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zediby Jul 3, 8:42 AM
you're still around ahah
kvb3y Mar 26, 5:34 PM
Honestly I don't remember when which season starts, because I watched all of it in less than a week but I remember noting that the 2nd season was a decent follow up to a great first one and 3rd was just meh.
kvb3y Mar 25, 2:40 PM
Shokugeki is one of my favorite animes I liked how they handled the development of Tadokoro's character now I can't wait to get to know more about Erina in April!

Another is something I watched but would rather not comment on.

Code Geass is on my list to watch although others have priority.
kvb3y Mar 24, 2:37 AM
For me there wasn't an episode where she wasn't annoying.

Maybe I'm biased or didn't watch enough anime but good female main characters in genres other than comedy are such a rarity.

Do you know any series that would make me change my mind? I would be glad to do so provided I watch something good enough to convince me
kvb3y Mar 22, 1:46 PM
Yeah I've finished it yesterday and am halfway through another show actually so no worries.

Well, it wasn't disappointing to the point of being nightmarish as I expected (like Tsunemori and Kogami kissing or something kek), but I can say it was really similar to the beginning of the series - bland and unoriginal. Doesn't look like I'm gonna watch season 2 since they killed the only interesting character. I decided to rate it as 7 but I will remember it as a letdown and something that came short of its potential for sure.
kvb3y Mar 20, 2:41 PM
Hmm it's a strange kind of show, if all of it was as good as its best moments it would possibly be an 8 or even 9 in my book.
The idea for universe/lore or whatever you want to call it is rather good since it poses a dilemma that someone living in our year can definitely relate to. However there shouldn't be so much boredom, the beginning episodes were pretty vapid and repetitive with little plot development. The first OP is a 10/10 one for me.

Probably it's edgy to say that, but Tsunemori and Kogami seem too cliche as main characters and I hope it's not going to end for them the way I think it will. On the plus side this Makishima guy just transcends the show and I'm not saying this because of the fair share of success he's seen so far (19 eps in). Hopefully the last episodes surprise me in a positive way or don't piss me off to the point where I grade it lower than 7.
kvb3y Mar 19, 10:30 AM
So I was checking out Psycho-pass (only halfway through so pls no spoilers) reviews and usually I skim over people's profiles to see how seriously they can be taken. I've found that we have not only similar taste but also are alike in not giving 10s left and right for example. This made me add you if you don't mind. Have a nice day!
TheMageKiller Feb 22, 8:32 PM
I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way after watching the second season of Log Horizon. Though I hope Overlord has a complete adaptation unlike that series with which I was left pretty disappointed.
TheMageKiller Feb 20, 9:35 PM
Oh well that sounds like a valid reason, hopefully the series will improve in the second half then but who knows? I will watch it and find out for myself soon enough though I suppose.
TheMageKiller Feb 18, 7:29 PM
Ah that sounds like a fair criticism to me so I'll keep that in mind moving forward. Have you read the original source material or how do you know those characters won't play a larger role down the line? I have no idea since my only knowledge is what I have seen from the first season of the anime.
TheMageKiller Feb 17, 10:37 PM
For sure, I haven't watched very much from this season so I can't say one way or the other. Good to hear about Overlord though so I'm looking forward to it when it is finished airing.
Zeniana22 Feb 16, 9:55 AM
Damn that sounds like my situation right now XD, but the difference is that I have a little clue, as to what I'm gonna do after HS
TheMageKiller Feb 15, 10:17 PM
I enjoyed them for the most part, I liked the fact that Trigger is getting back into mecha since TTGL is my favorite mecha anime for sure. However I do think it is a bit odd how the pilots have to control the mechs and I feel as if A-1 kind of altered the animation style of Trigger a bit.

Oh that sounds like a good lineup, I definitely thought Overlord s1 was pretty good in terms of doing a different take on the whole trapped in a game genre. What have you thought of it so far though?
Zeniana22 Feb 15, 12:52 PM
Well to be honest, I don't really know what to do after I finish Highschool, but I've got 1.5 year to think about it:)
Zeniana22 Feb 15, 1:38 AM
That sounds cool, I wish you all the best for your future then^^