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Oct 4, 2022
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: An anime that while definitely lacking in some areas should still be pretty enjoyable for fans of the game.

Sakura Wars the Animation is a sequel to the 2019 Sakura Wars game. Considering that these days it seems most anime is made primarily with the goal of advertising other media, it’s pretty rare for an anime to just straight up require having consumed some other type of media. However, that very much is the case with this anime, which was very clearly designed for people that already played and enjoyed the game. If you don’t, you’ll probably understand most of the major story beats, but ...
Sep 29, 2022
tl;dr: An anime that starts off pretty good, is mediocre throughout the middle, and then has a complete train wreck of an ending.

Great Pretender is an anime composed of four arcs, each centered around a different con a group of conmen are pulling off against someone they find deserving of getting knocked down a peg. There is of course an emphasis towards having interesting tricks, and there’s also focus given to developing each of the main characters in the group of conmen. In the end it all feels for naught however, as more so than any of that, the writing seemed to have been focused ...
Sep 28, 2022
tl;dr: A laidback and amusing series about a monster girl doctor.

This anime doesn’t have much of an overarching plot. It’s essentially just about the protagonist Glenn, a doctor dealing with various patients, though the twist is that despite Glenn being a human he’s a doctor that specializes in dealing with monsters. This is relatively fast paced with most of the patients he deals with only having a single episode dedicated to them, though a lot of them continue appearing after their arc as side characters that help Glenn in dealing with other patients. It should also be noted that although it is a medical drama, ...
Sep 27, 2022
tl;dr: A generic isekai that’s also really weak all around.

This is the standard type of story where a bunch of people including the protagonist, get summoned to another world and the protagonist seems to be weaker than the rest due to his initial class seeming useless though he then turns out to be vastly overpowered. The particular subtype, which is also quite common, is the one where the protagonist was betrayed and left to die and thus becomes an edgelord that wants revenge. On average isekai light novel series aren’t very original and I’m totally okay with that or I wouldn’t have bothered to read ...
Sep 26, 2022
Canaan (Anime) add
tl;dr: An anime that starts off with some good build up but has essentially no solid payoff to anything which is especially disappointing considering how 428 left off.

This anime is a sequel to the visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble, primarily drawing from the bonus Canaan scenario that was handled by Type-Moon. It isn’t strictly required to have played 428 before watching this from a plot point of view, though I still would heavily recommend doing so as it’s a pretty great VN and this anime spoils essentially all of it pretty much immediately. As such, this review is assuming that the reader has already played ...
Sep 19, 2022
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: A decent although generic concept executed not all that well.

Meiyaku no Leviathan is a light novel series set in a world where dragons had suddenly invaded Earth and demanded that certain territories, including portions of a number of capital cities, be abdicated to dragonkind. The dragon lords were incredibly powerful to the point that humanity could not stand before them, so they grudgingly agreed. This satisfied the dragon lords, however the lower dragons, composed of the not quite as powerful as the dragon lords but still quite powerful elites and the endless but relatively weak raptors, still continued attacking humanity and the dragon lords ...
Sep 15, 2022
Gleipnir (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: An anime that is really solid, though edgy, for most of it but has a terrible final third.

The underlying foundation of the plot behind this anime was simple but still managed to work well, at least for most of it. The first arc involves the the main heroine Claire discovering the main hero Shuuichi’s secret, that he has the power to transform into a super powerful mascot animal costume though he has no clue why. This arc involves them essentially groping around in the dark to try to figure what’s going on and in the process fleshes out both Claire and Shuuichi’s personalities, establishes ...
Sep 12, 2022
tl;dr: A cringe filled mess of a plot with an awful protagonist I can’t help but be invested in and heroines that work really well with said plot.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu, AKA Rent-a-Girlfriend, AKA KanoKari, AKA RAG, is an anime that is a trash fire, but a really enjoyable trash fire. The plot premise is that Kazuya after getting dumped by his first girlfriend ends up using a Rent-A-Girlfriend app and going on a date with the main heroine Chizuru, but due to various circumstances revolving around Kazuya not wanting his grandmother to know he rented a girlfriend and Chizuru not wanting her grandmother to know that ...
Sep 8, 2022
tl;dr: A sequel season that continues in the direction the second season started heading down but does a much better job at it.

This season of DanMachi is atmospherically a continuation of the later arcs of the second season in that it’s much more serious as compared to the first season and deals with more complex issues. However, the issue handled in this arc isn’t ones that requires as much nuance as the topics the latter arcs of the second season did because what choice Bell will make is pretty clear from the outset and the author doesn’t need to pretend like it’s not. And that ...
Sep 7, 2022
tl;dr: A fantasy isekai series with with interesting plans, mostly solid heroines, surprisingly good lore, and a pretty amusing protagonist that pulls off being cartoonishly villainous without being edgy or evil.

This novel series is an isekai with the main twist being that the protagonist, Shinichi, was summoned by the Blue Demon King to aid the demons against the humans. The demons aren’t that evil, with the reason that they ‘invaded’ the human world being that demon world food is awful, with even raw human world ingredients being better than demon world cuisine, and they only ‘invaded’ a completely empty valley at that. They only attacked ...