like people who compare something that is clearly different, each era's art style is different and there is always a beauty of its own. Like the "Romanticism" art style, wouldn't it be appropriate to equate it with "Pop Art" or "Abstract"

sorry my talk is too weird huh? I'm quite interested in art so it's a bit ...haha ​​basically what I want to say is I won't have a problem with any art style

For anime I'm enjoying, I definitely prefer to binge watch, but now that I've tried (completed or dropped) most of the better anime out there, watching seasonals is the only way to not get bored. I know there's still some stuff from previous years that I haven't watched/completed, but that's mostly because it's not interested me.

interesting feedback..You're like.. you really have a passion for anime. not like me who seems just random haha.

addicting!? I just knew that. quite surprised because . I just think of it as a new genre in anime

ohh are you interested in Donghua? because in year hmm.. 2015 there is an anime called Enmusubi no Youko-chan,turns out it's a donghua titled "Huyao Xiao Hongniang"I really like it. from then on i was quite interested in donghua but the result was disappointing but lately it seems donghua is starting to grow I'm quite happy .

It's difficult to explain how I am usually because it depends on whom I'm around and what I'm doing. I'll be different with my closest friends and different in a work environment or when meeting new people. I always like to smile though, so much so that sometimes when someone is talking about something serious, I'll smile/chuckle and it might sometimes seem that I'm not taking them seriously.

difficult ... don't be mad but your description is pretty much the same as a politician in a good sense. I've been used to seeing my father doing political activities .. his behavior is almost the same as your description maybe you have talent... haha. a young age my mother told me I was a child who was hard to guess and easy to hide feelings. so I was always taught to express what I feel and be myself even with strangers people often call me a unique person in terms of good or bad... I don't know haha

uh didn't I say I went to a relative's place?

You just moved in and already have friends. that's great, I'm glad to hear that
itikitty May 9, 1:46 AM
Its been great for dr.stone the knowledge being taught may be ordinary. from making glass etc. but that's what makes me feel nostalgic about the old school days. but my sis said the graphic in Great Teacher Onizuka is.. not she doesn't want to watch it... I will watch GTO myself. but now I'm quite busy when it's done I'll let you know.

Ah yes, I want to ask. I'm not a patient person so I'm always looking for finished anime or manga but .. are you one of those who watch anime by season?

but now she really crazy about the isekai theme. watching isekai is like...hmmm there are a few that have shonen elements but mostly like seeing the slice of life but in another world.I don't really hate it.

so 2 months is too long because you are not "happy" at least I'm quite happy to be able to talk to you in the midst of this busyness. thank you my mom said everyone will be happy if they know she/he is useful for someone or somehow . do you feel better? :)

maybe... I wanted to make you happy? I was praising you.. at that seemed to be in a difficult time. I'm not very good at words.. and cheering people up. sorry if you got confused.

"Most girls just use makeup to look good anyway," These words are lacking in me. I think if I take a shower I think my body is clean enough. maybe when i'm old and wrinkled i'll start thinking of ways to be pretty haha
Yup how do you usually act?

sorry for late reply. I have very nice holiday. I'm quite busy traveling. buy books visit friends and relatives. sightseeing around the city etc. but now I'm back in front of the screen and sitting bored. Well at least talking to you was very pleasant.

And how about you? Have you had any happy events lately?
delanodb May 8, 2:59 AM
Yoo finallly a fellow AOT hater, Eren is the worst character in anime
Stacias May 6, 4:35 AM
It’s my pleasure!
memorycloud May 5, 11:03 PM
most likely yea. i do want to do travel nursing but i can probably just have a permanent home here and live in an apartment to whichever state i'm assigned to. i dont know my housing plans yet.

ooh ice cream? what's your favorite flavor? i usually like to go for cookies and cream or coffee.
Stacias Apr 30, 1:59 PM
Stacias Apr 30, 1:55 PM
Haha, is he a hypocrite? Or just a hipster?
Stacias Apr 30, 1:51 PM
Yeah lmao, of course he’s joking, right?