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Oct 17, 2019
Mini Yuri does as expected. Hyping up the Yuru Yuri 10th Anniversary "Yuru Yuri Ten" Project. It does it well. If you like the Yuru Yuri show in general, you'll love this. The usual comedy is there, and the usual fun and interesting characters are there too. So you'll love it too! It's short and sweet, but still provides good laughs.

You can watch all four mini episodes within one entire episode. It's a great watch if you want something short and sweet to watch for a bit. Really gets you hyped up for the upcoming Yuru Yuri ten in general.
Oct 8, 2019
I remember being unsure to see this, as I normally don't pay attention to top rated shows by their number, and give it a shot when I'm interested. But having a few friends loving it, made me curious. So I gave it a shot, and like my friends, loved it. Demon Slayer really is quite the anime that I recommend to anyone.

The cast of characters are great. Even ones that didn't seem like much at first, suddenly turned out to be great characters in their own right. The overall theme is just something I adore. From the settings, backgrounds, to the sound in general. It's read more
Oct 4, 2019
Who would've thought an anime based around anime production would be so interesting, so enjoyable, and just pleasing in general? That is what you get with Shirobako. From it's colourful cast of characters. To how the story progresses. It's honestly well done with the concept it has. I honestly want more. More and more, after watching all of this. I honestly recommend it to anyone that hasn't tried it out yet!

The story is charming and great, as you'll find yourself rooting for the characters to succeed. The art is delightful, and the sound is also great. No real problems at all for me. If this read more
Sep 25, 2019
And so ends another Yugioh series. Though ending shorter than expected. Though really, there wasn't much else you could do with the world they've set up. Which isn't a bad thing really. But it just meant the story wrapped up quicker than expected.

As for the show itself? It got me back into Yugioh honestly. But I can see that's not without it's faults still. While I did enjoy it. There were a few things, like with some of the characters, that weren't really that great at all. Let alone the pointless recap episodes. Though thankfully those stopped after the first season.

Sooo...Does Vrains hold up read more
Sep 21, 2019
This was a real nice and relaxing anime. It really was. It honestly made me cry at the end with how much time and investment I put into the story. I truly loved it from episode 1, all the way to episode 25.

The characters all come from different backgrounds, and it's simple and easy to follow honestly. i found myself rooting for them to succeed, and see where they go next after every thing they do/go on.

I'd honestly really recommend this. You don't need high fast action to have a good anime. The story is great, and so are the characters. A great viewing read more
Sep 20, 2019
This anime isn't gonna blow anyone away. While the story may seem cute, and nice. Along with the world being quite interesting. It can be a little lackluster at parts. Sure, if there was another season, it could more than likely dive into more serious plot points. But for now, it's just a lil cute anime that was alright at best.

My main issue with it was the main character in Dale. While he has good intentions. He can really get annoying with the constant screaming of 'LATINA!!!' I get it. A parent cares for their child. But this is far too much honestly.

Still a cute read more
Sep 8, 2019
This show really deals with a personal life situation. In it's own way. As we'd all love to have a helper there to pick us up after a hard days work. Mainly if that is wearing you down bit by bit by bit each and every day.

But what did I think? It was cute and relaxing. With the main character being relatable for many people I bet. The art style was nice, the music was great. Overall if you're just looking for a nice, relaxing, and peaceful kind of anime. Then give this show a watch! It won't blow you away, but it's a nice read more
Sep 7, 2019
Quite a nice, relaxing, and cute anime this is.

It's not something action packed, or laid with with a lot of fast paced action. But it's still good despite that. If you're into food, into a nice relaxing, calm, and peaceful kind of anime. Then give it a watch honestly! The story and characters are also quite cute and charming, and each have their own interesting backgrounds that aren't a bother at all.

Honestly a nice heart warming and relaxing show. That you should give a chance! Even if you're just watching an episode here or there, I'd say go for it!
Sep 1, 2019
Blood lad is quite an interesting tale. With it leaving me wanting to see more of it.

Something that any good anime has to do in order to really bring in anyone whom may want to see it. The world it sets itself up to be, its quite an interesting concept, and leaves me curious on how other parts of it is like. I'd honestly give this a watch if you're searching for something new to watch that you can go through easy since there is only ten episodes. Though it'll make you feel like you want to watch more episodes.

A good anime with read more
Aug 20, 2019
I'd honestly say this matches the first season in how good it was. Being that both were great in their story telling. Not that season two was bad by any stretch. But more I enjoyed this season more for a number of reasons. From building up on a plot point used in the previous season. Then going further and deeper, and making it have large amounts of tension, as you didn't know if one or another thing would end up happening. Which is a great way to keep up suspense in the anime.

If you enjoyed the first two seasons, maybe along with the movie read more