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April 25th, 2016
I'll try to keep this short. As you probably know, I've been banned from Monia Café. When I noticed that I was banned (I wasn't sent a PM), I tried to speak with the admin that banned me, and I was practically ignored. When that happened, I asked Harus to post something for me on a club's thread, so that people knew what happened. Monia deleted it less than 15 minutes after it was posted, all while saying that I had the right to defend myself and try to explain the situation. After some pressure from club members, he more or less agreed to speak with me via PM if I started the conversation and didn't write a lot. I knew it was all a façade, but I was ok with it.

The following day, I asked Monia what was the real reason of my ban. He told me that my post was an extreme case of breaking Rule #3, and that he had received complaints of my behaviour from other members. Those complaints never reached me, so there was no way that he could use that as an excuse, and regarding Rule #3, I will re-post my explanation of everything later (mind you, it's extremely long), but even if we consider it rule breaking, more than one ex-admin told me that it wasn't nearly enough of a reason for a ban. In the end, he basically told me that he can ban whoever he wanted even if they don't break any rules. I don't like revealing PMs, but the way he acted calls for it.

After that, I decided that he wouldn't readmit me even if he didn't have a real reason to ban me in the first place, and I warned him of what he just said. I guess that he kind of freaked out, and that's the reason of the funny post at the beginning of the main page of the club, and why the Waitresses Lounge was locked up (to prevent people disagreeing with him).

By the way, what I think is the real reason of my ban is probably that I jokingly compared the club with a dictatorship during a friendly chat with other members. Oh, the irony.

Fun fact: I was notified of Monia's intention to talk to me and iN3krO. After finishing my conversation with Monia, I went to a WhatsApp group to warn him (his name is in red color).

Before finishing this, I want to thank everyone who defended me when I was deprived of my right to do. Special mention to Harus, iN3krO, JohnDowson, Nato__Ren and Yoonnie for being the ones that tried to help me more actively (forgive me if I forgot/didn't notice someone).

For all of you who are interested, here's the post I did explaining the situation that got deleted by Monia. Be careful, it's extremely long.

UPDATE: He deleted the funny post (maybe after reading this) and the Waitresses Lounge (the thread where rules are discussed) is not sticky anymore. After that, he created 2 more rules (+1 to "make it softer") saying basically that he can ban whoever he wants even if that person doesn't break any rules and you can't argue with his decisions. The friendliest place in MAL.
Posted by Conde_Mohr | Apr 25, 2016 12:05 PM | 2 comments
Anime Relations: Sword Art Online
Now that MAL fucked up their BBCode, I don't want to have a huge wall of text without any spoiler tags, so I decided to use this blog as a dump (for the time being). It's made public just in case someone wants to read it.

By the way, MAL's blog works so that I have to tag an anime, so those dump posts will be tagged an unrelated garbage anime.
Posted by Conde_Mohr | Apr 25, 2016 10:45 AM | 0 comments