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Jun 23, 2022
Skeleton knight has perfected the Fantasy Isekai formula, We got the controversial EYE catcher first episode where a princess almost gets raped but is saved by Mr.Skeletor, her relevance after the fact? NONE AT ALL, does she exist just for that shock factor and get viewers in (or some may call it fanservice if you do please stay in your cave xD)

Skeleton knight is actually a really decent show, and for its category, it is probably one of the best shows with such a low budget that remain relatively entertaining.
It's quite clever, there is just enough magic and mystery to make it interesting, A read more
Jun 22, 2022
Its an average CGDCT slice of life obviously
We have An color-coded OP with moe girls with different colors, and each of them holds hands while they sleep in a green grassy field You can tell at this point that they aren't even trying to stand out at that point xD.

It's enjoyable? sort there is a slight mystery element (But I mean they do make it quite obvious) that does provide for a good finale. the slice of life is on point really cute girls do RPG and Real estate stuff with different cute girls or monsters we got a beach episode an onsen episode and read more
Jun 22, 2022
Just another tryhard wannabe anos voldigoat
Ill try to not waste anybody's time and tell you straight up why you shouldnt watch this

He looks like kiritio clone
Is scared of girls
Takes 2 episodes to gather harem despite being scared of girls
His only real adversary is himself and yep they decided to roll with that
Every single woman in this anime is oversexualized for no reason
He trains his harem and it tirns out they never use said training in the later episodes anyway :3 and act as damsel in distress

read more
Jun 21, 2022
Full reveal, I started this anime with huge expectations after looking at the universal praise of the manga and its MC, I haven't read the manga hence this is purely an Anime only review.

Ok the start of this anime is pretty wack, imagine this, you get kidnapped and put in a strange place with your pals and a creepy-looking doll says “play the game and I'll reduce your debt”, would you trust the doll? OFC NOT ANY DUMB APE HUMAN WOULD REALIZE THEIR NUMERIC AVANTAGE AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE DOLL and make a run for it, all the debt reduction bs is read more
Jun 21, 2022
“They had us in the first half NGL”
I tend not to rate an anime on “Last episode disaster”, hence this season I pretended that the last episode of Rikekoi and Yuusha yame masu does not exist (For good reason). However, the last few episodes of Yuuyame have much more effect on the overall story hence I don't think We can avoid including this (But I definitely wanted to say this once :D). This last episode in question drives the plot to a significant degree.
The plot twists and it twists hard, it's almost like Re zero episode one but extended to about the first 10 episodes, read more
Jun 19, 2022
Otome game is exactly the sort of generic isekai Power fantasy trash that everyone seems to hate. You know you have seen many of these before, there is a formula and a bit of a twist.
An isekai fan’s needs are easy to fulfill and are fulfilled quite faithfully in this anime this is an easy recommendation if you need any of the following.
1)OP protag who is relatively likable (But not distinct enough so that one can self-insert).
2)Harem, big tids, and beautiful chics. Not dense MC
3)Good worldbuilding but should also be a world that favors MC heavily.
4)Mecha (the twist)
5)harbinger of gender equality (shows no mercy to read more
Jun 17, 2022
Aharen san is a strange anime, When I talked to my friends many of who have seen more anime than me, half of them really hate this anime, and the other half love this anime.

As for me, I personally did enjoy watching this anime, it's nothing new, a semi-slice of life combined with a gag manga type of show full of pop culture references!

The anime has more references to other pop culture and JOJO (obviously.) than I have seen in a long time, they are hard to spot but always random and funny af if you can spot them we got Ooshiro spoderman , Aharen read more
Jun 17, 2022
Rikekoi is back for another season! Well if you didn't know already, It's a pure Romance anime with a slight twist of science.

The season does a good job of fleshing out the more under shadowed characters of season 1, the main duo does get somewhat of a decent development and there are plenty of good scenes and I love the fact that Blue balling is low and the number of ships is high, as well as the fanservice (thigh and below :3), is super high!

Characters (7/10)
personally, Season 1 did get repetitive after a while and season 2 is a breath of fresh air in read more
Jun 16, 2022
I take great pride that I watched this Anime right when it just started and before the OP craze … NO, it’s not like I just watched it because I thought it was an isekai … Baka.
In all seriousness, it's a show that is about Up and coming musical artists, the trials of the music industry, and most importantly what makes music sell
And it is a mind-blowing fact since what sells this Anime to most people is its absolutely insane music, especially Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (Man I can't get this OP out of my head !), I swear they spared no budget when read more
Jun 13, 2022
Honzuki, Is probably the most underrated isekai anime ever. Sure it has a more slow slice-of-life approach, Yet, it has the best World Building in any show I have seen so far, the nobles, and commoners' lifestyles, and the interactions between the two are perfect, A true mirror image of what held true for our World during the middle ages. The only problem that I may need to point out is

It is slow ….
Really slow …
I mean, It has been 3 seasons and we are still in the same City xD, We do Know that the Lore and the World building is Certainly not read more