Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

Japan Sinks: 2020

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: 日本沈没2020
English: Japan Sinks: 2020
French: Japan Sinks: 2020
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Type: ONA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 9, 2020
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Studios: Science SARU
Source: Novel
Genres: DramaDrama, Sci-FiSci-Fi
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.441 (scored by 6654566,545 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #64432
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Popularity: #1415
Members: 121,128
Favorites: 323

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Jul 9, 2020
cateypillar (All reviews)
It’s fitting how this show is called “Japan Sinks”, as my expectations for Japan’s animation industry seemed to sink lower and lower with each passing minute that I viewed this train-wreck.

Japan Sinks is undeniably a poor work, but what truly prompted me to fully mull over this cesspool of incompetence and juvenility was how fascinatingly abysmal it truly was. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Netflix-commissioned anime schlock, this is a show created under the eyes of the renowned Masaaki Yuasa. Science SARU (Masaaki’s own studio), was at the helm here, and while they’ve been fairly hit-or-miss over the past year or so, they also created Devilman: read more
Jul 9, 2020
HenriqueNBarbosa (All reviews)
Japan Sinks 2020 - An anime about "earthquakes" that start to happen in an uncontrolled way, and can sink Japan, in this dangerous scenario, we accompany a family that so much finds a way to survive in the face of all this chaos.

The first thing worth mentioning about "Japan Sinks 2020" is how earthquakes are not the main focus of the anime. The notable presence is in the huge variety of subjects discussed all the time about JAPAN. If you came expecting an anime "about natural disasters" you were probably disappointed, but this is not the anime's fault, it's about the expectation created about the read more
Jul 9, 2020
SingleH (All reviews)
I know all the young little nihilists populating the internet are good about recognizing and rejecting fundamentally anachronistic media, but I think we should just trade in those red pills for some black pills, and instead of merely scoffing at religion, patriotism, and chivalry, we should proceed to disregard all traditional values altogether, because from where a suicidal sociopath like me is sitting, such values do nothing but dilute the theming of creative works with trite morals and utterly squander a story’s ability to build interesting characters divorced from insipid archetypes or deliver unique messages free from the influence of unwritten orthodoxy. Nuances aside, Japan read more
Jul 9, 2020
Koumazoku (All reviews)
(Might contain minor spoilers)

From the other reviews, it seems as if everyone either loves this and considers this a masterpiece or hates it and considers a piece of trash. Therefore I'm gonna try judging this series as fair as I can.

Earthquakes are scary. The Japanese society, culture, and many other aspects of the nation has been affected by Japan throughout the history and creation of Japan. This anime is another disaster earthquake anime in which Japan gets hit by a giant earthquake and many, many people die. At least that's what it seems like it was like until it turned into some crackheads appearing every read more
Jul 10, 2020
TeamDalaiLana (All reviews)
I cannot believe what I witnessed. I stumbled upon the trailer of this anime on YouTube and thought it looked fantastic. I was really looking forward to it but now I can honestly say this was my biggest disappointment after watching any piece of media in my life. Yes, it was that horrid.

The funny thing is the first two episodes were quite good with great animation and art. Then, it just went south after that to a point where I was just lost for words. The tonal shift was so abrupt and jarring. The quality of animation dipped so badly some scenes looked like it read more
Jul 10, 2020
sovietbakuretsu (All reviews)
TLTR; it's the worst Yuasa's work without any doubt.

Oh man... I remember how much I was waiting for this anime to finally air, Yuasa's last work as a member of Science Saru, how can we not be hyped? It took 2 episodes to let that hype...sink (sorry).

-First of all, what the hell? Seriously, this was supposed to convey any sort of emotion? It looked like a "Final Destination" rip-off where chaos after chaos occurred and NONE of the characters gave a shit about, SPOILER ALERT! My dad died? let's keep walking! One of the girls almost got raped? No problem! If the characters themselves read more
Jul 9, 2020
Ganz7 (All reviews)
I had high hopes for this show based off that delightful opening sequence. The first two episodes were an exercise in good story-telling and great character building. It was off to a fantastic start. And then starting from EP3, I'm still not sure what happened, it was just pathetic.

Every single character just decided to become a psychopath with the empathy of a rock. I've never seen a quality drop like this in any show ever. It's just truly upsetting watching this show play out. No superlative I use here will be enough.

But you know what? Watch this show. Just watch from EP1 to EP5 to read more
Jul 10, 2020
MrPonty (All reviews)
A show that marketed around Yuasa's name that has nothing to do with Yuasa's works and his brilliant direction, let alone writing.

The amount of disdain I ended up having when I finished the last episode kind of forced me to make a review just to share with the world how disappointed I am with studio SARU and Yuasa in general. They could have easily skipped all episodes except the first one and the last two and nothing would have changed. Actually, I probably would have enjoyed this show more.

From the mastermind behind PPTA, The Tatami Galaxy, Devilman CRYBABY, and so on and so forth read more
Jul 9, 2020
Gieog_ (All reviews)

Story 9/10
I think it’s a very special story, it’s about how Japan sinks into the ocean. An ordinary family tries its best to survive as a series of earthquakes destroy the islands of Japan. It shows their struggle while moving up west and how the city continues to tremble and cause more damage. Even with this the family continues to make memories with each other on their way. I think this story is a real eye open to appreciate whats happening in the moment because you never know what the future brings or who you’ll gain and lose in life.

Art 6/10
For me the characters styles read more
Jul 18, 2020
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
"You're kidding!" -A main character mere seconds before succumbing to one of the stupidest anime deaths this year, Japan Sinks 2020

Hope, while often necessary, can be a ruinous thing to have in the midst of a disaster. Despite the catastrophically negative reception among friends and the similarly dismal scores the show has, I still had hope that it could be at least entertaining in some regard. Even an Inuyashiki tier “so bad it’s good” title would’ve been enough to be satisfying, if still ultimately bizarre given how this is treated as a Yuasa work...more on that later. Unfortunately, this ONA is just an abject failure read more
Jul 9, 2020
singhisking (All reviews)
Netflix doesn't joke around.
As the title suggest, the premise spends little to no time for its viewer to position himself on sofa along with his popcorns. Small earthquake strikes and a big one follows and then everywhere is chaos.

Its not Tokyo magnitude 8.0 but sure feels like it throughout the mid episodes as they start picking companions along the way. People die and we are given less time to take in those moments.

The best thing about this show is its music, Oh that good old soothing music.

Sadness and sadness and misery is all we get to see, reminding me of Titanic.
I don't know why read more
Jul 9, 2020
ST63LTH (All reviews)
I've been following this series since the release of its Netflix reveal trailer hoping to find fulfillment that Tokyo Magnitude left. However, in all aspects this series still managed to fall terribly short of what I would consider a shred of hope compared to any of the series I'v e seen. In short, Tokyo Sinks 2020 is an poorly structured, lack of common sense based story with unnecessary character bloodshed.

The members of the Mutou family deaths are used to add shock factor when the story runs dry of action or intense internal conflict. All the characters lack general cognitive problem solving capabilities and judge read more
Jul 10, 2020
Sigmar-Unberogen (All reviews)
This is a spoiler-free Review!
Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 is not an anime about a disaster, it's a disaster anime!

Let's start with the FAQ

Is this show similar to -Tokyo Magnitude 8.0?- - Yes, they both have earthquakes here and there, and obviously some tragedies occur here and there, but that's basically all the similarities there. In terms of quality, Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 is simply - Awful - and if you haven't seen both of them, I'd recommend watching -Tokyo Magnitude 8.0?- over this abomination - 100 times out of 100.

1)Art - 1/10
From the get-go you realize that the art isn't the strongest point of read more
Jul 10, 2020
newday_oldme (All reviews)
Okay, so like what the frick?

Imma just dive in real quick, spoilers are ahead, you’re warned. This show gets a 3/10.

Story: Please stoooop
It’s just one of these stories that jumps from one accidental occurrence to another. Like every step just feels random. Oh, a hidden mine field? Guess someone has to die. Let’s put toxic gas here, haha another one bites the dust. Uh, a city that is for no reason not damaged by sinking Japan? Not anymore, let’s kill all the citizens. But before that let’s party and pretend like Japans just fine.

Yeah, another thing, you might realize. Every episode there has to die read more
Jul 9, 2020
Hhirata (All reviews)
Stay away from reviews that told you the director of this masterpiece is a bad director ! They probably don't understand a thing about it !

From the same director of devilman crybaby and keep your hands of eizuken, this is the newest anime (jul 2020) of masaaki and heo ( ping pong, death note and durarara). Nihon chinbotsu is an anime that always keep your heart at your mouth! Every episode makes you waiting for the worst and the best at the same time !

Every speak and action has a meaning and a consequence.

All the characters are well built, we care and cheer read more
Jul 9, 2020
Wanniox (All reviews)
[This review contains spoilers]

The premise sounded so interesting to me and the artstyle is one i've always thoroughly enjoyed but holy shit the characters are trash. There is a nice range of characters but they always felt off. the kid is always saying some english shit which adds nothing to the story and just feels way too out of place. their fucking dad dies and after two scenes everything is back to normal like their dad never existed. There is no reference to his dad whatsoever. there is no emotional harm done except for our main girl who doesn't show it after said two scenes. read more
Jul 12, 2020
AnimeBW (All reviews)
Japan Sinks 2020 has a lot of hype behind it. It’s an adaptation of a seminal disaster novel from 1973, updated to modern day by Masaaki Yuasa and his studio Science Saru. This is the same team that struck lightning by similarly updating the classic Devilman manga into the now-just-as-classic Devilman Crybaby, and Japan Sinks 2020 very much feels like it wants to recapture that magic. Here, again, is a ten-episode Netflix Original anime series with moments of intense violence and sex. Here, again, is a modernization of an old classic that diversifies the cast with all different skin types and nationalities, making extensive use read more
Jul 12, 2020
Vihreaa (All reviews)
I really don't know how to describe this without including the words "What the hell was that?"

(Spoilers in this review) Japan Sinks: 2020 had a standard premise, which if built upon right could make a solid story. Disaster hits, individuals deal with losing loved ones. And this is what happened, for maybe the first two or 3 episodes.

To begin, the story of this show was all over the place. It jumped from the city, to the countryside, to some sort of cult camp, to the coast, in the ocean for a while, and then they are saved. I can understand the choices of read more
Jul 10, 2020
_chitanda (All reviews)
Japan S(t)inks is probably one of the confusing animes I've watched in the recent years.
Contains spoilers.

Story (1):
The story first shows promise on the first episode, then quickly goes down the drain. Many parts of the story are quickly thrown in just to thrown out (people falling from the sky).
The anime tries to add many themes (culture, family, earthquakes); however, with only 10 episodes there was no way to expand on these themes so it all becomes a convoluted story.
Murphy's law was also in play in this anime. Characters quickly introduced would be just as quickly killed off.

Art (5):
Sometimes the animation becomes read more
Jul 12, 2020
Whipdash (All reviews)
Minor spoilers ahead, but let's be honest, you won't care to read this review if you are actually planning on watching this show. TL;DR further down.

Short rant:

So! Japan sinks 2020 wasn't short of a dreadful mess of a story that was awfully put together, where even in the first episode I was already quite sure how the rest of the anime would play out.
(But I somehow still managed to finish the show, which I will give them a bonus point for(JK not really)
From a weird cut in the first 10 minutes of the episode to not explaining anything about that what could have read more