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Days: 177.5
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Wolf's Rain
Wolf's Rain
5 hours ago
Watching 21/26 · Scored -
Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Shiroi Suna no Aquatope
Yesterday, 12:44 PM
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Days: 31.2
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Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Sep 15, 9:51 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 8
Hidamari ga Kikoeru: Shunkashuutou
Hidamari ga Kikoeru: Shunkashuutou
Sep 15, 9:51 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jun 20, 10:00 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -



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FMmatron Sep 11, 5:11 AM
But you did already reply haha.
FMmatron Sep 2, 1:15 PM
Happy birthday 🥳
Stacys__Mom Sep 2, 3:24 AM
Happy birthday, birthday twin!
jr637 Aug 28, 6:44 AM
Okay, finished Penguindrum. It is now 10/10 #9 on my list. Thanks for recommending this gem.
jr637 Aug 24, 4:51 PM
I finally got around to starting Penguindrum and you were 100% right.
ArtemGG Jul 5, 1:24 PM

I feel honored.

mane1910 May 14, 9:58 PM
Just passing by to say that your Kimi ga Nozomu Eien review was great. Bye!
Calal-Chan Apr 10, 10:28 PM
Yeah, I think the advertisement took you out of it but honestly, it seemed like other than that you were really enjoying it. I know I can probably ignore the blatant advertising since a lot of series actually do that especially outside of anime. An anime that did that a lot was code geass with the whole pizza constantly lol.

Honestly, your review just makes it all seem really good besides the advertising XD Guess I will see when I try it after it finishes airing since I don't watch airing shows. Thanks for conversing with me in a polite manner it has been nice :)
pohjoissusi Apr 10, 1:00 PM
Thought you portrayed that greatly, and thanks for the reply lol. I was intrigued to learn more.
Calal-Chan Apr 10, 11:35 AM
I mean when you think about it almost all anime are commercials created for their manga and end up being advertisements. Kind of the world we live in. Obviously, I will judge Super Club when I watch it I just found it funny your negative review actually made it sound interesting.
pohjoissusi Apr 10, 9:04 AM
Isn't it far too early to call Super Cub an advertisement though? Not to take any credit away from you, that was otherwise a well written review.
Calal-Chan Apr 10, 7:00 AM
Hilariously your review of Super Club makes it sound like an extremely relaxing slice of life and makes me very interested in it. Your review seems really positive besides one last sentence being annoyed that is apparently some weird ad, but the rest just makes it sound like a really nice atmospheric slice of life. Guess I will be watching this someday now lol. Thanks.
FMmatron Mar 14, 5:00 AM
I waited for like half of the winter seasonals to get close to finishing before I started my binge of them. The ones that don't impress me in some sort of way or don't show any promise will be dropped mercilessly. Let's see what comes around. I might not end up having the same euphoric experience as you, but based on the series I followed weekly this season sure was fun as hell, especially in terms of isekai and regular fantasy.

Lol, every 3 or 4 episodes I go for a snack and drinking water is a must. The times when I pick up my phone is usually when I decided to drop it after the episode I'm watching. Sometimes I still get it out to google something or because I have to reply to a message. If I missed something important by doing so I play that part again. But yeah, phone is definitely an engagement killer, that's why I don't trust the judgment of people who were multitasking through a series. They basically never gave what they were "watching" a fair chance to begin with.

I don't even remember the last time when I was watching something more demanding. Currently not in the mood either. Doesn't seem worth it or at least less rewarding than rewatching a favorite.

And wow, it's really that relaxing? I wish I had known about that when I was struggling with sleep myself.
Orion_Gospel Mar 11, 6:42 AM
I agree with that. Sometimes you just can't force things to go your way or anything, and you accepted them how they are. I believe communication and feelings are more important than spending a relatively big amount of time with your friends. Quality is more valuable than quantity for me, but that doesn't mean that time (+ whatever you do with your friends) isn't important.

Ok so I want to ask something about Clannad, and I think you'll get my point. Is Clannad really a must-watch anime, or is it mostly for newer anime fans? Because it's so popular and people are kind of surprised about the fact that I've never watched it. I feel like it's an anime that a person who is new to anime, will really like and that someone who's been watching anime for many years won't really enjoy it as much. Would you say that this is the case? Because I have my doubts and that's why I haven't watched it yet.
Aside from that, it's nice that you still enjoy it! I personally haven't rewatched much anime, but every time I did, I ended up liking it even more.

I feel the same way about Shigatsu in general. I personally liked it and I can definitely see why people love it. And I agree about perspective and criticism. Everyone has his/her own opinion, and what someone thinks about any type of media/art depends on the way they think based on their experiences. What I personally don't like about people is that they criticize everything based on their own mindset, which they never change. I mean yes, we all have our own mindset, but the way someone criticizes something has to be "adaptive" (if that's the correct word). This is something I come across quite often and it bothers me a bit tbh. Most people tend to have a specific mindset, and they "apply" it to everything. For example, they will criticize Perfect Blue movie the same way they would One Piece as well, which is ridiculous for me, to say the least. I don't think that we have to be like that all the time. Sometimes we must not only pay attention to what we think/feel about any kind of media/art, but we must also take into consideration what "messages" it tries to give you.

Oh, that's nice!! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time the last weeks and I didn't binge-watch any anime apart from seasonals, but I will finish it pretty soon. Did you like it? And is it the same as always or is there some new and interesting content? Because tbh, one reason for not having finished watching it yet, is because of its repetition. Every episode is basically the same thing, but I do like it nonetheless.

Yes, I am, which is something that I am really thankful for. I may live alone right now, but it does have its advantages over living with my family. We just try to do our best, which is the case for everyone I guess.

What I missed the most is just our everyday normal lives. Like going to a restaurant, to a coffee shop, to a bar, and most importantly, staying outside until late night-early morning, because here, you are not allowed to be outdoors after 7 PM (unless you have an important reason), which is IMO pretty stupid. And besides the pandemic, Athens is right now like a war zone between the police and anarchists. Thankfully I don't live in Athens :P
It's good that you have so many hobbies that aren't affected by the pandemic. I would say that I'm on the same boat as well, but unfortunately for me, I don't have anything to play any game, except a pretty meh laptop and my smartphone XD I used to have my pc, which was pretty solid but it died about a year ago. These days I will either be playing Brawlhalla which I think is pretty fun to play with friends and as always, Minecraft, which is something that I've been playing for 8 years now :P

Speaking of discord, I appreciate that you took the time to send me a small "update" of what's going on with you, our comments here, etc... You can ofc reply whenever you feel like :D If you want, we can even ditch MAL and move to discord, if that's more convenient for you! I am also more active there since I don't really pay much attention to MAL unless I have an anime/manga update
FMmatron Feb 27, 5:27 AM
Something I subconsiously avoid xD

Disregarding seasonals and long runners,  lately I also prefer to keep it down to 2-3 shows I'm actively watching. Something episodic like Lupin or Tom Sawyer where you can just randomly go in to watch an episode doesn't count. And yeah, what's on-hold doesn't concern me. Either still airing OVA's, shows that aren't subbed completely or where I decided to stop watching for now because the subs were too bad. Some stuff I plan to pick up later when I'm in the right mood.

Speaking of right mood. There are indeed many shows that require attention and thinking(no I'm not talking about Steins;Gate) Technically all shows do, if you want to understand it's plot, characters, themes fully and get the most out of it,  but you know what I mean. Stuff that doesn't follow a typical structure, with lots of ambiguous dialogue, maybe about a subject you aren't familiar with. Following that is easier said than done when you can barely keep your eyes open xD