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HonicaNatalie170 Dec 6, 2023 7:26 PM
Hi~ Tysm for your opinion about Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. This make's me want to watch it immediately. I will watch this anime as soon as I finish the anime I'm watching.

Hopefully in the future we can exchange opinions about various anime ><
SammyBun Jul 15, 2023 8:34 PM
oh no worries up to date with it. May our moe overlord maple and her glorious steed syrup along with maple tree reign supreme over the rest of the feeble guilds.
SammyBun Jul 13, 2023 6:35 PM
damm cant hate on that list shits good. Saw Maple on the profile pic so i got curious XD
Minseiza Feb 5, 2023 8:50 PM
Kingdom! I've seen it airing but the artstyle kinda.. throws me off? Yeah exactly that, that's like 50~ episodes thoo.. is it really worth it? I mean I say this as I've watched like 100 episodes of black clover lmaoo.

Bomb devil? Sounds even more scary than the gun devil ngl, but sounds like you've been keeping up with the manga pretty closely. I feel like out of all of those, the future devil is gonna carry hard.

Ooh tournament arcs are always fun, I think between writing these 2 messages I've binged Black Clover's tournament arcs, and honestly it was a pretty smooth transition into the Elf Arc. The show is holding back what I really wanna see now though, which is 100% demon asta form (it feels quite nerfed lately) have you finished black clover btw?

I haven't, but it'd be wrong of me to say I dislike those ridiculously strong isekai MCs, as Rimuru is one of them. Lol so most of the cast is just the usual fanservice thing.. pain. He's got like 20 subordinates tho lmfao, gotta come up with something new. In your opinion, who's the best out of Ainz's subordinates?

I haven't even updated lately but since it's been so long I'm really getting back into the feel of just how broken maple is, as they've displayed in the first episode to remind us XD yeah Sally deserves justice

I watched ep 1 and then.. I stopped? It reminded me of Hitori Bocchi a lot so I must've been like "gonna save this for later", but I'll definitely pick it back up. (My watch list is kinda out of control as you can see haha) Oh it's average to you? That's like what the opposite of 99% of people say about it lmao! It's good to see your honest opinion about it still. Sorry this is crazy late btw
Minseiza Jan 12, 2023 6:11 AM
Oh you already know I don't mind, with how late my messages are I couldn't complain even if I wanted to lmao

Of all time? Damn, what an accomplishment. I'll have to find a time to read it, cuz (like it's not obvious) I rarely read manga hahah

Yeah you get it, the CGI was pretty standard and I saw nothing wrong with it. Ah you read the manga too? I think this season was alright all around but will the next season be more uh, "engaging" I guess? This season focused on getting Gun Devil parts but I didn't really feel like we were focused on that. Ofc the plot is important but ehh, too much going on to one person lol.

I haven't heard of Yu Yu Hakusho, so it's something that came before the "big 3" hmm.. I'll throw it into the planning if it's any good (hopefully I'll get around to it)

Exactly right, passed the 40 episode threshold recently and seems we're moving onto the underwater temple arc or whatever it's called. Episode 90? Ayy I might just try to blow through 50 episodes to get to that, I'll keep watching thanks. The only thing keeping me watching it is the "JustadICE" OP where you see Asta using demon powers, and that's hype everytime I see it

Can't say I don't like power fantasies, but I like them to have "substance", if that makes sense. Rimuru technically has a harem but that's not the main focus of the plot. Seems the MC in EOS has like 20 waifus at his disposal lmao, that's gonna be interesting

And it looks like you were right about Bofuri, the pre-screening you watched seems to be the actual first episode lol, I just watched it last night when it "aired", and glad to see one of my favorites are back. Same wholesome fun vibes as always, Atrocity caught me off guard. Then she pulled out Machine God too and I was like "Wtf why is Maple so broken??"
Minseiza Dec 31, 2022 3:45 PM
Mhm, I do hope if there's a continuation it'll be better tho, seems most of the fans were really hyped for it's sequel.

Will do! Heard the manga was superior (What source material isn't tho lol)

Ohh so you wait until shows finish and watch em? I see. Yeah you def won't be disappointed, which is why I kinda dislike reading source material, takes away from the fun of the adaptation a lil, only would do if I'm like, reallly desperate. Ye, those 2 years went by so fast lol, I remember the night I signed up. Yeah that's true, how long have you been watching for?

Ooh first? That's neat, yee I agree binge watching trumps waiting for eps each week any day. That cliffhanger stuff gets kinda annoying after awhile, and I especially felt it with Chainsaw Man lol.

Lol I see, Maple similarly boosted my enjoyment of Bofuri a lot, along with the rest of the cast tbh, Sally and her were so cute.

Yeah, didn't really grow up watching much anime tbh, recently got into it in my teenager "arc" lol, I've seen Jujustsu Kaisen, waiting weekly for it even. And ironic you mention Black Clover since I'm watching it currently, really good story but some of these arcs bore me ngl, but still 30 eps deep despite that haha.

I watched the first ep last night upon reading this, it was uh, "interesting" I'll say. If it's gonna be another edgy mc with a bunch of girls around him all while trying to be a self-insert then nah.. I'll pass on that one lmao, Shinka no Mi traumatized me. If it's different tho, I'd be interested if you know anything

Christmas ep? This is news, gonna check it out. Thanks!

Sorry I'm typing this up like, 6 hours before New Years day lol but yeah hope you enjoyed your Christmas and Happy New Year!
Minseiza Dec 28, 2022 9:36 PM
So just milking the series, that'd make sense lol. Kinda annoying when some shows get a sequel that're unironically cash cows. You think a season 3 is coming then, with that plot twist?

Yeah I don't have much exposure to older anime, so it's hard for me to watch those. (Was a struggle for me to get through Kino's journey, and I was told it wasn't even that bad) I'll watch those movies if I can't get to finishing the OG series tho, thanks for the alternative recommendations.

Sad to see it, but speaking of Chainsaw Man, have you finished it? What're your thoughts? Also see you're coming up on 100 days, I should've made a challenge with you to see who can get there first when you were at like 80 days, but too late now I guess lmao

That's understandable if I'm being honest, at first it was playing out like any other power fantasy. (I guess you could say it still is, but the quirkiness the series has is pretty nice at least)

Woah an 8/10? I might need to really continue it if you think that highly of it. I semi-dropped it after the cliche bar run in, where Fran got degraded or whatever and then she beat them all and now "Wow everyone's so surprised". Kinda was a turn off I won't lie, but if it gets better than that I might dig in.

I somehow have not watched Dragon Ball Z ever, I feel ashamed now

I haven't seen The eminence in shadow yet, heard it was some random comedy rather than a real story so I passed. Is it any good? A comparison to overlord is pretty big.

Wait what? The first ep of the second season is out already? Or is it the pre-screening you watched? (I feel like the pre-screening was ep 1 but idk what exactly a "pre-screening" is so..)
Minseiza Dec 18, 2022 2:03 AM
Yeah I noticed a lot of people say that season 2 was lacking in substance, more like a season out of want than necessity. Is it really that old that the same jokes won't carry over? Interesting.

I wanna watch berserk but the old animation is throwing me off, maybe I'll start again this weekend. Nope, haven't seen any of bleach, none of the big 3 really.

Yeah you're right, the people complaining about the CGI would having a spasm watching Ex-Arm LOL, even I wouldn't watch that unless I was at my absolute wit's end. Berserk 2016 was horrendous too, being too familiar with good animation makes people think it should carry over to CGI/

The first few episodes weren't interesting to you? Considering that slime isekai was one of my first isekai anime, I might have a bias but it was fun seeing Rimuru gain those abilities and the great sage keeping track of them (of course, all isekai anime do this I now know but it was memorable back then.) You make a good point though, I'll try again with sword isekai. It's time for Hinata to shine once again, and this time it's gonna be real interesting.

Oh I see, too bad Askeladd had to go like that.. but I also feel like if Thorfinn got his revenge then the story would've had to end there tbh. Yeah, it's getting a second season in Winter 2023, so next season. I'm so hyped! Apparently called the "Farmland Arc".

I saw these subs in the Bofuri pre-screening and had to show you lmao, it's obviously not what she said but these subs are funny.
Minseiza Nov 30, 2022 3:57 PM
Yeah unfortunately so, but even still I think the main story is concluding well having not see all of it. Lol working at Mcdonalds while having the status of an isekai character, funny.

The sad thing is, I really felt like those were actual children with human souls. I know Faputa is their sister and all, but the sacrificial things they did for her felt really human-like. Personally, I thought Faputa's rampage on the village was the most disturbing, and then her getting chewed apart by the monsters from the outside.

Well, I'm watching Chainsaw and Sword, kinda. Haven't seen the prequel for Bleach so I'll be sitting out for that one. Yeah, Chainsaw man is my anime of the season right now, it's just that good to me. Oh, you're waiting for all the eps? Painful wait. I mean, the CGI isn't the best but while I was watching it I wasn't like: "Damn, this shit sucks, totally ruining my experience". Because it didn't, and anybody who says it did needs to watch an idol anime lmao. Movie quality? hmm

I watched about 3 eps of sword isekai and tbh it's pretty generic to me, nowhere near as much world building as slime.. speaking of slime tho, did you see the season 3 announced? I'm so hyped!

I haven't heard of that sadly, but I'll look into it as I need more anime to watch tbh, and yeah I liked Kaguya-sama, so guess I'll be watching that too. I havea recommendation for you as well that you seemed to not have watched "Vinland Saga", easily one of the best stories I've seen in awhile, 10/10.

Once again, sorry for the reaaally late replies.
slxthie Nov 8, 2022 3:46 PM
For Love is War the episode were kinda slow to me. Idk 😶. I will eventually watch Grand Blue 💙 when I get time
Minseiza Nov 1, 2022 12:14 PM
Lol if that actually was the case, knowing the author, he'd make it a parody. Yeah it's definitely possible, but probably unnecessary. I haven't watched Devil is a part timer, not even the first season lol. I watched the first episode sometime ago but put it on hold for some reason, I guess I wasn't pulled in too much.

Ah, so like an ass pull? That sucks but if the story can deliver despite that then I think it's alright. Yeah that's usually how it goes with odd movies like that. I think Lelouch's death was coming for him anyway, but the way it happened lol.

I agree, Maple is such a wholesome player to be around. Just broken and dangerous lol. If it were me I'd probably get salty and accuse her of hacking, cuz her power is crazy.

Yeah I watched the first season whilst it was airing, and even was considering putting it on my favorites until I finished up with it.. I guess it's hard to stick the landing with season endings. Cuz that one was pretty rough, and apparently that's because some chapters were skipped and/or rushed, or so I've heard. Emilico is such a caring character, so I could see why her first thought would be a cart. Cute? I know right? Just one of those characters that make me go doki doki I think we're getting a season 3, but maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Those final eps were monstrous, wouldn't have seen that mass slaughter coming from a mile away. It was so subtle but when it was finally it your face it was like "We're really doing this??"

Good to know, I'll do my best to remember as you don't have it displayed on your profile.
Minseiza Oct 21, 2022 8:04 PM
I've finished Owarimonogatari 1st season, so I'll be looking to start the next soon. Oh Zoku isn't the finale? Had no idea this was the case. Ohh I think I know what you're referring to. I think those are called "off season" and "monster season" from what I know. Basically side stories that have yet to receive an adaptation, and likely will not. Monster season supposedly follows Araragi's college life? Interesting I've gotta say

Gotcha, that's a fair conclusion you made there. I think Lelouch just getting that bad end that was inevitably coming his way was a nice little ending. He's resurrected or something later on tho right? I'm assuming so because there's no way there are movies without him lol.

Yeah, needed that reminder. So Payne and Mii finally realized the true power of maple lol

Yes!! I'm currently watching the second season with plans to finish it soon, might even continue tonight since I'm in the mood. I agree, this second season is not a flop like Neverland. Sigh, what happened to that show lol. On the subject of past seasonals tho, did you watch the second season of Made in Abyss?

Thank you so much! Figured I'd reply to this quickly as I've got nothing going on today--as expected.

By the way, when's your birthday?
Minseiza Oct 18, 2022 6:53 AM
Damn, you started way later than me and finished before me wth lol. I can respect that score tho, overall the entire series was amazing and I can't wait to finish. Uhh you mean like the dense dialogue? Yeah I get that, after awhile it burns you out, but I actually managed to binge Monogatari second season, but that might've been out of interest lol.

That right? I figured but had to wonder "Then why would they make non-canonical movies?" I agree, lelouch is smart asf. Ah yeah I did notice the hand drawn mech fights, those were interesting, won't lie. Do wish they'd use them more nowadays tho, CGI is just horrendous in anime for some reason.

I forgot, but did Payne and Mii become friends with Maple or something? They seem friends now XD but maybe I just forgot and need to rewatch it. I noticed Payne riding atrocity though.. but funnily enough Maple could solo New World just with that form lol
Minseiza Oct 3, 2022 5:59 AM
Did she? I seem to forget, but if I recall correctly she would've said that while sitting on the shrine, which is slick ngl. Hmm, I wanna say that's the chronological watch order but at the same time Kizumonogatari isn't up there first so probably not. It's recommended to watch the show by release order, as that's supposedly how the story is intended to be told. (So I think logically you would watch Koyomimonogatari after Owari.. but I don't know how far you're in so here.

Lol well yeah, but everyone's views on fanservice is subjective so either way you swing is probably about right. Monogatari's fan service? I forget half the time why it's there when the story doesn't need it, but I like to think of it as an artistic touch. Kinda?

Maybe so, I actually want to rewatch that show soon, since I haven't seen the movies. I didn't even know there was one XD, I just watched it and wow.. it still has those fun fuzzy adventure vibes I remember. We even got machine god and the loving sacrifice teased lol, I wonder when Maple is gonna need it. Can't wait to see who she's gonna be dunking on this season XD
Minseiza Sep 18, 2022 7:31 PM
Right? It was pretty much the run of the mill kinda storytelling for him, all until that scene where everything unfolds about his true character. Yeah it was a big shoulder nudge that she liked Araragi (She even has an entire opening singing about it lol). Welll you could say that yeah but you gotta admit that glow up was badass with the snake hair and boss vibes. Ah yeah you're right, it's somewhere around the end.. never would've thought the MC would have such long hair by the end tho. Wtf lol, I have never heard of a watch order like that one.. seems uncomfortable.

Yeah that's why you usually don't dabble in different entries at the same time, no matter what show you're watching. Sorry your experience got soured though, kinda sucks

I mean from what my selective mind can remember, the fan service was pretty light to mild in monogatari.. (except, of course, when some characters were butt naked but y'know..) Nisio Isin? A pedo? Ehh well considering I've watched about 3 other stories by him I'd have to argue otherwise, this kind of thing is pretty limited to monogatari.. you get the "taste" of it in other shows from him but I wouldn't really go that far. Now, the Araragi and Mayoi thing is kinda unjustified so no comment there lol but oh well.

Well I haven't really "dropped" it, but by the time I got to episode 2 (Not sure if I even logged it) the CGI was enough to make me put it down for awhile. I thought I could bear it for awhile but seems not. It's a shame too since I really wanted to see her in human form, someday though! Yeah the budget was the only limiting factor here.

Do you mean uh, when I gave season 1 an 8 and season 2 a 7? I liked code geass quite a lot, and don't even know why season 2 is at a 7, must've been for some reason I've forgotten. It's in my top 15 though so yeah, no clue rn lmao
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