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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Alternative Titles

English: Sailor Moon
Synonyms: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Japanese: 美少女戦士セーラームーン


Type: TV
Episodes: 46
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 7, 1992 to Feb 27, 1993
Premiered: Spring 1992
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: TV Asahi
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.741 (scored by 104,493 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #10162
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #475
Members: 206,069
Favorites: 7,421


They have VERY similar storyline and are both of the Magical Girl type of anime. They both have interesting romance plots. You can't help but like both of them if you liked the other. 
report Recommended by FFViper
Both are about a sixteen year old girl who transforms and has the power of the elements. It's magical! 
report Recommended by bridget_lalala
Sailor Moon have to find crystals and Cardcaptor Sakura have to find cards :) Romance - Cheack! Comedy - Check! It's very good i promise :) 
report Recommended by Lilly1x
Transformation sequences, glittery battles, and an all-girl team of superheroes. Heck, even one of the MM:PPP villians looks strinkingly similar to Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon.  
report Recommended by Miriette
Both are about a young girl encountering a familiar(animal) who introduce them to magical powers. in the Magical Girl genre. Even though Madoka Magica is a little darker, but its just as great. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Both are mahou shoujo anime centering around 14-16 year old girls, both leads have similar air-headed personalities, and both have similar episode formats and plots. If you like mahou shoujo, there's no reason not to give this a try. (^_^)b 
report Recommended by url_elf
both magical and transforming, guy protects girl and likes each other. very similar 
report Recommended by anime123
Duh. Both show girls in a positive fashion, are animated by Toei, and have very similar plot designs (new villains replacing defated villains, cute mascots, learning the power of teamwork/friendship, etc.). If you like Pretty Cure, then there is no doubt that you'll like Sailor Moon. 
report Recommended by CCZilla
Similar anime transformation sequences every time, ''fighting'' style is the same as well. i.e. they use cute stuff!!! The story is simple and basic, both main lead characters have a guy they like, but cant do anything about it yet on the normal side, but more complicated on their ''powers side'', i.e. the reason they have to transform and fight! Both seem somewhat shy. Each episode usually has ''enemy'' to defeat as well as story progress. i.e. not just bullshit fighting! 
report Recommended by Friendlysoul
They are both long and old series. Stories in them are different, but in both of them they are demons who are trying to hurt people. Both stories deal with magic. In both of them group of heroes fight for the sake of the peace. Both deals with the past connection of the pair of main heroes and heroines. Kagome (Inuyasha) is pure-hearted just like Usagi (Sailor moon). They are both week and scared, but they always risk their lives trying to save their friends (sometimes even their enemies). Both heroines are connected with two lands at the same time. Both heroines are reincarnations of  read more 
report Recommended by PushingIdeas
Both shows involve magical warriors, where Binan Love can be thought of as a magical boy parody of Sailor Moon. Both shows involve five high school students and an animal familiar (a cat in Sailor Moon and a wombat in Binan Love) to fight monsters using magical powers. The main difference aside from the gender of the magical warriors is that Binan Love is more of a comedy while Sailor Moon is more story-driven. 
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
Devil Hunter Yohko is the rated R version of Sailormoon. Same silly dialogue, with dramatic battles against cliche monsters all the while seeking to preserve the heroins love interests. Only difference is that Sailor Moon wasn't constantly trying to get laid or brutally decapitating monsters. 
report Recommended by dvice
They are in middle school and they are superheroes they tranform although there's a little more romance in Sailor Moon odds are you'll like them both 
report Recommended by NewAnimeFan
These 2 shows have a MC who is blonde, blue-eyed, idiotic, lazy and have a big appetite, as well as fighting to protect others. Usagi is basically Naruto if he was a magical girl. The shows also have a black haired rival (with fire powers) to the MC and an annoying pink haired girl. While not as action packed as Naruto, Sailor Moon has quite a few action scenes. Sailor Moon and Naruto are both well known long running anime. They are also good gateway shows for not just non- anime fans, but also younger audiences as well.  
report Recommended by TheKawaiiToon
A team of magical girls band together to fight off evil villains and the monsters they create / summon. Both shows are for a young female audience. 
report Recommended by Will_Bradley
25TH anniv. for showing the best of the girls v.s best of the boys, both shows still holding up today in my opinion. 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato
I'm actually quite surprised that Sailor Moon isn't already on Princess Tutu's recommendation list (and vice versa). Ahiru and Usagi are very similar to each other. Both of these girls are pretty clumsy and make some rather strange mistakes, and both find themselves falling for a boy. Both must work to get their love's memories back, and they transform into magical girls to fight and save the day while somehow balancing schoolwork and social lives on top of that. 
report Recommended by mysngoeshere56
Serena and the school girls both have similar magical powers and have to deal with it. 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both series are about a girl who gets magical powers, both have talking cats, and both contain romance. 
report Recommended by HyperBunnyofDOOM
Similarities: Both have talking cats, transformation sequences, and main characters who eat a lot (Usagi and Natsu). *both main characters are blondes (Usagi and Lucy) Differences: Sailor Moon is more marketed for girls while Fairy Tail is more for boys. 
report Recommended by fitzytail89
What can I say? The original mahou shoujo anime. Transformations. Love. Action. It's got it all. (: 
report Recommended by kuragehime7
Both stories revolve around a group of girls with magical powers on they're journey to save the world. I could also say that MKR is CLAMP's version of Sailor Moon :), and not a bad one at all. 
report Recommended by chibix
Both are anime with magical girls, fighting the evil. Both are part of love in a less and in one more. 
report Recommended by Foxygirl05
A wide, strong, and interesting female cast, fantasy, magic, romance, fights, shoujo-ai, roses, bishounen. They have an overall similar mood, prettiness, and imagery. Note: I’m referring to all the Sailor Moon seasons altogether. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Similar magical girls fighting the bad guys...Similar focus on the main character and her love interest...sailor moon has a lot more to it tho along with a lot more seasons. More drama, but no singing. 
report Recommended by FireFly07
They are with no doubt alike, bote have transformation girls that never give up and are always together also Misty Knight-sama from Twin Angel and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon are almost alike, if you like one you also might like the other 
report Recommended by Lyfa
-Both are about magical girls fighting monsters -Both are very girly (To an extant) -Both have transformation sequences -Both have a talking sidekick in SM it is a cat in CY it is a robot  
report Recommended by MiraiNikki71
Both series include scantily clothed women, a girl with long black hair who berates the main heroine, a dysfunctional family, a helper character that you wouldn't expect to talk, transformation sequences, a female antagonist that wants to destroy the world, and a main character with odd hair.  
report Recommended by Serrenna
It is similar to Sailor Moon in many way they transform and fight monsters that are made by other monster pretty much the same so if you like Sailor Moon you would like this show 
report Recommended by redgurl719
They're both similar in the sense that they are both constantly saved by someone in a mask that they create a bond with. The heroines are also similar because they always act cheery and are very energetic. 
report Recommended by AliceMercy
These magical girl shows share a heavy focus on friendship and sisterhood along with some romance. Finding the princess (who must also be a warrior) and protecting her are important in both; instances of time travel/alteration can be found in both. 
report Recommended by flyingdolphin
As I was watching Happy Seven, I noticed a lot of similarities to Sailor Moon. Both are magical girl anime, with clumsy protagonists (Amano and Usagi) that look alike and fall for the main magical boy. There is a group of magical girls and a magical boy who are able to transform and fight demons that hurt people (the transformation scenes also look alike). Also, the shows can be episodic at times, but have an overarching story (Sailor Moon is a lot longer though). In Sailor Moon, Usagi gets her powers in the beginning and more Sailor scouts are added in as the series progresses,  read more 
report Recommended by Noodle070
Ayashi no Ceres gave me the very same feeling that I first had when I first watched Sailor Moon many years ago. Both series had princess or "princess-like" outer-space beings that fell in love with men that helped them but had a past that men don't remember. Both stories touched my heart that I didn't think an anime couple could.  
report Recommended by alugirl613
both cute magical anime. both have princesses. both have a team of main characters. body are adorably cute magical anime, you will love. Oh and they both have a mysterious prince that saves them. 
report Recommended by MoonfrostGirl
Panty and Stocking is a parody of the magical girl genre. Instead of naive princesses which transform with sparkles and lace, Panty and Stocking are two fallen angels whose transformation sequence is literally a strip tease. The writing is very crass, full of cussing and discussions about sex, and the artwork is bold and stylized. Panty and Stocking's parody of Magical Girl genre is similar to FLCL's parodying of the mech genre, and not suprisingly PS&G and FLCL come out of the same studio. While not everyone who enjoys Sailor Moon will find PS&G funny, if you are willing to laugh at yourself and the  read more 
report Recommended by moonpopsicle
Cutie Honey F is sometimes considered a successor to Sailor Moon. They have very similar visual styles, and share an episodic structure where each episode the main character/s have to figure out how to defeat a new monster using their transformation abilities. Each main character also has a mysterious love interest who, at least in the beginning, periodically appears briefly and then leaves after a few words. 
report Recommended by Achachan
There are similar in the comedy, romance school life and after that fight with the evil for the justice. Also it is similar in the way that the damashinigami trying to get more people to the rin ne with the way that the villains of the sailor moon trying to get energy from the humans for their own purposes. 
report Recommended by tsubasaf
Despite the gaudy outfits provided for the main heroines when they use their special powers, both Uta-Kata and Sailor Moon take a step down deeper into the more hidden realms of their gifts (or curses) side effects. Both Usagi of SM and Ichika of Uta-Kata are plagued by the darker side of their powers and end up being the focal point of the world either being saved or destroyed.  
report Recommended by cereuno
Alright, this kind of HAS to be here. The format of the show is not that much similar, however, the background stories of the main characters and the underlying theme of meeting in another life, not to mention the whole Princess plot and various kingdoms in different dimensions/on different planets, gives me a very similar vibe. 
report Recommended by Monoxid
usagi and the anime version of maria are similar in a few odd ways -the anime version of maria looks kinda like a short haired young adult rendition of Usagi (the looks are mostly in their face and hair color) -both maria and usagi fall for an older guy ... maria and captain .. usagi and tuxedo mask (obvious love knows no age boundaries type of romance) -maria and usagi are both a real burden for almost every superior they face -they both are super cute -they both are klutzes and make similar mistakes, the difference though  read more 
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
the heroines of both anime miu and usagi are both teenage girls with long blonde hair and blue eyes also they're both action anime targeted at teenage audiences and both series are loaded with comedic moments  
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
Other magical girl series may have more similarities with Sailor Moon on the surface, but few have such a similar spirit as Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. Both series were made in the 1990s and have similarly simplistic cel animation -- if one appeals visually to you, the other certainly will as well. Each is aimed at young girls but still portrays emotion and character growth in more mature ways than one would first expect. Finally, each series features a team of villains who can, at times, be more entertaining that the heroes, with distinct personalities that set them apart not as villains, but as characters. 
report Recommended by Anomalous
These two have similar main characters. Go! Princess Precure features a young girl named Haruka Haruno who is very clumsy and also finds out she has magical powers that can fight those who try to cage up the dreams of others. This is similar to Sailor Moon's main character, Usagi, who is very clumsy also and finds out she has magical powers that can fight evil. The two shows feature crime fighting, girl power, and magic. 
report Recommended by bunniess
Sailor Moon and Star Twinkle PreCure are two magical girl TV shows that follow a female protagonist who gains magical powers after meeting a cute magical creature. Both shows are also themed around space, with each of the main magical girls having names themed around planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies found in space. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
both shows are old school. both shows feature a group of females who do the superhero/savng the world sorta thing while sporting colorful outfits of some kind 
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
the only reasons i would be insane enough to compare this is, in both vampire hunter d and sailor moon star main girls who have long blonde hair tied in two sections blonde hair blue eyed chick sporting a short skirt of some sort....and also the presence of monsters and demons are seen and both are old school... make no mistake about it the themes and plot are different... there aint much to compare. its just that usagi and doris have long blonde hair blue eyes and some short skirted outfit.  read more 
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
-Both involve girls transforming magical girls that could defeat all evil -Same studio (Toei Animation)  
report Recommended by Miki_04
Both series run on a mostly 'Villain of the Week' Format, but do take occasional breaks to have episodes focused more on characters. Both series are firmly rooted in the use of spiritual/magical abilities, despite it taking place in the 'grounded and realistic' world of 1990's Japan. Both series showcase the lead female usually sealing away or destroying the enemy of the week using a signature move. Both series have a lead female who is often guarded by a lead male, however, their relationships are a bit on the...complicated side. Both series rely on Slice of Life moments to help build up the friendships between the cast of females,  read more 
report Recommended by InsaneLeader13
they both are magical girl grnre and go around with weapons and defeat bad guys  
report Recommended by tesu
Both series have a team of warriors wearing suitable battle attire. Though Saint Seiya is Shonen and Sailor Moon is Shojo, both series can be appreciated by both genders, as their story and setting, albeit different, have similarities: cosmo/galaxy setting, teamwork spirit, protecting the ones they care and love, fighting for a true cause (protecting the world, etc,), battle posing, unique attack moves for each character, and so on. 
report Recommended by DiogoAttitude
First Transformation, for Usagi and Ichigo and their friends. Main characters have their family, they didn't grow up somewhere or live alone. Bad guys attacks innocent people. World is just the city they live which they portect, and where bad guys come from. all these only if having action is not first priority. 
report Recommended by Masood_sama_XN
Both have cute magical girls fighting against evil and protecting people with funny presentations, good episodic rhythm and adorable characters. 
report Recommended by AbsoluteXandy
Both are about a young girl encountering a familiar(animal) who introduce them to magical powers. in the Magical Girl genre 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
The Transformations, romance, practically everything. 
report Recommended by MAL-rn
Samurai Troopers is clearly the shounen version of Sailor Moon, as they go hand-in-hand for their story, characters, development, and overall style. Both are classic, must watch, old school anime with an identical plot: group of 5 teenagers fights against the monsters of an evil empire that wants to conquer the Earth. The above said kids have magical super powers (related to virtues in Samurai Troopers & to planets in Sailor Moon) that make them transform respectively in armored samurai and sailor scouts (the transformation scenes are extremely similar). Both of the group leaders (Ryo/Usagi) even have a feline pet/helper (White Blaze/Luna). Sailor Moon, being a shoujo,  read more 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Stories are different, but both female heroines are with pure heart, clumsy, always trying to smile (even when they are deeply hurt), they both have just horrible results on their tests. In both animes main guy tease the girl (sometimes because of her scores). 
report Recommended by PushingIdeas
They both fight, transforms, love 
report Recommended by paradisetmoon
Both anime are literally defined as super popular magical girl anime series. The genres are very similiar. Both series feature a series of consecutive seasons that follow the original.  
report Recommended by Luchia
they bolth are cute and realy good for young kids that like animals<br  
report Recommended by Poizen_LuLu
Both have a blonde female main character who transforms into a superhero magical girl in order to fight the bad guys, both female main characters are very silly, goofy, and funny. Both animes also deal with romance, and they both aired in the 90's. 
report Recommended by srlacount
Both are Magical Girls & romance anime, but Nanatsuiro Drops's shorter 
report Recommended by Dusia
They are both magical fighting teams that transform to fight evil foes 
report Recommended by Shirotakamegami
Because both have transforming girls , fight for a plant they love and has some romance on it pretty cool!! 
report Recommended by Edith25
LSPR is supposed to be a SM parody, but trust me, SM is MUCH better (of course it doesn't have the hentai elements, but tha characters or much more fleshed, and a single episode of it is funnier). But this only applies if you like magical girls, if you also like hentai, SM will dissappoint you. 
report Recommended by Venusrozen
This is the mahou shoujo supreme power! 
report Recommended by CNeto
Makeruna! Makendo seems to be a parody of various anime, especially for Sailor Moon: we have pretty magical girls (with long legs, too) against stupid villains; and funny moments. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
Main character is female, whom transforms in order to fight against evil. There's romance scenes in both! -They also end up fighting in order to protect the ones they love. Both characters fight with a group of friends who also have their own special powers. 
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
If you like Sailor Moon, you probably going to like this one too. Similar genres and characters, same atmosphere.  
report Recommended by Valexine
Both have transformations, powers, cats, battle evil monsters that use to be ordinary and something they are trying to protect. Good vs. Evil. Plot is somewhat different though. 
report Recommended by vb1523
Both are part of the magical girl genre and both have a talking animal as their partner. Also the main characters look sorta alike. 
report Recommended by charmecia5
Both stories have a lot of characters. Senjou no Valkyria is more of a military story, but it does contain a lot of romance and action. Sailor Moon is more magical. 
report Recommended by ffdotnetdreams
GaoGaiGar is pretty much Sailor Moon with mecha. Yes, the same uninspired transforming footage used over and over again, a new baddie sent out by the evil empire each week to defeat with the trademark finishing move as well as an "alien" human from space living with a family on earth with no recollection of what happened before he/she came to earth. 
report Recommended by AfterGlow
Both anime series have a bunch of girls discover they have powers. 
report Recommended by tarms_shani
I feel both these shows are similar in the romance and comedic side. Blue seed is more serious than Sailor Moon, but the romance feels the same. Also the comedy reminded me a lot of Sailor Moon, though it's yet again slightly different. Definitely watch Sailor Moon and vice a versa for Blue Seed if you like the other. 
report Recommended by joeyanna
They are both cute and funny mahou shoujos from the early 90s.  
report Recommended by chibix
What these series have in common is the modern day setting and element of transformation. The way the production of the Full Moon anime was done also feels like a throwback to what could easily be felt in the first Sailor Moon series. If you enjoyed one of them you should at least give the other a try. 
report Recommended by jsnram
Both feature young main female character crybabies. Yet they are airheads and have fear of battle. 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
This is very similar to Sailor Moon. Sana and Serena are both Mary-Sue characters who both fall for men. 
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
If you enjoyed Sailormoon for its humor then Tonde Buurin may be up to your alley. Both have a sidekick, a transformation sequence, an oblivious love interest and a funny cast of characters.  
report Recommended by dillian
If you enjoyed BSSM you may enjoy SP. Shamanic Princess can be considered a "dark" take on the magical girl genre. There is an underlying love story and a cute animal companion. ;o 
report Recommended by mizugazipan