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Shelter (Anime) add
We've officially hit the end. No anime will ever surpass Shelter.

In just 6 minutes, you get a heart-wrenching story accompanied by amazing visuals and an incredible song. You can watch this a bazillion times and find new details you missed the previous <bazillion times. Plus the music video is mega welcoming to new fans of anime.

The only anime I would rate higher than this is Porter Robinson and Madeon's Shelter Tour live but that's kind of unfair. Literally the only flaw Shelter has is that it's B-side does not contain a remix.

Porter Robinson is creating a new genre of anime; one that will be the future. Maybe then, will anime finally surpass Shelter.
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Steins Gate is by far a great sci-fi thriller. I have to admit, I essentially binged watched the show because of the amount of plot twists, its depth in plot, and its great character development with its own unique characters that really made it stand out as an anime. Although steins gate isn't the best anime out there, its definitely a great anime overall.

Anyone who knows their stuff on Steins Gate knows that the anime ended very differently then how its original source did, essentially taking its own path as most anime do nowadays when it comes to any anime being based off of something. While the VN itself took a completely different story route, the anime decided to go with a more "everyones happy" type of ending. In the sense where at the end of Steins Gate, you were left with this feeling where it felt as if there was very little room for there really to be any further plot. For if there was further plot, it would need to be played out correctly and still live up to what made it so great in the first place. Now did the movie do this, or did it milk Steins Gate? In some ways it didn't milk it, but in most ways it did.

For starters, the films overall concept isn't bad, but I think the way it was played out felt very boring and simplistic. The concept of Rintarous memories being the main conflict as he is popping in and out of world lines, essentially "deleting himself from existence" in the current time line he is in because of his past experiences traveling in and out of the other world lines. Keep in mind, this time lime is suppose to have everyone alive including kurisu and mayrui, the concept does sort of feel like someone is trying to squeeze as much as possible from this series, when really it doesn't need it.

For it is less the concept I have a problem with but more I think how the concept was played out, as the majority of this movie is literally our main heroine becoming a cry baby dreading herself as she cannot have her boyfriend. There really isn't much character development, many scenes are predictable, and some of the plot points start to become ridiculous to the point where it doesn't even live up to what it was originally. And when I say "majority" that isn't an exaggeration, as I would say if not half, then a good third of this is the heroine trying to "accept" this concept, then her actually doing something about it. It almost seemsthat Kiruse doing something about the actual conflict in this whole film IS the development of the character, which really shows how the movie is literally dragging its feet at this point when it comes to an interesting plot.

I think the main reason to this in general is probably the ending itself to the show. I know this read more
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Serial Experiments Lain (Anime) add
:Lain is an anime which is utopian.
:the author had a mind to write Lain that way.
:so because Lain is utopian it can be considered a philosophical anime which directs its attention to politics. whether it does so successfully is a question that i can then begin to broach. it would have done so successfully from making a splash in the world of thoughts; which everybody apparently has access to..
:a question that can be asked is whether utopianism is political. its perhaps not associated with any system of political thought. i dont know. i wonder vaguely and probably rather remotely to my estimation what it would; appear like.
:Lain is not communist or anarchist or Nazi. hm; its also not fascist .
:Lain is an anime which is 13 episodes in length.
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I take it back, I take it all back. I originally wrote a review during the season where I was of the opinion that this season was lacking compared to the first two. Still good, but not as great story wise. Well I just watched the final episode and hours later I'm still an emotional wreck.

If you're a fan of Haikyuu!! (as I assume you are, since this is Season 3) don't get discouraged while watching this season. Originally, I had thought that since this season was one long game that the story was a bit lacking. That it may have been a mistake to make the season solely focused on Shiratorizawa. But, my friends, I easily admit I was so wrong. The build up that the entire season works towards... it's just epic.

Watch it, and you'll understand what I mean.

My original review, just to show that I really was of the mind it was lacking:

Haikyuu!! is basically my favorite anime of all time, to reiterate on my review of the first season. To also reiterate sports anime aren't really my favorite genre,

But even though I'm a huge fangirl I have to admit, this season isn't as great as the first two. I'd give it a 7.5 if I could. What's largely lacking is the story. Of course, since the season is less than half the number of episodes of each of the previous seasons it's going to not have room for as much development. But it's still a little disappointing that it's literally just one long stretched out game. I've done something I've never done with Haikyuu before... and that was hope that a scene would hurry up and be over. Saddened me a bit. I do understand that they set it up as it is because they have to pace out the anime in accordance to where the manga is.

Anyway, there's not really much to say that hasn't been said about Haikyuu!! already, excellent plot, excellent sound, excellent characters. The only flaw this time is the lack of story development/complexity. On one hand, I think they made a mistake and should have just waited to make season 3 a longer season, with this Shiratorizawa match + what is to come. On the other, I get that it's supposed to be THE match, the one that seasons 1 and 2 were building up towards, so melding it into a season with other plot points of Haikyuu!! would have sort of lessened it's importance and impact.

That's basically it. It's an entire season spanning one match, so you can't really discuss much about it. What I can say as a fan is that despite the lack of story development, there is some nice character development among some familiar characters that make it really nice to watch.

Something else random... I don't really get why people are continually criticizing it because it's not as realistic as real life volleyball. There is NO, literally NOT ONE SPORTS ANIME THAT read more
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Kimi ni Todoke (Anime) add

Before you watch "you've got the wrong idea" THE anime, you have to ask yourself...

Do you crave awkwardness between characters?
Do you like cringing when a character does something stupid?
Would you enjoy watching two characters struggle to form even somewhat of a relationship?

Well I enjoy these being the romcom type of guy I am but, this.. THIS.. was just too painful.

It's the classic cookie cutter romance anime. It doesn't mean that it's bad, it's just nothing special. Although the Chizu story line did peak my interest, the rest of the story just couldn't make up for it. The struggle to form even the slightest of a bond was mostly what put me off, considering the length of the series.

ART: 9
The art is very aesthetically pleasing and very well done. There is no drop in quality throughout the entire series.

There is nothing special about the sound, although the opening for season 1 did boost the rating as I am biased for a good OP. (to me at least)

Some characters are much more well-made than others. Sawako being such a creative character that i'm not completely sure how they made such a bland, uninteresting and generic male counterpart. The supporting cast is also well designed, even the characters that barely speak are interesting in their own way.

Although I did mostly talk about the negativity in the anime, I can't lie that I did enjoy it. Even as much as this anime made me want to hit something, it still got me to watch it all the way through to the end- and that's saying something I guess. But for real, it's still worth a watch (like every anime ever lol) it may seem generic and silly but at the end of the day it'll warm your heart. TRUST ME.


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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
Let me start of by saying that I have never, ever underestimated an anime so much. MAPPA shattered my expectations for every episode of this anime- over and over again.

ART and SOUND: While I wouldn't go so far as to say the art and animation is "godlike" by any stretch, it doesn't disappoint at all. The animation is really beautiful and simple yet it does a really good job of encompassing most of the skating and the emotions of the scenes.
My favorite song in the soundtrack is "In Regards to Love, Agape" . But almost every song in the anime has a special meaning- it tells a story that could never be uttered by lips but manifests itself in the musicality of the melodies. The opening is a fan favorite, and for good reason too! Most people don't skip the opening or the endings.

Let me warn you: I would be lying if I said this anime was not shounen-ai. While the relationship between the two main characters is a central theme, it directly affects the plot and the figure skating part of the anime.

STORY: Really touching, especially if you can imagine just how happy Yuuri is after his childhood idol comes into his life. It is full of passionate moments of everyone, not just for the main characters, but every characters skates with their heart out in the rink. The story evolves and develops fairly quickly, so the episodes never seem dragged on or like fillers.

Characters: Perhaps, the characters are really what bring this anime to life. While Yuuri may seem like a run-of-the-mill, never-have-I-ever-had-a-girlfriend, goddamn-I-may-never-lose-my-virginity sort of character with his thick-framed glasses and what not, he becomes something else throughout the course of the series. Yuuri's character development is... really something. I don't want to spoil anything. Viktor himself also changes as a character.

ENJOYMENT: PLEASE, please, please, my one piece of advice about this anime is to take it as it comes. Savor it but don't dwell too long on it. I have too often found myself thinking and overanalyzing this anime and losing interest in it because of all of the hype surrounding it.
Love the characters for what they are and appreciate the story for being so unique and inspiring.
Go out and do something you gave unwillingly gave up.
I hope this anime carves the path for more anime like it, and hopefully, a second season.
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Medaka Box (Anime) add
[This review contains minor spoilers.]
[This is a review of both seasons, together.]
I am glad that I watched this.
I probably wouldn't recommend this to others.
I have watched this once, subtitled. Before watching the anime, I had read all the chapters of the manga, translated.
I probably won't watch this again.

---- Positives ----

The series does a relatively good job exploring special power strengths, weaknesses, and match-ups.
Although there are too many special powers to be painstakingly explored, for the number of special powers that are encountered in the series, we learn a lot about each of them, of which their weaknesses and how they fair against other special powers are the most important and well-handled.

This series focuses on the intellectual aspect of battles.
Characters win battles by outsmarting their opponents - discovering who their opponents are and using that to gain the upper hand, analyzing their opponents' abilities and finding a weakness, etc. Although every series that handles the meshing of different special powers is eventually doomed to trip on inconsistencies and not-quite-thought-through and overlooked applications of special powers, this series does a considerably good job at balancing powers and making sure that characters have a good grasp of their own limits. There really aren't any instances where you see the author in the characters - characters don't spontaneously apply their abilities in new ways as an afterthought. There seems to have been a large amount of thought that went into each character and their power beforehand.

Characters in this series have good chemistry within their groups.
When characters are grouped together in this series, such as being in a club, their personalities mesh really well despite being very different, generally.

Kurokami Medaka is voiced very well.
Her voice and dialect match her character.

The art looks particularly good, in bursts.
Certain scenes look really detailed and vibrant, mainly the early episodes before it turns into a battle series. Art is decent throughout.

There's a girl who's worried that her head is going to roll off unless she's constantly holding it in place.
Because those scenes are adorable.

Good Loser Kumagawa breaks the mold, so the negatives written below don't apply during that episode.
The final episode of season 2 is a side story that conveys the general feel of the entire [manga] series better than the main episodes did. Kumagawa is the most interesting and complicated character in Medaka Box, so at least the production staff threw him a bone even if only for a moment. On a basic level, the ways in which Kumagawa does and doesn't use his special power are central to his characters, all the other characters, and why Medaka box [manga] performs so well as a Special Powers series.

---- Negatives ----

The genre shift is odd.
This series starts out as a Student Council Slice of Life genre and changes into a Special Powers Intellectual Battle genre. This shift was also peculiar in the manga.
Opportunity for cancel: Yes, depending on who you are. If you're okay with both genres, this will be fine and you may not even notice it until read more
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Under the Dog (Anime) add
While the animation is lovely, the rest is a rather incomprehensible mess.

We're given no context about the world or the characters living in it besides a quick, and mostly irrelevant, monologue in the beginning. Characters are introduced and abandoned randomly, things are referred to that the audience knows nothing about and are never elaborated on. The tagline of the series is repeated several times without any explanation so we have yet to find out what it means. I went through the entire thing not knowing what the heck the plot was or what the importance of the characters were, and had to look it up to make any sense of it. The most important aspects of the plot are referred to only vaguely, and the audience is left wondering what exactly anything means, and not in a good way like you might get from a good mystery or when the writer wants to leave something to the imagination. That doesn't work when you leave the audience in the dark about literally every aspect of the story. So in the end it's a lovely looking spectacle with no real conclusion, not real cohesion, and no real satisfaction.
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In some ways I'm very conflicted about this release, but in others, I'm very happy because it's a different perspective of the series events, and a great way to celebrate 20 years for a great mystery anime.

I don't think this is a perfect special by any means, as there are things that could have been left out, and it doesn't come off as an obvious attempt at retconning or trying to portray that Gosho had this planned out, and that's part of my discomfort with this special. There are so many things that Gosho never would have introduced in the first episode, and it just feels a little weird. The anime seems to be a mixed batch between anime canon and manga canon, and despite the fact that Gosho had been directly involved or "supervised" this special, I wouldn't be so ready to accept everything in here as canon.

Should you watch this in place of the first episode or as an introduction to the series? No, absolutely not, but it's a great treat for the fans, or at least I think... and if you're no stranger to the series, absolutely give it a go, because it's a good watch.

The story sets off a bit more focused, instead of just tossing us in like the original episode did, which was messy. I think this special does show us everything that was lacking from the early anime, and clears a lot of things up. Having a bit more with Gin, Vodka, and Shiho was nice, as well as the Karate tournament between Ran and Hina, however, there are other character reveals in this special that otherwise seem to contradict canon, don't make sense because of the technological advancements between 96 and 2016, or just should have been left out to reduce clutter. We didn't need to see "those" characters.
If you can get past that, this 1 hour and 30 minute special is paced very well, leading up to Shinichi's big shrink and his arrival to the detective agency. We are then treated to some defining moments in the series via recap, a couple anime original moments, as well as an end bit with Shiho changing Shinichi's status to dead. Episode One feels very concise, properly planned and properly executed. I'll give the story a 9/10.

The art and animation is nothing mind blowing, but there are many scenes throughout this special that look phenomenal compared to the TV anime's current standards. I'll always be a bit biased, as many people think this style looks hideous, but I've always had a soft-spot for the art in this series, and it's one of my favorite anime to look at. The series never really requires amazing animation, but it's certainly above average here and warrants an 8/10 from me.

Voice acting, again, is perfect. Detective Conan, if all else fails, has always had superb voice casting with many veterans in the industry. The soundtrack, however, hasn't really gotten better over the years. While the special did read more
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Story: In this third installment of Haikyuu, the anime continues to follow the events of the manga with no significant changes. This season centers on the finals arc against Shiratorizawa, a powerhouse school known for its tall, strong, and talented players and has consistently represented the Miyagi prefecture in the National Spring Tournament.

Art and Sound: Even for those who keep up with the manga and therefore know everything that will happen in the anime, it's like you're discovering what happens in the match again for the first time. If there were any blocks, receives, or plays you read in the manga that made you cheer in excitement, it was made even better in the show with the use of slow-motion sequences for dramatic effect, and the imagery of crows and eagles as symbolism for Karasuno's strength in numbers, willpower, and determination. As always, the songs used in Haikyuu are positive and inspiring, like it's saying you can accomplish anything you put your mind to without it sounding trite.

Character: Development is seen in secondary characters in big ways. Certain supporting characters get as much screen time as the main cast, showing backstories and idiosyncrasies to help develop the plot and give the show substance. This makes it hard for viewers to have just one favorite character.

Overall: It'll be a damn shame to not read and watch Haikyuu. It's a roaring good time and can entertain any viewer even when they have a preference for other genres.
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Oh before anyone says this review proofs I am a prick or that I have a perfect life I am a pretty anti social person so this anime is kinda relatable.

Story: So the plot to watamote is about a girl by the name of tomoko who is a pretty anti social person just like me and a lot of people. But the problem lies in the fact that in one of the

ep ( I haven't watched it yet and I don't plan on doing so) she feels like she is getting molested on the train or something. That in its self makes me feel sad for the girl.

But this show is supposed to be funny I don't get how a show that's main plot is about a girl who is antisocial like a lot of people who are struggling with being anti social and they just turn it into a big fucking joke. 5/10.

Character: So tomoko is the main character of watamote and she has some social anxiety. I feel this show should be more serious besides oh look hey there is a girl we're creating for this show she is going to be anti social. Shouldn't we make this a more serious show or should we make it into a fucking joke. But I'll give them credits for being relatable with tomoko besides the whole molestation thing.

Enjoyment: I just find it hard to laugh at a girl with social anxiety and the show is comedy, and a slice of life but I can't laugh at a girl who has a serious problem just like me and a lot of other people.

Overall: I don't like it. If you like it then all power to you.
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91 Days (Anime) add
I've been meaning to write this review for a couple of days now. I have had everything in my mind now I just been meaning to find the right time to write the review.

Story: I love mafia stories, I really do. It can bring up interesting storytelling, and action. Another thing that hooks me on these types of show is it keeps me on edge of my seat till the end. This is an easy show to binge watch on.

Art: The art is pretty decent. It has the noir style (which fits it really well). It did it job really well, and that all I say.

Sound: This is one of the instants that I will say watch the dub than the sub. I did finish this show in sub, but I did watch an episode dubbed, and I think these type of shows fit a dub really well. Funimatoon did the dubbing of this and they did really well on this, and it deserves all the praise it does. The opening was great, the ending didn't really catch my eye but it was OK.

Characters: In a mafia story thier are your basic characters the main, the villian, and the friends. You have to have a really great villain to make a story like this great, and I think 91 Days did that well.

Enjoyment/Overall: As an overall value it a 10 an instant favorite for me. As for my enjoyment I very much enjoyed my time through this, and I think it worth a watch.
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Ergo Proxy (Anime) add
Alright... 40+ series down, this is my first MAL review, and I'm writing it for the first show I dropped after more than than a few episodes... Ergo Proxy was visually stunning and could have been "great", but the story line and pack of depth was just too much too bare. Ambitious but empty. After about 19 episodes the ambiguityncaught up withitself and it began to feel like they were making it up as they went. I rewatched (more than) half the series to better understand what complexities I might have missed, but I didn't miss anything, A pretentious waste of time. Anime equivelent of the "Lost".
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Mushishi (Anime) add
What can be said of Mushishi ?

It's an Anime that as watching it, the very sense of good and bad and rating and reviewing things is made completely meaningless.

The art and atmosphere is serene, and each episode tells a different tale, all of them carrying a powerful and thought provoking myriad of thoughts and ideas about life, death, and everything in between.

I'd like to say that it's the best anime ever made, but even such statement becomes meaningless when i think about Mushishi.

I guess this is the only Anime that this can be said about: "Watch it, regardless of who you are, or your taste".
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Akira (Anime) add
I really don't see how this movie get such good ratings and reviews for the most part. The majority of the scenes were kind of boring and the movie was just a little too long. I expected this to actually be good, but I did expect that whatever my anime club watched for our nostalgia category might suck; I'm sorry to people who love so called "classic anime", but in my experience the few that I've seen from 1999 and earlier either were outright horrible or they were ok at best.. Unfortunately, I ended not being able to consider it good like I hopped it would be.

Akira is pretty much just another disaster movie with some organization working under military supervision to investigate and perform tests involving some mythical super power and or mythical super powered being as Akira seems to be. I would think that some great almighty power like this would be cooler to watch than just some guy moving his arms and or shouting to cause the roads and other such structures to tear apart.

The characters didn't really help either. This is actually the one anime movie/series so far that I'll actually say most of the characters seemed to just be plot devices. There just really wasn't a need for all of them and most characters did not have any really important interactions with others. Luckily, the art and animation was good considering when it was made. The art and animation were also pretty good during fights between the characters. The fight scenes still could've been a little better.

Overall, Akira is definitely not the worst I've seen. I do believe that this is another stain on the "classics" though. I really wish I could actually find a classic that ends up being entertaining for more than 5-6 episodes or a movie in general; I would want likable characters either way. In other words, you'll like this if you're a fan of classics, but if you want something more entertaining, stay away from Akira.
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Two words for this: HOLY SHIT

So, at first i thought this season was going to be boring and monotone, since it was only focused on one game, like ten episodes of the same game? WELL, not a so great premise, BUT i have to say this was the most exciting game i've ever seen in a sports anime! wow, honestly wow. They left me wanting more and more!.

This was a very intense season, to say the least. Every episode had me at the edge of my seat and there were so many epic moments, i got so excited trough the whole episode, i even felt like i was part of the game. Awesome cliffhangers that left you impatient for the next episode so you guys can imagine that it was a torture for me to wait for the friday to come. A LOT of action, you could feel all of the emotion the characters were putting into it. I have to say i cried almost in every episode tbh.
I really hope they make a season 4 because i feel like a part of me just died today.

As always, beautiful animation, awesome movements, everything flows just right. The animation just helps to make everything more intense.

Soundtrack. Oh my god what a beautiful and thrilling soundtrack, the op was the best op that haikyuu ever had, i really liked it. As i said the characters really transmitted a lot of emotions, so the seiyuus did a great job! especially Okamoto Nobuhiko (Nishinoya) and Miyu Irino (Sugawara) and everyone else obviously, but especially those two.

Characters. Ok now, for the thing i liked the most about this season, the characters evolved so so much, they changed a lot from season one, especially tsukki OH. MY. GOD. Tsukki was absolutely the star from this season. I know that in the first two seasons he seems like an asshole who is tired of everyone's bullshit but if you didn't liked him in the past two seasons, i'm sure now you're going to love him. Actually, i'm thinking about putting him into my favorite characters, yeah, that cool he was in this season. As for everyone else they changed so much, they learned a lot and you'll see it trough this whole match, and not only they changed individuallyl but also as a whole team, they became stronger and know about their weakness and strenghts, they became a great team. (ok i'm so proud rn)
Now let's talk about Shiratorizawa, the thing with haikyuu is that even when you cheer for Karasuno you can't hate the team they are playing against, because the fucking creators of haikyuu decided to make every single oponent very interesting characters, IN EVERY GAME. So, i was obviously cheering for Karasuno but i really liked the Shiratorizawa members, they were all quirky and cute their own way, and as always it was impossible to hate them, so that was what made this match so awesome.

As for enjoyment, well, i think read more
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Amaama to Inazuma (Anime) add
The story is very simple, and sweet as it follows the life of a father, and his daughter. The art is nothing to fancy, and is somewhat average. The voice actors were well picked. I watched in subbed. The characters are enjoyable although the dad is more of an enjoyable character. It is somewhat of a sad story, and is able to establish a good sense of realism, since it is not to far fetched. You are able to stay interested in the story, and the opening song is also very catchy. Overall I believe this story was well put together, and wraps up nicely in only 12 episodes.
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I thought this anime was very well done. It has a unique art style that you can remember goes to this anime. The voice acting is really well done. I watched it in subbed. The characters are enjoyable, although the main character does have his moments where he is not as enjoyable. I was able to get hooked on this anime on the first episode, it really grabs your attention. The fantasy setting that it is placed in, kind of reminds me of the setting to the movie "The Boy and the Beast". The first few episodes can be repetitive, but change enough so that you should not be bored. Overall it is unique, and is well done. The ending was good enough, so that it doesn't need a season 2, although it would be nice for a second season. Overall this anime deserves a 9/10.
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Cat Shit One (Anime) add
Best anime ever. Has everything: rabbits, war, rpg's, explosions, guns, racism. The plot is about fighting isis to make it was was. The best part of this anime was when Perkins had done front flip + 360 noscope. The part that I didnt understand was when Perkins didn't help Botasky when he was about to get killed, I really got triggered right there. In conclusion this was one of the best animus I've ever watched in my short life, now I've seen everything that I had to see before leaving this world. Best anime ever. Has everything: rabbits, war, rpg's, explosions, guns, racism. The plot is about fighting isis to make it was was. The best part of this anime was when Perkins had done front flip + 360 noscope. The part that I didnt understand was when Perkins didn't help Botasky when he was about to get killed, I really got triggered right there. In conclusion this was one of the best animus I've ever watched in my short life, now I've seen everything that I had to see before leaving this world.Best anime ever. Has everything: rabbits, war, rpg's, explosions, guns, racism. The plot is about fighting isis to make it was was. The best part of this anime was when Perkins had done front flip + 360 noscope. The part that I didnt understand was when Perkins didn't help Botasky when he was about to get killed, I really got triggered right there. In conclusion this was one of the best animus I've ever watched in my short life, now I've seen everything that I had to see before leaving this world.
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Death Note (Anime) add
Introduction: Death note is the most popular anime according to this website, which shouldn't really shock anyone, but not only is it really popular it has a high rating.

If you don't know me I like to start by rating the least significant feature of an anime to the most significant: (Sound>Art>Character>Story + Enjoyment>Overall.

Sound (8/10): What can I say? The sound/music is really good, however it's nothing out of the ordinary and I believe it's not unbelievably good enough to be highly rated.

Art (8/10): What can I also say? The art is very good for a 2006 anime, it focuses on the settings, the character, however just like the sound, it's not unbelievably good enough to be so highly rated.

Character (9/10): Even though there aren't too much characters that would interest the general majority of the anime fan base, there are definitely at least 2 that stand out (L the best detective, not your ideal guy when you first see him in a dark room, a person who shows near little emotions and sits on a weird position which gives him his brain power) and Light (a top grade achieving student, who has a strong sense of justice). It could be argued that these two highly intelligent characters share the same level of intelligence, and these are the two titans that go head to head, (well not physically). There are a few other characters are have some importance, such as the 2nd L, but I'm pretty sure no one really liked him and thought of him as somewhat of a replacement, which no one really got a long with.

Enjoyment/Story (9/10): At first, when I heard of the death note, I felt like I knew what was going to happen, he kills of criminals, and to him it wasn't enough and eventually turns insane. I was some-what right, however it isn't as cliche as you think. Sure Light turns some-what insane in the end, but you end up rooting for the guy, well I did at least, I wasn't really interested in detective and mind games, but this anime made me somewhat interested in those genres, and gave an entertaining and interesting insight of how really intelligent Light and L are, from Light using minor traps to detect if anyone has been in him room to L slowly figuring out and using percentages to show how sure he is of something. However it wouldn't be a 10/10 without a few set backs. Firstly, I didn't like the fact Light's dad had to die, in my opinion it really messes things up, and makes me question how Light's family is doing, and the extremely disappointing ending.

Overall: In conclusion I'd give this anime a 9/10, specifically a 9.5/10. The reason why it's away from a 10, is the extremely disappointing ending (SPOILER AHEAD), Light loses in the end to the 2nd L "Near", but I guess you can consider him losing to the original L as well as Mello. What really disappoints me read more
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Macross F (Anime) add
I watched recently Macross SDF and I loved so much. And then I wanted to keep watching the secuels and, after Macross Plus ( this one is pretty good), I watched this.

I'm trying so hard to describe with words how much disappointed I am with the work they done over here.

This anime was made in 2007 - 2008. We are talking about 10 years after the other Macross show (Macross 7), and there is a very high jump in animation improvement, but, it seems that, that much that they improved in animation, they lost it in imagination.

In Macross Frontier we can see the same approach, with the same 2 Heroines, secondary characters that don't contribute so much to the history.
We can see in, all the serie along, how the it trys to "Looks like Macross SDF". Apporting that fanservice that even gonnes wrong all time.

Also, other thing that pissed me off are the songs.

In Macross, the voice, the sing of the heroine is one of the most important factors, and the way of transmit feelings to the viewer, BUT! There are so many ways to do it.

Here, the song didn't transmit the feeling that you were looking for if you come from Macross SDF. Here, the songs are just OST, putted there to make the viewer like them forced with an Idol half naked. You can't In any moment that the singer its feeling the song, even you cant feel it, its so sad.

The Episode Distribution:

There was also an other point of the show that annoyed me so much is, how "heavy" were the episodes, It's like the episode tries so hard to tell so many things, so many story lines, and made it so hard to swallow, ( and, in the end you realize that all was pointless.)

I won't recomend this anime show to noboddy that enjoyed Macross SDF, just for not destroy their illusions like mines.

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After the 3rd season I'm really not sure if I can call still yowapeda my favorite anime anymore it was that good. Every season of Haikyuu feels elevated with tension only to step out even higher. I thought Tsukki got good character development the 2nd season, but season three ripped him into a new person. Yeah he's still our blunt teaser, but he was set up to go further.
Haikyuu still makes me pleased with its wonderful writing, it's easy to tell the creator and staff love this series.
Especially with the visual metaphors found throughout, and the moment when just the right music kicks in. The animation is still perfect production I.G loves sports. Some of the times the key animation, can get a little bit old seeing it repeatedly. But I actually think they did a well job switching it up more this season, that may just be because this season was shorter.
Haikyuu also shines brighter with their composer Yûki Hayashi, this man adds because there's so much more to add. Composing new wonderful insert songs, even with the already great ones standing. Even if it's just changing the instrument, for a refreshing version. That's when you know you've got someone talented.
[Spoilers] ⠀⠀Karasuno gets me so emotionally attached, I'm glad they won. I would've been balling, I was even tearing up in joy. Haikyuu is a series that makes me laugh out loud and cry in public. If that's not telling you how much I love this series I don't know what else will. :) Yes go watch it of course it's one of the best sports anime, and super easy to get into.
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Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
Pokemon The Origin is an OVA based on Pokemon Red/Green/Blue games of the 1996/1998. For the fans of the games this anime would be like a god-send for nostalgic hype!

It feels this anime was made by fanboys rather than a respectable company that care for their loyal fans.

First and foremost there are many inaccuracies, and some battles are completely stupid. Like how a Jolteon, an electric pokemon got OHKO by 1 electric attack, or Blastoise and how it was overwhelmed by fire attacks despite Fire attacks do half damage to water pokemon.

This is purely a Charizard circlejerk product, and it's really awful if you keep thinking about it.

To put this to short, the whole 4 episodes are there to showcase Charizard and how it wins battles with stupid direction and scripting.
The battles sometimes turn type-effectiveness on and off inconsistently, and it's most of the time to make Charizard shine more.

Yeah Charizard can take all attacks at type-disadvantage and win, but at other pokemon, this feature is completely off.

For a company or a studio that aimed this work for the fanbase as a celebration for all of its years, dissing 2 groups of fans and focusing on 1 is just a lowly way to work.

And let's not forget that the whole Mega Evolution thing, i know it was a promotion of Pokemon X and Y, but promoting only 1 pokemon and making Mewtwo (a well developed pokemon) like a crazed psycho that was defeated easily just to make Charizard looks more hyped and badass, it was just disgusting.

Blastoise was made like a total joke and Bulbasaur never made a single appearance. Basically the team behind the anime said "f*ck those two's fans, we only love Charizard, let's make people see more Charizard"

An anime that was made by fanboys for more fanboys is a terrible show that has no respect for the fans.

In the positive points, the sounds and visuals are good. But still don't make this product and less-disgusting.

If you are a Charizard fan you will love this, but if you don't, too bad the company middle-fingered you with this. And as a non-fanboy, i hate how this was formed, really never seen any worse than this company-to-fans letter.
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10 hours ago
Pupa (Anime) add
Pupa, what went wrong?

I remember coming across Pupa when it was a manga and I found it somewhat interesting as it revolved around a brother trying to save his sister from what she had become. The plot wasn't fantastic but it wasn't bad either.

The anime interpretation of Pupa skipped out on many key parts that were included in the manga and that were important as they explained important key bits of information such as background and character development.

Overall if you are looking for a short anime go watch something like Plastic Nee-San because the episodes are short but interesting
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91 Days (Anime) add
This anime was and wasn’t what I expected. After the first episode I did expect a kind of revenge plot to take form and because it was dealing with mafias I also expected people to double cross each other and whatnot. I wasn’t terribly disappointed in how this anime turned out but I also didn’t think it was anything special.
If you are looking for a show that has some more adult themes and a pretty decent array of characters this is a pretty good show. It’s not one I would say was amazing though. I would categorize it as pretty average. The show didn’t do anything especially good or bad. The story was kind of interesting, the setting was different, but nothing in particular really stuck out to me.
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira (Anime) add
Kira is notoriously known as the most hideous thing to come out of the Higurashi franchise. However I feel the need to write this review since the top-rated negative reviews seem to be highly-misinformed on the history of how Studio Deen "created" this "abomination" which has spawned such negative reception since it first aired.

Batsukoishi-hen, the first arc introduced to us in the Kira ova was actually the first arc to appear in the Rei visual novel. Before it became a part of Rei it was originally written as an "epilogue" to Meakashi-hen( aka the Shion arc. ) but Ryukishi07 decided to add it to the Rei VN instead. The first arc in the Rei anime was replaced by Hajisarashi-hen ( an arc based on a light novel that came with one of the games ) and Batsukoishi-hen was never actually supposed to be animated...but then Kira happened.

There, I said it. Yes, you heard all of that right. The original author of the series wrote this arc himself. Deen just happened to be the studio in charge of animating it. And if you don't believe me you can go and look it up for yourself. So if you're going to blame anyone for placing the main characters of Higurashi into such an atrocious piece of shit blame Ryukishi himself.

Let us at least be thankful that this arc didn't remain the epilogue to the most famous arc in the entire series.

That aside, is the Kira ova really as bad as people make it out to be?

We can all agree that the first episode is shit. Lolicon, incest, sexualization of nearly the entire cast of the've got it all. But if you skip over the first episode and look at the remaining three they're hardly comparable when it comes to perverted fanservice.

The next 3 episodes are completely original content but were also still written by Ryukishi himself. So if you still think that they're bad even after knowing that fact, please don't place all the blame on Deen for the quality of the content. After all, they did a much better job with the animation this time around.

The magical girl episode is cute and charming. Episode 3 also isn't that bad. The whole love triangle thing may be pretty typical of harem anime but higurashi never was a harem anime and no part of this particular scenario is actually meant to be taken seriously. This ova is purely for fun and episodes 2 and 3 are merely meant to be cute, silly and funny. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but that doesn't make it horrible. It's not supposed to be taken seriously and alot of people hate on it purely for the fact that there's no blood being spilled. Sure it's not the traditional higurashi style of "cute girls committing gruesome crimes" but that's not even at the heart of what the original series was trying to portray.

The last episode is where read more
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I'm not a big fan of sports anime.. At least it was what i thought. I was really skeptical when i began to see Haikyuu, but now, i'm very glad i watched it. It's like if a hidden passion for sports anime has awakened inside me, and Haikyuu is in the top of it. I don't know if this third season is the best; it's actually hard to choose just one season; to me, each one of them has its qualities, and they're equally outstanding.

In terms of story, this third season is a direct continuation from the second, so the story mustn't be judged alone, but as a whole, and it's great. Especially the unexpected ending of it, the last few seconds of the episode 10, which opens a new arc to the series, and i'm very anxious to see it, praying for the confirmation of a new season.

There's nothing to say about the art. I think that even the ones that hate Haikyuu consider the art excellent. There is a very fluid animation, varying with many different styles to suit the different sensations the moments shall pass to the person watching it. Yes, it's hard to describe... Just watch it!!

The sound is another aspect that i haven't much to talk. It's also outstanding. In both types of soundtracks, dramatic and exciting, Haikyuu stands out. Even though in this third season i missed some of my favorites musics from second season, like Confrontation with the King, they present us with other great ones; and the complete absence, believe me, of any sounds, in some moments, is the best thing they ever made.

To end this review, Haikyuu has one of the best character development that i have ever seen. All of the main characters and even most of the supporting ones have their importance. It's hard to find a character that you'd say ''I hate this one", and, actually, the only one that i had this feeling in the first two seasons became the best of this third season, so, yeah, Mr Furudate, the author, likes to play with our feelings.

So, Haikyuu is one of the best animes i have ever seen and i recommend it to every anime fan. And to the ones that love sports anime, you MUST watch it!!!

Story (9); Art (10); Sound (10); Character (10); Enjoyment (10);
Overall (10).
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This is my take on this "movie". Imagine that you have not seen Batman: the dark knight, and that your friend changes channel on the tv and a later part of that movie is on. You now watch an arbitrary five minutes of that. Than your friend changes channel again and you now watch 30 minutes of a clown juggling three cans of soup. Than the channel is changed again to Batman, but before you can get a sense of what the batman movie is about your friend turns off the tv. That's pretty much this movie.

I more or less had to give one point on the overall for decent artwork but that's about it.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
The art quality and animation quality were very high.

The story wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. The characters in the story felt very believable. But the main characters felt slightly to generic. Almost like an empty template that any person can imagine themselves being, it felt like the writer did this intentionally to make the person watching feel more of a connection to the main characters. so the viewer could place themselves in the characters roles. The use of foreshadowing, and framing devices's felt excessive. making the ending predictable. I feel like story wise the writer was attempting to make the viewer feel all these emotions by constantly using framing device's excessively throughout the story. But it just felt like the writer was following a logical rule set to much when writing this story. It wasn't bad story but it just felt a little bit forced.
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Sure there was not as much story stuff this season, but this season LITERALLY EVERY EPISODE IS ACTION PACKED. Sure the first episode may have been a bit less action packed and just an introduction, but holy crap was this one hell of a season.

Every episode had some amazing sequence of spikes in it, and some amazing character development in each. The art and animation speaks for itself, its amazing how they can do such smooth animation with the limits of frames in anime.

Also, their ability to go from epicness to goofiness back to super epic again is just insane.

10/10 show and season. If you thought the first 2 seasons were a bit too slow or had too many fillers (which they didn't compared to many other shounen anime) this show is literally ALL action and no filler shit. its sooo damn goood
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'I want to see more!!!!!' & 'Cant wait for the next episode, so intense!!!' are prove of how much I enjoy Haikyuu!!.

Overal: 10
I never thought this could be such good anime. You would probably think that after watching a few rounds of volleyball in Haikyuu you will be bored. Well it is absolutely the opposite. Haikyuu makes you feel what the characters feel and makes you get excited for only a volleyball match in anime.

Story: 9
The basic story is not all that special and that makes it pretty simple to people who dont like a complicatedway of thinking. However a lot of things happen in the series which have another meaning. This serie shows you humor, friendship, tension and a slice of life for the simplistic thinkers, but the serie also contains a lot of strategy and symbolism. If you put all those elements together you get Haikyuu!!

Art: 10
Well done!!! The person who did the art must have a good brain because it is hard to make a ball move in such ways. Also the dramatic moments and the openings were of a high quality. My favorite openings are 3 and 5 :')

Sound: 10
The voice actors are really good. They give a realistic expression of the emotions and reactions of the characters.
Also the soundtrack and opening music of the whole series deserve large credits and compliments for their quality and perfect fit with the rest of the series.

Character: 10
Haikyuu contains a hell lot of characters. The beautiful thing is that they all have a lot of personality traits which make them special. Not only do you get a bond with the main characters, but also with the supporting characters, enemies and friends of the main characters. It will surprise you how easy you will remember all their names.

Enjoyment: 10
The combination of all the qualities make one masterpiece, Haikyuu.
I absolutely enjoyed Haikyuu and recommend it to every type of otaku.
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Hanamaru Youchien (Anime) add
Remember Kindergarten Cop? Well Kindergarten teacher part aside, this isn't really like that at all...
Tsuchida is typical bumbling guy, he's awkward but somehow has a real knack with kids. He decides to become a kindergarten teacher and meets the daughter of his high school friend. Funny thing is, little Anzu-Chan takes QUITE the liking to our main guy Tsuchida. Surprise surprise, she's also one of his kindergarten students!!

This show is a strange mix of slice of life comedy, and in a REALLY weird way, a romance love triangle as well. Tsuchida falls head over heels with another teacher at the school, but little Anzu-Chan doesn't like that scenario at all. The show is a mix of short 10-15 minute "episodes" within an actual episode of the show. While Anzu tries all she can do to win Tsuchi over (despite the glaring age gap), Tsuchi tries to keep from hurting her feelings all while trying to confess his love to Yamamoto. Hilarity ensues, and boy does it ever...

Art is nice and I'd like to point out something I felt was very responsible of the animators. My sister pointed out that the padded-out clothes for the girls was a way to ward off crazed lolicons, something I found to be an excellent choice. Now the grown ladies are most ASSUREDLY where the fan service comes in, there were plenty of bouncing chests (ample ones at that) to go around. I'm glad there wasn't any focus on the little girls like that, but I do feel they tried to use a loophole. In several scenes Anzu will either imagine or talk about herself as an adult. We are now transported to scenes where she is a busty young woman and trying to win over Tsuchi who still looks the same. A little awkward since her voice really doesn't change and you get that sort of mental image like in Big with Tom Hanks, it's a child trapped in an adult's body. That part kind of irked me, but other than that everything was spot on. You have to check your ego at the door and admit that the kids are cute as hell in this show, they did a real good job making them lovable and adorable. You wanna just pick em up and give them a hug!!

Watched the subbed version, which seemed good enough. Voice acting seemed fine and the music was pretty good as well. Not much to comment on, got a 9 since nothing musically REALLY stood out to me (it's not K-On!, ya know?).

Character was a tough one to call...lot of them aren't very original characters, but you love them anyways. The kids (like Hiiragi) really saved the rating on this, because the adults tended to be what drug the show down. You liked the adults anyways, but the kiddos could honestly have run the show all by themselves. Comedic elements of blending the adults and kids was used well, it just got bland when it was read more
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As a devoted Honeyworks fan, I was waiting for this movie since the first trailer came out. It reached my expectations, but it could have been a little bit better.

Story: 7
What you should know about the movie is that is based on a series of Vocaloid Songs.
This movie focussed on Yuu and Natsuki, two childhood friends. Natsuki decides to confess to Yuu, but after her confession she got nervous while waiting for his answer so "It was just a prank, bro!" and the story goes from that. It's not great, it's not bad. It's average.
Another one of the pairings is Mochita and Akari, who barely know each other. Mochita (or Mochizuki, but that's too long) fell in love with Akari at first sight, but he has never talked to her. His feelings are the purest, but he can't help but feeling jealous about every single boy that talks to Akari. Meanwhile, Akari is clueless about love, she doesn't like anyone and never has had a crush. The interactions between the two of them makes their story interesting. I find it hilarious how Mochita is constantly asking to himself "who does she like? who does she like?" and Akari just thinks about cake.
Then there's the third couple...who you barely notice they are there...Miou and Haruki, too oblivious and shy teenagers who have a crush on each other...and everyone knows that except them. I see why they didn't get as much screentime as the others, there isn't much going on in their story.
I would have given it a 6 if it hasn't given us extra content that we hadn't seen neither in the songs or v-comics.

Art: 9
I don't know much about art so this will be shorter. It was really cute and the colours were so nice to the sight. Although I'm used to the art of the PVs, which in my opinion has more quality and detail, but that's only because there are just images and not animations.

Sound: 10
Of course, as a fan of Honeyworks I'm going to give the sound a solid 10.
It was amazing to watch the movie and that the background music in many MANY scenes were the instrumental of the songs in the saga. That was a really cool detail and it made me want to sing them. The new songs for the movie (op and ed, and the song in the middle) were as good as you would expect for honeyworks. Catchy songs, with cute lyrics (quoting Natsuki "a little embarassing") and really good instrumentals, the usual honeyworks formula.

Character: 7
I love these characters, but i feel like they weren't developped properly in the movie, but that's acceptable, there's only an hour to tell a whole story.
Natsuki and Mochita were the ones that got more screen time, while their love interests Yuu and Akari were there plenty of time too. But, as i said, Miou and Haruki barely appeared.

Enjoyment: 10
The hype was real. I enjoyed watching my favourite characters animated. I enjoyed singing along read more
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This season of Haikyuu was consistent in terms of the qualities Haikyuu has presented so far.

But I'd also like to note that due to its length and enviroments being pretty much stuck in one place due to this season consisting of a really long match, this season of Haikyuu will feel more like a long high budget OVA than a new season. It is a continuation of where it has left off previously, with the finals between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa, the match taking the entire length of this season. There's no new story elements, and the character development that the characters got is now presented in how the characters evolved, especially a specific character. And just like the other matches of Haikyuu, it focuses on presenting the opponents as well, with the series taking time to explain the motivation and strengths of most key characters in the team. The third season is pretty much the culmination of the character development the characters went through, as well as the presentation of the team of Shiratorizawa, and that's pretty much why the series is so long, and also why it feels like an OVA. It doesn't serve anything new or unexpected, but presents the facets of the series that its fans enjoyed, which is what I think the ideal OVA should be. And as a result of such I consider this season to be good, because it seems well aware of what works in well in Haikyuu.

The match itself is fun, it presents Karasuno's versatility and willingness to try new things against a team that has honed their skills in a strong and consistent style to overpower their opponents. While this may make Shiratorizawa sound like a boring team, since this means that mostly Karasuno's players will try to make interesting outlandish plays, Shiratorizawa's team players all have different skills and capabilities, and its the presentation of those skills that is the entertainment value coming from that team, as the team also values individual talent and the ability to score, over necesarily having strong teamplay. So you'll have a player who's a very strong spiker, one who's a very strong blocker, and other such examples.

In terms of drama, I still think Haikyuu is a tad ridiculous, but it didn't really have the opportunity to be overlydramatic this season, because its main focus was a more subdued character in terms of presenting his development and that behaviour helping in relieving a bit of the overcompetitiveness that kinda bothers me in Haikyuu. The overlycompetitive nature of Haikyuu is mostly an issue of the former seasons, so I won't go on talking about it.

The animation is consistent and looks as good as it always did, but I assume the fact that they didn't really animate any other locations than two places is due to budget constraints. However, the animation didn't go on a downwards spiral in terms of quality, it's just as fluid and detailed as always. The OST from what I heard was recycled, read more
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Given the monumental amount of hype that Haikyuu seems to have within its own fan base, I hope that this review will not come across as more negative than I intended it to, so I would just like to start by saying that Haikyuu is for sure one of the better traditional sports anime I have seen, but even so it is still far from perfect.

This third season picks up right where the last one left off, throwing us right into the Spring Tournament regional finals between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. And that is pretty much the entirety of what this season is about as it is significantly shorter at merely 10 episodes, and all of that is spent on this single best-of-five finals. However, the shorter length also means that there is very little downtime, and thus pretty much every single episode of this season is action-packed and engaging, unlike the second season which spent its entire first half on nothing but lackluster training arcs, so I definitely consider this to be an improvement on paper.

Now I will admit that generally speaking I am not really a fan of hot-blooded shounen series, nor am I particularly fond of sports outside of real life, so this definitely has an impact on my enjoyment of Haikyuu as well. In short, this anime is very predictable. It is one thing to be able to guess the eventual winner, but for example I should not be able to so easily say in which order the sets are going to be won by the respective sides, because it is all made to play out in the way which creates the maximum amount of hype for the viewers. It just... feels pretty fake. And even the rallies within the sets themselves are generally pretty predictable; the camera focuses especially on one player for a bit and lets you see things from his perspective, at which point you can rest assured that the next point or two is going to be decided by him. Eventually the other players will adapt to whatever strategy he is using and then break his streak, at which point the focus will shift to someone else where the same thing will play out. It feels like it is all following a script. That said, I do have to admit that even though it feels pretty unnatural, it is undoubtedly quite effective. Thanks to the stellar directing that Haikyuu has, it really manages to make every point feel important and engaging, and the amount of emotion stemming from the players is not to be underestimated. You can really feel how much this means to everyone and how badly they want to win, no matter the cost. However, that still does not change the fact that the progression of the actual sets is simply too clean and perfect, and feels like it is following too much of a rigid pattern rather than portray the chaos that volleyball so often becomes in real life.

This is read more
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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (Anime) add
+1~ year Saniwa here; I was so so happy when the anime was announced and I haven't been disappointed in the least! I'm so glad the adaptation turned out so well and it made me miss all the guys since I don't have as much time to play anymore but all episodes give me so much feels, it is really heartwarming. Both the opening as well as the ending(s) are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait for the OST release. All in all I'm super happy, makes my Sundays so much better after a rough day. I'm already excited for the other adaptation next year, hopefully it will be done with as much love as this one!
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Gakkougurashi! (Anime) add
Gakkou! gurashi where to begin? This is an anime that you should not judge by its cover, I was hooked after the first episode having never read the manga, and I loved this anime. I came closer to crying more so than, I can remember out of any movie, book or show that I have seen. And that is not form the plot or story being unbearable, I am not going to say more so as to not do the whole spoiler alert. It completely restored and repaired the damage that had been done to my love of the zombie genre. All of the shows and cut rate just plain awful zombie movies and shows that have flooded the market in the last few years had all but made me want to give up on the whole zombie genre, I have been a fan since I was a child and watched the Romero films the original dawn and day of the dead. Then came the fad that people realized that a zombie movie was the cheaper of the horror movies to make and the market was flooded with crap, beginning with the remake of day of the dead. Then the walking dead went and turned the whole plot line into something like an American soap opera, there is a time to end a story, instead of dragging it way beyond any kind of sense. But with that being said I would love to see at least one more season of gakkou gurashi! the content is there in the manga the introduction to other characters and more plot, this one deserves another season a lot more than the 22nd season of the walking dead.
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Sora no Otoshimono (Anime) add
Started by reading a synopsis of this anime. It sounded interesting and good. Started watching the first season and liked it for the most part. The main characters pervyness and stupidity was too exaggerated for my taste but those parts were spread out enough that you could overlook it and the main story and the other characters held it up to some extant. Than I started watching the second season and it was so poor that I started clicking my way thru the episodes just 'cause I wanted to know the conclusion. The main "protagonist" devolved from the overly pervy and stupid kid he was in the first season into what I can only describe as an unappealing, antisocial serial rapist in the making. 80% of the second season he's drawn as a three year old and is depicted as someone that anyone and everyone would want to beat with a baseball bat. I mean... it is an anime and one should consider that it's not meant for realism but no person in their right mind could have enough imagination to think that every one he ever meets wouldn't want to instantly kill him, much less that anyone would like him. It's really to bad because if they had made that main char just a bit less of an a**hole this could have been really good since the storyline was so promising but the "protagonist" drags the whole show down with him.

I'll finish up with an example of how "challenged" the main char is: He has a really beautiful and sexy angeloid who is, in effect, his slave. She has told him very clearly that she would do ANYTHING for him. And he's is VERY aware of this. It's been made REALLY clear. And yet he seems to see her as part of the furniture and instead tries to peek on or molest every other girl but her and really trying to make everyone hate him. Doesn't really make sense now, does it?
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“Even if we're not confident that we'll win, even if others tell us we don't stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.”
-Daichi Sawamura

In today's anime age; a world filled with over-analyzations and deconstructions, it's always nice to see a series like Haikyuu come along as if to passively antagonize critics with its immense amount of hype. I've been quite guilty of it in the past, often thinking there was no other reason to watch a series than to critique how much it made you 'think'. But to all the fault-finding reviewers and critics out there (myself included), I have one thing to say... just save your words for once. People aren’t watching this anime to tirelessly dissect its story or characters on a philosophical level. Haikyuu is about having fun, comradery and the love of volleyball. The ultimate underdog story. That's pretty much it.

If you told me a couple of years ago that an anime franchise involving high school sports would become one of my favorites in the medium, I probably would've laughed in your face. But I've come to realize that the quality of an anime goes beyond how it makes you think. How it makes you feel is just as important... because at the end of the day, most of us watch anime as a means to escape the repetition of everyday life and just enjoy ourselves. It transports us somewhere exciting, somewhere we normally don’t experience ourselves. Anime should be fun, and Haikyuu is no exception to that.

Haikyuu's third season could almost be viewed as an expansion pack to the main series, or as one reviewer put it, much like DLC for your favorite video game. This is a fair assessment given the truncated 10 episodes compared to the first two seasons of 26 episodes each. Karasuno finds themselves pitted against the powerhouse Shiratorizawa, in a 5 set match no one expects them to win. There is less character development overall, but more than enough action to make up for it. I’d say this season emulates the intense tone produced by the last few episodes in season 2, my favorites of the entire series. The result is a nail-biting, pulse-pounding thrill ride to the match's epic conclusion. It's just what I needed to get me through a relatively lackluster fall season.

There isn’t much in the way of story this season, due mostly to its shorter run time. Being in a 5 set match is unfamiliar territory for our favorite Karasuno team, which begins to show as the series progresses. Exhaustion starts to become a factor, and for the first time I can remember in Haikyuu, players begin to tire mentally and physically. This incorporates an important aspect of playing sports, making the characters that much more relatable to someone who’s been there. We also see a culmination of the variety of new skills Karasuno’s players have been practicing come to fruition when they matter the most. Whether from Nishinora’s jump-setting or read more
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Flip Flappers (Anime) add
Flip Flappers is basically kawaii adventure time... with some more feels thrown in. It's like the professor from Powerpuff Girls was making the girls in this show and instead of accidentally pouring in chemical X, he knocked his entire bag of shrooms and a vial of LSD into the mix. Having said that, the product is absolutely fantastical and relatable.

The journey and inherent understanding of the characters in Flip Flappers is beyond words. I would almost describe it as existentialist. The music is great and the animation is stunning. I actually find myself not wanting to watch the new episode each week because I know I will become emotionally involved. Never have I been able to care so much for characters when so little has happened to them. The empathy to adversity ratio is off the charts.

The main message of the series involves contrasting human nature. Cocona, who is timid, careful, responsible, and thoughtful draws a distinct dichotomy from Papika, who is flamboyant, careless, rash, and unguarded. This makes their relationship with each other beautiful beyond description. I needn't continue and I don't think I could.

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Detective Conan (Anime) add
Detective Conan is an on-going mystery show with more than 840 episodes. It is, with no doubt, my favorite anime of all time so I thought why not write a review on it.

-Story: 10
- Many of you have seen this show on TV when you were younger so it's no surprise that a lot of people assume it to be a kids show and if you think that way, let me tell you you're absolutely wrong. It has murder, blood and violence in almost every episode but what I feel makes this anime more mature is it's story. Detective Conan is an episodic show so most of the stories it tells are concluded in one or two episodes with a few exceptions. Usually it's short stories are about murder cases, a murder happens and the main character of the story, Edogawa Conan, has to collect hints and solve it. That on it's own could end up being pretty boring after some episodes but what keeps it alive and what I think is one of the strongest aspects of the series is the genius way the murders are carried. Many of the tricks used will leave you in shock due to them being completely unpredictable. Some episodes end up being pretty deep and dark, as the culprits go through psychological breakdown due to the regret they feel because of the crime they've committed. Now, aside from the murder case episodes, Detective Conan also has it's main storyline involving the Black Organization. These are the episodes in which the plot progresses. They are extremely interesting with many plot twist and such, but unfortunately they also are extremely rare. Due to the slow pacing of the story and the huge amount of filler episodes you could include Detective Conan's entire storyline in about 70-80 episodes, it is that slow.

-Art: 8
The art style is quite unique and at first it might look a little weird but you'll get used to it in time. I like that the eyes are drawn in such a way that makes them very memorable, and I have no doubt that you'll be able to differ Detective Conan's characters from the rest even if you haven't seen the anime. The characters are well designed and distinguishable between each other. As for the animation, well, it's average. Since this is not an action series there is no need for gorgeous looking animation so I personally don't mind it.

-Sound: 10
The soundtrack of Detective Conan is my favorite from any anime I've seen. The music is composed by Ono Katsuo and man is it awesome. There are 40+ opening and ending themes and although I don't remember every single one, I do enjoy some of them. The voice acting is pretty good. The voices are fitting for the characters and I especially like how Takayama Minami handles Conan's voice.

-Character: 10
Characters are a strong part of this anime and I absolutely love them. The have unique traits and most of the main read more
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Drifters (Anime) add
Drifters is a good choice for you if you think you'd enjoy historical figures set in a fantasy world where they fight for turf and to assert their political views and cultural upbringings, resulting in a world filled with action, wars and chaos. It becomes a bad choice if you're easily bothered when a series tries to be comedic and doesn't really land the punchlines and it's also a poor choice if it's important for you to have out of the ordinary archetypes, as the personality of most characters can be boiled down as safe for the audience.

The story of Drifters pretty much boils down to chaos and war. While Drifters claims there are specifically two sides, one side is unified by the fact that they want to destroy the entire world around them and the other is not unified in any shape or form, with characters pretty much following their wims and being thrown in the world just to stir up constant chaos. The best way to describe it is that a few characters try to overtake a fictional fantasy world and create chaos within it as a result of this. It doesn't really get much more complex than this.

As for the characters, they're pretty much safe archetypes for the public of Japan. The main character is a wild samurai who fights for the sake of fighting and is brave and lives by the code of honor of the people in his times. In addition to this, he is assisted by Oda Nobunaga, in what it's probably his 354th time he's been presented as an anime character, so he is most certainly a trope himself, but I'm personally not familiar with him. Any other characters are either characters that had some quirks of theirs raised to be over the top (like: being old, having big tits, being a queer etc) or they are bloodthirsty historical figures. As far as other races other than humans are concerned, since they are represented here as well, they're the stereotypical summed up representation of what you already might know about fantasy races: Elves live long, are agile, are proud people. Dwarves are tiny muscular drunks who drink and are great blacksmiths. They're pretty much safe generic representations, that everyone is accustomed to.

However, while this is something that does bring down Drifters for me, as it makes me care far less about who fights due to every personality and representation being overlyfamiliar and safe, it makes me look for the side it does excel in, the "how they fight" part. In its action, Drifters doesn't present mindless fights led by sheer numbers, but rather it does present fear tactics, how to raid a castle, how to cut off your enemies from their supplies of water, and so on. In other words, it employs actual real war tactics in it, coupled with warmongers getting ahold of technology from the future and their insight into these, making use of their quick wit to employ an read more
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Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime) add
Repost of my full, original review on
Through the clouds of sand, a spark ignites,
matter forms, the lightnings strike,
as the dust rests, the men we saw
are the metal lord Alphonse and his brethren Edward.
And the story, as it speaks, Fullmetal Alchemist.

So, if you´d ask any Anime fan, you can expect that they´ve at least heard of Fullmetal-fucking-Alchemist, a story so epic, that it makes The Story of Gilgamesh look, well, still epic, but slightly less. The 2003 version, unlike Brotherhood, adapts the Manga only partially, meaning that part of the story is cpmpletely original. Say what you will, but it shows in the pacing, which as parts is as uneven as a Himalaya road in north Pakistan, not saying that Brotherhood is any better. Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse are two alchemists, that can use their powers to transform anything they want, which is a power, that was used pretty well in the stories narrative and in the action scenes and it never felt like a cheap gimmick or a underused idea to me. The world of Fullmetal Alchemist got shown and build very well, enough to make an impact and to learn about it, making it no unknown place to the viewer. What I learned from this show, you can get fucked over as much as you can, even if you do your best, but that still doesn´t mean you shouldn´t try. In 51 episodes, it pretty much lays out everything about it, that it wants to tell and it bloody works so well.

Every character is different from the rest and developed enough to matter. You have Edward, who is a pretty complex and interesting protagonist, as an example. Most of the other characters are likable and got enough screen time to matter as well, with some exceptions, I don´t need to mention that guy. They can all be hilarious as well, while also being serious at other times, without coming off as all over the place. But here is my main criticism, the ending, which has no payoff and is in general one of the worst endings in Anime history, because it took too many nonsencial plotpoints, while giving no conclusion to Edwards character. A shame, considering how well Brothrhood ended. The junk that was completely original was a all right story in itself, but the ending was just worthless and so was much of the stuff leading up to it. The show is overall great, but from its amazing start, it just went downhill.

Now, the soundtrack was well composed, got used well enough, fits right into it, but doesn´t try to be bigger than what it should accompany, it´s a good soundtrack, with some tracks that actually stand out. The acting as well, not only the japanese one, but also the english and even the german dub, sound really good. It´s a job well done from the people who worked on that,

The animation and artstyle also look very well. While they did age in the 13 read more
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Chobits (Anime) add
When I started watching Chobits. I knew I was going to like it. What I didn't know was how much I would.

From start to finish I enjoyed the series, even though it was a little slow, it never felt like it was and I quickly found myself watching episode after episode with no intention of stopping...any time soon. The story was excellent and as it matured, there were even moments that brought tears to my eyes.

Romance did not always feel like the sole focus. In fact, the majoirty of the Anime felt like a very interesting slice of life with Drama therefore; I can understand if people were a little annoyed at that; coming to the series expecting only Romance. But, there is really no reason to be. The show has amazing themes and concepts it explores rather well such as: love, relationships and how they develop and tragicly fall apart. The show subtlely somehow manages to introduce these ideas in a smooth manor, that does not seem out of place but, instead a welcome addition. How you interpret these ideas is up to you.

Some of the soundtracks were also amazing and were so well done, delivered at such perfect moments, that it would bring me to the heights of euphoria! so, when I say I truly enjoyed this Anime. I cannot begin to convey how much that is honestly the case. As a result, I could not believe. There were some reviewers that gave this series such an unfair review, that showed. Very! little regard for the series; to say the very least.

Chobits was a phenomenal work of art and even now I can feel its beauty in my heart. The side characters felt like main characters and the actual main characters tied the whole series together.

I am not saying this Anime is perfect, neither am I saying you will want to sing its praises to the heavens themselves. however, what I am saying is, you will definitely enjoy it.

Is that not enough?
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
First off, I just wanna say I voted 10 to try and countera little bit all of the negative puntuations this show is getting just because it has gay characters in it.

That said, I wili be honest with this review: YOI is a good anime. It is nice, enjoyable and interesting.

For the music, i just want to say it was great. I liked the OP more than the ED, but both were pretty good. And the music used during performances were just perfect for each one of them. However, though you could understand what they were trying to express with each one, I think they failed to make their individual feelings reach out, and they relied on other characters explaining how the skaters felt. It is also possible that I wasn't concentrated enough to realize though.

As for the characters and the story, I liked them a lot. I like how they explained characters, their backgrounds and motivations, but I also think that maybe they overdid it. I can't bring myself to love a character I've just been presented to if I'm getting another character presented to me almost at the same time the first one comes out of scene, which is usually like three minutes later.
On the other hand, it is still true that you see a bunch of them throughout the series and none of them feels like they shouldn't be there and all of them have a unique personality and (kinda) development. Also they're very well designed and non-exxagerated.
The story is fun and lovable, and progresses just fine. It doesn't have much to it as it just shows Yuri as he gains selfconfidence while developing a friendship-then-love relationship with victor.

Lastly, I'm speaking of the yaoi thing. It is just great that they decided to go fully into it instead of just queerbaiting. It doesn't rely on harmful tropes, it doesn't show toxic behaviours between yuri and victor and it doesn't feel forced in any way. I'm just so happy I can get to see a gay couple portrayed without having to watch all of the "no homo"s that guionists and producers seem to need to include so that they make perfectly clear thay think it's disgusting to be gay/bi.
It really is a breath of fresh air.
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Baccano! (Anime) add
It had one of the most promising start and carried it well until a wild Nanaya Shiki jumped onto the stage. It is of great shame that the writer had to mess up all the anticipation for the sake of chuunibyou. It's just like Higurashi and Umineko. They build up great atmosphere, but ends up with chuunibyou. Chunnibyou is a great tool when used well, but these days otaku industries seem to be misusing it.

Art and sound is fantastic. It did great job to build up the story. Characters were also interesting, but of course that certain someone ruined it.

Overall, I give good grade of 7, but could have been much better.
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Sakamoto desu ga? (Anime) add
Have you ever wondered what Pewdiepie meant by "FABULOUS"?
Meet Sakamoto, a high school student who is the human definition of COOL, COOLER and COOLEST. He is fabulous in everything he does, from studying, to class duties and even playing with snow. Oh, and guess what, Sakamoto-kun is also a lady-magnet, attracting girls of all ages. Now that's a guy you'd want as a friend... or not.
There isn't much story included, the episodes are made of two parts, which can also be different individual stories. I really liked how different characters were introduced as the story progressed, it made the show really enjoyable.
Art-7, Sound-8
Not an expert on art, but I still enjoyed the animation, although some scenes could have been better. For sound, the opening and ending were really nice, and the sounds within the show were nice too. They matched the situation perfectly, and made it more enjoyable.
You know what I liked most about Sakamoto Desu ga? It was the characters. As I said, every new character introduced was unique in his/her own way. How they developed throughout the show was excellent(especially Atsushi or Acchan), and the ending, magnifique(although I cried a bit too much).
Don't have much to say about this, it's obvious I enjoyed it because I finished it in one day. Every second I was like: "What will Sakamoto do next?"
Great anime, great characters, great ending, great Sakamoto, just great.
And to finish it off:
"Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto."
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Story : 8
Art : 10
Sound : 8
Character : 7
Enjoyment : 10
Overall : 10

I really enjoy this movie and probably one of the best movie I ever watched.
First of all, I really enjoy a deep love story, such as Eureka seven. I love Eureka Seven for its love story. and I love Kimi no Na wa simply for its love story too.

First of all the story : 8
The story mainly focus on romance. And it is a great one. One of the main aspect of the story that I like the most is the pacing. the pacing is good, from the built up to the climax. However I didn't give it a perfect 10 because of the story lack of character development. Which I will describe more in character section. Still the plot twist really make me enjoy the story although it certainly have plot holes but after i left the show i already feel satisfied and didn't care about the plot hole anymore, and that is a good thing.

Art : 10
Makoto Shinkai's quality never goes wrong. I give it a perfect because of the level of detail the movie had. Even for the characters in background. The beautiful scenery, a awesome coloring, it is a top notch quality even for a movie standard. The attention to the detail and consistent quality across the movie make it deserve a perfect score.

Sound : 8
The music is good. Good enough to supplement the emotional scene. However it is not memorable enough for me. I give it a solid 8 more because of the voice acting. They did an amazing job bringing the character to life. Especially Mitsuha, she sound really natural, like high school girl supposed to be, she is not overly cute or moe-ish which is good. Creating a layer of realism to the presentation.

Character : 7
Like i said earlier, the movie lack some sort of character development. We barely know all the characters. Mitsuha feel quite the same from beginning to the end, nothing change. Even if she development we barely know anything about her, except for the body swap problem we barely know her problem. For Taki, he suppose to have some sort of change in his character after the body swapped, but because the movie focus more on Mitsuha on the first half of the movie and didn't quite tell the life of Taki before their body swapped, i didn't feel his character develop because we again barely know him before the swap even though it suppose to be there. So in the end it is quite hard to relate to them.

Enjoyment : 10
I really enjoy this kind of story. Its move me. Memorable. I feel satisfied after I finish the show and enjoy the Roller Coasters of feeling i felt during the show.

Overall a solid 10 no less.
Despite its flaw and plot holes I still think it is one of the best anime i watch in 2016. It will stay in my read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Adapted from the light novel series written by Reki Kawahara, Sword Art Online provides viewers with something special. SAO is divided into two archs - one of which is much better than the other. It is the first half of SAO that I will review to the fullest and why I have scored this animation so high.

Imagine the psychological trauma a person would face when they realized that the virtual reality game that they planned to spend a few hours in turned into a few years. The shock of being trapped within a death game with no way out except to fight would be enough for people to commit suicide - this is exactly what viewers see in SAO. The anime does a phenomenal job capturing the mental state of the characters as they settle into their situation for the long run. The most enjoyable character is definitely the main character Kirito. The audience has a wonderful opportunity to see Kirito being a completely normal person and taking advantage of his advanced knowledge of the game from beta testing to get ahead of other players. His selfishness turns into such shame that he feels that he must survive alone in this world without help from others.

When Kirito does find a small group of people, it's not long until he gets them killed. Although his intentions were not malicious, his in ability to act causes his team's death and a team leaders suicidal fate. It is at this point that the dark emotion really starts to set in. Kirito rages on for months trying to find a path to redemption for his actions and yet it doesn't come easily. It isn't until Kirito meets with a character from earlier in the series, Asuna. A beautiful and capable young women who was traumatized in the beginning and yet worked to be atop a guild. Kirito emotionally moves Asuna when he shows her how to "live" within the game. This aspect is another well defining theme for SAO. After the psychological trauma dissipates, the characters start to "live". They get jobs, buy homes, make friends, and make a life for themselves - it's intense to see because I believe this is exactly what would happen. People have a tendency to make the best of something after the shock and depression drift away.

The relationship between Kirito an Asuna is great; it's mature, authentic, and warming. It may be a little light hearted at times for some viewers but I think the animators captured it well considering how young the characters are. Through the last few episodes of the remaining first half, Asuna and Kirito rely on each other very seriously which strengthens the love that they have for each other and further legitimizes their marriage.

The action in SAO is great, lots of sword play, fast paced actions, and an OP main character. If you are looking for a series that has a bad-ass main character who can solo a read more
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Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
The first thing I want to say is that this anime has a really good art. I think its really good and unique for each character. The sounds are pretty good too.

BUT! (I hope my review is spoiler-less)

I'm really disappointed in this anime. The background/past of the characters are unclear somehow. The episode also start with a rather confusing plot and character.

Some episodes also features different character (which is not a big problem) but the meaning or purpose or story of the episode are always unclear. It often started by something we didn't actually understand and yet not answered in the end.

Many mystery are created from almost each episode, but many of them are not answered at the end. The places/backgrounds are also confusing in my opinion.
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