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Jan 31, 2023
Koi☆Sento (Anime) add
Overall Impression: A short (25 minutes, give or take) full CGI film about a boy meeting and falling in love with an escaped android, whose handlers will do anything to get her back. The CGI is not as bad as you'd think, but there isn't much here that's worth going out of your way for. This could have been more compelling as a full series, but there isn't much time to get to know or care about the characters with so much content crammed into the length of one episode of TV anime.

+ Positives: The CGI here actually looks pretty decent at times. There are ...
Jan 26, 2023
Re-Kan! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Overall Impression: Re-Kan is a slice of life dramedy about a girl that can see ghosts and her best friend that is terrified of them. It's fairly forgettable, though could have been much better with a few relatively small changes. It's not necessarily "bad" or unpleasant to watch, but the biggest problem here is the kind of cookie-cutter otaku pandering and indulgence in cliches that makes it feel like it came off an assembly line rather than bringing something original to the table.

+ Positives: The positive aspects of the series are carried by the relationship between Hibiki, a lovable airhead who can see spirits, and ...
Dec 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Mahoraba is a gentle romantic dramedy about a group of people living in a dormitory owned by Kozue, a high school girl with multiple personalities that inherited the property from her deceased parents. The story is framed in some ways around the romance between Kozue and Ryushi, an art student that moves into the dormitory at the start of the story, but in truth it's more of a slice of life ensemble show about all the people that live there, sometimes to its detriment.

There's nothing that's really "bad" about this series, but it lacks impact for a few reasons. One is in the dated character ...
Dec 23, 2022
Mixed Feelings
OshiBudo has some nice things going for it. Visually, it's excellent. The series has strong character designs, solid character animation and gorgeous background art. Even the CG used for the dancing is pretty well integrated into the overall aesthetic. The voice acting is also very good, especially Fairouz Ai's theatrics in the main character role as the unhinged Eripiyo. It's apparent that a great deal of care went into putting together this adaptation.

That being said, technical superiority can only cover up so many fundamental flaws, and OshiBudo has enough of them that it's hard to recommend without heavy caveats. For one thing, Eripiyo is very ...
Dec 14, 2022
I will lead off by saying a few positive things about TenKen. First and most importantly, Fran, the preteen catgirl that wields the titular sword, is very adorable. Additionally, the action scenes are quite nicely animated when they put in some effort. The series also portrays slavery negatively and firmly resists sexualizing its 12 year old main heroine, which really should not count as praise, but is far from a given in similar isekai stories.

Beyond that though, there is very little to recommend here. Virtually every character besides Fran and her sword is either annoying or unmemorable. The overarching story (Fran joins the adventurer's guild ...
Oct 26, 2022
Rental Magica (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Rental Magica is a hard series to review and rate because, for the most part, it's a good series, but one beset by baffling creative decisions that may or may not affect your enjoyment of the series. It hits differently for different people, so it's hard to give it an unqualified recommendation in light of that, but it's not so deeply flawed that its various issues are going to be universally hated either.

The series is at its strongest when it decides to just be a straightforward action story. The action is well-animated (if you can find a version with decent video quality in 2022), the ...
Oct 9, 2022
I should lead off this review by noting that I am not typically a fan of idol music in anime, and neither season of Love Live Superstar has changed my mind about that. I mention this to add perspective, because I do enjoy this series despite my lack of interest in the music and I think it often gets pigeonholed as something only fans of J-pop would enjoy. Honestly, it bears more of a likeness to "cute girls in a school club" anime than being specifically about music and, in my opinion, remains highly accessible even to people that don't care for idols or their ...
Sep 25, 2022
Recommendation: A truly great comedy, but western audiences and casual anime fans may have difficulty getting into it.

Manzai comedy can be hard to appreciate, especially for western audiences. That shouldn't scare you away from Teppen, but you'll want to be aware that you'll need to put in more work than usual to appreciate it. In all honesty, the manzai scenes are consistently the weakest parts of the series, but fortunately there aren't that many of them. This is more of a manzai-flavored CGDCT comedy series about the wacky daily lives of the 5 comedy trios staying in a dorm together than a show "about" manzai. ...
Sep 25, 2022
Recommendation: A solid mix of action and slice of life comedy with above average animation. Probably won't be remembered as a masterpiece, but it was a very solid and fun show overall.

The success of Lycoris Recoil is built around two things. The first is the relationship between the female leads, Chisato and Takina. The duo have such natural chemistry together that they can carry the series almost with their conversations alone. The characters are excellent overall, but Chisato in particular has the kind of magnetic charisma that makes you want to see her on the screen at all times. The cast is filled out with ...
Sep 25, 2022
Engage Kiss (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Recommendation: Trashy, full of plot holes and fanservice, and tonally all over the map. It's like a throwback to anime from 15 years ago and your enjoyment of it will depend on just how fond you are of that era.

Engage Kiss is Anime As Hell basically from the opening moments of the series. The protagonist, Shuu, is a loser that bums money from his demon girlfriend, Kisara, and he fights other demons by sloppily french kissing her to turn her into an edgy one winged goth girl. The love triangle between these two and the protagonist's ex girlfriend, Ayano, forms the core of the early ...