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Jun 30, 2023
Mashle (Anime) add
Borrow but improvise , is the best way to describe mashle, and In my opinion most fantasy/isekai should learn from this example.

It's been a while since we got a good parody anime with a good setting which was able to distinguish itself rather than try to cash in on a particular type, we have had wannabe konosuba clones and wannabe one punch man clones but they teen to forget that even if they are able to feed off of a starved for content audience they will inevitably be forgotten since there is already something similar which is in the store.

Mashle by all means is ...
Jun 29, 2023
I Don’t have any enemies ~ a ferocious warmongering viking.

Those who only “watched” season 1 of vinland saga or are unfamiliar with season 2 will definitely get baffled by this statement and what occurs in season 2 of this anime.

Those who “Understood” rewatched and completely absorbed the ending of season1 of vinland saga will completely understand why and how the season2 flows and leads to probably the best point the series has reached till date.

Now before I start a raging debate between those who miss the action and battles of season 1 let me remind you where things went wrong , and why the vinland ...
Jun 28, 2023
"Oshi no Ko" (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I tried akasaka, I tried my best to love this new series of yours for which you so mercilessly murdered your already beloved kaguya sama love is war , I tried to love it like i loved love is war even joined the hype , but just like the idol Ai, it was completely a fabricated love that only got converted to indifference as the episodes went by. Since it's by all means just a ….

A ONE EPISODE HIT WONDER, Which is very polarizing in its depiction of the film industry and is for the most part, just a revenge porn story since that ...
Jun 26, 2023
The best of golden kamuy once again , I am very thankful that the new studio change has not made any impact on the quality of the show, since this is a season4 review I am gonna assume everyone is atleast a decent way into the series and knows and loves golden kamuy just like i do so i will not do much fangirling and get into the review

plot (9/10)
the hunt for the gold has become the main focus once more since Asiripa is now reunited with the gang. I love the fact that some of the journey that people of different factions had with ...
Jun 24, 2023
this is the basic diabetic slice of life romance that we have been fed for the past two or three years in a row.
there is not much to even review about to be honest xD so ill be brief here.
plot (5/10)
this has basic girl meets guy first episode where they seem to be just getting along work wise but then some wierd starcroft lover bs happens and now the MC is hit with multiple DEBUFFS, I kid you not being tied with star magic fate is just debuffs and nothing more. then we get to certain train of events where the FMC uses manga I ...
Jun 23, 2023
Okay guys we all know the kind of audience for this one , and for them one word
This one is a big yes , you gotta watch it.

if asked about the great distinguishing or attractive aspect of megami cafe ill come up with a big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but as an harem anime which is supposed to be about cute color coded (yes the harem enthusiasts will know what i mean xD) girls with slightly tropey I am gonna go for the poster finish for those who dont know the names tsundere(long haired purple) , dandere (the big boobed green hair) , genki deredere (twintails ...
Jun 23, 2023
What is your definition of insanity?
Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change…
The first season of tonikawa did manage to shake up the anime fandom quite a bit gone were the days of waiting for three seasons for the couples to actually become a thing , we had them marry right from the get go! and to top it all off we got decent character writing , good progression, almost diabetes inducing cute and sweet scenes, and an actual mystery brewing in the background about tsukasa and her origins.
But in season 2?
Amusement park episode , hot springs ...
Jun 22, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Well this is degenerate trash that I probably would have not bothered to even look at but if you want to know if it's your type check out the trailer THOSE BIG JUICY THIGHS are what convinced me to give this one a go , and I was not disappointed. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But wait DON'T DROP IT just yet , it's not all about the fanservice , if you are able to tolerate a bit of the scumbag behavior and weird thigh cultism , there is actually a decent narrative underneath this is a actually decent narrative that manages to make for a ...
Jun 21, 2023
The long awaited sequel?prequel?sidestory yeah fuck that, its more konosuba and I am here for it.

Its a worthy continuation of the best and the most renowned and only example Cute girls being dumb as fuck and doing dumb shit in anime, and this time its all girls ? and also all of them chunni master magicians , hell yeah quite the treat in more ways than one.

The crimson devil (sidestory is the apt thing here I guess) actually was a bit of a surprise when it was announced , I personally thought konosuba is mostly just a parody and does not have enough ...
Jun 20, 2023
A slice of life that is more heartwarming than a romance anime (galaxy next door) ? And has better nuanced and realistic characters than an anime posing as a mystery anime (home hero)? Wow sign me the fuck up.

It's no surprise that Skip and loafer is an award winning manga, tho why is the title skip and loafer is still a mystery to me to this day.It has got the best blend of characters most of who are quite faithfully written ordinary highschool kids with no severe and unrealistic quirk for the sake of being interesting. It does this while also balancing ...

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