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Apr 6, 2024
Bucchigiri?! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Bucchigiri!? - Arabic themes of the power of friendship, with the aforementioned gay themes and so much more. This...could've been good, but it's a wreck.

If you have been in the AniManga industry for long, you would recognize people for their certain traits, as much as I have done throughout these years. Take for example: the young and rookie Keiichiro Saito, with 2 banger shows under his belt being both Fall shows of 2022's Bocchi the Rock! and last year's Sousou no Frieren a.k.a Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, his stardom as a rising director is quickly shining to great effect. To put this in contrast, Hiroko ...
Apr 5, 2024
Snack Basue (Anime) add
Snack Basue - A deep-dive into the hidden side of Japanese culture: hanging out at pubs and just talking about rando topics for comedy.

AniManga can be very weird sometimes, and in most rare cases, a necessity as an educational topic for the rest of the world to see what exactly is Japan all about. Shows like last season's Megumi no Daigo a.k.a Firefighter Daigo showcasing how firefighting is done in Japan, those shows when marketed to the West, can look very niche and is rather hard to market overseas. And when it does, it only gets a lukewarm reception and nothing more. Sadly, this is ...
Apr 3, 2024
Metallic Rouge - The paychological battle against producers and audience:
Producers: The "show, don't tell" rhetoric is braindead, we think that people cannot comprehend our main story.
Audience: "NO. You could've done this better and given us quality, but you gave us quality without substance."

The "show, don't tell" narrative technique is nothing new, especially in works ranging from stage plays to even virtual plays, like anime (case in point, Spring 2021's Odd Taxi, which is a PERFECT example of this). It's even harder when the source work is made from scratch, so that the series composers have enough time to think through their thought process from disseminating ...
Apr 3, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Sengoku Youko - The 1st arc of 2 for a renowned author, and it still has a lot of cooking to do.

If you have been in the AniManga scene for quite a while now, you would recognize a famed mangaka by the name of Satoshi Mizukami. This prolific author's stories are a mishmash of unorthodox proportions, but yet creative at the same time that you'd be wondering how someone like him is able to be so gargantuan at his many notable series. From the likes of the famed series of Spirit Circle (which is the mangaka's greatest work that hasn't got an anime adaptation yet) ...
Mar 31, 2024
Shangri-La Frontier - Trash games are TRULY trash. However, God-tier games are TRULY the best of the best, for both newcomers and veterans like connoisseurs.

AniManga based on video games come in all sorts of flavours. Of course, that's not to say that every single one of them are good (I'm looking at you, Reki Kawahara with the SAO franchise), and most of them (like last season's Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki a.k.a A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life) are truly equally trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. However, while one can easily criticize the video gaming landscape when it comes to anime, few ...
Mar 31, 2024
The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse - Is Nanatsu no Taizai finally back at being good again, being given the Boruto treatment? I hope that's the case. Also, I'm a bit skeptical at the thought that anyone could enjoy this without ANY knowledge of the prior series.

For the longest standing time in the history of franchises, no other series has been quite the beleaguerment of a rollercoaster journey, than with famed mangaka Nakaba Suzuki's Nanatsu no Taizai a.k.a The Seven Deadly Sins. Since the start of the series in 2012, it had been given a promising upstart by both A-1 Pictures and ...
Mar 30, 2024
The Dangers in My Heart, Round 2 - Are you sure that we're reading the title right? It's "The (Cringe) Dangers in MY Heart", not "The (Masterpiece) Dangers in OUR Heart(s)"?

AniManga rom-coms are pretty typical: same formula of "boy meets girl", have some common interests that gradually form into feelings of love, and blah blah blah. But for Mitsudomoe mangaka Norio Sakurai, Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu a.k.a The Dangers in My Heart is single-handedly, hands down, his best work ever of a rom-com that manages to defy all expectations between a couple that has rather radical shift of beliefs from the beginning, to ...
Mar 30, 2024
Mashle Season 2 - We are making non-stop bangers to the Divine Visionary with this one!


Cheating, gifted, rough techniques, wanted,
Contraindications, prohibitions, clearly a blind spot,
Violation, different dimension, it's totally out-of-this-world,
Impossible game; I never signed up for this with my name...
Ay, my rivals are all telling me,
Wow, my rivals are all telling me,
Mar 29, 2024
The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic - Is this Redo of Healer ver 2.0? If not, what is this then?

Every year, in and out, I always think to myself: "What's the best way to market Isekai works without having any of the stereotypical tried-and-true obvious "word search" counters like "Isekai", "Overpowered" and the like, without looking too offensive nor too generic to the Average Joe?" And like most of you, I've likely found that title by accident through its unassuming presentation, that however, takes a methodical approach to the whole "being Isekai-ed" measure. May I introduce to you: novelist Kurokata's Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta ...
Mar 29, 2024
The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash - What an inspiring fantasy show of the alternate Isekai option to take note of. Authors, I beg you, please do this more often.

Fantasy and Isekai, they go hand-in-hand, but while the concepts are ever so grandiose, the executions become too great for the protagonists...they just take it up and become the most overpowered people ever. What naive cliché for people to only have that one direction and take charge all of the way, forgetting that there're two sides of the coin. Fortunately, for every 10+ boring, trashy OP fantasy Isekai work out there, there're ...

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