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Felix-san Jul 16, 8:10 PM
France won. Well now solidifies France as a great selection of Europe behind Germany and Italy, but I hope that this achievement will make French football grow and teams like Monaco and Lyon will return to the European scene.
In relation to Croatia. Congratulations to Modric for being voted the best player in the cup. You know when another generation will appear in Croatian history.
DarknessPoulet Jul 16, 5:14 PM

I am crying from laughter x)
You got me with that one ^^
DarknessPoulet Jul 16, 2:38 PM
We won... I still can't believe it...
Morferz Jul 14, 7:44 AM
Tough match , i can't predict what's gonna happen tbh
But i wish croatia win the world cup
France has great and so is croatia
We will see
What about you ?
Felix-san Jul 14, 6:51 AM
Of course.
France just play defensive and Mbappe counterattacks.
I hope the Croatia win
DarknessPoulet Jul 13, 5:14 AM
Ohhhh Thanks for the advice xD I did not know we could spy like that...
My stalking skills need to be worked on xD

Yeah Croatia being in the final phase is quite surprising but I somehow feel better than if it was England in the final.

Yeah they're recreating the whole website... That security issue really is annoying x)
The more annoying being the API being deactivated though.. :/
DarknessPoulet Jul 12, 12:50 PM
Hey! :)
I hope forums will come back soon! :) I kind of miss them xD

Abou the gin no saji series... well what can I say except that it's become one of my favorite animes...
It is just so good! And the author and anime staff made it quite realistic as well as funny ^^ I really love this anime! Looks like you have good tastes xD The two anime we talked about became 2 of my favorites xD (Kara no kyoukai series being the other one)

And I might not be a football fan but this is the world cup xD How could I not be exited? XD so yeah I am soooooooooooooooo exited!! So much I could explode xD I really want to see the final :3

France will win! I know that :3

I was quite surprised to see belgium in semi finals tho x) I might not be a football fan but I am guessing it doesn't happen often ^^
If I might ask how did you know I am watching the gin no saji series? X) Through the pannel?
Sethlans Jul 11, 2:50 PM
Well, Croatia, huh? Who would've thought? This World Cup has been fantastic man, one of the best I remember, with Croatia and Belgium proving that the underdogs are not afraid of the big shots anymore, though I am a bit disappointed of the South American performance and how the whole thing basically turned into The Euro Russia 2018. Kinda expected more from Uruguay... and Colombia :-(

You were right about France and I hope they get it, I really like the french team.

On a side note, any thoughts on Ronaldo's move to Juventus?
Felix-san Jul 6, 8:08 PM
End of line to Brazil
Morferz Jul 6, 10:47 AM
I'm doing pretty good actually just a bit busy with life , my vacation just started so yeah i look forward to the coming days
I haven't watched a lot in fact i missed so many especially the last two seasons
I just finished watching yowamushi pedal s4 , it was good and I enjoyed it

Odd world cup i have to say xD
Russia feelin the cheers from the crowd, Germany out, Poland out, Italy never qualified, Nethelands never qualified too and Argentina playing like garbage.
This year we just might see a country win that never won before
As you said croitia did well in group stage but their performance against denmark was bad, still I'm hoping to see them get to the finals
france defeated uruguay today , and i guess we will probably see belguim v france in the semi finals.
And the other hand i believe we will see england v croatia, well i hope so xD
Felix-san Jul 5, 2:40 AM
The games that I did not watch was Belgium x Japan and Spanish vs Russia
I bet
Brazil defeated Mexico
Uruguay defeated Portugal
France defeated Argentina
Spain defeated Russia
Colombia defeated England
Belgium defeated Japan
Sweden defeated Switzerland
Croatia defeated Denmark

probably this was the last cup of Messi. Unfortunately this generation of Argentina will be remember like ''the failed generation''
Brazil vs Belgium - Belgium has the best attack of the cup, but the defense is horrible, but what concern me is the huge diferent about the height...We lose Casemiro for this game, but Fernandinho is there and Douglas Costa is back. I bet Brazil win

Uruguay vs France - I bet France. I don't like Cavani I mean is not somethins about the person his style of game. In my team he don't, But to Uruguay he is the best play there. France has a good time and Mbappe are on fire. Will be hard won them in the next stage.

Sweden x England - I want Sweden reach the next stage. English team is good but is paraguay horse XD

Russia x Croatia - Idk what think about his match.
MonadoII Jul 4, 1:09 PM
Happy Belated Birthday~ ^^
*pat* *pat*
Sethlans Jul 2, 3:43 PM
So, Russia gave us yet another surprise, and Croatia and Belgium didn't have it as easy as expected. Brazil is looking like the strongest candidate right now, in my opinion.

Happy Sugar Life should be the wrongest, most fucked up shit of the year.

I took a quick glance at the chart after reading your answer, and gotta say I couldn't have worded it any better. There are tons of fucked up manga out there, but it's very unusual to see an anime like this. It's so wrong I can't help but being very curious about it.

Also hype of the Season is Yama no Susume 3rd Season. I absolutely love this series and i´ve been waiting for another season for quite a while now. Can´t wait to see cute girls climbing mountains again haha

People keep bringing this one up to me, man. Guess I'll give the first season a try, should be a nice change of pace for me.

There's also Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger by P.A. which seems completely out of their comfort zone. It's always nice to see good studios try something different, so I'll probably check it out.
sytemet Jul 2, 1:05 PM
Do you want to add Uma Musume to your PA recommendation list for me or will I not like it? Here’s the current, still totally accurate version:
1. Shirobako
2. Hanasaku Iroha
3. Sakura Quest
4. Tari Tari
5. Angel Beats!
6. Another
7. Nagi no Asukara
8. Canaan
9. True Tears
10. RDG: Red Data Girl
11. Kuromukuro

Land of the Lustrous is in my radar also since it looks like a creative piece, but I’m not in a hurry with it.

I still have half of Yuu Yuu Hakusho to finish. I didn’t end up liking it, which is s bit surprising as it is based on manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi, whose work I absolutely adored in Hunter x Hunter.

I’m also watching Nihon Animator Mihonichi, or Japan Anima(tor) Exhibition, which is an absolutely stunning series of 7~ minute animations by mostly pretty new directors so they can get exposure. Pretty much all episodes are completely different, very unadultarated artistic pieces that don’t try to hit trends or markets, and are just the team going crazy with their own vision, which is exactly what I want to see in anime. I’m loving (almost) every second of it.

Next thing I’m going to watch is probably 3-gatsu’s 2nd season. I’m also interested in trying out some shoujo and josei anime just to scout the fields, though I don’t expect to really fit into the target audience. I pick up shows very spontaneously though, so we’ll see if my plans hold.

The summer-cottage was in a remoteish forest, no mountains though, by a lake. Now that I think about it, summer cottages are probably not too common outside Finland. It’s an annual mid-summer thing, we hang around a few days in a cottage with friends I see maybe 2-3 times a year. We drink, swim and go to sauna while talking about everything. One of the highlights of a year for sure!
Izanagi777 Jul 2, 6:50 AM
Yeah, i hope so since it's been more than a month already, but at least we should be glad to be able to talk to other members as for now.. Do you know what happen though? Since i did surprise when the first time i found out MAL down for like almost a whole month long?

True.. I'm completely agree with you which is a shame since most of the time, Germany always play well when it's matter so i'm not that worried when i saw they do a poor winning streak, believing that they somehow would made it just fine (like the world cup 2006), this time however Germany play particularly awful, with the only exception is Reus and Kimmich, while the rest of the stars such as Kross, Ozil, Muller, Khedira, Hummels, etc are underwhelming at best. Do you think if they brought Leroy Sane and used Ter Stegen instead of Neuer would made any difference? But yeah, in the end i believe and hope they would recover soon, i mean at least this isn't their worst tournament that i've ever witnessed, i still remember that back in Euro 2004 Germany failed to beat Latvia :/

As for England, yeah i agree with you although Colombia is a tough opponent indeed, especially if James recovered just in time, given i heard that he picked up an injury back when competing against Senegal in their last group stage. Also while Harry Kane is undisputed leader and ace of England, the fact that they didn't really depend on him like most of other big team would give England an advantage as well IMO.. As for Japan, i actually cheered them up since they are the last Asian team left and i thought they did play pretty well in this world cup, particularly against Senegal which is pretty surprising given the difference of their level. Belgium is on a whole another level though, so yeah just like you i believe it would be their last match except another yet unexpected result happened

Now from my prediction, given as the time i write this we already have 4 quarterfinalist (Uruguay, France, Russia, and Croatia) i guess the rest would be Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, and England with an exactly the same semi final prediction which is France vs Brazil and Croatia vs England.. As for the final, it would be France vs England with France as the winner.. So basically our prediction are more or less the same.. I do hope Belgium would be able to somehow made it pass Brazil though, given that it would be a shame for Hazard and co to once again fail to made it to last 4 given this year most of their stars are in their prime, then again, just like you said, Brazil's experience could made a difference so i guess we should just wait and see

Btw, what's your opinion about yesterday Spain vs Russia, do you think Russia really deserve a win after an underwhelming performance (although the same could also be applied to Spain themselves albeit compare to their irrationally high standard)