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Jun 22, 2017
The sequel to Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyoujin was probably the most awaited anime series of the decade. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that because the first season just made a stupendous impact on the anime industry. Fans waited, and waited, and waited, for a second season to come and after four long years(God knows what the studio was doing for this long), we finally got a second season to one of our favorite, or for some people, one of their most hated anime.

And let me tell you, as a huge fan of the first season and the series read more
Jan 1, 2016
From the title itself, you must have figured out that the anime "Legend of the Legendary Heroes" tries too hard.
I was sucked into watching this anime over a couple other I had on my mind because of its setting. I really like the kingdom setting where is conflict between the different nations as well as inside one empire. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is just that.

The idea for the series, while nothing original, is really intriguing. But the execution was in one word - BAD.

I will divide this review into two parts, the good and the bad of the anime.


Nothing is read more
Dec 4, 2015
Let me start off by saying that twenty minutes into the last episode, the score that I had decided to give Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was a solid 8. But little did I know that something so ridiculous would happen in the last 3 minutes that would make me lower the score for the anime.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is basically a love story of a ghost and a middle school student. It revolves around Yuuko Kanoe, the ghost of a 15 year old girl who died in Seikyou Academy and Teiichi Niiya, the student who begins to see her after he wanders into the basement read more
Oct 1, 2015
Firstly, let me tell you my main problem with Overlord : its the setting. The thing with this kind of world is, you can never take it seriously, its just a game. I was tired of hearing stuff like "You used a shop item?" in the middle of a fight. I am not saying there is anything wrong with an anime's story based around a game, but when that game means next to nothing of significance and there you know that even if someone from the protagonist's side die, they are gonna be revived, its simply not as much fun. That's why I liked the read more
Oct 1, 2015
Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) is an anime about battles of cooking as the title suggests. The anime adaption of the popular manga of the same name has received the same kind of reception as its manga version did in terms of popularity as well as critique. But is it any good or is it just another one of those popular but dull anime, that I will discuss in this review.

Story - 8/10

From the synopsis itself, you must have realized that the anime revolves around Soma Yukihira who wants to become a cook and surpass his father in cooking. Some stuff happens and Soma read more
Sep 20, 2015
I was waiting to start the manga after the conclusion of the first season of the anime but when they postponed the last episode, I said "WTF.. I am not gonna wait another week!!"

That was just because how amazing the anime was. And the Shokugeki no Soma manga doesn't disappoint in the least bit. Everything in the manga is just as amazing as it was in the anime(Well, I would still prefer watching anime to manga).

What makes Sholugeki no Soma manga such a success is that it has just the right amount of humor which is balanced well by the intense moments during the food read more
Jul 7, 2015
Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball) is without a doubt, the most popular sports anime and this is the second installment in the anime series, Kuroko no Basket Second Season.

The second season of Kuroko no Basket starts off from where it left in the first season : The Inter High School Competition is over and our favorite Basketball team, Seirin is preparing for the upcoming Winter Cup, which has become the biggest Interschool Basket ball competition in the country. It covers the preliminaries and the first few rounds of the Winter Cup, a national level Basketball tournament.

Story - 7/10
The story of this season is the read more
Apr 27, 2015
I heard great things about Psycho Pass and it being compared to Death Note, I thought it would be great. But I didn't find the anime to be anything more than your run of the mill dark themed series. Before throwing off my review as a hated one, I would appreciate it if you guys just took a couple of minutes to read what I thought of Psycho Pass

Story - 7/10
The setting of Psycho Pass is a futuristic one in modern Japan, where people who have a high and cloudy Psycho Pass are either adjudged criminals or potent criminals. The ones who have a Psycho read more
Apr 2, 2015
Clannad : After Story is said to have changed the lives of so many people according to the reviews I have read on the site.
But after i watched it, what I felt was depression. Its a really good anime but there's nothing special about either Clannad or Clannad After Story. After reading some great reviews about Clannad After Story and seeing the ratings that it has, I expected an anime that would make me cry and completely blow me up.
No offense to Clannad fans, but for all the great reviews and rating that this series has, for me personally, wasn't that great. It is read more