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Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: An anime about pursuing dreams that’s somewhat messy but still hits some really strong emotional highs.

This anime is themed around fashion and modelling, but that’s really just the backdrop. Before I started this anime I knew essentially nothing about fashion and modelling, and to be honest after watching it I would still say that I know nothing about fashion and modelling. However, despite that, it was still really easy to appreciate the character stories of people trying to pursue their dreams as they’re pretty well written and have a unique feel to them.

Though it may not seem like it at first, the protagonist of ...
Nov 29, 2023
This is a collection of NGE one shots from a number of mangaka. As one would expect from a collection of one shots, things vary tremendously from one shot to one shot. The only thing that almost all of them have in common is that they’re trying to be comedic, though there’s one that’s even an exception to that. To be honest I felt that there were far too many similar stories that relied on pretty much the exact same humor so the comedy got a bit stale, though I suppose that’s to be expected from the fact that it’s by multiple authors without any ...
Nov 29, 2023
This is an officially licensed parody manga. It’s composed of a lot of mini stories, most only a few pages long. As for the comedy, sometimes it lands and sometimes it just doesn’t. Some parts I thought were really witty and felt really true to the characters so in a way they had some depth to them. Other parts didn’t have depth but made fun of pretty interesting aspects so they were pretty funny. And there were also parts that were just crude and vulgar without really anything much more to them. I suppose with any comedy routine, some parts will land and some parts ...
Nov 28, 2023
tl;dr: A very unique manga centered around a boy obsessed with having individuality.

From the duo that brought you Medaka Box comes yet another very unique work. This one is centered around individuality and the lack thereof. As such, one of the core aspects of this manga is that it does not have proper nouns. The hero is simple referred to as ‘boy’ and the heroine is simple referred to as ‘girl’. Though there is a bit of a twist as you would expect with NISIOISIN in that the boy is written as 症年 instead of 少年 and the girl is written as 症女 instead of ...
Nov 23, 2023
tl;dr: A solid though repetitive and generic rom-com, though one that would be better to consider it’s own thing despite having NGE in the title.

This is a really bizarre alternate take on Neon Genesis Evangelion. The manga itself really isn’t bizarre at all, rather it’s incredibly generic. But that itself makes the manga bizarre because it’s basically Evangelion stuffed into a really basic and standard rom-com mold. The world this spin off is set in, the Impacts, Angels, and what we know of as Evas don’t seem to exist. Rather the world seems to be running just fine. NERV still exists and is working on ...
Nov 20, 2023
tl;dr: A harem wish fulfillment type anime with no depth that’s very open about what it wants to do and manages to do it pretty well.

This anime isn’t an isekai, but it follows a lot of the standard isekai tropes. It features the protagonist, Noir, gaining a number of skills that make him overpowered and then a bunch of girls fall in love with him. What I think makes this a bit unique is that it felt like it was much more open and blatant in being a wish fulfillment fantasy compared to most similar anime, for better or worse. The primary example of this ...
Nov 19, 2023
*Note: This is a review for all five seasons.*

tl;dr: A shounen sports style anime about cooking with a great cast and a really fun gimmick, that overstays it’s welcome somewhat.

This anime, as you may have been able to surmise from the title, is centered around battles fought through cooking, known as shokugeki. The plot revolves around the protagonist, Souma, going to attend Japan’s most prestigious cooking high school, Tootsuki Culinary Academy. This is an incredibly strict academy that one can easily fail out of at the drop of a hat. However, Souma is the type of guy that despite the danger looks straight ahead at ...
Nov 16, 2023
tl;dr: A mess of a manga that has a shock and awe of blood and gore but nothing else.

Smokin’ Parade is a manga about a group of fighters known as the Jackalopes who have been installed with mechanical combat implants in order to fight monsters known as Spiders, which seem to randomly emerge as a result of a reaction between some people and organ transplants from a certain megacorp. As far as the good points of this manga go, it has quite a lot of blood, guts, gore, and body horror and it’s drawn pretty horrifically. If that’s all you want from this manga this’ll ...
Nov 15, 2023
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: A manga carried by having a really interesting core concept, but that overall feels like a waste of potential.

This manga is an adaptation of a novel that was also adapted into a Hollywood film, though the film is quite a bit different from the novel and manga. The central premise is that humanity is in a war against a mysterious alien force dubbed Mimics, and in the midst of that a soldier named Keiji learns that he loops back 30 or so hours upon death. It’s a very interesting concept and the first volume uses it really well. It fleshes out Keiji’s panic and ...
Nov 14, 2023
tl;dr: A manga with an overtly simple premise that doesn’t evolve at all and gets boring pretty quickly.

This manga is about Takano who is going out with a girl named Sekime, but Sekime gets embarrassed incredibly easily when Takono is involved, so despite going out it’s hard for them to do couple like things. As such, them just normally interacting can be pretty funny. But the problem with the manga is that this is pretty much all there is, short chapters involving just normal interactions playing out in an amusing manner. It’s fluffy so it is pretty enjoyable at first, but its incredibly repetitive. Takano ...

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