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Cardcaptor Sakura
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Cardcaptor Sakura
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon have to find crystals and Cardcaptor Sakura have to find cards :) Romance - Cheack! Comedy - Check! It's very good i promise :)
report Recommended by Lilly1x
Both feature magical girls, romance, saving the world, cute talking sidekicks, and some pretty awesome attacks. They also feature some pretty cool transformation sequences (more so the Sailor Moon transformations) and neat power-ups. Kero-chan is so kawaii!!!
report Recommended by mysngoeshere56
On a difficult journey of finding themselves with the power of magic
report Recommended by xKaorux
Charecters kinda the same, magic, girly, funny, use of wand, (lol) and more
report Recommended by TITANFALL2022
They both are similar themes and they're both about smart and elegant magical girls saving the world from villains. They are both sappy and airheaded crybabys and sometimes get nervous as they both try to get over it. They both have mild, helpful, funny animal-like apprentices to help them deal with battles and get over it to find new experiences and learn different things. They also both have child-like, kid-friendly romance between two different average-intelligence kids.
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both really good magic girl animes
report Recommended by madhatter007
Both are about magical girls that fall in love with a guy that also has magical powers. Loved both of them.
report Recommended by animelvr
They're both female protagonists with special powers. They're similar age and both lead completely normal lives (apart from having to hide their identity) when they're not fighting monsters! Tons of romance, action and comedy in this that you'll be sure to enjoy ^_^
report Recommended by Miilkytea