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Fate/stay night (Anime) add
Finished this anime a few days ago and I must say I was utterly disappointed by the series.I really liked the Fate/Zero and Fate/SN:UBW series so I though of giving this anime a shot too but I deeply regret that.

Art and Animation: 4/10
The art and animation is pretty decent but its really horrible compared to the any other fate series which right of the bat added a negative point to this anime for me. Many of you may not agree with me but to me the animation just felt like an eyesore to me.

Sound: 2/10
I didn't like the op and ed tracks but the soundtracks which played during the fight were so pathetic to listen to and I don't think there was a single ost from the anime which I liked.

Characters: 1/10
All the characters are so damn annoying from this anime especially our protagonist Shirou.Maybe I wouldn't have hated them so much if I haven't watched Fate/Zero and Fate/SN:UBW cause this series literally shitted over their characters especially on Saber character.
So lets first start with the mc
Shirou Emiya - He is a person who puts other before himself and wants to be a hero of justice. He will help anyone who asks him no matter even if they are only using him like rider's master once did (forgot that dumbass's name already) which is kind of annoying but leaving that aside the bigger problem is that he jumps in to help other even when he himself knows he won't be of any use.
He never seems to understand his limits and jumps in to protect other even when he knows that he won't be of any help and would end up dying in vain like when he jumps in the fight between Saber and Beserker and almost ends up dying while being of zero help. If Illya wouldn't have stopped after Shirou jumped in the battle b/w Besrker and Saber, Saber would have surely died and thus his death would have been in vain.

Saber - She was a mature woman in the other series but for the sake of the dumb romance b/w her and Shirou she is changed into a dumb dead pan airhead which is seriously annoying. (I know that this is a different anime and all but still can't ignore this shit)

***Some of my complains with the story***
1. Why does Rin keep on helping Shirou even after Archer dies ? Their alliance is broken now and its not like they love each other neither is clear whether she loves him or not. There is practically no reason for her to keep on helping him and put her life in dqanger as they were not even friends to begin with.

2. Saber takes magical circuits from Shirou but that seems to have no effect on him. His magical abilities didn't seem to be affected one bit but rather his projection magic keeps on getting better and better for no fucking reason.

3. Why does Illya starts living read more
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
Kill la Kill is a very over-the-top mix of action, comedy and ecchi. That, however, means that it relies heavily on the viewer liking comically, downright nonsensically, exaggerated stuff like that. If you don't, it's unlikely that you'll enjoy KLK much. It's often compared to Gurren Lagann, which is pretty appropriate since it practically IS Gurren Lagann. If you like that show, you'll probably also like KLK and vice-versa.

Its main draw are probably the visuals. They tend to be quite exaggerated, often comical and very dynamic. A particular trait are the often limited animations, which tend to be used to good (mostly comedic) effect. Overall, the visuals are, despite and because their "flaws", quite pleasant to look at. Or, if you don't like that particular style, an awful chaotic mess.

The main character, Ryuko Matoi, is... a main character. She's pretty typical for that kind of show: Brash, hot-blooded, often over-confident but ultimately good-natured. She fits perfectly, but is so standard that some might find her pretty bland. Other characters are more out there and nearly everyone brings their own brand of craziness with them. They're very varied, both in design and personality, nearly none of them are boring and one can easily take a shine to certain characters. Or utterly loathe their guts. Particularly the latter happens easily with the villains, which are appropriately nasty. Some might even find them too bad. There's very little moral ambiguity with them, particularly the main villain lacks any redeeming qualities or understandable motivations. There is, however, lots of grayness among many non-villainous characters and its very questionable how justified their actions are.

The story is pretty simple, but not to its detriment. It begins rather low, with a quest for revenge and answers. It's the latter that kick off the main plot, where the stakes are raised MUCH higher than initially thought. However, that happens pretty late in the series and as a result, the story feels pretty drawn-out until then. The entertaining craziness of the show keeps it from feeling like it should have half the length than it actually has, but it still seems like it goes on for too long. It gets better than the actually plot starts, but only for the final battle to feel overly lengthy again. It gets surprisingly serious at times, especially towards the end, which might feel a bit jarring. There's also one part, where it creates drama seemingly solely for the purpose of drama itself and to pad out the story, without it really making much sense.

The sound is pretty good and the music really enhances the action scenes, despite being rather repetitive. On the other hand, it's not very amazing and not much to write home about. But it does its job very well.

Something that might really turn off quite some people is the ecchi elements. After all, the main character's outfit constantly changes into a very skimpy look in battles (and that's just the beginning). Some people, who like KLK but hate fanservice read more
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So Ra No Wo To (Anime) add
Since I'm a musician I always give a try to those animes based on music themes, and this one is no exception, and maybe the best... music itself gives a lead to the storyline, that connects the characters, 5 girls who live in a kind of forgotten military outpost in the mountains...
The past and the present are mixed up through the sound of the bugle, legend and history have their own melodies in their every day life, which is a quite simple routine, although very emotional...
The art concept is warm and clean, the story as well as the environment have an attractive mood, characters are compelling with strong personalities and the sound, oh the sound... it goes on with you after you see every episode... good music is always powerful...
this is a very unique anime...
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Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note is the best anime if you're getting into the World of Anime. This was my first anime that I watched and actually got me into watching more anime, and the rating at first was 10/10, but being more objective about it it dropped to 8 then finally a 6. And I will explain why.

Story - The story of Death Note is good, but nothing special when you look at it. The only thing that was special was the Villain protagonist and his weird adversary that calls himself the letter L. They have a Tom and Jerry cat and mouse game between each other through the anime. However that only lasts to a certain point and after the infamous episode 25 the anime starts going downhill. But I beg to differ.

The anime starts going downhill when Misa Amane gets introduced. The romance is like watching a domination porn, the cat and mouse aspect its gone from the series, most of the thinking will be done by L inside his head and you will fanboy/girl all over him thats it.
The Yotsuba arc is the most boring arc in the anime, the dudes from the corporation are boring and blank character + unexplored. Nobody cares for them and there is a reason for that. They are simply just bad characters.
After the infamous episode 25 the anime goes downhill at a faster rate. The quality drops, bunch of bad, boring and rip off characters are introduced to the anime, but I will talk later about that.
The Ending is simply horrible, the whole Vigilante character type is handled horribly, to be honest the Drama Ending of Death Note (2015) handled the Vigilante type of character better, but in the anime it was handled generically.

Art - Art is good. It was pretty. Nothing much about it, to be fair. You like it or hate it.
Its subjective.

Sound - The soundtracks are outstanding. I listen to the soundtracks still today. Hell I can even name my favourite ones. The soundtracks are good and very well done. A lot of work went into them. The opening and closing songs weren't bad but it comes to your preference. The first OP/EN are slow and have a meaning to the story, while the second OP/ED have more energy to them. ( Misheard lyrics >D ). I personally prefer the second one beacuse its more insane.

Character - Now this where the anime is lacking. The main characters are simply unrealistic, for their young age they have extraordinary abilities that would take years of work, but nah. Hacking the FBI consider it done. Hacking a rich companies security camera consider it done. Hacking the police to get obscure information consider it done.
Anyone who knows more about hacking will know that it is very hard to hack and its just not that easy. The prerequisites are a lot of hard work and practice. But L and Light pull it off, its just absurd.

Light and L - They will be labeled read more
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Utawarerumono (Anime) add
I stumble upon this anime after attracted to the old-medievil-fantasy genre. Since it got high score from MAL, i decided to give a shot at this.

Unfortunately, after watching almost half of this series, i can conclude that this story is extremely, overly, overrated. This anime is extremely not interesting. I wonder why it got such high rating. Most probably due to the nostalgia..

This anime got almost all characteristics that any weak/terrible anime have.
1. Stupid story that make no sense with no background whatsoever plus with stupid, weak story-telling. extremely fast paced, skipping time frame, plus nothing about the world of this anime is explained.
All these makes me feel everything about this anime is dumb and stupid.
2. Stupid, annoying, typical trope of characters with weak seiyuu.
3. Inconsistent and terrible animation.

The only good bout this anime is the music but it is just OK at best. Nothing great.

What a waste of anime it could be a bit more interesting if it was executed/done properly. STAY AWAY from this crap. Stop wasting your time.
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Qualidea Code (Anime) add
This is my first (short) review so I apologize in advance if there is a mistake or something that bothers anyone. This review contain a micro spoiler.

When I first heard that the writer of Oregairu and Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko promises to make an anime together, I thought that it will be great. Two different novel writer work together to make an anime sounds very promising, right? But I was wrong. Totally. Here's the reason why this anime looks feels like a crap.

First, it's not even a battle anime. It's a slice of life anime. Wait, you have weapons, enemies, and even rivals. So, why did it turns out that we have slice of life scenes instead of battles? I think I will never understand why.

Second, its story, its interaction, and even its character itself are boring. We have an annoying MC, his overly-kind sister, a cool-siscon rival and his cool sister, a princess captain and her overly-possessive "servant". Our MC even have an annoying catchphrase, which is perfect (sarcasm). I can't even describe them in more than one sentence. So what is our protagonist's motive again?

Third, yes, they have battle scene, but it was short and mainstream. MC blows all the monster. His rival snipe everything. His sister singing. His sister's rival is also shooting. Their captain bludgeoning "unknowns". All of them aren't exactly memorable.

The only thing that manages to catch my attention is its OP and ED. Their art isn't look bad but also fails to make the protagonists unique.

Overall, this anime disappoint me in many ways. I don't recommend to watch this, as there are more entertaining anime outside.

Summary :
Story : 1
Art : 7
Sound : 8
Character : 1
Enjoyment : 1
Overall : 1

I wish they would think of slice of life instead of battle.
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3 hours ago
Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
Ok...... so i'm gonna right my first impression about this ANIME...

here... we go

So , if you think you that this is just a normal Romance,Drama anime then you might wanna think about it... especially after watching episode 1 which.... (Spoiler Alert) concludes Hanabi and Mugi doing some adult stuff if you know what i mean..

I'm guessing that this DramaRomance anime will gonna be fcked up at some point needless to mention that adding two supporting characters "Moca" and "Ecchan" makes it even more complicated and somehow related or kind of in Love to the main characters ..

Well I'm not gonna rate it because its just two episodes and might change at the next episode or at some later point....for now lets just enjoy the story

Thanks for Reading my Review (Corrections,Suggestion, or Comments that will improve my review is gladly accepted)
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
Kuzu no Honkai is a pretty good anime if you're into some dark but playful romance. So far, the story is interesting but also mind twisting. A girl and boy who are 'dating' but the girl likes another guy who likes another girl which she is liked by the boy and both also have someone who have crushes on them.

The romance in this anime is playful and fun, but also dark, calming and twisting. Though, it do has quite some scenes which you might wanna prepare before watching.

ALSO, if you like yuri or shoujo ai, you might like this because there is a 'relationship' between two girls in this anime. I may not a big fan of the genre, but I find that adding some yuri/shoujo ai in this anime is like a good amount of spice to the story.

The art is really good in my opinion. That is the most high rated part in my opinion. The sounds are pretty good as well. The characters though are a bit boring at first, but as other characters come, it become more interesting.
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Photokano (Anime) add

Cerita yang sangat bagus


Gambaran Alam yang bagus


OSt yang lumayan bagus...sangan menyentuh dan cocok


PEmbuatan Karakter uatama yang kawaii dan detail badan yg bagus...cuman agak kurang d tokoh ya biarlah.. hahah xD


Seiyuu yang sangat bagus apalagi Tokoh Utamanya... <3

Overall:10 >_<

denag sedikit bumbu ecchi yang menyegarkan mata dan porsinya yg pas...anime ini sangat bagus apalagi untuk anak SMA

Incest and little ecchi scane is great
Anime Story System Route Best...nobody Hurts...Everyone Happy
Shiawaseee >_< photograph genre is verry great... Love this Anime...
great anime romance

Anime yang sangat bagus... anime dengan sistem rute memang terbaik karena tidak ada yang sakit hati...semuanya berakhir bahagia...
bagi yang suka Amagami SS wajib nih nonton Anime ini...

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Akiba's Trip The Animation (Anime) add
This is my first review here, but since there is not even a single one here, I'll do this. Bear with me.

Akiba's Trip is based off the game "Akiba'S'Trip", but it has different characters and a different story, so it probably won't spoil much content of the game, if you plan to play it, also you don't have to have played it to watch the Anime.

As the name and the tags suggest, it's an Ecchi and there will be Stripping in Akiba. In one way or another.

Story (really minor Spoilers of the first episode incoming):
I'll keep it short.
There are possesed (bugged) ones, that got aggressive and since the bugs are pretty sensitive to air the possesed ones will go back to normal after getting stripped.
Pretty deep story, indeed. Well, it's a comedy ecchi, I didn't expect a very deep story anyways.
I'll give the plot a 7/10 and the 'Plot' a 9/10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nothing great, MC's and some Sidecharacters are pretty cool designed, other people are intentionally made weird (e.g. giant and rectangular head), which I personally don't really like.
The Ecchi stuff is usually censored, so you won't see nipples or anything down below, but you will be seeing quite some underwear. The censoring works with hands and hair most times, so not much unpleasent censoring with strange light effects.
7/10 for MC's and boob physics.

Opening is cool, each episode had a different ending so far (where they also mention the artist of the songs), I liked that a lot. Sound effects are not bad either. Voice Acting is pretty good in my opinion, the voices suit their characters well.

I'll simply focus on the Main-Characters here.
The 4 definitely obligatory MC's:
-The Male Otaku that gets power.
-The cute Loli Imouto.
-The Female with powers that doesn't like how lazy the male MC can be.
-The Female with big Bewbs.
I don't know if there will be a lot of character depth, but I doubt that, but like before, I don't expect this in an average comedy Ecchi.
But this setup of MC's just works great together for comedic effect and everything, so 8/10 for that.

The most important part of any anime in my opinion, my personal Enjoyment.
If you are like me and go for it without expecting a lot of great and deep story and if you are in the mood for a funny comedy with quite some stripping Ecchi in Akiba, you shold go for it, since you will probably enjoy it as well.
I had quite some laughs and have been entertained for the most time, so my personal score will be: 9/10

Overall: So far I'll go with 8/10 overall.
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9 hours ago
City Hunter (Anime) add
If you're looking for hot 80's awesomeness, look no further because this Anime has it all! From .357 magnums, sports jackets, and new wave rock.

Ryo Saeba is Japans international man of mystery, who you can place your trust with because of his superior sweeper skills! But if you're a beautiful Woman you might not want to trust him as a man.

This light hearted action packed comedy is full of running gags, impossible situations, and a certain charm that will leave you wanting more.

Jackie Chan even made a live action movie, because that's just how awesome this show is.
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10 hours ago
Busou Shinki (Anime) add
This review counts Busou Shinki as 13 episodes, with the OVA included as the final.

Busou Shinki is an anime about cute girls doing things in every day life. Shinki are little automatons modeled after girls, built to serve their masters. Originally designed for combat, they are now seen in various lines of work along side their masters.

If you are looking for an anime filled with battle harems and shounen shenanigans, then this is not for you. Busou Shinki is exactly what the description says. Futuristic slice of life with tiny robots.

In terms of having a story, the anime has one, but it's very loosely connected, and it seems to be done that way on purpose. It's somewhat episodic with the only common elements being that the Master of the automaton cast is a high school student freshly transferred in and the episodes being in chronological order.

Keep in mind, at least 80% of the story's events happen behind the main guy's back. This is just a story about cute little robots doing helpful things.

The later half of the story definitely fares better in the story category, with more interesting events happening. I feel like Busou Shinki sells itself short by saying that it is just a futuristic slice of life. In the later half we deal with themes like forgiveness, abandonment, grief, and death. Through out the whole story we begin to see that another important theme is the Shinkis' loyalty to their masters. To wrap up the whole story, our final episode dabbles in some fate and destiny to end on a high note.

I would have scored the anime higher in this category if it had more of a concrete story in the beginning. Once you get into it, the concepts and ideas in this anime leave you wanting more and more, and the well done second half doesn't quite fill the gap.

Story: 8/10

For Art and Sound, I'm no expert in these two categories, but I enjoyed them. Especially during a certain episode where our characters travel abroad.

I feel like the battle scenes look like a better Infinite Stratos. In fact that's exactly what the Shinki are. Thumbelina with an IS.

Art: 6/10
Sound: 6/10

Characters. Busou Shinki is largely centered around the automatons and their life as partners to humans. It is understandable that few human characters are ever seen.

I love how even though Shinkis have a limited variation of models, I can tell them apart by their personalities and their paint jobs.

One issue I have with the show is how they overplay the "loyalty to Master" theme. The automatons under the ownership of the main guy seem to have a one-sided crush on him. I feel like this could have been avoided by writing the characters differently, or lampshaded by making the main guy a "friend to all things" type (which he falls just short of being).

Another issue I have is that the characters of Ines and Hina. Both seem to have very tsundere qualities, although Hina seems to read more
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Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
Ping-pong the animation, I don't know where to begin. First of all, I always wanted to watch this anime because of the good rating, and I'm not a big fan of sports anime. MAY CONTAIN VERY MINOR SPOILERS (but won't affect your watch) ^^

Something I have to mention is that I played ping-pong myself a couple of years, and everything they say in the anime about the sport isn't exaggerated and stays true to the sport (although it represented older styled TT), it made me want to to play again.

At first, the the pacing is a bit slow, but as the show goes on you understand why, everything grows so well and connects so well, it's just so satisfying to watch. The story itself was very good (I enjoyed it a lot), I can't think of a way of how (with these settings) the story could have been better.

As you can see (if you have watched the trailer or see the art covers) the art itself is very unique, but I think that's what makes the anime better, I wouldn't change the art one bit, if you don't like it at first, but like good anime, it's worth the sacrifice. As for me, I really liked the art, it was really free-minded and paced, it grew on me as I continued to watch the series.

The sound itself is pretty good, you can hear very well the ping-pong shots, quality of sound and voices are also normal, ost is pretty decent, op and ed are very good, nothing really bad to say about it.

The characters are what made the most of the show for me (besides the fact that it was about ping-pong), you don't really get why they act like they do at first, but each character (for an 11 episode anime) have a lot of interesting end developed backstory that merges very well with the story. Even the side characters were interesting and added humour, I really liked every single character at the end of the series.

Overall I give 10/10 because of all these aspects and my personal attachment to Table tennis, I enjoyed a lot this series and would certainly re-watch! I highly recommend the anime if you like a slow paced but fully grown story (satisfying) and want to watch a good story. Anyone that is hesitating to watch this should definitively give it a try!
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10 hours ago
Amagi Brilliant Park (Anime) add
Amagi Brilliant Park, the place where dreams (used to?) come true. A place whe- nevermind.

Moving on to the review, Amagi Brilliant Park is one of those anime that made me think to myself, "Why haven't I found this yet, where has this been and why haven't I watched it?" I'm sure you've read the synopsis so you know what it's about, and as it may seem a little 'eh' at first glance, the anime was executed successfully to reel you in, and make you want to know more and keep questioning yourself. Questions like, "How is he gonna pull this off?" or "How are they gonna get out of this pinch?" and so on! This anime isn't anything groundbreaking, but it's one of those that'll make you glad you found it.

Story: 8

The story was very good and it was very unexpected as to how they went about telling it. It was structured in a way to keep you wanting for more as each episode ends, and begins in a "Ooh I wonder what that has to do with this episode/story" type... thing. Basically showing a glimpse of whats to come, while leaving you in the dark, wondering where what was shown will pop up in the episode and how it'll incorporate into the story. The whole anime I found myself not ever getting bored or thinking about anything else other than trying to predict the rest/next episode. The comedy was also executed well as I found myself giggling with my headphones on and seeing my dog sitting beside me, staring holes into me with her head tilted sideways. I have no real complaints about the story other than some cliched moments but other than that it was good.

Art & Sound: 7

The art in this anime is pretty decent, although some of the character designs and background designs are funny and kind of creative, It reminds me of every post 2010 slice of life or drama/drama/rom-com anime I've seen lately. For example the main character, Kanie Seiya, I could name 3 or 4 other recent anime that have characters that look almost/exactly like him. although I don't have any problems with the art, while it's not bad, it's nothing brilliant either. I could say the same thing about the sound, while the voice actors are pretty good, it's nothing groundbreaking either on that side of the spectrum. This goes for the actual music and sound effects too.

Characters: 8

With the last part being said, despite the things I just mentioned, the characters still leave a really good impression on you and are pretty rememberable after the fact. The main character's actions and the things he pulls off in the story as well as his history are pretty interesting and although I don't remember his actual name half the time, If you mentioned him as "The main character from Amagi Brilliant Park", I'll respond with, "Ooh, him!" The way the story was written makes up for the semi-mediocre acting/art as most of read more
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10 hours ago
Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
Story - 4/10 | Character - 3/10
If you think that the only things that exist in this world are romance and sex, then this anime is for you. Otherwise, you won't be able to stand this crap for long. Reading the synopsis, I felt curious and thought it would be a great anime because the story felt compelling. But when I finished watching the first 2 episodes, I felt like vomiting.

Every single character is in love with the other in a very complicated way. He is in love with her, but she is in love in someone else. So he acts to be in love with some other and fantasizes the second to be the first... very irritating.

I think some people will like this anime, though. It's all about the mood. I remember I was in some weird mood a few months ago. If the anime was aired back then, I think I would've enjoyed it. Because all that I could think back then was romance.

Why I dropped this anime?
Because the anime became predictable only after 2 episodes. I know where the story is heading. This is very annoying. If you can predict the end at the very beginning, why would you bother to see the rest?


Art - 10/10
I liked the art. I think the manga style animation is unique. I could have enjoyed it more, if the setting had been better.

Sound - 7/10
Nothing special.

Enjoyment - 3/10
I enjoyed the first episode, to be honest. I think this anime has a story that is worth only one episode. If you stretch it to fit 10/20 episodes, this will get only duller.

Overall - 6/10
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10 hours ago
Ergo Proxy (Anime) add
I just finished Ergo Proxy, and it's one of the most mediocre psychological thrillers I've ever seen. There have been so many other shows that do this formula better since Ergo Proxy has aired and I have no idea why so many people hold this series in such a high regard. Perhaps they don't know what else is out there...

Ergo Proxy's story is a tale of length, such length that it drags out into this array of hogwash that equates to pigeon poop on your car's mirrors. AKA, you don't have a clue what's going on. Which in turn is fine, a show that makes you think is perfect. However, the formula is extremely disappointing.
Going into this show I was excited, it looked very Cyberpunk(esk) to me, a perfect society, robots called AutoReivs, it seemed to have me fully engaged by episode 3. Then everything changed.
What I thought was going to be a cyberpunk crime psychological thriller turned into something that perhaps The Chronicles of Riddick fans would enjoy instead.
Ergo Proxy had taken a horrible turn, as if it had just given up. It provided so much action within those first few episodes and then it decided "this is enough time to slow down", which was completely unnecessary. After this it began to drag on, and on, and on...until I was completely disinterested, put the show on hold for a few months and watched it on and off. It was torture to watch, but I couldn't look away; one can't look away from a plane crash.
After episode 12 the show's plot tried to get a little deeper in the psychological department. One episode, (the first about the multiple Lil's and Vincent's) really had me engaged. This is what I wanted to see, not this previous predictable shell of everything I had seen before. However, this formula stayed the same until the conclusion of the series, which was extremely disappointing. So many other shows have done this better, Serial Experiments Lain for example, even Madoka Magica.
Ergo Proxy went on for far too long, it could have been made into a better show with a limit of 12 or 13 episodes. Instead we got too long of a show, not enough explanation, and a lackluster ending.

Not much to say here.
The animation seemed very 'stilted' and hard to relate to from a human perspective. During episode 19 I confirmed this due to the animals being drawn better than humans and AutoReivs in every aspect possible!
The 'domed' city is hardly ever shown, all but a simple shopping mall or a road. If I don't know where I am how do I to relate to the situation? Also, the dead world outside the dome was meek and depressing, never changing, boring.

The OP was wonderful, the music matched the foreshadowing of the show in a great way.
The ED, I personally think they should have picked Karma Police as a Radiohead song and not Paranoid Android.

Ergo Proxy tried to develop characters but failed read more
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11 hours ago
Chrome Shelled Regios (Anime) add
Alright so I am just gonna keep this short, sweet, and to the point

Story: 6/10
- the storyline had potential, but in the end, there were too many unanswered questions. In addition to that, it is quite easy to get confused at times because some things were not well explained.

Art: 6/10
- this anime was aired in 2009, you can't really expect it to have amazing animation. I say it was sub-par.

Sound: 7/10
- sound was alright, average at best. I really did enjoy the theme song though.

Character: 7/10
- I found that the anime did present some characters that you could really feel for and connect with. However, the anime introduced too many characters that were irrelevant to the story.

Enjoyment: 7/10
- even with a lot of evident flaws, i still enjoyed it. Unlike some anime, i become disinterested pretty easy, but that was not the case with this anime. It got me hooked enough to finish it.

Overall: 7/10
- good anime with average story line and characters. I would recommend giving this anime a shot.
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11 hours ago
Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
This is an almost impossible anime to review without spoiling. But since so many other reviews cover with full spoilers why to avoid it, I'll give it a try.

The show has a fairly strong first episode that builds up a lot of mystery... but also already starts with a fairly large level of implausability. While suspense of belief is part of any show... one that tries to deal with such important, dire topics like terrorism and government overreach, you have to have a reason to keep making it more extreme. By the end of the show, they push this to far extremes with absolutely no purpose.

The characters remain uninteresting, undeveloped, and keep creating more and more implausible plans for no strong reason. A villain is introduced half way through the show that acts completely erratically, and does a full about face for no reason so that... we can reach the stories conclusion that it was heading towards without the introduction of said villain in the first place? Really it's a filler arc that runs for a little over half the show's runtime.

And finally, really the most important, this show has absolutely no consistent theme. Terrorism can sometimes be cool and productive, and sometimes bad? There's really nothing interesting Terror in Resonance is trying to say. It has strong visuals and music, and an edgy attitude... but at the end of the day they use backstory to justify a bunch of completely bull**** acts of terror, and it has no meaning, allegory, or anything to real life. It's a lot of spectacle for no reason.

Also... literally the worst use of english in a show I've ever seen. Seriously, find a youtube video of it, it is absolutely hilarious.
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11 hours ago
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! (Anime) add
Ill first say this if your not a fan of a TON of ass and tits than just skip this otherwise lets get into it

Story: honestly there really isnt a story in this season i just takes up from where season 1 left off really that Izumi and Ui are married again theres honestly nothing new too this season than the last one just a bunch of lewd and semi funny stuff

Art: it was good the nipples and the boobs and ass were well good otherwise yeah

Sound: Op and Ed were decent but nothing id download or anything otherwise it was good

Character: ill first say all the side character were ok no one bothered me or anything like that. Izumi so hes pretty much the same in the 1st season he a pretty nice and chill guy but can also have that perverted side too him. Ui is pretty much the same as well from the 1st season a perverted but also heart warming person.

Enjoyment: now too say i enjoyed this is kinda EH personally i didnt care for this season too me it was again like i said in the story semi-funny it was funny but mostly wasnt either and i feel they tried to throw tits and ass in your face too forget a story (if there was any story for that matter)

Overall: Overall im giving this a 6 honestly u only need to see my enjoyment cause i feel like id copy paste what i said there in the overall part
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I found this on the "latest episodes" list, and watched the first 14 episodes. Overall, the show simply doesn't seem to go anywhere, and I believe one of the character's attitude mirrors that of the people running the show "tsk, I don't care". The show, as a concept, has potential, but the characters lack depth or even development beyond a very superficial level. The plot line doesn't seem to exist beyond an episodic nature of solving the case of the day, and getting nowhere closer to actual character development beyond 2-d cookie cutter characters where a swimming pool with no water has more depth.

I'm not sure I'll finish watching the show except out of morbid curiosity to see how they finish this hatchet job of an anime, and while it might not be the worst anime out there, they just don't seem to be trying overly hard to put any depth into the characters or the show for that matter.

Overall I rate it "tsk, I don't care".
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12 hours ago
Servamp (Anime) add
- Plot
I remember going through the list of upcoming summer anime in late spring, and Servamp being one that really stuck out to me and having high hopes to be a top anime for the season. It honestly didn't live up to my high expectations, and only survived them for a few episodes. I started out being hyped for it, and I did thoroughly enjoy the first few episodes up until it dove deeply into the plot. While the idea around the Servamp's and Eve's was interesting, I did think that the plot left room for questions and some episodes seemed a bit rushed. After thinking on it a while the human and creature/demon contract has been done a few times, and honestly has been done better than Servamp's storyline.

The fight scenes are a little awkward where the creator tried to throw in comedy, which in my opinion threw off the pacing of the episodes. While there was a "goal" in the plot, it didn't actually feel like there was one... It was more of misdirection on the antagonists end if that makes sense. On top of that, there's not a set time in the atmosphere. It's a bit all over the place between the action, comedy and emotional aspects of the anime that there's not much time to recover from what just happened, rather it was sad, happy or crazy. Despite these issues, Servamp had good moments too. There is some character development, strong relationship building, truly emotional moments and it did manage to have originality in the story while using an idea that has been used many other times! If the pacing would have been better and the creator would have had more of a serious tone, I believe this would be a solid story line and Servamp could have been more of a popular anime.

- Characters
So, the characters could have been better. Some needed more screen time, some were underdeveloped, but I did enjoy a few of the characters, especially toward the end. The idea of the 7 deadly sins in anime seems to never get old, and I liked how they incorporated the sin to the Servamp and their personalities.

Kuro is the Servamp of Sloth, and he definitely lives up to his sin. Some may say that Kuro is not an original character, and that's fine, I don't care because it's basically true, but I love him! I like how he looks in general. He looks like his "sin." His cat form is adorable and I like his character ~for~ the most part. His indecisiveness on how he's feeling can be a little bit odd, however. Kuro's development at the end did help him be an all-around better character, being that he faced his sin, became stronger from it and became a better "person."

Mahiru Shirota
Mahiru is the Eve for Sloth. He was pretty lame in the beginning to be honest. He became very obsessed with getting stronger, which YAY finally happened. He's a little bit inconsistent read more
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Yesterday, 8:01 PM
Mayoiga (Anime) add
- Plot
Wow. The let down on this show was way too real. It's been since the last episode aired that I've seen Mayoiga, and I have to admit, I've given it maybe only two throughs since it aired. There was quite a few people who were interested in Mayoiga and were also concerned about the fact there was more characters to keep track of then there was episodes. Still, I had hope! The synopsis, in my opinion, was greatly written. While Mayoiga for me was not an awful anime, it did have some issues starting with its genre. When many of us who did watch Mayoiga through the end saw the "psychological" and mystery part of the genre, we sort of expected to be left psychologically scarred. There were expectations of death to be happening everywhere since we had 30 “main” characters and 12 episodes. Us high-hopers were concerned about how the pacing would be and how much could really be fit into 12 episodes. As it turns out, not a lot could be done with 12 episodes. I definitely feel like Mayoiga could have been much better than it was if it would have been executed (pun intended) differently. It lacked portrayal of emotion in every episode. I couldn’t bring myself to feel or think the same way as the characters, and the scenes with the Nanaki lacked intensity beyond measures. I think it’s important to feel what your characters are feeling. This is how we emotionally connect with shows. In so many scenes I wanted to sympathize with and cry for the characters, but I just couldn’t do it. With this genre, it should have felt more intense than it ended up being. Come on! It’s a “psychological” anime, give me some mind blowing worthy content. T_T

- Characters
Having 30 character listed as main characters was a pretty bad mistake. It left crazy expectations in our heads as high-hopers. I’d say the true main characters here are Masaki, Mitsumune and Koharun. I’m disappointed, but not surprised at how little we got to connect with the characters. Most of them were too plain, and there were some very annoying personalities in the character list such as execution girl. I will easily say that she was the worst character in this show. One thing that really bothered me with the characters was their indecisiveness on if they wanted to turn against each other, or trust each other. Rather than killing everyone off, the creators just put them on a downward spiral of confusion.
Anywho, into a few characters...

Mitsumune Sakai
If I was able to feel any emotional connection with any of the characters, I'd have to say that Mitsumune had the biggest one. He is a bit too trusting and is a bit quick to "fall in love," if that's what you want to say a kid his age does. Really he just developed interest a little too quickly. He started out by saying Mitsumune was an online name but it soon came read more
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Yesterday, 7:58 PM
Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
For an anime produced by A-1 Pictures, I was impressed. Compared to Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online, the content was a lot more mature. By mature, I'm speaking of sexual innuendo, fluidity of combat, and blood spillage. Many a time do characters die, or come close to dying, as Nanatsu no Taizai is a clash of epic powers. For an anime of its length, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer quantity of power and strength in so many characters.

The premise: a princess searches for a group of powerful fighters known as the Seven Deadly Sins, each so named for committing a Sin in the past. Now these guys, whenever a new one joins the team, boy you're continually stunned by his/her abilities. Their opponents? The kingdom's Holy Knights, each with his or her own unique abilities. Compared to the fighting in Fairy Tail, the combat here is much more fast-paced and visually enrapturing, so much so that I looked forward to watching more episodes just for that aspect.

That being said, this series shares some similarities with Naruto and Bleach and I won't say why but after you watch it you'll understand what I mean. They have to do with greater power within and the corrupted search for even more power.

The soundtrack was very good, openings and endings superb. Animation was pretty clear. In terms of character development, since the members of the Seven Deadly Sins don't all show up at once, not much really can happen. Some deep and dark things happened in the past, which continually haunt and shadow several of the main characters' current personalities and motivations. I'll just say that Ban is one of my favorite anime characters of all time.
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Well... if you happened to have an urgent need for some topless ecchi and don't mind one of the most ridiculous situations yet to come out of the DxD franchise, then by all means check out this OVA. This special focuses on capturing a lingerie thief who happens to be experimenting with forbidden rituals hilariously linked to the philosopher's stone. It's pretty much entirely ecchi with maybe 1% of action thrown in as well.

The animation quality is on par with DxD New, which is to say it's already slightly dated. Lines are a bit blurry and everything is more or less drawn rather than generated. The characters are drawn identically to the parent show and, really, the only difference is the amount of fan-service based ecchi. This pretty much borders on suggestive hentai.

The OVA uses the 2nd OP and ED from DxD New and the BGM, like the parent show, is completely forgettable. They pack a lot of characters into this OVA so expect a majority of the main VA cast to be present in this episode.

I pretty much summed it up in the introduction. The story isn't particularly great nor does it add anything to the franchise. The plot here is self-contained with fair rising action, climax, and resolution; but honestly, it's not to be taken seriously as the main focus is to shove breasts in your face.

Though we got many cameos here, there isn't any particular development per say, just a lot of different characters screaming as they are fondled, unclothed, or otherwise molested. I had forgotten how much of an open pervert Issei is.

Honestly speaking, this OVA perhaps has some entertainment value but otherwise adds very little to the franchise. Unless you find yourself in a desperate need of either DxD or something extremely ecchi yet not hentai, this is probably skippable.
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Yesterday, 7:03 PM
Great Teacher Onizuka (Anime) add
"Trash" and "Garbage" are words Onizuka knows all too well from his delinquent days as a student ... but having just disbanded his bike gang and moved to an afar city, he will stop at nothing to become a great teacher. The more you watch this series the more wonder whether he even knows what a teacher is. His style of teaching is quite different, he has no qualifications, is terrible at spelling and has an extensive police record but despite his high school delinquency, he impacts his students like none other by lending a warm hand. Not even teachers or Vice Principles escape his ... somewhat violent lessons as seen when he lashes out at a teacher who told three former (delinquent) students that they were, and will always be, "trash" and "garbage".

"You inflict verbal abuse that's twice as damaging as anything they could dish; how can you still do that and call yourself a teacher. It's because of teachers like you that those kids are systematically squeased out of any safe haven they might have ever known. If this what you call education, then i dont want to be a teacher" - Onizuka (Teacher Interview) 22 years old.

To skip this anime because the Art is outdated is a tragedy i know all too well. For years, i purposely ignored this anime - but low and behond it kept popping up all around me - and finally i plunged into the anime i knew i'd get bored with. Oh, how i ate those words and resented my stubbornness that day. This is a story telling of how it is sometimes the dumbest, least qualified person who is the most capable, and how education creates delinquents.

The music is still timelessly unique and makes me wish we'd see more animes bold enough to use sole instrumentals (guitar, saxophone). The english dub is acceptable, but no the best.

The art style is quickly forgiven after bearing witness to the hilarious face expressions unseen anywhere else.

My ratings are divided because the first installment is far too good to bunch in the second installment. The first, flows beautifully however the second has many intermissions to story (filler) and was boring at times although it's worth noting towards episode 30 it picks up nicely again.

Episodes: 1-12
Overall: 8.3 / 100
Episodes 12 - 30
Overall: 4.3 / 100
Episodes 30-43
Overall: 7.5/10
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Yesterday, 5:41 PM
IS: Infinite Stratos (Anime) add
Infinite Stratos is a pretty decent anime, nothing too good or too bad to enjoy.

First off, the good points about this anime is the story. It's good so see some original content that brings the watcher into the anime to find out more about it. We get one genius (potentially a sexist too) who has created an exo-skeleton suit called IS (Infinite Stratos) that can only be piloted by woman, and thus split the world into two with women who are now the dominate gender, and the males who are classified as feeble, weak etc. And so enters our dense harem lead Ichika Orimura who can for no reason at all pilot an IS and is forced to attend an IS Academy filled with girls to fill in the harem and "one man, limitless girls" quota that this anime brings to the table. The plot doesn't even try to touch on the subject of bringing equality back to the world, but focuses purely on one boy and his life around girls who are head over heels for him just because he's a boy.

The characters, oh boy the characters of this anime are so cliche and generic. Our main boy and girls is a dense harem MC, a childhood friend, the boastful princess-type, the second childhood friend, the sweet and likable one and lastly the girl with no common sense. While I'm on the subject, let me get the character Dub/Sub voices off my chest. The Sub is 100x better than the Dub. Why? The Subs sound more natural and doesn't seem to sound a bit racist. While in the Dubs, they have fake and poorly voiced accents for the main five harem girls, while the behind-the-scene characters such as the unnamed students are awfully voiced. They sound bland and emotionless without any true effort put into them. For example, one student in episode 2 sounded like a hippie. It's that awful.

Moving on, the art and music are without a doubt really good with smooth 3D animations during IS screen time and return to the 2D animation afterwards. The opening and ending of this anime are cheerful, sung by female J-pop bands.

In all, the anime can be enjoyed if you're a fan of mecha, harem, cliche comedy and really don't care about the characters.
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I went into this with no feelings. I started out with negative ones as soon as I saw that Okazaki was cast in a relationship with Sakagami. But all of that changed.

This was, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of anime I have ever watched. The emotion was incredible, the music's sync was amazing, and most important of all, the story was perfect. In the beginning, it is extremely apparent that the protagonists care deeply for each other. Yet, in an instant their relationship is severed. For a period of five minuets, the show plays with our brains. Are they still in love, or are they not? All indications show that Okazaki has left Sakagami, but at first it is obvious that she still cares. However, later, she appears to ignore him.

All of this is ended however during the last scene on the icy road. At this point, the emotion reaches its peak and we finally see the true feelings. In the blink of an eye, the guardrail is raised and Tomoya is able to reach out and come back to his love.


Though I did not discuss it here, there are a few scene which deserve praise. I might talk about these in a blog post later
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Yesterday, 5:08 PM
Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Anime) add
This is a fairly lighthearted comedy anime with a vampire and a bit of romance in it. Jt js worth watching for a comedy, some genuinely hilarious episodes, slightly unusual art style and because of Nagisa Azawa. Comedy is a bit on a blunt side, but is still entertaining.

Detailed breakdown below.

The main reason for watching this is comedy. Comedy sorta reminded me of "Gintama humor", in the sense that comedic scenes often features one character freaking out or overreacting to something, while others are desperately trying to diffuse situation. Unlike gintama, jokes are fairly tame. At least one episode was incredibly funny. So the main point of interest in this anime is laughs.

The art style is a bit unusual - characters feature fairly big, or should I say "tall" rounded eyes. It sorta reminded me of Urusei Yatsura and 1980s animes like Gunbuster, but at the same time there are elements of newer "spikier" style used in modern animes with faster, bolder lines (hope this still make sense) and triangular faces. Basically this slight quirk allows creation of very charming and innocent/amusing-looking characters. Animation is fairly fluid too. Characters and backgrounds aren't INCREDIBLY detailed, but they work great for the style selected.

Interesting intro song, and some nice music in this anime. Also, Seiyuu voicing Nagisa Azawa did absolutely amazing job.

The most memorable character in the series is Nagisa Azawa. As far as I can tell, she is either supposed to be a "Tsundere" or "Straight-laced" girl, but her freaking out and overreacting looks cute, amusing and natural, and in the end she doesn't really fit into any archetype. Main duo is less interesting than Nagisa, and resemble archetypes more. Yoko is a classic ditz, while Asashi is a guy who is a bit clueless. In the end, even though characters were probably based on one or another cliche, their interactions look very interesting, due to heavy focus on comedy.

I found it to be very entertaining. One of the first episodes had me laughing, which doesn't happen often with the recent anime. I liked the art style (this minor detail with eyes added quite a lot of charm to the anime), and enjoyed watching Nagisa-related scenes. Basically, it was entertaining, funny and occasionally even hilarious.

A solid comedy that is worth a watch. However, it never gets dark, and never really deals with any "heavy" subjects, so it is mostly worth watching if you want lighthearted fun. For "heavy stuff" you'll need something else.
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Yesterday, 4:07 PM
Fantasia (Anime) add
The one major flaw with this Anime is that it's only one episode!

People tend to give this show a rough time as being generic etc. But they forget the fact that this show came out in 1993, and at the time there wasn't too many shows about a "Magical Girl".
Up to when this show was made, most shows would have featured a girl who's an Alien or Robot etc. So you might say that this feels generic, as almost every Anime has basically copied this shows formula since, and even still does it today.

The only regret is they never made more episodes. So they crammed as much as they could into only one episode which doesn't allow for plot, character development etc.

Maybe "Production I.G" will someday realize the potential of this little gem and re-visit it.
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Yesterday, 4:02 PM
Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
(This review has been adapted from its blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

Noragami, the first season, was actually one of the very first anime that I started following as it aired. I was a newbie back then, wondering what this strange, foreign medium had in store for me. I remember seeing the main visual for the anime – all three of them sitting atop a red-shrine entrance with the city far below and a gloomy sky at their backs. That instantly caught my attention (still does), and the anime ended up being favorable to me.

Now, a few years later, with many more anime and hence more experience under my belt, Noragami Aragoto, the sequel to one of my starters, appears. And it’s nice to know that this one holds up about just as well.


Aragoto follows the first season, bringing back Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine for more god-related dilemmas. But this season, the anime splits itself up into two distinct arcs: Bishamon’s arc and Ebisu’s arc.

Bishamon’s arc is easily the stronger of the two and, arguably, executed as well as it possibly could. As its name implies, these first six episodes revolve around Bishamon and her camp. Her role as a god of war, the Regalia she owns, and so on. Yato and his crew obviously take part – in more ways than one – but the true focus rests on the beautiful Bishamon.

What’s seen, however, is anything but pretty. Major backstabbing amidst Bishamon’s group leads to deaths, misunderstandings, and turmoil. The loss of one of Bishamon’s lesser Regalia spurs thoughts about her current, incessant “generosity.” Bishamon exiles Kazuma, her closest and oldest partner, when she learns of him aiding her sworn-enemy Yato. And Bishamon’s almost-literal blind hatred for Yato made her unable to see the destruction happening within her own home.

The strength of the arc comes from the clever use of the past. In cliché terms, history repeats itself. The destruction of Bishamon’s clan happened once before, so, ironically for this god of fortune, she goes through the same misfortune again.

All the while, a theme on pain and protection persists. Pain pushes people to react. When someone touches a hot stove, he or she pulls his or her hand away. A toothache leads to a dentist appointment. A small cut or scrap gets an equally small Band-Aid. That is, pain is often seen as something unwanted, a negative.

But Aragoto does not fully believe this sentiment. In the present, Bishamon suppresses her pain with medicine, rendering her unable to react to the needs of her numerous Regalia. By extension, her Regalia fake how they feel to make sure their master does not hurt, so them receiving a lack of attention continues.

In other words, Aragato argues that pain can be a positive part of life. Yes, pain hurts, but it lets one learn and understand. It’s what makes people think twice about the actions they take.

Protection has close ties to pain, for that’s what people do on a regular basis: protect themselves from pain. read more
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Karakuri no Kimi (Anime) add
Rate of 7 (good)
Seen via english dubbed

A true classic approach to tales much like the anime about Frankenstein i reviewed in the past. Some stories just plain start while others like this build you in. Rather than providing you a buffet of food you have a sampler dish placed in-front of you. Eat how you will but at least you can have an idea of what to is to come. Intro does not stop there. After sampling the dish the waiter instructs the chef to come out and explain his dish. What makes it flavorful. What makes it savory. What not to expect. You get the idea. At the end of your meal the chef reappears for questions and final remarks. Now, the idea of food/chef was my fancy feast for you. The message behind it is what your tasting. Top that childhood actors *wink wink*

In terms of the character they were structured in such a manner that i was not asking any questions about them. Each back story was known. Each flaw and strength was apparent. The only time you were mystified was when you had to be build the suspense.

You are already aware my like of the overall structure to the plot and character development but in a manner of speaking i did find one thing unsettling. The detail/element of kids that factored into this story. Granted i understand there must be some evil element to a story but the kid flare left me a touch burnt. I am not saying the plot needs to be changed(would be nice if it was) but just the film approach. I think more audiences could reap the benefit from this had the creative spin of blocked ecchi. Maybe the camera falls down when the children are mentioned. Maybe smoke grenades go off. Understandably these examples wont work given the idea but the idea is to play from a more gentler approach.

Not to take you from viewing the movie. Sure, it is not kid friendly for what en-tales but the message is kind. Like never go with the flow or don't be pulled along.
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Yesterday, 2:16 PM
Dead Leaves (Anime) add
rate of 3 (poor)
seen via english dubbed

Wow and not in a good way. For starters i want to point out that it actually runs to 46 minutes long. Rest (7 minutes) are credits.

Action movies don't surprise me for having a fast pace plot but art that matches that is awful! If you want to tell me let's say an overlord exists and it is my job to job him or i lose my family is fine. A lot of information is being told. There is an being. You are assigned the job of either taking part or working on this operation solo. At stake is your family for which you love. Which is also your possible motive for winning. So forth and so forth. Now, put that with artwork of you racing here and there is alot to take in at once. At least for me. Perhaps, i would not care as much if the was more clear.

The style of art shown is semi futuristic. Kudos, it does fit the timezone i would this in. Yet, it is broken in regards to reality. Say i am a tour guide. If you look on your right we see what used to be the twin towers. Maybe, not the best example but it is a well known one. Without offending i mean to illustrate your mental idea of what you would see is two identical square buildings with square like windows. Normal right? In the show they are not square but triangular. Maybe it the next going trend but if you want me to follow along real fast give my brain some easy base lines like keeping the windows square or rectangular. This is just one example of a couple or so. Then again art was not as bad in terms of the plot.

plot to me is what the story is about. what makes it hopefully different from the rest. I understand you have two scrambled characters with likewise minds but don't say the reality they live in is too. That is more twisted then the pretzels i enjoy. If i decided a goal for my characters let it be reached.

No, no not here. Here, it is almost like we entered the world of the stressful artist. "hmm, no. boss doesn't like this. let's do this instead. No! We lose too much money this way (erases). Now, there is no flow. *sigh* got to go back (erase some more)."

Fine, you can't make up your mind on how the story progresses but like the goal, right? Hahaha! sorry... Now, i could explain what i mean by that like i planned too but in honor of my point i wont. I am tired or knowing is pointless.
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Captain Earth (Anime) add
Captain Earth is exactly what you would get if you took Evangelion, Macross, and Gunbuster, stripped them for visual and thematic parts, and then hired elementary school students to put those parts back together into an intriguing and emotionally satisfying whole. It does not end up, as you can imagine, intriguing or emotionally satisfying. It ends up a mess. A big, poorly written mess.
My main problem with this series isn't with its perfectly presentable aesthetics, unoriginal as they are. It looks and sounds like a solid 7/10 show, despite its recycled transformation sequences and unremarkable soundtrack. This show's problem is its meat, the story and the characters. There are a couple of standouts in the cast and everyone has at least a moment every so often when they flip from infuriating to entertaining. Unfortunately, they always flip back again. The main character is an infuriatingly childish Good Person with no real personality traits other than "loves main girl" and "is determined." The rest of the cast is mostly a lovely smorgasbord of cliches and archetypes, all of whom would be the least interesting character if it weren't for all the others. The exception is Puck, a rapey computer man. At least we have that going for us.
The story is largely nonsense, all of which really seems like it should be given an explanation. There's a mysterious little girl who only shows up in the first and last episodes, who is almost definitely God or some off-brand equivalent, there's an alien race that wants to kill humans for our sexual energy (I think? They won't shut up about libido), and there's a shadowy government organization that tortures children with slave collars which is- SPOILERS- evil.
Just don't watch this show. Don't watch it! Nothing good will come of it. I promise.
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Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Kiss x Sis (TV) (Anime) add
Let's be clear is not for everyone, I loved it but others hated it. Or you love it or you hate it; I think that the story was decent and the drawing is great. Even if is ecchi is not extreme so for me is more an r than a r+ in rating. The idea of they are brother and sisters for me is not so strange and infact they are step brother and step sisters. I loved characters. The ecchi parts worse than story parts so don't expect to fap on this anime.There isn't a season 2 and has been nearly 7 years since last episode. Sorry for bad english.

P.S.= Ako is better than riko.
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Yesterday, 11:56 AM
Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Anime) add
Typical A-1 adapting more gabrgawwe
This story is about a guy who drowns in pussy of montster girls without even trying atleast the thing it ripoffed counterpart monster musume the mc tried stuff to actuslly make the female monsters like him. Ok so heres the story apparently humans merged with unoriginal monsters which for some reason looks like humans and I;ve red the manga halfway and still hasnt been explorded of where they came from whats their purpose or whatver.Also at the start of the story mc says the monsters are somewhat rare but for some idiotic reason he found 3-4 of them in just 1 chapter hell he found 1 monster in page 7.
The charechhcters
MC-Is the sole reason i hate this 10x more than i should bland teacher who has the most punchable face ever.Butbutbut i wont hate a character just because they look bad so heres the reasons why i hate him so muuch, you could replace him with your pet rock and hopefully that rock becomes the mc so girls will dig him for no reason I'm not making this up the girls fell in love with him for no reason
the female student-bland forgetable i cant even hate her because of how much i dont care about her
the female teacher- your generic super hot single girl teacher well for one redeeming thing they gave her a backstory of why she is single and that is probobly justifyiable
the headless shithead-i dont know the reason of her of falling in love with the mc is because i forgot but i dont need to remmeber since its so obvious why she fell in love its because his KINNNNNNNNNNND to heeeer ok thats it 0 personality at all besides your typical shy woman stereotype of being the best waifu bait
other characters arent worth mentioning besides them
Art is something out of a 2005 manga like seriously why does it look like that
also did the author made mcs face so punchable on purpose or he wanted mc to look like some real adult trying to make him soemwhat special
You wont enjoy this at all if you want a romance just read other stuffs like toradora because if this is going for the only 1 girl root you might as well read romance but ofc they had to make more characters also if you want harem heres something good toloveru but if you want borderline porn and actually watch this to see if mc gets laid just go watch hentai or soemthing
Do you really need an overall after all that sheer hatred of it you just red ofc i give it a 1
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Something genuine. If you are ever lost in your relationships with people or you are failing to see the real quality in them, then try this show. "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected" − the title doesn't make it sound all that amazing, does it? But it is − at least, I thought it was − and I'll argue that any day of the week.

Story -

What would a genuine, real slice-of-life story go like? Something simple, or something beautifully simple? It's the latter. I think this show tries to communicate that there's beauty in the relationships in all of our lives if we just look for them, and try to feel them. The story isn't full of epicness or amazingly bright in-your-face comedy, no, but it has delicately complex little plot twists that occur between the characters − and they are simply amazing. I followed this story as a part of it. I would feel what the characters felt, and I was always trying to relate to them. It was the way in which the story unfolded that made me want to do this. Everything just seemed so appropriate and it flowed like any good story should. This show is an example: an example that you don't have to try and be deep, epic or absolutely hilarious to make a brilliant show. This show simply lets the authenticity of human relationships do the talking.

Dear reader, it's bloody brilliant, 9/10.

Art -

I don't think the art is special but I don't think it's bad either. I think it's pretty good. I suppose I should try to define what constitutes art in my review. I think I'll go with graphical presentation of the story, and so every nuance in the characters' interactions and every scene of the sun beaming down, or the rain pouring down will fit within this definition. In these regards the art is pretty good. Like I said, it's not spectacular but I don't think the art is what makes this story, as I begun to explain in the above paragraph. I have no complaints though, and because of all this I gave it an 8/10.

Sound -

Brilliant. Sometimes the ending theme song is changed to a different song, or different version of the same song to reflect the mood of the story where it left it. I was emotionally hooked. The general OST was also really good. Sometimes it reflected the beautiful simplicity of the story, at other times plain beauty, complexity, comedy. It was really good. I don't really know how else to describe it. Sometimes certain music doesn't emotionally hit the right chords with some of us, so, in fact, it may not be so brilliant for you. However, if you try to become a part of the story and feel its intentions − something read more
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Kamisama Hajimemashita (Anime) add
What a charming anime!! Nanami is a high school girl that gets kicked out of her house because her father left her in debt. When she meets a stranger who says she can take his place at her house, she finds herself lead to a shrine. Inhabited by two helpful shrine spirits and Tomoe, the fox spirit who becomes her familiar and thus caretaker/servant, Nanami realises that she has to now become the Land God of that shrine. This involves tasks such as cleaning, performing rituals and matchmaking. Vibrant and hilarious, this anime does a great job at weaving in a few somber aspects into the overall fun nature of this feature, creating something truly magical!

So I’ll start of with Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship because that plays a big part in the whole anime. Initially, Tomoe feels betrayed that Nanami is taking the place of his old master and is quite cold towards her. When he sees what a swell personality she has, he actually warms up to her at quite a rapid pace, but it surprisingly doesn’t feel unnatural. I think we can put that up to the fact that we are always left wondering whether the kindness Tomoe shows Nanami is because he is obliged to serve her as her familiar, or whether there is something more brewing. A lot of the scenes had the potential to show him as an overbearing and self-torturing guy, yet it managed to dodge that and always pulled it off with him acting sweet as sugar.

Nanami as a protagonist is really likeable because she is quite selfless, yet she does go out of her way to preserve her relationship with Tomoe. Her heartwarming nature earns her many friends in this anime including a bunch of awesome and varied side characters:

We have Mizuki, a familiar that can turn himself into a snake. A very cute snake though! After being saved by Nanami, he develops this strong admiration for her and tries to pull her attention away from Tomoe to focus it towards him. When he realises that’s not going to happen, he stays close to her and helps her out, accepting defeat graciously. He was actually one of my favourite characters because you really feel for his loneliness and his desire to have a place to belong and to have someone strongly devoted to him. He is also hilarious when he sparks jealousy within Tomoe and manages to break his steely exterior.

Kurama is another spirit who initially had the goal of taking Nanami’s place as a God, yet later grew into a helpful friend when Nanami and Tomoe were in a pickle…one which involved Tomoe turning into a toddler:

As he is a famous pop-idol, this strange background music plays whenever he enters the scene, which felt kind of ridiculous, but hey, it at least had comedic appeal. Speaking of comedic appeal, this show has many instances of hilarious moments, including one in which Tomoe takes the place of Nanami and is there read more
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
Welcome to my review of Durarara!! from the writer who brought us Baccano! I'm kind of excited to review this so I hope some people will hear me out and read the whole thing. Hopefully I can convince at least one person to watch this beautiful example of story telling and near perfect narration.

Story : 8 :

The story for this anime is great, although not the reason it stands out.
The narration is absolutely perfect however. Our narrator may as well be his own character, and sometimes they switch it up and have an actual character from the show narrate which is great, but the default narrator is impeccable. The narrator constantly gives his own opinion on the current situation that any of our protagonists are in which adds a fun sense of involvement for the viewer.
The actual narration however makes the story so much more interesting as it focuses on every character almost equally, not giving us an actual protagonist, although I suppose you could look at many of the characters as 'protagonists' for example Mikado Ryuugamine seems to take spotlight quite a lot despite seeming relatively generic at first. You could also say that Izaya Orihara is the true protagonist, being the character who seems the most in tune with the going on's around the city of Ikebukuro, but I digress.

Art : 7 :

The art is okay, nothing special here, moving on.

Sound : 8 :

I don't really know enough about the audio sound of anime to give a proper analysis but the music was well executed in its timing and sound and in line with the current situation always, No Mars of destruction Beethoven shit here.
I personally really enjoyed the sound aswell but like I said I don't have enough knowledge to give a proper analysis, It sounds good, that's all I know. Izaya's theme is especially well executed throughout the series : He's Such a Coward that he can laugh.

Characters : 10

I could talk for days about how this is probably the best characterization that I've ever seen in an anime. The only anime I've seen that comes close to portraying real character emotions and reactions to the same level being Steins;Gate.
Characters have a real sense of fear and react to situations almost exactly how you would expect someone with their personality and traits in real life. I could give a detailed example of why every character is like this but I think I'll focus on the two main examples of why the characters are so great.

Izaya Orihara :
I'm personally a people watcher in real life and I can tell you for a fact that Izaya, although extreme in his methods is an EXTREMELY accurate representation of someone who is genuinely interested/infatuated in human emotions and reactions to events for what they are and not idealistic versions of people that someone looking from a subjective standpoint would read more
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Yesterday, 10:37 AM
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
The story is good, the execution is magnificent and the characters are memorable.
There is a love/hate relationship with the main character, sometimes you love him, sometimes you want to bash his head against the concrete but also made me truly realise some of my own flaws (seriously *SPOILERS* when the fucker starts saying all the things he hates about himself it's like he is talking about me, after hating him so much for 2-3 episodes I realised that I would have probably do as bad or worse than him*END SPOILERS*)
Also, this anime made me consider buying a dakimakura unironically...I finally found my waifu...unironically...I legit have a waifu now...I'm in love with an anime character...10/10 would go full weeb again.
Rem best girl.
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Yesterday, 10:00 AM
Nisekoi (Anime) add
Enjoyable, charming and very cute.

That's precise and short description of Nisekoi. I liked a lot of single details in this anime. Characters styling, scene timings, artwork, sound, story and more. Combination of these gives a great impression.

Nisekoi is a really sweet story. For me it's like a perfect rom com. Yeah it does have many clichés, but it never seems negative. I liked how they balance comedy and romance not sticking to any side too much. I think I could enjoy every single scene in this anime, nothing seemed out of a place.

Characters are super adorable. Change of their attitude is easily noticeable throughout the series. It makes you empathize them.

Art is beautiful. Scenes are put at the right angles and distance. But great and realistic backgrounds are not a feature of this anime, yet it is not bad at all.

Sound. Great OP and ED. I'm so into Claris! Music is great too, gives the right atmosphere and feeling. Seiyuu are so fitting their characters, that's awesome!

Nisekoi is for you if you yearn for positive emotions without sad drama.
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Koi Kaze (Anime) add
I approached Koi Kaze with an open mind towards the incestuous relationship between Koshiro and Nanako and found that I just can't understand why people are saying it's a masterpiece. I pretty much forced myself to watch through all thirteen episodes. Of course, it wasn't the incest that really ruined the anime for me, but the, excuse my language, shitty character that Koshiro was.

The anime yells out if not, slams it to our faces on how society frowns upon incestuous relationahips. Koshiro, who in my opinion was a spoiled brat when his childhood was shown and was also very immature for his age throughout the entire show, succumbs to his "feelings" to Nanako. Let's be honest though, if any other young high school girl had gone with him to the amusement park, the story would be about a man who is twice the age of a girl rather than incest. Which to me just clearly reflects on why his actual proper relationship crashed and burned.

One could clearly see just from how Koshiro acts in his life that he really didn't care about anything nor has he really tried to pursue any career in life. Pretty much the main reason why he worked as a marriage counsellor was so he could see people become happy or sad. In my opinion, you can't really understand happiness without experiencing it yourself. And the same thing applies to love. So how would he understand what it's like to struggle in life for the things most precious to you when he hasn't done that at all? He liked to stick to a routine and was afraid to change and develop as an adult. No responsible adult would allow such a development to happen.

Clearly he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he didn't retract, not because of love or feelings, but because of accessibility to sex and pleasure. He has a young girl who barely knows anything about the world itself and pretty much throws everything in her life that was good away for a man that hardly tried to reject the immorality between the two, taking away a future from her that could be looked upon with pride and happiness. Nanako was pretty much willing to do anything for Koshiro, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't love that binded Koshiro to Nanako.

One could argue that Nanako really did love Koshiro, but honestly I think it was just a fling. Nanako was finally starting to explore her sexuality, her interest in the opposite sex, and yet it was because of her irresponsible brother Koshiro who led her to believe that she was actually in love him. I think Nanako just wanted a brotherly or fatherly figure in her life and ultimately in the end her feelings and body were just taken advantage of.

Koshiro is a good example of who not to become in life. When you relay emotions and communicate with people, you do it while looking in their eyes read more
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
By the time I'm writing this review, the movie is already the most hight-grousing film Japan surpassing even Spirited Away, this movie is a phenomenon and one of the most praised animated films in recent history, so obviously I would have high expectations about this movie and the worst think about it is it had the potential to be what everyone is saying -A masterpiece-. But no its not, it may be the most Overrated movie I ever watched. Now that doesn't make it bad, its just okay but again, it had the potential.

Okay the start of the movie is one of the best starts and well paced starts i ever watched (for the most part). It explores cultures, the daily life and psychology of the main characters in a way so well made that you get immediately drawn in (not invested tho) by simply saying "what if this 2 change body every next day" .
This is good, no i take it back this is brilliant, its not 1 time, its every next day, and not only that, both of them know they have to live with it so the make rules to protect its others personal life and in the same time making it better for each other, immanent the possibilities you can do with this. Also there is this whole thing about "musubi" ( 結び )which is really interesting and connects okay with the story nd pretty much give the deeper meaning, at least that tries to do.
I hope you like what i said because after that throws its self from a high mounted and splashes it to a million pieces.
I dont want to get to spoilers but to put it simply the climax (which it start when Taki goes to the girls home town in person) has nothing to do with the build up we had by now. The stakes changes and take a whole diffident direction and almost ruins the film. Anyone who saw this movie n reading this review ask yourselves " did we really want THIS climax?". Personally I believe " as long as the characters are interesting you don't need a great story" ( Deadpool for example). Which bring me to the second problem of the movie.

Okay lets just say Mitsuha is well made and flawless, I can believe that, but what about Taki? He seem so invested towards to Mitsuha but you don't really feel it, in fact ( miner spoiler) he fells in love with here and you don't even see that happening, hr friend says " oh you're in love" and that how we know he's in love with her. This won't be a real problem if his main motivation wasn't that and the side characters where actually well made. Seriously! there just there, helping the friend in need no questions ask, no juice, not taste what so ever. There feel plain and cliché (heck! there is ever the most typical read more
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Seiken Tsukai no World Break (Anime) add
To start with, the shows premise is actually pretty interesting and fairly unique. Using the abilities of ones past lives to do combat through either special weaponry or spells. But they didn't dig much deeper into that concept than the surface level. And the actual plot line of the story is pretty trash. The one good thing about the plot is that it wasn't possible to guess every twist and turn it would take so there was some degree of surprise at times but the individual situations were pretty predictable in how they would turn out. On to characters, aside from the numerous cliché side character girls who are all but useless in actual combat despite seeming accomplished in their own right. The main character is a walking breathing Deus Ex Machina who can suddenly remember a specific power from his past lives to pull himself out of whatever impossible, shitty situation the author wrote him into. Which really takes the gravity out of a lot of the fights. And he doesn't have any kind of unique personality to speak of. The art work was fairly good, although I fell it didn't look that good when there was high speed movement involved. The music in the show was truly its saving grace and most of the reason I didn't drop it after episode 5. I honestly feel that the music on this show is wasted by being on such a comparatively mediocre product. The music actually managed to make the predicable fights feel more tense and epic. But its good enough for me to listen to it on its own. The ending for the show also seemed very rushed and didn't feel as epic or satisfying as I figured the author was going for. In a nut shell this is a show with a decent but not fleshed out premise, crappy plot, terrible characters, decent artwork, amazing music, and nothing else notable about it. Its a show you can defiantly go without watching or watch just for the music.
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Yesterday, 7:31 AM
Monster (Anime) add
So .. Many people claimed that this anime is a masterpiece and wadsoever. For me , i did enjoy this anime but not to the extent of what people exaggerate to be such a masterpiece and so on . I would only give about 8.5/10 overall. Just read on and i will tell you why.

Story : It all started when a doctor saved a 10 year old boy that all the messy murders happened because those hospital directors being idiot and eat the sweets that the fan gave to the 10 year old boy as gift for wishing him recovery. Actually before that , there are darker story but the real part started when Tenma is kind of like being suspect as a murder. There he goes on his run , chasing after the real culprit.Even towards to the end of anime , there are many questions answered but the story is great. Many dark parts , it has very sad parts and finally the ending people wanted to see <3 HAPPY ENDING~~ However i would only give 8/10 for the story because I did not get to see the reason why the culprit done all these shit and how did he kill them ... Here i thought it will be revealed around the last 2 episodes... Though i am pretty sure the story does not end at episode 74 so i gonna check out the manga ....

Art : Well , i kind of like the art style because it gives the very very classic type of movie production feeling . Back days when we watched tom and jerry , popeye , that kind of art style feeling . So i kind of like it cause it makes me feel like i am back in the past watching some cartoon again. Those characters are really well drawn as well . Because i do not have the image of Germans and so forth but they did really well on making the characters to a extent like we can see the differences between Asian and Germans . Not like many characters .... Be it foreigner or japan , the characters are still designed as loli or whatsoever bullshit. So i would give 10/10.

Sound : Opening song did not catch my attention because it was basically just instrumental playing and is not a very good one at that. However on the other hand , the ending song is VERY sad . There are 2 versions of ending song , one sang by female and another sang by male . The female one , it is Japanese version and the other one that sung by male is the english version i think . Both versions kind of like did a great job in expressing the sadness along with the lyrics. It is like telling us what johan is feeling or a message to johan , at least in my opinion lols. There is also great soundtrack during some part of the arc when characters read more
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Anime) add
Another good anime marred by a blunt ending – that is my final thought. For what it's worth, Tonari no Kaibustu-kun is a good shojo romance anime. I just feel they could have done so much more with it. At times it felt like they got stuck on 'unnecessary elements', causing a slow paced progression and ultimately unfulfilled ending. Nothing terrible happens, but rather you don't feel that the characters ever reach their expected destinations or got the promised resolution. I was content through the series, being curious how things would end with the various romantic interests; but alas, I feel cheated. I wanted more.

Regarding the main cast, the two protagonists are polar-opposites. Shizuku (female) is calm, introverted and somewhat cold, whilst the Haru (male) is energetic, violent and impulsive. At times Shizuku's incisiveness gets a bit frustrating, but ultimately it serves as contrast between her and Haru's different personalities. Thankfully Shizuku is not a tsundere; I doubt she's any of the familiar 'deres'. Her biggest antagonistic battle is not as much the love interest between her and Haru, but rather the emotional and intellectual battle in her thoughts. Haru's battle is that of patience and undying love for Shizuku's indecisiveness.

I would have given the show an 8, but the blunt ending ruined it for me. I should perhaps give it a 6, but I will judge the show on all its merits – both good and bad. Ultimately the last episode was a poor choice of script writing. The ending begs for a second series, yet none in sight. Apparently the mange is much more fulfilling. The anime ended while the manga was still being written, hence the poor ending. Reminds me of Ichigo 100% and Great Teacher Onizuka. In both cases the mange was superior because it ended properly. So read the mange after watching the anime.

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Yesterday, 6:41 AM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
TLDR; Gorgeous looking show with an interesting premise, but is ruined by bad writing and awful characters.

Review will contain mild spoilers to explain why the review is so low.

Story 2/10
Interesting premise, but poor execution. Many things that happen would be excusable and fine if treated as joke, but most of it is meant to be taken seriously.
I think if I DIDN'T play a lot of MMORPGs I wouldn't have as many issues as I did with this show. But I have played a lot and so many of the parts of the story made no sense to me. First off, the issue with beta players. As someone who has beta tested for MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2, I can assure you that beta testing doesn't give you this huge, ridiculous advantage over others like this show makes you think. Also, does SAO not provide ANY TUTORIALS? The way some players acted (like Klein) made me believe so, which is completely ridiculous for a game such as this one. Another issue I had was that apparently being a solo players makes you level super fast and stuff? Uh, no. I could go on about the other issues involving the gameplay of SAO but it'd be too long and at the end of the day this is an anime not a video game. Basically there's no logic when it comes to the story. Oh and the second arc is just plain terrible.

Art and Animation 9/10

Personally, I think this show is absolutely beautiful looking and the animation is top notch. If you watch any boss battle in the show, you'll see what I mean. The only slight issue I have with the art is that literally all of the main characters have the same face template...

Sound 10/10

Epic music that really enhances the mood of the scene. Not much to say here other than the fact that it is excellent. Oh, and the OP? Sooooo freaking catchy. I have it on my phone. I love it that much.

Characters 1/10

Annnnd here's the worse part of the anime. Kayaba is a bad villain simply because we don't know his motives and his reasonings for them. Like, he trapped all of these players here because... he felt like it? What's the logic here? Even simple villains like Bowser from Mario have clear intentions and goals.
Asuna is the main love interest and an extremely disappointing character. She had such potential to be this cool badass and ends up being a stereotypical tsundere who needs rescuing from her bae (even though we keep being told she's this super strong fighter)
And now to talk about Kirito. In short, he's this super OP dude that is basically godly at all videos games and also knows how to hack and break the rules of the show's universe. He's a wish fulfillment character.

Enjoyment 4/10
As much as I liked the music and art, I kept feeling irritated when I watched this. It was annoying to see all of these mechanics in MMORPGs be ruined. read more
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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Anime) add
TLDR; Even if it has BL, it doesn't excuse the show from poor writing and poorly written characters.

I like BL... which is something this show has. But I also like good writing... which is something this show DOESN'T have.

Story 3/10

As I mentioned before, this show's writing is pretty bad. The story is basically the characters going through the everyday issues they have at work (needing to meet a deadline, being overworked, ...being sexually harassed by their boss...) and a bunch of romantic melodrama that basically boils down to bad communication. A lot of decisions the characters make are questionable and usually made me go "WTF you doin m8". Oh, and apparently all the dudes that work at this shoujo department are gay. Makes sense.

Art 7/10

It's good. Many attractive bishies and stuff. Woo. However, one of my gripes is that all the ukes basically look the same (sneering expression, big eyes, short). Same can be said about the semes.

Sound 6/10

The OP and ED of the first season are okay. Season 2 had a better OP and ED. The rest of the music is forgettable at best and dull at worst. However, I give this a 6 because it has some good voice acting (not to mention that it features many of my seiyuu biases).

Character 2/10

The worst part of this entire anime. Also this part will contain mild spoilers so if you don't wanna know, move on. First off, the personalities of the ukes are basically carbon copies! HINT: They're tsunderes. On the other hand, the personalities of the semes are different but blander than cardboard. Yukina- The "prince". Basically a perfect dude with pretty much no flaws besides the fact that he's a lot younger than his lover (but that's not even a flaw so WTF). Hatori- A kind and caring workaholic who is very loyal. He was actually the most likeable out of the main six but apparently he rapes Yoshino in the manga so nvm I guess. Takano- the seme of the main couple and the dude I had the most issues with. First of all, he basically abuses his power as Onodera's boss and sexually harasses him both in and out of the office. Yes, we as the audience knows that Onodera does like him, but no means no. He tells Takano to stop MULTIPLE TIMES and yet Takano just pushes it further going like "you know you want it". BRUH, STOP. He also takes advantage of Onodera when he's drunk and then has the audacity to get pissed at Onodera when he doesn't remember what happened. Dude, you were completely sober and knew full well that he was drunk and yet you were like "we'll bang okay". Creep. He only gets slightly redeemed near the end when we FINALLY see his backstory.

Enjoyment 6/10

Even though I had issues with the characters and story, I will admit that I enjoyed watching this at times. Why? Cuz I like BL, and there are barely any shows that have it.

Overall 4/10

At read more
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Kimi no na wa is a drama, romance, school and supernatural movie. The movie is original Japanese but you can see it in English, but I think it sounds weird in English. Kimi no na wa was made in may 2016.
Kimi no na wa is a fantastic movie, because it´s so sad and yet funny at the same time. I actually started crying while watching this movie, because something happened that you didn’t expect at all.
The characters are very different from each other they are literally opposites, but I still think they are a great couple.
The reason why they are such a great couple, is because one of the main characters travels across the country to find a person he hasn’t met before.
About halfway through the movie he tries to find a place that keeps popping up in his head, and when he finally finds the place, he finds out that it has a very special meaning to him. I actual don’t know what he did, but it´s like he travels to an alternative universe.
The end of the movie is just beautiful and the graphics are fantastic, but of course there is a plot twist, the main charterers meet but it´s not a happy ending...
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YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
yuri!!! On ice A.K.A YOI is an ice-skating, boy love and comedy series.
YOI is about a boy named Yuri. Yuri lost his motivation when he lost the world championship, but in the first episode he tries to get it back by skating his biggest idols dance. What he didn’t know was that he was filmed, and Victor (Yuri’s idol) sees the video and want to become Yuri´s coach, for the next season.
Victors fans gets angry at Yuri because, they don’t want Victor to retire, and Yuri actually blame himself as well, but Victor insist to be his coach no matter what.
About halfway into the series Yuri develops a lot in passion, and of course love. He comes to love Victor more than he ever would imagine.
Every person develops so much, even though it´s just a supporting character
The animation in this series is literally fantastic, every movement, every single thing about this series is just amazing.
When I saw the first episode, I became speechless because it was so surprisingly good. The graphics are very good too, every movement it´s very flowing, and harmonic.
What I like the most in the series is that every single ice dance, is dedicated to real ice skaters.
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Dragonaut: The Resonance (Anime) add
Worst anime of all time. The bottom of the barrel.
This is the lowest end of the bar.
Any anime after Dragonaut is a masterpiece.
Boku no Pico is the Mona Lisa compared to this shitstain Dragonaut.

I must thank Dragonaut for making me so very very open minded to other anime, any other anime.

When I have nightmares I start thinking of Dragonaut and all the scary and evil things run away in such fear of this shitiness. But I also die a little bit inside. I am immune to shit now.

If someone states their opinion that some anime or thing is shit, then I think they haven't seen Dragonaut. Its worse than torture, rape and ill African children.
Dragonaut is the worst of the worst.
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