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Feb 16, 2019
Thedude3445 (All reviews)
This show is awful, terrible garbage, the kind of trash that is the reason why so many people are hesitant to admit they watch anime. The premise alone is horrible and unappealing.

And yet it's pretty good somehow.

I would compare this type of absolute trash entertainment to the movie Venom. It's pretty objectively a poor work, but you're having so much ridiculous fun that you can ignore that and just go along for the ride.

So yeah, this is an anime about ghosts and time loops and asteroids and robot scientists and superheroes and gene editing and gender identity and government coverups and school bullying and cat read more
Feb 16, 2019
Craftyslr (All reviews)
What an interesting film.

I've never truly seen anything quite like this movie, and I find myself thinking about it quite often.

The story is very simple, yet very complex at the same time. Just about two little cat boys who ride a giant train and travel across the universe, in it all being a metaphor for dying and being taken to heaven.

While this film is very slow and can drag at moments, its extremely atmospheric. The inside of the train and the cats are nothing special but some of the backgrounds are STUNNING. Things like the giant cross and fields seen from the train look very read more
Feb 16, 2019
Timmytimtam (All reviews)
a question people have pondered from the beginning of time, "what is the meaning of life?" we may never learn the true answer.


it's been over a year since i first saw a glimpse of baoh, i knew then, this was something special. here i am today, having watched baoh, a changed man. blueboy's sacrifice has changed my life once again.

the story of baoh is something utterly mindblowing, i'm fairly sure the feeble human mind cannot handle the entirety of the genius of this 47 minute ova. i'd describe baoh's story, but it truly is so incredibly deep that it's even larger read more
Feb 16, 2019
Schzzy (All reviews)
I've watched the SAO series back when I had only just begun watching anime. Since then, my taste in anime has matured a lot. For that reason I cannot compare my enjoyment from back then and the one I got from watching this movie. I can't compare the plot or characters, as the eyes that once saw Sword Art Online are now long gone. I loved it back then, and watching this movie makes me feel like I was right to enjoy it. Makes me doubt all the hate it was given. However, now I see that the plot is pretty bad. It feels like read more
Feb 16, 2019
Plk_Lesiak (All reviews)
It's a bit of an eerie experience giving my first 10 on MAL to this kind of slice-of-life anime, but I honestly couldn't do anything else - in its own category, A Place Further Than the Universe is an absolute masterclass and I couldn't find any real negatives about it. It provided way more than I've ever expected considering the premise and charmed me to no end.

The characters are full of personality and charming, but above all, they constantly feel human. Especially the main girls themselves and flawed and troubled in relatable ways, but while the show has moments where it focuses on their personal read more
Feb 16, 2019
itzDixie (All reviews)
What can i say? I love this anime, i readed LN and i really enjoyed it, and the anime is well made in adaptating from it.
I really love Raphtalia as a Heroine of the story, she is just saikou :3.
My Overall score is obviously 10 out of 10 becouse im obsessed with the story after reading source. (Imo top1 Isekai that was ever made and i hope the anime will be only better by next episodes, I hope it does :D)
The opening theme is dope (Top3 with DnK and Neverland in this season).
Ending i really love the idea of telling Raphtalia feelings in it to read more
Feb 16, 2019
krazykombat (All reviews)
Samurai Champloo is one of those anime's in which I wrote off because of the characters, in a sense I judged this book by it's cover. The characters did not seem to be one's that I would get behind and the story did not seem to be one that I thought I would enjoy but boy was I wrong. Before actually sitting down to watch, I caught a few episodes here and there on Toonami on Adult Swim. For those of you who have not watched Samurai Champloo yet or have been putting it off, I would highly recommend watching it.

Art and Story 9/10:

Just as read more
Feb 16, 2019
BlackIndigo (All reviews)
This is your typical lets feel pity for the protagonist just because we say so type anime. The writers go out of their way to try to justify the actions of the protagonist even when the protagonist is clearly in the wrong. Ep 2 he takes a slave girl (Raphtalia) as his companion and the writer justify this by claiming "his a kind master". The slave falls in love with him simply because his kind giving the typical submissive female feel.
Meanwhile the slave being clearly underage the try to justify this bs by saying demi-humans automatically grow to adulthood once they level up.

The read more
Feb 16, 2019
Markhiel (All reviews)
Story: SSSS.Gridman's story keeps following the tradition of original anime series produced by Trigger, since the time the team worked in Gainax. This tradition that comes from Evangelion, Gurren Laggan and recently Darling in the franxx have at its core two root elements: Giant Robots and Gnosticism. This formula may have dragged many fans over the time but it's getting more and more predictable and boring. They try to give it a new cover mixing elements from tokusatsus, from which the original Gridman comes. It does add a special flavor to this whole gnostic experience, but it's questionable if that flavor really harmonizes with the read more
Feb 16, 2019
SunnyRacc (All reviews)
This is somewhat to get my thoughts out on the season after a second watch, but nonetheless still a review.

Pretty much the synopsis. But to go further in depth, this season focuses on Hanekawa and her as a person. Showing her fragile side but also how she's somewhat conceited against her parents. In the end, she is flawed in the way she acted when getting hit, but her parents are wrong for hitting her. No one "wins" in that scenario. Without spoiling much, the story progresses with araragi helping Hanekawa get rid of the sawari neko which then turns to a new apparition, black Hanekawa. read more
Feb 16, 2019
Eoussama (All reviews)
Well, well, well, what do we have here? A 15 seconds long One Piece short? Why not? Using simple common sense, you can get a pretty clear idea of what this is going to be, nothing that heaving on an adventure or world building.

The whole thing might as well be called a sneaky commercial, one tactical way to correctly day give u your money, I know I would. One Piece scratch cards are the good they are trying to push here, nothing too interesting unless you had some serious excessive obsession of owning everything One Piece you see.

I like the shortness of it, I like read more
Feb 16, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
Anime is a diversified medium with a distinct edge over western animation in appealing to a cohort of people who seek adult-oriented content, instead of the typical adolescent subject matter of a conventional Disney film. Notwithstanding, anime, in general, contains numerous trappings that detract from the otherwise positive aspects of the medium itself. Hence why a large majority of people still view the medium as a surrogate for young-adults whom wish to escape from the rigors of everyday life, and vicariously live through their favorite character(s). Not much unlike a girl who envisions herself as a beautiful princess, or a boy who read more
Feb 16, 2019
Capitalism_Hater (All reviews)
"I Want to Eat Your Pancreas" is one of the worst excuses for a movie I have ever seen!

There will be spoilers! This review goes out to people who have seen the movie. If you liked it, please note that this is my own opinion, no need to bash on me. If you disliked it then this review is for you.

This movie starts off with our main girl, who is annoying, very annoying. She has no manners, forgets about the rules of the library (basically shouts all the time and annoys readers around her), and does not respect main character's privacy. She also read more
Feb 16, 2019
Demarcation (All reviews)
To keep it short, a good story ruined by pathetic characters.


While the show did handle quite successfully the character development of, namely, Tamiya Ryouko, and Izumi to some degree, my main problem with the show is that most of other side/ supporting characters are either underdeveloped or just completely pointless and idiotic.

We need to consider the general public of this "artificial world" as a whole, viewing this show does remind me of Mirai Nikki, and in that show pretty much every single character has something called "stupidity" to it. Parasite falls victim to the same issue, words along can't describe how idiotic some read more
Feb 16, 2019
Nirvash-0 (All reviews)
Everyone knows how isekai shows work; main character is whisked away into a different world, and throughout the series they learn and adapt to their new surroundings. I'll just tell it like it is.

Shield-hero in its core doesn't bring anything inherently amazing or innovative to the table when it comes to isekai or even anime in general. It only differs in how it begins its story, namely the main character Naofumi being betrayed and branded a criminal. That is what sets it apart from the crowd of other isekai. The shield-hero isn't just given the keys to the kingdom from the first day, he initially read more
Feb 16, 2019
LelouchviBritMER (All reviews)
This movie was a big disappointment as it was nothing more than mere fan service. It can't persuade that it was ever more than just a cheap attempt at a quick cash grab.

There was no story to tell, so instead they went with easy fan service. It's as if they googled some fan stuff and threw what they found in a cauldron and let it boil until stuck together a little bit. This movie is nothing more than shipping, shipping, shipping and the most hilarious "no, but also yes" stance on a popular theory.

- Without going into spoiler territory first a history lesson to explain read more
Feb 16, 2019
Azymaster (All reviews)
Art: 10

This movie was made just to showcase art. Thats really it. The artstyle is amazing . It was like looking at an art gallery.

Story: 5

Story is mediocre at best..


Didint really like the sound of it but that could be just me.

Character: 2

The characters dont really have a personality in this one.. Characters are just there really and thats it. They are there to showcase the different landscapes .

Personal Enjoyment: 6

I liked it . I liked lookin at art. The ending was ok. A bit sad actually .

Overall: 7

It was a nice relaxing movie , but nothing more than that.
Feb 16, 2019
Ditto_07 (All reviews)
World End is a great show with an organic romance. That being said, it suffers from many different issues on many fronts that must be overlooked to get to the root of this experience.
The romance and character development of most of its main cast but it suffers from pacing and issues with characters that are caused by this anime's 12 episodes run time. The main cast of young children in the orphanage are decent supporting characters but the most important one, being Tiat, receives enough screen time to seem important but is not made relevant enough to the plot even read more
Feb 16, 2019
kono_baka (All reviews)
Here is my take on this: Touken Ranbu Hanamaru is not meant to be an "adaptation of the game," it is meant to be a gift to the game players.

People who give low score are mostly people who haven't played the game, which in fact does prove my point. You just gotta admit that you are not the target audience of this anime. And yes, anime is allowed to have a specific target audience. A good anime does not have to please everyone.

Why do I say this series is a "gift" to the game players? Because if you have ever played this game, read more
Feb 16, 2019
kamiyunz (All reviews)
This is a pretty good show. But that's it. In fact, had i not read the manga and been completely destroyed, i might not last down the road. But i'm interested in if and how they'll animate some scenes.
Speaking of the manga, i wouldn't recommend unless you're ready to be murdered, resurrected, then just absolutely shredded. I have massive respect for the author. I hadn't cried for a very long time. Until this morning when it hit me again.
There is no way that the anime can match the manga. But that's okay. I don't expect or even want it to come close.
Feb 16, 2019
Ryu_Hail (All reviews)
How do i go about explaining Spirited Away...

Nothing about it is amazing, not the story nor the sound nor the art... Nothing!!

But its one of the greatest things that come to my mind after pepperoni on pizza...
Its so goddamn phenomenal, it somehow rewires your brain because 2 seconds after watching it, i had no clue where i was, i had no clue what i was doing and i had no clue about what to watch after... So instead I watched it again and again and again, 4 times over in one sitting...

Its like a horror movie that completely relies on randomness and jump read more
Feb 16, 2019
ILikePieOsu (All reviews)
Although only one episode has been made, I have been mind blown. This review will be the straightforward and to the point. Immediately anime receives full marks for very specific reasons. One such reason is the realism that is brought upon the story-line. In my many years of watching anime and reading manga, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is the first anime that depicted the protagonist opening up a book to the FIRST page. Although such a detail may seem minuscule, I believe that the slight details in arranging the situations throughout the first episode is incredible. Not only that, but the details made read more
Feb 16, 2019
mgqrow (All reviews)
I loved the first season of JoJo and came into this one expecting to see some more awesomeness here with season 2 (Stardust Crusaders).

BUT... the problem I found early on is that they took everything which made the first season great, then ripped it out transforming it into something else that I feel like I didn't sign up for.

It is more like watching a Persona show now... seriously, you took out the cool Hamon powers for these cheap unorignal Stands (basically some sort of psychic pet) things? Every fight now is just a boring pokemon fight now while the 'trainers' just look on. Gone read more
Feb 16, 2019
OVERPOWERED99 (All reviews)
ART - 8

Cathartic in nature, GochiUsa is a heartwarmer that has its roots in providing contentment—similar to the relaxation one can feel from sipping freshly-brewed coffee. With an ample amount of lovable charms and a cuteness as cute as the twitches of a bunny's nose, it's the ideal to show to hearten oneself. I mean, just look at my smiling face!

But let's be clear first. The show doesn't have the most imaginative story as it follows pretty much all the things other CGDCTs have. Instead, it's in its setting—a town with European resemblances—that gives GochiUsa a special read more
Feb 16, 2019
MephistoChan (All reviews)
This is a light romance, more comedy anime for the weekend.
Characters were generally well developed, and the relationship between them really evolved too. From the first episode to the very last you create a connection with them and that's very cool.
The story is fine, probably too many cliches, but I really laughed hard sometimes. It's very positive and the boys are charming.
The only BIG problem si the ending, which is very unsatisfaying and predictable, I wish they took the romance situation more seriously, but they didn't.
In the end, is not an amazing anime, but it gives you some joy.
Feb 16, 2019
khimoc (All reviews)
i made an account just to write this review, 'cus as of now, even if this 2nd season was only half the way in, it's score of 6,74 compared to the 1st season's score of 6,76 is a crime. i know the score here doesn't mean much but i despise the 1st season and hate that someone who've only watch the 1st season or just getting into the series think that the two season are the same, or the 1st is a little better.

no, they don't.

as a fan of idol anime, the 1st season of B-pro is an insult to me and to the whole read more
Feb 16, 2019
Skana (All reviews)
The world is perfect because it has lived its imperfection, undergoing its heavy consequences. But, as it should be, true perfection must be imperfect to make sense of existence. Power, an abstract concept often associated with the valiant deeds of a select few, is the 'perfect' normality in the world designed by Yusuke Kishi. It is not in fact man to have power, but the whole community. No difference, but only education towards the good. No one is superior, if not the collective will. No one can therefore afford to use power against one of its peers, cracking perfection. In short, power is the first read more
Feb 16, 2019
Malatawy (All reviews)
in just a a few words fairy tail is the most lovable and memorable anime of all time and i have watched all the famous fantasy, action or shounen animes out there but this, this is a wonderful journey from the beginning to the end.
the characters are well written and despite they are much every character is important to the story line and all characters are great
for the story itself i will say nothing but please watch the anime and you will know it is one of the greatest stories ever made the twists and the time line skips and the flashbacks are all amazing read more
Feb 16, 2019
Iki_ (All reviews)
Clannad, what do you know about Clannad? Clannad is known as a series that has an ability to make their watcher cry like a baby. At first sight, I thought it’s just an overreact from community. I have a strong confidence with myself, the confidence that I won’t drop a single of tears when it comes to watching an anime, a fiction story to be exact. I’m starting to watch Clannad because I want to tell people to stop overreacting every single thing.

Clannad (first season) is a great drama series, but that’s all. I’ve lost some interest to continue it because I feel I’m not read more
Feb 16, 2019
nya13 (All reviews)
Saint Seiya fans who understands what that series was trying to teach/show us will understand this new adaptation! And no, it's not a complete remake with girl Saints and a girl replacing Pegasus Seiya... This is not an anime like Sailor Moon either. This one is much better and full of emotions. You can't help but root for the main characters and hope for the best... The story is actually happening during the original series of Saint Seiya that aired in the 80s. There may be some slight plot holes here and there, but overall, it ties in perfectly read more
Feb 16, 2019
Betelgeuse420 (All reviews)
Working!! suffers from a slow buildup. For an anime viewer that shuffles between shows, Working!! could easily be dropped after 3 episodes if you are sufficiently impatient.

Fortunately, as the web of characters are built up, the pace becomes better and the story more enjoyable. The characters may not strike you as interesting from the start, but at the end, they become some of the most enduring ones. Some of the interactions may be repetitive but they reinforce the character's personality and background. In fact, this repetition creates a sense of familiarity for the following episodes.

Overall, it is a good anime. This premier season read more
Feb 16, 2019
DarkMageNeko (All reviews)
I just finished Tokyo Ravens and the finale was pretty thriling. The whole series was actually a bit boring except some scene. I was starting to think it's a bad anime but the final proved me wrong.
Story:(10/10): I really liked how the creator created a new world there. It full of creativity. All of those spells, familiar and so. Natsume vs Yakou Devotees wasn't an interesting story but The Final Arc made it a really good story. The whole thing about Raven Coat andd Othomo Jin's true identity excited me so much!

Art:(8/10): I really didn't like the drawings at some times. read more
Feb 16, 2019
GJ-bu (Anime) add (All reviews)
SmuttyBerry (All reviews)
This show pulled me in with the art. Its light and pretty and all the reviews seem to be surprisingly high. So i thought I'd give it a shot. The first episode didn't land for me so I kept watching and watching until I had finished the entire series.
I felt like I had wasted my time with this one. Its like a dumbed down version of every Slice Of Life anime out there. Nothing really happens, there's no conflict, character development,obstacles or anything. This in itself is fine. but paired with the fact that these characters are so boring it just makes for 12 episodes read more
Feb 16, 2019
Madmatt505 (All reviews)
I was a big fan of last season, but already 3 episodes in I already know this is going to be a dull long ride. At least the last season had a come up story to make it interesting, but from what I have seen of this season it is all piano performances that the anime interprets for you. Watching the anime and having it tell you what to feel as you listen to slow performances of lazily animated piano playing is very boring. At least the last season had funny piano playing cg to entertain you. While competitions can work in Anime, it heavily read more
Feb 15, 2019
Jorge24 (All reviews)
Story starts out slow and feels like a bunch of vanilla characters living in happy happy land.
Harshness of war is revealed, tragedies happen, pop-idol princess is forced to grow up, the story gets good.

While seemingly shallow at first, this anime gets really deep into the internal conflicts that arise within soldiers in a war-thorn situation. It asks questions such as what is "right"? and what is "wrong"? As the characters from both sides of the war are developed, you can't help but take a liking for characters of both sides. What once seemed like the enemy has been humanized by showing that the "bad guys" read more
Feb 15, 2019
otaku_mcface (All reviews)
This anime was easily a mix of several different parts of stories from other manga/anime which was placed into one, creating a bit of a mess.
Such anime/manga include:
the inside and outside world of Attack on Titan, Erza's backstory with Jellal from Fairytale, D.Gray-Man's final arc premises, and personally, it reminded me of the manga version of Circue du Freak (very good please check out).

I'm also sort of writing this for the second season since they are very similar in structure. I feel like it's all very messy and the main character doesn't seem to stick to a goal. It's like it's leading me read more
Feb 15, 2019
dyjoshua1129 (All reviews)
It was boringly decently finely okayly eh.

Girl has crush on boy when they were middle school. Girl shunned because she was too cute. Boy transferred schools. They meet again in high school, but it's like they don't know each other anymore. Cool concept. Really.

I sure do hope that the manga would be better at explaining things than the anime since I do not see any signs of season 2, so yeah. The details of each person felt very lacking. Even though the whole anime was focused on developing the characters and making the audience understand them, it was just not enough. And that's it. It read more
Feb 15, 2019
ZB_Blades (All reviews)
The uber popular Boku No Hero Academia is here with its very first movie. When it comes to shows like this, I can't help but feel they are promotional cash grabs meant to sucker people in who already love the show. It just so happens that I am one of those suckers. The very moment this movie was announced I knew I had to watch it and decide for myself whether it was a hollow replica or something that can stand on its own merit.

Story- 7

This might as well have been called All Might the Movie because he is what drives this story's plot and read more
Feb 15, 2019
Kudoshi_ (All reviews)
Non-spoiler review

I have always been curious about why FMA:B is rated no.1 in MyAnimeList. After watching it, I understood completely why it is rated no.1. Its very enjoyable anime for all ages and all kind of people. It has the right balance between pacing of the story and fighting scenes. Just the right mix to create a legendary anime.

I love how each and every episodes are VERY consistent on the quality and each of the episodes are very important on its own. I also love how everything concludes and there were no plotholes or any of those kind. I love how the story is read more
Feb 15, 2019
anodasin (All reviews)
At first i get trapped on the stereotype about an ordinary story about one boy tried to get along with his harem. Then, i tried to watch at least 3 episode. Okey it's so mainstream. I stop to watch it for a week. I put this anime on hold (plan to be dropped).

And this week i watch the next 3 episode. I start to realize that this anime is not bad as i expected earlier. The story might be ordinary. But something that also primarily important for an anime is the CHARACTER.

We might have such a boring life with innumerous repeated routine. But read more
Feb 15, 2019
dealbob (All reviews)
This show pretty much has everything you could want:

-Boob physics accurately represented
-Characters are like real people with real motivations
-Main character is a pu$$y
-All the girls like the main chara - just because
-Water slides but with yogurt instead of water
-Girl who deap-throats various phallic shaped foods
-Mechas for some fucking reason

I'm posting a long portion of the Communist Manifesto so this review is long enough to post:

" The history of all hitherto existing society (b) is the history of class struggles.Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master (c)andjourneyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to oneanother, carried on read more
Feb 15, 2019
Reivu (All reviews)
Anime with protagonists being pulled into video game worlds, or worlds patterned after video games, are pretty common these days. Some of them are very good, whereas others are idiot wish-fulfillment harem garbage with non-existent plots. So when another offering in this genre is released, the first question I have is usually what will make this one different?

If you watch the initial episode, you'll soon learn what makes it different. What starts with a light happy-go lucky tone, quickly takes a darker turn. In doing so, this anime quickly demonstrates what sets it apart from the others. Our protagonist isn't just at odds with an read more
Feb 15, 2019
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
"Too little, too late" is a painful phrase.

After 12 episodes of broken nonsense, this show somehow got a second season that attempted the impossible: being a competent sequel to The Asterisk War. By some miracle, it succeeded. Not to say that this show is even remotely good now, but this second season somehow turned being awful into an accomplishment. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or depressed.

Part of why this second season managed to improve upon the first one is that it actually makes an attempt to have dynamic characters, giving every character something to do, posing an actual threat for the main character, read more
Feb 15, 2019
MarcoZero (All reviews)

An anime that is adapted from manga "Real girl", yea this story tells about a very popular girl in their highschool and a otaku guy who only has 1 best friend. He is like an anti social guy who never interact with other people except his otaku best friend. The interesting story start from here.

If you want to find unusuall romance, you could start this show


Art : 5

SMH, i don't know why, but i think this show art is pretty bad. compare to other old anime that has been released in 2006, that art was better than this art. read more
Feb 15, 2019
dealbob (All reviews)

This show takes a phat, steaming, dump on the manga by making an altered rendition of the original story that does a horrible job of explaining what is the hell is going on.


The animation is nice and fluid, but the show looks god-awful. Characters are often drawn inconsistently with differing disgusting, lengthy, proportions.


Does a good job. I like the soundtrack... except the lame-ass intro. WHY DIDN'T YOU USE THE NEW VERSION OF Débilman No Uta? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Ryo is the best example of why the characters have been significantly downgraded. Ryo and Akira basically have no relationship other than childhood flashbacks. Ryo just read more
Feb 15, 2019
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
Towards the end of 2015, two light novel adaptations became notable for sharing startling similarities between them. Chivalry of a Failed Knight was considered somewhat refreshing, occasionally playing around with awful tropes and channeling the power of competent screenplays and exciting directing to turn a school battle LN adaptation into something worth watching. Conversely, The Asterisk War failed to meet even the basic requirements to function as a generic work of fiction. It's barely worth the effort it takes to write about it, let alone animate it.

Before we start, I dare one of you to make a thread or a blog showcasing the exact amount read more
Feb 15, 2019
krazykombat (All reviews)
I have always been back and forth with this series. On one hand it's art is outstanding, the voice acting is top tier, and it takes the shounen cliches and makes them good. But on the other hand, it's characters are cliche as well and the building is very slow, especially for this season. Before the die hard fans jump up my butt, I am not calling this series bad but what I am saying is that the first season does not do the series justice.

Story 6/10:

The story is nothing special with this anime. It follows the same formula as other shounen anime with it's read more
Feb 15, 2019
SunnyRacc (All reviews)
I'm still not too good at Reviews so feedback is appreciated. Anyways onto the review of my favorite season of one of my favorite anime series, the monogatari series.

*Read the synopsis for some info*
Now that you've read it. Lets go a bit more in depth without spoiling anything. Araragi koyomi throughout the series attempts to help those around him and they usually have Supernatural maladies/ oddities that have formed from within them whether it be from feelings or events. Throughout the story not only do you explore araragi and him as a character but also senjougahara, hachikuji, kanbaru, Hanekawa, nadeko and their struggles which some read more
Feb 15, 2019
trivia_lover (All reviews)
TL;DR - It's probably enjoyable if you make it past the first episode.

Disclaimer: As someone who dropped the series after the first episode, I'm probably not a reliable source for any plot content, and therefore I cannot spoil anything. However, I will do my best to evaluate this series based on what I have watched, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

STORY: 6/10

I really didn't like the story.

Our anime starts out at some kind of cafe of sorts, where a group of men are sitting and exhibiting what the directors seem to think is "manly behavior."

I'm pretty sure that, in real life, read more
Feb 15, 2019
Rimzyy (All reviews)

This is by far the worst season of Date a Live. I can't believe I am wasting my first review on this garbage, but I have to put it out there as this is sadly probably the worst season of any anime I've ever seen in my personal opinion. You may not agree with me in this review, and I do not want to soil anybody's feelings of the show, so be warned that you may not like me trash talking this show. Proceed with an open mind please.

I was relatively a fan of the first season of read more