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Apr 15, 2020
July 15, 2043. On that day, a Full-Dive VRMMO was released, with its unique system called "Embryo" allowing each player to follow an extremely varied—or rather, an "infinitely" varied pattern of evolution. The game's name and slogan?

"<Infinite Dendrogram> offers a new world and your own possibilities."

What possibilities you may ask of offer in the new world? Generic tropey settings? Generic sterotypical characters? Generic visuals? Generic music? The whole platter of this game is genericness, and the reason why we watch this generic Isekai series is to be offered a new world with DIFFERENT possibilities, not to watch series like this of boredom...who would want read more
Apr 15, 2020
One of the few rugby shows I initially scoffed at, at trying to be another abysmal Try Knights, but what it does, it does one thing well: sold the premise on bonds and friendship over the sport through improvement.

Being someone who is harsh on all aspects, I was surprised to find out that veteran script/series composer Rika Nanase is on this, and despite the no-name 3rd-rate production staff team onboard of this show, she definitely stands out as the main source of enjoyment, considering the "cult following" success of this show (for the 3 of you who watched this). Bleach, Eyeshield 21, Higurashi, Junjou Romantica, read more
Mar 31, 2020
Make no mistake, how many of this Isekai crossover series that Kadokawa can make, and Isekai Quartet will definitely not hesitate to slow down, with the endless list of Kadokawa characters this short can fill just to satiate us with the teasing of new characters, but with a cost of leaving them on the wayside. With Season 2 featuring the Shield Hero characters, and the aforementioned Season 3 (possibly) featuring the Cautious Hero characters (more or less), will this be a trend going forward, I totally have no idea, but just hoping they would've have just as enough screentime as the main cast.

I mean, if read more
Mar 31, 2020
Being someone who's never watched the original 1998-1999 run of Orphen, I can definitely say that I wasn't missing out on anything much. But hearing that a soft reboot of this is greenlit for achieving monetary milestone sales of the LN (and coincidentally the 25th anniversary of the series), I decided to take a gamble on this new "refreshed" retake, but holy cow, more than making justice to the original run in the first few episodes (I'll give it that), this adaptation managed to be something worse, and not for the lack of trying.

If you'd ask me what magical fantasy series stood out in the read more
Mar 30, 2020
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The 3rd and final list of Geno Studio's works after Studio Manglobe's bankruptcy demise with Kokkoku in 2017 (the less popular one) and Golden Kamuy in 2018 (the more popular one and still going forward with Season 3), with this show, we have seen enough of Geno Studio's capabilities as a whole maintaining a less stellar version of Manglobe, but it's definitely a ride to say the least.

This season, the mystery-psychological mash-up of genres produced 2 similar shows: ID:Invaded (the more noticeable but underrated) and this show (the less noticeable but forgotten after the 3-episode rule), both focusing on the human psyche and the psychics' read more
Mar 28, 2020
I love me some fiction and shows with heavy dialogue, and mangaka Ryo Shirodaira has come back from his work on the incredible Zetsuen no Tempest to provide us another thriller of a show, this time on this series (which also is known as Invented Inference) that involves supernatural beings and humans that unconsciously create them due to their actions that defy logic and fiction with raised questions of battling truth and lies.

To understand this story, you'll have to understand the characters first: humans dealing with supernatural demons in an unconventional world. Two characters seemingly made for each other: Kotoko Iwanaga and Kuro Sakuragawa. The read more
Mar 28, 2020
A new year, and a new decade, and we're already starting with the "anime of the season/year/decade"? Let's bust our nuts, and Let's go to Paradise! Legally it's questionable, morally it's disgusting, but we all love it! This show has no reason to be good, but it did, for all the right cultural reasons.

Regardless of how much this show has garnered the endless controversy from Funimation's "company policies" to "being too HOT" eventual cancellations and takedowns of TV airings (that are not deemed healthy for general audiences, like WTF), and even Lord Nux Taku's flex on making this show the #1 anime on MAL for read more
Mar 28, 2020
To have a show like this mirror last season's surprisingly good Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy in all aspects (plot and character) and with 100% inspired accuracy, needless to say I'm always quite skeptical of the chuunibyou gag formula at the start, and come out feeling satisfied at the end. Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy did it to me last season, and this show is largely more of the same.

The extents of Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy and this show play down the same game: a non-existent plot about the MC wanting to get some quietness out of life, and in comes the eccentric "otherworldly" boys playing around in their own read more
Mar 27, 2020
A foreword to mangaka Tomohiro Matsu: we are sorry with deep condolences for your loss of life, but some people just can't stop trashing your work a lot more. If you are still alive, please stop people from taking advantage of a deceased's work and not caring one bit about the work that you've laboriously done.

Most of the mangaka's works are average, with Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! being the best and this series being the worst. And apparently I don't know the people over at newbie studio Children's Playground Entertainment's work ethics are like, using a dead man's work as its first production? HELL read more
Mar 27, 2020
"In the next edition of CGDCT-based Yuri shows, a boy and a girl, looking in the sky, W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G. Watching what? An asteroid! Little does the girl know that the boy is a girl whose looks resemble that of a tomboy, and hence our Yuri adventure begins!"

I mean come on, it's CGDCT studio Doga Kobo and their usual 4-koma manga adaptations (YET AGAIN) of series that tries to push the bank with Yuri-based undertones that got wildly popular with Wataten! in the same subgenre last Winter. And look no further than promising Yuri director Daisuke Hiramaki and his same-old production team coming back once again on read more