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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
They are both long and old series. Stories in them are different, but in both of them they are demons who are trying to hurt people. Both stories deal with magic. In both of them group of heroes fight for the sake of the peace. Both deals with the past connection of the pair of main heroes and heroines.

Kagome (Inuyasha) is pure-hearted just like Usagi (Sailor moon). They are both week and scared, but they always risk their lives trying to save their friends (sometimes even their enemies). Both heroines are connected with two lands at the same time. Both heroines are   read more
report Recommended by PushingIdeas
- Similar story with lots of romance and adventures
- Similar character design
- The heroine is the reincarnation of the girl the main character loved before the beginning of the story
- The plot envolves gathering shrads of magic jewels that even look the same - The Silver crystal in Sailor Moon and the Shikon jewel in Inuyasha
report Recommended by Narushisto
Schoolgirls getting into strange fantasy experiences.
I associate these two a lot with my childhood.
report Recommended by binxxv