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Aug 1, 2022
Shijian Qiutu (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Time Prisoner is about our main character, Huan Yuan who is part of a secretive task force called phantom force that prevents danger coming to humanity. However, during a mission to obtain and extract the immortal treasure Huan Yuan and his squad members are betrayed by another squad that were out to collect the immortal treasure for another party. While losing his team and being on the brink of death, Huan Yuan manages to escape with the immortal treasure and fused with it. Now Huan Yuan is framed by the team that betrayed him because he 'ran' off with the treasure and becomes a wanted ...
Jul 27, 2022
Yong Sheng (Anime) add
Yong Sheng is a Chinese Donghua about a commoner slave named Fang Han who was employed by the Fang family, a prosperous and prestigious/noble family due to having a female true disciple Fang Qingxue studying directly under the Sect leader. Unbeknownst to the Fang family, a rivalling sect sent an assassin to eliminate Fang Qingxue - failing to do so and nearing the end of his life the assassin met Fang Han who became the carrier of the assassin's powerful cultivation artifact and task to eliminate true disciple Fang Qingxue on behalf of the rivalling sect. Fang Han now had the powers to cultivate and ...
Mar 25, 2022
JJBA Part 6 Recap (minor spoilers)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean - The fifth season of JJBA anime and the 6th installment of the franchise follows Jolyne Kuujou, the daughter of Jotaro Kuujou - the prequels main character (Part 3/4). She finds herself a victim of crime after her boyfriend fatally wounds a pedestrian while driving one rainy evening, trying to cover up the scene Jolyne helps her boyfriend hide the body in the trunk of her car. unbeknownst to Jolyne, she was framed and convicted as the person behind the murder and is sentenced to 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Jail in conjunction with ...
Feb 14, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Lu Shu, an orphan abandoned by his Mother grew up in poverty with an adopted little sister Lu Xiaoyu struggling to gather money for their tuition. However, it all changes when Lu Shu is hit by a truck and dies in an accident. Activating powers passed on from his Mother, Lu Shu is revived and gets granted a Gacha System where he earns points from angering or intimidating people. The points he gathers are used to spin the wheel in hopes of getting a special cultivation fruit, single use healing, body upgrades and more. After awakening his powers and visiting his school Lu Shu notices ...
Jan 23, 2022
Solo Leveling (Manga) add
Solo-Levelling Recap (minor spoilers)
This story approaches an MMORPG style universe set in modern day South Korea; We follow 'the weakest hunter' Sung, Jin-Woo who is notoriously known to be reluctant with his life as he enters dungeons to earn money for his mother's hospital treatment. One day, after entering an E ranked (weakest rank) dungeon with a party, Sung Jin-Woo finds himself in trouble after it turns out to be a double dungeon with overwhelmingly powerful monster statues and boss. Sung Jin-Woo experiences betrayal to the worst degree after more than 70% of his party are wiped out and expected to solve the riddles in ...
Jan 20, 2022
Shi Xiong (Anime) add
Zombie Brother recap
In H City, a populous and technologically urban city has its water supply infected with a pathogen that mutates humans into zombies. Xiaofei is the protagonist of a satire, parodical zombie donghua that picks at the western and eastern apocalyptic medium. His purpose is to make it out of H City safely to reunite with his concerned Mother; However, the government quarantines Xiaofei and other helpless people inside H City forcing them to fend for themselves, will Xiaofei manage to sneak out safely or will the ever-evolving intelligent zombies capture him.

Story & Characters: 4/10
The story starts off atypical of eastern apocalypic media ...
Jan 18, 2022
Doupo Cangqiong 3 Year Agreement Arc recap (minor spoilers)
After the arduous cultivation grinding, emotional trauma and hiding behind the secret persona Yan Xiao, this three year agreement between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran is finally over. Xiao Yan who in the beginning rose to the top of cultivation in his generation had a detrimental loss of his base and has an argument with his future wed Nalan Yanran who despises his now weak cultivation. Nalan Yanran's feelings have slowly changed from anguish to acceptance of Xiao Yan's superiority. However, despite the outcome Yunleng Sect elders patronize Xiao Yan for previous occurences to their colleagues which ...
Jan 12, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/60 eps)
Lord of Planet Recap: (Minor spoilers)
Yun Fei Xue appears to be the son of a family patriarch or high ranking security personnel entrusted with escorting a mythical Dragon vein when they encounter an ambush set up by a mysterious sorcerer. The ambush aimed to provoke Fei Xue's older brother and kill his father; Upon this happening young Fei Xue encounters a shrine where a dragon spirit lays dormant until it activates on Fei Xue's arrival. After this encounter Fei Xue takes charge of the household after his father and brother go missing and grows up to be conceited on the surface while investigating the ...
Jan 11, 2022
Record of Ragnarok Recap:
The gods have decided to eradicate the human race at a gods conference and the majority decision is in favor; However, a demigod/Valkyrie steps in and offers an alternative method to test humanity. Ragnarok is a tournament between humans and gods where 13 of the most powerful humans fight against 13 of the most powerful gods where the faction that reaches 7 victories wins the bout. If the humans win, humanity will not be eradicated but if the gods win humanity will cease to exist. This is a last effort approach to save humanity from its downfall; Will humanity prevail or will ...
Jan 7, 2022
Mixed Feelings
The Daily Life of an Immortal King 2 recap
Wang Ling is back again for more episodic gag comedy. After a climactic last season, we are back to normal with varying challenging scenarios befall Wang Ling and Su Rong as they power through the top. Opponents ranging from interdimensional monsters, imprisoned villains, political families arranging marriages and many more discover the power of Wang Ling's unintentional wrath. Will this season be filled with the classic Wang Ling style or will it all fall apart?

Story & Characters: 6/10
This season's story is as episodic as ever with different smaller scenarios filling up the screen time. There are a ...

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