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Echelon Jul 8, 2:31 PM
Losing interest in Tekken 7... everyone quits if they lose the first match and I'm getting ultra bored of fighting Josie or Dragonuv.

I seem to hover around Expert/Grand Master, I guess that's fine for me. lol

I love watching RIP tear up the tournaments.
MadvillainyFag Jul 2, 8:18 AM
Haha the #1 certified JoJofag gives it away
Echelon Jun 29, 7:51 PM
I just need to work on my lower/ground game with Law. His sweep to backflip is devastating though and nobody seems to know how to handle it haha. Love how that goes into his Rage Drive too.

"The only Tomino shows I haven't seen are his pre-mecha stuff. I think La Seine no Noshi and Umi no Triton, not sure what else he directed."

Yeah... same here. I kind of consider my Tomino journey done with the mecha stuff anyways. The last few OVA's I had to watch like Wings of Rean and Garzy's Wing were wretched, lol. Dunbine itself was one of the lesser ones for me too, though it has a really good first 10 and last 10 episodes or so, but the middle dragged out a lot. The final 10 was amazing though, I think if I rewatch it someday I might skip around the whole middle portion and see how that goes.

I got all those Ideon episodes downloaded after awhile by the way. Pretty pumped to rewatch that in glorious BD quality along with Be Invoked.

I still wonder what Dezaki mecha could have been like.
Echelon Jun 28, 5:47 PM
That was indeed one of the lamest Gundam final stretches, lol.
Echelon Jun 27, 6:48 PM
I got it on both the PS4 and PC haha. Got the PS4 version first then saw a bunch of my friends went PC, luckily had some Steam money so I figured what the heck. I'm a Law guy, I think some people hate him... in tournaments people will like report "Law" in the chat if I win a match, lmao. I love how he still feels like he did back in 3 and Tag. Been a fan since the originals, but I haven't been that into it since Tag 1. I have a friend that uses Josie a lot and she's frustrating, but yeah I'd compare her to like Law's type. She's legit.

Oh damn, didn't realize you watched Delta. Hard to keep track of scores thesedays and with how MAL keeps changing the friends ordering. Yeah honestly the weakest part of Frontier is probably the main three characters themselves to me, really didn't like them and they all seemed bi-polar or something. But other than that it was really pretty solid, still had some good space opera elements, them on that one planet with all the wreckage and old Zentradi tech was really amazing (kind of like Do You Remember Love post apocalyptic moments), and there's something I've always really liked about the Macross world. Really cool cities, it looks like cool cheerful sci-fi compared to other styles. I'm a big fan of 7 honestly but I know it's not for everyone. Basara didn't bug me because he was so weird or transparent usually, but yeah the hair metal, awesome art, fun vibes and all that was awesome haha. I've been wanting to rewatch it sometime since I saw the old VHS CA release and the DVD's look way better. But yeah, I think Macross has fully lost its space drama roots by this point. It's amusing how the singing stuff was barely even in the original.

I think I can confirm the back half of IBO S2 seems weaker. Guess I'll settle on a 7/10.

I don't even know what to say about G-Reco, other than that was one of the dumbest endings I've ever seen lmao. But yeah I was frankly kind of shocked how good it looked and Tomino is still one of the best in crafting mecha action scenes. I mean, I think he has a big hand in that, since all his shows have really good action that's similar in style. But yeah I find most of his non-cel stuff to be weirdly forgettable, like his style just doesn't transfer over to digital anime very well for me... just something about it feels wrong. Gainer and G-Reco aren't bad, but forgettable to me.

I remember Heero jumping out of his mobile suit once and rolled down a damn mountain. Just a few scratches... lmao.
Echelon Jun 27, 4:17 PM
Who do you main?

Yeah I've been briefly seeing some suggestive things about a bad or inconclusive ending. Guess I'll hit it soon and see. They finally brought in some lame characters in season two and they just got some of my favorites killed... so that's a low blow, haha.

Dude I downloaded Macross Delta's first episode and was a little curious... this is what nightmares are. The CGI mecha looks pretty solid, but yeah I do love that Sunrise are still drawing them and rightfully so. I hope they take pride in it. It's been consistently impressive in that department with IBO. The day they use CGI mecha is the end of everything. lol

... seriously though yeah I'm not sure what happened to Macross. This looks completely insane. I don't like Frontier a lot, but it's weird to have some fond memories of it. This just looks horrible. Oh well.

Haha, 00 had some annoying looking character designs but the chicks were hot so that made up for it. None of this stuff is ever too great though, outside of the UC designs for me. But it's always better than Hirai, lol. I even say that as someone who loves Ryvius and the character designs were fine there, but he definitely got lazy after that.

I couldn't even finish Wing and I rarely drop stuff, but it wasn't worth the suffering. That show had some of the most insane plot armor I've ever seen and I remember the main characters were blowing up entire ships and mobile suits with single bullets. 00's season 2 had this issue too where the power levels just get way too ridiculous and flashy, which is anything but fun. I could see Destiny maybe being better than 00 though haha. As much as Code Geass R2 made me rage, it's always been my go to comparison and I was also into /m/ in those days... but at least Code Geass made me care. Even if it was nonstop emotions of rage, confusion, or whatnot, it got something out of me. I can't say that about 00, season 2 made me feel dead inside. I wanted the Ideon to come up and just nuke that universe and everyone with it. lol
Echelon Jun 25, 8:08 PM
Went ahead into IBO season 2, seems like it's heading into more interesting directions and didn't become something different overnight like 00 or Code Geass, haha. Maybe this will get a point higher.

The weird thing is how IBO looks... not great to me. I mean, Sunrise is typically S rank in the art/animation department and the mecha action is as beautiful as ever. But something about the character designs, backgrounds, and even just the edges of things looks off. I was skimming clips of 00 on youtube earlier and it is pretty weird how 00 somehow looks better despite the 10 year gap. That's the plus 00 can get, even if some characters looked silly, the budget seemed insane. But it might be because Sunrise is pumping out 10+ Gundam projects and more nowadays so they're having to divert resources around more.

Not going to lie, I've always kind of liked the look of the characters in AGE... it's charming. Kind of like X or other mecha out there. It really is a super weak and lazy complaint for sure, haha. But yeah it just sounds a little mixed and what you're saying I've heard before with the directing. I'll give it a shot sometime for sure though.

Destiny is the one I still haven't watched and probably never will. I remember watching the first summary movie of it sometime after SEED back in the day, but yeah I just didn't care to keep going and at the time had other Gundam stuff to check out.
Echelon Jun 25, 1:42 PM
Tekken 7 is ballin'.

Thoughts on Gundam AGE?

Finished up the first season of Gundam IBO. I don't even know what to say haha. I had like no emotions from start to finish. I tend to either love a Gundam show or hate it, but this is finally some weird middle ground. I was never really excited nor mad. It's weird to think I might like Gundam 00's first season more than this in several ways though. Saw you gave that one a 4, lmao. I won't defend it, since the characters were horrendous, though it's season 2 that I really hated. Maybe I'm desensitized to some of the Gundam tropes by now, but yeah. I still sucker into this series since it's basically the last series that still has an emphasis on space/military stuff, compared to a lot of other modern mecha that just looks terrible to me.

IBO season 2 looks like it might be a little different, maybe for the best. No idea if I'll jump on that soon or not. I have AGE downloaded though. Your grades seem a little more critical, so maybe a 6 is recommendable? lol
Ezekiel_01 Jun 22, 10:03 PM
Any good site to watch He man with?
Ezekiel_01 Jun 22, 10:01 PM
Hey I love that guy. Especially when his eyes glows.

Ezekiel_01 Jun 22, 9:30 PM
I've seen again people complaining modern anime is getting worst because they make children to sexually aroused the audience by showing pantsu scene are making their bodies get develop faster.

I just say it's not really a big deal if you don't like it don't support it and doesn't make the entire terrible or subjected to pedophilia. Brigadoon has huge percentage of this fan service while Motogari series do this but doesn't make the show as whole bad.

Now what I more concern is they considered people who watched this type of show scumbags while addressing themselves to have clean taste. I see this people Hypocrites.

Yeah People are in a nutshell. Best I'll ignore them. This is what I get talking to westerner noobs who enforced their reference to other people.

Why do people compare real children to anime children. Anime Children look alien with giants eyes, big head, big hair and super tiny body proportion. So weird.
Sean_Nessman Jun 16, 1:05 AM
We all love Jeanne!!! The school meeting late in Onii-sama e reminds me of Jeanne's trial. Been searching for long for sth that emotional, sensational since her trial and finally yesterday I did it.
Dojikko Jun 15, 1:12 PM
Dojikko Jun 14, 2:17 PM
It's nice.
Dojikko Jun 14, 4:28 AM