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Summer Wars (Anime) add
Mamoru Hosoda is a fairly prolific anime director I haven’t gotten much into yet, despite the fact that I enjoyed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time quite a bit. I chose to watch Summer Wars because the premise of it seemed a bit more unusual than his others. It’s also been compared several times to the Digimon movie, which I haven’t seen since it came out so I can’t comment on the similarities. Summer Wars came out in 2009 and opens with Kenji Koiso, a typical 17 year old virginal weirdo who’s never asked a girl out and has the physical sensitivity of an abuse victim etc., but naturally this also means he’s super good at Nerd Stuff like computers and especially math. Oh yeah, if you don’t want spoilers avoid reading on and skip to the final paragraph for my generalization.

Kenji codes for an online simulation called Oz, which is a massive worldwide sensation that pretty much everyone uses. In Oz people create grotesque avatars that look like… Digimon and then travel this exciting white space filled with other floating avatars and objects to do literally anything. They can even log into their avatars and do their taxes and shop. Why anyone would need or even want to do that is anyone’s guess because it sounds more inconvenient, but basically Oz is this omnipresent networked monstrosity that is hooked up to absolutely everything and runs everything in the entire world ever. Kenji has a girl who we’ve had no background run in on him coding and asks him to pretend to be her fiancé at a family reunion to make her grandma happy. Why is this girl, who’s Natsuki Shinohara and hinted to be extremely popular and asking literally anyone to do this job, picking the most unbelievable excuse for a sexhaver possible? Especially when he’s visibly having anxiety attacks just by being around her? His cover should’ve been blown instantly, but this is another anime more concerned with nerd wish fulfillment than reason. Also, why is this even necessary? Natsuki says it’s to not disappoint her grandmother who she told had a super cool boyfriend, but what kind of excuse is that? Not only is Kenji the exact opposite of that description which foils her plan, but why the hell did Natsuki lie to her grandmother in the first place? Shouldn’t she be apologizing? Was she really worried her grandmother would be heartbroken over realizing her 18 year old granddaughter is currently single? If that’s the issue, why does Natsuki immediately say that after her grandma’s birthday party is over that she’ll say they just broke up? Won’t it not even matter then? Why compound the lies and risk embarrassing yourself in front of your entire family? Why not just say you broke up before? This is the first plot device of the movie and you can already guess the tone of the rest of this review.

So for whatever reason Kenji is dragged along to this weekend family read more
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (Anime) add
Story : 9/10
- Believe me, the story is great ! No need to explain anything, go check it out already. When you jump into a rollercoaster and your friend asks you if you enjoyed it, are there really any words but AWESOME that come out of you ?

Art : 9/10
- For a 2006 Anime, it has a very good and fluid animation
- It has a unique style (veeeery slender figures for example)
- I am not a big fan of Mecha type Animes but there are some exceptions out in the world that make you feel at ease, and this is one of them.

Sound : 8/10
- The intro was great
- No tracks I particularly liked to the point where I want to talk about it

Character : 9/10
- Character developments are great
- Main characters are really enjoyable !

Enjoyment : 9/10
- 2nd season is mandatory !
- Great balance between the protagonist being OP and struggling against his opponents. You know how bad a show can become once main heroes obliterate their opponents so easily.

Overall : 9/10
- Whare are you doing still reading this review ? Go watch it !
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PriPara (Anime) add
WELP this is my all time favourite idol animee

the characters are so cute the songs are really catchy i have been a fan since summer when season 3 stared but i went from down to up which took me about 3-2 days to finish this is a very great animie

the characters are well done their performances are really good i have to agree the story for aikatsu is much better

but if i could judge in performances i would vote of pripara and the art style is really really good in my opinion

The kami prix just started and it's showing off the new units and great NEW songs

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Doukyuusei (Movie) (Anime) add
i really enjoyed this. it is by far the best gay anime i've seen, (trust me i have seen many) so i probably was a little generous on the scoring. can you blame me?.

the story i would rate a 5, which isnt bad, its just that it's a highschool love story, (spoiler) hot for teacher of course. there is not much more to the plot other than that, but this movie really doesnt need more than that.
but really. that teacher was hot. add him to my heaven.

the art i'd rate an 8. it was all watercolour and pretty. it really matched the story, and i think it is a very notable part of what makes this anime pleasing to watch. like i wanna live in this world. let me in. take my soul. im a visual person. this would be my heaven.

the sound i'd give a 7. i mean its sound and i dont know why this is a catagory, the voices werent annoying, the music wasnt eithrr so i cant say much about the sound. the music was nice. the choir singing that the characters did was a little cringy. like average guys who cant sing.

the characters id give an 8. okay so i notice in gay animes that one guy is usually shorter and more feminine with big eyes, and im not into that. so i was happy that both the guys looked like average guys. you wouldnt be able to tell who the uke and seme is by looking at thrm basically. so i like that alot. the characters also had notable personalities, so thats good, even the side characters did. to me, if the characters arent the stereotypical characters you find in every anime, its a win. they were realistic and though slightly stereotypical, they arent overly common personalities.

enjoyment i give a 9, because them gay scenes were killer. thproughly enjoyed. shoot me with an arrow, cure me with this movie.

overall an 8. cause its the best damn gay anime i have seen.

thank you very much. i would watch it multiple times. and im gonna. bye

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Story: As far as I am concerned, this anime is a near masterwork. The story takes a relatively drawn out and overused trope, and gives it a refreshing and realistic breath of fresh air. As the story progresses you find yourself asking a lot of questions. Even watching a second time, I picked up bits and pieces of interesting information that I didn't catch the first time around. Almost each episode ends in a dramatic cliffhanger keeping you on the edge of your seat. The only issues with the story is that almost no answers have been given. Even after 21 episodes, only more questions arose with very little to no answers. Any answers the show comes up with now, I fear will be certainly rushed with only 4 episodes remaining. As such, I feel that due to the shows popularity, its lack of answers and its source being incomplete the show will most likely have a second season. If so, I highly suggest waiting for the 2nd season to release as, this is the kind of show that you do not want any gaps in between episodes. This show can be described as the Dark Souls of Anime, as very early on it becomes quite sadistic to the main character, and throughout it shows no sign of stopping.

Art: The show's art is breath taking. The character design is beautiful. The animations are very smooth and high quality.

Sound: Don't know much about sound, overall i liked it.

Character: Absolutely amazing, Character growth is abundant is this anime. Friendships and romantic interests are formed that you don't even expect. The main character goes from annoying NEET, to being absolutely hated and finally after the main character's self-reflection and absolute tirade against himself, Subaru becomes the hero the world needs. All thanks to the unexpected love interest.

Enjoyment: My second favorite anime behind Madoka Magica.

Overall: This anime is an absolute must see. Deserves a second season or third, no doubt.
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Detroit Metal City (Anime) add
Detroit Metal City is a comedy that couldn't give a care in the world if it offends or disturbs you. It is hilariously obscene and utterly unapologetic, and I consider it a must watch because of that. An example of the kind of humor you can expect from this show, is a side character character named Keisuke Nashimoto, also known as the Pig of Capitalism. He is a small, soft spoken middle aged man who is also a hardcore masochist. His primary role in the show is to be ball gagged and beaten on stage for the amusement of the crowd and himself. There isn't any tea and biscuits here, this is DMC!

The story revolves around Negishi, our main character, who wants nothing more than to play Swedish pop music, get a nice girl friend and have a quiet life, while his alter-ego/split personality of sorts, Johannes Krauser II, is a loud, crass, death metal loving, rape encouraging maniac who just wants to see the world burn! Hilarity ensues, as we see Negishi attempt to balance a life of trying to popularize the Swedish pop that he is passionate about, and the rapidly growing fan following of his metal band.

The show has an almost crude art style, with barely serviceable animation quality, although if anything this helps to sell it's sense of humor, reminiscent of early South Park seasons.

Detroit Metal City is short sharp and sweet, wasting no time in between hilarity and vulgarity. It's brevity is also a blessing, as while the humor never got stale, I felt like the writers might be getting low on ideas if it went any longer. I also felt like the anime was a little too reliant on it's shock aspect to sell it's jokes; this could be considered an extension on the former criticism.

But in summary, the jokes in this show just work. Each episode is entertaining and every side character is uniquely insane. If you enjoy a comedy that is mercilessly vulgar at every moment, I whole heatedly recommend Detroit Metal City.
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April 29th, 2006, is the day that lives in infamy in the Pokémon fandom. Kids WB's promo(s) and the official Pokémon website hyped the “Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon” special up for the 10th anniversary, showing fan favorites such as Misty, Mewtwo, Entei, and Mew, and it was specially created for the fans—so much so, it was first aired overseas months before Japan got to see it. It was the first of its kind. But they were careful not to have actual audio playing from the special itself.

Ten years may have passed since it was first released, however, the controversy is still felt among Pokémon fans to this very day, despite the fact the officially-available dub is what features the current cast, not the place-holders in the original. (The special was Sarah Natochenny's first time voicing Ash before she premiered in Battle Frontier, but she also got her share of negativity at the time.) Upon rewatch years after the scars have healed over, there's more to the special that deserves criticism than the voice actors who were just paid to read off the script.

STORY: Ash Ketchum and friends were invited via letters to get a first look at Dr. Yung's newest invention that would create Pokémon with unlimited strength through a mirage battle system. While marveling in awe at how “real” and strong the mirage Pokémon were during one such friendly battle, the machine went haywire and Dr. Yung was kidnapped by a masked man who went by the name “Mirage Master”, even kidnapping Professor Oak in the process to get him to have access to his research so he could create the perfect Pokémon resistant to all types and use it to—you guessed it—take over the world... maybe? But much to his annoyance, a Mew is there to foil his plans alongside Ash and Pikachu—and the others as they learn the secrets of the mirage system and the masked man. Or just the secret of the masked man, since the mirage system doesn't get touched on much outside of “It makes strong Pokémon!”

The special has a message that all life has purpose in the world, regardless if they're natural or mirage, and thus aren't “defects”. If this sounds familiar, that's because it is. The special takes cues from “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, which is funny because a mirage Mewtwo was exactly what the mastermind was looking for. But how'd he get this information? From Pikachu's memories.

But wait a minute, didn't Mewtwo erase those memories? He did, supposedly. Was there stock footage from the movie? Not the first one (because again, Mewtwo “erased” those memories), but from “Pokémon 2000” to “Heroes”, yes, and it's possible he saw memories up to the then-latest “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. Wasn't there stock footage of “Mewtwo Returns”, though? No, because TV specials don't count in a TV special. Maybe that's where he got the information from, but the special waves that away, so we don't get an explicit answer as to how he learned read more
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Flying Witch (Anime) add
Flying Witch has to be the most light heartening refreshing anime ever made. It's a far deviation away from a typical school SOL and (violent) adventure types, I can't really put the right words together to describe it. I invite you to join the world of Flying witch because I do not think you will be disappointed. The character development is great and every second of every episode leaves you with a sense of fulfillment. Which is a very hard thing to have. The show is bright and airy and well...Just go watch it!

Keep in mind with this though: Not a lot really happens in this anime. There is no backbone story line guiding the plot in any one direction. It's just a hodgepodge of "let's do this today!" So if you're not really into that, this may not be your cup of tea.
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To start I am a fan of parody( movies, songs, books, et. al).This show tries too hard to lambaste every anime stereotype known. The jokes are funny but forced. The characters personalities are as exaggerated as their figures.

I kind of enjoyed this show, but I think if it were longer than the 2 episodes I think I would've dropped it.

The overdone poor taste joke would've worn out their welcome rather fast.

Not enough time to develop a concrete story so they went for pure slapstick, which works most of the time albeit overly done.

Overall ok show kills an hour and I don't feel I wasted my time.
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Detective Conan (Anime) add
While this may be a "biased" review, it is in my opinion that this anime/manga is a masterpiece... that is, at least up to a certain point.
As someone who picked up the series nearly 15 years ago, I am still attached to it, but that is not without my complaints, and I am not able to ignore the poor writing decisions that are present throughout the series. Though for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I will leave most of that out in this review!

Also, prepare for a long-winded review... but I feel that it's necessary to do this anime justice.

Do I recommend that you watch Detective Conan. Yes and no.
I think if you are a fan of mysteries, particularly whodunnits, that there is simply no better anime out there. Kindaichi is an option that comes close, but I feel that it doesn't hold up in both the "plot" and the cases itself. Detective Conan has a mostly "fair" approach to the mysteries that are present in almost every case, so it's great for people who want to solve the cases alongside or before Conan (which is quite the task a majority of the time).
The plot is also very interesting, at least up to a certain point and has some phenomenal mystery underlying there as well. It's slow paced and generally follows several story arcs, but with the series shrouded in ambiguity, it always leaves you wondering what's coming next.

Why wouldn't I recommend this anime? Plain and simple... even if you don't like mysteries, I don't think that's a reason to warrant kicking Detective Conan to the curb... but the main turn off for people would be the slow developing plot, and the fact that the anime/manga seemingly has no end in sight, despite having just celebrated the anime's 20th anniversary.

The show has an episodic format, and because there is generally some unrelated case to the plot in each episode, it can feel very repetitive. The series has a "floating time-line", so we don't really have a proper sense of time and not even a year has passed in the anime/manga.
This is a series that for the normal anime fan, would be hard to binge. There's 892 episodes (as of this review), and I honestly can't recommend someone start this anime without following some important episode list. Almost half of the anime episodes are original content and not based on the manga and have absolutely nothing to do with the plot or character development either (which is the prime reason I recommend following such a guide). You'd have to be careful too since one little thing you may happen to read could spoil the entire anime for you, or at least a pivotal story arc.

Synopsis from MAL:
Shinichi Kudou, a great mystery expert at only seventeen, is already well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi sees two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. When read more
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School Days (Anime) add

I gave this anime one star because of the sole fact that it sicked me to my core! It wasn't a BAD anime, it completed its purpose with 10 STARS, but it did its job all too well.

The main male lead was an effing DOG.
The female leads, ugh!
The ending, sickening.

the ending matches MIRAI NIKKI in f-ked0up-ness value.
This anime gave that same feel but with a bad taste in your mouth.
Its sickening.

If i explain why its sickening it would sound mediocre but the writer was able to pull off an amazing feat.

I dont like it though.
You might
But i dont.
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5 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
Bungou stray dogs-


Disregard anyone who talked smack about this anime!!
Disregard any review below 7

PS. It has NO YAOI, i'm just saying it has potential for those who SHIP YAOI

An orphan is recruited by a "Special Abilities Agency" to work for them since he was kicked out of the orphanage.

This anime was refreshing, in a "cliche but still really GREAT way"
It wasn't Harem, it had serious yaoi potential and the plot was good, IS GOOD actually, it left us on a cliff hanger of sorts, wanting to know more.

Its psychological concepts and BRILLIANT characters are engaging and comforting.

I don't want to say much, less i give way to spoilers BUT its a pretty good anime cuz if it wasn't i would've dropped it...I drop boring anime in a flash, so if i watch it OUT TO THE END!! IT HAS TO BE PRETTY DARN GREAT!!

Girls (who like boys)
Persons who like action
Those who miss "CLICHE- ish plots" minus pantie shots and HAREM
Those who are FED UP OF HAREM
Those who are FED UP OF ECCHI
Those who like a little "PSYCHOLOGICAL" twists

Watch BSD you wont regret it!

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Onara Gorou (Anime) add
Naruto is anime.
Sword Art Online is anime.
Dragon Ball Z is anime.
Cowboy Bebop is anime.
Legends of Galactic Heroes is anime.

Onara Gorou is NOT anime.
Onara Gorou is transcendence.

There are events in human history that are divided into "before" and "after". The coming of Christ, the coming of Muhammad, the election of George W. Bush, and of course Shoshana rejecting my prom invitation. All these are events that divide us.

Onara Gorou is not one of these events. Rather, Onara Gorou serves to unite us. Abraham Lincoln once said "You have to take life as it comes, even when it comes in your face and drips down your chin." Today as I write this review I realize he's never been more right. This is, in essence, the sum of what Onara Gorou-san is trying to teach us. My spirit is uplifted and life no longer seems so bleak, I will no longer watch trash LN adaptations with the purpose of self inserting into featureless, poorly written protagonists.
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Looking at both the most upvoted reviews and most recent reviews of Darker than Black, my look on it was that it was either a pretty good hit or a rather poor miss. Well I never was good at shooting, so I guess I'm in the middle then.

Darker than Black is probably one of the biggest letdowns I've encountered in anime. What seemed to be a very interesting plot and universe as well as some downright badass characters turned out to be a crapshoot of misunderstanding for me.


Again, this is where most of my problems with this show lies. While I am down for a little mystery, the whole point of a mystery is to feel at least SOME edge of closure. The show seemed to be building up the world rather slowly and vaguely and gave me the assumption that it was gonna unveil it all in a "OH, I get it" moment, but alas, I was yet again wrong. I don't know if the show had other priorities, but the ending (which is probably the most important aspect of a show if you're gonna build it up slowly and vaguely) was extremely underwhelming and rushed. This show has some really cool features in it: varied superpowers, mindless-but-not-maybe companions, and a talking cat(!), but it still doesn't account for the complete lack of comprehension I'm wallowing in currently.

ART: 5

Nothing really stood out here for me. While I did find some of the facial details kind of intriguing and beneficial to the mood of the scene, it was ok and normal for me.


Wow, the one time where I'm actually giving this spot a high score NOT because of the show's openings and closings?! Wot?!

I thought that the actual music within the show was very cool. The variation of badass rock, slick jazz, and classical piano topped off the moods of the corresponding moments. One of the only times I'm compelled to actually give this show a round of applause, great job for the awesome music track DtB :)


C'mon. This is a no-brainer(ish). There's a group of buds each paired with their own unique quirky trait but cool strength. What's not to love about the characters here? Actually..

Because the show left on such bad terms with me at the ending in a midst of true confusion, the parts where I'm supposed to feel sad or angry just left me kind of with that "Ehh" feeling, which means a lot figuring I tie to characters rather quickly and easily. While most of their backstories were explained throughout the show, the fact that the show fails to explain most of the interesting but vague components it has to offer put me off most of the time.


Don't get me wrong. I am one for dark toned shows. However, sad stories and edgy characters aren't enough to keep me convinced that this show is just downright confusing most of the time. I understand the point of not letting everything about the read more
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Elfen Lied (Anime) add
It took a few years for me to form an opinion on this anime. There are some good elements to this anime and others that are just horrendous. Finally I came to the conclusion that I'm not sure whether or not I like it.

Story (7):

The story is good. It is one of the more original stories I've seen in an anime.
The story follows the main character Lucy-a diclonius (a human-like creature with horns and invisible arms called vectors) who escapes imprisonment in a lab, and due to an accident washes up on a beach, only to be rescued by two college students. The head researcher wants her back and hires the military along with other dicloni to track her down.

This anime represents some heavy themes, some of which I think are well portrayed. These themes include: prejudice, forgiveness, and the extent of human cruelty. While watching it begs the question: are human beings any different from these supposed murderous monsters.

I also like the inclusion of all the character's backstories, in particular the male lead Kouta. Given all the tragic backstories of the characters brought together, I like how they formed a family unit. Their interactions at the house are among the best moments in this show.

Of course with the good comes the bad. I would have scored the story as a ten had it not been for two major issues that came with this anime. I am of course talking about the unnecessary amount of violence and detailed graphic gore. Before watching I was warned that this was a violent anime, but I figured after watching violent shonen action series for most of my life, it would be no big deal. Wrong. This anime has some of the most brutal scenes I've ever seen in animation. Gruesome deaths and dismemberment-I don't recommend for anyone who is squeamish.

Secondly there is a lot of unnecessary nudity that adds nothing to the plot. It's just there for fan service, and I personally don't like fan service just for the sake of fan service. These pointless scenes add nothing to the story, or the characters, it's just there for fan service.

The concept of this story is great. There were original ideas, especially with the vectors. And there are some deep themes presented. However, I feel the excessive gore and nudity distract too much from the story to give it a higher score.

Characters (7):

To put it bluntly, there are some good characters and some not so good ones.

To begin with, I don't like the main character Lucy. Even with her tragic backstory I find her too cold and psychotic. She kills people in cold blood (and in gruesome, painful ways). Even people who have done nothing to her are victim to her wrath. I can understand how her past would lead her to loathe humanity, but not enough to excuse her blood lust throughout the show.

The male lead Kouta is a decent guy, a bit bland though. I think it's interesting to see read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Sword Art Online is a masterpiece. 10/10 the sound is 10/10, the art is 10/10, the sound is 10/10, character is 10/10, and the enjoyment is 10/10. Overall it's 10/10. I recommend this anime to everyone that haven't watched it. Also i recommend rewatching it, I've rewatched it about 16 times now and it's still really good and I really love it. I really hoped that there was an manga, because I would love that also. I'm really hyped for the Sword Art Online movie that's coming out in 2017!!!! uwu It looks sooooooo cool! Also for 2nd season I also really recommend it.
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7 hours ago
Great Teacher Onizuka (Anime) add

as i always say :
Okay i always like to be short in my reviews
I won't write a review if I'm not feel obligated to because this
Anime is so great i love of course the other anime but i have to write review for this one xD
Watch this and trust me u will like it ^^

I will so short so deal with it

It's outstanding so u will drawn in it easily ^^
Every story is very touching and problematic and sure u will always wait for
The way Gto solve it ^^ and it's always touching enjoyable way xD

Is so beautiful and unique
Is great

Is unique and very lovely

For me it's one of the greatest anime ever

see u

Mata ne
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8 hours ago
Tenshi no Tamago (Anime) add
Angel's Egg is quickly becoming one of my favorite films, and I barely understand what's going on! Here's a basic and most likely incorrect plot interpretation: In an abandoned city, a soldier finds a young girl caring for an egg which may contain a creature he is hunting. That's it! Ask someone else what they think the movie is about and you'll probably get a completely different answer. Ask the director and he'll tell you he doesn't know either.

Oh, and it's also packed with weird Christian imagery and symbolism. Does that sound esoteric and opaque and pretentious to you? Well I'll admit it's all of those things. But it's also a beautiful piece of "moving art" conceived by one of the most talented artists Japan has ever produced (Amano, the man behind the Final Fantasy video games respective logo art and formerly their concept artist), and a great director (Oshii, of Ghost in the Shell fame).

The colour pallets used in the film are mostly very dark. Black layered on black layered on black. This creates a very stark effect which combined with the unsettling soundtrack and almost complete lack of dialogue creates a pretty strange and bleak world. The backgrounds are all excellent, as is the animation.

I don't go into Angel's Egg when I'm looking for a nice relaxing anime to just throw on and chill out to. Angel's egg is my artsy dark depressing cry time movie. It's a movie that makes me wish I could make movies and makes me wish there were more films like it. I think every piece of art should have that kind of impact on its audience.

A small tip: Angel's Egg is a movie I would love to own but is almost impossible to purchase on the cheap. However, a certain popular video streaming website has some nice subbed versions of it should you be so inclined to watch this lost masterpiece. The day a criterion version of Angel's Egg comes to bluray is the day I can die a happy man ;). Enjoy!
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Rec (Anime) add
In spite of this series being fairly short, with length and episode duration, it manages to tell a better story than a lot of full length series. With Rec you really are not expecting anything amazing when you first notice it, but your voice of the series changes astonishingly fast. Really the series itself manages to grab you and keep you from the first episode right to the final scene.

I want to talk about the Art and Animation first off. It's incredible, strictly speaking from a low budget series. The animation is fluid, it flows together very well. The art work is simple, almost lazy in some parts. But with that said the art work itself was unique and part of what grabs you into the series. Beauty in the simplicity. Overall I'd rank the art at around an 8.2/10. Now to focus on what actually grabs and keeps an audience, The Story.

With this series the story starts off quite innocent, you feel sorry for Matsumaru. You are introduced to cute main girl, Aka Onda(with an exceptional voice acting role by Kanako Sakai to mention). Then after the two enjoy a fated first meeting we are brought to the problem that brings this couple together. Now without spoiling anything, I can say it is not Deus-Ex like, but does seem kind of unluckily convenient for the story progression. With this Aka is invited to stay with Matsumaru, in which they begin a lovers relationship where they are not lovers. Now as the series progresses we have bonding moments and we having moments where the couple(who aren't actually a couple... yet?) are almost driven apart. But with turmoil comes the true feelings. And pray it is not too late. I an say the last 3 episodes have incredible pace for only being 33~ minutes of show time. The story had to be probably the best aspect for the series, personally I'd put it around 8.8/10.

To close I just want to mention how the characters were handled and overall enjoyment of the series. Introduction of each character was done pretty good, based on the role said character would play. But with a short story kind of series, there was no character background. Did we need it? No. But for a development stand point, minimal. Except in the case of Matsumaru and Aka. You had them develop a very cute romance, you had the two learn about each other and you had them grow to love each other. All in all Rec was a great series, just something to put on if you want to unwind and relax with a cute little series. I personally think Shaft did a good job bringing this story out.
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Hey. You. Yeah, you. Do you live under a rock? Otherwise you already know what I'm talking about before I even say it.

Well most likely at least



Ok, lets get on to it. So, shingekyee no kyeeojyeen is about a guy named eren who loses his mother to the titans, a bunch of naked human like creatures who want to eat humans for unknown reasons. He trains to become a soldier, to take out all titans! Also by his side is the completely useless armin, and the completely bada$$ mikasa. Yep. The plot is actually pretty deep but I don't wanna spoil anything

The cast is big, but small (because most of it dies). Well, theres eren, the guy who wants to kill all titans to avenge his mother. He is clearly p!ssed off. Meanwhile, his 'sister' is by his side, and she is very op, but she does get development and is a great character. Then theres the useless armin, who develops the best, going from a weakling to a strong fighter. Hes gr8 too. Eren is an ok character I guess, if not a bit average. Besides that, the only other memorable characters in this anime are levi, the ultimate bada$$, Sasha (potato lady), the crazy titan scientist (forgot her name XD), the female titan and a bunch of warriors who I cant remember BECAUSE THEY

If this anime excels at one thing, its the ridiculously amazing animation. The art looks AMAZING, extremely detailed and memorable. So you would think, with amazing art comes bad animation. NOPE. The animation is extremely fluid (especially during the action scenes), and rlly brings the show to life.

But if the anime excels at another thing, its the amazing soundtrack. Rlly tho, its amazing. All I gotta say. Just search for the aot ost on youtube or something

But yeah, aot is definetly worth a watch if you like action, a well written story, amazing animation, amazing ost, and pretty good characters.

On the positive side:

well written story
pretty good characters

On the negative side:

There is a lot of dialogue (something I don't always like)
Its not over (3 years of wait for a s2)
The cast couldv been better

Overall a score of 8.5 from me
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8 hours ago
One Punch Man (Anime) add
After not watching this show in over a year, I saw adult swim was doing an English Dub of the show. I couldn't resist but watch it again (though the dubs only 6 episodes in), it was just as much of a pleasure to watch as the first time I watched it. I highly recommend it to anyone, it's mix of creative character design and amazing visuals made me fall in live with the show yet again! From the first episode I knew it was going to be an action show, however this show completely redefined the genre, it was badass! It's a great watch and something that I could reccomend to any of my friends
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8 hours ago
Trinity Seven (Anime) add
First of let me say that this is probably the first time that i watched a harem where the guy wasn't an absolute wimp. Most of the harems I have seen the guy has absolutely no friggin clue that the girls want him, however in this anime we get a guy who isn't afraid to say "thank you for the tit show". Honestly I couldn't find anything that I didn't like about this anime. If you are going to watch this anime I would recommend wearing headphones because the music is much better when you can actually hear the bass. The music is what turns this anime from a mediocre harem anime into a brilliantly done (in my opinion) masterpiece. From the start I found the easy going perv Kasuna Arata to be very likable. One of the biggest issues I get with harem action animes is that they never really have time to develop the relationships between the MC and his harem, no such problem with this anime. Honestly, I am absolute crap at explaining these things. This anime was so damn good I couldn't resist giving a review. I honestly think that if you give it a shot you just might like it.
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9 hours ago
Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Honestly, I was turned off by this show at first because I didn't like the character designs of the two characters I saw posted a lot, Tsu and Ochako, and because I thought the story sounded boring. I was wrong though since I actually really enjoyed this show. The characters are fun and they all had cool powers, the setting was fitting for a hero show, and the art was good.

I'm usually not the type who likes a lot of super hero stuff, but this was the exception. All the different quirks, or powers, helped me enjoy the show more than other super hero stuff since usually only a few powers are focused on instead of almost everyone having a unique one. I still don't like a lot of the outfits, nor Tsu and Ochaka, but it at least proved that part of my initial feeling about the show was wrong. It may be a typical superpower show, but all the different powers will help keep you entertained so give it a shot. I can't give more than a 8/10 though because I don't think this is a show that I could keep re-watching and some the costumes were bad, in my opinion, but decide for yourself.
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10 hours ago
New Game! (Anime) add
Story : 6 / 10

- A story that is told anime is less attractive, but easy to understand,
like the way employees work there, how a leader can guide his men.
if it is given a touch of serious conflict may be the story's going to be interesting.

Art : 7 / 10

- art contained in this anime is quite good
part design for the characters in DC that I like
Town atmosphere passable arranged, the outer shape of the building is quite unique as well as it looks cozy

Sound : 7 / 10

-sound by the strains in this anime It is less
background noise sara yaa my own good
Opening for song selection Skip SAKURA (SAKURA ス キ ッ プ) I loved it

Char : 8 /10

-I really liked the character design looks fit especially me this lolicon: v
I give added value to the typical sifat2 contained in the character of the
example: Aoba hardworking nature but childish walaupu Aoba themselves are not willing in saying that

Enjoyment : 7 / 7

although the story is somewhat absurd but I love art and design / nature of the unique character and I can not turn the monitor: v
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shikku x kanojo start of with a girl Oominato Natsuko who work in a store living normal life one day she meet a guy name Wakasa Souji who likes her but she already dating a guy name Shibata. after she done working she have been kidnap by wakasa souji after he kill her boyfriend Shibata over jealous rage this hentai have to be the worst hentai ever made in history there is no sex scenes at all this supposed to be hentai not a anime Suzuki mirano. should be ashamed for doing this to long time fans he have other good hentai but this is the worst last straw he fuck over his fans not doing there job not following there source people go play and stick to this game avoid this ova a.s.a.p it is not worth your time i give this 0/10
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10 hours ago
Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (Anime) add
As a straight man i watch this show out of the curiosity. Not alot time when you see a anime about straight guy that like yaoi. Then after the first ep i could help to laugh and laugh some more. I was enjoying myself watching misadventures of this guy. A straight guy could like yaoi. The music is real good. As i watch more ep the more i like it. I can't get ehough of it, It was like some type of drug. Watching this straight guy enjoying yaoi with his friends. As i set their laughing as the yaoi jokes too. I can relate to that one friend, Since never understand yaoi thing. This is a real great story.
The art is great too.
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This review will be split into two sections. The first one is spoiler free. The second one isn’t.

Spoiler Free:
There’s been a lot of talk about Re:Zero. From the Waifu wars to the hype around its writing. I’ve seen comparisons to many series. Some people even called it „The new Evangelion“. So is this hype deserved? Do we really have the next masterpiece on our hands?

No. Here’s why:

Story: An otaku/neet gets into a fantasy world. Because he’s an otaku he knows the basic routine of such stories and tries to follow it but things are not as simple as they seem at first. The concept is good. But ultimately it fails (more on that in my spoilers section)

Art: It’s pretty fantastic in my opinion. If you enjoy good animation you will like this. The character designs are good. The CGI is surprisingly well integrated and not as noticeable as you would think.

Sound: Once again it’s fantastic. Voice actors do a terrific job. Be it during the serious or funny moments. Soundtrack is not as memorable as I would like it to be, but openings and endings are generally great

Character: Majority of the characters are your typical fantasy cookie cutters and there's nothing really interesting about them. The strong and righteous hero. The super strong loli. The insanely looking wizard who has some pretty suspect moments. The main characters are hit or miss at first and then just miss mostly. Overall I would say its an average cast assembly (mainly due to fact that we have 0 strong antagonists atm.)

Enjoyment: It’s definitely fun. There is good amount of comedic, serious and action moments throughout the story. Not once have I had problems with pacing. You are going to have fun if you are into similar shows. Also the directing is absolutely fantastic. I mean it. Somebody give the director a raise.

Overall it’s a promising show but its lacking in characters and story.

Spoiler section:

Story: As I said before, the story fails. It fails because at first it tries to portray this „realistic“ fantasy world.

“Oh you think there’s fun and harem and boobs and you are going to be a big hero? Naw fam catch this dagger in your back. Oh you think you are going to spew about how good you are and we won’t be G-Checking you? Here’s a speech about how you are nothing and as a bonus enjoy this beating in front of a crowd. “

It’s a good subversion. But in the end (at least currently) it doesn’t matter. Subaru even after all of his failures still wins. He is still the hero. He still took down the whale. He still saved Rem. He still saved Felt. There are no permanent repercussions to his actions outside of mental health (which is still okay after sleeping on Emilia’s lap or listening to how good of a guy he is from Rem). Not to mention that the „neet“ takes out 3 bandits by read more
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10 hours ago
Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Anime) add
There comes a time in every anime viewers life when they come across something seemingly unique and are compelled to watch it. Either through stunning visuals, or an interesting synopsis, we dive into an anime world knowing full well it might just end up being 'meh.' Right, so here I arrive with this anime, Aoharu x Kikanjuu.

Story: It was a 'good' story. The whole premise of them becoming the best in Japan at survival games was interesting, and kept me in it for the long run. What I didn't like is how they kept speeding things up further than they'd need to, they squished a lot into one 12 episode anime leaving me somewhat unsatisfied.

Art: Possibly the strongest point this anime had. The action scenes were what kept me watching this, and the creepy close up shots on many of the characters faces made the show have stunning visuals (like I said above). The designs of characters and more specifically the secondary characters uniforms were really cool. I mean, it wasn't gurren lagann level of fantastic art, but it was really SHINY.

Sound: The sound felt out of place to be honest, there was too much elevator music. It's literally what you would of listened to waiting to get to the floor of your hotel room. It seemed too jazzy for the show, as no one really had a jazzy personality. Not even Mattsun had that spunky of a personality. The music didn't match the story. Regarding the intro song, it was fun to listen to. So the whole soundtrack wasn't a whole miss. And it wasn't making my ears fall off or anything. The voices were just okay. I thought midori's voice did a good job highlighting him being very sadistic and Yukki's voice matching him as being pretty dull/interested in perverted things.


I kind of wish this was a shounen-ai so instead of deliberately hiding that the main character is a girl most of the show, they'd of just had her as a him. The main 'girl' is pretty unfeminine and looks more like a uke to me.

If you like that the main character is a justice freak, well, you'll have a ball, but she falls a little flat in development. Not just physical (budum bum).
I liked the dynamics between the secondary character team and the first, but the characters really weren't developed any further than just being a tool to the action of the story and humor. It was ALL about the survival games and the friendship that made no sense to of been made (besides sharing an interest) and the loss of friendship. If you're okay with characters having no individuality past being 'sadistic' 'masochistic' 'bloodthirsty,' or 'mundane' then I guess you can watch it.


It wasn't a BAD show by any means. It had great action, the art was spectacular, and it COULD be interesting at times. So it's a good action story that doesn't take up much time, and it's about a game read more
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11 hours ago
Ookamikakushi (Anime) add
To begin, I, luckily, didn't discover that this was a Ryukishi07 work until about halfway through. I do believe that many only dislike this anime because it came from Ryukishi07, as it is very different from other works. I personally liked it alright.

It took a long time to figure out what exactly was going on, and once it tells you, it rushes through everything. Simply put, this should have been a longer anime. There just didn't seem to be enough room to fit what was necessary to make it good. The story certainly gave good mystery, yet, at the same time, skated over some things and just threw others into your face so fast it was just stupid. Literally, everything comes out because two characters are trapped together for a few hours. That's the only reason.

I loved the art. I thought it was beautiful. It actually somewhat reminded me of Jigoku Shoujo; or Hell Girl. I don't have much to say other than it's the shiny, newer art style of modern times. And it was great.

I was quite fond of the opening and ending of this series. They were really pretty and just had a great feel to them. Again, was slightly reminded of Jigoku Shoujo by the opening. Not entirely sure why, but, I had to look up the other opening after starting Ookamikakushi.

Pretty much all the characters only had one dimension. Probably due to the fact that they only lasted a few episodes, or if they lasted longer, they were minor characters. Even the main characters were pretty one-dimensional beings. They changed a bit, but overall, nothing changed. Only two characters changed a decent amount, and they weren't even main main characters! The antagonist was very badly written as well. Just...just really bad.

For all the flaws, it was pretty good. Rushed? Sure. Bad character development? Pretty normal for twelve episode shows.

Whatever you do, don't go in expecting something like Higurashi or Umineko, because this is not like that. At all.
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(This review has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

One of my father’s favorite superheroes is Superman. But, to me, Superman is always one of my least favorite.

He can lift cars. He can literally deflect bullets. He can regenerate by exposing himself to sunlight. But what kills him? A rock. He is boring and, ironically, weak. Lame.

You know what is not lame? Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou. Kryptonite will not be taking down Concrete anytime soon.


The anime world coins Concrete as a split-cour anime. Its first half plays in one season. A season-long break is taken. And then the second, final half plays during the season following the break. It is basically a two-cour anime rather than two, independent seasons since the second half directly continues where the first left off.

The first half to a split-cour is generally meant to create the foundation. Introduce the characters, have some plot, get the audience interested in what it has to offer. The payoff comes in the second half.

Concrete does not resign itself to such simplicity.

The anime is framed in a fascinating way. Rather than the events being played in a continuous fashion, they are scrambled. Episodes take place years and months apart. Often times, the current period jumps back-and-forth within a single episode. Most certainly interesting. But why? Why intentionally make everything difficult to follow?

Before this question can be answered, Concrete’s themes have to first be explored. Three major themes exist. This amount is a lot for an anime to handle, especially a first half to a split-cour. The handling is made harder by their scope: morality, racism, and control.

The first theme, morality, is the most prominent in the anime and arguably the most important. Many events, like Fuurouta killing the bugs in the “Black Fog” or Earth-chan the robot flying around the globe helping people, revolve around a philosophical thought that has stumped men and women forever: What does it mean to be “good” or “evil”?

Is it considered good to take out a civilization bugging others when that same civilization were the first ones to be treated poorly? Can a lie, which is inherently wrong, ever benefit another? The actions of the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are constantly up in the air, questioned by not just the cast but also the audience.

The second theme, racism, starts appearing later on in the season. Racism is certainly not as philosophically challenging – racism is simply discrimination of another based on race (or a similar trait). But it is no doubt just as important.

Concrete has people with superpowers and those without. Sometimes they work together, but, more often than not, they are clashing. Superhumans even clash with other superhumans. One episode focuses on the destruction of a harmless family that literally cannot die. Another episode highlights the betrayal of Rainbow Knight, the best and most important superhuman. In essence, these nonhuman people are treated in a particularly racist fashion.

Concrete further explores its theme on racism when it showcases horrible mistreatment of the read more
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11 hours ago
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Guess what I found? Today I checked app store, and found an interesting Attack on Titan Puzzle and RPG game. Its name is Puzzle Monster Quest: Attack on Titan. The game is also live in Google Play now.

All of my favorite characters such as Captain Levi, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger are in this game. And there are special Attack on Titan themed dungeons. According to the game official website, the Attack on Titan Dungeon Event is coming around the end of August, and is time limited. If you are a fan of Attack of Titan and have waited for animation season 2 for several years, don’t miss the opportunity to play this game. ☺

Download link:

The game is from famous Japanese producer Grenge, and is quite popular in Japan. Honestly I’m glad the English version keeps the original favor of a real Japanese game.

The game play is quite simple, very similar to Puzzles and Dragons. Swipe, Match, and unleash Powerful Attacks. And its UI and characters are much better than Puzzles and Dragons.

Check the trailer below:
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Yesterday, 3:07 PM
Hanare Toride no Yonna (Anime) add
Hanare Toride no Yonna is a CGI film from CoMix Wave Films. You may remember them from Hoshi wo ou Kodomo & Byousoku 5 Centimeter. This film was released in 2006. So, how does it hold up compared to the other CoMix Wave Films productions I've seen? Let's check it out and see.


We open with a brother and sister going about their daily lives. Then a strange boy comes by, sees the sister and scarpers. We cut to an indeterminate amount of time later when the siblings are living together in a fortress without anyone else nearby and a young man is trying to break in and it might seem like I'm skipping crucial plot details, but that's exactly how the information is presented to us.

Therein lies the first major flaw of the series. The story is all over the place. While you do eventually gather why the siblings are on their own, it gets thrown at you far later than it should be and in a stilted exposition dump. Which is a general problem with the dialogue, actually. Nothing sounds natural. The pacing is also pretty bad with the story rushing through things that need more time and wasting time on random scenes where Yonna interacts with little imps.


The biggest issue with the characters in this film is that their motivations are vague, ill-defined and don't really make that much sense. Stan's motivation seems to be wanting what's best for his sister, which would make sense, but he also doesn't seem to give a shit what she thinks or has to say. Yonna has a vague “wanting more” motivation but she somehow needs someone else to taker her away from solitude instead of just talking to her brother. Garuda starts out doing a mission but decides to help Yonna for no adequately explored reason. So, ultimately, you get motivations that are both one-dimensional and nonsensical.


The art in this looks pretty bad. It's not the first time I've reviewed something with bad CGI animation and I doubt it'll be the last. The big issues are with the movements, which look janky and awkward and with the facial expressions, which largely look like “dull surprise.”


The acting and music aren't bad. They aren't good, but there's also not a lot that's wrong with them. About the worst I can say is that Mitsuhashi Kanako & Kenn both under-act a bit.


There isn't much in terms of romance at all.

Final Thoughts:

Hanare Toride no Yonna is a pretty bad film. The story is nonsense. The characters don't have anything to them. The artwork looks terrible and the sound is weak. That being said, it isn't one of the worst things I've ever reviewed. It's mainly just kind of stupid and boring. My final rating is going to be a 3/10. Tomorrow I'll continue film festival week with Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt.
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Yesterday, 3:02 PM
B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (Anime) add
Ah, B-project.

I only watched the first episode for the lols with my friend because we both like utapri and wanted to see if other (guy) idol anime is worth it. I know utapri is terrible but I freaking love it :^). However, B-project is terrible and I don't like it.

The first issue with the story is how it is just so dumb. This girl who doesn't even know what an A/R does or is gets hired for this job? Nonsense. Doesn't even explain what A/R even stand for and what it actually does to the audience? A company suddenly cancelling a show for the idol? Nonsense. They can't do this because they were such thing called contracts to prevent this from happening. Idols not being told about changes in their staff member before they actually meet the person?

On top of this the anime's exposition is far from stellar. Introduce like 10 characters at once and expect people to remember them? Have a random character that we don't even know about start talking? Seriously who was the guy with long hair that got angry at the feminine CEO of the company? I still don't know.

Some character designs are pretty nice to look at but some are ugly in my opinion. Also it doesn't help the anime that a lot of the seiyuuus in this anime are popular seiyuus who have done other idol shows before and it is difficult for it to have its own identity. For example, the green haired dude's seiyuu is Reiji from Utapri! I am not the one to recognize seiyuus so quickly but oh man his voice is pretty unique and I caught on right away. The green haired boy is flamboyant and loud which marks similarities with Reiji from Utapri (although Reiji is not narcissistic).

The songs are not that great. The singing is not so great. In fact, the sound of this show is quite dreadful. The first episode focuses on the two boys. The (tsundere) shota one and the light blue haired one (from what I can remember) cannot sing. I swear I say this a lot but you can't have a shitty singer who sings about rainbows and stars to make me feel moved. It's not like I expect Grand Rodeo (Natsuki from Utapri) type of excellent singing and passion BUT... ugh.

I also disagree with how the girl is involved with the recording process. Maybe she's a freaking genius who can spot the problems in someone's singing unlike the PD WHO WAS RECORDING THEM (who probably has more experienced than someone who doesn't even know what A/R does) . After her advice everything goes smoothly and apparently something changes about their singing which, frankly, is just BS because their singing is identical recording playing over read more
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Kimi ni Todoke (Anime) add
He visto muchos romances (demasiados), pero ninguno lo he abandonado ni me ha disgustado. Kimi ni Todoke lo ha conseguido.

Kimi ni Todoke cuenta la historia de Kuronuma Sawako, que tiene como apodo "Sadako" por una película que no tiene nada que ver con el anime. La chica resulta que es temida por toda la escuela porque hay rumores de que ve fantasmas y cosas así.

Realmente absurdo y exagerado, pero vamos a lo importante.

Aparece Kazehaya Shouta, un chico que lo describen como súper amable y sonriente, comienza a fijarse en ella. ¿Cómo? Pues porque Sawako le indicó dónde estaba la preparatoria en su primer encuentro.

Sí, en serio. Amor a primera vista, supongo.

Después de eso, los personajes se limitan a sonrojarse cada vez que se ven. No progresan hasta que la "antagonista" aparece, Kurumizawa Ume. A primera vista, parece una chica amable y preciosa, pero realmente es una arpía que lo único que busca es salir con Kazehaya. A mi parecer, no es mala. Simplemente se ha enamorado y va a luchar por él. Eso sí, su actitud de chica buena podría guardársela, porque si fuera sincera me gustaría más.

Los únicos personajes que realmente valen la pena para mí es Chizuru, Ayane, Ryuu y Pin. De verdad quería ver el anime exclusivamente por ellos, pero es imposible con las escenas de romance.

El sonido es mediocre, nada del otro mundo. Y el arte está bien, aunque no es algo que destace. He disfrutado todos los momentos de comedia, pero los de romance han sido horribles.

No entiendo cómo puede tener un ocho y medio una historia tan mediocre y poco realista, pero es mi opinión y también respeto las demás.

Le doy un cinco, y bastante es.
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Yesterday, 2:14 PM
Space☆Dandy (Anime) add
Have you ever done something special in your life? Perhaps it was something small and trivial like spinning a basketball on your fingertip or getting a Helpful vote for a review on this site. Maybe it was something that you will forever remember, like winning a video game tournament or having sex for the first time. Whatever the case, if you had done something special, did you try to re-create the magic, to reach those dizzying heights once more? Most people ho manage to do something extraordinary attempt doing it again and they either fail or end up settling for a vague imitation of what they’ve done. Shinichiro Watanabe, the most famous anime director not named Hayao Miyazaki, once achieved something special in Cowboy Bebop, for which he was endlessly praised. Bebop, Watanabe’s first project, established a ridiculously high standard that he would have to reach with his other works. Throughout his decorated career, Watanabe spearheaded a multitude of anime series, all receiving solid recommendations but none achieved the all-around excellence, the “something-for-everyone” magic, of Cowboy Bebop. Realizing that his efforts to create something original wouldn’t be good enough anymore, Watanabe decided to return to his roots and craft another intergalactic space opera of bounty hunters, christening it “Space Dandy”.

From the get-go, you can easily spot the similarities between Dandy and Bebop. For one, the wulong is the widely accepted currency in both series. Another, less obvious, hint is that the contaminated fridge from Cowboy Bebop’s Session 11 makes a cameo in episode 8 of Space Dandy. It’s obvious that Space Dandy is set in the same universe as Bebop but these two shows are so fundamentally different. What made Cowboy Bebop special, among other things, was its talent for world-building, how the setting was carefully crafted to perfection. The thing about Bebop’s universe was that although it was set in the future, it was still grounded in reality whereas the world of Dandy is so expansive and discombobulated that the feeling of continuity is gone. Then, there are the characters…

More than anything else, Cowboy Bebop was a show about people. From the cooler-than-cool protagonist Spike Spiegel down to the side-note trio of old men, this series portrayed its cast with painstaking amounts of emotion and depth that every character registered as realistic. With Space Dandy, however, the effort just isn’t there. Dandy (voiced by Ian Sinclair) is the titular character of the show; his overzealous speeches, hair-brained schemes, and memorable one-liners craftily cover up Dandy’s lack of dimensions and character development. Dandy’s sidekicks QT the vacuum cleaner and Meow the cat are barely worth mentioning. In a show chock-full of bizarre characters, in appearance and/or personality, it’s more than a tad frustrating that the only intriguing one (excluding Dandy) is the narrator (voiced by R. Bruce Elliot). Space Dandy’s narrator, in essence, is simply a bored viewer like the rest of us. He sometimes falls asleep. He gets aroused during fan-service moments. He occasionally forgets important elements of read more
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Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game! (Anime) add
I'll be short. Before, my apologies for my english written. Well, I'll start. I had the bad luck to see this movie in a mix made for the USA(skilled to wreck japanese anime or tv show foreing) with all digimon's movie, including from the 02 children. The last year, I found all movies in japanese language and individually each one.

Story: 10/10
-Began the modernity in around 00's , great idea a digital monster attacked the network and could do damage to the earth if got his real body. Actually maybe doesn't impact us, but for me and my opinion, It did it.

Art: 10/10
-Amazing animation, colorful, delightful even for the century. Better than the Tv show and the battles are faster.

Sound : 9/10
-It used the OST from the Tv show, but they knew put it in the best moments. When happens the evolve, I felt a child watching Digimon after back to from school and exciting for listen to "Brave heart".

Character : 9/10
- Something stands out from Digimon is the values of each children and these is what go to the victory.

Enjoyment : 10/10
It is not necessary to explain this.

My overall: 10.
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Yesterday, 1:20 PM
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (Anime) add
The following review is short, spoilerless but full of references so try to enjoy it whether you have watched the show or not.

Here my ratings on this anime:

Plot 9/10
Animation 7/10
Characters **/10
Ears 5/10
Fingers 6/10
Nose 15/10
Fan-service 0/10
Sound zawa zawa ZAWAAAA!

Kaiji is about one and one only thing, gambling. There is not a love story shoved in, there is no Fan-service in the show, hell, I can't even remeber seeing a female character. And with all distractions out of the way, it really captures the essence of gambling: the good, the bad, the addiction, the desperation, etc... And when I say gambling, I mean it in a vague way, not only the classic casino gambling.
The series progresses through an exponential level of "fkdupness" and it keeps the suspense and thrill in a walking on the edge of emotions without ever feeling forced.
Another aspect worth pointing out is that this is not that anime where you just have an overly intelligent main character who just outsmarts everyone else like you would get on a typical "psycological" anime.
I must admit tho, this is not an anime for everyone but if you're looking for an anime on gambling or just a smart, deep and grasping story you should give it a try.

**(A bunch of adult Ikari Shinjies) <---- yes thats a Neon Genesis reference
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Under the Dog (Anime) add
Under the Dog is a thirty-minute OVA backed by a bunch of naive fans on Kickstarter who looked at the cool trailer that was made before production had actually started on the thing, saw it was about girls with guns, noticed the director of that incredibly stupid Blast of Tempest anime was behind it all, and have gained nothing from their sixty dollars but a jar of betrayed tears and access to something I easily watched for free and the creators couldn't care less because they've got all that Kickstarter money, yo. Yes, I wised up to the practice of Kickstarted anime after falling for it more than five times (thankfully, in time to avoid the dreadfulness that was Santa Company) and wasn't paying a single cent towards a medium that has fooled everyone so much it's a wonder anime still has fans at all until after they impressed me. Because a lot of things can look good before it's actually released. Blood Blockade Battlefront looked to be pretty fun based on promotional images, visually interesting trailers, and a unique premise done by talented people, and that show ended up boring me two minutes in and somehow got even worse from there on out.

And good lord, the reaction to this thing is pretty negative on this thing. It's gotten so bad that some forums are filled with nothing but deniers from another dimension who refuse to accept that they got scammed despite the fact that the silent majority says otherwise. I mean granted, it's not the most unwatchable thing on the planet and it gave the audience what they wanted. But here's the thing most creators need to keep in mind: most people don't know what they want. You think people wanted Shirobako or Rakugo before they actually came out and blew people's minds? An anime about the actual craft that goes into making these cartoons and a form of comedy that's lost on people who don't read one Eastern textbook or ever visit an Eastern country? I don't think anyone hyped those up beforehand and look at the reaction to them now. Okay, Blood Blockade Battlefront still sells more money, but I say those shows are doing pretty well off for the original untested shows they were.

Still, I've never really cared too much about all the behind-the-scenes drama regarding products, especially on this blog, because all that matters at the end of the day is whether or not it's actually good. We all know Stanley Kubrick is a monster behind the camera, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming one of the greatest film directors of all-time. And if anyone took the health and effort of the average anime production team into effect when it came to reviewing this shit, we wouldn't be able to criticize anything because the working conditions of your average studio are "unsweetened chocolate" levels of awful. So let's get into this Under the Dog thing by introducing the plot...which is too incomprehensible to actually read more
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Kobutori (1929) (Anime) add
Have you ever wanted to watch the oldest anime ever made? Well, this is most like the closest most people will be able to get without an insane amount of effort. And really, what is there to lose? The movie is only 10 minutes long and in public domain which means you can find it legally on sites like YouTube (search "The Old Man's Lump Removed").

I personally watched this so I can say to my family and friends: "I have watched an anime from 1929!, which is three times older than me!". If this kind of reasoning seems valid to you, go-ahead and watch it. Otherwise, do not, because the actually movie is pretty bad. That said, I will end with 3 good things about it:

1. Interesting look into old animation / the birth of anime.
2. Nicely detailed for it's time.
3. Somewhat interesting plot (no spoilers).
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Chihayafuru (Anime) add
Let's be honest: I'm not really a fan of sports anime. Or anything that revolves around sports. More to the point, I'm just not a very competitive person, physically. Give me an essay topic and I'll try my darn hardest to prove I can write better than my opponent. Give me some math questions, and I'll melt my brain from the stress of making sure I don't make a single error. When it comes to brain games, I am a perfectionist. But the moment I felt pressured to be better than my fellow ballet classmates, my inspiration and desire to go further trickled away and vanished. The moment I understood that my tae kwon do classes weren't just for recreation, they were for competing with my other colleagues, I just completely lost interest. It is not my forte, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. That's why I so very much wanted Chihayafuru to prove me wrong – to show me that sports anime can be just as good and captivating as any other despite my lack of interest in the subject. The show certainly started off with a bang.

The main character, Chihaya, is in high school. A meeting with a former elementary school classmate of hers prompts a flashback that extends across several episodes, detailing her previous history with this classmate and, more specifically, the start of Chihaya's passion for an unusual sport – karuta. Karuta not only requires physical prowess, it also requires you to use your brain, constantly: the basis of the game is the memorization of one hundred poems. Only fifty of these are used in any one game. The cards that are used by the players in karuta contain the second verse of the poem. To put it in a nutshell, a reader recites the first verse of a particular poem. You grab the card that has the second verse of that poem. It sounds simple, and in a way it is, but it takes a lot of training to become good at karuta.

I suppose you can guess why even I wondered if I would want to play karuta – the mental aspect interested me. Not only that, but I was taken in by the way the anime showcased Chihaya's love for karuta. In addition, I also liked that it touched upon different forms of love for the same hobby and passion: one of Chihaya's high school classmates is a girl named Kanade, who adores karuta, not because she is particularly competitive, but because she likes the poems, and the history and meaning behind each and every one. The variety and carefulness with which the anime presented its theme held my attention. I definitely found myself liking the characters, and by episode eight, I found myself cheering them on. Even the card game matches were exciting. I was nervous, hoping one of the main characters would win, hoping that things would go well.

But things started going downhill when I realized that, by episode read more
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Plastic Memories (Anime) add
You may consider some of the things I write to be spoilers, but I find them to be vague and obvious. I don't directly explain what happens, but I do go into the development of the two protagonists of the story.

Plastic Memories is a story set in a world like Ghost in the Shell, except instead of dealing with the actions aspects we get a more lighthearted and emotional story. While the scifi aspects may be secondary to the romance aspects, I can guarantee this series isn't poorly done. A lot of the negative reviews seem to bring up their expectations, but in my opinion doing so is a grave mistake. I went into this series expecting, and by the first episode all I really wanted were emotional moments. While somebody may be disappointed with the lack of sci-fi, for me personally it was interesting that those aspects were only a side piece of the overall story. With that being said, I do like how they kind of established that it is set in that sort of world. There's only one episode that deals with action, but it gives you the idea that this world is larger than just what the story is telling. (who knows it could even lead to a spinoff)

The core theme in Plastic Memories is loss. The first episode introduces this theme very well, making for surprisingly tear-jerking moments for a series I've only seen one episode of. The loss theme of this series only builds from the first episode, focusing not only on the ones dealing with loss, but the feelings of those who will be lost. Those two perspectives are explored through both side characters, but also the two protagonists of the story; Isla and Tsukasa Mizugaki.

As you go into the story, you find Isla, the center of this storyline to be very conflicted and broken from past memories. She takes the blame for all the pain revolving around her, and is afraid to cause anymore of it. She's fearing loss from the giving end. The way the character develops is through a romance with the other protagonist; Tsukasa Mizugaki. It becomes increasingly hard for her to remain in her shell, and it makes for great development. The end result of all this development leads to some very beautiful moments, specifically at the end.

Do not go into Plastic Memories if you want a hardcore science fiction series, because that is not the kind of story you will receive. If you're up for an emotional slice of life that narrates different ways people deal with loss and death, this series is for you. I'd especially recommend it to anybody who is dealing with or have been through these kinds of things in real life, because it will amplify the more emotional scenes.

Enjoyment wise I give Plastic Memories a strong 10. The series can have flaws, but for me those flaws aren't what the series is read more
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Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
Alright buckle up boys and girls, cause this reviewer is bout to rage!

Question time: Do you like Haruhi Suzumiya? Its genius philosophy, supernatural comedic charm, time traveling, kickass music and general random happenings?

Now imagine if the Haruhi Suzumiya series had NONE of that at all.
Well there you go, Disapparance of Nagato-Yuki in a nutshell.

Story 2/10
So the premise is basically "What if Kyon never tried to stop Nagato and just let her rewrite the universe where everyone is normal"

My honest opinion: If you were like me and felt really sorry for Nagato at the ending of Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, well don't feel sorry any longer! Cause this anime will help you come to the decision that Nagato is better off as an emotionless robot after all(This should be a f**king ad!)

A series known for being unique and even greatly influenced anime culture is thrown out of context and replaced with a mediocre slice of life rom-com! And here's the best f**king part, there isn't even a gaddamn confession! Seriously the purpose a rom com is that you build up to a somewhat epic love confession at the last episode and they can't even f**king do that! (Yeah, I can feel all the slice of fans raging over this)

The whole shows feels like an insult to the Haruhi series. Filled with bad plot, recycled jokes from the main Haruhi series (Hell, at one point they tried to reenact Endless Eight) Just...dreadful to watch

Art and Sound 2/10
I know a different studio handled this adaption so I won't point fingers on this part. But just know its still shit

Characters 3/10
Now you may be wondering why I gave this a 3? Well that's cause the show's only saving grace was its side character. Who is this side character you ask? Well, its the f**king diva queen herself, Haruhi gaddamn Suzumiya. In the original series I may have hated her guts but in this one I welcomed it with open arms. I enjoyed every second she was on screen cause she actually advances the plot! (On the 5th episode she marched right in North High and started the uhm...Literature Brigade?)

The other saving grace would be Nagato Yuki herself, halfway through the series Nagato gets in a spontaneous car accident (for plot reasons) and wakes up as the emotionless Nagato we all know and love. When that happened I literally threw my arms in the air and shouted "YES" as loud as I could (Don't get your hopes up tho, it only last for 3 episodes, that was the only good point of the series.)

Btw if you're some horny dude that enjoys all the fanservice Asahina gave in the main series? Forget it, the amount of screen time she got in this series can probably amount up to 1 and a half episodes.

Enjoyment and Overall 1/10
You know how to tell when an anime is bad? Its when the mandatory beach/hotspring episode can't even save the series. Hell, they had BOTH beach and hotspring epsiodes back read more
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X-Men (Anime) add
I don't know much about X-Men, I'm not a comic book fan and I don't watch the movies. But maybe your interested in how an "outsider" feels about this anime.

Not every story in a comic can be of epic proportions, so picking one that has ties to Japan for a 12 episode anime adaptation was probably a good idea. Of course I have no idea how well it was transferred into this. The story itself is interesting, it does not rely on the "evil appears, fight it" formula, which is nice. Some things in the latter parts were a little weird logically, but in a world with mutants I guess you just have to accept some things.

X-Men tries very hard to be both, a western cartoon and an anime. This leads to some rather ugly facial expressions, but on the bright side, the action sequences look pretty good. In total I would have preferred it to be a little more colorful, but that's personal taste.

The soundtrack was similar to other superhero cartoons, which was fitting. The opening song was rather lame, the ending was better. The voice actors tried to fit into their roles, but sometimes came off as odd-sounding. Maybe it's just that I'm not used to hear them speak Japanese.

This is where my judgment must fail, since I don't know much about the characters portrayal in the comics. The villains were very corny, while the X-Men themselves didn't manage to get me into them. Cyclops is absurdly traumatized, Beast and Storm are almost useless, Hisako is very...Japanese (which I guess is a good thing). The rest of the cast I thought were okay.

It wasn't a bad anime, but the story progressed a little too slow in my eyes. I was expecting more action out of it, being adapted from a superhero comic and all. It didn't disappoint me in total however, it still was a solid watch. But I'd guess that out of all the X-Men stories (comics, movies), this one must be one of the weaker ones.

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Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar (Anime) add
The whole thing was in my childhood and I really liked the characters especially the rain and wind faries in it, the story line was pretty good too. I love the theme song a lot and while I'm writing this it's stuck in my head. It was lovely with the little piano and the fact the main charter loved it so much,the fact her mother passed away was a little sad but that just made the story even better because it made the little piano more special. The things that randomly stood out to me were Mr. Bear and the fact waffles were pronounced sugar by the main fairy sugar as waffos. I thought that the funny parts were enjoyable and really enjoyed the fact that the elder fairy made up the whole thing about that he had a Unrequited love for the rain fairy. The faries having all of those powers from instruments intrigued me and the fact that sugar had a flute almost felt like it belonged with the the piano in the main characters house. I only watched it in English, but I'd only hope that people would watch this in Japanese preferably if older but otherwise I would totally have little kids watch this preferably ages 7-10, overall I loved this anime though it really didn't like one as much with it's uniqueness.
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Aggressive Retsuko (Anime) add
Anime shorts are a weird topic to talk about in the anime community. Most go relatively unwatched with little interest stemming for them. I mean, how often do you see someone get hyped over an anime that has 1-3 minutes of content every week? The ones that do gain popularity gain popularity due to being absolutely ridiculous. An anime short about a fart is going to get somewhat popular with people giving joke 10/10 reviews. Bananya is perhaps the worst culprit with it gaining popularity on sites like reddit for being so "cute". From last season, Sushi Police gained an infamous bit of popularity for its bad visuals amongst the very silly story.

Agressive Retsuko takes what gimmick anime shorts like Bananya possess (Cute main character) and improve upon it by adding on a worthwhile plot and series of events. That's not to say that the plot in Aggressive Retsuko is necessarily mind-blowing or out of this world. Its a simple premise- but one that is executed so well that I couldn't help but fall in love with the show.

Retsuko is an adorable red panda that is very relatable as a main character. She works as an accountant in an office building and the 1 minute shorts follow her daily routine as we witness the frustrations that Retsuko has to deal with. These frustrations are not unique to Retsuko, for many of them will have been experienced in the viewers life as well. How many times have you caught yourself trying to peel away the price tag from an object only for it to peel halfway and then become impossible to get off?

The humor from the show comes with how Retsuko deals with these frustrations. She ends up doing screamo vocals that exhibit the anger she feels from the situation. What's not to love about a red panda doing screamo?

Aggressive Retsuko takes an adorable main character and puts her in a show that is relatable to the viewers and is amusing and fun to watch without relying solely on a gimmick. There is actual substance and actual value to be taken from this very underwatched short series. And for that I give this show an 8/10. Highly recommend you at least give it a shot if you haven't seen it already.
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Detective Conan (Anime) add

Detective Conan... ¡Oooooh, Detective Conan! This series was the first anime very people (me included) watched, if not they grow up with it. A lot of people continue watching this very long anime cause of it.
But, really, it could be one of the "childhood anime", but it's very very poor. People only watch it to see when Shinichi will return to his normal body (and that doesn't happening in 800 episodes after his srinking... lol).

Story (2): ¿Story? It's suposed that Detective Conan is about a teenager-detective that has been shrunk cause of the Black Organization, a big criminal organization having a lot of territory and people working in it. But... This is the premise...

What you actually have is a big number of cliche-filler episodes of murder not related to the Black Organization in any way. If it's not the tipycal murder, it's the case of the filler-romance between the two detectives, filler-cases with the boy of Osaka, filler-cases with the detective boys... filler... filler... a lot of filler...

With all this filler-cases, even Shinichi has forgotten his real objetive.

Characters (3): Detective Conan has a big variety of cast. Although, the majority are people who are only the witness of a murder, the victim of a kidnapping case, etc.

The cast of Detective Conan can be separated in three blocks:

-The main characters: The main cast in Detective Conan involves Shinichi, Ran, her father, Ai Haibara and the Detective Boys. Although they're all main characters, only Shinichi, Ran, Ai, Kogoro and Agasa have an important role in the series, cause the Detective Boys have no relation to the main plot of the Black Organization and don't need to exist at all.

-The Black Organization-related characters: This include the organization members and the FBI. They had a good charater development until the episode 500. From then, all of these characters began to decline and also appeared filler-characters to this group which the viewer doesn't have actually any idea they exist until they're introduced.

-The non-related to anything characters aka "Police + fillers": Apart from the characters who only appear in one-two episodes, they're also some recurring characters with any relation to the plot and still appearing. First, we have Sonoko, the annoying friend of Ran, which doesn't have any character development (even when she found a boyfriend whom she put horns), later whe have Heiji and Kazuha, a pair of teenager with a romantic relationship that doesn't have any progress and have recently became a cliche in their cases (always, Heiji is about to express his feeling to Kazuha and "something" interrupted them, ¡how original, thats happening in more than 10 cases with them!), the police (all with a "sweet, sweet" romantic relationship, as if it was necessary that all the cast have a couple), although the "important ones" are Takagi and Sato, which from the start the only thing that characterizes Takagi is that he is in love of Sato for reasons we doesn't know... Bravo, a romantic relationship yes, but read more
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Esse anime ta impressionante, o anime está com uma sincronia linda com o Mirai-hen que é transmitido dias antes , e é ótimo para quem foi fã do primeiro Danganronpa mas não jogou os jogos antes de ver o Danganronpa 3, o anime está explicando tudo o que pode se dar de vago no Mirai-hen, assim não deixando ninguém perdido no decorrer da história, e alem de explicar , ele ainda tem uma história muito boa com uma ost linda, a abertura apenas digo ,FODA, e a qualidade da arte e animação são muito bem feitas , os personagens são cativantes a exemplo da Chiaki , por causa do Mirai-hen já da pra saber um pouco do final mas mesmo assim é um anime espetacular , ao meu ver um dos melhores desta temporada
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Nisekoi (Anime) add
You've seen the cute characters and the fact its made by shaft.
So now you're wondering, "should I watch Nisekoi?"

Let me give you a short description:

Apologetic pushover Raku Ichijou attracts a seemingly endless stream of cute girls that fall in love with his only character trait: how kind he is.
This includes blonde tsundere, shy girl, obsessed girl, tomboy girl, and more.

He takes this harem to the swimming pool, the hot springs, and the beach. There's even a pool cleaning episode.

Despite having a total of 32 episodes so far, there is virtually no progress made from episode 1 to the last episode of the second season.

Its appeal lies in having cute characters, so many of the shots are close ups of the girls faces, but other than that, it does a mediocre job artwise.

Whatever romance the show claims to have is just a hologram of a carrot being projected into the cardboard cutout of a carrot that is dangled in front of you. I swear that's how far away from actual romance it is.

The same music is repeated ad nauseum.

Now, is this all sounding familiar? I've just described every light novel ever, making my description seemingly useless, but the beauty is that it hits the nail on the hit: Nisekoi is as generic as they come.

--TL;DR and conclusion:

So, should you watch it?
The best answer to that I can conjure up is this:

If you like your average light novel, then yes. If you don't, then no.
It has cute girls and that is the only good thing it has running for it.
Other than that, it has no romance. It has zero plot progression. It answers none of the questions it poses. It has generic characters going to generic locations to do generic things.

As far as generic light novels go it does a decent enough job, hence the user score of 8, since the only people who'll watch this long enough to make their vote count are people who are already into light novels in the first place, or fools like me who keep giving light novels a shot.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
I think almost everyone heard for anime series called Mirai Nikki.This anime is quite popular amongst fans,so I'll write my opinion.
My review won't be really long and I won't write so much about content from the series,I just want to make it as short as I can because I don't want to repeat what's said in description of the anime.

Story: 7

I think story is good.When I first watched this,I was actually really interested and I couldn't take my eyes off of my computer.Anime has a lot of flaws, but pllot is actually good, so if anything, watch it for the plot.

Art: 7

Art is okay,it's a little older but characters have good design and overall it's okay, I am not really impressed but I don't have anything to complain about, so I'll just say it's good.

Sound: 6

I didn't really pay atention to sound, it didn't left any impression on me so I'm giving it fair six.

Characters: 3

I think characters are the main problem of this series.I don't know if people agree with me or not, but personally I didn't like characters at all.I'll write my opinion about few characters who are the most important.
Yukiteru Amano: Well, for main character, he is pretty useless and I didn't find him interesting at all.I don't even understand who Yuno fell in love with him, he is clumsy, his personality is boring etc.I don't need to write more about him, he is pretty annoying guy.
Yuno Gasai: And here we go in discussion about yandere queen(if you don't know what yandere is google it,I'm too lazy to write it here,but I guess everyone know what yandere means).I personally don't like yandere characters so much, but I usually can stand them.In case of Mirai Nikki, I really couldn't stand Yuno.Yeah, she is badass, she can kill, she can fight, but her obsession with Yukiteru is so freaking annoying.I know that's a part of being yandere, but I really couldn't stand this,especially because of Yukiteru's poor written character.At first, she wasn't that bad but after some time her level of obsession got higher and it got annoying as hell. iknow she is the one of the most popular girls on MAL but I just can't force myself to like her, like it or not.
Minene Uryuu: When I first saw her I was like who the hell is this crazy psychopath but as I watched more and more episodes I started to really like Uryuu,she is my favourite character from the series.I like how she is kinda tsundere, but she is not really annoying like some tsundere girls are used to be.
Akise Aru: I like him too,he is badass and cool in his own way.I won't talk so much about him, I'll just say he is pretty good character.

Enjoyment: 6

I gave it six because two main charaters are really waste for the plot.I guess if Yukiteru was better written, I think this anime would be a lot better,so would be enjoyment.

Overall: 6

In short, anime is okay and read more
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Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime) add
Let me play devils advocate for a moment here (although my opinions are genuine). Hotarubi no Mori e, or The Light of a Firefly Forest, is one of those rare anime which left me with next to no impression what-so-ever, and because of this I can't really say much more about it. Feel free to stop reading now if you wanted my general opinion, but read ahead if you want my full review.

On the technical side of it, kinda mediocre. The setting detail and character designs were well done although were completely forgettable, which is a shame. They had a magical forest, full of spirits and wonder and so on, but did little with the setting outside of the final scene. If I'm being entirely honest, the music kinda bugged me, feeling almost out of place at times, and in general not very pleasant.

Without exaggerating, it bored the hell out of me, and while I'm certainly not the kind of person who needs an anime to be fast paced or action packed to enjoy it, nothing kept me interested. The premise, while certainly not bad, really wasn't anything new or exciting: small child meets spirit's in a magical wood, forms relationships with said spirits, and continues on from there. But it didn't do much with it, the fantasy itself was for the most part uninspired and felt almost unimportant. Although to be fair, it is trying to be a character drama first and foremost.
The character and romance aspect of it however, which made up most of the anime mind you, was fairly lackluster. It clearly tried to get me emotionally invested in these people although again, they had very little to do and had next to no interesting dialogue. Without spoiling it, when the ending finally came along and it was trying to get me to tear up, I could only respond with an, "Ok then. That happened."
Other short movies such as 5 cm Per Second at least had something to say about love and relationships, but this anime left me with nothing.
I could nitpick minor scenes here and there, claiming that this moment seemed a little contrived and such, but I wont.

Hotaubi no Mori e in summary, was competently crafted but completely forgettable.
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