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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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Similar anime transformation sequences every time, ''fighting'' style is the same as well. i.e. they use cute stuff!!! The story is simple and basic, both main lead characters have a guy they like, but cant do anything about it yet on the normal side, but more complicated on their ''powers side'', i.e. the reason they have to transform and fight! Both seem somewhat shy. Each episode usually has ''enemy'' to defeat as well as story progress. i.e. not just bullshit fighting!
report Recommended by Friendlysoul
Well like the person said before me they have similar character transformations and sort of the same atmosphere with love and comedy.
report Recommended by Aina-Chan
They are both about saving and protecting something using magicpowers. I personally think that it happens more in Shugo Chara than in Sailor Moon. Shugo chara is, compared, a newer version of sailor moon but ofc with a different story. They both have that bighearted and optimistic girl with the potential to save everyone. The art in shugo chara is much better than sailor moon, I think that the quality really variates between episodes.
report Recommended by mittUPPEilivet
-Preteen girls get magical powers.
-Group of friends with similar powers but not as strong as MC.
-Saving the world.
-Cutesy art.
-Magic transformation.
report Recommended by floecity
Both are magic-girl animes. Both main characters have low self esteem.
report Recommended by Taylorgg12