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Princess Principal
Princess Principal
Dec 17, 5:59 PM
Watching 5/12 · Scored -
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
Dec 17, 5:59 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen
Dec 16, 2:49 PM
Watching 12/26 · Scored -
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Days: 21.1
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Hanjuku Joshi
Hanjuku Joshi
Yesterday, 12:30 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Dec 17, 3:14 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 6
Dec 4, 1:21 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 4


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maudjen Dec 15, 8:55 PM
No worries for the late reply, I'm replying late too lol. It's been one and a half months since I finished the one of the anime you recommended me. My pick was Hyouka because I wanted a type of anime outside my usual animes and I thought that was the "most different".

I know you warned me about the "doesn't focus on the plot" but at the beginning I was wondering what was the plot because I thought it would be about the anthology's mystery, but that was solved rather quickly. By the time of the festival arc I found myself enjoying it as I understood that the structure was many small arcs with its own little mystery. thank you for the recommendations, dennou coil seems pretty good(I'm fan of sci-fi and mystery) and I'll check it out when I finish the challenge.
Annarella21 Dec 13, 2:10 PM
did you break your nose back then?
Annarella21 Dec 13, 2:00 PM
basically i either choke on pineapple pizza and die but win or i offer it in order to avoid the slice and lose the game. this is a bad ending in all cases!
Annarella21 Dec 13, 1:44 PM
can i eat the slice leaving the pineapple aside?
Annarella21 Dec 13, 1:38 PM
i'm just a hungry person ok? T_T
Annarella21 Dec 13, 1:34 PM
i offered pineapple pizza sincerely thinking they would like it hahahaahah but i was wrong. noone wants that. not even me. not even the person getting pineapple pizza on the plane.
Annarella21 Dec 13, 1:31 PM
I cheated and won the game! xD
maudjen Nov 29, 8:46 PM
Hello, I chose Hyouka because I wanted to try new things and it was fun, mainly the second half. At the beggining I tried to hard to understand what was the main plot of the show because I thought uncle and hyouka's mistery would take more episodes, but at the festival arc I could realize that it was more like small "misteries" that catch the interest of chitanda. Sadly, it doesn't have a sastifying conclusion for me. Also the (very late) reply took me this long because I wanted to have all my chalenge entries with an already picked anime. Thank you for the recommendations and once I finnish the challenge I will watch Dennou Coil, it sounds interesting.
redirectto Nov 13, 5:15 AM
Kobayashi no es hentai, es un personaje de shokugeki no souma.
El hentai que veo yo o son mangas o son imagenes asi que dificilmente las voy a poner en mi anime list. En el manga list he puesto alguno que otro aunque seguramente me he dejado unos cuantos.
redirectto Nov 12, 6:05 AM
Es genial, no se, me apetecía
dkkg Oct 25, 11:58 AM
Ya la estaba viendo, ademas hay dos de 3 minutos y una de 12 asi que cuentalo como 15 en lugar de 17
Cynder360 Oct 5, 11:11 AM
Ah okay then, thanks for taking the time to help me haha. I've already noticed an invalid item too so I guess I'll redo any of those I see before getting it back to you. Hopefully this redraft will be much better~
Cynder360 Oct 5, 8:49 AM
Thank you for messaging me so quickly about my AWC, I was unsure about the specifics of how to format the list and now I know what to do! Though I have a few small queries before I start changing it:

-What is the recommended text size for readability? Just the default of 100?

-Should I split the list into colour-coded tiers like how they are in the challenge list explanations? (I wanna make it as easy as possible for my list to be checked so you have less work to do)

-Would making everything bold be helpful to you?

-What should I do if my attempt is invalid?

Also, I totally respect that this is volunteered work and you don't get paid for it, apologies for not checking the requirements thoroughly enough beforehand. I really appreciate what you're doing, thanks for doing the community a great service!
Breloominati Oct 3, 8:01 PM
Thanks for letting me know about the missing information from my challenge; I haven't received any notification, but I guess I'll have to re-check my challenge, I thought I had finally filled in everything but I probably overlooked several things.
Breloominati Sep 29, 3:19 AM
Oh hey thanks! I have a close friend and every time one of us make a change to our profile it usually gives the other an idea of how to change their own profile. And yeah, I think those images got removed while MAL was down so I'll have to look into updating them, thanks for the heads up I had actually forgotten~!

I'm really looking forward to watching Aria the Natural, I really liked the first season.

Also random fact I noticed from your profile that's pretty cool, we have the same birth year and month!