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Persona 5 the Animation
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Shiyan Pin Jiating
Shiyan Pin Jiating
Apr 7, 10:03 AM
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Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers
Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers
Apr 7, 9:48 AM
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Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Apr 14, 12:39 PM
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Black Torch
Black Torch
Mar 3, 2:43 AM
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Silver Diamond
Feb 19, 2:19 PM
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tsubasa_ Apr 6, 10:23 AM
It's okay don't worry lol.

If you say so ^^

Good xd Sorry I'm not that much online on Steam anymore since I don't have my own laptop (I don't wanna play games on my mom's one). That's true! I recently made a Twitter acc even though I never wanted to make one..but I did that for a group I really like and I can follow them more easily that way.

Thank you :) I hope so too, man I hate being sick.. it better be I've been procastinating stuff for over a month just because of my cold. Damn..that really sucks and I hope it's over now! Oh man...I don't wanna imagine that! I myself am clusmy af but you with your concussion...well don't think about that now okay?

Nah they only care about the console gamers and even though I myself am one I still feel really bad for the PC gamers. OH GOD! That sounds so awesome! I'd be too xd Really? I mean I only stated my opinion and I didn't want to force it onto you but thanks nevertheless *feels proud for once* Let's hope it works hahaha. This month it doesn't look too good money-wise so I gotta wait a bit more.. Oh nice, I wish I could have all my stuff in one room but it's spread everywhere LOL. Yeah music albums ^^ They have nice photobooks and cards so that's cool and worth the money xd They aren't indeed...the one I want costs around 900€ hahaha. Thank you maybe I'll find a cheaper one with good specs ^^ You know what? That's how I pay for my stuff like consoles or any other devices as I can't afford that huge amount of money just like that. 5-6 months aren't that long you'll soon be finished :) WTF really? How lucky xD I can imagine I'be be screaming too I mean who wouldn't? lol. Well maybe the newer laptops can pull it off better than mine. That's good I also hate it when they put a bunch of unnecessary programs on it. (Yeah I'm looking at you Mcafee trial version .-.).
KH has a LN? I didn't know that..I only have a few manga and the games. Naaah leave it for later, it won't run away! That's cool and it's definitely better than reading the synopsis on wiki page.
Yeah and that's why SE shouldn't be such a dick and patch the games for PC gamers too like wtf. Everyone should have the chance to play it and not watch a random playthrough on YT. I hope they really do that, I still have some hope in them too xd You better SE!
Please oh please why are they doing such cruel things to us???? Tbh I don't expect too much, let's just wait and see. I trusted the rumours back then too.. I'd been waiting for this but you know what actually made me tear up? Like really...Yoko Shimomura released Somnus more like 10 years ago and it was my favourite track back then and then in the last chapter you go back to Insomnia and hear Somuns in the background...

Yeah that may be true hut a bit more story in the main a deeper connection to Luna. I didn't feel anything when she died..
Also chapter 10 was a masterpiece, I felt so bad for Iggy and how he walked so slowly behind us and the tension within the group was real.
Yeah I guess xd Well I always removed the games I didn't play anymore and only keep the ones I really like. It's possible but quite pricey. I wanna invest in one I really need it, don't wanna remove any more games .-.
I atcually believed in Notics overcoming his fate somehow but oh well. Lol hahaha you know that was the main topic 2 years ago, people believed they all went rip. I feel ya xD Yeah I like the japanese voices :D But I gotta admit I played Nier Automta in English...because firstly I didn't know where to choose the language and secondly after I found the language option I was already used to the english voice and the English dub is atcually pretty nice so I can't complain xd Do so and you won't regret it lol.
LunyRed Apr 3, 11:17 PM
Well, I'm doing a wild gamble. :D I might just have to rely on some strategy (like, when to appropriately swap, get a successful Ace more than once, and use my wildcard correctly) to compensate for the lack of Persona 5 in my team. xD Thanks btw. :D You have a solid strong team imo. :)

Honestly, I might just be using Mahou Shoujo Ore for some boosted points in the earliest weeks of FAL, lol.. xD It'll be a bit difficult for me to catch up in the upcoming weeks. D: I still have faith in my 2 titles from my bench. I think those 2 are strong contenders in the long run. Looks like I can still rest easy. :3'

Really? Good to know, thank you! :D And from what I remember, the artist only worked on Re:Zero for illustrations. No other light novels mentioned outside of the Re:Zero universe (but he did work on something else, like a game, I think?) so I suppose his art is easily distinguishable. xD I don't have an estimate for when will I get to complete my AWC. But I am excited to finish it! :) (More anime to add to my Completed list! xD) Aaahh! You're using the Hestia banner I made?! *^* Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! \(^^)/ It is one of my favorites too. <3

So is that Noctis on your current DP? Holy whoa! All I see from Lyfacchi's Steam profile are Final Fantasy characters, and most of them are bishies! ;D ;D Yup yup, I can see you're obsessed. x3 I can relate on how you're feeling. D: Lately, work has been too hectic for me and I get less free time to do the things I want. Earlier, I had a headache after multitasking just because I couldn't keep my customers waiting. Why do they have to come in all at the same time?! Dx I'm taking a break later... I'm not in an MAL mood atm haha sorry.. ><

Btw, I've submitted my FAL banner yesterday! :3 I finished it! :D I hope the FAL admins will choose it. D: It's currently my favorite FAL banner too.. x.x
tsubasa_ Apr 3, 2:27 PM
Sigh I'm sorry...

I added you back then...I'm the one with that asian guy profile pic.

Tbh I got better but my bro made it worse and I got sick again....I normally don't get sick that easily...thank you! I hope you've been doing well yourself!

I see, I read it's on sale for a short amount of time but they it still hasn't received a single patch. Really? That's great! What model did you get? Hahaha I can imagine, it was the same for me but oh well. See? I told you...I wanted to get mine repaired and get a new one but I'm so lazy af...plz kick my lazy ass. Good! I always do so with my stuff as I don't wanna get dust in it as well. That would be terrible...good it's in your room =) I'll know I spent a large amount of money in albums...I'm literally obsessed but I can't help it. I've already found some laptops I could buy..but they're quite pricey sigh. True Win 10 is arghhh...blaaah I don't wanna complain now.
Really? Sounds good so chances are quite good you can play it yourself! Yeah that's true, KH was only for Sony consoles and a few were released for 3DS but that's it. I mean they released FFXV for PC...and back then it was like PS3 only. Times have changed and a lot more people play on PC. They can't just ignore that opportunity. This must've been Nomura, he's responsible for KH3. Maybe even for the Switch? Man they really go big then haha. Yeah I'm hoping here with you I really want you to play it, it's just so good =)
Stella was more of a badass, I still miss her but it can't be helped. That's totally okay! Well sure but after Tenebrae palace burnt down and Insomnia got rekt...I wanted to go there and explore before the whole shit happens. Wow but that's only DLC bonus and not in the main game...main SE why??????? Idk if they got patched as I don't patch that game anymore. Yeah but I also have other games and the system eats like 200GB already or not really that much space. I wanted to get an external hardrive for my PS4 though.
That ending was really damn emotional, I had to shed a manly tear...haha. Same I was like why did you kill him off? Or Idk if the others are still alive..maybe they all died who knows. Same here, I always play in Japanese as it's original and I just liked the japanese voices better. That was the moment I really cracked up...all those years waiting for that game and the moment he said that line I was a goner. Naaah it's not, he's the main portagonist from FF7 and pretty emo. But I can relate to him so much that's why I like him and his hair is cool and he's also a badass haha.
LunyRed Apr 1, 12:40 AM
I don't know if most of my choices were right. xD I kinda regret not adding Persona 5 to my team. I don't know why.. D: It does look so popular.. But I'll keep it that way. I have faith in my team and I'll stick with it till the end. xD

Yeah, honestly, I kinda took advantage of Mahou Shoujo Ore's early airing date because it earned thousands of users already watching it and I really don't wanna waste opportunities like these. xD However, I'm not yet sure if I plan to watch this anime at all. xDD Many people have said it's genuinely funny and the humor was good. :o But if Mahou Shoujo Ore never aired this early, I could have exchanged Persona 5 over it. :s I can feel that Wotakoi is really hyped too. I think this anime will have a romance that would work so well. And I can feel so much hype for Golden Kamuy, so I had to include it. I hope I won't regret my decision. xD

Uh-huh, it's alright. You can skip most of it (or all of it), but if you want to (or not), you can tell me what you think about the picture of Rem and Emilia I posted from the older convo, as it's the original art from the light novel. I'm aware you always use official art of characters which you always use for making your cards, so if you ever think of using a picture of Rem for a card (whenever that would be xD), then you could have an idea of what the official art from the novel looks like from what I posted there. Both girls look super gorgeous in there. :) Well, after replying to your comment today, I might take a break from MAL for the rest of the day? x'D I still really want to continue with my AWC and I feel like I'm behind schedule. x_x I've got plenty more challenges to complete and I want more time to watch those anime.. ^^' Hmmm.. That sounds painful, though. D: With the concussion and all, I take it that your current profile picture expresses your condition IRL. I hope you could get some good rest and I believe you'll get well! \o/
Shuuka Mar 30, 8:43 AM
oh nice, i need to finally continue Neptunia, haven’t touched that in a long time. As for final fantasy i’ve never tried any of the games. How is it?
LunyRed Mar 30, 8:05 AM
YATTAAAA!! *high fives back* ;) I think gut instinct would have been a better term, lol.. xD It wasn't easy to pick especially the two sequels which were only allowed once in the team. I never picked any of them as I haven't watched Full Metal Panic or Persona and I wouldn't know.. xD

I've got something like this and some of these feel like silly choices. >3< No idea

How about this then? You can skip some of the paragraphs which you think are not important, if you still want to reply to my previous message, that is. It's understandable because it's a towering wall of text! And even I sometimes feel lazy to respond to big comments like that. I believe you'll be fine! \o/
LunyRed Mar 30, 7:25 AM
Yyyyaaaaaaaayy~!! \o/ I want an FAL buddy. >///< I don't really know which new shows will do great, so I just assembled my team based on......personal instinct? lmao xD

Oh, oh, that? Well it's OK! You're free to ignore that or not, or I dunno. xD But if not, then you can take your time. ^^ OMG get well soon! >.<
LunyRed Mar 30, 6:07 AM
Aha! So Lyfacchi is back to participate again in another round of FAL. Me too, of course! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Best of luck to the both of us! :D
Shuuka Mar 28, 2:49 PM
oooh what type pf games of you been playing again? i just saw you online, but not sure what exactly. good to hear from you again though :)
Shuuka Mar 28, 9:12 AM
oh that's not good :( i joined back in CK only having 5 clubs now. thank god it's not 20 anymore, those days are over. well i hope you are taking care of yourself, you seemed to be really struggling awhile back. been meaning to talk to you for a bit, just never got around to it.
Hime-sama Mar 24, 11:48 AM