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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
Oct 21, 8:11 PM
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Oct 21, 6:25 PM
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Just Because!
Just Because!
Oct 21, 5:57 PM
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Toilet ga Hanako-san
Toilet ga Hanako-san
Dec 14, 2016 5:47 PM
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Nov 22, 2015 7:42 PM
On-Hold 39/? · Scored -
Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko
Nov 22, 2015 7:35 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 5


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Puchkov Oct 15, 8:44 PM
Thanks bro; keep it awesome.
TimeToRepent Oct 6, 6:46 AM
Hey Phil!
Long time no see!
How's life?

I am alright. Mainly busy with Uni. I technically moved to Discord. I might make it permanent, I might not.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it a lot >u<
Tomoebi Sep 25, 7:51 AM
Sethlans Sep 24, 9:44 AM
Thanks, man!
Harus Sep 21, 4:06 PM
By now you probably thought that I would never .. ever ...ever answer you here xD
but .. aha! surprise ! here I am to answer =D

Corruption is out of the charges here... When Temer became the president after the impeachment of Dilma he restructured the whole government , and by that I mean he change all the ministers ... in less then 6 months 2 of them 'where forced to step down' because their names where on the "lava jato" .. he lost more ministers later.. I'll be honest and say that I'm no longer keeping up with everything... it's just , there are so many scandals and connections that it's easy to get lost in the middle of it...
Currently Lula that is also being accused of corruption on the 'lava jato' is putting the blame of everything on his wife , that passed away some months ago, which is... an absurd and pretty disrespectful...
Next years elections are going to be a chaos.. there are no decent candidate...
Anyway .. yes , it is a shame.
Brazil has soooooooo much potential, so much to build, schools, hospitals, trains (transport infrastructure as a whole)... if the people here were a little bit less corrupt...
and yes I blame the people, not only the politicians (hey they are people too.. kinda xD).. because.. well politicians are no different than many people out there that also are corrupt and steal and change the 'rules' to their own benefit...

In this last month I've been hearing less and less about Venezuela, I guess there are other things happening ... like North korea getting totally insane and provoking the whole world... and several natural disasters like the flood in the India, the hurricanes and now the earthquake in mexico.

About the elections in Germany, I also think they don't have much difference in their parties... I had a couple of German classes and my teachers supported different parites... it's impressive how 'fine' they where with that... nowadays here in Brazil is hard to talk about politics with anyone that doesn't share the same opinions as you do.
In any case I need to check how things are on Germany (politic wise ) it's been a while since I've checked the news hehe

The tension keeps growing between usa x north Korea .. I really hope north Korea are just getting 'power' so no one will mess with them.. and that they don't really plan on using any nuclear weapons ....

yey funnier topics xD
The crowd was really nice in the match I saw, they were right the right thing to do is celebrate the event =D
haha I can't defend the rios crowd =x .. in general Brazilian crowds (when it comes to sports) mistake their cheering for the team/athlete that they support for being disrespectful, hostile and booing the opposition =p

Many of those "beach" sports (volleyball, football .. etc) that used to a 2 ~3 team can win only are becoming more competitive.. in special the beach volley , that's really fun to watch too ^^
The Austrian team did pretty well (the game I saw was the final) , they had a real shot of winning it was pretty close .
jimanator Aug 28, 1:19 PM
Orhunaa Aug 25, 5:53 PM
PhKay said:
I have no clue if this author is known outside of the german speaking world and if his books got published in other languages.

As for Turkey I can confirm that his works are quite well known. I haven't read any myself (I'm the same case as you too) but I rememeber seeing his books on our bookshelf. Anyways that's it, just thought you'd want to know.
Celine3107 Aug 21, 3:52 AM
It is!! Honestly it was borderline too cutesy for me, but it was well made and funny enough that it didn't cross the line into plain silly and stupid. and omg Tamako's dad 。゚(*´□`)゚。<3 love him. and his song. digging the grandpa too
M_F_M Aug 20, 3:29 AM
Thanks man. Sorry for the belated reply huhu
Puchkov Aug 16, 8:26 PM
Don't tell me you actually read my HST spoiler section of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? If I add something in the spoiler tag, it's because there's going to be major spoilers!!
Harus Aug 9, 6:34 PM
Ok time to answer xD

Oh that's a shame that you wasn't able to go to Poland , but at least the trip to South Korea sounds pretty interesting , how long are you going to stay there?
Btw how was the beach volley ball tournament ? were you able to go? I just watched one of the finals , it was a pretty close match.

well that was different, it's not always that you have the chance of having a new player that's actually pretty good, hopefully the team was able to learn a lot from him and who knows? Maybe a new foreign player might show up again xD
Set a goal for the team to shake things up, maybe get to the same position you guys finished this season.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm paying less attention lately or if things really starting to slow down.
Actually, the amount of stuff happening here and some in Venezuela are overwhelming the news from US and EU lately.
I was a bit worried because of those elections over there, i reminded that it was going to be soon.. btw the Germany elections are in October too no?

In any case it'is a good thing that the extreme right wing people are getting to their senses ... both extremes are pretty bad... still I think the right wing wave ins't over and there are high chances of they winning the elections.

It's been a while since the last time i've heard something about trump v putin tbh , still Trump is a huge "random" in the whole political world .. anything can come from that... so , i agree the next years will be about 'what the hell is going to do'
also north korea... they are making countless missile tests... at any time that might start a new conflict.

noooo hard questions >_<
Honestly the level of corruption here is just out of the scales.. I'm not even sure if I can correctly describe to you the huge amount of unbelievable maneuvers that the politicians are doing to avoid being investigated...
I'm not sure how much you heard about this but, there was an audio that was recorded where Temer and Joeslei (head of JBS the meat company) talk about bribe money and stuffs like that... after that he lost 100% the capacity of doing anything and everyone is trying to impeachment him too (which is correct , since he is pretty corrupt '-' ) The problem is.. he has waaaay more "contacts" than dilma ever had and his is a more... well.. political.. so he's avoiding it .. getting support from the ones that were supposed to impeach him "giving money" or accepting their "Parliamentary amendments" even though we have a huge debt... and now they are discussing the possibility of raise the taxes (after all there's a huge gap of income and expenses)
Long story short
Dilma was involved in corruption, her party is really corrupt as well (all of them are in Brazil) , still she was kind of a "scapegoat" (the reason why she was impeached was pretty lame).. Temer is more corrupt than she is .
I didn't know that she was getting more support over there.. but it doesn't surprise me.
She winning an election? hehe don't think so... that's a bit exaggerated, her popularity is really low

Hopefully my text wasn't too confusing x_x
Harus Jul 31, 6:10 PM
Ikr .. I want to travel too =(
I'm looking into my options... might still travel or not..
Well your preferences are similar to most people around here (kinda) , most prefer to travel to other places other than Latin america (ofc it's more expensive so less people are able to do it).
Are you currently planing any trips ?

Hmmm things have slowed but still active , that good .. i think xD

So , today =o
I will check it ~
post there and I'll participate ^^

Haha it makes difference to me because it's been a long time since I've watched the other ones, so it will be easier to get what's going on ( i think)

I'll tell her, and if she wants I can do a double post to answer mine and hers

Thanks , hope you are right xD
That's good to hear , i mean that things are fine and not changing (and that you are good with that)

Darts team? =3
How are things with that wave of right wing politicians winning everywhere?

Harus Jul 26, 9:32 PM
=o (surprise face) xD
Hmm that's interesting, around here the idea is similar people have little interest on countries on our continent (which is a mistake, i think).
Also, the plans might change and i might end up not going to portugal =(
Well.. not sure yet ><

That's a great milestone =D
I don't know how's the activity around the club so i can't say for sure, but I'm pretty confident that it will be reeeaaaallly hard for someone to overthrow your first place position , even you if you take a break from it

The S3 is almost here right? I'll give my best to participate ^^
please let me know when it starts

I will, although it's been a while since i watched anything from the monogataries , Owarimonogatari (Ge) is a direct sequel to the Owarimonogatari? if it is it will be easier to me xD

Haha yeah it would be hell for you xD
honestly there are some that I just got lazy to finish, others I'm watching with yun so we need to get together and decide to watch it.

honestly... i'm still kinda lost ><'
The good news is that I finished all the extra stuff I had to do to graduate , now I'm just waiting for the diploma
hmm.. regardless of continuing the studies I think I'll need to find a job =l
idk ><

speaking of job, how's yours? any new drunk stories? how's your Darts team?

ps: sorry for taking so long to answer >_<
ICESpartan Jul 25, 9:04 PM
Thank you :P
Ultimatedeath Jul 15, 4:23 PM &

Those Anime I had planned to review but I will do it only each day :3
Re:Zero I most likely have to take care of that and add some more time, since It's longer and also I can't wait to write about that one :3

When I'm done with those I think I will rewatch anime nice and slow and review them every time I feel I have given enough time for an anime ;3