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Sep 24, 2021
Basically a seinen isekai. Work exploitation themes are probably not going to make laugh a typical 13 years old audience, but for those who can relate there's plenty to enjoy in this show.

Instead of a loser bland MC that gets a harem just by breathing, here you get a character with questionable work ethics trying to rise in a capitalist savage world.

You can almost tell the author has seen some serious stuff as you most likely can't write such on-point satire without having experienced it closely yourself.

Animation itself is nice, the characters have funny personalities and the voice actors did an awesome job, Wanibe in ...
Sep 22, 2021
An enjoyable isekai that makes you think of the good aspects of other shows. Imagine the comedy style of Konosuba, world building of Slime (on speedrun), power fantasy like Overlord, and a bit of dark aspects like Re:Zero.

The MC has a meme harem with a couple of waifus that have unique and quirky personalities. The plot progresses rapidly and the world is established quickly. Supporting characters are added to the story without having to wait a full "arc" on them.

Production wise, the animation has good quality, the art style is nice, the character designs feel unique and you can perceive the artists put a lot ...
Sep 19, 2021
A reminder that a waifu character alone is not enough to carry a show, especially if she's already dead. This is a Frankenstein anime made of a convoluted mix of tropes: harem, mechas, tentacles, werewolves, aliens, terrorists, you name it.

This anime did everything it could to call attention to it: white-haired waifu bait, a few seconds of high quality animation in episode 1, vtubers cameos, character designs that look stolen from 'Date a Live' and harem merchandise marketing, but after it got the attention it wanted, it was an utterly disappointment since it didn't have anything to stand on its own.

The "mystery" consist of characters ...
Sep 11, 2021
Preliminary (6/20 eps)
Repetitive and unimaginative. Episodes feel the same and jokes get old quickly. The story has no depth and characters are simple archetypes that sadly don't have much originality to offer.

Animation itself is just fine, nothing out of ordinary as expected for this type of show. Not much to say about sound either, op song is catchy although I would put the ed song in the "for hyperactive kids" category.

Other than watching the overused trope of "looks like a child but it's actually a hundreds years old demon" with bondage-like clothes and having her pants fall whenever she shrinks, I don't see what else can a ...
Sep 11, 2021
I enjoyed every single episode of this season. Humour is great, animation was TOP NOTCH when it needed to be, the story and art style feel really original and refreshing, characters are likeable, sometimes even more than the MC. OP and ED songs may not have been as catchy as the previous season, but they still fit the show pretty well.

With plenty of moments filled with laughs from funny absurdity, to serious atmosphere, to action scenes, to romantic moments with the potential of unleashing waifu wars in forums, both young and veteran viewers will surely find something to enjoy in this show.

You can almost feel ...
Jul 28, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
We've seen this before: a loser adult man gets isekai'd and builds a loli harem. But is there more to it? As it turns out: no, that's all there is.

Even trying to ignore the questionable fanservice and the obsessing over little girls, thinking that "maybe there's a decent story behind all this", it ends up being just a waste of time.

Characters are as bland as they get. Not even Kazuma's voice actor could make the MC interesting. Episodes feature generic plots while slowly increasing the size of the pharmacist's harem over time.

Character designs are mediocre, most of the effort seems to have gone into designing ...
Jul 25, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
A story that had potential but was dragged down badly by the low quality animation.

It's very difficult to present a credible romance story with emotionless CGI faces that can hardly convey expressions. The maid seems more like a sci-fi sex robot than a human.

In terms of romance, nothing is really developed. The story begins with the main couple already being in love, so the audience is expected to fill in the blanks from the past at this point.

This Master-Servant relationship wasn't written exactly as wholesome as you would expect, since the maid simps for the boy for no reason while he treats her as a ...
Jun 14, 2021
This anime feels like watching Pepé Le Pew from Looney Tunes, but with the kitten falling in love with the skunk for no reason.

In one line, it's a show trying hard to romanticize sexual harassment.

This is the story of a creepy grown ass man romantically pursuing a high school girl by stalking, harassing and gaslighting her. His obsession starts by the simple fact that the girl apparently has been the only non-shallow woman he has met that rejected his creepy advances, so he immediately sets on a mission to conquer her whether she likes it or not.

Even though the MC girl already told him to ...
Mar 21, 2021
A child molestation fantasy story decorated with some generic isekai elements.

The story begins portraying a horrible middle-aged pedophile with the main flaws being a recluse (hikikomori) + leech living off his parents (neet) + literal pedophile. After reincarnating in a fantasy world and getting a second chance at life the MC says he will take life seriously now (it's literally the title of the show), so there was a reasonable expectation from the audience that it would be an interesting redemption story, only to utterly fail at that: the first 2 issues are quickly and magically fixed in the first few episodes while his lust ...
Jan 30, 2021
Horimiya (Anime) add
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
A show containing the typical elements you would find in most Shoujo: the bishounen tropes where guys are drawn prettier than girls, colorful sparkling backgrounds for short scenes that are supposed to be cute and a school romance atmosphere intended to make the heart of teen girls go dokidoki depicting the usual (unrealistic) fantasies girls have around that age:

- A boy that is a nice guy but at the same time has a "rebel side": MC looks like a regular guy at school but wears piercings outside of school. How rebel is that, uh? Oh, his beauty level is also supposed to be increased dramatically ...

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