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Days: 149.6
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10 hours ago
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Karigurashi no Arrietty
Karigurashi no Arrietty
Sep 25, 1:03 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Sep 24, 5:22 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
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Days: 0.6
Mean Score: 4.90
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Toilet ga Hanako-san
Toilet ga Hanako-san
Dec 14, 2016 5:47 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 2
Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko
Nov 22, 2015 7:35 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 5
Fukushoku Joshi
Fukushoku Joshi
Nov 21, 2015 5:02 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 6


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ICESpartan Sep 11, 2:19 PM
Thanks two years, later!
Morferz Jul 10, 2:55 PM
Thank you phil ^^
Felix-san Jun 16, 4:39 PM
Happy (late) Birthday.
Sethlans Jun 16, 8:25 AM
Glad to know you're okay. I'm staying safe, but honestly, I fear things might get worse before they get better. The whole world wasn't ready to face a pandemic and that's especially true for third world countries like mine.
Norilla Jun 15, 5:15 PM
You're very welcome. ^_^
Gwathgor Jun 15, 4:02 PM
A bit late, but happy birthday! ^^
Puchkov Jun 15, 2:28 PM
Glad to hear that you still have a job (even with the pay cut). Here on my side, fear of losing my job was causing me stress, and was extremely fortunate to move to a better and more stable position within my company.

The sense of having job stability has made all the difference for me, so I’ll probably reopen my branch in the upcoming weeks.
Norilla Jun 15, 10:58 AM
Happy Birthday!
Puchkov Jun 15, 10:47 AM
Happy birthday! And I know... we haven’t chatted in a while. The past 3 months have been stressful for me, and didn’t feel like spending time on social media.
Finally things are getting better (for me), so wanted to ask how is everything going for you?
Sethlans Jun 15, 10:13 AM
Hey man! Just dropping by after a very long time to wish you a happy birthday. Hope you have a great time today, and stay safe.
Morferz Apr 17, 3:49 PM
Well how do i put it, that's why we never recommend watching fate/zero first or rather I, kinda sad you are not into VNs and games but for fate i really see that playing the original VN is worth it, it has 3 routes the first one i would say it never got an anime adaptation because lets be honest here who consider that 2006 deen work an actual adaptation, and all the introduction and building of the world how the war works and servants were presented there. after that you get UBW which you watched it follows the story of emiya and counter guardians, i really liked that character (archer) after playing that route and seeing the suffering he went through, idk why we always hook up with characters that suffers a lot lol.
but the 3rd route was the real deal like we say, at least from me but pretty sure its for mostly everyone. how can i describe it, amazing i really liked it after i played the VN. you will see another side of the story, zero is related to heaven's feel (3rd route) so after watching that some mysteries will be solved and you will know more about some characters... a lot more about fate.
two movies of heaven's feel route are out i would highly recommend you checking it, and i'm 100% sure you will like it. i'm really happy that UFO is the one taking care of those movie and rest of the original VN and i would love to see an adaptation of the first route after this by them. kinda sad we have to wait for the third movie it was supposed to come out this month but because of corona... you know everything got delayed.
3rd route is my favorite in the series alongside fate/zero excluding other games and novels.

about grand order, well i played the game they skipped 6 chapters and moved the the 7th well i would say its the most interesting one alongside solomon which they confirmed it getting an anime so you will know the ending of that part.
most of guys who watch it without playing would like it but for us its kinda disappointing they changed some scenes that we were actually looking forward to see and added some original stuff. gil is really standing out in that singularity, ngl i used to hate him kinda but found myself liking him more and more in babylonia and also fate/extra ccc (jrpg), its his mature self after he returned from his journey to find immortality.

there are also camelot movies made by production ig that's basically chapter 6 before babylonia. i also enjoyed enjoyed that one and i'm looking forward to it but my biggest hype is still heaven's feel 3rd movie, i'm telling you that's gonna be awesome.

about the award i just did it and broke my 1599 forum post that was there for 3 years now i believe lol, i was gonna say i will drop by from time to time but i wont guarantee anything i rarely check forums or clubs actually i never do that and even my anime list isnt fully updated but i will try, i miss those polls we used to do back in the day ngl xD
Morferz Apr 15, 6:02 AM
yooo sup philip, how are you doing man hope everything is as fine as ever
how's quarantine sadly no more sports to enjoy so anime and other related stuff is our only way to escape lol
i've noticed you're going through the fate series lately
hows the marathon so far? what did you enjoy the most, and are you going to play any related visuals or rpgs?
hazecloud Apr 2, 4:50 AM
Hello PhKay,

I've edited my post as I forgot to include best characters nomination in yggrasil's 2019 award. Cheers! :)

funbar Dec 2, 2019 10:02 PM
Yup, Brady hasn't really looked hot at any point in the season and with how Lamar Jackson is playing.. I have some high hopes for the Ravens. I will never count Brady out, though. That would be foolish of me.

I'm not even sure where that entire altercation stands at this point. I think Rudolph tried to apologize but it never seemed like it was well received? Haha, I actually missed their game yesterday and most of the games as a matter of fact. Did you see anything in the Browns game that stood out? I also know the 49ers and Ravens game was close, which is awesome. 49ers have an elite defense, but the Ravens definitely have a solid line, too.

Also, I have been trying to get into the NBA more recently. So, if you have stuff you wanna share about those games, I can try my best!
funbar Nov 23, 2019 12:08 PM
Yep, everyone definitely heard about that one.. haha. Mason Rudolph is a pretty trashy person and think Garrett definitely got the short end of the stick, although his actions were definitely in the wrong for sure. I've seen some good stuff from your Browns offense, and maybe you might disagree or agree with me, but considering that my Bears have the worst damned offense in the league, I'm optimistic about anything these days. I don't think Trubisky is the main problem here. He's been pretty bad this season, but our play calling as been even worse. Doesn't help that we're having kicking woes too, but I'm willing to bet that Pineiro is just a young dude with a good leg. He's been fairly "accurate" but just maybe didn't account for wind or maybe he did when they were in a dome. I also liked your predictions, but too optimistic about the Bears, hehe. I hope you guys continue doing well, though.

Also, I did watch the final world series game and actual the 2 before that as well. All of my Astros friends are definitely bummed but I'm happy for you guys and definitely happy for you too. I haven't been a "fan" of any sports organization that I could truly celebrate and be happy for. I was a Blackhawks fan when we won the stanley cup and a Cubs fan when we won the world series, but it was moreso because I only support chicago teams, hehe. I'm not too into those sports despite my best efforts, and also because I'd be watching sports every single day of the year .. and losing track of my other teams. But yeah, congrats to you guys again. Must've been a day/week/month to celebrate.

Good point! I think that the Patriots are a lot worse than their record entails, probably from their easy schedule, but I hope I don't see Brady in the superbowl this year, haha.