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Jun 17, 2019
tl;dr: A solid continuation that's just as good as its predecessor. 

I was expecting this to be a side story like filler somewhat disconnected from where the main series left off since even though chronologically it's after, it was released before the first series ended. Hence, I was surprised that that wasn't the case, and that this was a solid continuation of the main series that felt like it picked up right where the main series left off and continued progressing their relationship and cranking up the intensity in the same manner. Just as with the main series, the progress is slow and steady and something that the two involved read more
Jun 13, 2019
tl;dr: A great adaptation of the game from a fan’s point of view, though one that would likely be severely lacking for newcomers.

I should note that I played the game for this before watching the anime, though a long time before. Hence, the lens I was looking at this through was as a refresher on the first game to prepare for Danganronpa 3. Still, I couldn’t help but think about what people new to the franchise would also think. Now I would definitely say that the core aspects of Danganronpa came through very well. The characters are varied and interesting with well-developed personalities and motivations that result in developing interesting relationships. The read more
Jun 13, 2019
tl;dr: A manga focused around an incredible relationship with SM as a foundation.  

One of the core aspects of this manga was BDSM, which was really deep. Here SM is very much a window to the soul that does amazing things. It's still honestly hard for me to view real SM as this deep, but it's not like I know anything about the subject beyond what I learned here anyway, so what do I know. I ended up learning a lot, and there was a lot of variety to it so it never made things feel slow. I'd be interested in more works of fiction that read more
Jun 11, 2019
tl;dr: A really solid manga with great pacing and an art style that works really well, but that has an unfathomably terrible ending. 

This manga's best aspect is that it is incredibly well paced. In general it feels like the flow to the manga has three parts intermixed. The first is just comedic small stories, featuring the various characters doing random things, generally involving mafia related subjects with some character development maybe, but not much in terms of overarching plot lines. The second is the buildup portion. Here, some sort of conflict is developed in terms of providing background behind why it's occurring and establishing a motivational basis behind why Ken and the gang read more
Jun 11, 2019
tl;dr: A manga that's short, but still doesn't feel like it has enough material to support its length. 

This manga is only one volume long, but it still feels like it dragged on. There isn't really much plot at all. Character's personalities are only shown at a superficial level, and though character and relationship development occurs and is quite adorable, its really slow. It's just a quick look at the life of peculiarly matched couple that manage to get along well. It felt a lot like a oneshot, but one stretched into a full volume, and hence with really slow pacing. The story isn't bad, and the relationship is interesting enough overall, but it read more
Jun 11, 2019
tl;dr: A build up to a battle anime with a very interesting spark of humor and personality.

This anime composed of a lot of really common aspects, but it takes them from a large number of places and puts them together in ways they aren't usually done and executes them pretty solidly, so it actually comes out really well. In terms of the overarching story, there isn't much beyond setting up the characters and systems, and though there are some plot threads that I am interested in seeing where they lead, there largely isn't something at a grand scale that they're working towards, with it largely read more
Jun 9, 2019
tl;dr: A manga with no plot, shallow characters, and repetitive comedy, that's sole good aspect is pretty art showing off attractive characters.  

The manga has shallow characters that aren't particularly likable and essentially no plot, not just in terms of overarching plot, but there wasn't much plot to the smaller stories either. It seems to want to rely solely on its comedy and art. In terms of the comedy, it was pretty lackluster, being incredibly repetitive with the MC being the punchline of essentially every joke. In terms of art, it certainly does a good job at showing off the characters and is really attractive in that sense, so I do consider it read more
Jun 9, 2019
tl;dr: A pretty laid-back adventure of a curious and goodhearted person's with a unique set of powers in a fantasy land. 

At first look, this manga seems like it has a pretty generic setting, but when one delves into it, it has a good amount of depth and the small details add up to make a pretty interesting world. What particularly helps this is that we see the world through the eyes of Kou, a being who knows nothing about pretty much anything, but with curiosity and earnestness explores and slowly learns more and more about it. This is pretty relaxed all the way through, in that there's not too deep of an overarching plot or long-term character/relationship development, but Kou himself is such a goodhearted character that the short stories of Kou's exploits read more
Jun 9, 2019
tl;dr: An incredibly well told story of a realistic first love.

This is a story about first love between two characters shown in a pretty realistic manner. There's no special premise, parade of tropes, or an exaggerated sense of melodrama. Because of this, there is a general feeling of slowness, with at times it feeling even slower. But at the same time, it's implemented really well and it feels like that's how it should be. It doesn't rely on larger than life situations to get you invested, but rather the accumulation of being able to empathize with the characters after seeing them simply earnestly living their read more
Jun 8, 2019
tl;dr: A solid continuation of the previous season that benefits from being less random.

This is another season that continues the strange despair filled tales of the strange Nozumu and his class of strange students. In general, it is very much the same as previous seasons, so there's not much more to talk about compared to the previous season. It's a series of non-chronological short stories that don't actually fit into a single narrative at all really, featuring mostly the same set of characters with a few new ones. No overarching story or character arcs, but rather just small self sufficient tales. These tales continue to read more