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Nov 14, 2018
If there is anything to go by with this short-form series, I would say that it's bland with some good artwork and of course the good music that's known with the HoneyWorks brand.

The story in a nutshell is the life and work of flourishing voice actors. Pretty interesting concept for a short, but I'd wondered for an original series, it would have been nice to see this fleshed as a normal 12-episode series, given that the characters, aside from main MCs Minato and Chikako's journey of trials and tribulations, along with their own personal fears that make the whole voice acting job feel pressured and read more
Nov 5, 2018
6 episodes in, and I can firmly say that Tensei Slime (or TenSura for short) is the isekai series to end all isekai series that has since premiered this year, and with Tate no Yuusha on the horizon to come next season, we're all set for (FINALLY) THE good isekai series to come out with full force.

This is a prelim and I'll just keep it short, because this is just too good. A slime, saving the entire isekai genre? I can live with that!

Story and characters:
Pretty much how EVERY isekai series start with the MC, some XX year-old Don't-care-what's-his-name got his life lost in the read more
Oct 31, 2018
Right now, I'm just gonna say this off the bat: For what this series is, it is dedication to moe in the least expected of characters possible, and despite the score, I love this to bits.

Remember Beelzebub the series you watched back in the mid 2000s? Well, this is anything BUT that, and just from the title alone you would mistake for another entry in the Beelzebub series. Instead we get treated to a cast of characters that at best resemble more than just a moe series: characters that embody the naïve hidden love feelings that are mostly one-sided, but hopefully there will be more read more
Oct 27, 2018
The idol business in China is really huge, taking onto The Voice (China ver.), and such shows such as Star of China. And it's no wonder this series was sprung out of the popular manhwa to showcase just how massive this has been in Mainland China.

Again, my Chinese origins speak for themselves, but I don't quite exactly enjoyed the live-action ones as much as the Westernized counterparts such as American Idol and the massive popularity of The Voice. Look, I get it that such music based series definitely has everyone gunning for the people they love, thanks to the global popularity that started out with read more
Oct 25, 2018
I think I'm officially done with all that samurai nonsense. Throw in the Steins;Gate time leap mechanic, and what you have is just a show that is better than last season's boring and baseless Senjuushi, but by no means it impresses.

Rather than sourcing the original content which was an otome game (which would have fared much worse), the producers opt to go for an action-adventure base story that has the usual group of samurai that have existed since ancient times, and with the flip of a button on the device that controls time, it warps the main duo (Takasugi and Katsura) into an alternate future read more
Oct 22, 2018
As if we didn't need a Season 2 of this degrading parody of the mecha genre...

And thus I'm glad that we got it anyways, wasn't expecting this but it's there to boot. Apparently Japan (and straight off from people at Gonzo) thought that this was quite a success, and so this was sprung out of surprise.

We carry on through the adventures of Subaru Ichinose, in the far far away galaxy of the Space Age 0157, and his countless shenanigans of pilot mecha and glorious food that he's still so stubbornly attached to. Oh, and his brother Isuzu finally comes in his own team to take read more
Oct 14, 2018
Now let's go over everything again.

Aside from the littest OP made by the one and only MIYAVI, in all frankness, nothing in this show really stands out as good nor bad, just in the middle range, hanging over its balance of execution and remembrance.

Imagine the times of old where something feels out of place, and in this case, it's a lending shop where people can just rent stuff for their usage. However, there is another thing that CAN be rented out, and that is Tsukumogami, or 100-year-old spirits that can come alive and can be turned into objects of uses like decorations or impressions. And read more
Oct 2, 2018
Japanese-Chinese collaborations are nothing new, especially in the anime world, where we got to know the popular ones from China that are raking in the money from the oh-so-popular Tencent Animation & Comics, the largest Chinese regulator for comics and animation from China. Apparently Chinese people love Japanese manga (which comes as no surprise), and being a Chinese myself I can see why. But when it comes to the anime medium, sure there are classics that are well received like Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar) or Huyao Xiao Hongniang (Fox Spirit Matchmaker, which was recently dubbed in Jap last year), but with the read more
Sep 30, 2018
No words could better describe this series than a progressive trainwreck of its characters, amidst the overall setting, and we literally just got so trolled over the fact that we don't ever know what this anime wants to be anymore. And that was the result of Hanebado!, a pretty intense yet mind-boggling series that has everyone calling foul over many issues that have since happened.

Let's get the bad things out of the way, then we can end this on a good note. (Spoilers be warned)
First off, it is the adaptation from the manga that immediately develops its own material while taking snippets from it. Immediately, read more
Sep 29, 2018
This series was one of the most unique ones that most have been anticipating since the start of the year, and when it arrived in the lackluster Summer season, aside from the certainty that does not disappoint, it is entertaining to the mildest degree, while having a lot of *pokes* at the function of the most important system: us human beings.

Now, I don't care that whether you have studied subjects that are close to this, but I'm fairly certain that no matter our background as people whom have learned about cells in one way or another, Hataraku Saibou, or Cells at Work!, will definitely please read more