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Demonarion Aug 19, 11:23 AM
vinroy11 Aug 15, 1:10 PM
I've been doing fine, but I have been stressing and just thinking about life overall. Overall, I am conflicted at the moment with how I have been living my life, what I am doing currently, and what is in store for me in the future or if some terrible things I've done in the past will come to ruin me.

One of the main things I have been doing would be trying to complete 3 online classes every 2 weeks. This is, of course, extremely stressful and time consuming, but I am trying my hardest to stay Valedictorian of my class and expose myself to new things so I can get a better grasp on my life.

One of the other main things I have been doing would be studying for my ACT retake. On my first attempt I received a composite score of 27 and had my highest score in the science portion of the test, of which was a 34 (the max composite and max score for each individual section is 36). I am trying to superscore the other 3 categories so I can get a better composite.

I also just finished a great manga called Spirit Circle and I can say that it is easily one of my favorites now.

The Dragon Dentist was a nice movie and all, but I just felt it lacked a lot of detail and the conclusion wasn't really that substantial. It is a pleasant watch, but not the best anime/movie I have watched as you can tell by what I rated it.

I am started to become more active again, so you should see me loitering around Yggdrasils sooner or later.
vinroy11 Aug 11, 6:04 PM
Hey bud! How has it been lately?
-Belka Aug 10, 8:37 AM
If you want to play a few Shogi games with me, it would probably be a good idea to agree on a date/time. I log in to 81 dojo every once in a while, but I did not find you. You're probably more busy than me, so I'll let you decide when.

I finished the first season of Sangatsu. Good stuff. Kiriyama's teacher with the gray hair said some stuff that really had an impact on me, especially when Kiriyama felt like he had not done anything over the year. That's kinda how I feel IRL too, because I have never finished any post high school education despite having tried a few different things. It's true that I -did- do meaningful things over the years, even if it did not result in a diploma.
Sethlans Aug 9, 10:53 AM
Ok, I gotta clarify something, it was actually Tolima's second league title. My bad, it totally slipped my mind that they had already won one. The point still stands though, it was ridiculous.

keep in mind that the reception of the Champions League with fans might be different here in Europe than outside of it. If you ask Real or Barca which title they would prefer to win, they´d take what they won less often recently so the league is by no means less than the CL. English teams will prefer to win the Premier League at any given point in Real winning three CLs doesn´t mean they had three great seasons in a row. Must be insane to be a club with such ridiculously high expectations. Everything under 2 titles is basically a fail and if you won one title, you actually did nothing more than "save the season" haha

Oh, ok, I did not know that. You see, over here international titles usually take precedence over every thing else. Sure, the big south american teams, like Boca or River, want to win it all but if they had to choose between the league and the Libertadores, they'd probably go for the latter most of the times, with the exception being a team that hasn't won the league for a while. Honestly, I thought the big english teams would prefer the Champions over the Premier, considering how long it's been since the last time they won it, so having a close Premier League follower like you telling me all this is a real eye opener, for sure. Cultural differences are always interesting, my friend.

Being from a small european country and supporting a team which needs a miracle to win titles because of Red Bull Salzburg being so much better and more powerful than everybody else, i feel enormously disconnected to football at the very highest level and the expectations coming along with it lol How should i even try to understand properly when we consider just getting into the group stage of the Europa League a big deal!

We're not so different there, man. Sure, I expect Medellin to fight for the league every season, but we're never the top favorites, and making it to the international competitions is a pretty big deal for us as well. After all, we're not regular participants and when we do make it, we somehow manage to fuck it up spectacularly. Also, I think Nacional and Red Bull Salzburg might be similar in how they're both the most powerful teams in their respective leagues BY FAR and always get the best players around. Don't give up faith though, just as Nacional fucked up, Red Bull has to fuck up at some point and you guys will get your chance.

If they effect Germany for real, i will have to support them all the time hahaha nothing better to an Austrian than seeing Germany fail or at least struggle.

Hahaha, a Swiss guy who was on vacation around here told me something very similar a few days before the World Cup. Seriously, what's with the enmity towards Germany? It's kinda funny though.
sytemet Aug 7, 3:44 PM
Although I’m no longer the battle shounen fanboy I used to be, I have some history with the genre and since I often watch anime to learn about the specifics of the medium I felt quite obligated to watch a classic like Yuu Yuu Hakusho sooner or later. Perhaps more importantly, I wanted to see how Yoshihiro Togashi’s writing looked back in the day when the genre was just shaping up.

Fighting is, of course, an essential component of battle shounens, but there is a decent amount of variance in how much it fills the story, some shows are very adventure-focused with only occasional bouts happening while some spend half their runtime in slugfests. Yuu Yuu Hakusho is definitely much closer to the latter than the former, so really the fighting is what will largely break or make the series. This is a tricky style to execute well as it gets boring very easily. Here’s what I would expect a good series to do with it’s battles (not all fights need to fulfil all requirements):
The fighting should advance the narrative with ‘who wins’ not being the only or necessarily the most important progression point.
The narrative should actually be told via the fighting.
The fighting needs meaningful reasons and stakes.
Interesting and/or well established mechanics for slugging it out.
The progression of the fight should be based on these mechanics, without asspull deus ex machinas (power of friendship being especially done to death, almost never well)
I should care about what happens to both combatants.
Low stakes are often better than high stakes, as very high stakes really limit the outcome to hero must win no matter what.

YYH doesn’t really check any marks aside from rare corner cases, but even they had their problems. Almost all of the fights are scenarios where heroes have one direction where they can move (narrative-wise), and to advance they must beat an opponent or it’s game over. That’s all the context for the battle. Then a boring and obvious fight ensues and takes way too long. When the opponent is beaten, it’s time for the next fight with the same context. When all of the main cast has showed off their new powers (that can rarely be told apart from their old ones) and slugged it out, it’s time for the main baddie of the arc and the show finds a reason why Yuusuke must fight the baddie by himself. A very dragged out battle that lasts multiple episodes ensues and follows approximately the following formula:
Ep. 1: Big bad beats up Yuusuke, then Yuusuke pulls a power up from his ass and the power dynamic is turned around.
Ep. 2: Yuusuke beats up big bad, who then pulls a power up from his ass and the power dynamic is turned around.
Ep. 3: After big bad beats up Yuusuke some more, the show fakes a dramatic event such as the death of some of the main cast, but doesn’t have the balls to even do it for real. Yuusuke pulls out a new power up and the power dynamic is turned around.
Ep. 4: Yuusuke beats up the big bad until he wins.

Sigh. Time for a new arc to do the same thing.

The last arc was actually somewhat interesting and started to deviate from what the show had been so far, but it was too short, too rushed and too late. Shame

The characters are what I think YYH gets its praise for. I found them mediocre or slightly above. The biggest problem with the main characters are that they are all extremely reactive, which really drags the narrative to the mud. There are four main characters that the story follows. They have some slight development, but the story doesn’t really care about whether they develop or not up until the final arc, so it’s not a big deal for the majority of the runtime. Interestingly, the main four of YYH are pretty much the prototype versions of the main four in HxH, which actually manages to do something with their personalities.

Then there are a few token girls that do nothing, hardly even their token job, and a mentor-character, who was pretty good up until she was brought back from death for no reason undoing most of her significance… Sorry for the spoilers, but let’s be real, you’re not going to watch Yuu Yuu Hakusho anyways.

One of the best things in Hunter x Hunter was an absolutely premium cast of villains, so seeing the baddies in YYH was one of the things I was looking forwards the most. One of the big bads was pretty good, I admit, though the show kind of tried to hide that for the most of the arc, which was maybe a detriment even though there were some hints that there’s more to him that meets the eye. Another big baddie gets an A for effort as Togashi tried to write him interesting, but unfortunately didn’t quite manage to reach that. It was a pretty challenging character to write. HxH has a similar villain done extremely well, so that progression was interesting to follow.

Aside from the two above, and pretty much everything that happens in the clusterfuck (said almost with a positive tone) of the last arc, the baddies fall to following two categories:
An absolutely boring super-evil dude for no reason, pretty much worst kind of villain possible.
Almost a character with some resemblance of motive. After getting beaten, changes into something akin to an ally or rival, though that relationship doesn’t really lead them anywhere relevant in the story.

I think it’s time for some positives. Akiyuki Shinbo (Shaft, I showed his stuff in a moodboard once) occasionally directed parts or even whole episodes of the show and his trippy aesthetics gave so much life to the show that it was entertaining to watch for the visuals alone. Shinbo doing Shinbo things were unfortunately the exception instead of the rule.

Of course, a lot of the problems of YYH are understandable as the genre was still very new and raw and all of this hadn’t been done to death. Still, that doesn’t affect my enjoyment and that’s what I rate with, so a low score it is. Being one of the forerunners of the genre with Yuu Yuu Hakusho must have made Togashi get a really strong feel of what are the strengths and weaknesses in battle shounens as Hunter x Hunter plays with the trappings a lot and manages to utilise the potential of the genre to actually tell a really strong story with it, and I’m sure it was only possible due to Yuu Yuu Hakusho laying the groundwork earlier, so for that, I’m glad to have seen it.

edit: almost forgot, I have no interest in the supplementary material
Felix-san Aug 2, 11:09 AM
Did you see? Italian football is back. GREAT. CR7 in Juve, Higuain in Milan (although I hate him) The possible of Modric in Internazionale.
sytemet Jul 30, 1:24 PM
I had a hunch MeMeMe! might have been your least liked short, which is fun as you may or may not be surprised to hear that it was my favourite in the series. I do agree though, that having it run a second course was redundant and completely unnecessary. I also found pretty much all the mecha shows to be dead boring with the only exceptions I can think of being the short where the high school girls are actually robots in some bizarre alien conflict and the last episode, Cassette Girl, which fit extremely well into the context of the expo as it highlights the importance of old animation when making new while paying homage to Daicon IV, the short which practically kickstarted gainax in a convention in the early 1980s and now the remains of Gainax is the one hosting the expo so Cassette Girl being the last episode was extra good.

Aside from MeMeME! and and Cassette Girl, some of my favourites include The Diary of Ochibi (the one with the four seasons animated on top of real objects like a lunch-box), Dragon Dentist, the cockroach thing, GIRL (even though I had mixed feelings about them going hard on the mememe), and Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen.

I liked the mecha battles the least, they were horribly boring. I don’t have a clear one short I despised the most, all the bad ones kind of blended together in my memory and I can’t really tell them apart anymore.

I didn’t know about Dragon Dentist beforehand, but I did found out about it middle-way into the series. I’m not terribly interested in watching it despite loving the short.

So Nichijou didn’t end up getting that 9/10 after all, did the end suck? I don’t really remember what happened in which episodes. What were your top 5 skits in the show?
Sethlans Jul 28, 10:04 PM
Sorry for taking so long to answer, but I was away for the past few days, had no access to a computer and typing in a phone is a nightmare, so yeah.

Don't worry about your walls of text, reading is something I've always enjoyed and you raised quite a few interesting points here, so it was fun.

For example, I didn't know about those 9 belgian playeres who never played in their country, but it doesn't surprise me. Hell, we have similar cases over here: Falcao never played in Colombia and James left for Argentina when he was like 16 or 17. And it keeps happening, kids play one good season and then they're sold almost immediatly. In fact, sometimes they don't even need a good season to be sold. A few years ago, we had this kid, Morelos, in Medellin, he never got many chances to play yet right now he's doing great in Scotland, playing for Rangers. The effects of globalization in football. Naturally, when these kids get to their national teams there's no excesive respect for the big shots anymore and we end up seeing what we saw in Russia. You're probably right about the unpredictability of big tournaments from here on.

Now the final itself was more or less what I expected, Croatia played a pretty good first half, yet they made two mistakes you just can't make in a final, and from then on, France did its thing and managed to win a very well deserved world cup, with a fantastic generation that still has a lot more to give. It was especially nice to see six goals since world cups are usually very stingy in that matter. Good thing there are only 1576 days left for Qatar, the weirdest cup ever.

On the Ronaldo subject I'm also very excited to see what he can do with Juve, but I'm also sad because he didn't get to play with Gigi... now that woul've been EPIC! You said this move kills the italian title fight, but Juve has won what? the last six or seven scudettos, right? There wasn't much of a fight to begin with... The Champions is where it's at, man! That's the true challenge! Juventus has been pretty close to winning it the last few seasons and Ronaldo might be just what they needed to finally get it. Hell, he was directly responsible for their last final loss, so his presence definitely boosts their chances. To be honest with you, I always thought that the day he left Real (cause I always thought he'd leave one day), he'd go to the US, it kinda seemed fitting for him to go there instead of China or whatever; it made me really glad to know he still has it in him to tackle a new challenge.

I do kinda have to disagree with your take on Messi's situation though. He's lived in Barcelona for the entirety of his career, he loves the team, his kids were born there... what I'm trying to say is, making a move to another team would involve an insane change in his life, it's not a decision he could make lightly. Besides, I don't think he's all that comfortable right now. Iniesta's departure oficially marks the end of Barca's golden age, add to that the fact that Real won the las three champions and Messi finds himself on the difficult position of becoming the symbol of the new generation, where people will be expecting them t live up to what the team did in the last 15 years or so, by putting a stop on Real's insane champions run for starters. Messi had it easy with Xavi and Iniesta, winning the Champions without them should be challenging enough.

Were you ok with Medellin‘s clausura season?
And how did you react to Atl. National throwing the final away in spectacular fashion?

Under normal circumstances I would tell you: "yeah, semifinal is cool when you consider how bad we had been playing", but those were not normal circumstances, man. Nacional was waiting for us, it was the perfect chance to face them in a final again after 14 years. Sure we weren't playing very well, but who cares? It was one of those situations where you just gotta push forward and win, regardles of how you do it. I'm actually satisfied with the second match since the team gave it their all, but the first match was awful, as if our balls had dropped off, we lost 1-0 but it could have been 3. So yeah, it was a big disappointment.

As for the final, well, let me tell you that the last time Nacional lost a league final was 14 years ago, they lost the apertura against us and then they lost the clausura against Junior. After that, they won every single league final they played. Naturally, considering Nacional's recent history and the fact that Tolima had never won a league before, many fans thought their team would win easily. Interestingly enough, the final they lost 14 years ago against Junior was a bit similar to this one: Junior won the first match like 3-0, Nacional managed to turn the tables in the second match with an incredible 4-0, but in the very last minute, Junior scored and Nacional ended up losing it in the penalties. You can probably imagine how incredible and amusing it was to see them lose another final in such a ridiculously unexpected fashion, against a team they mocked and underestimated.

There was this running meme saying that Tolima broke football so bad that even Germany was affected by it, hehe.
sytemet Jul 23, 2:46 PM
I got too excited about Japan Animator Exhibition too fast. It ended up being way more inconsistent than the first episodes showed with about half being very dull, but the highs were also high so it ended up being pretty all right for me. I see you didn't find it to be to your liking. What were your most liked and hated episodes?

I hope you are enjoying Nichijou. Who is best girl? I liked Mai the most.
Felix-san Jul 16, 8:10 PM
France won. Well now solidifies France as a great selection of Europe behind Germany and Italy, but I hope that this achievement will make French football grow and teams like Monaco and Lyon will return to the European scene.
In relation to Croatia. Congratulations to Modric for being voted the best player in the cup. You know when another generation will appear in Croatian history.
DarknessPoulet Jul 16, 5:14 PM

I am crying from laughter x)
You got me with that one ^^
DarknessPoulet Jul 16, 2:38 PM
We won... I still can't believe it...
Morferz Jul 14, 7:44 AM
Tough match , i can't predict what's gonna happen tbh
But i wish croatia win the world cup
France has great and so is croatia
We will see
What about you ?
Felix-san Jul 14, 6:51 AM
Of course.
France just play defensive and Mbappe counterattacks.
I hope the Croatia win