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Sep 4, 2020
tl;dr: A series with an interesting atmosphere and a lot of variety to it that end up starting up a number of interesting concepts, but that hasn’t really taken them anywhere yet.

This anime had a lot of interesting concepts and set up the world pretty well, but beyond that it had a lot of rough spots. The core premise is quite interesting, in that the protagonist isn’t simple someone that instantly adapt to being overpowered in a new world as is often the case with the isekai genre. However, he is still overpowered so it’s not like him being in a new world is ever read more
Aug 31, 2020
tl;dr: A series with an amazing set of characters that has surprisingly good but pretty explicit comedy.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii is a pretty strange work in that it's trying to be both incredibly intelligently written and deep while also being pretty low brow simultaneously, and it manages to pull it off incredibly well. The core of the anime is it's characters, and what a set of characters it is. Overall they're a very strange bunch, and each has a very strong personality that lends them to being immensely interesting and often very likable. There's no overarching plot, but rather the overarching story is centered around read more
Aug 31, 2020
tl;dr: A show mainly centered around killing goblins that does incredibly well at that, though isn’t as strong when it ventures outside that. 

Goblin Slayer was definitely the most controversial anime of 2018, and it certainly did have some very horrific content. Still, in the end all of this felt like it very clearly had a purpose, to demonstrate that the goblins were horrific being that deserved no mercy but rather every brutality directed their way, which is crucial because the core of the anime is Goblin Slayer and his party breaking from what the norm is with heroic adventures and such, and slaughtering goblins ruthlessly read more
Aug 31, 2020
tl;dr: A gag anime composed of shorts centered primarily around a dumb girls stupidity that has some decent comedy but gets kind of annoying as it goes on.

This is a 12 episode series, but each episode is only half length at about 12 minutes. Furthermore, each of these episodes is split into even smaller short stories of about 3-4 minutes. These stories don't have any sort of overarching plot or character arcs or anything. Multiple stories do connect, but even when they do it's not for the purpose of trying to tell  a more complex story and none of the stories feel like they're actually read more
Aug 26, 2020
tl;dr: A manga that’s a good survival story until it suddenly goes in a very different direction, ultimately leading to a really bizarre ending. 

The plot of this manga in one sense is about people trying to survive adverse conditions on a deserted island. This aspect certainly has some issues, mainly things that didn’t really make a lot of sense, but was overall done pretty well and was satisfying enough at how it pushed forward various character interactions and relationships. However, this aspect while still being present up to the ending, becomes far less of a focus as it goes on, focusing instead on a much more complicated and read more
Aug 26, 2020
tl;dr: A very well designed but very much filler movie.

This is essentially a filler movie in the universe of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo. As with such movies its completely self contained and doesn't really further anything in terms of overarching plot points or character arcs. Rather, it's a short story far away from everything else. This story is more focused on lots of cool and fun moments than on telling a solid story, wherein while it does have a reasonably solid story it's a pretty generic one that doesn't have that much complexity or depth to it. However, it does read more
Aug 22, 2020
Sekirei (Manga) add (All reviews)
tl;dr: A manga that although somewhat disconnected and random in a lot of aspects is still pretty interesting and enjoyable all the way through. 

This manga had a lot of interesting elements, but it largely didn’t do much with them, so it didn’t really feel like things progressed in the ways and to the degree that they should, which also resulted in them feeling kind of disconnected. The cast of main characters at least at a base level have personalities and backgrounds that make them worth getting invested in, but it felt like their stories themselves were kind of weak. Other than the protagonist, the character read more
Aug 22, 2020
tl;dr: The story of an overpowered protagonist and a lot of interesting side characters with amazing world building.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a well told and pretty varied story of an incredibly overpowered protagonist in a really fleshed out world. Tatsuya is absolutely ridiculously overpowered. However, due to various limitations placed on him there's a progression to how overpowered he seems from the viewers point of view which ties into the narrative. The first arc is centered around differences in abilities and the resulting prejudice among students of First High, as such Tatsuya is simply portrayed as especially powerful for a low ranked high school read more
Aug 19, 2020
tl;dr: An isekai that should be enjoyed solely as comedy fueled amusement.

This is a harem isekai featuring an overpowered protagonist as seems to be the standard for most isekai. This one in particular has received a tremendous amount of criticism as being incredibly flawed. I in general don't disagree with most of this criticism, but rather I feel that most of it misses the point, which is that this is supposed to be purely amusing rather than having any sort of depth to it. The world is a random blend of strange things, with part of it being purely medieval fantasy, part of it being read more
Aug 19, 2020
tl;dr: An incredibly well made though often slow story based loosely on Romeo and Juliet but with very different but well developed characters.

Romeo and Juliet is a classic that has been adapted in far too many ways to count. It's core story line behind star-crossed lovers born into opposing factions is even more common. This anime takes a lot stylistically from Romeo and Juliet, enough so that the viewer is immediately able to recognize the Romeo and the Juliet and sympathize and root for their forbidden relationship. However, that is all that this anime takes. It doesn't follow the plot line of the original at read more