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FMmatron Jul 12, 6:11 AM
Of course I understand, there were times where I felt pressured too, but relaxing isn't a waste of time, it's even kinda essential for a healthy life and in order to enjoy activities more. But I guess things like video games and watching a silly anime count as chilltime too. And wow, that's pretty nice. I also often thought how cool it would be to learn Japanese or foreign languages in general, but I'm good at making excuses to never attempt it. Kinda lame, even tho it has to feel incredibly once mastered. There are also the benefits you mentioned, especially famsubbing. That way you could give something back. I really have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for those who spend hours upon hours to provide us with content. It's just too much for me. Learning shogi on the other hand seems more feasible. But it would be wasted without playing it at least a few times. HxH as a whole was really crazy good. It pretty much has everything what I look for in anime and it's appeal is so univeral, also extremely awesome to rewatch. Dunno why I still didn't give it a 10, but I like to think it's because there's no proper conclusion and there won't one... shame because it has soooo much potential.

When the Wind Blows? Never even heard of that movie, but I appreciate the rec and I will definitely get to it during the right time. And lol, I do that myself, as with everything, sad movies work way better if you're already in the right mood. Regarding my picks for the season, I usually pick anything that sounds remotely interesting because you never know which anime is going to be the dark horse. Imo it adds enjoyment. Only things I don't watch See obviously sequels of things where I haven't seen, if it isn't subbed and stuff that has a low chance of appealing to me( Ensemble Stars is the only one this season) If something gets tedious I drop it without a second thought. Having that said, watching 20 min per is easy even for something that's mediocre or more on the boring side. So my approach really differs from the one I practice when it comes to completed anime.

We all have stubborn friends. Like AoT and MyHero are the best anime without contest(has basically only seen those two xD) I don't know why some people are so silly/ignorant when it comes to this subject.

My brother hates anime(probably because he pretty much hates anything I do) I mean he gave Death Note a shot when we were on better terms, but it wasn't his thing.

70 different shows is still something, even for someone who loves diversity xD

And I hope that Ippo will turn out to be the game changer for you. Luckily there are enough chances to get you hooked. Kuroko 2 is definitely second when it comes to hype sports anime. There was just so much well animated action. And lol, it's the opposite for me, even during championchips and stuff. They were just my excuses to get drunk.

FMmatron Jul 8, 7:36 AM
The best plan for some time off is doing things on a whim. Trying to do this or that always ends up being stressful.

And nice, I was also interested in Ribbon no Kishi. The problem is there are only 4 episodes subbed currently and the last update was 2016 :S I might try a few episodes of Astro boy out of curiosity, but it looks too dated and I don't it will offer enough for my taste that would warrant to watch the whole thing.

3-gatsu was more of an (almost) all-rounder for me too. Same as One Piece or HxH. Even sports anime gave me crazy feels, so I still try to distinguish between stuff where heavy emphasis is put on the tragedy like in Anohana, Shigatsu, Plastic Memories from the other anime where I experienced similar reactions or feelings at times. An anime that belongs to the former category was this one It's noteworthy if something you watched is making you feel bad for days xD

This season is pretty good so far( to be fair, brief first impressions don't really mean much here) but I can relate to the appeal of watching stuff from the 90's. GTO is definitely my favorite among the ones you mentioned. You won't quite find anything else like it. The comedy and the energy of the male lead are outstanding. Also some great over the top action (within the context of the setting of course) and the messages are also nice for the target audience.

I guess at cons it kind of like at parties. You have a friendly chat or even a longer (drunk/philsophical conversation) and at the next day you don't want to see the person again xD The anime fans I know are mostly long-term friends or acquaintance who like me grew up watching it on TV. Most of them never went beyond stuff like Death Note, AoT, OPM or Code Geass. Then there a couple of guys who have seen a few dozen shows, like hyped seasonals or even classics such as Monster, Bepop and Onizuka. And lastly only two have seen a really large amount of anime. I don't see them that often, tho. Maybe twice a year. So yeah, there are plenty of people who enjoy anime, you just have to be open about it with an eye for people who could be into it.

It's not like I'm avoiding Trigun, but I feel like I can watch it at any point later down the line and still enjoy. For now I try to go with my current moods and watch anything that appeals to a specific part of me, gotta strike the iron while it's hot.

True, I'm not big into harems, but Love Hina, DxD and Gotoubun are the shit. So which one do you have in mind?
FMmatron Jul 6, 12:22 PM
Sry man, I thought I had already replied xD

Cheapest and most comfortable holidays. But I hope I can also escape my environment for a longer time. My scheduled holidays are just not long enough for that.

Well, at least he managed to look good in comparison to most of hus his colleagues(also those from other series)

I'm not good at sticking with something if it doesn't offer me entertaiment nor promise. That said, I'm not hard to please as someone who can find something of value in pretty much anything. Characters are of course the all-rounder that can salve almost anything,

And Kaze ga is defintiely worth a shot, aside from the setting it seems standard, but the execution is amazing.

Yeah, sadly I rarely find an anime that evokes such a strong emotional outburst in such a way. There are surely a few left, but they are harder to find compared to when we started out. Personally, I was really keen on trying out all the feels shows because I mainly knew only battle shounen and action before. And ah, because we were speaking of Mari Okada. By now her anime aired and wow, really, really interesting. Not just the premise, but also the quirky and awkward vibe .

And wow, meeting someone in rl who has seen more anime. Maybe at a Con xD Speaking of which, yesterday I had an anime night with a couple of friends. We watched Fire Force and I was able to get them into Kaiji. It's so funny, I recommended it so many times to one of them and he always disregarded it for the art. Now he's really hooked. Granted, it was more of fanboying watch overall and it's honestly hard to pay attention to the strategy if you're talking with 4 people.
Mononoke-san Jun 26, 8:32 PM
Thank you!
And yay, what an accomplishment- I will treasure it!
FMmatron Jun 26, 4:14 PM
Holidays + travel somewhere far away. Probably the best thing one can do to refresh oneself.

I also think that the anime was too busy painting Naofumi white or at least the reactions of his girl squad gave off the vibe.

Getting a strong 9 or even a 10 happens only once a year at best. Fortunately the last year blessed us with 3-gatsu and Kaze ga. Honestly, both series and the last few episodes in particular in case of Kaze ga were brimming with all kind of feels. I really don't know when something comparable will come along.

Anohana was also my first " feel" anime when I started to delve into the medium. It was different with the feeling of novelty, you still had the whole pool of acclaimed shows and pretty much everything was absolutely fantastic or at least good. Misses were rather rare. But even as a "newbie" you couldn't help, but notice some cringey moments xD Still, they were easily overshadowed by the merits, so I don't think that I would think too differently about it now. And I agree, her name at least gives of the feeling that something outstanding might come around.

Having an anime related discussion in real life is really hard( unless it's about One Piece) With everyone I'm close it's mainly just fanboying, but sometimes they have some really good thoughts. It's not really discussing, tho.

FMmatron Jun 26, 7:03 AM
Thats how it is and we should be grateful xD

Yeah, I heard about that. While I don't particularly like these type pf characters, it should make up for an interesting read.

Fire Force is low-key more hype than Vinland Saga. God, I hope for another shounen anime that will blow me away with hype. And lol, I was also disappointed when I read what turn the father/daughter anime would take. They could've made a nice fantasy slice of life of it, maybe introduce a girl that serves as mother and we would have a happy family. So Why Japan? ;_;

I'm also a bit vary of the Mari Okada anime, even tho I pretty much loved everything where she was involved writingwise. They tend to be cheesy or overly dramatic, but this works fine for me in an anime. Still, the source isn't really positively received despite the interesting premise. Well, let's how it will go.

Hahaha. Is he for real? Danmachi was even below average for, despite being relatively new to the community back when I watched it. There's still the possibility that I was a bit too harsh on it.

Mononoke-san Jun 25, 11:39 AM
It certainly is! I only read it after where the anime left off though, so maybe I could go back through some of the earlier stuff... That's a pretty good idea, actually! Thanks!
Weird. I wasn't really planning on reading it, but it'll be on my radar. Just kinda... low on it.
Mononoke-san Jun 24, 9:29 AM
Yeah, I totally agree. I've gone through a couple of my favorite fight scenes again, but I couldn't dream of rewatching that behemoth! I may try the Black Butler manga... if I find time... maybe not...

(I will definitely put Tamers on my radar thank you)
FMmatron Jun 24, 4:01 AM
I'm sorry for the delayed reply.

I definitely aged well and it's something anyone can get into.

It was also my least favorite part in Shield Hero, too harem-esque. Not that I mind it in general, It's just that I wanted to see something different from this series.

Copy and paste from what I wrote to another friend here

Ok let's keep this brief because there is to much I plan to watch again.

Dr. Stone, I'm highly enjoying the manga so this is a must

Vinland Saga, heard so much good stuff about the manga and I was eventually planning to pick it up. Visually it's already looking pretty cool.

Fire Force, it's shounen, it's by David Pro which delivered only greatness in my book( even tho I don't know what to think of the staff) and the PV looks amazing.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, read a bit of the manga and it's pretty fun. I like to go to the too, so it's a win.

Kanata no Astra, also shounen and I'm interested to see a sci-fi adventure from that genre.

Accelerator spin-off sounds dope too, Index failed, but Railgun already proved that it can be done better. Also best boy as MC.

These are the ones I'm most hyped about, ergo, where I'm relatively sure that I will enjoy them a lot.

Might turn out to be good

Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e

The long ass title of the anime that features an adoptive father

Gonna let me surprise regarding the rest

Then we got also the Danmachi and Takagi sequel, will see how my impression of them has changed, but I could see myself dropping them.

I'm usually a guy that get's distracted easily and I have to agree with some studies that a phone can be the cause for lesser attention span and that concentration and use of cognitive abilities are limited. Many people, including myself struggle with it, some more some less. A phone can be a life saver in times of boredom, but when I'm, let's say in the gym, then I try to leave it in my locker.

Mononoke-san Jun 22, 7:17 PM
Oh, same! I've never actually rewatched any anime, but I've been feeling like I want to, just to get a different perspective on it. However, I get the distinct feeling that things like Bleach (which I am still a huge fan of) and Black Butler will be.. not as impressive as before. (maybe that's why I could never really get into another one of the big shonens? I tried to watch a bit of Fairy Tail and Naruto after watching a few series, and I just couldn't, ya know?)

(also I never have watched Digimon and now I kind of want to oops)
Mononoke-san Jun 22, 7:15 AM
That's a good point! That would explain how I used to be able to watch anime at a blinding speed, but now it takes me over a month to finish one.
FMmatron Jun 22, 5:24 AM
As you said, the characters are so charming and there is enough variety in each movie and episode to enjoy the adventure. The more or less formulaic approach can also work to it's advantage, you know what to expect, so t's easy to get into it. Kinda makes Lupin the ideal lazy sunday/chill evening anime.

I'm also disappointed with how Shield Hero played out. I went in with low expectations, then I was plesantly surprised, just to get disappointed again. It was an up and down. They introduced two interesting characters towards the end, tho. So I wouldn't mind a second season. I'm also interested in checking out the manga.

I know some people who just moved out and like to have the TV on, just to have the feeling that someone is keeping them company, maybe it's similar for you xD My phone is keeping me busy too, but I try to put it away while watching something. If I can't focus because I'm getting bored then I stop watching, if it happens again with the same show then I usually drop it. A good anime will always hold my attention. But yeah, to watch something while driving with the bus forces you to deal with the anime, even tho I also caught myself spacing out from boredom. If I don't like something my brain will automatically shut down, unless I'm forcing myself. My tip for you, just put away everything that could distract you, do all your chores and stuff, so that you don't have to think about them. More importantly only watch anime if you're really in the mood for it and maybe not too many episodes at once.

Can't wait for your feedback.

Mononoke-san Jun 21, 7:23 PM
That, you are right about. However, I have this bad habit of, uh.. over analyzing everything I watch? Like, I register that it's not that wild episode by episode, plot wise, but I, like, take longer because it has more, style? than other stuff.
If that makes sense. I dunno.
FMmatron Jun 21, 2:47 PM
I also thought I would watch Lupin part 2 within the span of a year, but it's something you can always watch and now I'm close to finishing it already after about 3 months xD

And oh yeah, HxH or battle shounen in general are pretty easy to watch due to their addicting nature. Both initial and rewatch didn't take me long either.

I see. I also tried to watch anime while doing chores, but it wasn't really fun. Even mindless fun doesn't require much attention, I still like to commit myself fully, otherwise I'm gonna miss a lot of the flair. Well, the reason for binging in this case is pretty simple. Easy to digest and there's usually not much to savour aside from the vibe. But then again, I can relate to the phone aspect. Nothing better than watching an episode while I use public transportation.

Well, given your preference you should definitely keep watching.
FMmatron Jun 21, 12:37 PM
Haha, I tend to practice it in a similar manner, but two years for one show is crazy.

There are still some binger out there, mainly the slow paced and plot focussed series, tho. Something like Shinsekai yori or Versailles no Bara, but Monster was also great to binge. Currently I'm watching Deltora Quest, I had a pretty good with it too, but then I decided to put it on hold for a bit because I saw the episodes 23 and upwards are getting subbed and I prefer it over the english dub.

Mindless fun ala Valkyrie Drive or Queens Blade usually also get watched in one or two sittings.

Regarding Bungou Stray Dogs, dark and goofy still go hand in hand, so don't expect a major change on that front. I still think it's getting better and better overall
Season 2 was already an improvement and offered more in terms of world-building and plot. Season 3 is elaborating on that groundwork and we're up to business. If you like battle shounen then you will probably enjoy it more now xD