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Apr 3, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add (All reviews)
Yes, it's studio Bones...and yes, it's Hiroko Utsumi, director of Free! and Banana Fish. But I believe that this is more than just another passion project of an original sports anime. It's one that's done with lots of respect towards the skateboarding community, more than just being one that's an easy inspiration to Tony Hawk: Pro Skater. Are you ready to SK∞ to Infinity and Beyond?

In the history of anime, sports shows are regular to showcasing what kinds of sports are actually all about, but in rarer cases do we actually get some specific ones, from Welcome to the Ballroom's in-line skating to Yowamushi Pedal's read more
Apr 3, 2021
"You are worth more than you know, capable of more than you think, and loved more than you can imagine."

Undoubtedly the rom-com of the season, Horimiya has the potential to be great in every aspect of the genre, but the elephant in the room is obviously CloverWorks and the production team behind this show: the classic case of quantity over quality. I'd like to think that we're playing a baseball match with CloverWorks for Winter 2021: Strike 1 for the horrible adaptation of The Promised Neverland (Season 2), Strike 2 for the abominable business practices of hampering Wonder Egg Priority's Behind-the-Scenes tragedy of director Shin read more
Apr 2, 2021
I have a legitimate question for you GoHands: How many times do you want to copy-paste your works? As if the plagiarism issues on the new-but-now-abandoned Tokyo Babylon 2021 isn't a red mark enough, I don't think that Project SCARD here is any different: it's just the aesthetic of K that has the appeal of the Hand Shakers universe.

The story aspect isn't all that different from Hand Shakers or even W'z for that matter: just use an exploitable item that breaks the balance of the world, pit characters in a cat-and-mouse chase and see who can outplay, outwit and outlast. And that is most certainly read more
Apr 1, 2021
The beautiful and loveable camper girls are back, with twice (or longer) the distances of the camping journey, twice the moving action, and twice the fun, all in the same Iyashikei package as how Season 1 was like exactly 3 years ago from Winter 2018.

To quote ANN's Christopher Farris (full credits to him, some parts paraphrased):
"Obviously there are anime with more grand storytelling ambitions and meaningful idea communication than C-Station's calculatedly comfy cute-girl camping compilation. But in a season, as with any other, that included projects walking a razor's edge of their own success or outright collapsing under their own efforts, Yuru Camp sticks out read more
Mar 31, 2021
Coming off the hedges of the reboot in 2019, I knew that this reboot which aims to be more faithful to the LN that it was based upon will be average, and guess what? Though the original 1998 Orphen is good on its own right, Season 1 is largely that boring and uninteresting (except that I love the OST there).

Come forward a year or 2, and we get the continuation of Orphen, conspicuously titled Kinluck-hen, or the Kimluck Church arc. This promises to be one of the better arcs in the LN, and Season 2 here is entirely dedicated to the long arc. Though back read more
Mar 31, 2021
HOO BOY, I've been on the fence and don't really wanna talk about this one, but since it has already garnered quite the reputation for being the latest show in a series of "Hell of a Dumpster Fire" shitstorm of "dark, voluptuous and edgy power fantasy" series to come out of the unhinged "I can't believe it's not 𝐻Ǝ𝒩𝒯𝒜𝐼" degenerate culture of a "genre", might as well give it a go. Anything and whatever goes for the most gut-wrenching guilty pleasure of the season, and I already know that I'm gonna get flamed for this...BUT I DON'T CARE TWO FLYING F*CKS, because as a straight read more
Mar 30, 2021
This is the first time that I'll be reviewing a long-running series, so spare the pardon if there's any for pleasantries. But without further ado..."Please marry me, Sister Lily! I won't give up until I've hit my limits!"

"If you flip the 10, it becomes a 01!" - Some Jerk a.k.a remember how Black Clover was despised by everyone?

Black Clover is one of the many myriad of Shonen shows that Weekly Shonen Jump has been banking on imitating the success Shueisha once had since the diminishing of the Big 3 (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto), alongside many other WSJ titles that have constantly received headlines for breaking read more
Mar 29, 2021
YAPPE...a surfing anime! Let's go ride the Waves! Surfing Yappe!! Show must go on!
...only except that this is not only just bad, but it's boring also, catering to the niche audiences. And being the TV version of a 3-part film trilogy released in October 2020, I'd presume that the reception for this is moderately lukewarm (when COVID is still a thing), but who the hell was thinking to green-lit the "complete edition" TV version to milk more of the mixed-media project. This should've just stayed in Japan and not come out either way, we don't need mediocrely bad shows like this to waste our precious read more
Mar 29, 2021
I've already done a review for the 1st season of the "new" manga-cum-anime, so refer to that if you're interested.

But without further ado, it's just the same as Season 1 with all the same bells and whistles as I remembered how the anime looked in its average decency. The only story plot here is that of the Legendary Utensils: collect them all, and defeat the Underworld Cooking Society with ringleader Kaiyu. Otherwise, it's a direct copy-and-paste that I've gotten used to overtime with acceptance.

A new season comes with new music, and the OST is just OK, nothing that really stands out.

Overall, while this sequel season read more
Mar 29, 2021
It's been almost 3 years ever since CyGames' Uma Musume came out, and while Season 1 back in Spring 2018 only garnered moderate attention, it was enough to make it stand out amongst the other shows that aired in the similar time period. Fast forward the same time to Winter 2021, and it was even a surprise that Uma Musume would get a sequel season with almost everything intact from the story basis to the characters, albeit the only change now is with a new studio.

In a nutshell, if you remembered what went through in Season 1 all those years ago, the same plot template read more