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Apr 20, 2018
MonadProxy_ (All reviews)
What to say about this anime? So happy when I saw the annouce on Netflix, it is a mixture between Psycho Pass, 91 days, Ergo Proxy, Death Note, etc. It was all there. I still believe is kinda hard to pull such a bast story in just 12 (in this case) episodes, of course there are series that can do it; but when you produce some many stories inside de main story you start to lose some focus.
Despite the story being kind of confusing at the beginning it reaches a nice ending. I feel the could made a little bit more with the characters, but read more
Apr 20, 2018
chris_dftba (All reviews)
Decades from now, as I lay, slowly freezing from the nigh-inevitable nuclear winter a jingle shall come across my mind.

"Du du du du ramen, daisuki, Koizumi-san."

I shall laugh, wondering where on Earth I heard such a tune, for the anime itself will be long forgotten into a haze of ramen and slurping noises.

TLDR: (Because Myanimelist won't let me write a shorter review)

The most memorable thing about Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles is that mid-scene jingle, which is kinda fun to hum while making ramen noodles. That is to say, I probably won't remember anything about it a year from now.
Apr 20, 2018
AmericanSomnium (All reviews)
So while I can't say that this was from top to bottom the best series I've ever seen, this show had a solid deliverance of it's material. What I mean by that, the tones, the art, the music, and the character all hit for me really well. While I wasn't excessively moved by each piece, and while I didn't feel emotional at all points in this series, they definitely were able to tell their story in a coherent and interesting way.

I would say the closest I came to emotion is in one of the final episodes where they debate machine consciousness and life. However, I read more
Apr 20, 2018
CatSoul (All reviews)
On the surface, the Aggressive Retsuko/Aggretsuko franchise might seem like nothing more than a humorous extension of a marketing ploy. Sanrio's official website sells T-shirts, plushies, water bottles, notebooks, sticky notes, blankets, pen cases, coasters, tote bags, phone cases, and coin pouches of the adorable character and her friends. However, with the help of a solid production team, Netflix's Aggretsuko goes above and beyond, becoming my favorite anime that I've seen so far this year.

Let me start out by saying that I've never even worked in an office before, yet much like kids who somehow enjoy the American/UK live-action series "The Office", I understood the read more
Apr 20, 2018
serjohn01 (All reviews)
Doesnt get any better right there.
thats the shit bro.
fuck me in the ass and call me suzy.
this show brings tears to my eyes thinking about it .
expect robots deaths transgenders homosexuals aliens big boobs small boobs nude-dudes , this is more completing and fulfilling than a full english breakfast.


the jokes are just *smooch* perfection ''mama mia bellissimo''

the high school that ashida attends is full of personalities one of a kind characters so rich , that you smell the gums on your teeth from the smile.
one of ashida's classmate wants to open a flower shop with ashida ,
but ashida's goal in life is read more
Apr 20, 2018
AIMBF104 (All reviews)
I think it's time I write this review again, now that I've seen 27 more episodes and am more than halfway through. The verdict: absolutely nothing has changed in my opinion of this show.

The art is decent; nothing special. Animation can get choppy sometimes, and there's pretty bad CGI villains in a few episodes, but it's not so bad that you'd stop watching.

The sound is the only good thing about this show. Every single opening, ending, and OST is beautiful and amazing to listen to, which is unfortunate given that the show is so poor in its plot and writing that the music more read more
Apr 20, 2018
LancerDarkWright (All reviews)
This review has been removed once before, apparently because it was flagged for being written with "the sole purpose of being "funny"." Which eh, glad someone enjoyed it, but it is meant to be serious. Unless someone was just reporting it due to not liking my opinions.

This review contains spoilers. If you have not seen this anime then I suggest you ignore what everyone else says and watch it immediately so you make your own unbiased judgement. The lass you know the better.

This anime is a legitimate master piece. I say without a hint of irony or comedy. It is a tragedy in real sense read more
Apr 20, 2018
iCoffee (All reviews)
I did literally watched the whole thing in 2h because I surely didn't need anything more to come to my conclusion, a poorly written and animated piece of something.
Your characters can't be any more cliche same as with the majority of the story, the pacing of the events are quite predictable (which itself isn't a bad thing, however taking it as a whole and it's another grain of salt to the wound) and as a result the message of the story is poorly conveyed.
If you're someone who has already watched a fair amount of anime, don't go with high expectations into this one, it won't read more
Apr 20, 2018
serjohn01 (All reviews)
YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS TWICE. there is a huge plot twist towards the end that changes everything , at the beggining is hard to follow but paranoia agent is one of those shows that answers all the questions , its kinda heavy to digest if you are used to watching shounen battle animes , but is definetly worth the effort.
the store revolves around 2 cops , an animator , a prostitute , a dirty cop , a crazy old man , the dirty cop's daughter and 2 middle schoolers.
and what connects them is a series of assaults commited by ''shounen bat'' a serial assault read more
Apr 20, 2018
Evangelion90 (All reviews)
This hentai reminded of my one hot girlfriend, well almost some parts here lol.

The story is about a hot school girl blackmailing her crush, who rejected her proposal of being a couple, as the guy to be a submissive dog for him in which he does.
*spoiler alert*
The man goes in his knees for her and obeys her command like a dog, which reminds me of my girl lol.

Only 2 episodes and it reached a improper conclusion im my opinion. The first episode was hot, being submitted to a hit chick? Hell yesss! But the second episode took a bad turn.
In episode 2 , the read more
Apr 20, 2018
Shrabster (All reviews)
There isn’t much to Tatami Galaxy. A nameless protagonist, here by referred to as Watashi, wants another chance at a “rose colored campus life with a raven haired maiden”. Through mystical means he is granted the opportunity to do so, thus beginning Watashi’s journey for that rose colored campus life he so desperately wants despite the answer being right in front of him. With such a setup there are not many places to go, and Tatami Galaxy quickly finds itself trapped.

Most episodes have the same structure of Watashi joining a club to reach his goal of a rose colored campus life read more
Apr 20, 2018
Rachiba (All reviews)
This is my question: Is the anime better without reading the novel? Because i read the novel and this causes me a discomfort when I see it's animated adaptation.

This anime summarizes the first three novels in only twelve episodes, and this causes that, for those who have read the original work, leave some obvious plot holes.

The first time I saw this anime, I thought the shounen I had was great; but after reading the novels later, I see that this adaptation is very bad, speaking hypocritically. I liked the voice of some characters, but it is not enough to solve the problem with the roles read more
Apr 20, 2018
Saeryun (All reviews)
My first review, then, let's go.
This anime impressed me, I thought it would be more of a generic male idol anime like Uta-Pri, where there is a reverse harem around the protagonist who is a bag of potatoes as always (I'm talking about you Diabolik Lovers), but it was not exactly that.
Although there are love interests between the boys and the girl, the main focus of the plot is to show the background (at least some of it) of the main characters, as well as to show the true face of the Japanese idols industry, how much they need to sacrifice and to what they read more
Apr 20, 2018
Jubilee (Anime) add (All reviews)
Stephen2D (All reviews)
Starting in the same manner like the Italian movie "La Dolce Vita" (in this case with a representation of God flown by three helicopters), "Jubilee " is like the title says, a party showing the life under the threads of time.

Practically, in under 5 minutes, we are shown in a surreal manner a bunch of characters, from the "mechanic boy" who needs a clear objective in life or a bureaucratic mosquito who steps on other people things to a fish-woman with two many fish-masks and a salaryman who reminds us of "Mt. Head" character design. These characters interact with ease, one loves another read more
Apr 20, 2018
rastano (All reviews)
The starts on a sort of confusing and depressing point, and it's fairly mellow, but the world is quite interesting. The main character is interesting but her personality as a bit confused and depressed and hating of her life is a bit under played. The magic of the world is inspiring. The way that the spirits interact with the world is fun and it's harsher side is quite believable. There's a lot pulled from fairy tales and such, which makes it even more fun to watch. The odd character that is Elias is fun to try and parse, but honestly, while the show read more
Apr 20, 2018
ODMAN03 (All reviews)
There are no spoilers in this "review". So if you haven't watched the movie yet, then you won't ruin it by reading this post

This became my favorite anime after I watched. It may be a little unfair because of the budget that is much higher than what anime series usually have. But that doesn't change a thing for me. Here is why I love Your Name.

Something I very much enjoy in anime (and in cartoons) is the animation. How you can show different scenes in so many different ways. This movie does it so perfectly that I can't imagine this film without the amazing art.

Many read more
Apr 20, 2018
Ant3331000 (All reviews)
Every Character had actual substance it was absolutely amazing! I was captivated, enthralled, and disgusted all at the same time. Aside from the excessive amount of gore, which I say fits the setting and story perfectly, The show had me at the edge of my seat wanting more and more to be revealed. sadly no second season came out and will most likely never which kinda makes it more appealing in the sense that it's up to the audience (who haven't read the manga) to make their own guesses and opinions about what might happen and be revealed. Overall amazing would recommend to anyone with read more
Apr 20, 2018
rastano (All reviews)
The interesting thing about Violet Evergarden is that you need to binge watch at least the first few episodes. It does start a little slow, but I think it starts at an appropriate place. The bland character makes sense for where she was after the fight ended. The art direction is wonderful, and while the overall story is interesting, I adored the individual stories more. I might have ended up "happy crying" as stupid people with language problems used letters to help them work through their issues. It was beautiful and I loved it. In this way, Violet's dedicated character read more
Apr 20, 2018
Rasly2 (All reviews)
Do you like a non developing story? Then you gona like this anime. Because for me its the only real complain. Beside this anime is very well drawn and written. The story is light and funny.

However callin it a romance is a bit of a streach because even after you watched this anime you still not sure if those two gona be a couple.

Well if there ever going to be a season then i would rate this anime way better because my complain is that it feels unfinished. But there is a OVA in making so we will see.

And btw since something very similar read more
Apr 20, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
rastano (All reviews)
So I went in to watch people die, because that's the sort of horror that I'm looking for. But the thing is, I feel like the opening gave me the wrong idea of how that would happen, because for some reason I was routing for at least some fun enjoyment like Corpse Party, and instead I was bored. By the time certain characters died, it was obvious who it was. Also, despite a very slow beginning, the eventual gore wasn't anything interesting. I mean, yes there's point where there is blood, and a lot for it, but honestly it's nothing special. read more
Apr 20, 2018
Suberls (All reviews)
The first season became one of my favourite anime. It had really good mix between story and comedy and is the only anime that I've ever laughed while watching. This sequel is for the most part, very similar to the prequel. The only problem I had was the lack of character information; I was yearning the entire anime to just learn more about how the characters ended up in this squalor, but in the end no character backstories were really revealed! This made me so unsatisfied it ruined my day. Since I know this anime won't be continued further, I'm going to hit with read more
Apr 20, 2018
HeckCat (All reviews)
Noein's story line can be a little out there to wrap your head around, though it's not too hard to understand. What makes the story confusing is mechanisms of Noein's multiverse and pretty much just the topic of existences in general, the show explains enough that the viewer can understand the important things.

The story in short: Haruka's a magic mcguffin that the alt-reality people need to save their universe tho Haruka will die if they do, in most universes Haruka dies young leaving Yuu heartbroken.

The arts kinda messy. The 2D parts are loose and sketchy, which feels more read more
Apr 20, 2018
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
LazyPanther (All reviews)
Imagine any generic comedy/harem/action anime with the essential beach/maid-cafe/hot springs episode,
remove the rest of the plot-driven episodes and take out the following:

1- Story
2- Character motivation
3- Any conflict
4- Action
5- Any meaningful relationships

What you are left with is Blend S(hit).

All the characters are one-note to the point that the show itself defines the characters in word each.

This show is just a series of events full of cliches and blatant pandering to otaku culture. There might be a few funny moments but nothing that hasn't been done better in every other generic anime.

A more accurate description of the show will be
"A 26 year old manager of a Cafe read more
Apr 20, 2018
Zaigham_69 (All reviews)
Done with my re-watch of Golden Time and what can I tell you, it did not disappoint.
******The following review may contain heavy spoilers******

~Story 9/10
The story had a great concept in my opinion. Not your traditional highschool boy falls in love with high school girl and some forced drama thrown around. It showed me a real view of how love is from the beginning. Not gonna go too deep into the starting and just gonna address my few concerns with the story. In my opinion, I did not see how it was possible for Linda to hug the ghost Banri towards the end. Moreover, it didn't read more
Apr 20, 2018
CJ_Kiyoruki (All reviews)
My point of view: I didn't read the manga. (Also, if this happens to be relevant to you, I went into this anime not supporting relationships with age gaps like this one)

Story: Although this anime is considered a romance, I honestly like how the main relationship was already set up to fail. The main character was a confused young teen who "fell" in love with a goofy guy in his 40's. Rather than progressing their "romantic" relationship, they explored the factors behind it. Why does she believe that she's in love with a middle-aged man she knows nothing about? What happened to make her feel read more
Apr 20, 2018
Marwan_Ahmed12 (All reviews)
What a Journey! It was a frightening and dramatic experience that made me hold my breath and at the same time it was an exhilarating experience that gave me a feeling of happiness. Unfortunately, some people think that the reason for the fame of the series lies in its change from a slice of life anime to a psychological one. But the story of Higurashi is even higher than that as it has the ability to change your life or at least change your mind of something in your real life. The horror genre was known for the cheap blood that made you bored but read more
Apr 20, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
Hanayamata will probably responsible for implanting the stereotype in Japan of American girls being hyper parkour practitioners who speak near-perfect Japanese and want to recruit everyone into dancing yosakoi. Eh, I guess that beats the idea that American girls in Japan speak near-perfect Japanese with a terrible American accent and absolutely putrid English with a Japanese accent.

This is a show I picked up on a whim-- I had no clue what it was about, the title looked appealing, mainly. I was introduced to Naru's story at the beginning and I was quickly hooked-- I dunno, maybe I have a soft spot for fairy tales.

Like any read more
Apr 20, 2018
diviniaaa (All reviews)
this is my first ever review. pengguna MAL dari indonesia, halo!!

ceritanya dimulai dari nasib kedua protagonis yang hampir mirip kemudian mereka membuat kontrak yha itu ada di sinopsis kan yha~

terus, kenapa kalian harus menonton ini?
and the first episode not even one minute, i said "i have to finish this asap" karena mereka tau banget cara memancing rasa penasaran penonton.
bercerita tentang romansa anak SMA, kegundahan, rasa kesepian, ingin dibutuhkan, melupakan, dan menjadi pribadi yang berani menatap masa depan xixixixix~ apa banget nga gitu~

the characters.. how to explain.. they are great! i have to thanks all the voice actress and actors they made read more
Apr 20, 2018
DYED (All reviews)
Meeting deadlines and expectations, facing stress and anxiety, enduring unlikable coworkers and tedious tasks ... It's all part of being an adult and a member of society. But when too much has been piling up and you reach your boiling point, you got to know how to let some steam off.

This is the story of Retsuko. 25 years old, single, Scorpio, blood type A, just your average positive, kind and uncertain young female employee, who bears a forbidden passion alongside her heart-attack-inducing stressful daily routine.

What comes immediately to attention while watching Aggressive Retsuko (or Aggretsuko for the western audience) are the peculiar pacing and overall read more
Apr 20, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
Gundroog (All reviews)
Throw another one to the pile of “euh” anime. Kokkoku I think accurately gets across the feeling of getting a bus to go somewhere nice and then you miss your stop and get out in a place you don’t know and look pretty bad. What started out as an intriguing thriller that meshed the usual kidnapping scenario with supernatural elements turned out to be a weird supernatural drama that went all over the place instead of focusing what was good about it.

I genuinely liked the beginning of it, first half of Kokkoku stood out to be as anime thriller done right. We kick off read more
Apr 20, 2018
Veertjah (All reviews)

I'll try to contain myself and not spoiler anything. So, make sure you watch this movie if you didn't already.

GOSH did I cry, like from the moment his mother finds that calendar till the moment he's standing in the middle of the school festival.

And there is so much truth in it, knowing damn well what bullying and feels like, it felt so real. And the fact that so many characters had their own feelings and storylines made it so strong.

Story: It involved many storylines but focused on the main characters, as it should. I mean it's not a serie it's a movie. read more
Apr 20, 2018
Otaking09 (All reviews)
Boy, oh boy, trying to advertise, let alone making a solid case as to why one should watch this dinosaur stab at the light novel adaptation romp is an amusing enough attempt for anyone to humor I would say.

A Relic of its Time?:

Make no mistake, my case isn't so lofty since it's down to this reality: In riding the trend that more or less started from the Rie Kugimiya/J.C. Staff works (Shana, Familiar of Zero, Index, Toradora, etc), Kaze no Stigma was one of the few cases that got all the raw basic components to bounce off each other in juuuust the right chemistry balance. read more
Apr 20, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
For those who haven't watched the Girls und Panzer series, there are a few things to keep in mind for maximum enjoyment:
- The whole show is a bit of a joke, from stereotypes of other countries to the increasingly ridiculous tank combat. If you can take a joke, you'll be LOLing at the punch lines; otherwise, I'm sure there's a niche drama out there for you.
- The theme of the series is "friendship wins over all", so even if a character is a totally nasty she-devil at first, eventually you see her soft side. There's one exception to this, but he's (rightly) treated as a read more
Apr 20, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)

Valvbro the Swagnator is an anime about this boy whose name I don't know because I wasn't paying attention, but he has this power of saying female first names in a dramatic way and make them fall for him. Awesome.

The series starts off by bunch of intergalactic nazis attacking the world and destroying our bro's harem life. Not awesome. How does he overcome this nuisance then? By becoming the next swagnator and beating the living shit out of these intergalactic homos, of course. Pretty neat.

From its core, however, Valvbro is not just a Swagnator anime. It's quite bro and villainsome too. Pretty much all the read more
Apr 20, 2018
nokinoks (All reviews)
I don't get it, why did they bring the book and the sprite, the two things the king wanted??

it's not a spoiler since it's literally the first thing that happens. After watching this series I still don't get it, why did they bring it in the first place? Like, wtf. Sure, let's go to the evil king and bring the two things he wants, that's a sound idea of course. What is it with shounen and idiocy?

In any case it's the same thing, bad guy, good guy. One reviewer said that it's hope vs despair, but it's still pretty shallow in its delivery. Demons want read more
Apr 20, 2018
wolfwing (All reviews)
A decent series hampered by it's desire to connect with the next series of games, simular to how signs was conencting to the first set of four games.

Story: the plot sets up and introduces some interesting ideas, that never quite go anywhere as they are all setting up the games, leaving you with a few unanswered questions if you don't play them.

Art and sound: Are decent, I enjoyed them, but nothing really ground breaking I felt.

Characters: You get some glimpses of good characters here, but they feel a little bit limited, and don't always understand their motivations.

Enjoyment and overall: read more
Apr 20, 2018
wolfwing (All reviews)
Ever dream of being something more? Well this robot did, and I enjoyed it, a short series of only nine episodes and each about one and a half minutes. Something about these shorter anime, while the quality isn't always great, they manage to put charm and excitement into them. It's maybe not as good as some other shorts, but I did enjoy watching it all.

Story: Very simple robot wants to help people but keeps messing up, works in alot of ways.

Art: The art is simplsitic in some ways, but really nice in others.

Characters: this read more
Apr 20, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
I rated the original GuP a 9, and that's actually because the original production hit a snag after episode 10, which the cast joke about during a live show:

"Well, you know, we were going for the split 1-cour release. It could be a thing."
"So what were you girls doing during those weeks where you weren't broadcasting?"

I suspect that the production staff actually wanted to do the second round match, but because time/budget was tighter than expected, they basically cut the entire thing out except for the final white flag. It worked as a punch line, but if you enjoyed the series and wanted to see read more
Apr 20, 2018
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
Somz (All reviews)
This review contains minor


that should not impact your viewing experience, or spoil you any secrets or plot points you'd only get to know by the end of it.
Still, if you wish to avoid all spoilers, stop reading it now.

Also, this review includes the 2nd season:
ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen


ReLIFE is a show I've been putting off since it was added to MAL with its synopsis, because I could imagine only two ways it could play out.
One, it'll take a mature approach and tackle real, every-day problems, of both (high school) children and adults alike, through the eyes of the main character, which sounds very interesting to me.
Or read more
Apr 20, 2018
cmccrzy (All reviews)
"Look, a bear has come out of hibernation and is airing out its futon!" - probably the only good part of this film. I'm sharing it so you don't have to watch the whole thing. Okay, older Tenchi with long hair is nice, too.

For whatever reason this film has the worst art style of all three films, while simultaneously getting what looks like a technical upgrade. Faces are squashed. Ears are rectangular. Bodies are smushed. Most of the time the art team cannot seemingly draw boobs in clothing.

I have a thought that maybe the anime team/production company thought "okay, we had a movie where read more
Apr 20, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
TL;DR: Stunning visuals, some great character scenes, but feels incomplete.

I like Kyoto Animation. There, I said it. I realize that of the studios that push visuals over storytelling, KyoAni is up there with some of the worst offenders, but since I actually enjoy moe shows, I cut them a fair amount of slack. There are a handful of KyoAni shows that I didn't really enjoy (Euphonium and Dive!, to name a couple), as well as a couple that I thought were weak (Tamako Market), but even then the visual quality was never compromised.

Story-wise, there isn't a long arc to speak of, so this show is read more
Apr 20, 2018
Karmaeius (All reviews)
So, I knew about the original game this anime was based off for years, having watched multiple let's plays of it and planning to do my own series on the game in the future. It's a pretty basic story, four friends going to try to solve an old mystery of their town in a way that basically makes it feel like a Scooby-Doo episode that has an ACTUAL monster rather than a disguised person, but has it's scary moments and has always been rememberable to me.

This anime, however, takes it in a more comedic route. And honestly, I'm perfectly okay with that, but I don't read more
Apr 20, 2018
donnyderp (All reviews)
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san or "Boku no Forehead" as I like to call it is actually a pretty enjoyable show. I thought this would be just another boring cliche "kids fall in love then suck on each others faces" but I was surprised that it wasnt like that (thank god). The story is a 6/10 because it is just kids and young love but the way the pull it off is pretty funny with all the light heart humor and minor harassment of the sexual variety. The art is a 7/10 because holy crap the character design is the funniest animation style ive ever seen. read more
Apr 20, 2018
CrusaderElly (All reviews)
So the problem with Madoka's 3rd movie is that it's a sequel to the 1st and 2nd movies. Two good movies that stem from a great series, with a good ending. Expectations are high, albeit hesitant, as Rebellion attempts to re-open a strong but concluded franchise.

Let's start with the good!

The art and animation took a step-up while sticking to the source, merging 3d animation with eerie 2d models to bring home the message of lucid madness.

Similarly, the soundtrack is still good! It's the kind you love to listen to again and again after the fact. ^^

There are some issues with the characters and the story, read more
Apr 20, 2018
cmccrzy (All reviews)
Hey it's the incest Tenchi movie, where Demona from "Gargoyles" is the final boss! ...Sigh.

Somehow this one makes even less sense then the first film, unless you assume that everyone is drunk the whole time. But at least the sub voice acting is better. I think the dub delivered Yuzuha's last/second-to-last line better, though.

So Yuzuha had a crush on kid!Yosho, and got... banished when she was caught? And suddenly she spies on the Masaki gang in the present and decides to... create a person from her hair and the grandson of her crush? To infiltrate(?) the Masaki home and kidnap Tenchi? I get that killing read more
Apr 20, 2018
arch_senpai (All reviews)
this is the 1st time i watched shounen ai anime nor i interested in this genre. so i'll try to give my honest point here. if this genre is targetting to the female audience, perhaps it will not catch their interest that much since this story is about 3 people (love triangle) which include love from the present & the past.
the backstory is too long to be told (took 4-6ep). it depends on what you like. if you're originally is a shoujo person, you probably not enjoy much (considering love triangle). but if you like drama, this is for you. the main character (tanmoku ki) read more
Apr 20, 2018
madmaxypoo (All reviews)
Speed review: 9/10, hits all the points the general "slice of life" tries to do.
You read these reviews to skim and see if you want to watch this anime or not, here is a good checklist:
+If you're "A" then continue alllll the wayyyy down, if you're "B" just stop there.

A. If you love sitting down and listening to someones boring life story over a game of complicated Chess (Shogi) then this anime is for you.
B. If you don't like board-games and listening to someones life story sounds boring to you then this anime isn't for you.

Summary: You follow the life of some kid read more
Apr 20, 2018
TevishSzat (All reviews)
Overall Impressions: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a good show all around. It's entertaining, usually funny, and sometimes very dramatic when it wants to be, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Personally, I would liken this show to the Mark Z. Danielewski novel "House of Leaves". Like House of Leaves (or at least its most internal story, the Navidson Record). Part of this is the genre -- Both are stories that contain elements of horror but, ultimately, are more romances. A larger part, however, is the novel use of the medium that both works indulge in. As House of Leaves is read more
Apr 20, 2018
fazacc203 (All reviews)
The spring is about to end...

After my fourth re-watching, I'm able to put this on my review. One thing for sure, I'm not crying anymore. LOL. But still, an amazing anime.

This anime is one of very first anime that I watch and the first anime to swim to the world of anime. Actually I hate watching an anime especially this one. But this anime truly change my life as a whole.

When this anime came out at fall 2014. I fell a sick. A very serious illness that inevitably have to operation. Some doctors said that I may not survived. The sad news spread to entire read more
Apr 20, 2018
MysteriousFardin (All reviews)
Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale, A movie supposedly set after SAO, 2.
Let's start with the Synopsis:

In 2026, four years after the infamous Sword Art Online incident, a revolutionary new form of technology has emerged: the Augma, a device that utilizes an Augmented Reality system. Unlike the Virtual Reality of the NerveGear and the Amusphere, it is perfectly safe and allows players to use it while they are conscious, creating an instant hit on the market. The most popular application for the Augma is the game Ordinal Scale, which immerses players in a fantasy role-playing game with player rankings and rewards.

Following the new craze, read more