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Jul 27, 2021
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)

A show about rich high school student, stupidly gambling there lives away for kicks but everything changes a little bit when compulsive Psycho Gambler with Red-Eyes Black Hair Jabami Yumeko enter the scene. To literally give the student council, who doesn’t do anything but sit around all day, an intense facial workout. Get ready to be amazed by Studio MAPPA's artistry, for almost every single character in this show have the ability to make ridiculously funny faces that will give Reddit some temporary memes to play with.

Get mind-blown to the intensely good animated atmosphere of Kakegurui Gambling, which are the few things I found read more
Jul 27, 2021
001 (Anime) add (All reviews)
xilog (All reviews)
This is by far one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed. My favorite quality about it is that it allows the viewer to fill in their own details by being extremely simple. This way, you can't hate the show.

Story - 10
As said, you can create your own story leading up to the events portrayed, and as such it can be perfect. 10/10

Art - 10
Again, as there is a lot left to the imagination, impossible to dislike.

Sound - 9
This was one part that the anime portrayed fully in its own way, and while very good the fact that sounds produced by the same read more
Jul 27, 2021
Green7501 (All reviews)
Welp, my first review, let's do my best...

'How a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom' has been a work that I've been following for awhile, I'll admit. I've read the light novel when it came out and almost every volume afterwards until I sort of lost interest. Nevertheless, hearing that it'll get an anime adaptation was something that excited me greatly.

The show has a rather interesting take on the whole 'isekai' thing. While the first few scenes during and after his summoning are textbook isekai tropes. what the story does afterwards is a very nice change of pace. Rather than being this generic "Let's go slay read more
Jul 27, 2021
Alice0006 (All reviews)
This is a story that shouldn't be judge just by watching 4 episodes actually because the most mysterious part of this story is the world and the characters. And so the author need to build the base first so you all will understand the world and make plot twist from it (Of course she won't explain all of it immediately because you will be confused) and for you to learn the character little by little.

I saw some people already judge this story as not good so I decide to write this to let you know what to expect and what is the strong point read more
Jul 27, 2021
worlddestroyer (All reviews)
In my opinion the first few episodes of the 2nd Season Part 2 is going much better than part 1 where i felt that the creators were rushing it a bit. In the last season i found that only the final 3-4 episodes were in a good quality.

This time i feel that they are taking their trying to give the best possible work. They are putting up the story in a detailed manner and the quality over all has increased greatly and hoping that they will continue to do the same with the rest .

Right now i have put a 7 rating read more
Jul 27, 2021
Arachne7 (All reviews)
This review under no circumstances is meant to be constructive criticism,
this is just me out here saying my opinion, now with that out of the way.
From the depth of hell. It rises. A plot so magnificent,
so distinctive so unique That unbelievably aggregates far more
complicity than your miniature brain could possibly imagine.
I present to you ladies and gentlemen Kanojo ma kanojo.
the story basically is about a brutally honest highschool boy
who is dating his childhood friend and living his normal life.
and one day he gets a confusion from a girl that she loves him and wants to date him
but he tells her he already read more
Jul 27, 2021
CautiousShadow (All reviews)

I got into this anime because I play Shadowverse. Anne, Mysterian Imperatrix and Grea, Scorching Fury are cards that I used in my Shadowverse deck. The strategy of the deck is to banish it / draw it until you have 5 cards left. Anne will give you Rending Blast and Grea will give you Resentful Blaze. These cards can win you the game.

The cards are based on some lore that really isn't explored in this show. Actually nothing really happens in this show at all. So, the lore they built for the cards in Shadowverse is actually deeper than read more
Jul 27, 2021
maxnhaf (All reviews)
I haven't finished yet but all I can say is that THIS ANIME IS MIXING MY FEELINGS! Here all I thought it's some wholesome anime with a dude and a wolf and then stuff happened... AAAAAA

But overall, it's a very good anime. gives you mixed feelings (all good) however I haven't read the manga yet.

The stories are good too, depending on which episode.

The characters backstory are touching too, every episode that include new character has good backstory.

There's not much of plot twist, as I'm looking forward too, however it doesn't make the anime so bad because i was actually been looking forward read more
Jul 27, 2021
SpRayquaza11 (All reviews)
*Sighs* It seems it's time to get Cancelled,

Before calling me hater or edgelord let me throw in some background.

I loved slime, I was the OG watcher of slime season 1 when it was trolled on by multiple anitubers who believed it was gonna be a generic kirito clone isekai. I was still not talked out of it and watched it from start to finish.

Then came season 2 part 1

Even though it was not the same level of quality the hype that this season had bought me to tears this was the best underdog story to finally get its shine and Although i was let read more
Jul 27, 2021
ddmareo (All reviews)
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, the most anticipated anime out of all in the heat of summer. The first half of the second season left us off with the appearance of the storm dragon, Veldora and also the newborn demon lord, Rimuru. I couldn’t wait to see both of them, and the day has finally come at last.

In the second part, we’re introduced by a lot of interesting characters, but the one that stands out the most is Veldora. We got to know more about his traits. As an evil dragon himself, he is surprisingly active and funny, and it is mostly because of read more
Jul 27, 2021
Jumping (Anime) add (All reviews)
Sinews (All reviews)
This was recommended to me by a friend whom I had told not long before being instructed to wander this rabbit hole out of plaintive desire that I was only into animated shorts now and that I had long worn thin of the longform narrative in cartoons. I sensibly wanted a respite from the inconsolable might the average 12-24 episodes had on my fragile emotional state, and thus didn't want to have to deal with any potential long-term investment in established worlds and mundanities associated with "the continuity", so to speak. This friend of mine, you see, was a major Tezuka enthusiast. He would collect read more
Jul 27, 2021
KazEkoV (All reviews)
I'm going to make it really simply. The art is pretty good, the music is decent but not memorable. The character designs are great. I loved the design of the girls. The story is pretty average. As for the characters, this one of those anime where i really hated the main character. If i'm forced to watch a main character that i really hate for 12 episodes, it really drag things down no matter how much i liked some of the girls. What's the point if watching something that just makes you pissed off?

I'll say only watch it for the girls, but steel your nerves read more
Jul 27, 2021
Sonucia (All reviews)
Inazuma Eleven holds a big spot in my heart
This review will be completely biased, so be aware of that haha

I found this anime back in 2011, and have rewatched it almost anually ever since, and it not I went throughcthe 6 main games in order
To say I love this franchise would be an understatement

Inazuma Eleven is an anime with amazing characters and a very good plot
Animation is always on point, some of the special moves got me jumping around back in the day!
The story is written very well with giving most characters at least one moment to shine, the character of fubuki shirou is in read more
Jul 27, 2021
winkcutie (All reviews)
One thing I really don't get is where all this hate in the reviews is coming from.

Frankly, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime succeeds without any problem in what it was meant to do: entertaining the viewer. It has funny moments, it has well-written characters that almost never show way too exaggerated traits or tropes that make you hate them, it has a whole journey of evolving, not only as an individual creature (our protagonist, the slime), but as a whole of different species as well.

So, let's go over the "flaws" of this show.

1. The direction-less plot
While I see why you read more
Jul 27, 2021
AmberMatthews (All reviews)
Fruits Basket was one of the first anime's where I felt so deeply connected to the characters and theirs stories. This story within itself is just beautiful and I really can't find words to describe it. There will never be anything like this series. A series that highlights mental and emotional trauma and how they reflect onto future relationships. Truly a one of a kind masterpiece. Cant say much more than that. Once it ended it felt like saying goodbye to an old friend, I balled my eyes out. I really wish I could experience this journey again but for now I'll just enjoy the read more
Jul 27, 2021
Sleek09 (All reviews)
First review so if any criticisms in my review, go easy on me. With that out of the way, let's talk about this anime.

This anime is the best combination of dystopian cyberpunk gory action, it's really good.

Story - It's story is just fine, I didn't find it really interesting. And it kinda falled apart after the 8th episode, but they managed to make a good ending considering how the show started with a bang.

Art - The charecter design and overall animation was pretty solid and some of the fights are also really good.

Sound - It was good, again it wasn't outstanding.

Characters - The characters are read more
Jul 27, 2021
nicjrs (All reviews)
This review will be also available in portuguese down below:

Nodame Cantabile is so good that I even started to playing piano. I am not joking.

This anime will make you laugh a lot (I mean a lot), and at same time, a lot of reflexions. The first one and most important: Ethic. What is "Ethic"? Well, It's nothing than a sequence of rules that establishes as an individual should behaviour himself in front of a social group or society. And Nodame contabile expose that with the main characters: Chiaki and Nodame.

Chiaki is the principle of Ethic, almost an arquetype, he is a cultured person, of a read more
Jul 27, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
Haganai, or its alternate long ass title is an ecchi with some genuine character study underneath its nudity and sexy undertones. If not for the latter, i would genuinely recommend the show for the good boys of the Christian community.

There was no anime subtrope more criticized than the ecchi cluster. Dismissed as guilty pleasure, adult series for teenagers, and lives in dies in the concept of sex. I for one delve in such sinful commune so that i learn what makes it tick. I never left.

Haganai takes you in the everyday lives of the Make-Friends club which has different members with varying mental read more
Jul 27, 2021
02_RK (All reviews)
It's the same happening all around the world for any school. Students are more focused into relationship than exams and improving their studies. Real world problem aside, Horimiya at the best is complicated relationship status between the major characters goes by names Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Fine drawing with quality animation added with some good music made it approaching. On the basis of storyline, it is good at some degree. It is just Hori and Izumi relationship took the anime to it's best. There are complex number of characters with diverse feeling padded into them; reason for forced relation among them is little unacceptable read more
Jul 27, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
I was openly critical of the first season of Zombieland Saga, citing the second half to have been too dramatic in comparison to the zany first half which i felt jarring especially after the masterpiece of Season 1's fifth episode. It is very important ofcourse and Sakura's story was good though i felt it could have been done better. Likewise my strongest complaint was the use of 3d animation during the idol scenes which looked unpleasant because of their lower framerate and stiff limbs. I was hesitant to go to season 2 because of it. To my surprise, my issues were actually addressed and were read more
Jul 27, 2021
LittleMAK2 (All reviews)
Words can't describe the legacy of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, it is one of the best works of fiction in the world. I first started this series without knowing what it was when i was a bit younger and although i was bored at first, i was completely mesmerized by the beauty and the complexity of this magnificent story told through time, war and love. First of all, the story is one of the best stoires told in the anime medium, but i need to say that it is a slow burner. For some people the first 10 or so episodes can seem boring but when read more
Jul 27, 2021
NextUniverse (All reviews)
Ok, cutting to the chase.

Oppai. I think people like that, because I am telling you now, there isn't anything else here other than abnormally large oppai. Makes me think what would happen if someone was like that in real life.

Anyways, I can only talk about the enjoyment side of things, which leads me to say stuff like, this is fun and all, but it was just, you know, ecchi and that was it. I suppose for an ecchi it does the general stuff right, though this is more formatted like some hentai, it is still hot if that is what you are looking for though. read more
Jul 27, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
Power comes in many forms and with power we could have done something that the world needs. We could have peace, we could have progress, but in the world of Kakagurui, what the world needs was... gambling. Apparently.

Right off the bat, Kakegurui slams us to a semi-futuristic world where apparently the world is in crisis for having too much money by how much students flaunt their fortunes for a round of game. It is such a ridiculous premise and kinda sound stupid but i was intrigued ofcourse. We meet our main character, the glamourous Jubami Yumeko and almost immediately get in a battle of wits read more
Jul 27, 2021
Ashesgrey (All reviews)
You know how sometimes we go into a show a little skeptical, not sure if it is for you and that was the case for me with oregairu. I thought it was going to be a harem anime, judging by the pictures I had seen. But it took me by complete surprise, because that is not what it was. I don't think it can be considered a proper romance. For me it a slice of life with the focus on friendship and personal growth.

Hikigaya is so relatable and not necessarily charming but highly amusing as he is often finding himself in situations he desperately wishes read more
Jul 27, 2021
Redline (Anime) add (All reviews)
cringeylazy (All reviews)

Animation isn't everything but still pretty badass.

My Synopsis:
Redline is an action packed racing anime with a protagonist trying to accomplish his dream of winning the hardest illegal race in the world. He faces multiple challenges and meets wild characters along the way.

Mini Review:
Animation carries this anime by a long way with absolutely stunning visuals unlike you've ever seen before. For me the story and characters are a bit of a slog they are very standard in terms of personality, while yes they look very unique and fit the style of the movie perfectly they don't stick out for the genre read more
Jul 27, 2021
Juandril (All reviews)
Although many people could tell that Kazuya(The MC) is such a wimp(Which he really is), the situation that is represented throughout the anime and the manga, is like a parody of real guys' things and this gives a kind of a being identified feeling. However, the attitude of many characters are often taken in a dicothomy(to give two or more individuals a certain role, frequently bad or good) way, because they ignore any context about what this anime is trying to tell us. If you give a shot to this anime just watch it the way it is supposed to be, as a real life read more
Jul 27, 2021
argygalaxy (All reviews)
This is my first ever review on mal so please bear with me.Ive never felt the need to leave a review for a series but this movie geniunly left me so disgusted I had to write something about it to blow of steam.So lets start.

Story 7/10
The story picks up from where we where left off in the first season.The world-building and the story is very intiguing.It always makes you question what is going to happen next and it makes you want to explore the abyss too,even if it is a horryfing place.The main themes of the story,human curiosity never being satisfied,and the human read more
Jul 27, 2021
Raidaxy (All reviews)
First of all I'm not fan of Kimetsu no Yaiba, I saw the anime cuz It was on trending and it got very popular, the anime was fine and interesting but nothing amazing like I heard of it and then my friends told me about the movie and they kept saying it's amazing and I was like sure I will watch it.
After I saw the movie, I was like ''are you serious''? so I will be honest:
- The movie was boring, so boring I was feeling asleep due how boring it was, the only good things that mantained the movie not that boring was Zenitsu read more
Jul 27, 2021
grr_mal (All reviews)
This show isn't for the faint of heart. The FMC constantly teases the MC in various ways, ranging from innocent or playful gestures of closeness to straightforward and blatant sexual harassment. But unlike other shows where we've seen this theme, here we have the added threat of her straight up dying if they really touched (and no, him wearing gloves does not remove the risk, we are shown they do not help in one of the first scenes). As a result, aside of the typical feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment or perhaps anger or annoyance this could evoke in the MC, and by extension in read more
Jul 27, 2021
MassacredSoul (All reviews)

Overall 5/10- For this anime, I wasn't really impressed as it just felt plain even though it's about detective work and crime, it doesn't really make me feel hyped about it.

Story 5/10 and Enjoyment 5/10- I say that the story is connected to the enjoyment of the anime with its genre and that made the anime bland since the story was based on a student named Kobayashi who was framed for murder so he was taken by the police for investigation but the student is not normal as for him he was calm about the situation and that it only interested him which I thought read more
Jul 27, 2021
audioxtc (All reviews)
This show was a journey for me, but it’s hard to put into words what made it worth watching. I can honestly say, no other show has brought me down to such a low level, viewing wise. I wasn’t happy with most of the characters choices, I don’t like how it ended, and I certainly didn’t appreciate the lack of anything good. I was on the edge of my seat with despair for all these characters, particularly the protagonist Hana. I wished more for her from the start. A better life, a caring lover, and more decisive actions (rather than incessantly flailing in every direction read more
Jul 27, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
Who the hell puts a song title like 'Sexy Sexy' on a children's show? Damn right, Ghost Stories.

This review is for the ENGLISH dub of the show, which was universally acclaimed to be the proper way to go. Before a time where inappropriate dubbing on Youtube became a pasttime, legendary voice actors made it so that their shitpost will rise to the world.

Ghost Stories, has a plot somewhere but really...do not approach the show for the plot. Watch it for the hilarity of the dub. In this version, we follow a group of friends in their daily life on a school and whatever supernatural decides read more
Jul 27, 2021
BlueCicada (All reviews)
Monogatari Series: Second Season is one of the more critically acclaimed instalments of the Monogatari series and for a good reason. It continues the story and the character arcs in very compelling, and sometimes highly unexpected ways.


Each arc of Second Season takes the characters, and gradually unravels them over the course of their respective arcs in a very engaging, elegant way. Mainly through immensely entertaining, odd and expertly crafted dialogue, which tends to lead into a very rewarding climax, whether it would be exciting, emotional or a mix of both. It is the sort of storytelling that makes Monogatari so satisfying and immersive to read more
Jul 27, 2021
Walorski (All reviews)
One and half minutes into the first episode I knew I was gonna have a good time. I was kinda tricked into the death metal theme from episode 1... then they went annoying pop idol, but I forgave that pretty quickly because the overall feel of the show was great. Each character fleshes out their own back story....except for Tae...she's just a zombie. Aside from that, all the characters mesh well and have fun backstories. I got really teary eyed about Sakura in the last few episodes because it tied in with my own personal experiences with other people and suicidal tendencies, but I read more
Jul 27, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
Joshiraku is one of the anime i came across randomly while browsing Youtube. It was a happy accident to say the least. Its premise was that we, the audience, are just following these theatre girls behind the curtain and get swiped in their numerous surreal adventures and misadventures.

In its heart, Joshiraku is a slice of life anime which was about 90% dialogue, with 90% of them homages and puns to the Japanese Culture. The result is that I have 100% no idea what the fuck they are talking about most of the time. The odd thing is... i was entertained regardless.

The five girls we read more
Jul 27, 2021
SnailKai (All reviews)
At first I thought this movie was gonna be very different than what it was actually like, I was expecting something more along the lines of an ordinary every day kids cartoon but instead it was like if the writers of Emperor's New Groove had taken LSD then tried to write an anime. All aside this movie was very interesting and unique, i feel like they could've definitely gone a different direction but im definitely okay with how it went. The beginning is very weird with a magical person seducing fish then chasing a fat baby to land after it hitched a ride inside a read more
Jul 27, 2021
dhairyashil_ (All reviews)
OH MY FUCCKING GOD WHERE DO I START!!!!this is literal vomit...its so bad that i could not even handle it!!the story is bullshit a 5/10. the art is good some place but fucking dogshit in someplace 6/10. the character are not good and i mean they are almost on the verge of being dumbass except for the mc who is ok and the glass guy he got a sense of humor its 5/10.the enjoyment is not there 4/10 only because the action is good...overall this is a 4/10...could have been alot better if the side characters were good or at least decent and if the read more
Jul 26, 2021
AnotherDegen (All reviews)
"Shikoyaka Naru Toki mo Hameru Toki mo" is composed of four different stories, each with their own quirky cast, making each section a quick watch. However, the animation quality is a bit lackluster compared to other projects out there, which can detract from the overall experience.

Regarding episode 1, it's a bit of a mess. For starters, the art quality is a little bit under average as there are a couple instances where body proportions were an issue, but in the end were not that distracting. The real problem is that many of the cuts are very stiff and repetitive, almost making me want to read more
Jul 26, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
I may get flak about this but I have to say upfront that I did not enjoy the show despite the overwhelming praise people has given it. So many times that this was recommended by people as one of the funniest anime to have ever been conceived. Perhaps i was missing something, i thought. I dropped the show about eight episodes in simply because i never chuckled nor grinned even once throughout the numerous gags thrown at me. I tried hard to like it... but i can not find anything to laugh at. I mustered all my will to finish it. I did chuckle at read more
Jul 26, 2021
jotaro69joestar (All reviews)
This series is one of the hidden gems in the anime community..
If you are an anime fan you owe yourself to watch both seasons of this anime,
I watched the S1 back in 2014 on Animax and was visually stunned by it.

In terms of animation, it's 8/10 since there is too much CG (more than necessary) but still enjoyable not on Hand shaker's level.

the story overall is 6/10 not because it is bad but rather it always seems like I am watching a small part of a much grander narrative (yeah, yeah I know should read the LNs) the plot is extremely rushed.

The characters read more
Jul 26, 2021
Violet_Shark (All reviews)
This cute little animation is a great start off to the 2021 Olympics, I just wish they had shown it to the whole public/audience as well.
It's a simple story following 5 children, of different cultures, and their spirits/elements(??) as they rush to save their dying world. There were incorporations of different types of sports during the adventure such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, pole-vaulting, and others that I probably missed the first time.
Overall it's a quick animation that sets the mood for the Olympics and that for some reason almost made me tear up :)) Nothing less to expect from Japan
Jul 26, 2021
Pixeldrum (All reviews)
It's done. It's over. I do not know if I'm going to be alive for when One Piece ends, but I can at least have some inner peace that Gintama, the one and only anime I rate 10/10, the one anime I've rewatched despite hating rewatching anything, the one anime I've been doggedly following since 2014...is finally over. For such a long running series, to actually have the entirety and more adapted is a dream come true, on the big screen as well, with a movie budget and animation to boot! Rip Zenzo's VA, I was wondering why his voice was different.
Truly, the ending was read more
Jul 26, 2021
Chrollo-Anime347 (All reviews)
*Major Spoilers*

Overrated and Overhyped.


The premise of the story is that Naruto is trying to bring Sasuke back, which makes no sense. Why is he running behind that Rogue Ninja? Aren't rogue ninjas supposed to be assassinated. And it makes sense if he tries once but he is ready to forgive Sasuke and bring him back even when Sasuke has joined the Ataksuki and killed many people. Naruto may be a immature brat who is mad for his boyfriend but why does mature leader like Tsunade and other leaf villagers support him. If it was any rogue ninja other than Sasuke then he would have been read more
Jul 26, 2021
aloveyoutooo (All reviews)
You know a movie’s good when it leaves you feeling wonderful inside days after, like a nice soda pop on a summer afternoon.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is easily one of the cutest anime movies out there. I had a feeling it would be when I first saw its trailer about two months back. With bubblegum visuals set to Never Young Beach’s summery Cider no you, it was one hundred percent a summer flick. I’m happy to say it stole my heart from start to finish.

It’s a simple meet-cute story. Shy Cherry has trouble expressing himself, opting instead to share his feelings through haikus read more
Jul 26, 2021
undamoth (All reviews)
Fantasy, adventure, spelunking, lolis, furries, gore... This is what the show is about boys and girls. No minors allowed. All is served fresh and raw... without anesthetic.

Boy, where do we start. Anime has already been fooling me of my expectations for years and continues on with shows like this. MiA has such a lovely poster and fontstyle that you'll be forgiven to think this is likea show based on minecraft. This ain't it kiddo, for this one is more Saw and Hostel than your average dirtpunching hobo. The story starts simple with two protagonists wanting to dive into the eponymous abyss to find someone. read more
Jul 26, 2021
RobbyRob (All reviews)
Girlfriend, Girlfriend is one of the funniest rom coms I have seen this year. It revolves around Naoya Mukai who had continually begged his childhood friend Saki Saki to be his girlfriend...but then he opts for "two-timing" when a girl named Nagisa confessed to him.

To describe the show, it is awkward because of the concept. But it is also bizarrely funny. The characters themselves are likable in their own ways: Naoye is a character who is...hard to figure out. There is obviously something wrong with him. Basically, he is someone who is very, very criminally honest. He finds himself liking Nagisa despite the fact that read more
Jul 26, 2021
Moomochi (All reviews)
Out of 100 Nobles watching…
93 were impressed!
7 were not

Wonder Egg Priority perhaps perfectly encapsulates the struggles placed on the industry by the 2020 pandemic. It could be that the virus had nothing to do with what happened, but for me the issues CloverWorks experienced with Wonder Egg were fascinating. Some primary information for any would be viewer is required for watching Wonder Egg and it is as follows. The 8th episode of Wonder Egg Priority experienced production issues and as a result was aired as a recap episode. It has absolutely nothing of value and should be skipped unless you took a long break while read more
Jul 26, 2021
Gintama (Anime) add (All reviews)
papi_Ali (All reviews)
Well first of all I started this show expecting the most out of it a action packed anime with tons of fights and blood and all that, that’s exactly what made me not enjoy the show at first (first 50 episodes) after that i started to get a hang on gintama and started getting its references/comedy and loved it well this just proves that no one should expect anything from gintama just start the show and see where it goes from there im not saying first 50 episodes were bad they were amazing i just expected too much and im not saying gintama has not read more
Jul 26, 2021
GreasyNeckbeard (All reviews)
Call me a cheater, but I watched this movie without seeing the whole anime first. Why? Because I heard the animation was ambitious & the story was darker/different from regular One Piece. Truth be told, I've seen a handful of episodes with my One Piece-addicted friend, & it felt like torture. I gave this movie a chance in hopes that it was "unique."
The main driving force that carried me through this journey was the art. The character designs often annoyed me because of how god awfully ridiculous they looked; others may find it rather humorous, though. However, the backgrounds were nicely detailed, & the characters read more
Jul 26, 2021
Kaustubh15 (All reviews)
Konichiwa welcome to my review of mha season 5

Story 7/10
Ok so in the first couple of episodes where class 1-A Vs class 1-B was going on it was good i gave it a 8 at that time buuuuut……. The dorm shit and christmas episodes were real boring

Character 7/10
Mha is a show in which girls are like omg shotooooooooo omg bakugoooooooooo omg dabiiiiiiiiiiiii i dont get it being a haikyu fan i shouldn't say this but dude hakiyu is enjoyable without going mad over the characters personally the only characters i liked were izuku and momo

Enjoyment 6/10

It feels like a read more