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These are both light hearted comedic shows with similar senses of humour, neither show takes itself too seriously. Both MC's are ridiculously over powered, and decide to focus on the downsides of having such power.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Is it good for having so much power? Is it good for being an Overpowered Guy? Answer is : "Its Boring" These shows are shown us that feel for having so much incredible power .. and so, u can't enjoy it as other normal being ... Both show are funny and hilarious too .. if u enjoy one, u'll enjoy another ^^
report Recommended by TKZmine
Comedy anime featuring an apathetic protagonist with powerful abilities trying to live their daily lives.
report Recommended by _Kairu_
Both have overpowered guys who hate their powers and feel bored all the time Both are super funny The main protagonist are both very similar in the way they act, speak and think
report Recommended by shirogasai12
Both shows deal with an overpowered protagonist and the hilarity that ensues when having to deal with the drawbacks that said overpowered abilities have. Only while OPM diverges more into action and drama later on, Saiki is alot more comedy oriented.
report Recommended by UltimateScorpion
Both are funny parody anime with the MC being a very overpowered person. Both eventually also gain an 'apprentice' of sorts who is overwhelmed by their power. I love both as they are both very funny, so give Saiki Kusuo a chance if you love the humour of the series :]
report Recommended by ButadonMeitantei
Nihilist overpowered leads.
report Recommended by -j--
Both the protagonists of the animes are quite powerful and the shows are packed with comedy.
report Recommended by swagmoto
Chances are if you enjoyed OPM, you liked its comedy. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan cranks that up to 11 (don't worry about episode count, most sites make it 24 normal episodes). - Both MC's are hilariously OP to the point of boredom - They both feature the same type of comedy (but Saiki K. pulls it off better, OPM has better action) - MC's have similar personalities (although Saiki K. is more cynical) - Both have a colorful supporting cast full of wacky personalities If you want more of One Punch Man's comedy, this is where you'll find it in bucketloads. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan is THE funniest anime I've   read more
report Recommended by Shion
Both characters are OP in their own universe (Saiki is basically god of animes)
report Recommended by Navj
Both are comedic animes that star a character who find their excessive power to be a nuisance in their daily lives. The protagonists are sort of similar in personality, too.
report Recommended by Kamara-Alya
Overpowered main character played for laughs, no romantic relationships
report Recommended by stygianwriter
Both shows are comedies feature an OP main character for whom having powers is more of a disadvantage than a good thing. A big part of each show is the wacky group of supporting characters that appear over the show. However, Saiki K is more episodic and slice of life, while OPM has an overarching plot, but for me the jokes in Saiki K are much funnier.
report Recommended by kises
A funny anime whose main character is ridiculously strong and unbeatable.
report Recommended by RipJaajgko
You know that there's no way the main hero would lose, but it's still funny to watch how they handle their "nuisances".
report Recommended by ririchika
_Both have overly overpowered heroes _Both protagonists are somehow bored or sick of their power _Both shows are hilarious _ Both are a mixture of shoneun and comedy _Both are hero parodies Note: Saiki is more comedy based than shoneun but its still as hilarious and funny like one punch man
report Recommended by Emotionalpotato
Very similar humour type. The main characters both are ridiculously over powered, and both have similar personalities.
report Recommended by ag_
Both have overpowered protagonists and they’re both comedies. The humor feels similar at times as well
report Recommended by Killua_Zoldyck02
Overpowered protagonists, which is the driving force of the comedy, which is the core of the series. Both series make fun of anime. Both use the supporting cast to enforce the comedic elements to an even higher level. The main character is emotionally stunted as a side effect of their power. Bothe protags hate thier power.
report Recommended by CurtisAnime-6984
-Both Main characters just want to live their life not being noticed/alone but everyone follows/gathers around them -Both have very good comedy/humour -Overpowered main character, who is WAAAAAY stronger then everyone else
report Recommended by Hamzuso
Both shows are sci-fi comedies with an overpowered MC. They might not have many similarities plot-wise but if you like one of the shows, you will like the other just because of how similar they feel.
report Recommended by weirddemiwood
Similarities: Differences: -Comedy series -Opposite goals -Strong MC -age -Emotionless(ish)
report Recommended by firedrill
Both of them are very funny, and follow overpowered main characters being bored with their powers, and most of the conflict comes from other characters. The humor is similar. If you enjoyed One Punch Man, you'll enjoy this. If you enjoyed One Punch Man but are not a fan of Shounen, you'll enjoy this.
report Recommended by Hooman1130
Both have an overpowered MC and just wants to lead quite a normal life
report Recommended by Logan_L
both follow overpowered introverts who (seem like they) don't want anything to do with the people around them. they're both comedies as well. v good stuff
report Recommended by kenzieoyola
The humor in both series is pretty similar and as someone that watched One Punch Man, it's pretty fun to watch. Without ignoring the similarities between both MCS of course! The only difference is that Saiki isn't bald- yet.
report Recommended by kinglyovv
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is like a slice-of-life remix of One Punch Man. I think someone who enjoyed OPM would find a lot to love in Saiki K. (and vice-versa). They're different enough to not feel like you're watching the same story, but similar enough not to stray too far outside your comfort zone. 1. They both feature protagonists who have god-tier, extremely OP abilities and are bored with life because nothing is ever challenging or can surprise them anymore. Saiki is a psychic who can read people's minds with ease, making it hard for him to live a normal life while being bombarded   read more
report Recommended by UwUAngelOfDeath
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