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Anime Stats
Days: 88.3
Mean Score: 5.32
  • Total Entries450
  • Rewatched41
  • Episodes5,447
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu
2 hours ago
Watching 5/38 · Scored -
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
5 hours ago
Watching 8/26 · Scored -
Yesterday, 6:10 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 4
Manga Stats
Days: 20.8
Mean Score: 5.75
  • Total Entries126
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,182
  • Volumes415
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Yesterday, 4:27 AM
Reading 33/36 · Scored -
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yesterday, 4:27 AM
Reading 28/? · Scored -
Utahime Fight!
Utahime Fight!
Sep 4, 5:30 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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arderine Sep 16, 4:59 AM
i see, that's fine, you're your own individual and i respect your opinion^^
arderine Sep 16, 4:44 AM
I'm so so sorry ;-; I understand my mistake now. I really didn't mean it like that. I wouldn't do it again. I actually saw someone else who did it before me, so I followed them, thinking it was alright. But I regret it now. I seriously didn't mean it to be taken that way. I'm sorry to the other awc helpers as well. I truly respect the entire team, and I didn't intend to be rude, but I happened to be :sweat: I'm extremely sorry for that, so please accept my apology :bow:
arderine Sep 15, 9:48 PM
omg ;-; I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to disrespect you in any way. did I sound like I was ;-; I'm extremely sorry if I gave off that vibe. I'm really thankful that you gave me the warning though, sorry for quoting you if that's what made you feel like I was disrespecting you.
Mashima Sep 10, 3:04 AM
Hi Conde_Mohr.

Could you recommend me something for the AWC (#102) ? I am asking you since you seems to have good taste. :3 I mostly watch Drama/Mystery/School anime, but I am willing to watch any genres if the anime is really good. Thanks a lot!
queliA Aug 29, 12:58 PM
Truthfully I prefer the Fantasy and Adventure genre. I'm not necessarily into Mecha but such titles are usually a large part of the Adventure genre - at from what I've seen.
Most of my recent watch list have come from YouTube top 10 lists so they don't particularly follow any scheme. If the YouTuber uses clips that make the show seem interesting, I'll probably try it. I think Tengen Toppa was recommended in a list after watching Gundam Seed, which is why I tried it but it didn't give the same impression which is why I dropped it.

All that being said, my list is not complete because I have been more focused on finding titles for the challenge and have not added most of the titles I've watched. I am slowly adding them as I go through titles for the challenge an see a title that I remember.

I'll most likely ask you for a recommendation again once I have a more accurate representation of my likes in my list.
TuyNOM Aug 29, 6:17 AM
Hey Conde ! o/

Personally, I think Zankyou no Terror is a good anime. I would not say it is the best but it deserves at least a viewing. The main theme changes the mass of "comedy - slice of life" generic series that we receive each season. Of course, the show could have been more grandiose and the end was, you know, a little disappointing.
I don't always want to recommend my favorite anime because I'm not always sure it will be appreciated. And conversely, an anime that I wouldn't have found incredible, may be seen differently.

Also, I don't systematically check if the challenger sends a comment to the other inspectors. But anyway, I always answer. And I don't see the need to make such a detailed comment.
If the challenger is interested and wants to know more, in this case, I will add some explanations.
(Of course, that's my opinion, and you do what you want ^^)
queliA Aug 29, 6:06 AM
Thanks Conde for your thoughts on Zankyou. I am leaning more towards it because it somehow reminds me of Mirai Nikki a bit and I feel NHK may have some surprise plot twist that I may not be ready for lol.

And yeah my list is all over the place because I am almost willing to try anything... at least once anyway :)
queliA Aug 29, 5:37 AM
I assumed the purpose of this challenge was to broaden our scopes by watching anime outside our typical genres. I thought asking two people with different tastes would give me a good selection of titles to watch in the future.

I would love to know what you would recommend but of course I don't want you to waste your time.
queliA Aug 29, 5:26 AM
I'm sorry you feel that way Conde but I did not mean any offense.
I actually asked you first because I recognized Utena in your avatar and I have a vague memory of watching the series sometime ago. But after I visited Tuy's page I thought I should send another message to see what other reviews I could get.

Again, I meant no offense but thank you for your quick reply anyway :)
queliA Aug 29, 4:12 AM
Hey Conde, I'm new to MAL and I'm trying the Anime Watch Challenge. Could you please hep with a rec for (102) Watch an anime recommended to you by a challenge staff member?

Thanks in advance XD
Nyasei Aug 27, 9:55 AM
Thanks for the in-depth analysis :D You pretty much got my tastes right, haha. I'm quite interested in your recs, I'll let you know how it goes.
Nyasei Aug 26, 5:51 PM
Heya, I'm doing the anime challenge, got any recommendations for me for item 102?~
Hamody_Asgail Aug 23, 6:18 AM
I actually used the challenge to watch some animes that were on my PTW for a long while, as a sort of motivation to get through them XD, but on the other hand I ended up needing to watch some anime that I won't watch normally, not at this time at least, so it was a fun job :-))

As of now I'm nearly done, and I was thinking of going for a smaller title if I wanted to re-enter next year.

Don't worry XD, I'm already planning on proofreading it before turn-in.
Hamody_Asgail Aug 20, 3:06 PM
As of this moment, I have a one-cour harem and a short Digital Manga anime left, currently watching Mnemosyne, and then I am DONE! ......Well, almost, I would still have too seasonals left. But after those three are done I can return to regular anime watching again.
Hamody_Asgail Aug 19, 9:39 AM
Hi there ! Just dropping by to tell you that I just finished Ping Pong The Animation......and had an absolute blast.

Thanks ^_^