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Seiren (Anime) add
More romance anime this season and probably my favourite out of the bunch. Seiren is an indirect sequel to Amagami SS, with the same omnibus style format where every girl will have their own routes. As such, everyone wins! They will feature 3 characters in the first cour, and the other 3 in the next. People will more likely pick their own favourite girl as the story goes, but remember; every girl is the best girl, and no one will judge you for it. The story retains its ecchi-like feature, and if you've watched Amagami before, you will know what to expect later on. Each character had their own quirks and qualities, so it's fun to watch. The animation is decent and the music is soothing. Overall a solid pick for people who enjoy vanilla love story.
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Youjo Senki (Anime) add
My favourite anime this season to start with. The story is about a magical girl that is a psycho loli German Empire officer setting in World War 1 era of an alternate world. That description in itself should entice anyone to start watching it. I generally love historic world war anime setting, and I decided to pick it off right on the bat as soon as they announce the adaptation. The first episode started differently in the way it is more of a pilot episode that occurred later on, most likely just to give a taste of what the anime is all about. The second episode had a better pacing, and where the actual story begin. The animation is smooth (I adore on how they did the clouds, which is an excellent move given that most of the action scene involve airborne battle), and the music is fantastic (loved the OP by Myth & Roid). My only complaint is how they changed the character design from the light novel and mangas, which is a shame really. I doubt that would hinder my enjoyment for this anime significantly, and I'll be looking forward to watching this anime for the rest of the season.
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Akiba's Trip The Animation (Anime) add
Most likely the ecchi anime of the season. If stripping girls as a plot doesn't tell you what it is about, then I'm not really sure what else to describe this anime. I mean, it is literally in the title itself. It is adapted from videogames of the same title, but with different characters and its own standalone story. Surprisingly enough, the animation in the first episode is really smooth. BUT, all the episodes after that had a rather horrendous quality issues; so bad that I feel like poking my eyeballs with forks. The story is really bad too, to the point that I wonder why I still a haven't dropped this show already. I'll try to endure watching it for now, maybe because I am curious to see how bad it goes from here.
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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen (Anime) add
It's been a while, and Ao no Exorcist is back again, from the dead. I vaguely recall of what happened in the first season since its aired 6 years ago. One thing for sure, they had the last arc of the previous season changed to make the sequel more consistent with the manga. The anime started with a really face pacing, in a way assuming that viewers already watched the first season. As such, watching the prequel is a must to actually understand the basic of the story. Heck, I had to check back and read the summary just to recall what happened last time. The hype for this anime died for me a long time ago, but I'll continue watching it just for the sake of completion and see where it's heading to.
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One of the anime that I've been really looking forward to watch this season. It's just pure comedy gold. Kazuma is back, with his band of eccentric companions and now found themselves in a new adventure. Well, kinda. Being a comedy show as it is, things will never go their way. The show started off real fast right off the bat, by throwing Kazuma right into trouble and now he had to do something about it. It is nice to see that the anime still retain its fun and enjoyable tone. The only thing that bugged me is how the animation quality dropped off by a significant bit compared to last season. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to continue watching it every week.
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Summer Wars (Anime) add
I had high hopes for this film. Boy, did it let me down.

So if you have watched Wolf Children, The Boy and The Beast, or the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, you may have come across this title and asked yourself if this was a good film as well. And... lets just say its better to not associate it with all these other successes.

Now, as does most hero's journey plots do, this story follows the standard 3 act structure, which is what I will be breaking down. I will try and avoid major spoilers (unless it is a particularly bad scene in the film).

We start off being introduced to OZ, a digital network that has grown vast enough and complex enough to be integrated into the lives of most of the world, providing both social and practical capabilities. Here, the scenery does a fairly decent job in showing the abstract nature of the world which captured my interest, while providing useful exposition. We then meet the protagonist, who is part of maintenance of running the system. I'll be blunt, this guy feels like a tool. Throughout the movie, he does more reacting than he does acting. I came out knowing less about him than half the side characters, and he is the main protagonist. That, combined with his quirky traits make him very difficult to relate to. So, this guy, who's name is Kenji, has to now pretend to be the fiance of his friend, Natsuki. I really wonder how their relationship turns out in the end. So, we meet her family and we see an entire house of standard tropes, Kenji's OZ account gets phished by the antagonist, and we start the 2nd arc.

So, we have Kenji initially being arrested, but unable to reach the station due to the antagonist messing up the traffic system. Now, I think the 2nd arc is the best done out of all 3, as it shows very well how dangerous the threat actually is, introducing a primary theme in this film. That the over dependence on something (in this case, technology) is dangerous. We see the world thrown into chaos as people's daily routines are abruptly disrupted. As national defense is tied to OZ the antagonist could obtain access to nuclear arms. All these aspects set up a great atmosphere of urgency to contain the looming threat before it becomes unstoppable. At this point, key figures within the family rise up and we are given a glimpse at hope as the Jinnouchi family stands united amidst the sea of chaos that has taken over the world. The rest of the second arc, I am not going to spoil, but it ends on a loss to the antagonist.

Then we have the 3rd arc, where all the previous preparation and conviction converge to bring together a force that can face the antagonist. Or at least that was what it was supposed to do. In reality, the 3rd arc was arguably the weakest read more
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Bleach (Anime) add
Bleach is the second fighting anime that I have watched in recent months and I have to say that there are definitely criticisms to be made but at the same time, I feel as if it is being unfairly punished for doing things that these kinds of shows tend to do because its just part of the general format.

To start with, let it be known that I previously watched Fairy Tail and rated it very highly, so most of my criticisms of Bleach will derive from the parts of FT that I liked.

Bleach does have a consecutive story line however the way they aired the show means that the main story line is cut up by anime-only arcs that aren't really that good and don't hold any merit considering everything that changed during the arc has to be reverted in order to keep in line with any future manga material.

So in that sense, there are two ways to watch Bleach, skip all the unnecessary bits, which will cut it down to around 250 episodes, or watch it all, regardless of the story. I am currently in the process of watching it all, but after around two thirds of it I think I can still give you a pretty good idea of how it pans out.
The main story is actually pretty interesting, it doesn't move that fast and seems to find new and interesting ways to delay the bit that you want to see but hey... that's a fighting anime for you.

I don't tend to focus on the art work that much but I have to say there are some pretty lazy moments in Bleach. Especially during the side stories. Fighting scenes are pretty good but between that, there are so many cut corners that you end up with a circle.

When I was delving into the comments of some extreme Fairy Tail fans, I always noticed them say how good the sound track was. Not long after that, I see others in that thread say "Nah, Bleach has a better sound track".
My verdict? Well.... Bleach has some Bad ass songs, but they are not as abundant as in Fairy Tail, so while I respect both of them, I have to prefer Fairy Tail because there is more of it and the placement of them is better.

You've got your typical characters. The best way to describe them is as an ocean as shallow as a puddle. They are funny, they are bad ass and they interact with each other extremely well however they don't learn or evolve or show any sign of changing their behavior. In the first few episodes, all they could say about Ichigo is that he lacked discipline. 300 episodes later he as just as spontaneous, erratic and immodest despite having cut up every villain under the sun.

Another thing that really riles me is the fact that the characters that I do want to see kick some ass, are always reserved, buy time until the end of the read more
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Nazo no Kanojo X (Anime) add
This anime is in its own league. It's almost trying to advertise itself beginning by a challenge : "Will you be able to get past what we're showing you to get what we want to tell ?"
Technically speaking, the saliva bits aren't all that gross. For the thing called a "french kiss" by some people is exactly that : a saliva exchange. Well, ok, granted ... we don't (usually) use our fingers as an intermediate device for the exchange (since the previously mentionned kiss is a more efficient and direct approach).
But still, don't sell yourself short. You can get used to it, you can get past that. And there lies a somewhat strange and beautiful anime, with some very nice scenes... Some that can wreck your heart onto a wall very slowly (you were thinking full speed right ? think again), or others, soothing, calming episodes full of truths to be told.
It's not perfect for sure. A perfect anime would have been able to reach this point without relying on the spit trick, but still the saliva exchange is in itself a good way to turn things over, asks questions, and for you to search for answers.
As the story goes, it's quite simple and not that original. It's pratically the weakest point of the whole show (which makes it still a lot better than a lot of others romcom). Art and sound seems just fair enough, but considering the way it emphasizes certain things, some will found these quite good (and I'm pretty sure I can't prove them wrong). But in my opinion, one of the best aspect of this anime comes from the characters. Their behavior is somewhat estranged, yet close, to someone you know. And not all their actions are carefully explained to you. This will give you something to think about, and I've found myself pausing the anime numerous times wondering myself "but why the hell is she/he acting this way ?!!"
Actually, this anime is all about YOU. I will not try to explain this, but I would share that : whether you give a damn about it or adversely decide to drop it immediately can already tell a lot about you, these two choices bearing an equal amount of good/bad feel...
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Ajin 2nd Season (Anime) add
This is my 2nd review on mal ^^

Ohhh Man ajin what a great ride i just want more and more and more great chars,great sub chars yeahh guys great SUB CHARS, beautiful ost still prefer the 1 seaon op i really dont like this 2 op but well,the animation of course for some ppl will be 50/50 some like CG other hate CG,i really i love To see berserk 2017 with this great quality CG
So back to ajin and now talking about the villian,the villian is só savage And AMAZING sometimes you will take the villian side and enjoy what that char has to offer(loooooot to offer)

Final result of ajin 2nd season: EPIC go watch NOW!!! 2nd playrhrough incoming ^^

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Little Witch Academia (Anime) add
Honestly, Little Witch Academia doesn't seem to have anything that's all that special. A young girl idolizing a famous witch, wanting to become like her, and somehow being able to use some really powerful technique due to the inspiration she feels from said witch is not very original. This anime was enjoyable none the less, despite it only being a 26 minute movie to start. The action was done pretty well and the dragon had a cool design, which is a huge plus because dragons are my favorite mythological creature.

The soundtrack wasn't necessarily special either, but it also didn't have a lot of time to shrine and it fit the tone of story very well. The sound quality didn't seem to be up to par for a 2013 anime, but it went well with the old time witch story feeling.

The characters didn't really time to shrine either. I'm kind of indifferent to the characters because I do like them, but none of them seemed amazing either.

The art was really good and it helped capture the tone of each scene. The animation was fluid too.

Overall, this gets a 7/10. Nothing seems really amazing in my eyes, but it was a really enjoyable 25 minutes after all.
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Well... Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (I’ll call it PSG in this article) was a delicious experience for me. I really appreciate all the non-sense work further combined with dirty jokes, direct and referential humor, a pinch of black humor and... bitching (laughs). By this mean, I bought the joke, the idea (more easily). However, those wasn’t the only reasons that formatted my admiration.

Other factors that pleased me was the animation, the art, the OST, the background of the series and the possible hidden ideas. The animation was incredible appealing, it was fluid and admirable with all those camera angles well worked and alluring to the eyes that had provided scenes that I can only describe as fascinating and out of the common.

The art was one of the series’ strongest point. It served to soften all the visual aggression present among it. It contributed greatly for an appealing sense of humor and it has a gorgeous cartoon trace. It’s crooked, shocking and… “out of proportion.” Allowing the execution of the slapstick comedy, bizarre and exaggerated expressions together with the character’s design that can only be described as hideous.

The OST is truly wonderful in behalf of the perfectly combination made within the scenes. Consecutively intensifying the exceptional feeling of that moment. A first-class example is the transformation scene (ow jeez, that is sooo beatiful). The music used on this part (Fly Away Now) gave with a correct sense the sexy and provoking sensation of the moment.

Other interesting point is the dub eng, since the actor’s voices combined with the characters simultaneously. Besides that, they had “jokes” with the way they talk. With completely caught me. Also, the way they used the onomatopoeia concept was amusing to my ears. In general, PSG is astonishing. However, in some points, the animation can lack behind.

PSG follows an episode structure, and it got to define well the protagonist couple (Panty and Stocking) all together in the first frames. An interesting thing about it is the dichotomy between the characters, both in personality and in outfit (with caveats). Even the Garterbelt and the Chuck was defined as “genesis”. Although it’s not necessary. The structure is well functional because of the intriguing things that keep happening. For example, the dichotomous between epi 9 and the perception of boredom from the duo on epi 10-11. Apart from that the structure contributes (a little) with the main purpose: to be crazy; to attack YOU. Well... let’s talk about this.

Basically, the PSG’s humor is something dichotomous as I said previously. In other words, you love it or you hate it. The humor used on the series is eschatological, direct, purely aggressive, douchebag and... referential. IT IS VERY GOOD! Because Imaishi execute it sensationally. While growing, the series keep getting crazy (catarrh monster ----- > final plot twist). The structure in some episodes is half “WTF?!” as we can see at epi 10. The referential humor helps with the bizarre sensation as it gives a more comical air read more
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Good Morning (Anime) add
A little introduction is only necessary when being given the honor of reviewing an outstanding masterpiece as "Good Morning". This anime deserves the rating that I am willingly giving and therefore also congratulating the well-known anime genius, Kanye West.

Story: 10
The story itself is a piece of intricate Art as it can completely stupefy the viewers after realizing how grandiose it is. The title is also sort of a catch phrase. As we get into the story, we realize that it is not all that of a good story after all. Here is where we are all given a lesson for life : Life is what you make of it. It is beautiful how an average and daily situation such as waking up in the morning was developed into such an intricate piece of modern art.

The Art, a fused version of Albrecht Durer and Andy Warhol. The detail just as intricate and beautiful as Durer and then the contradicting, yet complimentary simplicity of Andy Warhol - It created a dynamic blend resulting in the powerful rating of a 10.

The Sound.. how could I ever describe this blessing that Yeezus has given us? His symphony and his voice coexisted like Buddha in nature - the perfect combo. I felt the emotion in Kanye's heaven-like voice. The repetitive instrumentals were perfectly applied to highlight his voice and there is an angel-like choir.

I felt deeply for the main character, as his optimism never faded, even though he was faced with several inconveniences and obstacles. His eyes remained gleaming with hope and he became one of the most likable anime characters in the history of anime.

With only good things in Story, Art, Sound, an Character, there is no way I would not enjoy this. If here was one thing to criticize is that it is not playing continuously, everywhere, as I would never get tired of this fabulous anime.
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Super Danganronpa 2.5 Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono is a joy ride of memories and new idea's in the Danganronpa universe and they did a good job with it.
SPOILERS FOR SDR2 [Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Game] and this OVA are in this review!

Story: 7
Art: 9
Sound: 10
Character: 10
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 10

In the Danganronpa 2 universe Nagito is a wicked character, insane and love with 'Hope' it's kind of odd to see him, in this OVA not too obsessed until the very end, which really shines in this OVA, Nagito himself. He was the Nagito I wanted to see in Danganronpa 2, a normal guy with insane bad luck and it works, very well. It makes me more feel bad for the character Nagito then anything though, it's a good idea, yes but it just got repetitive a bit after a couple scenes, especially in the opening scene with Sayaka and Makoto.
The characters also feel more humane here then in SDR2 which is a nice change of pace, when Souda died the characters actually gave a crap unlike let's say, the other characters died in SDR2, Peko, Nekomaru, the Imposter, etc. I'm not saying no reactions is a bad thing, but it's a minor improvement to a minor problem, that Danganronpa always had. [even DR3 had it]
With the characters in mind, the ending scene is even more powerful, showing that it is not all real, heck, the ending doesn't even feel bad like what they did with SDR2 by bringing Junko back, it expands the episode and it puts it on a place in the SDR2 timeline. It also expands the saga, that should of ended.
The music is also has the Danganronpa game feel to it, in fact most [if not all of it] came from the games, sure it's kind of lazy but if it sounds so good does it matter?

My advice? Check out Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono if you're in love with the series like I am, it shows minor improvements in SDR2 and expands on them!
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Major S1 (Anime) add
"Never judge a book by its cover."

This is a saying everyone should live by. I for one have always ended up judging several anime based on what the cover looks like, but Major is one I am glad that I have given a try. It may shy away some people because it's a sports anime, but it teaches so much more and was a great watch! I cannot believe that it is this underrated and such a gem. Everyone should give this series a try.

I wish I could have written a better review, but please bear with me as this is my first. I just could not pass up the chance to review such a great anime.
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Aria The Origination (Anime) add
In this season the anime took a rather large turn trading much of its atmosphere, which I really loved, for story but, from my perspective, in a very hurried fashion. It pretty much cast off its tranquility and mundanity, which actually defined the anime, only to show several events which although helped the story to proceed but totally lacked foreshadowing and were in too close a proximity. All this gave me several unpleasant surprises creating in me a feeling of inconsistency towards the end.

For the purposes of the story supernatural events were also omitted resulting in even bigger split between this season and the rest of the series.

What I did like, though, was the still very good use of music and the fact that the unique use of opening was still retained, perhaps even more skillfuly so.
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Black Lagoon (Anime) add
If you have a crippling fear of women, this is probably not the best anime for you.

A harmless Japanese businessman ends up being hired by a transport company that deals with all kinds of illegal stuff. While Black Lagoon makes it very clear that it glorifies its violence, a big part of this anime deals with the harsh realities of living in the Underground. Every time we get a glimpse of somebody’s past or background, this show gets incredibly grim. The job Rock took on a whim (more or less) is not as easy or safe as he might have thought. Black Lagoon walks a thin line and it walks it very well, the thin line between being a gangster flick action bloodfest on one hand and being a dark character study on the other. Normally these two don’t mix well together (of course there are exceptions to this), often feeling like two different stories being told parallel to each other. Here however, they build a unit, one half can’t exist without the other and they play off each other’s strengths. This is only logical if you think about it. Life isn’t just black and white, no matter who you are, what you do or where you stand. Black Lagoon is also one of the few cases where I have read the manga prior to watching the anime. As an adaption, this show is great. There is nothing left out nor are there any fillers. I can’t even point my finger on my usual criticism about how this anime has no real ending, since the second season started airing only three months later. Black Lagoon does many, many things right, but could have benefitted from being a longer running show, though this is hardly the anime’s fault, the source material goes on multi-year breaks all the time. There is also the fact that it has no general story arc besides the character relationships, but that is probably on purpose. After all, they take a job, finish it and get another. That’s their routine.

The art is close to the more realistic styles of the pre-2000s, though it benefits from the modern possibilities in terms of effects. The action sequences look really good, something that many action-oriented adaptations fail to deliver (this is why I like shounen manga but mostly stay away from shounen anime). During the quieter moments we get to take a closer look at the character design. The animators did a good job visualizing emotions via facial expressions without going overboard a la “THIS IS MY ANGRY FACE” kind of nonsense. You can see the stuff beneath the skin, much like in real life, by looking into somebody’s eyes. Speaking of skin, unlike many other anime, Black Lagoon portrays the racial diversity of its cast visually. I don’t want to open that door (you know the one) , but I always scratch my head when in an anime people are pointed out as obviously foreigners even though read more
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Ok, so that was quite a surprise, this is one sequel/prequel that one should really not misjudge since it was a prequel of Danganronpa 3 : The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Kibou-hen and a sequel of Mirai-hen, so imo this is how it fare:

Storywise, at first you might ask as to "WTF is this" until you watched it from start to end, one would find out how it turns out, really kudos to studio Lerche and creator Kodaka, Kazutaka, so for such plot, cu'z of it's deceptive nature, really has to be a "Very Good 8."

Artwise, it was a mediocre 5, given that there wasn't any changes at all with the character's illustration and don't expect any fanservices around here.

Sound, it's a 5 in my book , since it was still them same seiyuus who did the voices of the characters and I just have nothing good or bad to say about it, PERIOD.

Character, I'd say it was a good 7, to allocated the slot to Nagito, Hinata, Fuyuhiko and Souta, but I'm kinda a bit disgusted that Nagito's has been downgraded as this jinxed guy who is a bad luck magnet, but still his role wasn't that bad.

Enjoyment, it was a good 7 in my book, but not very good since at frist one might think that this special is a "WTF" and imo, it should have been added to the Mirai-hen, and not be made as its own special, then again..............................

Overall, it does deserve some very good credit, for Kodaka, Kazutaka's creativity for playing us audience were at first we might think it's a PTW, but in the end it was worth watching after all, so Overall it's an 8.

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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (Anime) add
I decided to watch "Tatami Galaxy" because of the overwhelming numbers of positive reviews, many giving it a perfect 10/10.

How disappointed was I when I started the series. The narrator speaks in a very very fast manner, making a lot of his narration unintelligible. Even with the subtitles on, it was very difficult to follow. I thought after a few episodes I would adapt to the pace, but unfortunately it did not happen.

My second problem with this anime was the amount of repetition. As the protagonist relives some of his days with a difference going from slight to more pronounced. But I grew tired of this rather quickly.

The third problem was the visuals : some may like the color palette, or the character design which I can only describe as minimalist. It is a matter of personal preference, but I did not dislike it. I HATED it. To me, it felt cheap. I would not recommend it, even though I understand why some may like it.

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6 hours ago
Durarara!!x2 Ten (Anime) add
Durarara is a story about lots of fun personalities who are all less human than the headless biker dullahan usually referred to as monster.I love all the characters in the show.But my problem with the series in general is the conclusion to every season or event. Durarara is solid 8 without the ending of a season.Imagine if there wasn't an ending at all and It concentrated on all my favorite characters. Most of people love the first season and disregard the rest but I felt like this is where the show gets interesting.Mikado and Masaomi get character motivations as well as going into Mikado's character arc.I'd compare it to the D. gray-man case where their motivations get introduced in the second half which I don't agree which is a weird example to choose.Episode's where Shinra and Izaya get backstory further solidify why this season is my favorite.Even characters like Vorona who I disliked on first impression surprised me, in the way that Shizou changed her as a person, and had her contemplating her goal to kill him, and on some level befriending him.The story in Durarara is at times a big fat mess but it moves the characters along which represent my liking for this series.Don't forget the best part NO ANRI WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Durarara x2 Ten never go's far enough to disappoint but still retains all the great thing's about it.
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
Before I watched this, I thought Your Lie In April and Elfen Lied were the saddest anime I'd ever get to watch..I was so wrong! I was about to quit watching After Story,I considered each and every episode extremely boring and pointless, that's why I gave story a 6. Then I FINALLY reached episode 8, where things starting to get a bit interesting.

Oh my god, I am so, so grateful for watching an anime with such a realistic perspective (except from the parallel words and lights etc.). All the crucial and sad moments hurt my soul, beacause they could happen to anyone, and that's what broke my heart the most.I also really enjoyed opening!

I don't believe I'll ever attempt to watch this again, it's by far one of the most painful series I have ever watched and it completely changed my perspective about drama anime. I haven't watched that many drama series, but I think it will be hard to find something as touching as Clannad:After Story.
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Trigun (Anime) add
Trigun é sem dúvidas o meu anime favorito, acompanhar a história desses personagens incríveis foi sensacional. Os personagens e história são incríveis, a trilha sonora é ótima, e somente não ganhou um 10, por sua animação que infelizmente é muito datada. Existe também o filme, que é mais recente e possui uma animação muito superior, porém não é um bom filme. Meu sonho é um Remake de Trigun com a animação do filme. Se isso acontecesse o anime simplesmente não teria erro. A filosofia que o anime apresenta é talvez das melhores que já vi em um anime. Trigun por mim é um dos animes que você DEVE ver. Recomendo a todos e por mim é um dos melhores animes já feitos.
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Kokoro Connect (Anime) add
A fun romance show centered around sci-fi elements. Kokoro Connect starts off strong with an interesting group of friends randomly swapping bodies with each other for a short amount of time. This leads them to learn very personal things about each other, which really strains their relationships but at the same time draws them all closer together.

Ok, I really liked this show and thought the sci-fi elements were cool at first but now I'm going to get into slight spoilers.

So, the whole body swapping thing is really cool, but that's not the only sci-fi element in the show. Throughout the series, new sci-fi elements keep getting added. And each new one is substantially less interesting than the last. With that being said, the last 3 or 4 episodes are nearly ruined by the final sci-fi element that gets introduced.

All the sci-fi stuff had purpose at the beginning of the series, it drew the cast of main characters closer together and forced them to help each other out with their darkest problems. By the end of the series, it just became a nuisance and I found myself wishing I could just enjoy the characters natural development together in a regular way. I really don't want to spoil what these added sci-fi elements are but just be warned, they get progressively more random and annoying.

That being said, Kokoro Connect is still a really unique show. Romance mixed with crazy sci-fi stuff in a seemingly normal slice-of-life world. I really enjoyed the first 75% of the season, but the ending really left something to be desired. I'd still recommend this to anyone looking for a unique romance show though. Anyway, thanks for reading! 7/10
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Trigun: Badlands Rumble (Anime) add
Trigun é sem dúvidas o meu anime favorito, e quando soube que existia um filme, fiquei louco, ainda mais quando soube que era mais recente e com uma animação muito melhor (que é o único defeito que vejo no Trigun original), porém, o filme nem com olhos de águia, telescópios, ou espada de thundera consegue ver os pés do Trigun original. Ele foge de partes do universo, os personagens do filme não são dos melhores e embora corrija o problema do original, ele cria vários problemas para o anime. Eu particularmente ignoro esse filme, sua história é bem mais ou menos, e não o recomendo especialmente se já viu o original pois pode manchar o anime. Creio que a MadHouse podia ter feito algo melhor do que isso.
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
This anime is really enjoyable at the beginning, it is very adventerous and mysterious but it gets slacking over time.The fights are very well made but i dislike it that they show only a few of their abilities in action and ignore some abilities they have shown earlier.The characters are really good for a shounen and the osts are really great too.I dislike the story they don't explain a few important things like how did it end up like this.They have a lot of background stories to the characters but they didn't show or explained the reasons how several things happend in this story.

so overall i gave it a 6 for good music and good characters.
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White Album 2 (Anime) add
White Album 2. A story about friendship and love. The 3 main characters become the best of friends, and they all want to stay that way forever. But, the 3 main characters are a guy and 2 girls. And when they start adding love into their relationship, can it last? Or was it all just on borrowed time from the beginning?

I don't give many shows a 10/10, and this is by no means a perfect show, but the amount of emotion packed into these 13 episodes is out of this world. All 3 main characters are equally good and bad people. No matter what happens, you can't really blame anyone for their actions. They're so well written, they're not your typical anime heroes, they seem like real people with real emotions and aspirations.

This show made me tear up more than any other anime or TV show I have ever watched. Even if you aren't normally a romance or slice of life fan, you should still watch this show. Personally, I love romance stories, but the twists and bumps in White Album 2's story are so unique for the genre. The ending is shocking yet perfect, who would've thought a romance anime would end like this?

In the end, White Album 2 will make you feel happy, excited, anxious, sad, depressed, and everything in between. It's a roller coaster of a show. 10/10
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Shakugan no Shana (Anime) add
Before reading please remember: This is just my opinion! You might like or hate the anime, it really depends on your personality TBH.
This is my first review on this page so go easy on me pls ;-;
Okay, so let's start:

Story: 6/10
Nothing special, nothing new. Has a few filler episodes. Boring at times.

Art: 8/10
The art is amazing for a 2005/2006 anime. The anime also had a pretty good budget.

Sound: 8/10
Again, nothing special, but I really liked it. Just my opinion.

Characters: 6/10
Now, this is what really ruined the anime for me. First of all, Yoshida Kazumi. Probably the most hated character by everyone. She just decides to butt in the relationship of the male and female MC and try to take Yuji (male main character) for herself. It gets really annoying and to be honest, without Kazumi the anime would probably be finished in 12-24 episodes, not FREAKING 72! Second of all, dense male MC (Do I really need to explain?) Third of all, a tsundere. If you're into that sort of stuff, this anime is for you. Don't prefer S3 if you're here only for the romance though.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Even though it had it's boring parts, the anime is really enjoyable.

Overall: 8/10
The only things keeping this anime from being a 10/10 for me were the filler characters and filler episodes. The plot is also somewhat boring.
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
This series is very unique and has an interesting concept.

I really enjoyed the series throughout.

The soundtrack was stunning and was played at the perfect moments for fights and emotional scenes.

The characters were funny and likable getting me more engaged with the series. I think there were some comedic characters such as Mako that performed comedic acts at the wrong time but it didn't ruin my overall enjoyment.

The over the top fight scenes were never boring and always found new ways to turn a normal one vs. one into a grand battle that destroys half the school.

I thought the art style was very unique as well separating it from other action animes.
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Nobita no Nippon Tanjou was certainly an enjoyable movie, and a great first impression for a person like myself who has never actually seen Doraemon, despite its overwhelming popularity in Japan. Albeit formulated upon a childish and roundabout plot line, this archetypal setup does not detract from the depth of its amusement and the value of its entertainment.

Opening up with a supposedly recurrent motif--that is, Nobito's tendency to attempt to run away--juxtaposed with the hunting excursions of a confused cavechild about to be sucked into a vortex, the film clearly aims to immediately earn the attention of it's intended audience (children).

The art is colorful and eye-catching, but not exceptional and clearly old-fashioned. The soundtrack and voice acting is par, but again, not spectacular. The characters are pre-established and not given any sort of development within the span of the movie, but they certainly aren't unlikable, they're just generically comedic and static. While I can't praise the movie for this, I don't find it particularly negative either--for the genre and pure entertainment purpose of the film, the kids fit the bill.

Overall, it's definitely something I enjoyed and would recommend to burn an hour or to entertain a group of bored children, but it's not something I would set aside time to watch again. It's funny, dynamic, and has the chummy, nostalgic vibe that would bring a warm pain to the chest of any adult revisiting it, but for someone watching for the first time, it can seem to drag along at times and serve no real purpose when it comes to intellectual analysis. It's a dated piece of art for dated folk, but otherwise, it's just a film to laugh at and appreciate for its unabashed mediocrity.
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
Warning: Abnormal review ahead!

So picked this up thinking it was going to be another cookie-cutter, single season, harem/action/school show. And sure enough it hit all my expectations - then smacked me upside the head with "This is how it's done."

All the tropes, cliches, and whatnot's are there. We have the swimsuit episode, we have the "" episode, the tsundere and the sibling complex. The "stare, stare, stare", the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" moments each time a new harem member is introduced.

So yea, exactly what you'd expect. But wait! There's more!

The characters themselves throw caution to the wind and tweak their roles just a bit.

The Tsundere? Yea she calms down pretty quick and figures out that she's being annoying (of course she forgets this lesson the next episode) and actually appologizes on occasion.

The Harem? Yea it's one sided. From episode 3 on, it's quit clear who the best girl is. The MC treats all the other girls as a normal person would. The 'Harem' tag really should be replaced with 'Romance'.

The MC? When he inevitably sees the female protagonist in her underwear, instead of being a pansy and claiming he didn't see anything, he grows a pair and acknowledges that he saw, and he liked what he saw. But he really is sorry for the invasion of privacy.

More MC? Yea he's the kindhearted fool who goes out of his way to help people (specifically damsels in distress), but he does so with out the melodramatic whining seen in other MCs. While he is OP, his OPness is actually explained and justified.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry takes the genre (harem/action/school) and makes it more realistic (as much as a shonen can be). It's not going to win awards and accolades, especially as it came out at the same time as a similarly plotted anime, but it does things differently enough to warrant attention.

I'd recommend this show to anyone looking for a light hearted rom/com.

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From Komaeda's point of view...

It's indeed hope in this world... No Chaos, Crisis, or Even Despair..
Just think of it some kind of slice of life theme..
Where he tells an unfold story which never knows...

We can tell that... a much background of Komaeda who's at least.. the most who's totally addicted to Hope onto himself.. when i'm digging into this one...
he's much worse or misfortunate to be unheard off.. but had a few luck...without a dream and act like a nobody...

Supposedly.. the great image of a character like him develop in this story with much dialogue .. as what he had said of like "You don't need talent, Talent is merely a shackle, the greater it is, the more it obstructs your search for happiness"..

But directly he regardless about all the talents which he would want to erase them as lead them in is such a living...

Fact that Souda died here isn't truly canon.. which lead to one of his classmates..sorrowed his foresake of a mere talent..

Even the death of Peko, Sonia, and Kuzuryuu... didn't die in vain

Hajime Hinata

also called "The World Destroyer" (The Alter Ego One)

Practically.. He doesn't exist in this world but had a different goal..

In other words...

The whole summary comes up whether you wanted to be isolated in some part of illusion that despise talent or born with a mere possibility who's totally a lunatic and obsessed with talent

One does not simply... confused to this timeline.. where this isn't part of it but more than a different concept which is connected to the real one

But hey... Before they met Mitarai, and the others of the Future Foundation this is what it truly happen..
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Magic-Kyun! Renaissance (Anime) add
I should mentioned this is my first review.

When I saw the cover of this anime I was skeptical. But anyway, I love shoujo/romance animes so I gave it a try.

I like the cliches of shoujo animes, I like having 1 girl and lots of boys falling in love with the girl.

So, this anime is about a girl named Kohana, who wants to follow her mother's steps. In order to do so, Kohana attends the same Magic School has her mother, doing flower arrangements. She meets a lot of students, being the other 6 main characters (boys) that have their own ways of doing magic (sparkles).

On this anime we have the cliches and on the first episodes what happens is what the viewer is expecting. But, towards the end of the anime there are some events that happen that the viewer is not expecting, that make the anime thrilling.

If you are looking for a shoujo anime that gives you enjoyment, this is the one, it does not have the romance like others, it does not have affection shown. It is truly a 1 girl - 6 boys friends (that also have different kinds of love towards the girl) anime. It is fun and a good anime to chill and if you love the cliches it is perfect for you.
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A lot of Danganronpa fans will be pissed, I can tell you this much already.
This short OVA presents one of the events that took place after Super Danganronpa 2, most likely during the events of Danganronpa 3- Mirai-hen. More specifially it showcases exactly how did the rest of the 77th class got out of the Neo World Program. Without spoiling anything, it's a pretty reasonable explanation of both what happened with the people eliminated from the game and how did they got out, but it does have its own share of plot holes, which was unavoidable. I'm glad that they did this, rather than leave the fans creating theories forever, but, from what we've seen in Danganronpa 3, we already know they don't care all that much about believability.
The art style is the same as in the anime that it's a part of (Danganronpa 3), and the music consists of tracks from the second game, such as "DIVE DRIVE" and "CROSS SWORD", that weren't used in the previous anime installments. It's nice to hear them being brought here, even if they're just pretty short, fan service cameos.
With all that being said, any Danganronpa fan should watch this, just for the sake of it. If you want to know how did the author explain himself from the massive plothole, this is it. It's always good to have more Danganronpa, especially when Nagito is the main character. Be sure to give it a shot.
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Plastic Memories (Anime) add
//Spoiler Less section//

Plastic Memories is one more iteration in aproaching relationships with free will IA/Androids. It has a good premise and promise lots of drama, mainly focusing on the short life span of those androids called Giftias (9 years), and our protagonist who works on end and retirement of old units. Being full sentient personas, this Giftias act, feel and live like normal humans, with worries and fear handling what will be an early death by all means.

I may recommend it for newcomers, but there are far more better series out there delivering what you expect from them. It was a good ride but not an awesome one, just fine.

//Spoilers Ahead: BEWARE!!//

Once watched, i have several issues with this anime, it has the potential of becoming a great drama but it fails hard to deliver. A lot of time is lost in most meaningless missions at work, taking too much time explaining the consecuences of not retiring a Giftia.

Even so, the main plot of romance fall apart, diluting while the short time is spend on secondary characters history. It's hard to believe it's too much of a big deal the lost of a Giftia, giving that society is full concious of it's life span and service for what looks like more than a decade, and that's exactly what happens outside the main characters office. It's quite cruel how it's depicted, they the only office that worries about both the Giftia and its owner.

The hardest is thinking about how human Giftia's are and the horrible dilema of creating this entities with such a short life. Wich look like no problem for the company producing them, the creepy use in society.

¿Anyways what is a giftya? They eat and look like need to, even they can enjoy food, so they have sense of taste, a gastric system to process and give energy, but they have "battery" and need to be charged everynight. They have memories like they actually got a biologic brain, therefore it's memory can't be copied because it's a sinaptic connection, not a bunch of digital data. Yeah, i'm overthinking it but it's a good sign of how bad the Giftias were designed only as a plot device without getting deep on details.

Leaving those problems aside, this anime entertained me, but doesn't hook you up too hard. You keep expecting things to happen but they don't, at the end everything is rushed out in three episodes. The most interesting part is cut out, the aftermath of the climax, but looks like anything matters, they throw another model and our protagonist is perfectly ok after a few months. At the end it feels like it's not such a great deal, only to those who suffers it's destiny, giftias.

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Gokusen (Anime) add
So I ran into a bit of a problem after watching this show… figuring out how the hell I was going to write this review. The show does not make that easy at all as I really don’t know exactly what I thought of it. Sure the story line and characters were pretty fun and entertaining, but then the artwork and the script seemed rather dated to a point that it didn’t appeal to me. I guess I should just start breaking it down and see what my end result of this review will be.

Let’s talk about Kumiko first. Under the cute, good-hearted woman is that of a true Yakuza boss. The whole show is based around the two sides of her life and how they end up meeting every once in a while. While it’s a really awesome concept, the execution has to be really good for it to make any sense. In this case, it’s done rather well. We have the slice of life drama of a high school teacher on one side while also having the dramatic yakuza underworld on the other side of the coin. I think I mostly kept watching just for the chance to see where the two sides would actually meet. While a lot of the stuff that happened was rather predictable, the comedy that ended up happening made it all the more interesting to watch.

Now, I guess next we should talk about the students… oh boy. So these students are a real handful. This is an all boy’s school so not only do they have a lot of them as traditional degenerate style characters but there is a lot of bullying as well. While I felt a little bit of the stories that came from them, I couldn’t really understand it being a girl myself. I don’t know, maybe a guy could understand better. There was also another problem for me to understand these characters and I think it has to go into the time in which this seems to be set. The characters talk pretty cheesy gangster style from the 90’s, hair style kind of leading into that aspect. While I was a kid for the late 90’s I was not a high school student. I was a middle school student still in 2000 so when I did end up in High school, these fashions and the way they talked were out of date. This did not help me understand the characters any better.

On the other side of the coin, the Yakuza were not much better. They were stereotypes of old Yakuza movies but they were also rather childish and almost dumb in a way. If I was Kumiko, having to deal with it both at home and at school would make me want to pull my hair out. But, she cares very much for the members of the Yakuza just like they were family or even her own students which shows how much patience she has.

There were only two read more
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Baccano! (Anime) add
Baccano, é o meu quarto anime favorito, simplesmente uma obra incrível trabalhando perfeitamente com comédia e ação, todos os personagens tem histórias interessantes, ou evoluções boas, ou simplesmente são incríveis! Não consigo falar sequer um personagem ruim em Baccano, a maneira confusa que ele é contado é perfeitamente executado, e até em seus momentos sérios consegue ser excelente. Inclusive, ele consegue moldar algo que normalmente é horrível em animes em japonês, e transformar em uma das melhores partes do anime, que é, japoneses tentando pronunciar nomes europeus ou americanos, pois eles sabem que fica ridículo, e usam isso a favor deles, o que torna quase um pecado assistir o anime sem ser um japonês. Simplesmente uma obra incrível da Brain's Base, e recomendo a qualquer um.
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Yuri!!! on ICE (Anime) add
Shouldn’t it be ‘Yuuri on Ice’ instead of ‘Yuri on Ice’? After all that’s the name of our protagonist Yuuri Katsuki, nationality Japanese, currently his only accomplishments thus far have been Junior World Champs Division, which he’s only come dead last. Now that series has dialed down the publicity and the community is finally looking it at it from a broader perspective the reviews aren’t as positive unlike once before. Why is that? Well let’s a dive look and hope to find out why.

Story: 8

World Champion Victor Nikiforov has currently won his 4th World Champion in the Senior division, beating the best of best. His is nationality Russian and during latest run Yuuri has been placed 5th, meaning he’s dead last in Junior Division. An up and coming rival Yuri Plisetsky, Russian as well, tells Yuuri to call it a career and quit due to his weight gain and the fact that Yuri dislikes/hates Yuuri. Anyhow Yuuri weight gain was due to the passing of his beloved pet dog. Meeting his icon/role model Victor at airport, Yuuri can’t help but admire and be at a speechless knowing he’s nowhere or close to his status. Even questioning if it’s right for him to even continue to pursue his skating career. However, Victor spots Yuuri self-doubting himself, to snap Yuuri out Victor ask him if wants a take a photograph with him, only to have Yuuri not even respond but leave the scene.

Yuuri goes home, grieving while at the same time trying to figure out whenever he wants to continue ice-skating or pursue his career being that he’s a college graduate. Continuing you gain weigh he finally decides to give it one more season. Known a childhood friend Yuuko Nishigori, she’s well acquainted with the owner of skating stadium and they as well adore Yuuri. Eventually, Yuuri gives Yuuko a skating choreograph to get her opinion on his skills thus far. It’s only be in shock that Yuuko insist that was exactly like Victor’s choreograph. Unknowingly, Yuuri performance was video recorded and made its way online. During this time as well Victor has won his 5th

World Champion, an achievement no one has accomplished.
After Victor sees Yuuri video on the internet, Victor decides to hang the laces and call it a quits. The world is in shock and his manager insist if this is case Victor won’t be able to come back to the game in tip top form. Victor is in his prime but walks away to train the young man in the video Yuuri.

Art & Sound: 7 | 8

The animation is really off putting at times looking absolutely clunky, it makes wonder if it’s to appear to make Yuuri more obese. At times during an ice skating performance it appears to skip frames. When it wants to the anime can look stunning as if you were watching Mamoru Hosada movie. The music OP & ED, weren’t anything to glamorous or jaw dropping visually, but the music pleasantly fitting read more
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime) add
Gurren Lagann, o anime mais over the top de todos. É a definição do sentido literal de "Ridiculamente incrível". É um anime que todos deveriam assistir, porém lhes deixo um aviso: Não leve a sério, pois se levar, vai ficar um lixo, mas se não, vai ser simplesmente INCRÍVEL! E admito que sou um cara bem chato com Fan Service, porém Gurren Lagann é um anime que sabe como utilizar o Fan Service. Só não dei 9, por causa do começo do segundo arco, que meio que foge um pouco do anime e eles tentam ser sérios. Porém fique como um 8.7. Todos os personagens (tirando o FILHO DA PUTA do Rossio) são excelentes e tem dois dos meus personagens favoritos, tanto o nível de masculinidade do Kamina quanto a evolução do Simon são duas coisas que sou apaixonado nesse anime. E digo que é meu terceiro anime favorito.
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Attack on Titan é um bom anime, mas é terrivelmente falho em dois pontos que se completam. Fan Service e personagens, na verdade, o Fan Service nos personagens. O anime tem uma atmosfera legal, uma incrível trilha sonora, porém não há nenhum personagem que você se apega, nem sequer que acha interessante, pois todos são feitos de Fan Service. Temos nossos 3 protagonistas, o muleke mimado que perdeu os pais e quer vingança, e por acaso tem super poderes, o amigo chorão dele, e a amiga que é roubada sem motivo nenhum, que só faltava cabelo colorido pra virar a DEFINIÇÂO do Fan Service. Devo admitir, creio que é um bom anime porém bastante overrated.
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Tales of Zestiria the X:2 continues telling the story of a young man and his group of friends that are doing their best to save and clean the human world of evil. This anime reminds me of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings".

Plot: 5/10
The plot is not one of this serie’s strong points. Tales of Zestiria the X presents the story of a young man named Sorey, and his group of friends who are doing their best to save the world.
At first the plot is slow paced but as the story progresses it picks up the pace. I see no point for ep 5-6, since it adds nothing to the plot.

Characters: 6/10
The characters are fairly generic, they do not get much character development but they are likeable.

Animation: 10/10
The animation and art are splendid, truly mesmerizing. One of the best animations I have ever seen. Just by looking at a few scenes you can imagine all the work that was put into the creation of this anime. Tales of Zestiria the X is produced by the studio Ufotable, a studio known for its high quality production.

Sound: 9/10
The OST is great as well, it deepens the emotions and perfectly blends with the animation.
The opening theme is highly enjoyable, the ending theme is decent.

Enjoyment: 7/10
The fight scenes and the backgrounds are stunning but the story itself is nothing memorable.

Overall: 7/10
Even if the plot and characters are nothing special, the show is worth the time just for the animation and sound. I recommend this anime to anyone who is looking for eye candy and wants to find out what high quality animation looks like.
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Kyou kara Ore wa!! (Anime) add
I enjoyed this anime and don't regret watching it, but am unsure if I'll remember a lot of it in a few months as it's largely carried by it's main protagonist, Mitsuhashi. Mitsuhashi is, usually, a jerk with a heart of gold, and a somewhat hyperactive one at that,. This character archetype can be rather difficult to pull off well as you a bit too often these types of characters' jerkass antics cease to be entertaining and start to become grating, but luckily Mitsuhashi doesn't fall into that. His antics, and the comedy style of the series as a whole, do start to become rather predictable but it's still entertaining enough. I never felt bored watching it.

His supporting cast, however, is rather bland by comparison. His best friendemy and "secondary protagonist," Itou, is cool and serves his role as the straightman to Mitsuhashi's antics well, but I didn't feel he did much of interest. The comic relief duo Imai and Tanigawa aren't too bad but Imai's antics became very predictable by the end and I also found Imai's tough idiot schtick slightly grating towards the end. The 2 female leads, Riko and Kyoko aren't bad either, but the former is a pretty standard action girl and the other is a pretty standard moral compass of sorts for Itou. This may have been intentional, as a more grounded supporting cast is likely justified so they can play of Mitsuhashi, but they all sadly feel a bit too firmly in the background.

The show has a rotating cast of antagonists throughout the series, most of which aren't too memorable. Not helping this is most of them are one-offs, so they simply don't have much a chance to make a lasting impression. I do feel one antagonist, Sagara, is an exception to this, and he is also the only one to reappear in any form beyond a cameo after his character arc. He's a pretty solid foil to Mitsuhashi, just as dirty and batshit insane but seemingly lacking the same humanity, I really would have liked to see more of him.

The story is pretty simple but told well enough. I do wish there had been more in the way of actual arcs but the largely one-off format is fine. The ending is very unfulfilling though, I suspect due to the manga it was adapting not being completed at the time the OVA ended.

On a technical level, the animation and music are pretty good by 90s standards and hasn't aged poorly or anything. The fighting scenes, in particular, still look good. The soundtrack doesn't have any tracks that really stood out to me aside from the ear worm of an ED theme that it has, which I sadly can't seem to find anywhere, but it was used well and the songs were never bad or out of place.

Overall, I'd say this is a series to watch if you have time to do so. It's nothing groundbreaking by any means but it'll likely hold your attention read more
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K-On! (Anime) add
Honestly I consider K-On a pearl. It's fun, light, well designed and with a really nice soundtrack. The protagonists form a diverse group, but that goes perfectly, there are nearly touching moments, but then give way to smiles and laughters. I can not get attached to each of them, they are so cute! I believe they represent the desire of team spirit and friendship that everyone wants to have, with the hope of forming a group that last forever. The episodes fly away and we are located at the end of the series without notice it. The rating I give is very high I know, but for the overall quality I think is more than deserved.
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Today, 5:06 AM
Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei (Anime) add
This is the first film in the Garden of Sinners series and it appears to be a quite confusing introduction. In this dark film, we follow the mysterious suicides of girls without motives jumping from the same building and plummeting to their deaths. We are introduced to Shiki who appears to have supernatural powers in the form of the ability to kill demonic spirits, Kokutou, a friend of Shiki and Touka, who is their colleague and a puppet master, yet it is unclear what her job appears to be.

Shiki is shown as cold with moments where it appears that she’s struggling with her emotions, especially when it comes to Kokutou, the glasses guy that brings her ice-cream. The animation of Shiki’s movements is emphasised in this film, especially simple things like her drinking water or eating ice-cream - her swift, decisive and abrupt movements whilst completing these simple tasks really helps to show her personality.

The soundtrack is breathtaking. It actually expresses so much depth. Shiki’s theme is hopeful yet solemn and has multiple variations ranging from the big dramatic scenes and the action filled battle scenes. There’s just an eerie yet peaceful quality to it. I know those things don’t really seem like they could exist together, yet listening to the theme really feels like a nice balance between an ominous yet calming feeling. The character design is simplistic, yet the backdrops and lighting is superb!! The battle scenes are also enchanting when Shiki goes full on bad-ass mode.

When Kokutou seems to be heading towards becoming the next victim of the ominous force that’s resulting in the suicides, Shiki takes to scouting the building to defeat this force as she has a connection to Kokutou, yet it is unclear the full extent at which their relationship spans. The connection of Kokutou and Shiki with the puppet master is also one that’s quite curious in terms of how they got involved with each other.

Embedded in this story are a lot of dark themes about the meaning of suicide. It explores the burden that suicide places on all of the people’s lives whom the person has touched and it explores the ambiguous nature of whether suicide is a result of a detached indifference from not being able to feel at all, or is due to feeling things so strongly that only a statement as strong as suicide is enough to show the depth of their need to express their emotions. It also explores which is the harder option when life gets too hard with this amazing quote by Touka:

‘There are two ways to escape: escape without a purpose, and escape with a purpose. I call the former "floating", and the latter "flight". You are the only one that decides which of the two your view of the world from on high was. But you don't choose these paths because of the weight on your soul. We don't choose the path we take because of the sins we carry. But we read more
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Erased was an anime that I wasn't sure what to think about going in. All I knew was that the ending was wasn't very good. I was glad to be surprised that it wasn't bad.

Story 8/10
The story was actually pretty good. The plot had twists and turns but primarially stays on track. Unfortunately, the last few episodes were pretty unecessary and could've been told in just one episode.

Art 8/10
The art was pretty good, but a few of the characters just looked weird. Other than that my eyes were pleased at what they saw.

Sound 9/10
The music was very good. I never skipped the opening, but I didn't like the ending very much. The sounds effects were also good and realistic.

Character 9/10
I loved the characters but a few of the main characters could've used a little more building

Enjoyment 8/10
I enjoyed this anime quite a bit. The last few episodes dragged on a little bit, but that didn't take much away from the anime

Overall 8/10
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Yuri!!! on ICE (Anime) add
This is my first review, so please bear with me. Also, warning for one or two mild spoilers.

Story: 7/10
The plot of Yuri!! on Ice is very straightforward and tells the story of Katsuki Yuri's attempt to win the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. In that aspect, it is reminiscent of most sports-centered anime you see nowadays, and nothing stands out about it in particular. However, the show establishes early on that it is primarily character-driven: the focus is more on the development of Yuri as a character and his relationship with his skating coach Victor. People who prefer more plot-heavy shows probably won't enjoy this. I, however, didn't really mind; the show executed the plot well and didn't act like it was anything but a character-driven story. From what I have seen online, the figure skating in the show was portrayed accurately and the scores everyone received in competitions were more or less correct. (Except for Yurio's final score in the GPF free skate, which I heard somebody pulled out of their ass)

Besides that, the pacing of the story was done well and each episode transitioned smoothly into the next. The revelation in episode 10 of one of the character's motivations at the beginning of the show was pulled off well and I thought it was nice in how unexpected it was.

Art/Animation: 7/10
I thought that the character designs in Yuri!! on Ice were unique and well done. The backgrounds were one of the highlights for me: they were all drawn beautifully, and the art team did a nice job on the Barcelona episode in particular, which looked exactly like Barcelona does in real life. Attention to detail is shown in little things like phone cases and t-shirt designs, another thing I quite enjoyed.

What brought the score down for me was the animation. Specifically, the skating scenes. While the animation isn't that bad overall, the choreography of the skating scenes was pretty iffy at times and felt sloppy, which detracted from my experience watching the skating sequences.

Sound: 8/10
The soundtrack was probably one of the show's best qualities. Both the OP and ED were catchy and I took the time to actually listen to them while watching the show, something I rarely do. The pieces used for the skating scenes were, while not all memorable, enjoyable to listen to. I rate OSTs based on how much I listen to them after I've finished the show, and I do have a few songs from the OST saved on my Spotify.

Characters: 7/10
Characters are kind of a mixed bag for me. What I liked:

- Yuri's character is overall well-written. His lack of self-confidence and anxiety are portrayed accurately and it was enjoyable throughout the show to watch him grow and mature as he stepped out of his comfort zone.

- The women in the show are represented as strong and independent without reducing them into stereotypes. It's too bad they didn't get more screentime, but from what was shown I don't have any read more
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Today, 4:10 AM
Gintama. (Anime) add
I write this review fast, i will edit it in future, this is just my thing about firsts episodes.
Sorry for all my mistakes. My english is bad.
For some reason this new Gintama season is little bad than all other Gintama seasons.

Story 8
Yes, even it is extension of one of best arcs in Gintama, this start is bad. This rate is just my prestent for new season because maybe story become better.

Art 7
How i can see this art, even is great like always in Gintama, is worst of all Gintama seasons.

Sound 8
Sound is always was best part in every Gintama, Opening, OST, ending.

Characters 8
Like always they are funny, Gintoki is never change best troll ever.

Enjoyment 7
I will be short i am not enjoy in this first 3 episodes. But this is just start.

Overall 8
I say this for all Gintama fans. Wait for all episodes and than watch it. I am sure story become great again.
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Today, 3:13 AM
Mimi wo Sumaseba (Anime) add

What a heart-warming Studio Ghibli movie! Shizuku is not your average middle school teenager. She’s a book worm who loves adventure and seeks out any opportunity to be whisked away to an unknown place in her city. When she decides to follow a cat riding on the train with her, she ends up at a shop selling strange objects with a magical vibe and she finds a cat statue in a tail coat called the baron which inspires her. Little does she know that the shop belongs to the grandfather of the same guy, Seiji whose name always appears on the same library books that she reads. Drama and romance follow.

This movie makes you wish life was as tranquil and was conveniently coincidental like the events in the film. With Shizuku’s carefree spirit, we kind of have to put aside our inner sceptic as she walks around the whole neighbourhood and pays no heed to the stranger danger saying. It makes you want to throw caution to the wind because if you spend life over-cautious then you may miss out on meeting the most amazing people and getting the most remarkable opportunities.

The way in which Shizuku and Seiji get together is so adorable. He plays the song that she arranged on violin, whilst she sings and later his grandpa and his friends join into the musical jam session. It just makes you want to go down that cool looking hidden path in the park, because who knows what magical opportunities you can create! The light teasing and deep moments between them help stray from the overbearing relationships which are becoming way too common.

The romance of this film is well created as it is used to create a bigger and more substantial meaning. Seiji has great aspirations to become a masterful violin maker which inspires Shizuku to try hard to find and cultivate her passion. Shizuku’s hard work shows that you can’t make much progress towards finding your true potential unless you’re willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears. The romance is also really light and not nauseating. It’s filled with a slight hint of natural shyness, but both characters have such strong personalities and desires, that their ideas kind of bounce of off each other and end up creating a cool dynamic.

The Innocence and light hearted nature of the events and side characters is exactly what creates the unique feel of this movie that makes you want to do more, be more, explore the world, cultivate your passions. Though you may get exasperated by how coincidental some events are, maybe it’s just that in real life, we aren’t as aware of the many opportunities that can result in strange but extraordinary circumstances that occur throughout the film.

Though the art style is simple, as the movie is from 1995, it is charming and detailed. The soundtrack also fits the atmosphere of the film quite well.

Shizuku’s family shows a very realistic yet desirable quality. One of acceptance and read more
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Scrapped Princess (Anime) add
This is a flawed gem. IT is a very nice looking anime with interesting and amusing characters ... that also suffers from pacing problems, uses ridiculously cliched plot devices, and can't properly handle dramatic or tragic elements.

I was unsure if I should rate it 5 or 6, and in the end decide on 6 (and still have my doubts about it)

Detailed breakdown below:
The story has somewhat interesting premise and a bit unusual settings. It starts interesting enough, however, after 1/3rd it stumbles and starts having problems. Roughly at this point anime suddenly decides that it is now the time to explain the world in great detail, while the idea is great, it feels forced. Somewhere between half-way and 2/3rds the series decide to use the most cliched device possible (you'll know what I'm talking about it), and run with the idea for several episodes, which results in a rather tedious "arc". The anime has trouble properly handle tragic, sad or dramatic elements - those simply fall flat all the time.

It is good. The closest things I can think of are El Cazador De La Bruja or Noir, except it is much more detailed than Noir. I think I spotted few frames with cheap CG lighting strike, but that's just a few frames during the whole series. Mechanical designs look good, characters are fairly detailed, backgrounds are well drawn.

Decent music, some battle themes are interesting.

Characters do not really develop over time. Main heroine is a bit amusing at times (she's an archetype), but she has that annoying habit of obsessing over her origin. I understand that she would have "What if I didn't exist", or "Maybe it is my fault" thoughts, but when this happens several times per episode at really short interval, it gets really annoying.

Starts off great, feels drawn out at 1/3rd, uses cringe-worthy plot device in the middle, and has annoyingly predictable events near the end. While I liked the beginning, I was very annoyed by the story flaws later on, especially close to the end.

It is decent. I would say it is definitely worth watching because of unusual settings and visuals, but I think it would've been better without story issues.

So, it makes sense to check this out if you haven't seen it already.
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This show presents the darkness of reality, a violent world filled with betrayal, madness, deceit and injustice. It shows coruption at its finest, the post-war way of living and dying in the japanese prison and the outside life that awaits a former convict. Rainbow shows us how important it is to have dreams and how important it is to have friends that help you follow those dreams

Story: 8/10
Rainbow tells the story of seven teenagers who are found guilty of serious crimes and are sent to a disciplinary school that ultimately becomes their hell. Rainbow thells the story of seven close friends and their path to freedom as well as presenting their pain and sacrifice. The plot is well planned but it does have plot holes such as Sakuragi’s death etc and is predictable at times. I really loved the brotherhood theme of the story.
Some of the plot holes:
It is said that Sakuragi „killed” his father but his father commited suicide, how did Sakuragi end up in a disciplinary school?
If the boys in the reformatory can go to the library whenever the please, why do they hang out in the cell?
How come noone investigated the fire that almost killed 7 inmates?
Why does a doctor seem to control the disciplinary school?
When Sakuragi is made to starve and the good guard tries to help Sakuragi, the antagonists kill the good guard. Why is it easier to kill a fellow gurad that to kill a convict?
Why was Ishihara not arrested for stabbing Sakuragi?
No arc for Soldier?

Characters: 8/10
The characters have various diffrent personalities that change and develop over time. They all have interesting backstories and each of them has someting unique about themselves. The character development is also very good, for example Mario is portayed in the beginin
to be weak and in the end presented as a man that can take care of himself or Baremoto who gradually developed from not trusting anyone to making life-long friends he would take a bullet for. The antagonists were well built becoming very real and frightening.
I felt like the creator had a misogynistic side, almost every women either has ill intent and is deceitful or she has to sell her body in order to achieve her goals. For example, Baremoto’s mother sold her body for food, Lilly had to sell her body to the american general, hoping to get a visa for the U.S., Jon’s manager uses him as a sex slave, Joe’s orphanage director used him as a sex slave, etc.
I also disliked how the relationship between Mario and the nurse, Setsuko ended. Even though Setsuko and Mario loved each other, described as „blinding love”, she agreed to be engaged with another „rich” man. Even though the night before her wedding day, they confessed their love and Setsuko had sex with Mario she still went on and got married. I once heard a joke: „Love him for who he is not for his money. He is a man not a bank”, I think this applies read more
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I came here expecting good futanari. To my disappointment, it turned out to be vanilla sex... BORING. what's the point in watching hentai if the girls don't fuck each other with meter long dicks? If I wanted to see something normal I would watch bukkake on Crunchyroll. 0/10 in that respect, but in all fairness, I guess I'm biased, I guess it's good if you're into normal stuff, the art and subtitles are good enough, and I guess you can just draw dick girl fanart if you really want. Overall on a scale of Mr bones wild ride to magnificent moistness, I would give this a head and shoulders total care.
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