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Jul 21, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
Trials and tribulations of the modern otaku redux
Love Tyrant is one of those anime that’s all over the place for me. On one hand it’s a parody of all too familiar character tropes. That I loved because then the story had to be tight unify these ridiculous elements. And in those episodes I saw the appeal of the show and understood why it was made. It was funny, the action was intense, and the drama was tense. Not to mention sexy at times. On the other hand, it’s a parody so it runs the clichés pretty hard. And when it does the plot and story read more
Jul 21, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
The visuals are gorgeous and the characters are varied and diverse. And my dreaded fear of such anime doesn't occur (i.e. JUST PICK ONE YOU IDIOT!). NOW to address the elephant in the room;
Having said that, if you can get beyond that this anime should be enjoyable for you. That's pretty much all the positive I shall mention here as I repeat, if you can get past the elephant in the room, you should enjoy it. So let me mention what didn't work here. It's 12 episodes, but it seems like read more
Jul 21, 2017
18if (Anime) add (All reviews)
Nuba (All reviews)
Alright just a (very) quick review.
This is one of the most unique animes this season, by far.
The reason I am giving this a 10 rather than an 9 is simply because I think it is vastly underrated and needs a little bonus.
First things first: Its unpredictable. Its one of the few anime you can't tell what will happen next.
Then, its crazy: This anime reminds me a lot of Alice in the Wonderland, full of random things that add a fun taste to it.
Then, its unique: A different anime, in which style hasn't been done before, and is most likely the reason why I am loving read more
Jul 21, 2017
Shigersky (All reviews)
This show is the most generic, boring and braindead thing ive ever seen. The story is the same as in 90% of these light novel addaptations so you would expect something different, appealing like the comedy in Konosuba. But no, there is nothing. The MC is so plain and without any character that its just sad. Moving to the storyline you could make a "can i copy your homework?" meme with it and any other light novel addaptation of this kind. The only decent atribute of this show is the art but its also not any different from most shows airing right now. In conclusion read more
Jul 21, 2017
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Scum's Wish focuses on teenagers Hanabi and Mugi making a pact together to form a temporary relationship to satisfy their sexual frustrations from unrequited love until they are able to successfully hook up with their love interests. Outside of our main leads, the series also delves into the personal problems plaguing some of those close to Hanabi and Mugi in regards to intimate relationships and how this affects our two leads.

Scum's Wish sticks out from many romance titles in a number of ways. First, it explores the negative ramifications of unrequited love as seen from the experiences of any teenage character in the series. As read more
Jul 21, 2017
curvedtree (All reviews)
I liked the first film, Innocence was a bit strange, but overall I liked it as well, so nothing fairer than to give the series a try, and, boy, was I disappointed. I am still 16 episodes in and having 10 episodes left some things can change, but one thing is certain I grew bored more often than interested with SAC.

Too much dialogue, too fast and they also try to exploit some philosophical concepts that try to be deep and reflexive, but are plain and simple. About the dialogue something that I can say is that technobabble is perpetuated throughout the episodes, names and information read more
Jul 21, 2017
KekksAnimeLove (All reviews)
A great anime that you have to see! When it comes to long-term anime is a piece for me by far at the top. That Oda has created this is simply the madness. Although it is the shortest in comparison to many short anime series, it has an incredible value for the enormous size..
Countless characters with intense backgrounds. Over the years, a gigantic universe has built up. In doing so, everything is handmade, and only the coherent and self-sufficient picture. Only the Filler sequences are also exaggerated. The same gilded for the often senseless stretching of the anime. But these are almost the only criticisms read more
Jul 21, 2017
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
Goobberzz (All reviews)
After watching the first episode of Gantz I stared blankly at my tv screen and felt... weird? I'm not sure what it is that triggers this, but it would repeat after every episode. Yet, I still continued to watch. It felt a lot like watching a schlocky b-movie. Yes the acting, the cgi, and just about everything else is shit. But there is something somewhat enticing about a giant crocodile battling it out with a giant spider. And of course all the gore is a nice bonus. And that is how I feel about Gantz. Pretty much everything about this anime royally sucks with the read more
Jul 21, 2017
th3_g3ntl3man (All reviews)
I did not expect my first review to be for an adaption of a one-shot shōjo manga.

This is not a genre I would usually pay attention to, but in this case, I'm certainly glad I did.

Hotarubi no Mori e, written by Yuki Midorikawa and adapted by Brain's Base, is a romance film. It tells the story of a human girl and a forest spirit who meet, and fall in love. No more, no less. You could say there are supernatural elements, but I would argue these are more in place to progress the story.

And that's what this 45 minute movie does so well. Hotarubi read more
Jul 21, 2017
kenpachi1441 (All reviews)
Compared to the original berserk in 1997 this feels like a completely different show all together. The story is gold, the main character is badass but the delivery and animation of this new series is so painful it makes me go back and watch the opening of the old show then plunge into depression because its never gonna be as good!

The music is repetitive and they have some kind of theme tune going for god hand that sounds like it should be in an Adam west batman episode. The characters have become annoying and they seem to be forcing humour into some places which doesn't read more
Jul 21, 2017
kuddlesworth (All reviews)
This show is massively underrated. It's so well made that it's quite refreshing. Nothing is done for no reason really. The art style is great, the animation is great, the music is really nice, characters are all different and some very refreshing compared to other shows. It's very laid back but all the characters develop somewhat especially the MC who is gradually coming to terms with the loss of his mother whom you see in flashbacks and dreams throughout the show.

It's about the daily life of a grade schooler who is coming to terms with the loss of his mother, as you learn about the read more
Jul 21, 2017
CatchyUsername (All reviews)
Barakamon is a slice of life about enjoying little things of life that escapes from the mediocrity and classic conformism of its kind. The story revolves around Handa, a young artist who looks for originality and inspiration on an island, far from home and surrounded by eccentric people. If I had to describe the show in one word, it would be “Credible”, but since I have plenty of room, allow me to explain.

Since the very beginning of the series, we’re able to realize the producer’s commitment in doing something that doesn’t necessarily fit into pre-established molds, which are generally a guarantee of success. The biggest read more
Jul 21, 2017
Gintokikachi (All reviews)
Probably the oddest review I'll be doing as I haven't finished this show as I dropped it, so take note of this while I do this but I got insight. Well, possibility might be there if I'll continue or not, but unlikely as I just got bored of this show.

Our typical we got transported to another world scenario and we meet imminent danger protagonist where he is supposedly meant to be human. Our man, Subaru, is a deconstruction as to what an "otaku" is supposed to be, yeah I guess they can fight a big ol man. The concept of Re:Zero is the mystery of read more
Jul 21, 2017
Souza_Sevichny (All reviews)
Lured in by the high rankings on both MyAnimeList and IMDB, and eager to discover original anime on Netflix, I started watching The Seven Deadly Sins. The title of this series already was not too promising, though I must say this is one of the elements that I enjoyed most.

The best part of this anime is the characters. They have original, sometimes heartbreaking backgrounds, interesting passions and flaws, and struggle with different problems. Best ones to me are Diane and Ban. Diane is a giant who wishes to be the size of a normal woman. She gets envious every time something seems to be going read more
Jul 21, 2017
holysauron (All reviews)
Koe no Katachi is one of those anime which synopsis shows amazing premise but can also easily fall flat on its face. In a way it looks like your typical oscar bait. Luckily it doesn't follow suit.

Everything about this anime screams Kyoto Animation, from the character traits to the animation, and that is not a bad thing. If anything the studio shows exactly how well it has mastered its craft in making a compelling drama. The thing that they managed to cram almost the entire 64 chapter manga in a single movie without any pacing issues however is quite impressive. Of course some side characters read more
Jul 21, 2017
aarni_ (All reviews)
The review assumes that the reader is familiar and has seen the main series.

These special episodes give us short glimpses on some of the side characters backstories. The first episode is set somewhere in the parent show’s middle-to end bit (since Chamber is still alive, but Ridget is already the commander. Also, Ledo is still struggling with the language a bit). It follows the cast encountering and exploring an abandoned fleet, supposedly riddled with ghosts. Spoiler alert: no ghosts were to found, except for the ghosts of past.

The episode is alright, and it was nice to see some depth to Ridget’s character. However, I read more
Jul 21, 2017
aarni_ (All reviews)
Forewarning. This review is quite freeflowing. I do try to cover generic topics such as story, characters, visuals, audio and so on, but these will not be very structured. Gotta leave some work for the readers as well, eh ;). Oh and it does contain some mild spoilers. You have been warned.

Let me start by saying - Suisei no Gargantia or Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet is a good show. It's a solid, 13-episode rollercoaster of action, suspense, comedy and emotions. It has a good start, a satisfying (albeit anticlimactic) ending and an entertaining middle bit to boot.
The story follows a young officer caught in read more
Jul 21, 2017
WeissYuki (All reviews)
Seven movies between fifty minutes and two hours and a half long, Kara no Kyoukai presents itself as an oddity from the beginning. Yet, it still manages to be surprising.

Art/sound :
I usually don't like to separate my reviews by category, but with how the first movie (and the other ones actually) presents itself, I thik it's actually pretty legit in this case.
The movie starts with shots of a girl on a roof accompanied by a soft music. And this first scene alone encapsulates the appeal of the first movie : everything is scary and unsettling, yet you are drawn by its beauty. Be it Ufotable's read more
Jul 21, 2017
NICK1994 (All reviews)
OHH, I guess I have never experienced the same drive and ADRENALINE that during watching the anime. IT WAS PERFECT!!! The story maybe is too cliche but at the end of the day, it gave a lot of emotions especially in the last season where the events intensify with each and every episode. Characters have been well developed, and as I more love the supporting characters in each anime so here I liked them the most. Kuroko ofc is very nice and his story is very interesting. Music is spectacular because it emphasizes the right moments, highs and lows etc. And art overall was 10/10!! read more
Jul 21, 2017
NeuroTrophic (All reviews)
THEY STARTED THE SERIES OUT WITH FILLER!!!! FILLER is rarely any good. I am going to rewrite this after the garbage stops. Only hard core fan boys will defend this trash.... I am such a fan I will watch the filler even though I do not enjoy it. So far it is so boring, thought-less, passionless. I hate this so much so skip it until the filler stops.

I hate it. Terrible move for this amine. Skip Season/story arc 1.

Will update when it stops sucking or I will stop by episode 60 is if does not get read more
Jul 21, 2017
minibeech03 (All reviews)
I rarely write reviews. In fact, this may even be my first. But I felt the need to say a bit about FMA: B. I neglected watching it for a while because I don't normally agree with the masses when depicting what makes a great anime.

I tried watching the first episode some time ago and it honestly bored me. I couldn't bring myself to keep watching it. And now, I was running out of good anime to watch and decided I would finally go through it.

I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. But for so many people to claim read more
Jul 21, 2017
Gintokikachi (All reviews)
"Bitches love cannons" a quote that I love from the Hellsing Abridged. Make vampires great again!

Hellsing Ultimate, guns, blood, supernatural beings, and gore are to sum up what it really is. Kouta Hirano isn't known for making a well-written story, example is Hellsing. However, it embraces this fact by being just an awesome, badass show that it is.

Our protagonist, Alucard is a nigh-immortal being who walks the earth until the end of it's days forever cursed by God. Teaming up with our police girl, Seras, a woman who was a victim by Alucard's target and had to be turned into a vampire. The ridiculous show read more
Jul 21, 2017
KabeerRajoria (All reviews)
This is my first review so don't freak out if I do anything offensive or wrong.

So after watching ping pong animation, I was so excited to check out some more awesome sports anime and Haikyuu was suggested by many people.

First of all, This is one of those few anime which according to me doesn't need any change in their story. Many would argue that story could be even better but I think if after changing the story little, but I also want that original story to exist because it is one of its kind without accommodations.its story involves a subtle acceleration of characters that read more
Jul 21, 2017
DubOverSub1oo1 (All reviews)
Note: I am writing this review after have watched 78 episodes out of the more than 300 total, so this review might not be as accurate as those written by people that actually watched the show in its entirety.
Sgt. Frog is an extremely hilarious anime, that has tons of really fun characters, plenty of different types of humor and jokes, and some surprisingly effective emotion. The only problem I had with the show, which is why I am currently taking a break from the series, it can feel repetitive from time to time, and given its extreme length it is practically a test of endurance. read more
Jul 21, 2017
AmadeusKurisu (All reviews)
Yaoguai Mingdan itself is a good series, but the anime is a terribly flawed adaptation. Let me explain: this anime is based on a Chinese manga, which they call "manhua". The manhua is illustrated in full color, features superior art, and a much more paced story.

Moving on, the anime has several things wrong with it. First of all, the voice acting is really bad. Second, the way the characters are drawn in the anime is strange. They're severely lacking detail, structurally flawed, and come off just looking bland in general. Finally, the story is rushed in the anime, and doesn't end conclusively. The anime read more
Jul 21, 2017
Pastel_and_Gore (All reviews)
This is actually one of the first anime I ever watched and was the anime that got me started watching anime, so I may be a bit biased here, I apologize. I've seen this anime a grand total of five times pretty much all the way through. I skipped a few filler episodes, though. So I guess you could say this is my favorite animes of all time, I used to know the opening by heart because I thought I wasn't aloud to skip it. I was a weird kid. I should also say that I've read the manga several times as well and this read more
Jul 20, 2017
Pastel_and_Gore (All reviews)
I enjoyed the anime and somewhat enjoyed the game, if you are, for lack of a better word, triggered by that statement, please stop reading this.

Now that's out of the way, let's continue.

Let's talk about how I got to the anime anyway. I heard about the game and actually began to watch a playthrough of the game, however I just grew bored because of how much pretty much every single thing was dragged out. Because of this, I took the easy way out and watch the anime instead. However I'm sure the game was great, it's just a bit too wordy and slow-paced than I read more
Jul 20, 2017
DarkScribe492 (All reviews)
It's an idea most of us think about from time to time. What if we retained some memories from a past life? Or how many times have we explained a skill we have to us simply being good at it in a previous life. It's a childish thought since we have now real way of finding out the answer. So it lives a fantasy and nothing more. This show, however, decided to show what could happen if we could retain memmories from a past life as well as their skills. It's also an ecchi/harem show....... God helps now.

Story: 6
So surprisingly, for being a ecchi/harem, this read more
Jul 20, 2017
2sugoi4u2imagine (All reviews)
Two different dimensions on earth, one for humans and one for beasts.

This anime is a bit different than the other anime movies. The story is good and will make you watch till the end. The sounds are perfect and the art style fits the type of anime this is.
The characters are awesome and watching first ten minutes did it for me. I thought, well this is a bit different, I just had to finish.

the name got to me
first i was like, bakemono no ko and i thought is it a story about monsters or just bad people!
it was a story about monsters haha
i enjoyed read more
Jul 20, 2017
extrajoe66 (All reviews)
If I could choose one anime that I think the anime community doesn't appreciate enough, it would be this one. A sequel to the 1968 series (and the 2001 series aired on Cartoon Network, a remake of the '68 series), the 1979 series deserves to be recognized as a memorable series of its time, similar to Captain Harlock and Space Battleship Yamato. However, its limited online availibility (had to watch the last 15 episodes in Italian without English subtitles, for crying out loud), could be the reason for this lack of knowledge of its existence. Someone should change that availability problem, but without further ado, read more
Jul 20, 2017
SuckataGinVodka (All reviews)
Im not that into samurai anime, those classing sword-fighting with noble characters set on a journey towards the bigger "better me". No, i dont really chase this genre.

But somehow my interests were piqued when i saw this anime.

Before started enjoying the anime, i've enjoyed Nujabes for long time. It's always so satisfying to listen to him on good weed or in an evening breeze nap. Long story short, i was googling him. His death, his piece. And that's how i was introduced into this warm anime.

The director made the notable Cowboy Bebop. One of the show i've watched in cool mode. No rush, no binge, read more
Jul 20, 2017
ImJapanese (All reviews)
Yu Yu Hakusho, one of the classics, and by most people considered one of the greatest anime series of all time. Yu Yu Hakusho is better than most Shounen anime out there, and it's my favorite anime of all time

One of the best thing about the series is the characters. Each character is unique and very interesting. Yusuke Urameshi is the main character of the series, he was a delinquent at the start of the series, but he is the character that gets the most growth and development. Kuwabara is the 2nd protaganist, has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Yusuke. Hiei is a demon that read more
Jul 20, 2017
KeroseneZanchu (All reviews)
Wolf Children is a movie about two kids named Yakisoba and Acme who are born from a werewolf and a woman so immune to age it'd make Ash Ketchum jealous. After the death of the werewolf, and the tragic realization that furries are literally trash as the dead wolf body is slung unceremoniously into a garbage truck, the woman takes them to the middle of nowhere and takes care of them by mooching stuff off of the neighbors and a small bit of cash that the father saved up for them that never seems to get all spent. Acme is an edgy boy who grows read more
Jul 20, 2017
light333 (All reviews)
I went in to this anime with high hopes and I came out satisfied. I will admit that I thought I would have trouble getting into a romance anime that was set in a middle school setting, but I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was done very well

Story: The story is very touching and ends on a very well written and well acted finale. This is the type of anime that will stick with you for awhile. "It will hit you right in the feels." (No, that is not a quote from this anime)

Art: I will be honest, it took me a little bit read more
Jul 20, 2017
GLOkageQ (All reviews)
absolutely amazing anime, and honestly one of the greatest shows of all time. The personal journeys every character goes through helps create a great character development. On top of having great story and characters, the animations is incredible, one of the most beautifully animated anime around. When i finished all the anime episodes, I assumed the episode was over but apparently i was wrong, the show is just on hiatus, which suprised me because it seemed like such a fitting ending. Anyways, I truly hope this show gets the attention and praise it deserves, if you have Netflix, you can watch the first 100 episodes read more
Jul 20, 2017
psykblue (All reviews)
I'm disappointed in the ridiculous worship this anime series has gotten. The problem is that the story has WAY too many fake contrivances. Moreover, it suffers from perhaps the most common failing when a writer tries to write a story about geniuses... Because the writer himself is not a genius, he will necessarily fail at coming up with believable strokes of genius. Instead you get contrivances.

Would a genius really think the way to make Earth a paradise is to implement the death penalty for all crime? No, a genius, or even any pretty smart person, would realize that crime is read more
Jul 20, 2017
Neroox (All reviews)
Amazing anime rate 10/10

ABOUT: Taiga likes Ryuuji's friend and Ryuuji likes Taiga's friend they both team up to help each other to hook up with them. But instead of hooking up with the other's friend, the whole crew ends up in a whole lot of drama and instead they end up with each other instead of there friend and live happily ever after.

MY OPINION: It's a good anime in my opinion the art is outstanding. When I first saw Taiga attack Ryuuji in the class room it was pretty obvious that those two would end up together just like any other anime I've seen but read more
Jul 20, 2017
Pastel_and_Gore (All reviews)
I actually enjoyed this anime. Though I would not call it the best anime ever, it was nice just for a quick little binge of 70's horror. So if you're looking for a good scare, this is not necessarily for you. However if you're looking for something creepypasta-ish, then you're in the right place.

There is no real connecting force with these stories, they are just kinda random, which I think is what puts a lot of people off this anime. So that's just a small warning I guess. The stories themselves are pretty predictable, but that's oldie horror for ya. Some are a bit too read more
Jul 20, 2017
starfallcrystal (All reviews)
Mononoke Hime. The movie that's been praised by viewers and critics alike, called "a masterpiece", and donned as Hayao Miyazaki's best work. I am a Miyazaki fan, but this film just shows that he should stick to whimsical fantasies.

This film, despite the majority's opinion, never sat right with me. After watching, I was sort of glad it was over, which is something you don't want in an anime. Don' get me wrong, I love action movies, but for some reason, this one left a bad taste in my mouth.

Story- 7
Art- 9
Sound- 7
Character- 6
Enjoyment- 4
Overall- 6

I'm not saying that this was a bad film. Far read more
Jul 20, 2017
Lunessia (All reviews)
Oh my god I had no idea what I was watching
Eromanga Sensei was one of those anime were I got into because of the anime memes. Don't get into anime because of anime
The story was okay.. episode 9-11 kind of pissed me off, and a 12 year old that's absolutely obsessed with dick was just baffling to me. It was like oh, let's go and do the very typical fan service that we always do. That'll show those nerds.
Art was pretty good. I loved Elf Yamada's character design most of all. One of the things I saw this anime do was cater very slightly to read more
Jul 20, 2017
CannedKindness (All reviews)
Kaleido Star’s acrobatic performances are pure exhilaration as the characters spin and fly through the air with special effects that are often a little too real and stakes a little too high. The most significant parts of these productions are often kept hidden from the viewer until performance day, with the only hints of their content given through maneuvers that the performers must master in practice, which makes for some very exciting buildup. The characters often have yet to perform a stunt perfectly multiple times or even once before performance day, and while it stretches belief that they would even be permitted on stage at read more
Jul 20, 2017
Lolechi (All reviews)
TL;DR – Bad story, boring characters, good art, OK sound, frustrating to watch.

The show has a pretty clear idea/premise that it feeds down your throat at every chance: “A future where our lives are controlled by computers is flawed; here is an 11 episode anime about why.” The creators must’ve thought that the idea was cool and interesting (and it is), but they also must’ve looked over the fact that any cool idea quickly becomes dreadfully boring when repeated a million times just in other words. Watching this show is like being in science class: We know that “f=ma” but the teacher just keeps giving read more
Jul 20, 2017
aiuna (All reviews)
This anime may be underrated and not as popular as mainstream anime, but it won't disappoint.

----------- Here comes a rant... Don't worry, it's worth the read ;)))) -----------

This anime is about a boy named Sawada Tsunayoshi that is bad at everything. He isn't smart, athletic and can't even swim. One day, a baby arrives at his house and reveals that Tsuna is an upcoming Mafia Boss!! The baby also declares that he is the world's best hitman and he will tutor Tsuna to become a great Mafia Boss. You can already tell this is gonna be packed with comedy!
Unique characters are introduced one after read more
Jul 20, 2017
La-Plume (All reviews)
Personal Rate: 8
Rate based on the different criterion: 7

It's difficult for me to rate this show because I enjoyed it a lot all the while being aware of the many things that were sorely lacking and which have already been mentioned in some reviews.

I came upon this show with absolutely no expectations. Just the title. I didn't know it was supposed to be shounen-ai or whatever. For me, given the title and poster, I was about to watch a sport anime about ice-skating.

What saddens me in writing this is that, now that I think of it, only the bad comes to mind while I did read more
Jul 20, 2017
Seiren (Anime) add (All reviews)
Neroox (All reviews)
My rate for Seiren is a 9/10

Seiren is one of my favorite shows but there is two things I hate about it. What I hate about the show is 1. How he didn't end up with Tsuneki Hikari 2. The person he ended up with. When I first saw the show ( only 7 seconds in ) I said "ok so there isn't any English dubs." A few months passed and I saw the show cover again and I just wanted to watch it. I finished the Tsuneki Hikari arc and thought to myself "not too bad" and read the forum discussion and people were read more
Jul 20, 2017
JB_Reinard (All reviews)
So by having read some of the comments, I realize that most of the people does not get the clue what Re:Zero wants to be. Resulting to that, the rating of the reviews are very different. The one side rated Re:Zero as a masterpiece, the other side as a trashy/average show. I just want to show how these two sides come into being and on what Re:Zero´s reals focus is. Be careful, there are some minor spoilers and a few major ones, which I do NOT mark. So you should already watched Re:Zero or you just don´t care about getting spoiled.

At first i want to read more
Jul 20, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

It's funny how a show that is pretty much about lewd things can be very entertaining and really funny especially considering the whole show is just one big sexual innuendo.

In a world where Japan has cleansed it's country of everything obscene and impure an organisation called SOX lead by Ayame Kajou AKA Blue Snow has recruited a student named Tanukichi Okuma and together their on a crusade to make Japan see the nude aspects of the human body once more.
Now even though this about people trying to make Porn legal again it is somewhat interesting how restricting anything porn or hentai related can read more
Jul 20, 2017
SpiritH0shi (All reviews)
This series is a bit hard to explain and watch, but it's worth it.

Durarara!! is a pretty long and complicated series to recommend. The 'main' character is Mikado Ryugamine, a student moving to Ikebukuro. The main story wraps around the people living in the city. The students, the mafia, a few gangs and a couple of other people, including an information broker and his enemy. Durarara!! has so many characters to choose from and almost every introduced characters gets at least an episode related to him/her.
The first season has 24 episodes, and the second season is in three pieces; Durarara!! x2 Ketsu, Ten and Shou. read more
Jul 20, 2017
Red_Hood7 (All reviews)
This anime is dumb. Honestly it is extremely dumb, and that is why it is perfect. To me it is so bad that it is good. Almost like the movie "The Room". The voice acting in the dub is hilarious. The animation timing is hilarious. Now like 90% of the humor is sexual. So if you aren't into that you are definitely going to have a bad time. The anime is only six episodes long. So it does not over stay its welcome. Now not much of a story either. It is just a short comedy. Almost like a longer movie. It is good to read more
Jul 20, 2017
trashonthecurb (All reviews)
Never underestimate how enjoyable a simple story can be.

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation is as simple and sweet as possible. A girl who loves a boy shows off her new school uniform, complete with the eponymous blazer, to him. It’s the sweetest vanilla story with fucking under literal covers.

The animation is by T-Rex, a studio well known for great hentai animation. Even it’s simplistic characters designs are alluring. Over-designed characters are one of the overarching problems I have with anime as a whole, especially hentai. With hentai, the simple and classic character designs help with eroticizing characters as archetypes.

The color and art design is read more