Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew Recommendations

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Tokyo Mew Mew
They have VERY similar storyline and are both of the Magical Girl type of anime. They both have interesting romance plots. You can\'t help but like both of them if you liked the other.
report Recommended by FFViper
If you like magic girls like sailor moon you may like TMM. The transformations are similar and in TMM are a character similar of tuxquedo mask
report Recommended by minimiau
Although the animation style is quite different there's a bunch of similarities between these two: group of girls with super powers, one of them is the leader, there's a sentence they say everytime they transform and there's an object that gives them the power to do so, the leader is in love with someone who is also part of the good ones and helps in battles, enemies come from other planet oh and of course there's some cute being (an animal in sailor moon and a robot in tokyo mew mew) that helps them in theory but usually not in battle.
report Recommended by EarthLover
Main characters are girls. Morphing girls :D. They morph and get super powers and fight evil demons (in tmm they fight aliens, but when they take over an animal and transform isn't it the same?). They all fight with the power of Love.
report Recommended by ZetaZaku
-Team of 5 -Magical Girls -Long Series -Comdey -Romance -Action
report Recommended by Cookie-chan-
Both shows have similar character ideas and similar stories.
report Recommended by alissamarie
They both are about a group of girls with magical powers and about saving the world from evil.
report Recommended by mittUPPEilivet
Tokyo Mew Mew, or Mew Mew Power, and Sailor Moon have that same magical girl type thing, with a group of girls who transform and fight the evil aliens/people. They both deal with a cry-baby, yet strong, main protagonist and have all the same elements with the Sailor warriors in animal cosplay form. Tokyo Mew Mew however is more focus more on the life of endangered animals rather than humans and their energys, but both have the same feel
report Recommended by toraneko12
Both are about five girls with powers..Tokyomewmew is shorter and can be watched in one sitting and enjoyed.
report Recommended by Darkgreen12
Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew are both Shojo animes about cute teenage girls who gain magical powers to fight evil. They are so similar to each other, that if you liked one, I can pretty much guarantee you'll like the other. They both have five female leads, both have cute girls kicking ass, both have horrible English dubs, and they both have very similar protagonists. Ichigo Momomiya of TMM and Usagi Tsukino of SM are both sweet, bubbly, clumsy girls with huge hearts and great character development. I think they're both great, but personally, I like Sailor Moon a bit more.
report Recommended by Seth-Z-101
A group of "magical girls" must save the Earth from invaders.
report Recommended by tnelson027
They are both really cool superhero manga's, and have pretty good art. Both of them can also be pretty funny at times as well as being really serious and sad. Freddy likes how they, like all his fave animes often wear short skirts.
report Recommended by Crab17
In both there are a group of five teenage girls with superpowers that fight evil. In both they eventually have a character themed episode to help bring insight on each character. In both they have a bad guy that evenually turns good. The main character is in love with a boy. Both shows have good morals. Both shows have similar old looking animation and sometimes makes art mistakes.
report Recommended by Deer50
Both are about a girl with magical powers that falls in love with a magical guy. MUST watch in Japanese.
report Recommended by animelvr
Tokyo Mew Mew basically has the same plot as Sailor Moon. Five girls. They fight an evil organization that is a threat to the Earth. Romance. Slice of life. Comedy. The only difference is that the Mew Mews are animal girls, not sailors. But anyway, Sailor Moon fans will enjoy this childish version. It is also relatively short, 52 episodes. A good magical girl series for people who just started watching anime.
report Recommended by sbkl
Both series involve a group of female characters that transform into superheroes, one of which is infatuated with a male character.
report Recommended by BatCountry9000
these two anime's are very similar. both have a group of girls who join together to keep the city safe from an evil force. Tokyo Mew Mew is a lot shorter in comparison though. But both are worth watching.
report Recommended by Tora-Dorable
Both have 5 girls as main characters, in both animes, the girls try to protect the world from evil forces, and both have cute transformations.
report Recommended by Albi-kun
both are similar in girl power and fun to watch.
report Recommended by animepapers
Both have senshi, very similar transformations and attacks
report Recommended by shiruuia
Its just another Magical Girl show with 5 female protagonists, 1 male protagonist that the main character has a crush on, a pet/alien that helps the magical girl team fight monsters, blah,blah,blah,something about pieces of something they must collect just like in sailor moon, blah,blah,blah, Tokyo Mew Mew is just an anime that likes to steal Sailor Moons plot points and ideas :p it is however a preety good show on its own if you can see past the blatant copy pasting from other similar shows.
report Recommended by Dodoremi101