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Oct 17, 2021
I see a lot of people being nice to this show, and while I kinda see why, I also really don’t. In Japan, Love Live is an insatiable money-making behemoth whose appetite only grows with the eating, but here in the West, it’s largely mocked by the mainstream. But apparently not Superstar. What other people are getting out of this show is something I can’t get out of it, and it might just be because I’ve seen too much. It might just be because I’ve become numb, and maybe if this was the first time I’d ever seen an idol show like this, there’d be read more
Oct 2, 2021
Anyone criticizing this show for being a Fairy Tail rip-off is totally missing the point.

ALL of Hiro Mashima’s manga are a rip-off of the one which came before. This man has only ever told one story, but that story isn’t called Fairy Tail, it’s called Rave. Rave is a generic, hot-blooded shounen action series about a guy with spiky hair and a blonde bimbo with big tits who go on a magical adventure to fight evil with the power of friendship. Rave was a massive, long-running success, and after it concluded, Mashima quickly launched a new series called Literally Who Gives a Shit, but seeing read more
Sep 30, 2021
The only thing I don’t understand about Sonny Boy is what other people don’t understand about Sonny Boy. The story is a reimagining of The Drifting Classroom, only now, some of the students lost in limbo have thematically relevant superpowers. People all over the anime community have given this show a reputation for being abstruse, or “2deep4u” as the saying goes, but I could not disagree more, and in fact, I actually think the show almost suffers from being too simplistic. Sonny Boy is a metaphor for entering the Japanese school and work system, and the emotional issues of these characters stem from their middle read more
Sep 28, 2021
The only other manga from this creator with an anime adaptation is Ishuzoku Reviewers, and my problem with this show is the same as my problem with that one. In both cases, you read the premise and think, “that’s genius,” but then you actually watch the show, and it’s just mediocre. The idea is that once upon a time, demons ravaged the Earth and drove humanity to the brink of extinction, so deities came down to seal them away and save humanity. Centuries later, humans have become their own worst enemy, killing each other for politics, power, religion, militarism, expansionism, the usual. However, the deities read more
Sep 25, 2021
This show got worse? I’m sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about? How is this any different than it has ever been?

Ever since working from home became a thing, my alcoholism has gotten exponentially worse, and I think I’m dying. Sometimes I’ll stand up, and then just find myself on the floor. Other times I can’t tell if I’m hungover, legitimately ill, or if I simply laid down funny and part of my body fell asleep. I’ve been an insomniac for years, but now my circadian rhythm is completely fucked. But the biggest issue is my memory. I’d rather eat nails than read more
Sep 22, 2021
Yasuhiro Takemoto’s influence is clearly gone and very missed, but I don’t think anyone could complain about anything other than that. Call me a baby, but after the arson, I had a really hard time returning to Kyoto Animation, and rewatching Takemoto’s work in particular was honestly draining and left me an emotional wreck. From a practical perspective, you could make the argument this show has the greatest opening in anime history, because it does the best job of letting the viewer know exactly what they’re in for. Tatsuya Ishihara is a rightfully beloved director who carried this studio through its nascency, but with him read more
Sep 19, 2021
This show is totally fucking with us.
The main girl is named Siesta. “Siesta” is Spanish for “nap.”
And this show does nothing but put you to sleep.

But that’s only if you’re lucky, because staying awake is torture. I know “The Detective is Already Dead” may sound like an enticing title, but don’t be fooled. This is a battle harem. It may not be set in an academy, and there may not be an arena for waifu fights, but the essential elements are there, and the show isn’t ashamed of this at all. In fact, it’s the only selling point. Why is a show about a read more
Sep 18, 2021
Even if you ignore the snail’s pace, the five minute recaps, and the shitty slide-show animation, this show is just dumb and bad.
Spoilers ahead.

Fans of shounen anime do themselves and their favorite new seasonal show a huge disservice when they label it as being “different” or unique, because when this ignorant praise catches the attention of anyone who has seen more than a few dozen anime, those people are immediately disappointed the second they see it. It’s often said the worst thing you can do to a series is overhype it, because when it inevitably turns out to be utterly mediocre, it won’t meet read more
Sep 17, 2021
Of all the things you can criticize this show for, you certainly can’t fault it for false advertising. You go into it expecting a yaoi-bait vampire show full of pretty boys blushing, pretty boys hand-holding, pretty boys naked, pretty boys with weirdly intimate physical relationships, pretty boys kissing submissive girls, pretty boys LICKING submissive girls, and whatever else it takes to fuel the fires of fujoshi fanfiction, and that’s exactly what you get. Aside from all the heavy breathing, sensual moaning, and sexy blood-sucking, the show is about Vanitas and Noé, two men on a mission to save all vampires. From what? I dunno. How? read more
Aug 13, 2021

Rebuild 1.0 was recap, Rebuild 2.0 was an alternate universe Hollywood action flick, and Rebuild 3.0 was an openly retarded, mocking parody of Evangelion. Their impressive lineup of animators offset their excessive CG, but they were vapid. Rebuild 4.0, however, feels like a real movie. It’s about growing up and leaving anime behind, but I want you to ask yourself why leaving anime behind would be synonymous with growing up? Is watching capeshit the true sign of a grown up? Or maybe reading /lit/'s Top 100 Charts and pretending you understood entry-level philosophers like Nietzsche or Hegel online is what true maturity looks like?

Anno read more