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Dec 29, 2018
From the year 2018 and ongoing, there will be more split-cour seasons to lessen the burden of new series coming into play, and that's the cause of this popular smartphone game that is Million Arthur. And I have a nitpick: With how this initial season already played its cards, I wouldn't be surprised if Season 2 in Spring 2019 will be more of the same.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur may look like the generic game adaptation that so many others have tried to imitate, and isn't good, but as it stands out, it's the typical wash-rinse-repeat formula of fighting some evildoers with their weapons called Excaliburs (which read more
Dec 28, 2018
Before this review starts, learn something about rare myopia:
Monochromacy, or Achromatopsia, is a true rarity in the world of myopic colour blindness. Or in layman terms: "People with monochromatic vision can see no colour at all, and their world consists of different shades of grey ranging from black to white, rather like only seeing the world on an old black and white television set. Achromatopsia is extremely rare, occurring only in approximately 1 person in 33,000 and its symptoms can make life very difficult."

That's the circumstances that befalls on the life and upbringing of Hitomi Tsukushiro, a 17-year-old emotionless girl, and the descendant of a read more
Dec 28, 2018
The Shoujo Ai genre has seen it's fair share of ups and downs, and has been a letdown in recent times (We're looking at you Citrus), so when this show dropped in this season, I was very flawed at how I understood the taboo that is the Shoujo Ai aspect, but yet this show managed to do an outstanding justice to the genre, and (at this time) is one of (if not the best) shows due to its maturity and how it defines and breaks the convention that has been done before (e.g. moe-fied Yuru Yuri series) and teaches a whole new lesson altogether.

Yagate Kimi read more
Dec 27, 2018
For a fantasy, magical adventure series such as this, please don't be dissuaded by the score itself. Instead, it gives you the sense of feeling that with the main character (and his companion), you're experiencing some that is good on its own merit.

The story goes of the usual magical fantasy, where humans and monsters exist, and with magic of course. We have our main protagonist Yuu the Healer (considered rare in the world of Merc Storia), with the special ability to heal monsters, something that is inherited within the "pretense" family that is the context of the entire show. With that set in mind, The read more
Dec 25, 2018
Opening narration (for wild peeps like myself):
"Tonegawa Yukio, the No.2 man of the massive Teiai Group.
He serves the monster of the Financial sector (Hyoudou).
This shot-caller rose to the position of Prez's right-hand man.
This is the story of the battles he waged as a middle the shadows of the glory and fame he achieved...
About the struggles of a remarkable man...chisana, chisanaaa, monogatari de aru (a small, unremarkable story)!"


Disclaimer: To be honest, this series is my very first actual interaction into the Kaiji series, so if I missed out some details, please forgive me on this.

To Kaiji fans, sorry, this ain't Season 3 and the continuation read more
Dec 25, 2018
WTF did I just watched...

Do you remember Spike Chunsoft, the same company that brought us the beloved Danganronpa and Mystery Dungeon series? Well...they also made this series, and left it in glorious Japan, where Nippons loved the hell outta it and got a sequel (released globally). both shock and amazement, it actually was well-received!

And, now we turn the clock to the series that is the well-trashy anime adaptation by Gonzo of the first game...

The story from what I can tell is unchanged from the game itself: the player (or in this case, Visitor Itsuki Yuge) has to flirt with the 12 constellational girls (erm read more
Dec 25, 2018
What even is if Season 1 wasn't enough, the split-cour continues on with even more wacky sci-fi/mecha references and whatnot with Season 2. And...I've gotta say, the latter season is just as funny as the former early this year, if not a tad bit better, with more characters, some insane moments that still warrant some laughs here and there, and definitely went out with a bang (because at the time of this review, the series had already caught on and further compared to the manga source).

Assuming that you have watched Season 1 (which you should), Tiramisu Zwei continues on the pursuit that is between read more
Dec 24, 2018
The legendary series that is Golden Kamuy has had its shares of greatness, starting with Season 1 in Spring 2018, and now the sequel this season, which expands upon where Season 1 left off, but with more refined balance between the comedy and action. In more ways than one, Season 2 solidified everything that was lacking in Season 1, and made it tenfold better IMO.

We continue on with Immortal Sugimoto, Asirpa and Co. on their journey to find not just the gold, but the man responsible for the whole fiasco in the first place: Nopperabo, the big eyes Ainu of a traitor, which is also read more
Dec 23, 2018
"No sorry we don't have that it's...uh...SPECIAL YAOI BOOK!" - Honda-san

I'm gonna give this an outstanding score just because. Can I (or we) call this the SOTY (Short of the Year) for 2018? Because this short-form 10 minute series, as simple as its premise goes, drives home perfectly about more than just being a fun and educational series. Heck, anime like this really are once-in-a-blue-moon novelty! And...this is brought to you by director (not Shouto) Todoroki Owl (his very first directorial work). (Aw, Shouto almost had his own anime...)

Originally a Pixiv web comic, Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san is an accurate depiction of Japan's culture of bookstore read more
Dec 23, 2018
Once again, another 4-koma CGDCT adaptation action, but this time, we're off to "chair" I mean, cheerleading!

We all know the deal with high school girls, especially when they move on from middle school, and the big deal with Year 1s are always with enrollment...and of course, mandatory clubs to join for their years of high school life. Well, not with one person by the name of shortie Hatoya Kohane, whom by the sight of cheerleading, mentions: "I found something I wanna do, and that is called...CHAIR!" Her childhood friend Uki Sawatari finds it a joke..."Chair" (literally)?

Eventually, this act of kindness (from Kohane) forwards that read more