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May 12, 2018
It doesn't take a genius to know that sometimes having a variety of sorts is needed for some shows, and Juushinki Pandora is a prime example of mixed-media projects that both passes and fails to resonate with us viewers. I wouldn't be lying if I've ever said that the MAL score here reflect this (but by no means a true indicator), but for what it's worth, it takes a while to understand what this show is truly about.

An original anime by the creator of Macross, Shoji Kawanori, who's known for his brilliant mech designs and creations, falling under the production of a sub-par studio? Let's read more
May 8, 2018
The highly acclaimed harem series, with a different studio and art direction, yet it still establishes the foundations of its source material. Is it any good? Let's find out, shall we?

To anyone who has watched High School DxD and/or are fans of it, the story is pretty much linear to the light novel source, only except that TNK, the studio behind the previous 3 seasons, decided to go off-route and put traces of blemishes upon blemish into every season (with Season 3 the worst), so much so that it pisses off fans of both anime-onlys (albeit a bit) and especially fans of the light novel.

So read more
May 7, 2018
For a start, I did not expect this to be enjoyable, seeing that the Isekai Shokudou trend has just taken off, and you know what? This show is really not half bad. For this series to take on 2 cours, get ready for a light-hearted feel yet true intentions of what the series potentially could turn out to be, taking its time to flesh out the story and setting(s) of the show.

How do you feel when you need to carry on a legacy, and a good and/or bad one at that? That is what happens to Aoi Tsubaki, the daughter of the famous Shiro Tsubaki read more
May 5, 2018
Dragon Pilot: Hisone to Masotan is quite literally the season's quiet-springer, seeing it as the less popular, lesser well-known series against many heavy hitters, the sleeper surprise hit. And surprise (more) surprise, it's studio Bones leading the production, an original one at that.

Hisone to Masotan tells the story of young girls, D-Pilots to be precise, having the speciality to pilot OTF dragons that can shapeshift into normal jet fighters for military use. And as usual, you have the underdog, Amakasu, who can't seem to do anything right, and is fearful and insecure of her weaknesses, and is harsh on her words (even when she doesn't read more
May 3, 2018
Wow...a story of slavery that enslaves the worst of the worst treatments you could ever find, defining the master-slave relationship.

Based on the completed manga (by its longer name Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei (23 Slaves and Me)), Dorei-ku is quite simply the definition of slavery at its finest: the 1 device to rule all mankind and the deciding game to see who wins and loses to be the master and slave respectively.

The story exposition (as you can tell from the manga name) is quite the fodder: 23 Slaves and Me, citing that the story relates the lives of *this* many people that come into read more
May 3, 2018
Wotakoi is quite simply, Spring 2018's premier rom-com series. Why?

Imagine that someone you know (or yourself) is already an otaku, who cares for nothing but comikets, conventions and all that stuff. But what if love tries to interrupt everything that you aimed for, forging a relationship in the process?
What will you do?

Based off the well-received manga of the same name, Wotakoi describes the story of 4 people:
Schoolmates Hirotaka and Narumi, whom through their ominous encounter at their working lifestation sparks a cord within each other that carries them onto a relationship, with their otaku personalities on the line.
Boss-cum-colleagues Hanako (who cosplays and is famous) and read more
May 2, 2018
When it comes to original anime production, a lot of studios have tried to hit it off with much successes...except Silver Link. Along with Two Car last Fall (as a tribute to their 10th anniversary), Butlers X Battlers falls in the same category as original productions that failed hard from start to end (maybe. for now).

The gist of the whole story is of the iceberg formula depiction:
Tip of the iceberg: Part butlers living out their school slice-of-life comedic pleasures,
The rest in the water: Part butlers (ONLY TWO) protagonists that are fighting against one another in supernatural battles (in which the story behind it is read more
May 1, 2018
It's been awhile since I've watched anime made by Zexcs, since their track record goes back 2 decades, and with this new installment of the manga-turned-anime adaptation called Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori, let's see how the studio fares on this bit.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori showcases the characters: 4 men running a cafe called Rokuhoudou, each with their own idiosyncrasies, values and traits. Think of it as a mesh of Blend S (or as someone out it this way: Part reverse-GochiUsa , part Isekai Shokudou) and just replace the gender. Btw, if you haven't noticed, this show's goal is to keep you, the viewer, very laid-back as though read more
Apr 30, 2018
Geno Studio has delivered another stellar production into their hands, the 2nd after Kokkoku the previous season...I'm impressed, and having more faith in the studio now.

Based off the popular manga series of the same name (for long-time coming fans), the story of Golden Kamuy in a nutshell, is of two people: the immortal soldier Sugimoto and the Ainu tribal clan girl Asirpa, both with different ideals and yet live for the common purpose. Saichi Sugimoto, having survived the war (dubbed his "immortal" status for his strong toughness in battle and style), was looked upon by a dying comrade to help his family continue life and read more
Apr 29, 2018
If this title doesn't ring a bell, I'm honestly not surprised that anyone has ever seen or heard this series before.

My first impression of this series is just like a Persona rip-off (considering that the overall script was actually written by Tadashi Satomi who has worked on the Persona games), only that its popularity was no greater than say the latter, and coming into it, it is something that's quite confusing to deal with at first.

Based off the PS Vita game of the same name, or as is known with its main drive, the Caligula Effect (a real phenomenon) where people have the notion to read more