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May 9, 2024
I love Isekai, I even love a lot of trash anime, as long as it is fun and entertaining, I generally don't care much about the rest.

So I'm A Spider however tested me like no other, this review is three years in the making because that is how long it took me to finally finish this thing.

The first thing you notice about this series is that you have the cast split into two separate groups, the main body of students and the MC who is a spider.

The MC is stuck in a cave on her own for the first part of the series, with no ...
Mar 28, 2024
Mixed Feelings
For context, I'm writing this after re-watching the series after watching the first half of the second series.
I will preface this by saying I like this anime overall however for Season 1 it is a poorly executed adaptation, so much so that Season 2 had to go back and try and fix many of the things that Season 1 messed up.

Overall the series is fun, it has interesting concepts that allow it to stay fresh and stand out from the masses, the characters are likable, however season 1 doesn't give enough time to develop them, this is a common issue with season 1, it doesn't ...
Feb 1, 2024
Mixed Feelings
I loved the first season, so I was looking forward to seeing this second season.
A quick disclaimer, I did rewatch the first season before watching the second season, mainly because I had forgotten much of what had happened in the first season and had mixed up the plots between it and Bibliophile Princess, but thanks to that I was able to better compare the two seasons.

The reality is, season 2 is just not as good as season 1, the first episode is good, the ending is great, it has a few good moments here and there, but overall it has far too many problems and ...
Jan 15, 2024
There have been a lot of these lately, usually the plot is reincarnated into an Otome Game as the villainess and trying to avoid the doom ending using the knowledge of the game, here however the twist is that the 'villainess' reincarnates back into herself six years before she meets her own doom with nothing but her memories and her diary of the intervening years to help her avoid her fate.

I will say that because this current trope hasn't been overdone, I do find myself enjoying these types of series, the only issue I've had with most of them is that in most cases, they ...
Jan 11, 2024
Mixed Feelings
There have been a few of these series now where the MC leaves adventuring or just starts a new life in some remote place / village and settles down to the 'slow life'. And when it sticks to that premise, I do find myself enjoying those kinds of series, though a few have disappointed when they quickly abandon that premise.

So would this series be confident in its core premise and trust its audience? Or would it feel the need to add in extra elements because it lacks the faith that it can hold our interest without them?
Yeah, it's the latter.

For me this series is at ...
Jan 9, 2024
This series is a bit of a mess as it lacks focus and isn't sure what it wants to be

The Harry Potter comparisons are apt, but clearly in an attempt to avoid those comparisons the series tried to add in all these extra elements and became an even bigger mess than Harry Potter is.

It's a magical high school romp, except they are either skipping class a lot or the school just doesn't do more than two classes a week.
It's a revenge story, except the MC doesn't seem to have much interest in carrying out his revenge
In an overall story premise that makes little sense
The school ...
Jan 9, 2024
Mixed Feelings
To understand my thoughts on this series, you need to understand my thoughts on the past few seasons of anime and how much of a disappointment much of it has been in general,
Anime that lost their direction, or anime that tried to stand out by either putting a new twist on things but but just ended up being boring, or looked to be edgy, and forgot that they also had to be engaging.
Not to mention the amount of anime that have stumbled and lack consistency, that have left me feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled.

To use food analogies, it's like being served the salad as a ...
Dec 9, 2023
With the amount of hype that surrounded Bocchi when it came out, I found myself afraid to watch it, I knew it wouldn't live up to the hype and I would only be disappointed, so I decided to not watch it straight away so I could judge it on its own merits away from the buzz and hype.

I'm glad I did that, because if I watched it at the time, I would likely not liked this series and scored it accordingly, which would have been a travesty, as Bocchi is a good series, but it is not as good as people claimed and it really ...
Dec 3, 2023
To preface this review, I first watched the series when it came out and loved it, but after being disappointed with season 2, I decided to go back and watch Season 1 again and see if it still was as good as I remembered, or if I just was caught up in the hype.

So first things first, I did end up changing my score as I was a victim of the hype, it wasn't the 9/10 that I had originally given it, the series has some flaws, and the animation, while slightly above average, is not at the standard it would need to be to ...
Dec 3, 2023
I might be in the minority in that I thought the first season was 'fine' it was enjoyable, but it used too many familiar tropes and wasn't special enough and didn't do enough to set itself apart from many fantasy/isekai/reincarnation OP MC plot anime.

So for me I enjoyed Season 2 more than I did Season 1 because it stepped away from much of that, the characters are still the same, except we don't have to go through their backstories and faux betrayals, instead we can just enjoy them for who they are.

One issue with season 1, was the bloated character roster, but for season ...

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