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Jul 5, 2020
Neil1998 (All reviews)
You know cats can get a pretty bad rap especially if they are represented in a live action film. I mean we have a vast array of cat related films that are just straight up stinkers. 2019's Cats, The Cat in the Hat, Catwoman, Cats and Dogs, Garfield, even the live action Lion King, etc are the first things that pop up in our heads when we think about bad cat related movies. But if you try to scavenge for some good cat related entertainment, you will find that a lot of it is found in the medium of animation.

A Whisker Away is one such read more
Jul 5, 2020
Mcsneaksneak (All reviews)
I don't think I've seen a dumpster fire of this magnitude since dubbed anime made in the mid-nineties. I had read a few chapters of the manga adaptation of Arifureta, which apparently is mediocre in comparison to the original light novel, so I expected at least the same quality as that.
Oh boy was I wrong.
They move through the material at hand at such a breakneck clip that it makes the manga's speed look like a thousand page novel. Any sense of weight to a battle or harrowing situation is gone. Relationships between characters are reduced to a one line cliche at most. Background information read more
Jul 5, 2020
Hikki_Senpai (All reviews)
Shit. This anime is the worst of the worst i have ever watched that's the only reason why i dropped it. I am telling you not to ever watch this anime(Don't even think of starting this anime). I am a pretty humble guy when it comes to rating an anime. I never gave an anime less than 5 rating but man if there should have been a rating less than 1 than i should have given this anime that one. I don't know why but some good reviewers gave this anime a rating of 7,8 or 9. Like how the hell does this anime deserve read more
Jul 5, 2020
Doug_Dugle (All reviews)
I remember when I started watching anime in high school as an edgy teenager. I was on some bs about anime needing being a mature medium that can be taken seriously and it can be. However Mature doesn't always mean super violent with lots of swearing. This show has plenty of that and at the time it was a great catharsis for my hormone pumped teenage mind. but now almost a decade later I've watched it again.

Plot wise the show is pretty basic. What really drives the series is the character development and interactions. Rock and Revy's relationship develops and evolves as they are put read more
Jul 5, 2020
SancheRamos (All reviews)
This anime is good. Not outstanding or revolutionary, but still a good one. Well, it could have been great if it did some things right. And also if it didn't use queerbaiting in their story.

A quick summary: The three main girls work to achieve their dream of being professional musicians, struggling with a lot of trouble that comes with this life, family issues and later on the social disorder caused by the authoritarian government. This seems like a great premise, but the reason why I gave the story a 3 is because how things solved in the end. I came to watch this expecting nothing read more
Jul 5, 2020
kallocarina (All reviews)

Took them long enough lol

So I have always struggled to appreciate and understand the slice of life genre. I don't appreciate the lack of continuity, the overload of emotional moments without a strong emotional anchor to give everything depth, and the miscellaneous dialogue that has practically nothing to do with the story. This anime however, wowed me on so many levels.

This is slice of life done RIGHT. The story is superb. The details aren't very creative (regarding how Puberty Syndrome actually takes effect) but the concept is genius. Who knew an anime about read more
Jul 5, 2020
G-_-D (All reviews)
This story is one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever seen. It’s filled with many symbols and deep meanings that you want to figure out. When I watched it for the first time I didn’t get it, I didn’t understand who the fish were, who the boy was, what was the egg, and what did it all mean.

Story: 10
There are many interpretations But for me the one from https://manga.tokyo/otaku-articles/the-unnoticed-beauty-of-angels-egg/
made the most Sense to me. It’s a story about Christianity in a way. it talks about faith, hope, innocence, and God. I found these to be very interesting because my religion doesn’t revolve read more
Jul 5, 2020
kallocarina (All reviews)
Hey guys... I just had the greatest idea of all time! A real hit! So, get this. What if we copy Neon Genesis Evangelion's story beats, take 12 episodes worth of content and story, try to use CGI mixed with 2D animation despite the fact it's 2004, AND SMASH IT ALL INTO 19 MINUTES. Oh wait I forgot about the OP make that 18 minutes.

So Skelter Heaven is... dubious... I mean, it's not bad I guess? It's more like, WTF DID I JUST WITNESS?

So let me start off with some things I like...


Lin's scream is funny to listen to?

This OVA is A LOT of hot read more
Jul 5, 2020
Veryfighter (All reviews)
*This review was written in brazilian portuguese.

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 começou errado por não manter o mesmo padrão de animação das outras temporadas da Stand Alone Complex, trazendo uma animação CG que tem seu méritos, mas não é das melhores. Por esse motivo, grande parte do impacto que essa nova temporada poderia ter tido, foi anulada. Mas isso não significa que o anime é ruim, longe disso.


Segue o mesmo padrão dos arcos "Homem Risonho", "Onze Individual" e "Estado Sólido" em sua narrativa. Oculta fatos e desenvolve assuntos complexos, tratando o telespectador como alguém que sabe ligar os pontos. Nesse ponto, essa temporada é tão read more
Jul 5, 2020
bukankhadam (All reviews)
Poor. For a comedy anime, there are nothing interesting about the story and a lot of the jokes are not even funny.

Normal, standard anime quality

Normal, standard anime quality

Some of the characters in this anime are ok and kinda interesting to watch (such as the teacher, Loli and the twin-tail MC), but everything spoiled by Tanaka, the weirdly-shaped-short-haired main character.

From all of the years I spent watching anime, I can proudly say that have found my 'the-most-annoying-character'. The MC, Tanaka is the most annoying anime character i ever watch. Even more annoying than watching any bland-wuss-airhead of any MC of harem series anime.

This anime is read more
Jul 5, 2020
katektuason (All reviews)
Spoiler warning!

I first watched both seasons of Oregairu back when I was in high school. Needless to say, I loved it but couldn't fully comprehend the intricacies of the characters' dialogue and subtexts. As a high school student myself, I still did not have the maturity and perspective required in order to understand what was really going on, especially in Season 2. Now that I got to rewatch this amazing series five years later upon hearing about Season 3, I was finally able to appreciate the depth of what the show had to offer as a more mature individual (and as someone who has watched read more
Jul 5, 2020
cameronrb24 (All reviews)
This was a mess. It feels like they took a VN and tried to cram as many routes as they could into 26 episodes. Outside of the arcs centered each of the twins, the rest are seemingly unrelated to each other. Each arc features one of the main losing their mind and drops hints to what exactly the nature of the curse causing the reactions is. Except the hints feel less like steps toward a solution and more like additional possibilities. There's at least a couple people who carry over some knowledge across each arc, or are aware that there other timelines, but unclear read more
Jul 5, 2020
punishedsneed (All reviews)
Bubblegum Crisis looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and generally speaking, feels beautiful. However, its writing leaves much to be desired. This is an anime best enjoyed with your brain turned off. Watch for the characters, aesthetics, and action.

Now, there are episodes that are extremely well written, such as the cool ass car episode. What I mean by poor writing is that the overarching story itself never really goes anywhere. If you go into it knowing that, you'll probably be less confused when you've finished the last OVA. I was certainly a little puzzled.

Why? Because there are mysteries set up about certain characters, well, one in particular, read more
Jul 5, 2020
Area 88 (Anime) add (All reviews)
punishedsneed (All reviews)
Area 88 is refreshing as, unlike most anime with pilots, the pilots in this OVA fly real jets - you're not dealing with anything sci-fi here, just '80s jet dogfighting, though I doubt the realism of the opening scene where tanks are ripped apart by a machine-gun...

If you like jets and dogfighting, you'll like Area 88's battle scenes. Will you like its story and its characters?

Story, probably not. Characters, maybe.

From here on out, I'm going to be delving into spoilers. So:

Be warned. (This spacing is so you have to click "view more" to see spoilers on my review.)

Area 88's premise is absurd and convoluted. The read more
Jul 5, 2020
Andre_Alexander (All reviews)
Spoiler free article: A short description that's just a bit longer than normal synopsis to give you rough idea what to expect from this anime. Conclusion for TL;DR at the end of the articles.

Reading time: 2 minutes read

The story are just basic shounen plot, but the execution can't be worse than this. I would complaint even at the basic story and pacing, but they did more than that, they butchered the whole things with a lot of skipping and missing lots of details and hope the viewers understand, the pacing also super fast and just unnatural. The easiest thing I can point out to give read more
Jul 5, 2020
SakibUchiha (All reviews)
You may hate it but Fairy Tail has something special which connects you to actually feel something. Trust me it works even though as cringy as it is you will be glued to the screen. ALSO MASSIVE BOOBS(FAN SERVICE TO THE MAX)

Story: 8/10
Story starts off as slow till it goes in high gear too quick to fast. For me it clearly delivered as an unit. The main questions will hunt you in your dreams and you will continously think about it.

Art: 10/10
Art is as superv as it gets. Designing team killed it specially Natsus looks.

Sound: 1000/10
Clearly the best thing about the anime is its legenadry read more
Jul 5, 2020
rotanrotan1 (All reviews)
This season has both the second [next to Kamino Arc] strongest and weakest parts in the entire series.

The fight scenes in this season are actually most of the video clips I saw on other platforms that made me want to watch BNHA. Majority of the episodes involve the Shie Hassaikai Arc. I like Overhaul as a villain. There's something ominous about him, and the way he choose his words and actions are really chilling.

I like the obvious nonverbal behavior of Eri, Mirio and Overhaul. It made me think of how Mirio is able to compose himself. One could really feel the thrill of read more
Jul 5, 2020
Not_Strange (All reviews)
Ok so what i think of this series is that it had a lot of potential in the beginning, but through the whole story there are still a lot of gaps that wasn't cleared out yet.

The character progression was more mental than physical, but still was kind of great.

Ark style was very good and enjoyable, I have nothing bad to say about it except the character design for Shuichi's power, I think it looked too nice and made some scenes much less edgy and serious as they should have been.

But if you're searching for a new yandere waifu material so go on read more
Jul 5, 2020
tabibhassan (All reviews)

Believe me... Chasing for your dreams for 10 years and making it fulfilling is not a thing that happens to everyone. You have to overcome a thousand of obstacles and hurdles. When you accomplish it, the enjoyment goes beyond. This anime is a story where Takagi and mashiro wants to become Mangaka and azuki Miho wants to become a voice actress. Azuki promised to Mashiro read more
Jul 5, 2020
tabibhassan (All reviews)

Believe me... Chasing for your dreams for 10 years and making it fulfilling is not a thing that happens to everyone. You have to overcome a thousand of obstacles and hurdles. When you accomplish it, the enjoyment goes beyond. This anime is a story where Takagi and mashiro wants to become Mangaka and azuki Miho wants to become a voice actress. Azuki promised to Mashiro read more
Jul 5, 2020
AlwaysGoBeyond (All reviews)
You know typically, I don't really watch isekai anime. Not because I'm one of those people who follow the wave of hating an isekai just for being an isekai. I don't really care about that kinda stuff. Isekai just usually isn't my type of genre personally.

Which is why when I watched The Rising of the Shield Hero, I was REALLY pleasantly surprised. Before I watched this show, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did.

On the surface, this anime looks so generic. Otaku gets sent into another world and he becomes the hero there. That's a very overdone concept. But the read more
Jul 5, 2020
Sike425 (All reviews)
This is in my opinion one of the most underrated shows and I think it's a show that everyone should watch for fun. The soundtrack for show is a banger and I think that that's a reason for anyone to watch.
Another reason is the show's plot it shows how magic can be controlled with the power of coding and I think that is a feasible option if we humanity tries hard enough. (And it also is one of interests)
Although the characters are some what weak, it's a show that can be enjoyed by everyone.
It's getting a second season in the fall of this year, six read more
Jul 5, 2020
Sike425 (All reviews)
This is the typical SAO copy that somehow gets an anime for one season and then just disappears forever.
The main difference for this is that the way they get to showcase how the girls fall for the main character Touya.
This is a masterpiece of degeneracy and I laughed so hard when I read the Wikipedia page for this one. Overall this is a trash show that I found on Japanese Netflix while looking for bad shows.
The best thing about this show is that the main character doesn't friend zone every single character, but he marries them all, in the end he read more
Jul 5, 2020
WRRYYYY (All reviews)
You may think that the series is dull after a complete watch through, but trust me, the aftertaste of this one was so bad that it made me write my first review, and a key point of this anime is there are only 4 main characters so they each get so much development that after it ends it only leaves you a bitter feeling, the only downside for me is the sometimes slow pacing and the art, but even that is greatly compromised by other factors quickly. Would definitely recommend this to people who loves mysteries and romance animes

p.s. this anime changes your whole viewpoints read more
Jul 5, 2020
Saternates (All reviews)
Zombieland saga... at first i thought it was a series that probably have any condition such as heroes that's just get out of the convenience store then he try to understand what is going on. Or a heroine that was bravely fight it ways to defend it's own live. Sadly i was wrong, this is actually an idol anime. But don't get it wrong! this idol anime is actually really enjoyable to watch. The idol group starts when a horrible accident occur from our protagonist minamoto sakura. 10 years later after the incident she was actually revived as a zombie? imagine that. As she read more
Jul 5, 2020
AlexPaulLEWZ (All reviews)
Before I start, I want to say that there will be mild spoilers in this review. Worry not, these spoilers will be interest-catchers one way or another.

As far as the clichés in the isekai genre and tensei category goes, when the protagonist dies and gets reincarnated to another world, he/she becomes a protagonist of some sort. It's the same with the game genre—when the main character logs to the game, he/she becomes the main character for that game.

Not for this anime, though. This anime, "Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta...," takes the tensei isekai game genre into a perspective read more
Jul 5, 2020
SinCrow11 (All reviews)
General Opinion: (5,60 / 10)

I expected a lot more of this premise due to the hype it received during its broadcast season, in addition to generating a good impression with the synopsis and the PV. So like most viewers, he had very high expectations in this show, seeing it that way, as a new face of the genre "Isekai". However, all this great promise fell apart in no time. At the third chapter we already know what the line that the story will take will be and that the other acts they will take in the course of it are very predictable as in any read more
Jul 5, 2020
quoning (All reviews)

Kimetsu no Yaiba has creative visuals, quirky style and simple premise that works very effectively. The hashiras are literally the coolest guys ever. However, my main issue is that the pacing and villains of totally blow.

Demon Slayer has really weird pacing decisions - the fights stretch on like 30 chapters and the in-between ark pauses are barely there. In other shounen shows writers use pauses and long arks to explore contextual tangents, build up tension, create drama, and rise stakes. That way they create an illusion of a journey and make the reader more involved to the story. Unfortunately Demon Slayer does not do any read more
Jul 5, 2020
Parnick (All reviews)
[Contains major spoilers]

I finished this series and it`s one of the best romcoms I`ve ever seen. Let`s figure out why.

[Art & Animation] 10/10
Art is good, better than in most romcoms. But in best moments it works great with animation style and it can change from time to time to support the gag. As an example of that, we have Shojo gag in ep 7. Lighting is heavily used to show the anime's tone at the moment.
Animation is just outstanding and works perfectly. In this type of animation, the show is very similar to the Monogatari series. read more
Jul 5, 2020
DiligentRaisin78 (All reviews)
Story: 8
Why? 'Cause I wanna see who really petrified humanity. And also because, I wanna see where this story is heading.

Art: 6
"We can be the prettiest ones if we were there" - by my otaku aunt
Honestly, I don't think you can see any of the girls there as 'waifu' material. The appearance is decent but doesn't give any charm.

Sound: 9
The whole entire reason for me to give this a 9 is because of Senku's voice, and the beautiful singing of an english song. I guess that I should put more effort into the review here, but there really is nothing else that can be read more
Jul 5, 2020
Nikkifromspace (All reviews)
Okay, I'm going to be blunt and try not to waste your time.
This anime is boring as crap. It's not necesserily bad, but it is very mediocre, and I will explain why.

Story; Kakegurui's story is basically non-existent. The show follows the story of Yumeko Jabami, a new student in Hyakkaou Private Academy(basically a gambling school) who's obsessed over gambling. Throughout the whole series, the only thing that happens is gambling via various games that are mostly card-games. Nothing else. Literally. Everyone gambles like crazy, putting insane amounts of money at stake, without ever giving a damn whether they lose it all or not, obviously. read more
Jul 5, 2020
NewCityRaza (All reviews)
This was a great anime, regardless if your a street fighter fan or not its worth a look at.

I personally love street fighter, and got hooked with this anime for sure. Its true to the story and the character representation is on point. What i like about this series it shows when Ryu was younger so he was not as serious as we see him to be in the games, but through his travel and experience and encouters with other characters, like Dhalsim and Sagat he matures, and grows as a person and character as well. The animation is really good, and the voice acting read more
Jul 5, 2020
NewCityRaza (All reviews)
A friend at work was the one who told me to watch this particular anime

I will say off the bat that this anime is very unique its own way for sure

The characters in the show are interesting and the overall story of the show it self is great too

The art and anime is very unique, i have not seen anything like it personally it is a very unique style and would recommend people to atleast check out a couple of episodes due to that reason alone

The story is good, and i feel like if you give it a try you can get behind it. read more
Jul 5, 2020
DiligentRaisin78 (All reviews)
Yeah, yeah, the title caught us off guard. The first thing I thought 'Man, I ain't watchin' no show 'bout toilets!', but they shoved my potty words down my ass. I love the art, and the Hanako's voice is somewhat deep, playful and soothing (inspite of the voice actor being a female). But the story is the whole entire reason on why I love this show so much. I love how they kept us wondering about so many things like:

1. How did Hanako die?
2. Was (the psycho, cute rat) really the victim?
3. How will Yashiro meet her fate?

And the fact that the main character read more
Jul 5, 2020
Golden1958 (All reviews)
Personal review:princess connect
Story:i like how simple the story goes without any complicated stuff fo understand in this anime and i like how they get serious in the end it might be a bit weak since they change from comedy anime and gets into a sad and serious story in the end
Character:my favorite character was probably momochi because shes realized that what shes doing is wrong because shes serving the person that making poporon family forgot about her existence and start making shadows that taking people souls the determination that she bears it was one of my favorite thing about momochi
Soundtrack:im just love the remix read more
Jul 5, 2020
Mister_Roshi (All reviews)
After looking at the other reviews I felt like I needed to make one from a different perspective as I am genuinely shocked at the high scores people gave this one.

Kazama Mana relies heavily on the previous series in order to really understand what's going on as the majority of scenes kind of jump from one thing to the next with little satisfactory explanation. If you have seen the previous one, then the story is mediocre and nothing of interest still.

The art and animation read more
Jul 5, 2020
Spider5786 (All reviews)
Story 7/10

Simple but fun story Ao Horie has always wanted to escape the influence of her father an erotic author who has on multiple occasions embarrassed her in public with his perverted ways she dedicates herself to study in hope that she could get into a national university and move away from her father.

Her plans receive a major setback when another student Takumi Kijima who she considers a normie confesses to her despite not wanting to get into a relationship or be influenced by her father she soon sees that the influence of her father has had an impact on her mind and that her read more
Jul 4, 2020
Akasuki_Ein (All reviews)
Now this review may be a little bit controversial in the start. Also I played the game for around a year,before I quit, so I have a basic understanding of the in game story as well as the characters.

I preferred this over the repetitive game play of the game. Also I enjoyed the story of this rather then the story given in game. The character designs do a great job of capturing the look of the in game models as well as their quirks. The little Easter eggs throughout the anime were also fun to notice. Now sure this isn't the greatest adaptation of read more
Jul 4, 2020
fushiro (All reviews)
Preview Review 3:
Another spoiler-free review, I'll make this quick. If you're looking for a 90's OVA, here's a great one to pick up. Here's why.

Story - 7
This anime having a plot from the 60's isn't that complex, it's a very episodic mystery-of-the-week deal, that's done very well. I'd say 3 or 4 of the episodes felt a tad slow to me, but most gripping and dramatic. A little larger than life, pushing the medical-based mystery to its peak. This is exactly what I wanted from the show and it delivers.

Art/Sound - 9/7
A rehash of the original Tezuka series, the base character design is very simple. read more
Jul 4, 2020
Hypro (All reviews)
This show was simply amazing for a short anime. It had many features in one anime. Comedy, romance, mystery, super natural and yeah you get the point. Simply a great anime with a great ending. It gave me the same vibes of couple of other amines i watched. It shares many moods as well. This anime is high recommended. For example, the show would have you feeling sad at one point, laughing at one point, curious, and yeah you know what i mean. Charlotte was well written. The animation is a very nice slice of life animation vibe that anyone would enjoy. However, it read more
Jul 4, 2020
rectified_rascal (All reviews)
Kintsugi. “Kin” meaning gold , “tusgi” meaning to join. Do yourself a favor by reading the Wiki page or watch a Youtube video about Kintsugi before you watch this anime (or for that matter, read this review).

For those who can’t be bothered – Kintsugi refers to a Japanese art form where old broken ceramic pottery is repaired using golden lacquer. The idea behind Kintsugi is that an object which is flawed or imperfect is something to be cherished. A perfect ceramic vase is easy to create. However the same vase which over years becomes scratched, chipped, broken and then lovingly repaired – not by read more
Jul 4, 2020
the_Otaku_God (All reviews)
Fireworks while being super hyped was less than satisfying and didn't flesh out the characters or story. The visuals/art was very good in some parts and decent in others until you get the not so good cgi. Art and sound in this movie is probably it's best points because everything else isn't pretty. The story seems to come out of thin air and doesn't explain why he's in love with her. It has the potential to tap into the pass of the characters but just decides to speed by it as if it doesn't matter. The characters are weak and everyone's personalities are the same. read more
Jul 4, 2020
baihe_reader (All reviews)
A seriously disappointing sequel to the original.

How do people find this story inspiring? The only thing I learned from this extremely predictable story is the importance of god-given gifts in determining your fate. Naruto is like- the ninja equivalent of a trust fund kid. His daddy sealed the nine tails inside of him knowing it would give him access to all the best jutsus, the biggest chakra reserves, etc. It gets hard to sympathize with Naruto after the Pain Arc.

If you want a more believable underdog story, watch Black Clover.

I know the war arc wasn't originally intended to be a part read more
Jul 4, 2020
MikliaKori (All reviews)
I have to leave this review because I see so many negative reviews for this show, and I don't think that's fair. It's funny cause I used to agree with those reviews. When I started this show, back when it first premiered, I couldn't stand it. I thought it had way too much fan service, the pacing was bizarre and the characters seemed very one-note and gimmicky. Episode 9 was the breaking point for me, where a goofy moment was thrown in, what was supposed to be, a serious fight scene. I dropped the show out of frustration; I wanted to like these characters, I read more
Jul 4, 2020
S1M1 (All reviews)
The story, despite its short runtime of 11 episodes, is pure quality through and through. It beautifully tells a unique story accompanied by beautiful music, fantastic characters, and incredible animation, especially considering how this anime is from 2014.

Through my 1000+ hours of anime, I have never seen one with this story or any similar. I view the story as two people who were brought up in a horrendous and unjust environment, wishing to dramatically and explosively destroy their tormented past.

The music is a massive help in the anime. It accompanies well with the overall tone and story of the anime, while also making read more
Jul 4, 2020
Trojan_Steroid (All reviews)
Ignorance is bliss indeed. This anime does not deserve the attention it has. Many people say that it is funny. Perhaps they are all new-born weebs or trux fortuita. If you're reading this because you're planning to watch it, piece of advice: watch something else. There's a series that is like this (school conedy with bizarre characters) but a hundred times better and its called saiki kuso no psi nan. You're welcome.

off to my review.

Story: 1
of course a slice of life anime does not have plot. However, I'm talking about the story per episode. It's read more
Jul 4, 2020
Rimmuru192004 (All reviews)
This anime is the first anime that I watched and I was hoping for a second season, but it looks like there's no chance.
But please add another season because these anime is great and I love this anime when I first watch the first episode I thought its not good anime but when I saw that he was reincarnated and have a lot of girls man it so good.
The story is very very good too when is watched this anime I want to die to and reincarnate to that world too because it's nice anime. There's no mistake for these anime.

So please please please read more
Jul 4, 2020
flu0ral_pattern (All reviews)
I just want to start off by saying that people who review music videos based on their stories are hilarious. They're made entirely to be audiovisual stimulation and you're seriously mad that there's not more of a plot?

Kousuke Sugimoto's ability to pull off so many radically different and interesting art styles is really inspirational. He really tries not to nail himself down to any particular focus, which makes exploring anything he makes really interesting.

For Alice in Voodooland, he does this cool, really nightmarish-looking paper cutout style that you'll probably be familiar with if you're a fan of the witch battle segments of Madoka Magica. The read more
Jul 4, 2020
Skeleton_Waifu (All reviews)
Hey you, you're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border? Walked right into that imperial ambush,like us and that thief over there.

Dead Leaves is a cautionary tale of what happens when you put art over reason. And what you get is a damn good trip. Every moment of this movie is action packed with its energetic visual style and breakneck plot development. It will leave you asking yourself, "what did I just watch," as well as, "can I get some more of that please." This film is a true testament to what makes anime work for me. That simply being animation. I want read more
Jul 4, 2020
secretlygreatly (All reviews)
This is a very surprising anime, I was expecting a typical sports anime about soft tennis with some slice of life thrown in but it actually became a very compelling drama about these kids. I don't really get the criticism of it being over-dramatic since the majority of sports animes rarely touch on the deeper background stories of its characters, there's plenty of animes around if you're solely interested in the sport itself (haikyuu, kuroko no basket, diamond no ace, etc) which focus on the sport and rather the characters have development bc they play it. Spoilers below the cut
This is easily one of the read more