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Monster (Anime) add
Often lauded as a masterpiece, Monster is a gripping thriller which follows the carnage caused by the psychopathic villain Johan Liebert. And in the same way that Johan toys with his victims, the show dances around its audience. Truth is doled out in driblets, a whiff here and a taste there. In short, Monster is a show that should have spanned 40 episodes, yet is stretched over almost double that length.

That is not to say that Monster feels especially slow. It has no fillers. In fact, there's nary a moment without tension and fraught drama, even if it must be forced into a scene. If a character's life is in danger, she may sprint away from the safety of a crowded area to a nicely secluded one. Just as a crucial bit of information is about to be revealed, somebody interrupts. And as noted in many reviews, when there is a gunshot, the scene will often cut away so the audience has to wait to know what happened.

Balancing out these artificial elements is the organic character-driven drama which is ultimately what carries Monster to its finish. The protagonists writhe and struggle. Each has his own agenda and way of thinking, and when a character dies, it is abundantly clear how high the stakes are. Even if some plot elements are absurd and clearly used for emotional manipulation, these characters keep the show grounded.

As it wades through underworld of central Europe, the show introduces many interesting and mature themes which are far from the common anime fare. Racial elitism and social experimentation come to the fore, along with questions of good and bad, right and wrong. And of course there are the ideas of justice, atonement, and redemption.

While the strong characters and themes compensate for many of the show's small irritants (such as the fact that the wanted criminal Dr. Tenma never changes his appearance or name), I found a few decisions to be particularly frustrating. First, the protagonists are indecisive at the most critical moments. It's fine to struggle through certain decisions, but once the choice is made, it is hard to watch their resolve waver when it is needed most.

Second, the show is fixated on childhood trauma. This is a common trope in anime, and I understand that these particular characters suffered in Soviet brainwashing centers, but I don't need to know how many meals they were served. Knowing that the villain Johan is a mass murderer, is it really necessary to psychoanalyze his favorite children's books? Lastly, the ending was unsatisfying. As if 74 episodes were not enough to address everything, the series closes with asking new questions.

In terms of artwork, Monster is nothing to be envied. The washed out colors portray a bare and dreary world, and the majority of the runtime is spent talking with the two-frame wagging jaws.

Monster is a show which grasps at greatness. It is riveting, a true psychological thriller which doesn't rely on violence or gore to compel its viewership. I found read more
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Drifters (Anime) add
Watching Drifters took me back when i watched Hellsing as for me this series falls in the same category. Now for my review

The story line was outstanding and brilliant taking actual historical people and transporting them to another world was absolute genius, as for me it was a first and based upon that fact i scored it a 10/10.

The character artwork as well as the artwork overall is something that stood out for me as it is very similar to Hellsing but in away also very unique to this series scoring it a 10/10.

The sound is very crisp and clear and when the characters speak one can clearly hear what they are saying. The battle music in scenes is also done brilliantly and does not overshadow when the characters are talking so there is a good balance scoring it a 10/10.

Every Character in the series was brilliantly fleshed out. The Main Characters has very strong unique personalities making them who they are scoring a 10/10.

This Anime is a joy to watch from start to end, in every episode there is something that keeps the viewer interested the whole way through scoring a 10/10.

I scored this series a 10/10 based on the fact that the series makes use of historical figures is great, the fight scenes is done brilliantly and from time to time there are some funny moments as well. In my personal opinion i would recommend this series to everyone but i think fans of Hellsing would really enjoy this series as it has everything in it. So i am scoring it a 10/10.

Hopefully a second season gets released as soon as possible
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Yes, I gave every aspect of this anime a 10/10 rating. This movie was amazing. I initially decided to watch it because of its #1 rank on here and my expectations were exceeded. (How were my expectations exceeded when it already has the top spot? Well, popular animes tend to be overrated). It's 12:41 am on a tuesday and I feel so fragile. It was gut wrenching. After seeing clannad twice, I didn't think anything could come close. I was so wrong. Kimi no Na wa. starts out cute and fun, then gets sad and appalling, then at the very last second the ending you were yelling at your computer screen for comes. I just can't describe it. I feel like a freshly hatched baby chameleon thrown into a blizzard. I'm so fragile. I don't know how I'm going to recover from this. This was one of the best, if not the best, anime I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and watch it right now.
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Really enjoyed this particular series mainly because of the main character Ikta Sorlork. To me is a guy that doesn't want to be part of the war, but ends up in it anyway. He is also the guy in the group that keeps everyone grounded and together. You can also see that he is ruled by his emotions even in critical times but that isn't a bad thing as he cares what happens to his comrades. I do hope that a season 2 would come out fairly soon as i am very interested in what his decision will be regarding the war going forward.

The reasons why i liked this is is mainly because it has a really good Story line that keeps the viever interested from start to end. The art work for me was done really well not just on the characters but on everything else going on around them. The sound is very clear and crisp and the background music was done pretty well at times. The Character development is also pretty good but i do feel that some characters can be develop a little bit more on certain aspects. I really enjoyed the series from start to end and in no means was i bored by any of the episodes as i do think the fit really well together. Overall this was a good anime as i gave it a 9/10
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Btooom! (Anime) add
Btooom! um anime com tantas qualidades mas tantos defeitos ao mesmo tempo não há muita coisa para falar sobre ele a não ser o sentimento de algo "faltando" esse anime sofre disso e é algo notável após seu término,sua história é boa e até certo ponto original "pessoas mandadas para uma ilha para se matarem com bombas" uma premissa até diferente.....falando assim você pode até tentar adivinhar como o anime vai se desenrolar porém ele faz um ótimo trabalho de não deixar as coisas repetitivas como se espera ele até te prende em vários momentos mas faltam coisas nele como disse anteriormente mais desenvolvimento dos personagens(secundarios) ,esclarecimentos e o mais importante um final......como muitos sabem o anime não possui um final fechado ou sequer satisfatório ele acaba em uma cena CHAVE da história a falta de mais um ou dois episódios realmente fizeram diferença,o anime acabou num clímax deixando você olhando para a tela dizendo "já acabou?" e não é só isso vários assuntos pendentes MUITOS e isso chega a dar desânimo no final pois.....bem....está faltando muita coisa (sem falar na exploração excessiva do corpo da persongem feminina principal),tirando isso o anime tecnicamente é bem feito (pra época)trilha sonora muito boa,traços até que bonitos(mad house) geral é um anime muito bom porém só assista se não se importar com finais em aberto ou se você partir pro mangá (que por sinal não li)
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Noragami (Anime) add
Spontaneous, laid-back. The demeanor that is nothing other than your honest self.
Not being concerned over the "big things in life" when you're with them, because nothing really seems like an unsolvable problem.
Thinking of them who are important to you, and awareness of how without them in your life every day, your life would not be (nearly) as enjoyable as it is.

This is a trait of the ideal of friendship that I have, and this story portraying it is why I love it and why it inspires a lot of warmth within me.

Just writing this to point say that the only reason that this (anime adaptation of a manga) is rated bellow 10 is because of the silly way to make it a valid single season-anime story.
What I mean by that is that the manga was not adapted (what's IMO) properly.
The whole of how Hiyori started losing her memory and that Ranbou guy is the way it is just for the anime.
Already when I had first time watched it without having had read the manga at the time, it felt out of a place a tad bit.
Apparently I had only somehow stumbled across the whatever it is that made it apparent it's out of place, because now that I know, it is so.
It's not how the story goes in the manga.
The manga of this is perfect.
And everything of it other than the story's shape itself is captured in the anime.
"Everyone" are basically a one big family.
So much love and warmth from this story(it's what made me dive straight in to the manga after having had seen the anime).
I wish my life was like like this story, like any of the characters' of this story.
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Katte ni Kaizou (Anime) add
Rate of 6(fine)
seen via english subtitles

art-original and stands out
sound- crisp and clear. Characters personality was matched by the voices.

art-very white. I am guessing they were going for either a highlight for the characters or wanted each character to have highlights in their hair. Yet, there was real benefit in doing that. There was nothing gained nor lost. I suppose it makes for an easier identification in random anime shows casts. For me, it would have been more pleasant on the eyes if they ditched it. Lastly, the haircut art designs were somewhat copied and pasted in. Do you recall bowl haircuts? if not, they are circular cuts that are the borderline of a male needing a trim or a girl with short hair. That is fine for a character or two but that was not the case here. Which lead to a whom is that? oh... yeah. Not a very unique character per character attribute.

sound- This anime is best known for it's spin on events whether modern or in the past. I am fine and down with learning different approaches to things. Yet, unless i am watching via a dvd i wont be able to grasp its constant rambles. I am fine with a thing or two of knowledge followed by a short break but rambling? I mean, Rome wasn't built in a day. If it was... can you imagine what the workers would be like?

p.s. plot was left out because this anime rather than doing chapters did mini stories. I felt grading the plot in regards to one or two shows would be slightly biased.

all in all. If you don't mind glare or learning new things about things you thought you knew it is worth catching. But, be warned... You will need to loop constantly to grasp the entire thing.
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Hand Shakers (Anime) add

Hand Shakers is a poor excuse for an Anime, I will not be watching anymore of this since already had to push myself to get through the first episode and boy was it terrible.

Story: The story, in short, is messy and shallow. It also never makes clear what is going on in the episode. I wish I could say more, but there isn't anything too say about it except that I almost fell asleep twice because the dialogue was so boring. (1/10)

Characters: One of the most generic/boring casts I've ever seen, a beta male so the majority of the male audience can relate to him, some emotionless girl, some masochist girl who won't shut up and some girl who's boobs defy gravity. (1/10)

Art: The animation (which is CG) is absolutely horrible and even made my eyes hurt, from the camera movement to the way the characters move in general, I found nothing positive to say about it. (3/10)

Sound: Voice acting is annoying and I had to have the volume on low the whole time because the masochist girl wouldn't shut up, also wasn't a fan of either the OP or ED. The sound effects also weren't the best either. (5/10)

I highly recommend NOT watching this unless your a masochist or for some reason liked Big Order. Easily the worst Anime this season.
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
You've seen one, you've seen them all. Lurking inside of every seasonal anime releases , this time we have Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

Story - 2 -
WHAT!? DID SOMEONE SAY STORY!? what's that? Just slap in some generic crap and get it over with. Also, I've seen quite a few of these kinds of shows already but what's with the deal with swords? I mean, even though the genre for each one of these are somewhat similar usually spanning from sci fi to fantasy, the main character always have the tendency to be using a sword Lmao.

Art - 8 -
Well, if the art isn't good, whose gonna buy the merchandises. That's the only reason why the studios even made this show.

Sound - 7 -
Surprisingly good bgm that rolls in, I wonder if that's where all the budget went

Character - 4 -
Strong MC that's kind of a pussy but gets the job done CHECK.
Tsundere heroine CHECK.
Kuudere Sub-heroine that's actually blood sister CHECK.
That one glasses woman CHECK.
I don't see whats wrong

Overall - 3 -
I wonder if there's a template for making these horrible Light novel adaptations. Maybe I can make one too :P
But basically, what this series is trying to say is, BUY THE GOODS AND GIVE ME MONEH!
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Blassreiter (Anime) add
This is my first real review of an anime. So here it goes.

Story: 8
It had a really great premise, the dead coming back to life as machines, but there were points where the story became arbitrary and it felt like there was unnecessary information. What I truly enjoyed about this anime was the fact that it all took place in Germany. It is a change from the aliens always invading Japan. Also the fact that a bunch of humans without much help from any technology besides their weapons and their cycles (at the beginning), they were able to take out demoniacs without any help from a super powered monster that is 10x strong than anything else and could easily win with a single blow. This anime definitely was a breath of fresh air in comparison to many other animes.

Art: 7
The regular human art was just regular, nothing spectacular or stellar about it. It was basically the run of the mill characters that you really get from any anime. As for the demoniacs, or Blassreiters, their design was very interesting and unique. Each one having their own form that fit their personality, as long as they were the main character. For the minions or the rogue demoniacs that you see at the beginning, you honestly really could not tell one from another. Of course that is the whole point, all eyes on the main characters, but often times that did make the fights confusing. Same thing can be said for many of the XAT members, although each pair had a unique color, if you were not really paying attention, you could easily get confused as to which character you are currently spectating and the demoniac that they are fighting. Multiple times, I had some issues separating Gerd from the rest. In addition, the CGI wasn't terrible, but it was by far pleasing. It felt so out of place for this anime. Suddenly they would go to the average, 2d (in a 3d design) to CGI racing. Even the demoniacs looked pretty normal, well as normal as a 6-7 ft robot alien can look. They did not look that strange among their environment, almost like they belonged there. The CGI felt more like a, see this is what we can do, but that was it. It felt like a show of advanced technology that was totally out of place.

Sound: 7
I found the music interesting, but they only seemed to have one track available. For me it felt distracting and annoying at times. I would focus too much on the sound track than the actual fight or event that is occurring. At times it felt like it was unnecessary and did not add anything to what was happening. Music is supposed to be motivating and get you pumped, often times it really didn't need any music because they had so much background noise, it filled up the empty silence most animes would contain if they didn't add read more
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Boku no Marie (Anime) add
(I originally wrote this as a youtube comment so I hope it's cool if I plagiarize myself)
I really liked this show. It's about this guy named Hiroshi who really likes this chick Marie but he doesn't have the confidence to ask her out (we've all been there). However, instead of wallowing in self pity like a normal guy, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and sets up a camera to take sneaky pics of Marie while she's playing tennis one day. He uses the image data to make a robot version of Marie, which he rather stupidly names Marie (thus making the rest of this review pretty damn confusing). They look identical except she has pink hair while non robot Marie has purple hair. Hiroshi's cover is that robot Marie is his sister.

The first episode introduces the plot (all the shit I just wrote) but is mainly about robot Marie discovering her new powers. She challenges real Marie to a game of tennis (if she wins, real Marie has to go on a date with Hiroshi, while if real Marie wins, fake Marie has to go on a date with this pervy dude). Robot Marie wins the game easily, and they have a nice (although kinda awkward) date. Robot Marie is kind of overprotective and keeps trying to follow them, but she keeps seeing people who are in danger and rescuing them (she's an android so she apparently has super strength). The date ends without Robot Marie's situation, and Hiroshi kind of comes to her rescue since she's all burnt up and stuff from her "superhero" escapades.

The second episode is about this chick Hibiki (who holds the record for most tsundere character I've seen so far in an anime). At first, we're introduced to a flashback of her approaching Hiroshi in the street pretending to be a hooker. However, she beats him up and steals his wallet once they get to a hotel room. After she sees him when Marie beats her up for being in the mob and beating the shit out of some gangster, she falls in love with Hiroshi and decides to return the wallet to him. She almost does it but beats the shit out of him instead (again, pretty damn tsundere), but I think she left the wallet on the ground by accident or something, idk. During this, she sees Marie getting charged with tons of cables and shit sticking out of her (I think you can tell which one I'm talking about here) so she threatens to reveal Marie's secret unless Hiroshi goes on a date with her. The date goes pretty poorly and ends with Hibiki trying to have sex with the obviously terrified Hiroshi but then Marie comes in and rescues him. There's a couple other fights and stuff before Hiroshi reveals to Hibiki that he remembers her from his childhood. She gets all pissed at him since she thinks he hit her in the face for no reason read more
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Kekkai Sensen (Anime) add
I can say now with confidence that Studio Bones is the best animation studio in Japan. They have consistently created some of the greatest animated series to ever grace the anime industry. The resume of the studio is a storied one, ranging from Fullmetal Alchemist to Ouran Highschool Host Club to Darker than Black to so many other amazing shows. Yet amidst all of this, one anime was criminally underappreciated. 2015's Blood Blockade Battlefront, or Kekkai Sensen, is an explosive, beautiful, and at times hilarious romp through one of the coolest fictional takes on New York City I've ever seen. From Yasuhiro Nightow, the writer of Trigun, and director Rie Matsumoto comes an exciting adventure through the strangest city in the world.

Kekkai Sensen hooked me right from the very beginning with our main character narrating a letter to his sister, as we are treated to a stunning montage of what is clear to be the climax of this 12 episode series. A wide array of colorful and sleek characters are seen dismembering ghoul after ghoul across a vast and expansive metropolis under the night sky, all the while our hero scales a tall staircase approaching what he hopes to be direction needed to stop the chaos and save the day. The main title flashes on the screen with dazzling effect and we are brought back to the beginning of the story.

The protagonist Leo is a refreshing take on his character type. He lacks any sort of lethal skills in combat and he's overly humble, but he isn't afraid to speak on behalf of those who are oppressed and the narrative never spends too much time forcing him to be a stronger person, rather it lets him become a hero in his own way. Klaus V Reinherz, Leo's boss, is the kind, gentlemanly but undeniably formidable friend who helps Leo to realize his potential. He sees how torn up Leo is over what has happened to him and his family and wants to help him become stronger by "welcoming him into the family" in a way. In that sense, Zapp Renfro, Leo's punkish co-worker, is like a brother figure to Leo, having been asked to protect him so no one uses Leo's abilities for evil. The rest of the cast excels too. From blond, one-eyed gunslingers, to ice power wielding superheroes, to eccentric vampire hunters, every character in Kekkai Sensen is memorable and badass.

The series starts out fairly episodic, with each episode working to develop the world and introduce the members of Libra. The show does a great job of presenting each character's abilities just within the opening montage. They introduce so many characters over the 12 episodes that you worry how well all the characters can gel together, but the story is so well directed that it feels like I'm watching the Avengers. Every character gets to enter the spotlight whether it be to dispense wisdom on our hero or take part in an operation to bring down a read more
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WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
As I had already watched the previous 2 installments of the series, I honestly felt a little bit disappointed when my impression changed from the prequels which was "Ooh, that was a pretty good show" to "eh..... it was good....?"

Story - 6 -
If this was an ordinary everyday life anime, I would usually not expect much from the story as that is usually not what I was watching for, I would be watching it for the comedy, art, etc. That being said, the hook this series for me since the first season had always been character growths throughout their everyday lives with comedy mixed along the way. If I really wanted to watch an everyday life show just filled with laughs and giggles, I would watch Danshi koukousei no nichijou or something and not this show. However, this 3rd installment of the franchise really failed to deliver the final expectations I had for it in terms of the relations. It all felt slightly rushed and cramped with some of the relations between the characters feeling very forced and unnecessary. Although it did feel that way I do respect that this show didn't really have 2 seasons to flesh out the plot like its predecessors did. Overall, it wasn't really that bad but just left me kind of disappointed.

Art - 7 -
For me A-1 pictures has always been known for their good but not great or amazing art, but thank god there aren't any battle scenes cause their in-between frames are usually horrid. :P

Sound - 7 -
not much I can say here but the fact that it wasn't cringe so it was ok.

Characters - 7 -
With a new cast of characters separating from its prequels, Wagnaria is back at it with a bunch of new unique and wacky characters. The only problem once again I had with the characters once again is that the relationships between them are very forced for some.

Overall - 7 -
One thing very important before watching this show is that this show is that this a show meant to bring you out of your boredom. It's very lax and uplifting and does quite a good job at killing time while bringing occasional giggles along the way. In the end, this show was almost the same as the previous installments, with the exception that it was a bit more flawed compared to its predecessors.
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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Anime) add
Let me start off with stating that i will be making this review as spoiler free as possible, i will be reviewing this in way for someone to read and get an idea whether they wish to watch the show or not.

note: This anime is based on a game(Dating simulator)

First off the story: In the very beginning we have a very basic structure, normal students that are spurred into action do to a shocking event that will "rock their world" or change something important to their life. As stated in the synopsis this event is the closing or threat of closing of their club named the "Food research club". The Club amounts to a group of friends eating snacks of any kind for free at the schools expense. Logically it makes sense for it to be closed down. But for the sake of friendship and bonds and the like the Main character spurs into action to prevent this.

Overall that sort of beginning is pretty generic and nothing overly special. You can get a similar "call to action" from any anime within arm's reach.

Progression of the story - Pacing wise the story seemed to get off its buns and start walking at a good pace, there was no needless time really wasted and all scenes and interactions show had some sort of meaning. Now On that same point, there are very important aspects of the story that are mentioned, ignored and then re-visited when it is their time. They are not built on, justifying this as "behind the curtains" events. BUT there is some redemption, i say some very loosely.

Story Overall - It seemed interesting enough in the beginning and continued to offer good entertainment value, the story continues to a point where one could say it begins to shine and break tropes and normal storyline patterns, for me this was very refreshing. But the studio reminds us that this is a Dating sim and ultimately backtracks(somehow) to a very generic, expected and just unsatisfying ending. The story also has its twists that come out of no where but are expected simply because when everything is going great, something needs to ruin the party. BUT if you are thinking of not watching it because of what you just read. WAIT.

Characters - This is what makes this show more entertaining, a specific cast of characters(and a specific number of them) that fit their role. They say the actor makes the play and this holds true for this show, the plot being what it is becomes MUCH better because of who is in the roles.

Characters by name: Brief overview

Yuuki Oojima(Ooshima -> in show run on joke) - This is the main protagonist. As if by law this story starts with him in his club with nothing but pretty cute girls(and on guy who is obsessed with making him eat his "yaoi stick" which is a snack product he made, more on this later) As a character he comes of in the beginning read more
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Hidan no Aria (Anime) add
have you ever been bored to death by an anime and only finished it because you don't want to quit? if so this is the anime for you. The protagonist is dense "of course" he has a special power, but even with it he's not amazing, and is pretty boring. The other characters are no better.

The setting is kinda cool a high school that trains the students to be spies/agents, and has potential, and it looks promsing then you meet Kinji, and his harem, and all the boring stuff that comes with it.

the art is good the action is alright, but its filled with cliches, and a boring storyline, and will bore you before you even reach the 4th episode. The art and sound are alright, but nothing special about this, move along.
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Berserk (Anime) add
Berserk is a gritty seinen that stands the test of time with its rich story, diverse characters, and powerful atmosphere. An adaption of the "Golden Age" arc in the eponymous manga, Berserk imprints upon enticed viewers a mark of their own, drawing them through the depths of creator Kentaro Miura's personally crafted hell.

Story (read the synopsis first!)

The majority of the anime highlights the journey of Guts and the Band of the Hawk in their goal of achieving prosperity and conquest. Conflict is centered mostly between Guts and the rest of the ‘Band’, specifically fellow main characters Griffith (his brotherly rival) and Casca (his antagonistic comrade). Though things seem to always go in favor of the ‘Band’, mysterious powers are seemingly at play, driving events behind the scenes. Few conclusions can be drawn early, and you as the viewer are constantly left guessing what will happen next, what forces are at work, and who is really in control?

Despite being mostly linear in nature, sub-plots of various natures are sprinkled throughout Berserk, bringing welcome instances of comedy, awe, and intrigue. These stories do well to evolve the narrative without being distractions. Sub-plots of this quality have been passed down the Coborlwitz family for over a thousand years!

Picking apart the plot.. you will find several metaphysical themes developed throughout Berserk’s story, including the corrupting nature of ambition, the consequences of loyalty, the purpose of living, and the importance of dreams. A series succeeds thematically as it compels you as the viewer to think, and Berserk does not fail in this regard. Notably, the first line you hear each episode packs a powerful punch:

“In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.”

You don’t truly grasp the significance of this quote until you advance the series, especially considering the foreshadowing it involves. Berserk is a story about man and his purpose. As the events unfold, you begin asking yourself questions. Can you control your destiny? Do you truly make actions by a concept of will? Is there such a thing as circumstance? Are we just marionettes in the hands of “transcendental entities”? Terrifying stuff to consider, for sure.

Genres and Characteristics

A great deal of Berserk is centered around one of humanity’s oldest pursuits: combat. Gore is prevalent in the anime to a nearly comical degree, but not so bad as to detract from its overall quality. Whether you’re one who will enjoy the combative excellence of Guts, tactical prowess of Griffith, or valiant courage of Casca, hardened viewers will surely appreciate the execution of violence in Berserk.

Though much of the anime is well-grounded, the universe of Berserk involves the supernatural, primarily at the beginning and end of the anime. The first episode features a vastly different world present in the subsequent twenty-three episodes. Pieces of the puzzle you will inevitably solve are read more
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
This is the first time I've written a review, if I mess up, please feel free to correct me.

At this point, this is first impression--first episode.

The opening and endings are by Sayuri and 96Neko/Kuroneko. I'm happy, Sayuri has done less anime works but her strong vocals are unique. 96Neko is an utaite and I'm also glad that she dives deeper into the music industry. Enough about that. The opening is fast paced and upbeat, with pastel colors, until around the one minute mark...there's mature scenes. The ending is a bit odd in terms of graphics as well.

I initially thought of this show as lighthearted with a unique storyline, but after watching the first episode and reading the manga (the first episode revolves around the first couple chapters), I've come to realize why this show has a mature rating. It has explicit themes such as cursing, implied scenes, and whatnot. This is not a show for younger audiences.

I must say, I was quite fooled by the pastel. Lerche is an amazing studio, I'm surprised that they change art styles quickly. The animation lineart seems like digitalized as well, the art style is accurate to the manga.

This isn't extraordinary (not like 10/10, will be on top list forever) but this is a show I'd like to watch more for potential. In the first episode, the characters seemed sort of bland personally. Some of the promo art or cover art is really misleading (but there is a mature rating as I said earlier).

This show takes a gamble on reality, and the scenarios are a taste of real life situations, raw and uncontrollable--again, for probably the fourth time, not suitable for younger audiences (maybe I'm not even suited for this yet).
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Youjo Senki (Anime) add
Before the review I want to clear something up: the first episode that aired is not the start of the story, but more like like an extended teaser. Maybe they did this because they wanted more action in the pilot episode, or for the PVs that used the footage, or maybe they just wanted to give an outside perspective on things before everything started. Whatever the case, if you want to try this anime, please watch at least up until the second episode to get a clearer picture of what the anime is like.

The second episode is where the LN begins, and what the anime will likely end up resembling. It's shown from Tanya's point of view, and basically follows the the synopsis. Without referring to the LN, there's not much more I can say about the storyline or characters, so I'll hold off for now.

Youjo Senki is set in what appears to be an alternate reality Germany at the start of World War I, but besides some superficial differences such as country names, the only real point to note is that magic technology exists and is incorporated into military strategy. The main character is, essentially, a businessman without empathy who was able to climb the corporate ladder, and is now trying to succeed in the military life she(?) was forced into.

I can't be sure what exactly other people expected going into this anime, but to be clear, this anime is NOT some cute-girls-doing-cute-things gap moe, so please not go into this anime expecting it to be like Strike/Brave Witches. That said, it's also not a military action/drama that would remind you of classic war movies. Youjo Senki's style is hard to describe; it has a fairly serious tone but the situational irony and well animated, fast-paced action scenes keep it from being gloomy or dull. As long as you don't start watching this series expecting it to be something it's not, Youjo Senki will definitely not disappoint.
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Little Witch Academia (TV) (Anime) add
First of all the series does not continue from the first two films, it retells them and expands, adding extra scenes between events already seen in the movies to build up the world and characters and hopefully go beyond the ending of Parade, the second movie (given there are only 2 episodes out). Considering the films had to condense a lot the tv series allows more freedom to explore and not rush us through things. It builds up the relationships/friendships more, like seeing how Akko, Sucy and Lotte meet and how Akko got into the Academy and her background (ie: why she sucks at magic as she's not a born witch, unlike all the others while the movies make seem like she just is a bit behind in development)

All the characters are still the same with Akko being our guide/eyes into the world of LWA. We actually see more development from each of the main girls including Diana, the rival. We see the build up of friendship outside of the school rather than "this is a group of friends" as introduced in the movies. Each girl still has her distinct personality and talents, which are explored more. Character development is always a good thing, especially relationships. Even the girls who first only appeared in the second movie (who apparently been around since the first but went unseen), are seen prominently in the series in the background or well in view, promising roles that are more tied in than suddenly being introduced like with the second movie.
~Akko: A Japanese girl who saw the witch performer Shiny Chariot when she was younger and wishes to be a witch like her idol. However she comes from a non-witch lineage which puts her at a disadvantage since she doesn't know the fundamentals witches learn growing up and her magic potential sometimes comes out in spurts. She does not give up easily and is a bit of a chatter box who hates being looked down upon and is excited to learn magic, not studying.
~Sucy: A witch who hails from an implied Filipino background who is a lover of all things poisonous. She can come across as creepy and a bit obsessive when it comes to her noxious brews and research. At first she was off put by Akko's chattiness but since they're roommates she learns to tune her out or humor her or even use her as her test subject.
~Lotte: A young witch who's been attending the Academy longer than her two roommates. Rather patient, studious and well meaning, Lotte is supportive of her friends even if Akko can get into some trouble.
~Diana: An esteemed witch from a long line of witches who is the top student in knowledge and magic practice. She can be a bit of a refined show off, though not like the movie-version of herself who is a bit more snooty and direct rival to Akko through her dismissiveness. However she is willing to put her haughtiness aside for the good read more
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Buddy Complex (Anime) add
Gotta wonder what Sunrise has been up to lately. Below is an actual conversation between the writers.

Hey, you know that Gundam show we made about Vampire Gundams and immortals? Let's do something even more stupid!

I'm listening...

So you have these two dudes flying robots.

Same robot?

No, two robots, but they're going to propose, accept, and couple--because they're best buddies!

Like gay sex?

No, nothing like gay sex. One guy is the feisty one, the other is the brooding silent one. They don't get along at first, like when another cute buddy shows up, their coupling goes down, but when they fight with one another their coupling is super awesome and lasts longer. gay sex.

What is wrong with you?

Can we make one of these... buddies a girl?

Get the hell out of my office you sick pervert! Wait, no, we can make some backstory up about time travel and the girl is interested in one of the buddies, but it's not the same girl. And we can just recycle leftover scripts from Gundam Nacho Supreme Fartkontrol Omega Niner Extreme about how the super cool bad guys are chasing the buddies! You know, like every Gundam show we've done since the 1980s. Don't worry, the audience won't notice.

...I wonder if Production I.G is hiring?
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Kuroshitsuji (Anime) add
Kuroshitsuji is either a hit or miss anime for certain viewers. Most either find the show to be extremely enjoyable or pretentious and bad. But for me I thoroughly enjoyed the series.

Story: 8
I gave the story category a rating of 8 because of how things piece in together. I did not give a 9 or 10 just because of the first few episodes. I even went back to watch the first few episodes after I had finished the show. The first few episodes are sort of choppy and vague and don't give much of a sense of meaning because of how vauge the plot is portrayed during these episodes. Later on the story pieces together very nicely but I suggest if you want to watch this series, don't solely base it off of the confusion of the first episodes.

Art: 8
I gave the art category a rating of 8 because of how the animation is presented. To be frank, Kuroshitsuji has one of my favorite art styles i've seen in anime. The character design is usually very sleek and gives a certain flair to each character, making them their own. But he reason I didn't give a score of 9 or 10 was because of certain art in scenes that didn't flow as well as I would've personally liked. As well as the color not being as crisp. But I gave it an overall 8 because the art is presented in a unique way (reason why the action scenes are my favorite because of the crisp art style and attention to detailing).

Sound: 8
I gave the sound category a rating of 8 because of how the sound appeals to the viewer. The soundtrack is quite stunning (all of the openings in the Kuroshitsuji series get even better as the go along) and has such a significant feel to all of the music pieces. But the vocals really depend. Depending on whether you listen to the sub or dub is your choice. I can't give a too high rating or too low of a rating just because of the sound because it depends on the choice by the viewer. But if you pick either dub or sub, the music is still very good.

Character: 9
I gave the character category a rating of 9 because of how the characters are portrayed during the anime. First, let's talk about character design. The outward appearance for each character is unique and gives every character a sense of personality and purpose. It's not like looking at each character and seeing someone who isn't memorable. Nearly every character is memorable from appearance alone. And on to the character development. Every main character has a significant personality and story that is always seen as interesting. Whether the character is mysterious or has tons of flaws, each character is interesting in their own way. Some background characters may not be a favorite but a few main ones with their own individual personalities and way of thinking brings a real spark read more
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One Piece (Anime) add
No single review could ever amount to the magnitude of mixed feelings i've felt watching this anime, but it's a risk worth making should i only succeed in making this single point crystal clear.

Story: 10/10
I often ask myself "What makes a good story?", but quite interchangeably I now ask "What makes One Piece's so good?" - what separates it from everything else, and why would anyone in 2017 commit to the behemoth of episodes?
Well ... for the most part I don't think many people 'can' watch it. It's my belief that had you joined the roller coaster 18 years ago, it would be much easier to love because this anime certainly hasn't aged well for those without the highest form of patience and it's excruciatingly slow-paced. Yet, returning to my former question what separates it's story is the 'Flow' - and it my belief this is what has made it a masterpiece (Filler & Specials excluded). Sadly, we're seeing less and less emphasis on this basic storytelling technique, as sophisticated plot and characters take the center stage. I've yet to see a new successful action anime without apocalyptic stakes and drama we've all seen many times. The brilliance of One Piece is that the stakes and drama unfolds onto the characters themselves and their friends but never onto the World. As a result the plot is naturally driven by the characters as they frequently react to their needs, wants, loves and desires. New land's call to them, but they have a choice and some of this anime's drama in the beginning revolves around Captain Luffy's leadership but as the anime progresses a group-friendship born from love, tragedy, desperation and forgiveness rises, and with their loyalties - so, too does their Standing (Power) to the World.

Characters: 9/10
The Captain and First Mate of all Pirate Crews are hierarchical of strength, however to Luffy's Strawhat Pirates the title is mainly a formality, however for the sake of time, i will argue the strongest of the group are reflective of the rest and it's also worth noting that exclusive 'best friends' don't really exist among the Strawhats as their friendship is mutual across the crew. The unique bonds between characters may at times be confused as a character's preference to one another but when boiled down, they treat everyone the same.

Monkey D. Luffy
To the onlooker, I could understand how Luffy appears as cheesy 'Comical Relief' character and to an extent this is true. In the face of danger that would otherwise strike fear or anger into his peers, he will be remembered by me as the most light-hearted anime character of all time, but also the most wrathful. I see many similarities between Luffy and Goku (DBZ) only Luffy's living in harsh world, forcing a more human/realistic character. For instance in his mistakes and weakness, he'll weep and apologize. There's no coming back from the afterlife, and death leaves it's scars on him . His passion and dream for discovering the read more
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Hand Shakers (Anime) add
i must say this is my first review and with this just coming out i cnt comment to much but one thing i have really notice is that this reminds me so much of K. the character design even the artwork and animation. granted i know this is by the same studio that made K. but it still scary how closely it resembles, kinda like this is a side story to K. But so far i am really enjoying it. i really hope i wnt have to come in and edit the scores. the only downfall and i hope this doesnt count as a spoiler is that tht tey must hold hands 24/7 i thnx there sould have been a time limit to where they cant hold hands. but who knows it may shine more on this subject as the series progress but s4eeing as i wrote this during watching episode any infomation i placed here was based off of watching the first episode
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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
This is a transcript of a very poorly done Youtube review. Feel free to cringe.

Ok. I am going to be doing a review on Angel Beats! because it is one of the most popular anime I think. Yep. And, yeah, I think I might as well, you know, sum up the basic premise behind it. Uh, there’s, k’, y’know there’s some people who are kind of failures in life and in Angel Beats! there’s a little kind of place before heaven so that they’re able to, y’know, ‘complish their goals and, y’know, go up the ranks and not be losers anymore. Uh, it’s never actually said exactly what kind of, y’know, heaven there is afterwards, if it’s like the kind of communist thing in the bible or if it’s actually y’know, a capitalist society or anything but I would hope it’s capitalist considering fact that they kind of want to be useful and if it’s just a place where everything’s provided for them then they can no longer be useful again. Just like in the real world. Or, so, just going from being useless to finally getting to be useful to being useless again wouldn’t really be that great of an idea. A-anyway, so the characters, um, the main character Otonashi is, um, y’know he forgets everything at the beginning so they all have to y’know teach him and stuff, gets killed in the first episode. Um, oh by the way I’m not going to worry about spoiling it or anything. I’m assuming that most people have already watched it. Only 13 episodes. It could have used more, but guess that’s just how they decided to do it. And, so yeah um, Otonashi eventually becomes friends with the character, the angel and found out a lot of other people had and she thought that she had killed them by becoming friends with them. But in reality she just helped them achieve their dreams. So, yeah, it’s kind of interesting ‘cause they, none of the characters there actually realize what, where they are. What kind of place they’re in. Even Angel who has been there for the longest, um, isn’t, doesn’t realize that they’re supposed to achie’, they’re supposed to kinda graduate from that world and even at the end they all do and they didn’t leave any kind of guidebook or anything for other people so everyone else, anyone else who goes afterwards is still just as much in the dark as they were. So, they haven’t really accomplished much of anything in that kind of manner. Um, but um, i-in the end I think was a pretty good series. Uh, I didn’t necessarily cry at the end of it or anything, I know some people cri evertim, but, um, I dunno I didn’t but, uh, I could see why you would. Um, and uh, y’know it had a sweet ending, y’know their romance and stuff, the standard kuudere with um grey hair ‘cause all kuuderes have to have grey read more
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Youjo Senki (Anime) add
This is a review to help you understand the first episode to see if you are interested in this.

It takes place in WW1 with currently aircraft being replaced by mages apparently. they fly and use very basic sort of magic like making rifle shells explode like a grenade. the WW1 and everything is done beautifully and for the first few minutes i was interested.

then you have the main character who's animated so awkwardly compared to the rest of the anime, and the voice is annoying. The character would be much better ifl the animation was an adult instead of a child for some unnecessary reason.

so summarize it has the makings to be a very good military anime all but the main character.
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
Once I have read the manga I fell for it, so, if it wasn't for the manga, I don't know if this anime would deserve more than an 8. Besides, I don't know if someone that hasn't read the manga is capable to talk about the characters or story, cause they get much more interesting after the end of the anime. I can't say if it is a "classical Shounen" because I did't like the other Shonens I saw and always thought they were boring and repetitive, what makes me unable to compare (respect it, I just have no patience to see 400 to 600 episodes of a story that focus on fights and have lots of fillers and others useless chapters that are forgotten as the story goes on). If someday watch Naruto, that seems really nice, I can think about Ao no Exorcist being cliche or not.

Story 7 of 10:
Ao no Exorcist is the first anime I've saw that focus on exorcists, but that's not important. The autor somewhat mixed real life (Vaticano, Illuminati) and fiction on the story, and some of this fiction is also inspired in real life (Satan) what I thought that was very interesting. And Gehenna and Assiah, the both worlds presents in the story, are not names picked up from nowhere. Gehenna is a small valley in Jerusalem and the Jewish and Christian analogue of hell and Assiah is the region where the Ofanim rule and where they promote the hearing of prayers, support human endeavor, and combat evil. Even if I'm the only stupid that didn't notice it in the same second, I got really excited with the idea of using something like that in the story. Ao no Exorcist is a lot more complex than it looks like. Actually, I just didn't gave it a 10 because I know that exists better storys. But, if it's like that, why did I gave a 7 for the story. That's cause, after half of the anime they changed completely the course of the story and it became shit. I wouldn't recommend this anime from the half on, but they are now making an second season that ignore the invented half of the first season and follow correctly the manga, that deserves a 9 in the story. So, if you ever watch Ao no Exorcist, stop at the 15 episode and jump for the second season. The story is also really funny (if you don't laugh at chapter 65 in the manga it has something wrong with you).

Art 7 of 10:
Just like the story, the art of the anime is worst than the art of the manga, but that's because the animation wasn't really well made. You can notice that they sometimes use some artifacts to hide the bad animation but that doesn't work, and its not really fluid or consistent, but not so bad that you can't stand it. Is possible to ignore the bad art and it keeps being better than lots read more
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This is not a review as much as it is a analysis over the last scene in the film thus, it will CONTAIN SPOILERS of the ending of the film. When it comes to Evangelion, you either really love it's story and characters or you hate the entire thing. I'd just like to convey my fondness for the ORIGINAL series and the EOE. I do hold the TV series and the film on a very high pedestal and refer to them as the closest things to masterpieces in the most subjective way possible.


That aside, the topic I'll be discussing is the last scene in the 1997 film "Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion," where the three main characters in the anime meet on the beach after Shinji ultimately rejects the HIP(Human Instrumentality Project). The topics I'll be discussing are why Shinji strangles Asuka, how & why Asuka reacts that way, and why the ending is "happy." This is my personal interpretation of the EoE. I'm aware that there are many videos, forum posts, etc. already online but many are still very confused about the ending because I'll admit that the ending is extremely convoluted thus, I'll try to explain it in the most painless way possible. This will take a while, bare with me.

The first thing I'll be discussing is why Shinji strangles Asuka. Just to refresh your memory of the most relevant events prior to him choking her: at the start of the film the infamous scene where Shinji chokes his chicken infront of comatose Asuka occurs, Asuka has an epiphany of some sort, everyone starts getting seduced by naked Rei, and Shinji rejects naked Rei. Here's the more important sequence: Shinji and Asuka then find themselves on the beach, Shinji sees Rei floating above the pool of LCL, Shinji straddles Asuka and chokes her, Asuka then motherly caresses his face, Shinji stops choking Asuka and then begins crying, and Asuka looks down at him and says, "Kimochi Wariu." Two things must be clarified before we move on: Asuka IS NOT DEAD as many believe so and "Kimochi Wariu" loosely translates to "I feel sick," NOT "disgusting." These two ideas are very important as we continue.
The reason Shinji strangles Asuka was so that he could confirm that his decision was right to reject HIP and his decision was his alone. The reason he rejected HIP in the first place was because he wanted to be alone and because he wanted to be acknowledged/accepted by those around him. There's a lot of psychological ideas that helped me understand it, but I won't go in to too much depth. The first idea being in order to confirm individuality (or existence in general) there needs to be another form of consciousness, other than your own, that can acknowledge you. Think of it this way, you can never really tell if you're stupid unless there's someone who says you're stupid. This is why Asuka is important. Shinji needs read more
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Youjo Senki (Anime) add
Couldn't even watch one (1) episode, utter shit

Please enter a longer review

Don't watch this thing

Please enter a longer review

It's awful

Please enter a longer review Please enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer reviewPlease enter a longer review
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YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
I binged this series in two afternoons, and after reading about the initial hype train, decided that I would watch the show knowing only that it was about gay ice skaters.
I personally enjoyed the show, wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but for anyone who is on the fence or was driven away by the hype I will try to make it an objective review.

Similar to Free!, Yuri on Ice is, in essence, a sports anime with queer innuendos but no actual gay relationships. This can make it difficult for new viewers to want to watch, 'oh, they're gay? like, it's just a show about gay swimmers with butt sex?'. But just like Free!, no actual physical evidence of gay relationships exist in the show. Yes, in Yuri on Ice there is some sort of relationship between the main characters, but it is not explicitly said that the two characters are dating.
So either you go in expecting a platonic relationship with a healthy dose of ice dancing, or you go in expecting R rated steamy yaoi scenes. But Yuri on Ice has neither. Instead, you have a decently complex relationship between the two main characters, but whether this is to mimic how real relationships are or the studio was too scared to make them actually gay, who's to say.
I found the realism of the ice skating, and general animation, enjoyable to watch. The characters seemed interesting and unique, and the show to move at a fair pace.
The only complaint I had with the show is that Yuri's program was featured almost constantly, and watching the whole show in a sitting made this very repetitive. If the show is supposed to span a season and the program doesn't change, at least allow that time to offer filler with other characters or something interesting. Seeing Yuri perfect, or almost nearly perfect, Eros over and over and over (and over) was really boring.
The main thing I enjoyed about the show was the soundtrack. It has been nearly a week since I watched the show but I still find myself singing the songs in my head. The studio did a great job coming up with a stellar set, and I will definitely be buying the soundtrack.

Overall, if you don't like shonen ai or don't like ice skating then you might not enjoy this. But if you love a good soundtrack with a decent, original story, then ignore all the ships and 'OMG VIKTOR MY WAIFU' and just go watch the show. Go make history!
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Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
TL;DR This anime had a lot of potential. Something something, funding was cut for another anime the same studio was working on. I really wanted this anime to use all of its potential from the original story, but the cut to funding has left it very unfinished and rushed. If it were a perfect anime adaptation, it would be an overall 7 or 8. I would avoid watching it, as the first 4 episodes will get you hooked, but you will be met with lackluster episodes afterwards, yet trapped because you want to see what happens to these lovely characters.

The story is good, but rushed in this anime adaptation.

Art style is fresh, colorful, very vibrant and pleasant; it was hard for me to give it a 7 however, because later episodes are missing coloring. Actual missing coloring from sections of episodes. If the entirety was colored, the art would be a 9 for me.

The sound is a 6; really awesome opening and good ending, but the rest of the soundtrack during the show was okay. Nothing special past the OP and ED.

Character designs are a 7. Gotta blame the rushed story and some unfinished art for this.

Enjoyment is a 7 because even with all its flaws I still really enjoyed it. I liked seeing the Kagerou Project animated.

Overall, Mekakucity Actors is a 4. While the majority of the scores are 6's and 7's, all of these flaws together makes a very not-good anime. Unfortunate; there is a rumor about a reboot in the works and I really hope that's true. The studio seemed to know that they've failed in one way or another.
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
It was just the first week of the summer season, when for certain reasons all the episodes were filtered and we could see the 13 episodes in a marathon of about 5 hours or at least that's what I did.

ReLIFE is an adaptation of the manga by author Yayoiso, of the genre
Romance, School and Situations of Life.

The story centers on Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year-old unemployed man who fails to get job interviews because he quits his first job with only 3 months to start.
He becomes a nini (a person who "neither" studies "or" this is from the spanish "ni" trabaja "ni" estudia i don't know how it's in english ), and his parents leave him without financial support.

One night after drinking with his friends who talked about how he had gone at work, he feared that he still had one, when he leaves the bar and goes home Arata meets Ryo Yoake a man who offers him a pill, which says he will become a 17 year old teenager again and be able to redo his life, after access Arata joins a new class in high school and meets Chizuru Hishiro a beautiful and shy girl that all she wants is to have friends, Arata will have to interact with her and her school partners to find out what he needs in his life to be happy for the duration of the pill (1 year).

To be honest the synopsis does not give a good impression, does not call your attention, since normally in this type of stories all they try to give the protagonist a time of glory during his youth before growing up and having a boring job for the rest of his life, but in this case is not totally different and something that I would say that is not very seen which is a point in favor of the work of Yayoiso.

The characters develop slowly but steadily and enjoy watching as they develop as the series progresses; The story behind Arata which pursues him shows us the other side of the coin as they say what is a plus point.
The animation is not something to emphasize this well, it is enjoyed is quite good but it is not magnificent, I like much sound effects as the voices of the seiyus, I found them well, among all this you could even find some Arata's classmate with whom you feel identified in more than one way.
This said I hope you take the time to see or read this great work by Yayoiso.

I hope you enjoyed this opinion / review of ReLIFE
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Anitore! EX (Anime) add
honestly i loved this show lmao
i started watching this with my brother and my friend as a joke, but then we all ended up following allowing with the exercises and even doing the dance at the fun.

of course the show is horrible if you actually want to get a workout, but if you don't take it seriously it can actually be pretty funny to follow along with and make fun of, and my friends and i had a good laugh with it

just don't think of this show as an actual anime or workout show... i'm honestly not sure if the creators were taking this seriously or it was just one big joke? there's not much actual exercise involved in a single episode and if you want to actually break a sweat you have to watch the whole season nonstop...
and i mean, the characters are cute but they're all pretty cliche, and not to mention that they're all like, middleschoolers, which makes the fanservice a bit awkward... but hey its just anime so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lmao

but the point is, this show sucks if you actually take it seriously, but if you don't it can be pretty fun to watch lolol

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11 hours ago
3-gatsu no Lion (Anime) add
It has romance or not?
Some will ask this question before risking to see this anime and my answer is probably not, since if there is almost imperceptible but this did not guide you in the wrong way since if there are a couple of relationships with prospect, but dont expect a lot of them, it contains deep themes that can be appreciated in many ways depending on each one, every relationship that connects with the MC (main character) has its complex history and that puts you fuller in her, the characters You love them or hate them, even comes to play with your emotions, this is undoubtedly one of the best anime that i has seen, said this I beg you to give it a chance since you will not regret it and for those who are looking for romance, I am the same To you and the fact that there is no strong romance you love this anime.
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11 hours ago
Rewrite (Anime) add
If anyone has read some other review that he has done he will know that clarifies whether or not it contains romance and this is no exception.
Rewrite is a full-fledged harem but it gives more importance to the mystery than to the same romance but of course the romance is more than present, each heroine has its own small story that helps us understand why its actions but not this Deceive them since centering more on the mystery leaves you more doubts than answers so if you are of people who hate not knowing what happens best think twice before seeing it, entering more into the romance could describe it as boring and deceptive but clear Is my opinion of the first season, as it seems that the second will bring great changes. In short Rewrite is an anime that I catalog as a gamble as it may interest you or it may bore you.
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D-Frag! (Anime) add
At this point club based anime's are a dime a dozen. An overused template in which the same tired jokes are made with the same cut and paste character personalities with varying levels of executional success. Maybe i'm late to the party and the show had more relevance 2 years ago in winter of 2014, but a lot of the shows I intend to use for context still predate D-Frag by a couple years.

Some classics which actually involve some story include shows like Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru from Spring 2013 and then there's the less narrative driven Sket Dance from Autumn 2012 which focuses, much like this show does, on slapstick humour to pull its audience. Though there is some continuity to SD still as there are some minor character developments. These two shows focused on "self-help" related club groups whilst other popular gimmicks include paranormal and occult based research clubs which mix in a little "magic" to power the inevitable troubling situations. Or anime/manga clubs which often deal with career building and legitimising art as a valid career option.

So from the very beginning the show is nothing unique, original or special. But that's not to say a show that isn't any of these things cannot be enjoyed. But without tension or pacing or any semblance of a narrative that one can follow it's literally just the bare bones slapstick you can find anywhere else.

A barely average animation quality also doesn't help the show, unfortunately aesthetics are just as important in pulling and hooking an audience, a decent animation is just generally a pleasure to watch for its own sake. This show's animation is OK. Neither bad nor note worthy.

Just like the jokes, the characters are mostly cut and paste personality types. The over bearing god like female president type, the lazy enabling blase sensei, the moe, the sporty girl (who for some reason is always a red head), the female obsessed with gays or cross dressers (the female pervert), the massive guy who's passive, the walking contradiction of a MC who's simultaneously strong willed but also submissive, i could go on. Basically you've seen it all before.

The show itself is fine and if you're looking to waste an evening I would say you could do better. But if you genuinely can't think of anything else then i guess, sure, i wont tell you not to watch this.
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Naruto (Anime) add
It gets an 8 for me simply because I manage to get a friend who doesn't like anime to watch the entirety of this with me. But there's other reasons I like it.

* Unique diverse fighting styles for each character.
* Many interesting characters with interesting backstories.
* Antagonists have some depth to them that can be relatable.
* Character development as the series goes by.
* Main character is also a very cute kid, that's around 7 points default.

Naruto unfortunately suffers from a unreal amount of filler at some point which is a big turn off for the series. But you can easily skip them now and go to the main story perfectly fine without missing anything.
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Yesterday, 12:19 PM
Nyanbo! (Anime) add
I usually don´t watch this kind of anime, because I´m more into other genres.
But I have to say it is very cute (kawaii..ha). It´s animated nicely and the characters are all pretty unique. The voice acting is also fitting, aye, the naruto voice actor is also there! One episode is five minutes long, easy to watch in a short time break.
Blaze and Kuro are my cute otp
All in all, I liked it and I recommend this anime to people who like cute characters, "childish" anime or want to have a nice alternative to all the "triggering" anime xD
I have to say it was made for children, but that doesn´t need to stop anyone from watching it.
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Yesterday, 11:17 AM
Boku no Pico (Anime) add
Good work. Seriously. Children's sexuality disclosed. In this case mostly homosexual, but that doesn't matter that much. Because this work contains many different more important topics and themes. Unique wok. Even outstanding work in some ways. Themes as fragility of friendship, first jealousy, loneliness, they are all risen on not a bad level. While we have taboo in our stupid society, "Boku no Pico" really makes good job in researching children's sexuality, and I think it's good, that's why it deserves a good score. I prefer to examine it not like hentai/porn work (it's really not, it just have a lot of those elements), but as material for pondering about our silly society, which trying to make taboo on something what is natural, for example, children's sexuality and attraction, which is there already from very early age. It must be discussed more freely. And "Boku no Pico" made such kinda revolutional step in anime world, if we can say so. And it's a good thing.
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Yesterday, 11:08 AM
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
There's a lot of shows and movies nowadays that try to be ambitious -- and who can blame them, when they've got the rest of the world to compete with?

But then every once in a while, there's movies like this. Kimi no Na wa doesn't try to be ambitious. It just is. It's beautiful in its simplicity, and it proves that ordinary premises don't always turn into an unwatchable cliche. Instead, they can turn into something that resonates with us.

Don't get me wrong. This movie will not change your philosophy, your life, or whatever. But I do think it has tremendous ability to make you *feel things*. And honestly, that's all it takes to make a great story.

**Story**: 9/10
Again, the premise isn't anything ground-breaking, but the writing is strong enough to carry it. It's funny at the right moments, sincere and even heartbreaking when the story calls for it. The writing is very subtle, which makes for good replay-ability, but it also knows when to be explicit.

**Art**/**Sound**: 10/10
Absolutely stunning, and definitely one of the things that really make the movie. I know there's a leaked version of it running around, but do be patient, and don't do the animators *and* yourself a disservice by watching a crappy 480p video of it just because you want to watch it now.

The same goes for the sound. I am happy they didn't do any orchestral, epic pieces or whatever. The simplicity of the music suits the tone of the movie, and definitely enhances it as well.

**Character**: 10/10
None of the characters are larger than life. It suits the movie, I think. The premise obviously isn't something realistic, but the characters have enough dimensions, and feel human enough that it is still very easy to empathise with their lives.

**Enjoyment**: 10/10
If you haven't yet gleaned from what I have written so far, I absolutely loved this movie.
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Yesterday, 11:07 AM
Cheonnyeon-yeowoo Yeowoobi (Anime) add
I really wanted to like this movie. I really really did. It has all the ingredients I like. Fantasy/magic, an isolated character interacting with the 'Real World' for the first time, a mix of comedy (slapstick and cerebral), drama, aliens, and a ghost sink.

I don't know if it was the subtle differences between Korean and Japanese animation that threw me, or the fact that they tried to stuff a full, 12 episode TV series (~288 minutes) into an 80 minute movie. All I know is that this movie didn't click for me.

Taken separately, each of the plot devices are great. The problem I had was they tried to stuff too many into the movie. Had they just kept it simple and let the movie be a simple adventure (ala Spirited Away) with subtle messages, I would have really enjoyed this flick.

For me at least, there's something off about this film. If I wasn't watching it for the 2017 MAL Anime Watching Challenge, I would have probably dropped it. I'll probably revisit later down the road now that I know to lower my expectations. For the time being, this is a "meh" flick for me.
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Yesterday, 10:41 AM
Noragami (Anime) add
I think its pretty obvious where the fan base draws. The % of boys and girls who enjoy this series very much is split. Truth is probably 70%+ girls find Noragami to be much more entertaining than guys... probably cause Yato is visually stunning in physical appearance.
That's not to say guys aren't a victim of this also. Series that please both genders that are gut wrenching, fun and touching are preferably ones I'd lean towards.

Let me start off with that Norgami is very lacking and did not deliver what I expected, and of course my expectations were pretty HIGH due to the amount of recommendations and seeing as to how it is #1 on a lot of peoples anime lists whom of which ranked it above particular series that I found mind blowing, seat shaking, heart aching tear jerkering, nerve racking, overall explosive.
And... it didn't do anything but be very very very average. I was not shaking in my seat really wanting the next episode and this series did not make my heart ache so bad, nor was it a tear jerker.
In fact, there are plenty of other series similar to Noragami but deliver much more impact, which I will list at the end.

Story 7/10:
Yato, the god of war basically is unknown to the modern age compared to other Japanese gods such as the god of luck, etc.
If a god is forgotten, it will greatly harm them, hence Yato runs an odd jobs business, doing any job for about
(5 yen)5cents USD. Hiyori, your typical teenager saves Yato one day but for some reason didn't die because she has some quirk or something special. Here we follow the adventures of Yato as he tries to survive in the modern era where gods are being forgotten.
I've seen this plot in (Odd jobs aspect)Black Cat, Gintama, Bleach(with the whole boy meets girl situation) and various others.
It's not that the story was bad but it was poorly delivered. They eventually go off on their own(too fast for my tastes) and strayed from the fun "will do anything for 5 yen" formula.

Art & Sound 10/10:
Great. I liked the opening. Very fluid animation, nothing to complain about really.

Character 7/10:
Yato supposedly is every girls dream guy(in real life, not the series). Hard working, very hot, playful, strong, mysterious etc.
His character is pretty fine but very bland? Similar to Kirito from SAO and that main character from "The Irregular at magical highschool", these characters are very static, and a little robotic. I mean he does have some traits that make him unique but nothing that leaves a dent in my memory.

Hiyori: most typical highschool female heroine..... 0/10 character, I forget of her existence sometimes.

Yukine: Very annoying teenage kid. Also hardly anything that stands out other than I guess he appears "cute"?

Enjoyment 7/10:
As said earlier, I wasn't blown out of my seat itching to watch the next episode as the atmosphere drags read more
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Yesterday, 10:41 AM
Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (Anime) add
Preamble: english language is not my native, sorry for possible mistakes. Review can include minor spoilers.

So, after I watched this film, has wrote my thoughts, I decided to check out different reviews of other people on this film. As I expected they all are quite positive, and I think I just need to write my own, because the main thing of reviews is constructive criticism, not babbling about how it's "wonderful and nice". And this film can easily be critisized. It has a lot of flaws and weak points.

As Isao Takahata is one of my favourite anime directors and I value him even more than Miyazaki, I must say this is one of his weakest works. Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli, Joe Hisaishi... An adaptation of the Japanese folk tale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" (10th-century Japanese folktale). What to say, I had huge expectations on this film. My all time favourite creators made film on one of favourite japanese tales. Maybe that's a problem of too big expectation? No, it's not. Realization was really quite bad.

Again, the film is based on the Japanese folk tale - "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter". So this is nothing more than an adaptation of the eponymous fairy tale recorded in the X century and is considered one of the oldest of the surviving Japanese stories, and even one of the earliest precursors of science fiction overall.

This time it wasn't great direction, smart work and production. However it is interesting, dramatic, even melodramatic film, which squeezes tears from you. Or at least tries to. Atypical panache and animation, something reminding me of some Soviet old animation and multiplication of 70s and 80s.

Taketori, old man, collector of bamboo and craftsman, finds a little girl in bamboo shoots. And, considering it as a message from heaven, he brings up the girl with his wife as his own. Considering her a princess, he wanted to give her a life of luxury. Little later Taketori finds gold and expensive beautiful things and clothes in the bamboo for the 'Babmoo girl', as the village boys christen her. She will be given Kaguya name much later. But let's call her Kaguya from here. So, Kaguya is very playful girl and she is growing extremely fast. She has outstanding beauty as well.
Girl loves nature and her friends from village, she is doing good, walks and rejoices. Especially she made friends with one guy... But finally the parents arrange and carry her into the city, to the castle. Now she is a princess, the highness. Princess Kaguya. But she was not happy in the castle. Even aristocracy wanted to marry her, but she doesn't want it, she wants to be with that village boy. Briefly it's like that. Sad, but true. Nothing can replace that true nature for her, the freedom and bustle on the nature with friends. Nevertheless, she wants her parents and Taketori to be happy. So she acts as noble princess. Again, many notable people sought her hand, read more
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Yesterday, 9:47 AM
Fairy Tail (Anime) add

There no enough space to describe how perfect this anime is, but I try to review it compactly. Firstly, you will experience plenty of feelings beggining with laughing and ending with waterfalls of tears. All of that is due to the music because it is too perfect and fits with situations in anime! There is also big THANKS to all openings and all endings, they are just perfect and i cannot imagine this anime without any of these ED and OP!!
All characters are superb and grafics are very cool! Emotions are spectacular! As for me it is the best anime you can probably watch! 10/10
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Yesterday, 9:16 AM
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
“El Psy Congroo”
-Okabe Rintarou

I’ve had a lot of people ask me to do a review of my favorite anime of all time, and honestly I found it difficult the first few times I tried. It was 2012, and I hadn’t watched a single anime in years, and I happened to stumble upon a friend at work watching Steins;Gate in the break room. I initially disregarded the show, chalking it up as some other gimmicky cartoon, having “grown out” of anime in general. That night when I got home, I couldn’t bring myself to stop thinking about it, and after swallowing my pride I asked him if I could download it.

Of course I watched it all in one sitting. And again a few days later. I was hooked on anime once again.

Not only did Steins:Gate reinstate my love for anime, it became a big turning point in my life. Instead of putting on some sort of facade, I began to embrace my nerdy personality and never looked back.

Produced by White Fox (Katanagatari, Akame ga Kill) in 2011, Steins;Gate took many by surprise with its complex yet understandable interpretation of time travel, something very hit and miss with anime. Following the self-proclaimed “mad scientist” Okabe Rintarou, viewers get a first hand look into the mundane and enthralling aspects of science, propelled by a suspenseful plot and enigmatic duo of Okabe and Makise Kurisu. Through 24 unforgettable episodes, Steins;Gate explores a plethora of time travel topics with impeccable finesse and crafts an ultimatum-esque ending that’ll be sure to make you shed a tear… or ten.

The first major point I want to expound upon is the first 6-8 episodes. Yes, I understand they are slow. In fact, I’ve known unfortunate souls who have dropped the series entirely based on the impression of these beginning episodes. Only while watching SG for the second time did I fully come to appreciate the legitimacy and purpose of these episodes. Not only do the writers take the time to flesh out the cast, they provide a rather no frills look at how experimentation really is. Coming from someone who’s an engineer by trade, I can tell you that most of the time, science IS boring. There’s insurmountable work for a very small payout. Honestly, the writers pay homage to the stress and pondering scientists do in order to discover the next big breakthrough. There are also a deceivingly large amount of foreshadows and tidbits you may not have caught on your first watch during these episodes that I’d urge you to go back and check out again. Does this make for good entertainment? No, unfortunately unless you can relate to this sort of thing, or the characters and their interactions gripped you from the get-go, this introductory period may not be the best part of the series for you.

it wasn't until Okabe accidentally sent a text to his friend’s phone (which just so happened to be in a microwave) that SG really start going into read more
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This was my favorite romance story of all and I'd fire whoever animated this OVA.

Story 3/10
I like the idea of ending but the fact that they made it 12 minutes short and rushed into it was pathetic as if they wanted to get rid of KH forever.
Why? Just why? You could've let me fantasize my own ending and it'd still be better than this...

Art 3/10
Characters proportions and anatomy were half-assed the whole time unlike previous KH series. Even the background at one point was glitching and moving in such a painful way that even an 8 y/o would animate it way smoothly. The whole anime was made in such a lazy way it makes me cry.

Sound 2/10
Lip syncing was horribly late at he very beginning. Nothing was done right.

Character 1/10
Pathetic. None of them were acting like themselves.

Enjoyment 1/10

Overall 2/10.
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Yesterday, 9:04 AM
YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
Warning: This anime is consider anime that everybody likes but I don't
Warning: For this review I'm going to consider Russian Yuri as Yurio

Story: The story is with Yuri Katsuki a professional ice skater that somehow flop at the final and meet his so-called rival Yurio as well in the journey of getting better in ice skating again with love thrown in as well with his coach Victor. That on paper sounds interesting.... However poorly executed. Why?? Let's find out

Characters: Now the main 3 characters are great. Yuri, Victor and Yurio. Those 3 got the most character development. Yurio start out as a prick but at the end turn into a gentle, kind and just thought out person. Victor from a coach that was doubting on getting back on the ice but thanks to Yurio and Yuri that broke his records he is going to get back into ice skating. (Although felt last minute)....
Yuri... Thank god he is the main character if not he will be boring and forgettable really. Now with all main leads aside let's look at the secondary characters in this anime and the main issue is TOO MANY CHARACTERS. Like seriously do any of us remember any of the characters??? Some characters are classified as what I would love to call them as "characters there to be there". some of the characters only show up for 1 or 2 episodes and we never see them ever again. Like remember the scary Russian guy?? No?? Though so.... The only
side character I remember is JJ. Speaking of JJ, he actually did something in episode 11 questioning why and how it happen?? JJ as been doing his best for the past 10 episodes and always reach #1 or at best #2 and in episode 11 he just fail epic. HOW?? I mean give us some reason why he mess up. I mean Yuri got into a mental breakdown once. He since fine... So what is his reason. Like give him some sort of reason to he felt the pressure. Is the same routine, same opponent, same ice. What is the reason???

Art and animation: The art style is kinda iffy in some moment. Some look fantastic while some look like berserk 2016 or even Ajin animation bad... Stretch that is worst. The 3D animation in this anime are worst than those two. Also, if you pause frame by frame you would see that their faces look like... To put kindly... off-model. I have to credit to MAPPA on making the ice-skating scene look like real figure skater. But other than that... Nothing stand out in a good way.

Music: I'm not a big fan of the opening and the ending. I just found it bland and dull. The visual are pretty and great but the lyrics were bland and just can't get into it. The OST... Some hits and some misses.

Enjoyment: Overall some positive but a major let down at the end with "characters there to be there read more
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Yesterday, 8:49 AM
YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
I succumbed to the hype. The hype…was absolutely worth it. This anime has a unique charm which just sucks you in and removes the inner skeptic in you that may have developed over the huge fanbase. It has a unique charm that is even hard to describe because of the many aspects of this anime that have been executed wonderfully.

This anime keeps you on the edge of your seat during moments, yet evokes the warm and fuzzies *cough* fangirl screaming *cough* moments, more frequently than you would think. The feel of some moments is super random and strange, yet…so right.

Yuri Katsuki, a professional ice-skater bombs out badly in the Grand Prix skating event, leaving him unable to meet his famous Idol, Victor Nikiforov, after failing at the event. After returning home, a lucky twist of fate results in Yuri acquiring Victor as his couch. With the combined motivation of winning the gold medal at the next Grand Prix, the pair fight to make their dreams a reality.

The competitions are used as a base for the character development. Victor seeks to gain inspiration through the role of a coach, whilst Yuri yearns to find something worth skating for as a means of expression during his competitions. Their personalities are well suited as Yuri is ready to discover uncharted parts of his identity which Victor is thrilled to coax out of him. As Yuri has his own ability for self motivation and Victor does not have to do much rather than guide him, it really overrides what I had been expecting: Victor being an overbearing/cruel coach always having to convince Yuri of his worth. That is why their relationship is so adored by fans of this series - because Yuri and Victor meet each other half way.

This was my first male same-sex romance anime and I was surprised by how convincing the relationship between Yuri and his coach Victor got to be. The combining of the ambition of both characters with their passion towards each other just worked out to be an amazing mix. Victor views Yuri as an individual with great undiscovered potential, so after watching a video of Yuri attempting Victor’s ice-skating routine, he decides to become his coach. Just the very way in which this couple came together really solidifies their relationship. Though Victor has always been Yuri’s idol, Victor also seems to recognise Yuri’s appreciation and possible connection with him through his rendition of his own dance. Together, they become a powerful duo, using the ice-skating rink to display the development of their relationship.

Really though, even though the romance plays a substantial part of the side characters are really well crafted, such that you become invested in each of their stories and fates.

We have Yurio, Victor’s prior trainee, who remains salty throughout the progression of the anime due to Victor ditching him (which did seem a bit harsh). He channels his rage into his ice-skating with his new couches and really becomes a character read more
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Yesterday, 8:48 AM
Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Wow. What an epic rollercoaster ride. After finishing Noragami, I was so hooked that I just had to watch the second season ASAP. I’ve found the cute, quirky moments have gotten way less frequent in this feature as we figure out more about Yato’s past and the show has a dark and sombre feeling for the majority of the episodes, embedded with fast-paced, visually stunning battle scenes. The opening song is absolutely addictive also.

Firstly, I would like to talk about how the group dynamics between Yato, Hiyori and Yukine have shifted in this season. Yato appears to be getting more reliant on Hiyori to help him get over how much he hates his past and keep from becoming the person he used to be. I feel like Yato is more devoted to protecting Hiyori’s admiration and memories of him as a God, rather than the emotional development of their relationship being the focus. I say this, because for a vast majority of the show, Yato and Hiyori are apart and they need each other, because their bonds are tied to their identities (Yato’s as a God and Hiyori as a half-phantom). Hiyori feels conflict over building a relationship with a admiring stranger because her familial/romantic devotion to Yato and therefore Yukine seems to be coming through in this anime, though because of their separation, all we really see with their relationship dynamics is: Yato’s turmoil over involving Hiyori and Yukine in his dangerous past affairs and Hiyori’s desire to ensure that Yato stays alive and her God-Regalia-phantom family stays intact. So in summary, there is not a huge focus on the development of Yato-Hiyori relationship growth (romantic or otherwise), but the Yato-Yukine relationship really undergoes some major changes. Yukine shows his devotion towards being there for Yato and making sure that Hiyori can stay protected by aiming to improve his magic and keeping the group strong. I just missed the Yato-Yukine-Hiyori unity as a group and would love to see them fighting their demons together.

Don’t get me wrong though, some cute Hiyori-Yato scenes are definitely sprinkled in there..
Speaking of improving magic, I forgot to mention this in the last review, but Hiyori can sometimes feel like a useless character. When she knows that she will be encountering more evil phantoms/Gods if she stays with Yato, then why doesn’t she work on improving her fighting skills as a phantom? Her role in this season did not really win me over because she was most of the time either scared of Yato disappearing, was looking for Yato or was pretty much just standing and watching during the action scenes. It was like she was the cheerleading mom of the group and I was not impressed. Especially the scene in which she attempted to fight the phantom, ripped her skirt and then that suddenly meant that she could fight no longer. I mean REALLY.

Now, moving away from my dissatisfaction with the changes in the group dynamics compared to the first season, the plot read more
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Noragami (Anime) add
This is really something special. My eyes were glued to the screen. This is a quirky yet visually stunning anime. It starts off more light hearted and fun with some dark undertones and then totally flipped 180 and got serious with cute moments dispersed in there. This anime is unique in that it weaves together extremely nonchalant moments of comedy in between scenes which are action packed and tension filled. It does an excellent job at blending these two aspects which is why it shall be ranked up there on the list of my favourite anime.

So the plot follows Yato, a forgotten God who was listening to people’s wishes and running seemingly trivial errands for humans with the dream of one day becoming famous enough to have his own shrine filled with his own batch of Regalia (spirits which can act as weapons for the Gods). When on one of his errands, he is saved by the high school girl Hiyori and Yato and Hiyori’s lives merge in an unbreakable way. Capturing/befriending the Regalia Yukine, a lost, young teenager, the three set out on their adventures to rid the world of phantoms (supernatural beings which are the cause of human misery, greed, jealousy and the like) and together work on increasing Yato’s path to stardom.

What I really enjoyed about this anime was that there were three major plot complications which felt like the just right amount for the allocated 12 episodes of this season. The first one involved Yukine working out some issues of teenage angst and yearning for his life as a human which I found was a really nice addition to introduce Yukine’s character and also how after he overcame these feelings of frustration, the Yukine-Yato-Hiyori group felt closer than ever.

Speaking of the Yukine-Yato-Hiyori bunch, this anime has found a way to create the most incredible bonds between these characters as it genuinely feels like they are a family with Yato being the protective and patient father, Hiyori being the loving mother and Yukine being the kid that acts out and is going through his hormonal phase hahaha. The scene in which this really felt accurate was when Yukine was back to being a good kid and was doing the chores and was wanting to study with Hiyori’s old school books and Yato and Hiyori’s were so happy and proud that they started crying tears of happiness like real parents would. It was amazing. Really though, you cannot go wrong with this trio and they made me really invested in the story.

The second climax point involves a tussle with another God wanting vengeance which reveals the darker side of Yato’s personality. This is also another great climactic inclusion as it really fleshes out Yato’s character and makes you question how he could change so much and adopt such a adorable and cringe-laughter worthy personality which he has now. For curiosity inducing purposes, it does a great job.

The final twist in the show tugs on your heartstrings as read more
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Anime) add
This is one enchanting story. When Hana a young university student falls in love with a man who also happens to be a wolf, they happen to live out their dreams and start a family of two children: a girl named Yuki and the younger boy named Ame. Though all appears well as Hana and her husband build their life with each other, one terrible accident takes the life of her husband, leaving Hana to take care of her two children by herself. Fearing that her children’s wolf side will be discovered in the city, Hana relocates to the country side to give her children freedom.

This story is filled with bittersweet themes of what it means to be a parent…to be vigilant and to put the safety of children above their desires as Hana had to do so many times. The characters of this story are so well rounded and contrasting. We have the lively and protective older daughter Yuki and the quiet and contemplative Ame. The theme of diverging paths of the two children is a great twist to the plot line, Ame choosing to embrace her human side and Yuki exploring his ability to be one with nature through his wolf side. The old man of the country side also deserves an honourable mention because he appeared so cold hearted at the start, but really he was just a big softy. I really really felt so sorry for Hana as she had to handle not only her husband’s death, but also hiding the identity of her children. This movie was certainly uplifting as Hana attracted helpful presences in her life and was able to give her kids a happy and fun filled up bringing. My favourite scene was the snow scene in which Hana and her kids were happily running through the mountain together. That scene was absolutely magical.

This movie is really about falling in love with the characters and witnessing their growth. Hana’s growth as she embraces the strong, protective independent role she must and struggles to understand the wolf side of her children. Yuki’s desire to hide her wolfish identity, and Ame’s transformation from a quiet, timid child to protector of the forest. Yuki as a child is also the most adorable creature, as she tiptoed the line between adorable and annoying…though she never fell to the annoying side of things. How she would sneakily appear as a wolf in front of others and insist on getting her way with Hana was just too cute. Ame was also perfect (while he was a child) because he was naively innocent and looked like his father so it felt that Hana still had a real connection to him through Ame.

The major theme towards the latter half of this film is how will Hana help with Yuki and Ame’s transition into adulthood? Yuki wants to go to school and fully embrace her human side and struggles to hide her wolf side, though Hana is able to coax read more
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