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Tentai-chan May 11, 2:34 AM
Hi I'll be away from keyboard this long weekend.
so... just dropping by ~ to give you an advance greetings!

Have a nice weekend!
AllSearchNoWatch Apr 29, 1:10 PM
Late reply but it seems WE are men of culture.
Tentai-chan Apr 22, 3:57 AM
oh you seemed short in words now, I guess I made our conversation boring, sorry for bothering...
I'm a boring person, have a good week! take care ~
Tentai-chan Apr 19, 9:04 PM
so are you in junior or senior high school level?
Tentai-chan Apr 19, 7:04 AM
I'm just an office lady on social media marketing part in advertising industry ~
what level are you in your school?
Tentai-chan Apr 19, 4:07 AM
ohh okay, so flats are your type
oh me? just the usual day at work, but maybe next month I'll be busy for project implementation.
so you're chasing a girl? hmm... it takes more confidence to get to know and get close friends with her...

well since I'm a girl, I can help you, if you need some advice lololol
Tentai-chan Apr 18, 8:34 PM

or upskirt and pantsu screens ~

I'm good, thanks for asking! how's your week?
Tentai-chan Apr 18, 3:05 AM
ohh hounto?! thank you so much for your appreciation hihihi
oh by the way, frankly what I really got into your profile to add you because of lewds

lololol anyway ~ how are you? I hope you are well and everything is fine, my friend
Tentai-chan Apr 16, 10:09 PM

hello there! thank you for your interest to be my MAL friend ~
hope we keep in touch! you can leave a comment to my profile anytime!

or share some lewds on my profile
jaa mata ne ~!
TheHonestThief Apr 12, 8:55 AM
Little known fact, Einstein was incorrect in that theory. It wasn't until Hawking correctly pointed out that by raising "allshitsarenegative" to the power of 2 you inevitably multiplied shits, thus leaving a positive value. For years this was overlooked because it was accepted that while all taste is shit, E being positive conveyed that with all taste being shit, none of it was shit. But Hawking proved this to be false with the now famous quote: "If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and tastes like shit, it's probably shit."
The Shit Test (as it was then dubbed) caused experts all over the world to reexamine Einstein's famous formula. Funnily enough it was Neil deGrasse Tyson that discovered the truth whilst delving into Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya in an attempt to better understand taste. He realized that all taste remained shit even in the eye of the beholder alongside the world. The formula was then altered to "E=-(allshitsarenegative^2)".
These famous revelations led to the preserved understanding that we who partake in Japanese cartoons have shit taste. For it is all shit. But this is okay, because we embrace the shit, knowing it's shit, understanding that it is shit. God bless those heroes.
TheHonestThief Apr 10, 11:26 PM
Your mistake is assuming all shit is positive. In reality they're negative. Therefore the more you add them together the less you get.
-Shit + -Shit = Even more -Shit.
Correct quick maths*
Manaban Feb 13, 3:05 AM
Dara Feb 7, 1:08 AM
Fate/Stay, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works), Fate/Stay Night (Heaven's Feel), Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma

Some people prefer to start with Zero but I prefer starting with Stay. Plus it's understandable either way so it doesn't matter too much. I know there are still a few other Fate series but I haven't gotten around to them yet.
LezendZ Jan 31, 9:16 PM
Nope super shouldn't end please God we had a deal let others finish but not super
LezendZ Jan 31, 9:06 PM
Excellent my first anime was fmab and loved it my favourite too