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Hourou Musuko
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Level E
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Made in Abyss
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School Rumble
Sep 23, 2021 2:19 PM
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Munou na Nana
Sep 21, 2021 3:13 AM
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Minseiza Sep 18, 7:31 PM
Right? It was pretty much the run of the mill kinda storytelling for him, all until that scene where everything unfolds about his true character. Yeah it was a big shoulder nudge that she liked Araragi (She even has an entire opening singing about it lol). Welll you could say that yeah but you gotta admit that glow up was badass with the snake hair and boss vibes. Ah yeah you're right, it's somewhere around the end.. never would've thought the MC would have such long hair by the end tho. Wtf lol, I have never heard of a watch order like that one.. seems uncomfortable.

Yeah that's why you usually don't dabble in different entries at the same time, no matter what show you're watching. Sorry your experience got soured though, kinda sucks

I mean from what my selective mind can remember, the fan service was pretty light to mild in monogatari.. (except, of course, when some characters were butt naked but y'know..) Nisio Isin? A pedo? Ehh well considering I've watched about 3 other stories by him I'd have to argue otherwise, this kind of thing is pretty limited to monogatari.. you get the "taste" of it in other shows from him but I wouldn't really go that far. Now, the Araragi and Mayoi thing is kinda unjustified so no comment there lol but oh well.

Well I haven't really "dropped" it, but by the time I got to episode 2 (Not sure if I even logged it) the CGI was enough to make me put it down for awhile. I thought I could bear it for awhile but seems not. It's a shame too since I really wanted to see her in human form, someday though! Yeah the budget was the only limiting factor here.

Do you mean uh, when I gave season 1 an 8 and season 2 a 7? I liked code geass quite a lot, and don't even know why season 2 is at a 7, must've been for some reason I've forgotten. It's in my top 15 though so yeah, no clue rn lmao
Minseiza Sep 14, 7:16 AM
Kaiki is a really good character, would be #1 if Nadeko didn't completely surprise me. Yeah it's so odd, you couldn't call him a bad guy, but you couldn't call him a good guy either, just a "normal" person. That's the beauty of it I'd say. I forgot, was Hanamonogatari after Monogatari 2nd? Idek, I'm on like Owarimonogatari and have to look up stuff still. The watch order is weird..

Will do, probably will end up simping for Yoko the whole time but y'know

Yeah that's where I contradict myself, although slightly since I have reasons for that. Monogatari's cast don't wear outfits that would make you think to yourself: "Well shit, might as well be naked". That's how I feel about Ryuko from Kill la kill. While the ecchi in Monogatari is not needed, it's funny to watch nonetheless, but with Kill la kill it's just the running theme. I don't have anything against ecchi, but at least make it somewhat entertaining to watch.. I'll still try Kill la kill again but yeah, that's all I had against it. (Didn't find it funny either)

Do you mean you rated Mushoku at an 8.5? Well that's fair I guess, the animation is pretty good. I can see myself getting the show up to a 7 if the next season will be as good as the LN readers say.

Ahh you're right, it did say September.. yeah I think it's getting delayed, but it's weird the production staff hasn't announced anything. They need to hurry up, I wanna get back to watching Maple piggyback riding on Sally again (。-人-。)
Minseiza Sep 12, 9:52 AM
Yeah I get that feeling, must be really fresh then right? I mean, I think the enjoyment of such a bizarre series is going to be subjective from person to person of course, but all in all beyond the weird scenes and whatnot, I do hope you come to value it as much as I do. The story telling is insane. Toothbrush scene LOL, I should've known you'd say that, that scene was wild.. and the way she was enjoying it.. wish I could get turned on from brushing my teeth. Sigh.

Definitely will, haven't been watching too much anime lately but yeah sounds like a plan.

It's unfortunate, but the kinks were just a bit too out there, y'know? Enjoyment wise yeah probably, but does the story get any good?

Welll tbh, I enjoyed Mushoku's second cour more than the first, but frankly most of the reason it's so low is because of the expectations I had for it, like you get tons of people hyping it and then.. just some 40 year old dude sniffing panties? I know there's more to it than that, and the story really is turning around, but for the first season in particular (both cours) I'm roughly at 5.7 with it. Did you like it?

I appreciate it.
Ashhk Sep 6, 9:16 AM
I watched it while it aired but didn't really like it, or more like it was fine but definitely forgettable for me.
You should try different ones like Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, Tatami Galaxy, Monster etc
Amranhakim8 Sep 6, 8:37 AM
As you can see in my list, I already watched it during Bofuri still Airing. So Enjoyable. I not person who like Isekai or game anime, so Bofuri is one of anime I can enjoy watching it.

I pretty sure I rated it 8 per 10.
Azulmagia88 Sep 3, 5:33 AM
I might give That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime another chance. First time watching a little over 2 years ago just couldn't get into it.
Azulmagia88 Sep 2, 11:43 PM
Well, that sucks if true. Bofuri was a random watch for me and I ended up loving it.
Minseiza Sep 2, 10:39 AM
Most epic? C'mon now, have you atleast changed your mind about that after watching Monogatari? Now that's the most epic anime I've seen so far haha. But nonetheless I'll get to it, just watched another few episodes that I have not logged lol. Yoko is such a waifu

It wasn't even the overly ecchi scenes that made me dislike it, but more like just the stupidity of it. I know that's the goal but sometimes there's just a certain level I feel shouldn't be exceeded, y'know? I do watch some pretty dumb shows, but Kill la Kill just felt like the author went on a crazy rant about his fetishes in the form of an anime.

Yeah, my bad for this one too. I hope this trend doesn't continue, but class is back in session. Sigh.
Azulmagia88 Aug 30, 7:26 AM
Hope bofuri season 2 is as good as the first. :D
-windby- Aug 30, 2:19 AM
I will definitely download bofuri tonight lol,
I watched New Game, it was good but there was too much drama in that anime so I didn't like it much
-windby- Aug 27, 5:39 PM
I will definitely watch that anime, I wasn't watching seasonal anime when it came out.
I don't think i have many hidden gems, most of the anime i watch are popular i guess.
I don't know if these animes will suit your taste but I really like these animes
Blue Period, 3-gatsu no Lion, K-On!, Non Non Biyori.
PLight09 Aug 22, 7:48 AM
I have just watched monster till ep 5 and since then, it's been pending, like 4 months by now. So that 10 points isn't really my parameter, i just gave it. But whatever I heard about Monster is that, it's one of best psychological anime, and as it is seinen, it may not suit all.

And yeah, definitely hope you try out 100 Girlfriends. BTW, nowadays I just end up reading mangas, less animes due to hectic life.
Minseiza Aug 20, 9:57 AM
I should, you're right, I'll try but my time is quite scarce nowadays. Oh, I know how much potential it has, I watched a lil beforehand after all, thanks for the recommendation.

I'll be honest, the first episode of Kill la Kill was a huge turn-off for me, so I dropped it.

(Sorry for yet again another late reply btw)
PLight09 Aug 20, 4:32 AM
Was just going through your watchlist and saw you gave Kanojo mo Kanojo a 8 ! And it's your favorite manga too !! Absolute based man.
Btw, why don't you try 100 Girlfriends as well
Minseiza Aug 9, 7:42 AM
Gurren Laggann? I watched like 4 episodes one time and never got back to it, but I love Yoko. I agree though, it's a nice little show.