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Mar 28, 2021
Attack on Titan is a modern masterpiece. It’s not just a piece of fiction which has thrown quality season after season, it’s also one of the very few anime to have broken into the mainstream, so much so that people who do not watch anime at all have experienced and loved it. The emergence of the first season of Attack on Titan drove the series’ popularity to levels rarely seen before in the medium. The long wait before the release of season 2 was a major reason (along with certain pacing issues with the manga at the time) for the dying interest in the series ...
Mar 21, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Mushoku Tensei might well be the most controversial anime I’ve come across in a long time. Interspecies Reviewers generated a lot of discussion recently, but that was mostly due to a moronic Youtuber flexing his popularity and trying to mess with MAL.

Mushoku Tensei, on the other hand, divides opinion by simply existing, caused by the character traits and story it follows. Some people, a lot of these LN fans, believe that whatever Mushoku Tensei has done in the anime is just a realistic portrayal of medieval times. Some think that pedophilia and libido for every character is not a good representation. While I knew what ...
Jun 27, 2020
If someone shits on Kaguya-sama in front of me, I have only one reply for them. “Urusai, baaka!”

Kaguya-sama: Love is War was a great show and one of my favorites of the year 2019. It had an entertaining cast of main characters, a group of just as amusing side characters that made an appearance every now and then, and to freshen things up, a simple yet compelling tale about two geniuses trying to outwit each other in a totally contrasting way to Light and L from Death Note, with top tier comedy to top it all off. It had certain elements that we’d previously seen ...
Jun 24, 2020
Kami no Tou (Anime) add
The anime adaption of Tower of God was met with a lot of hype, both from the fans of the webtoon as well as a good portion of the anime community in general. It was the first real adaption of a Korean manhwa (disregarding the couple OVAs Noblesse got. It’s getting a proper anime adaption later this year too) and its success could likely open the floodgates to a world of new content that’s ready to be adapted from manhwa.

So, did the adaption of Tower of God live up to the hype? I would honestly say it did not. In fact, it falls way short. ...
Dec 13, 2019
Dr. Stone (Anime) add
Dr. Stone is one of those sorts of anime which you love even though it’s extremely over the top. It’s realistic while being unrealistic, funny yet with high stakes. It’s set in prehistoric-like times and that’s what’s unique about it. Make no mistake, this is the kind of “you’ll either love it or hate it” anime. It’s got these moments that’ll either make you fall in love with the show because of its execution or make you hate it because of how stupid it might seem. I fall into the former category and I’ll explain why. Dr. Stone is as much a comedy show as ...
Oct 7, 2019
The disappointment of the season. Worst anime of the year. An anime that should never have existed. No matter how many insults I throw at Arifureta, I'm afraid it will never be enough to convey just how loathsome I consider this atrocity.

There are several levels of bad isekai anime. You've got the disappointing kind like How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. Then comes the horrible kind like Kenja no Mago and Isekai Cheat Magician. And then you have Arifureta in a league of its own with not a single competitor in sight. It's so bad that I watched it every week just to ...
Sep 27, 2019
I’ll be honest here; I sort of enjoyed the first season of DanMachi. It wasn’t great in terms of storytelling or characters, yet it managed to keep me entertained for the length of its run. And I was genuinely expecting season 2 to deliver a similar sort of experience; not overly original but fun to watch. However, what we got with Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II (Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? II) is just tons of the former and not a hint of the latter. This season is an assortment of overused ...
Sep 18, 2019
Around a Hundred years down the line from now, we might have human colonies on habitable far away planets and space travel might be common place. It may seem farfetched right now, but then again, who could’ve imagined the progress in technology humankind has made in the last half a century? While learning about the different planets and galaxies, almost every kid might have had a fleeting dream about going into space and experience what it may be.

Kanata no Astra (Kanata: Lost in Space) is set in a time when the aforementioned things have become possible. Science has advanced so much that teenagers are ...
Sep 16, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Medieval fantasy anime are rare these days as compared to genres like rom-com and sci-fi. The good ones, even more so. As a fan of the genre, I’m always interested when I see a show set in the medieval age, hence To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts instantly caught my attention after I saw the PV. From the studio that had produced Zankyou no Terror, Zombieland Saga and Yuri!!! On Ice in recent years, there was cause for excitement, even though the PV had made it clear that this was a low-budget anime as compared to the other hits the studio has had.

From the beginning, To ...
Jun 22, 2017
The sequel to Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyoujin was probably the most awaited anime series of the decade. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that because the first season just made a stupendous impact on the anime industry. Fans waited, and waited, and waited, for a second season to come and after four long years(God knows what the studio was doing for this long), we finally got a second season to one of our favorite, or for some people, one of their most hated anime.

And let me tell you, as a huge fan of the first season and the series ...

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