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Days: 133.8
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Kyoukai Senki Part 2
Kyoukai Senki Part 2
11 hours ago
Watching 7/? · Scored -
Uchouten Kazoku
Uchouten Kazoku
Yesterday, 9:46 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
May 22, 5:41 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 35.5
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May 22, 10:45 AM
On-Hold 4/60 · Scored -
Justice: Wyatt Earp Monogatari
Justice: Wyatt Earp Monogatari
May 17, 5:17 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 4
Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai
Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai
May 16, 8:17 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -

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Ania_BH 10 hours ago
DAMN I totally forgot about her TvT

Thank you tho! She really is a beauty queen :D
Ania_BH 10 hours ago
Got a quick question, is the female character on your pfp from an anime? :O
Kurt_Irving May 19, 9:36 PM
Actually, said friend likes all historical manga, including niche ones like Lindbergh and she studied German, one of the the most complex languages in the world, rigorously.

I plan on learning German after advanced math no matter what anyone says. People say that Calculus 2 is very intimidating thing to study and I already studied that.

Even if linear algebra is the most advanced math in the world, I won't back down.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a supergenius like Gear from Static Shock. Today, I'm confident that I will be as brainy or more than Gear. I just have to study rigorously like Rocky getting pumped up in the wilderness before fighting a dangerous Russian boxer.

Other than that, I can't wait to see enough volumes of Seton.
Kurt_Irving May 19, 10:55 AM
So what do you think of Seton? My Libra friend is a huge fan of historical manga.

As for the honeysuckles, they will soon be dormant because summer is around the corner. Another thing that Japan and the peach state that I know have in common are cicadas which can be noisy during the summertime.

Some things that I love about the Gungrave games is that Tsuneo Imahori was the music composer and that Yasuhiro Nightow was the character designer. No wonder Brandon Heat looks somewhat like Nicholas The Chapel and Brandon's coffin which contains a variety of weapons was modeled after the famous Tri-Punisher.

One thing that I didn't know about Yasuhiro Nightow until recently was that he's a Spider-Man fan.

So yeah! I love his character designs and when I was 13, the first Gungrave game that I found in K-Mart got me looking at it for several minutes.

Yes, action sells as you can see. Because action sells, Gungrave is a revived franchise.
Kurt_Irving May 10, 7:37 PM
Anyway, I completed said manga and then I was in the mood for playing Gungrave Overdose.

Lately, I've been re-watching some Madlax, subbed because of the interesting cast.

Ah yes! Happy belated birthday to Kaori Nazuka, one of the best things about the Dot Hack franchise. I once knew a girl her age from Oregon that loved Evangelion and would coplay as Sailor Venus.
Leenbow May 8, 12:29 PM
That was unexpected, thanks!
Kurt_Irving May 1, 12:19 PM
Former home actually and peaches won't be harvested till early Leo day. Some weeks before Emi Shinohara's birthday.

Girls know her as Sailor Jupiter and that lady does a great job as motherly anime characters.

On the other hand, I'm really enjoying Trigun Maximum, the only neo-western manga that I can think of so far. I really wanted to know who Tessla and Livio are. I also wanted to know the complete origin story of Vash and Knives before they landed on a distant desert planet.

It's definitely a lot of work finding a second Earth. Imagine a second Earth being one of a kind in the universe and it being a ball of sand like Tatooine.
Kurt_Irving Apr 30, 7:20 PM
Anyway! congratulations on completing Chihayafuru.

In my old home Georgia, there are honeysuckles blooming right now. In Japan, those flowers are known for being the symbol of devoted affection.
Kurt_Irving Apr 21, 11:31 AM
So anyway! I have completed Dinozone thanks to 9anime. The anime that I tried to complete when I was 10 years old. By the way, I was 11 years old when I watched Static Shock on TV, my other childhood show.

By the way, I was listening to the Record of Lodoss War theme song and it never gets old. Yes I admit, I love Maaya Sakamoto and Yoko Kanno.

I like how the song's background music sounded like a Dot Hack or Suikoden game. That's the kind of music that I like.
Pred8r Apr 16, 12:25 PM
Yeah I figured tbh
Btw do you think people will tell me whole answer outright if I ask them after another day or so ? or no one's that generous lol ?
Pred8r Apr 16, 11:56 AM
Is this easter egg stuff hard to find ?
Destinesia Apr 16, 8:05 AM
Thank you! I think I've got the right one, I'll search for the chick and next hint
Destinesia Apr 16, 7:58 AM
Thank you so much! Ok so last hint I've got is this character page But nothing comes to mind
Destinesia Apr 16, 7:55 AM
No problem! I'm currently trying to figure out the 6th letter, how about you?
Kurt_Irving Apr 15, 12:02 AM
You can watch the original Tsukihime fast because it's an OVA. I kind of wished that Tsukihime were an OVA universe or something as extended as the Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki stuff. Kind of!

Speaking of which, I may watch the original Ryu-Ohki OVA from 1992 some time this season even though I promised to re-watch Zegapain and complete Dinozone (better FOX Kids anime than Digimon Frontier).

Ah yes! OVAs, they were all the rage in the late 80s.