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May 23, 2017
Tatsu1512 (All reviews)
Story- To be honest story was great the way how the story is going with that future and reality recounts was brilitan.Story is simple but really realistic. The story starts with introudcing guy called Ishida Shouya and his past school days.The split of the story is when girl called Shouko Nishiyama got to the new school sadly she is blind but just as always there is guys who are scared of it and dont understand it so instead of helping her they are bulling her which is obiously what all of us once experinced in school once.

Think about it like this have you read more
May 23, 2017
WormyMaster (All reviews)
Re:Creators reverses the standard trope of a guy being sent into a fantasy world / Video game, by making the characters from different (made-up) pieces of fiction come to life in Japan. This might sound like an iteresting premise, and it is, but the execution is where the whole thing falls flat.

What interests me the most about a story like this is the question "How do those characters react to the new world that they're put in". The show never really focusses on that. Instead, they focus on the conflict between a pseudo-god, in this case the writer, and the creation, being the fictional character, read more
May 23, 2017
Userman (All reviews)
Contains spoiler ( if spoilers makes thing uninteresting for you then don't watch the anime at all - piece of advice for everything - if something so petty makes you lose all your interest then it is useless to continue through this path only to suffer)
Guys, i don't know how can somebody like this literally trash anime. It started ok as a normal anime. We know that there is magic bla bla etc, they explain how it should work and things like that and things like many saw already hundred times in the anime/manga world: fantasy medieval type magical world. Then they make sure that read more
May 23, 2017
GuyWRunningShirt (All reviews)
Story: (10/10)
Yes its a mecha anime, no it is not just fighting. MSG: IBO has a clear, meaningful, deep, personal story throughout the entirety of the show, if I could rate the story higher I would.

Art: (8.5/10)
The art in the show is normally great but there are also times where the backdrop isn't perfect.

Sound: (10/10)
Incredible OPs and great voice acting; they really make me connect with the characters

Characters: (10/10)
The characters grow with you. They are all unique and even those who are based in a cliche are run with excellently. I would die for even a barely shown minor character, thats how fleshed out read more
May 23, 2017
XxOblivion (All reviews)
What's so unique about Kuzu no Honkai, is that it has such a negative, and maybe even realistic point of view on love. Contrary to most anime (Say Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Ore Monogatari, Nisekoi, Toradora, etc.) that involve romantic aspects, or mainly focus on these. Kuzu no Honkai did not hold back in showing any sexual relationships, but did clearly indicate the line between love and lust, and how this can be blurry to the characters and actual humans in general.

What stood out to me the second I started watching the show was the very unique and charming artstyle the show had. Even though read more
May 23, 2017
tyrannicswine (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

I usually like stories where people are reincarnated or are brought back to life, but have forgotten what happened them, Colourful was ok, but it had some things that kinda lost my attention for it.

The story begins with a random soul who has been reincarnated as Makoto Kobayashi who committed suicide and the random soul must figure out why Makoto did this with the help of an angel called Purapura.
Let's start by the saying the story was pretty good I enjoyed it when Makoto was trying to figure what was going on in his life like finding out about his family, school life, read more
May 23, 2017
tyrannicswine (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

For being the first Studio Ghibli Movie/Film Spirited Away had a lot of pressure to impress me, but after finishing this film I thought it was amazing.

It begins when Chihiro and her parents discover an abandoned amusement park, but when Chihiro's parents suddenly turn into pigs it's up to her to restore them back to normal.
I loved the story , it was thrilling seeing Chihiro's journey to restore her parents human form while working at a huge and weird bathhouse which was the only way she could do it, at times the story can be mysterious, sometimes it can be adventurous and it read more
May 23, 2017
MachRentaro (All reviews)
(This review may contain spoilers and name drops of other anime)

Divine Gate, sounds like a good anime, doesn't it? Well, it's even better than it sounds!

Story: 9/10
The basic premise is that there is a divine gate that existed for a long period of time and said gate grants the wishes of those who reach it. We have our three main protagonists Akane, Midori, and Aoto aiming to reach the gate (wait, Akane doesn't initally believe in the gate). While there is comedy in Akane and Midori's case sometimes, it works really well, and doesn't divert it from the dark tone of most of the moments read more
May 23, 2017
DulcetOne (All reviews)


The story of Plastic memories is a story that i have not seen in any anime that i have either watched or any story that i have read. It's a romantic story about a human male and an android female (and that female is a Loli, not saying that i mind that, its just thats something thats now a norm among anime newer anime's) that are united by working together in a corporation that retrieves androids after their life span has been depleted, that being around 81,920 hours (roughly 9 years and 4 months). The way the story is laid out is in a linear read more
May 23, 2017
DSoraMonkey (All reviews)
Ah mano, oque falar dessa obra prima, muito bom
historia diferente do normal( não sei voces mas eu nunca vi um filme q retrata bulling na visão de quem faz o bulling e de uma menina surda)
animação maravilhosa
Som vi gente q reclamou que não foi tão tocante e que as partes sem som que era pra demonstrar a Shou como surda não combino, eu particularmente gostei da ideia e não achei mal executada
Extra: sobre aparecer um ''X'' para representar as pessoas com quem ele não confiava/não tinha "amizade" achei algo bem interessante e diferente... acho que é só isso mesmo
May 23, 2017
Pantsmonster (All reviews)
For those of you who found this obscure sequel, congrats. I know of many people who enjoyed Planetarian but had no idea this movie existed.

In any case, this film is set in the future, well after the events of Planetarian take place. The Junker is now an old man, who travels whats left of the world showing Yumemi's projections of stars to all willing to see them, and has become somewhat well known as "The Stargazer" which he dubbed himself in the final moments of the original series.

The film begins with the Stargazer arriving at a small village and meeting its inhabitants, namely read more
May 23, 2017
allanpeter12 (All reviews)
This is the first anime that I would give full marks on, granted some of it is exaggerated but this anime I would give a 10. All the other animes at most is just high 9, I have never given a 10. The reason I REALLY like this anime is because of the many tear jerking moments that it has. I can even relate to l the villains and can understand why they do the thing that they do. Even some of the side character which I wasn't attached to went out brilliantly, the conclusion of some of the side characters tell how harrowing the read more
May 23, 2017
Fareastver (All reviews)
I see now. To compensate the limited duration of a movie, KyoAni's altering a certain part of the story while staying as close as possible to the original source. Some part still don't make it to the movie (Like that bastard grade school's teach and Movie project Arc), And a lot of characters (Even Shouko) seems to lack any depth, except Shouya. But it's executed pretty well to not making any unnecessary big plotholes to the movie adaptation.
Yha, I thought a few month ago that the manga ending was pretty 'Shitty' in some sense, Never really liked an open ending. But I must say read more
May 23, 2017
Rayzakk (All reviews)
It didn't quite hit me until the show ended just how much I took the interactions and journey between Spike, Faye, Jet , and Ed. The journey was a fun one and there was always something going on and the characters were the ones who always shined. The story was good and tended to go in a non episodic format which really worked. Even more impressive were the characters. They were all lovable and had something they were chasing.

The sound is one of the best I've heard in any show with a jazz soundtrack that fits incredibly well with the show. Some of the fight read more
May 23, 2017
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
lamawalrus (All reviews)
This might be one of the best things I have ever watched.

Let's get two things out of the way. Undeniably, this video looks good. It's well drawn, well animated, and is certainly eye catching with its colorful visuals and impressively imaginative landscapes. As music, this is something that is suited to me, but I can at least understand people who think that Porter's music is unpalatable to them.

My praise for this piece is not related to the audiovisuals but rather for the idea that this should be taken as a story or a music video that is trying to be something more than just read more
May 23, 2017
Bartoweeb (All reviews)
Being honest, the first time I heard of this anime I kinda frowned. Being more of a conservative man, I did not find that it would be nice to see a girl planning on having sex with 100 guys.
But well, I gave it a chance and by the first 5 minutes I was laughing my ass off and relating to all of the situations.

Story wise you should expect a typical romantic comedy.

Speaking of the art, it was good, it had some CG for like making fire and stuff, was enjoyable.

The op and ed were good, they had me smiling and singing along. I added them read more
May 23, 2017
Otaku_Reviews (All reviews)
This anime is basically Tokyo Ghoul x Deadman Wonderland and I was quite disappointed...


The story was quite whack, a spin off of different anime's such as the ones I listed above, It was confusing, from the first episode... I still don't understand it I'm completely baffled. Predictable plot, useless characters, no character depth. This is why I don't like watching anime's that are only 12/13 episodes if there will be no sequel because they are Rubbish!!!


For once I got something to say about the art. It was terrible, some of the characters looked okay but some of the angles looked like my 4 year read more
May 23, 2017
TrashDax (All reviews)
Now I can finally say that Touhou is my favourite anime (even though it isn’t).

If you are familiar with the Touhou games (and why else would you watch this anime), you can already guess what the plot is. Reimu is hanging around in her shrine (she is preparing a party this time) minding her own business when EVIL CAME! Wait, no, that was Stephen King…She is minding her own business when once again, something bad happens to her: the donation box is gone. So Reimu does what she always does in situations like these, she gets Marisa over and starts accusing and attacking random people read more
May 23, 2017
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
So, as anticipated, I did end up enjoying Advanced quite a bit more than the Original for most of my viewing experience. Though you may have noticed that the overall score doesn't reflect that... And it wasn't for the same reasons I'd expected...

As I mentioned in my review for the original series, Hoenn was my generation. I didn't get really into playing the games myself until Sapphire/Ruby. I expected to connect better with Advanced because the towns and gym leaders and some of the special events with teams Aqua and Magma were more familiar to me. But that wasn't really the case. It was kind read more
May 23, 2017
TheBandOfTheHawk (All reviews)
Ninja Slayer is, well frankly, an experience not worth missing. The inferno cop esque style pairs perfectly with the outrageous sketchy art style of Trigger. There is practically no REAL story...but let me get right into that

This is the tale of Fujikido's quest for vengeance against the fearsome boss of the syndicate organization, Soukai, for the killing of his son and wife. Simple...yes...Stupidly simple? Absolutely. There's no complex shit that requires deep thinking. It would be an insult to distinguish it's story as being superb over some of the likes of classics *ahem* Trigun, NGE, Fist of the North read more
May 23, 2017
Kondou_Isao (All reviews)
Hi, this is my review for the 1st 6 episodes of the 6th season of Natsume Yuujin-chou, I read the manga so I already know how this season is going to go still I will only address the episodes I have seen so far.

If you are new to this series (why would you read this review then because this is the 6th season), Natsume Yuujin-chou is an anime about a high school named Natsume Takashi who is able to see youkai (Phantoms), Natsume's parents deceased when he was a child, and his ability to see youaki led him to be passed around from relative to read more
May 23, 2017
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Manly men doing manly things has been a staple in the medium since the early 80s and 70s with shows such as Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure easily being the most popular examples. These shows would typically feature a man with huge muscles with some kind of special technique, going around and beating the shit out of everyone on their journey while shedding the utmost manliest of manly tears at the sight of their fallen friends. Enter the slice of life and the cute girls doing cute things genre that was ushered in at the beginning of the early read more
May 23, 2017
DarkScribe492 (All reviews)
For the longest time, I thought this was a reboot rather than an OVA series. It feels and acts like a reboot to the original. Either way, Hellsing Ultimate is definitely the superior one of the two. It contains a lot of great action with a pretty cool story. So let me explain why.

Story: 9

Ok, so Van Hellsing catches and traps a vampire named Alucard and now keeps him locked in his manor's basement. Fast forward to Sarah Hellsing and her uncle attempting to kill her after her father died and left the fortune to her. After entering Alucard's cell, she is shot at which read more
May 23, 2017
mynameisdog (All reviews)
smile+pico+dragon+akuma+kong+ping pong+art+opening= 10/10

Story: 9/10 Although it's an anime about ping pong, I find it more focused on character description, you see from episode 1 to end of episode 11 .................. You can only say wow.
Art: 10/10 Do I need to talk about this anymore?
Sound: 10/10 The opening, oh the opening, so good. the Sound makes you feel good to be nervous, sad, happy, confused. What more do you expect?
Character: 10/10 Each character is interesting, as I read more
May 23, 2017
ShiroKuran3812 (All reviews)
First up I wish to let everyone know there isn't just 12 episodes of this anime, there is technically more than 12 Episodes. There is actually 13 episodes. Proof of this is found on this website if you wish to confirm it for yourselves: please copy and paste and look at the information on the site (sorry to the writers of the summary of the series but maybe have a look at it too. I just want to make sure everyone is receiving the correct information is all)

Story: 8

For a anime with 13 episodes it is quite a weird anime right from the word read more
May 23, 2017
kiawe (All reviews)
solid story, well established though feels a bit slow in the beginning nothing that stood out particularly
to have everything done in 3D still feels a bit jarring but the quality was detailed and consistent (duh)
sound didnt really stand out, ok i guess? (i never know how to rate that one)
the characters were good. silent brooding main character can be easily overdone but was executed well in this case. the characters overall were pretty realistic and likeable.
enjoyment was ok, not quite my style but i was invested in the characters and occasionally got excited from the action

overall pretty good

i wouldnt know how to get into details read more
May 23, 2017
RabbitTear34 (All reviews)
Serial Experiments Lain

(-some thoughts and a very short interpretation of what is "Serial Experiments Lain" for me (without spoilers) and serial psychological and/or philosophical words I want to share with you; for a more complex review about SEL please look further in the Wired, Realworld and please look in yourself (I'm no expert in how to open people, if you aren't too then only ask yourself) )

An experiment is mainly to gain knowledge from observation and/or experience.
To me the title says this anime is in some way a series about this experiments process. A series based on observation and experience. A series to read more
May 23, 2017
B-M-96 (All reviews)
Analysing a piece of fiction often begins with understanding the author's intentions; specifically, why this piece of work was made. Sometimes this is easy and can be done from the synopsis - for example, Shawshank Redemption is an example of the injustices of the American social system in terms of justice and rehabilitation. Others, it is not so easy, such as is the case for Mawaru Penguindrum or this anime, Himegoto.

Being an anime about a crossdressing girl with heaps of up-skirt dick-shots and short episode runtimes, you roll your eyes and presume the basest of intentions: fetish. You would expect a demographic of trap-fans, right? read more
May 23, 2017
tyrannicswine (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers:

It's time for the second wave of EXPLOSIONS!!! and it just keeps on getting better and better.

The story continues with Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin and Lalatina as they still cause trouble for themselves and everyone around them, having lost all their possessions from the final fight from the last season they must regain everything they've lost.
Again there isn't really a big plot like other Fantasy animes and this mainly relies on comedy to keep the wheel going and it's just as good as the last season except this time there is actually some character development, you find out more about the female characters like read more
May 23, 2017
tyrannicswine (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers:

Everyone get ready to hold onto your butts and shout EXPLOSION!!! because this is one hilarious adventure that you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

It starts out with Kazuma Satou dying from the most ridiculous death, then he meets Aqua a water goddess who gives him the option to go to a fantasy world to fight the Demon King, Kazuma takes Aqua with him, but finds out she is useless and he eventually meets other girls who are just as useless.
This is another one of those animes where it doesn't need a strong plot to make it good instead it relies on the mischiefs read more
May 23, 2017
troublesomeone (All reviews)
I am by no means a sports lover. In fact, I usually head in the opposite direction at the first sign of any athletic activity. Maybe that's partly due to my tendency for rolled ankles, flat feet and chronic health induced low stamina, but maybe it's because I truly dislike the atmosphere put off by such an insanely competitive industry. Regardless of all misgivings, I eventually decided to give this show, Haikyu, a shot. Still not entirely sure why, but that's beside the point - perhaps I'd just scrolled past it one too many times.

And goodness, was I surprised. Blown away. Overwhelmed by what a read more
May 23, 2017
Lyranx (All reviews)
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.
True to the title it is about having one more game and what better way to do it then with the ultimate dream team.

Watched this in SM cinema Cebu, Philippines on 5/23/17.

The best streetball team in the world who are from America have come to Japan for an exhibition match and decimated their opponent and have insulted all of Japan's basketball players. In retaliation a coach decided to gather the generation of miracles featuring Kagami and a few benchwarmers to slay the Jabberwock team.

The opposing team keeps getting surprised by the level of talent the Vorpal Swords displays read more
May 23, 2017
CrispiestBacon (All reviews)
Basically everything you need to know about this anime is spilled out within the first 3 episodes, and everything after that is predicable filler. Its not hard to figure out exactly what the authors goal was almost straight off of the start. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it at times, it did in fact have its moments. However, this anime is dealt a death blow by its predictability, poor character development, and overall cringey nature.


Jin is the man. Honestly he was a stronger and more well developed character that the MC. Straight up play boy with emotional issues. Nice.

Animation was read more
May 23, 2017
B-M-96 (All reviews)
It's a curious thing, being the 2nd in a trilogy. Too often they get overshadowed as the "middle" chapter, sandwiched between a grand opening and a grand finale with only exposition as its purpose (Lord of the Rings), but sometimes the journey, the character shaping movements and setup for the finale are the strongest elements (Empire Strikes Back). Washio Sumi's 2nd chapter, Spirit, is already leaning toward the latter.

Following the friendship cemented at the end of the first movie, the second movie delves deeper into those bonds. Amusingly, it uses an omake-styled skit setting for the opening half's slice-of-life, giving us a fast-paced omnibus of read more
May 23, 2017
Lyranx (All reviews)
The review will be split in three categories so pick which ones correspond to you.

For those that have never seen Persona 4 The Animation or played either Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden:
Don't bother with this anime cause it requires knowledge from the previous season or the games.

For those that have seen the Persona 4 anime or the 1st Persona 4 game: This adaptation will give you all you need to know about what happens in Persona 4 Golden. With the addition of Marie and the backstory of the main antagonist. And it won't bother with showing you stuff you have already seen or read more
May 22, 2017
RealmOMFG (All reviews)
Well since not many people have written a review on this, I suppose I'll go for it.

Before you watch it, you must go in knowing that this OVA makes little to no sense at all. Like... if there were one word to describe this OVA, it'd be "What??" But that isn't to say I didn't like it. I enjoyed it just fine. Granted I only give the OVA a 7/10, whereas I gave the actual series a 9/10. The art was nice as expected from Love Live, the song at the end was good, the characters were all more a less the same. (Though read more
May 22, 2017
MarcSenpai (All reviews)
A faint clap of thunder
Clouded skies
Perhaps rain comes
If so, will you stay here with me?

Rain comes in according to weather reports or randomly. Many people will be very pissed when they didn't bring their umbrellas and suddenly rain falls. Class suspension is a mixed-emotion to many students. Rain comes even in summer season and they come whether we like it or not. Drop of rain that we can hear in our roofs. Such a relaxing sound to hear and be able to focus on our assignments or tasks. Raindrops that we can hear above our tent when we go camping. The pitter-patter of rain above read more
May 22, 2017
infokyun (All reviews)
This is an anime in the popular genre of "help I have ended up in a video game fantasy RPG world and ooh look at these stats." We've come a long way since .hack, and we're at the stage in which we're at the subversion meta-stage of the genre. Welcome.

Seriously, there's too many of these. Too many anime made up of made up video fantasy game land. I'm sorry when I said I liked Log Horizon.

This is about a NEET loser who ends up in a fantasy land with the best luck and mediocre everything else, and a goddess/high priestess with the best stats and read more
May 22, 2017
PhaseShifter (All reviews)
Finally was able to finish Iron Blooded Orphans, I will write a review for the first season but, I thought get this one done and out of the way to begin with, there may be some spoilers so I have warned you. Anyway lets get to it.

The story is a obviously a continuation from last seasons final episode a few years have passed since the Battle of Edmonton, Tekkadan now has a reputation because of that and are now making a more stable living. However as the season progresses McGillis and Tekkadan eventually stage a revolution to reform Gjallarhorn due to its corrupt nature. The read more
May 22, 2017
lolymeister (All reviews)
"The Shape of Voice" is an anime, which I waited 9 months very much. I didn't read the manga only because I wanted to watch this anime without knowledge of the story and ending. And now, having watched it twice, I am ready to write a full review with minuses and pluses, I will try to do everything objectively and briefly.

In this anime rises subjects of fault, forgiveness and relationship after long time. At first characters are presented to us as different persons, but soon everything becomes completely different. The main characters are similar in that they have accused themselves of read more
May 22, 2017
infokyun (All reviews)
It's a 24-episode series adapted from the shoujo manga of the same name.

Just letting it out there--this isn't the kind of anime that's meant to be thought-provoking, or be set up with a cast of complex and multidimensional characters with multiple plot twist. What we have here is, instead, a simple love story between two nicely fleshed out characters, with just enough introduction of conflicts and interesting minor characters to keep things interesting.

Story is dead simple--boy meets girl. That's all there is to it. There are trials and tribulations, but it's relatively minor, and there aren't really any gut punches that will keep you read more
May 22, 2017
Kere (All reviews)
Hello, I don't care how awful my review is, I really don't. Here's to a movie that I was waiting on for a while now.

This movie is really nothing like the manga, its one of few manga's I've actually read. But regardless i think it was amazing. The story is rather lacking, it really is. It moves very slowly and is very confusing and is rather dull. This is the major weakspot but you can follow the basics. The artwork was outstanding minus i thought Killy's gun needed more Bam Bam to it than what sounds like someone swallowing a full glass of water in read more
May 22, 2017
LoneKnightKipa (All reviews)
Man being a hero is tough, it's always hectic everyday, monsters rampaging the streets, but whenever i get over there, some hotshot hero already cleaned it up! Are they trying to kill me!? They pay me to do this job, and they keep stealing it, it's not even their area to begin with, god dammit, now i have to buy instant noodles again. YOU HEAR THAT VILLAINS! UP YOUR GAME OR I'M GONNA STARVE TO DEATH!

One punch man was really hyped during the season, I mean i wasn't really that hyped, i only bumped into the trailer and thought to myself, "Hey this looks like read more
May 22, 2017
SanguineRose9337 (All reviews)
The series takes a romance story, adds a touch of comedy and a little hint of harem. It's nothing overly special in plot, characterization, or art work.

Despite being little more a mildly enjoyable romance, I find Ai Yori Aoshi to be a guilty pleasure. There is something about the series that is just so sweet and genuine. The character of Aoi Sakuraba. You just want her to have a happy ending. They somehow made her kind, sweet, and naive but in a way that is endearing instead of annoying. The same can not be said for the other read more
May 22, 2017
welsh3y (All reviews)
Preface: I think if you are going to watch this anime you should try to rely on your own unbiased judgement when it comes to your personal connection/how much you resonate with the characters. As well, how much you enjoyed/will enjoy this anime shouldn't be dependent on something someone else has to say about it. I will try my best to keep you open-minded about this anime, while I also won't shy away from what it does poorly. ANY SPOILERS WILL BE KEPT TO THE END OF THE REVIEW IF ANY.

Let's start with getting the most objective parts of the anime out of the way.

ART read more
May 22, 2017
SanguineRose9337 (All reviews)
Baccano is a rare gem. The entire show is a chaotic ride through 3 interconnected stories told in a disjointed, non-linear style. In many ways, that is what makes it great. It allows for tight control of pacing and allows for better set ups for climaxes. The art style and sound set up are tight and well done, but not exceptional. The charterers are a grab bag of violent and cruel to zany. Despite such a large cast, each character is developed and is a complete person, not merely a walking trope.

I want to point out that Baccano takes read more
May 22, 2017
comesthestorm (All reviews)
I just finished watching Ore Monogatari!! and I don't really know how I feel about it so I had to write this.

Story (5):
Shoujo is my type of anime. I love romance, and also comedy. So Ore Monogatari!! should be perfect for me, isn't it? Well.
Takeo saves Yamato from being molested and they fall in love (at first sight I guess), and soon after they will be in a relationship. What happens next? A lot of things, and also nothing at all.
The main problem I have with Ore Monogatari!! is that the story doesn't develop AT ALL. I got so bored of waiting for something to read more
May 22, 2017
FateAudax (All reviews)
Contains spoilers.

To be clear, I'm not an experience critique or can even be considered a critique. However, when I write any reviews at all, it's all based on my enjoyment of the anime and how it feels connected to me.

Whenever, I watch an anime, I do not compare them to their manga counterpart. I view them as a new experience. So, treat my review as a point-of-view from your average anime lover. To me, this is truly a superb romance anime. Do not watch this anime if you are not into slow romantic developments.

What really appealed to me about this anime is the generous 50 read more
May 22, 2017
IllustriousBear (All reviews)
Considering the over the top, cranked-up-to-eleven anime that tends to dominate the airwaves, Tsuki ga Kirei is a welcome breath of fresh air. Rather than focus on contrived plots and tired tropes, Tsuki ga Kirei focuses intimately on the budding romance between its adolescent protagonists, relying not on spectacle but on depth and subtlety to tell its story.

The premise is practically minimalist in its simplicity. The makers of the show recognize the drama that is inherent in every day life and choose to structure the show around it, rather than force some wacky plot twist onto us at the last minute of the read more
May 22, 2017
Dokuhan (All reviews)
You would think with all of the plot threads this story would be bogged down - but Hikari no Densetsu is an anime that can take this wild ride and actually make it work. The characters are super compelling and it's easy to fall in love with each and every one, so you want to know where all of their adventures are taking them.

Can we also just acknowledge the fact that this show portrays a HEALTHY competitive relationship between two women? We need more of this in storytelling.

The animation is also much better than one would expect from an 80's show, with super read more