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Mar 31, 2023
Buddy Daddies (Anime) add
Finally, a child who acts like a child, not a moeblob who only exists to fan the meme engines and churn out popularity.
It may be a lesser-known fact (Due to everyone hating on my spy fam review since it was a negative one), but I really did not like Spyx family after the first 6 episodes, They did everything ideally, just like buddy daddies over here, by first introducing some badass and sabotage specialists, helping us get used to the action then dropping the Kid who is actually adorable, behaves like a kid, makes mistakes like one and is essentially the reason for changing her ...
Mar 29, 2023
Romance, the ever-loved and praised genre of anime was getting rather stale lately and finally after so many disappointments and straight-up vanilla slices of life’s that barely hold a candle to the Romance anime of old and are just wish-fulfillment crap even worse than the worst of isekai’s (Otanori no tenshi-sama was just so bad I didn't bother writing a review), we Finally got a complete package that bought with it a fun concept wasnt convoluted, filled with misunderstanding, or riddled with unnecessary filled with panty shots to gain favor.

What I love about Tomo chan is, that it is a complete package that introduces ...
Mar 28, 2023
There was simply no need to make Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill,(obviously a light novel you can tell by the name) an Isekai anime, It is an anime about food and Realistically speaking most food that is made mimics their real-life counterpart and the ingredients that make the Umai (tasty in Japanese) and keep the “Umami” come from Umami land.
“Yeah? then why did you watch it?”
Because it's an Isekai of course ......

Let's face it, This is not the first isekai food anime, I doubt any genre is left unscathed by the isekai Truck (hehe :p) so let's just jump into why ...
Mar 25, 2023
Blue Lock (Anime) add
“What is the missing piece to complete this puzzle ?” -Isagi Yoichi
The fookin animation and budget for any scenes that do-not-lead-to-a-goal you dumb c***
I think the easiest way I can define the problem and make a TLDR is with this,
it feels like that blue lock is more of a SCORE them GOALS anime than a Football anime.

Make no mistake, Blue lock is truly the only anime that comes even close to the legendary status of Haikyuu season 3 but the real frustration and gripe that I have with this show are that it falls just short because of how many corners are cut from ...
Mar 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Since Fruits basket, the power of shoujo anime was made clear, but after the fact, we have been hit with another drought of cheaply animated and designed shojo which tries to get away with poor production with a few Kyun’s and kyaa's
Unfortunately, Liselotte suffers from the same dilemma which is quite unfortunate since the plot does get really good as we get further into the story, it is a good romance with realistic characters which is quite surprising considering the plot is about a “tsun de rais” the main game couple and the real-life couple are quite endearing and a perfect match, the plot ...
Mar 24, 2023
“How can a show which is 80% monologue be interesting?”
There were two farming Simulator Anime that were airing this season(:p), THis one was an underdog and frankly after the terrible reception of a similar show last season, there wasnt much to expect from this. Still, one of my friends who is a dirty disgusting scumbag isekai lover basically my homie, read the manga of this show and insisted this one could be a good watch hence I knew Its worth a look.

The slice-of-life formula is there and it follows the footsteps of slime. The focus of slime was more on power fantasy however and ...
Mar 18, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I'll be honest and straight for once, there is not much improvement here from the very controversial season 1.... but there is a genuine attempt at a good romance.
Nagatoro used to be a little too edgy during season 1, but the "Bullying" in the season was somewhat debatable. but without a doubt, season 2 has toned it down and had us explore more of the softer aspects of the relationship between nagatoro , senpai, "Furendessu" and a new character "Anetoro".
Following the proper trend of most season 2s of romance animes the season ends with a "Could be hint of a major development" feel-good episode and ...
Feb 15, 2023
I will admit I always wanted to be that one plain-looking guy who at crunch time managed to fight off bad guys bare-handed, steal their weapons pull off some sick reloads and headshots while my crush watched me save the day, and goes doki doki!!
There are two kinds of adults, the first are embarrassed by their childhood self and will surely cringe at the statement I made above If not report it xD and the other who still have a child hidden inside them, unable to let go of all the cool power moves and ninja signs the affinity one might have if they are ...
Dec 24, 2022
Bocchi the rock is the best underrated anime of this season period, hell it can even be a contender for anime of the year if you ask me.

Great characters , to frankly amazing fluid animation with a good blend of 3d and 2d , amazing gag comedy that far surpasses the quality of its 4 koma manga , great direction and understanding of the escapists and the frankly out of the world vivid escapism and a very good understanding of the introverts and their daily struggle.

Bocchi began as a generic slice of life that i probably thought would go as far as making its music ...
Dec 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Spy family is the most millennial-friendly anime to come out in years, the anime shy's away from any and all controversial twists barely shows us any progression, introduces a new waifu, cz a new waifu a season keeps horny in check, and provides us an illusion of choice although, we all know the girl that came on screen before, will win.

The second part of season 1 of spy family has a grand total of 3 episodes with any story progression, and the rest of the time we go from mildly funny gags to interesting fillers which tease you on character development but then cuck ...

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