Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

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Alternative Titles

English: Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-
Synonyms: Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
Japanese: 月が導く異世界道中


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 7, 2021 to Sep 22, 2021
Premiered: Summer 2021
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 23:00 (JST)
Producers: Nichion
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: C2C
Source: Light novel
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.761 (scored by 4877148,771 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #9282
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Popularity: #1117
Members: 155,769
Favorites: 1,639

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Sep 22, 2021
KANLen09 (All reviews)
Isekai by itself is a huge genre spanning lots of good and bad iterations, but parody series like KonoSuba's are really far and few in-between just to shake up the AniManga scene by sheer, pure undulated mockery of its tried-and-true genre of many sorts. And Kei Azumi's Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu is one of those works where strangely, there isn't any amount of hype and marketing prowess behind it. But if there's one thing I want to make it clear about this show, is that I can guarantee that this is one of the low-key better Isekai shows of the Summer season.

Rightaway, put off read more
Jul 28, 2021
SpRayquaza11 (All reviews)
Isekai parody can be huge, some of us already know why,

Plot : reverse isekai + isekai since some of the MC family is actually from the isekai world you will know when you watch the first episode what I meant. It is more light-hearted and fun and adopts from major isekai hits for example the MC is put on a pedestal by his people like slime, the MC is overpowered and has similar overpowered subordinates as in overlord, He is given the short end of the stick when it comes to abilities like in shield hero , And the girls seem like they would be read more
Sep 22, 2021
DannyTheDonkey (All reviews)
Here we go again with another isekai with super powerful MC to dive into, but to keep things fresh, we need tweaks. So, what’s the tweaks here? Apparently in exchange of his superpower our hero was reborn not as a human, so to speak: he’s incapable of speaking human language, the other gimmicks is that he was cursed to be so so ugly to the eye of humans. Remember that SpongeBob episodes where everyone ‘s running away from him because he had a smelly breath? that’s the kind of gimmicks that the show goes into. Isekais are a dime a dozen, so you do need read more
Jul 30, 2021
Koumazoku (All reviews)
Countless isekais have been pumped out of the anime industry over the years, and this is no exception.

This anime includes:
Overpowered main character: ✓
Heroines that are also slightly overpowered: ✓
Moe and dere: ✓
Saving lolis: ✓
Making monsters into cute anime girls: ✓
Gods and deities: ✓

This anime does not include:
Truck kun: 𐄂
Ridiculous amount of fanservice: 𐄂

Now to the real review (May include very minor spoilers)
Story: 7/10
This anime as said follows the isekai formula very closely, however it has its own twist and turns. Overall the plot is very simple and some messages are unclear.

Art: 5/10
The art and animation isn't bad nor read more
Sep 22, 2021
skysurf (All reviews)
An enjoyable isekai that makes you think of the good aspects of other shows. Imagine the comedy style of Konosuba, world building of Slime (on speedrun), power fantasy like Overlord, and a bit of dark aspects like Re:Zero.

The MC has a meme harem with a couple of waifus that have unique and quirky personalities. The plot progresses rapidly and the world is established quickly. Supporting characters are added to the story without having to wait a full "arc" on them.

Production wise, the animation has good quality, the art style is nice, the character designs feel unique and you can perceive the artists put a lot read more
Jul 28, 2021
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
Normally I wouldn't be too fond of these types of shows. But there is just something about this, that has it's own charm. Hell, the description of the show, honestly gave me a fair few laughs. While it still follows certain Isekai tropes, it's still pretty fun in it's own right. If you're looking for that kind of show, then this might be for you!

The story is basically the main interest of this show, which really drives it. After all, this isn't some quest to fight the demon lord at the end, Imagine being moved here, only to be kicked away cause of your looks. read more
Sep 22, 2021
winkcutie (All reviews)
Tsukimichi is a very messy anime. Yet, it works. It's funny, it's enjoyable, it has good twists on the tropes in it and relatable characters. It's actually pretty damn good. The only complain I have would be the possessive harem trope, which I really hate, but that's not such a big problem given all the good parts about it.

The premise sounds interesting, and altough it's not really something new since it's more like a mashup of tropes with ocasional twists, it isn't boring at all and it actually lives up to the expectations. The MC ends up in a different world (yet not after dying, read more
Aug 6, 2021
singhisking (All reviews)
"Do the popular girls at your school reject you? Are you tired of this world not valuing your existence? Want to feel like a chad for a short while? Oh boy do we have a solution for you.
and you thought only Solo leveling can fit in that statement.

This anime follows pretty much the same setting as any other isekai and creates mildly entertaining scenario for the MC to keep getting new 'Strong' females for which the watcher/reader can insert themselves to get some wish fulfillment. I mean thats the only reason anime like this sells anyway.

IN terms of story, we have the same old isekai read more
Sep 22, 2021
Stark700 (All reviews)
You ever got into trouble at school and put into detention for something ludicrous? First phase is the denial, then comes the anger. That sort of reminds me of the reaction I got after watching Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. Yes, this show is a ludicrous anime adaptation.

To the surprise of probably no one, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu's anime announcement was about as inevitable as any other popular light novel in these years. Kei Azumi's light novel takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the endless isekai trend. Here, we have a boy named Makoto Misumi who gets summoned to a world by read more
Aug 19, 2021
NB_Tenchy (All reviews)
Tl;dr I am both glad and frustrated to say that this series came out very well for what it is. You don't need to read the manga or LN to thoroughly enjoy this series.

Story: 7.
It's your typical Isekai trope setting but with the mind about what it is, taking itself seriously but still throwing jokes and gags at you. Our protagonist takes a dig at the setting being an isekai in the first 30 seconds of the first episode and the self aware but not 4th wall breaking serious humor doesn't fail to come at you right when it needs to. The read more
Sep 22, 2021
AnimeEnjoyer420 (All reviews)
Recommendation: A solid comedy series for most of its runtime until one of the most ill-conceived dark twists you'll ever see burns an entire season's worth of goodwill in half an episode. Almost worth watching just to see what a mess the writer turns this thing into by the end of the season, but I can't actually recommend it just for that. Contains spoilers for the final 2 episodes

Story: Tsukimichi follows Makoto, an ordinary high school kid, as he is taken to a standard isekai fantasy world to fulfill a contract that his parents made with the goddess of that world when they read more
Sep 16, 2021
lesfiches1600 (All reviews)
Let's begin this review by saying that it's a great execution of an Isekai. If you are looking to the reviews hoping you will find a good executed Isekai, TsukiMichi is one of them.

Story 7 :

MC has been Isekaied by Contract-kun, and needs to live in a new world, made of Ogres, Elves and the rest of the team. We stay in the same pattern of any Isekai.

There are three points that makes this story a good story : (Everything I will say here is from episode 1 so t's hardly a spoiler, but feel free to skip it) :

-MC's parents are coming from read more
Sep 5, 2021
valiantslakr (All reviews)
Gave this a shot because I read some of the manga adaptation before, but quite honestly, this is just yet another by the numbers generic fantasy isekai story with an overpowered protagonist. I really don't understand why so many here are giving it 8's and 9's; giving the MC the "dead fish eyes" and otherwise trying to make him look pathetic does not break any tropes when he's still able to overpower just about everyone with his isekai given powers.

The main girls/waifus are probably the only reasons to watch this but otherwise, if you've already watched multiple fantasy isekai anime, this one doesn't read more
Sep 22, 2021
algoPotaku (All reviews)
The anime is pretty good but there is something that bothers me a lot, and that is that the protagonist does not want his waifus they are beautiful and he plays the disengagement. Put your dick in and stop fucking around. Kazuma is very disappointed, nothing is my only complaint. The animation is very decent, the fights are good, I like that it adds a bit of politics and planning that gives more depth to the story. It is recommended if you like isekais. But if the anime had to describe it in a few words, we see an ugly kirito doing his thing in read more
Sep 22, 2021
veemon23 (All reviews)
I'll admit when I'm wrong and I was wrong about this show. I honestly at first thought it was gonna be another typical Isekai with a over power main character who isn't any bit interesting at all. But as the story progresses, we actually get some good character development. And a guy who doesn't really care for harem, they did this one in a way that was funny and enjoyable.

We have so many Isekai this year and it's not something I really personally enjoy, I would say this is one of the few better ones I've watched. It was entertaining and there's a dark read more
Sep 22, 2021
knara (All reviews)
An anime that undoubtedly surprised me because despite having a main character, it is very original at the beginning. , it is very original to my perception the same for its reception the goddess made it by ugly, in which isekai have we seen a protagonist who is not wapo? There is not and that gives a plus to the work, the work from the beginning to the end surprised me I create a city of monsters (tension) without his consent xd but he governs it and does not look for wars or adventures, just create his company and that's it. I love it, I read more
Sep 20, 2021
AimShard (All reviews)
Out of all the new isekais that came out this summer (which is a lot, let's be honest), this particular anime successfully caught my attention at the last second. I started watching on the 11th week because this anime doesn't seem different from any other typical isekai at first, and I'm quite surprised to see that it's actually not.


Yes, this anime contains overpowered MC, adventure guild, fictional monsters blabla etc. but let's take a look on what is different from other typical isekais.

The absence of truck-kun is the obvious one, of course. But what's more important is that the MC isn't some oblivious teenager read more
Sep 22, 2021
ren0080 (All reviews)
One of the better shows this season. Though that's not saying much considering that this season was pretty much lacking in any banger anime except for Love Live Superstars.

The story is quite decent. Although it did skipped quite a bit of stuff from the original source, it doesn't really left the audience scratching their head thinking what the hell just happened. The pacing, although a bit fast, is not too bad. It dwells and explain stuffs in a simple manner without overcomplicating it. Basically, the story does not overstep their boundaries as an isekai, and only stays as an isekai.

The characters are also decent. They read more
Sep 22, 2021
Edenharley (All reviews)
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu is one of those "generic" isekai shows that is actually really entertaining and parodies a lot in the genre in a very fun way, I had a blast from start to finish and the main cast were always brilliant to watch - the comedy was really great as well I was laughing constantly.

The story was pretty engaging, there were some nice settings and it was cool to see them progress throughout. I think the progression of the story was pretty well handled, there was a lot of interesting stuff to do with the MCs power.

The characters are definitely this show's read more
Sep 22, 2021
Pref (All reviews)
This anime sure surprised me, I say because I thought it would be just another boring isekai of the season, But right at the beginning we already see big changes that differ from the standard of a generic isekai,About the animation really left something to be desired, but all the characters are interesting, each one in its own way but still interesting.
I really was so involved and entertained that I didn't really notice the soundtrack very much, but we can still see it's good.
In general this anime is average. But it keeps you very entertained and is a good choice for those who are bored. read more