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Pros: The art is pretty good and the music is alright
Cons: Literally everything else

I actually felt like throwing up while watching this anime, it was that bad. I don't know how I did it. How I pushed myself to get past the first episode and finish the series. I swear that if I didn't take a break every four minutes I wouldn't have made it. And so, here we are. I've fought my way through and made it here, only to be met with positive reviews and a decent MAL score. What was I expecting, I wonder. To anyone who enjoyed this anime, hats off to you, I'm glad that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, I really am. Thanks for reading, take my review with a grain of salt and have a good day.
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2 hours ago
Boku no Pico (Anime) add

You will not find a better anime then this. I know it's "mainstream" or whatever but it truly deserves it. And all the 1 star reviews are simply people who are butt-hurt about how popular it is.

Story: Okay so I really want a season 2 of this anime. I feel that there is a big problem in anime as of late where writers replace a good story with fan-service and cliches so they can keep attention without needing to put in work. IM LOOKING AT YOU, CLANNAD.

Art: a-1 pictures is known for their fantastic artwork throughout anime, but this topped it off without a doubt. The characters are well thought out and the scenery is beautiful. I know the haters will give me hate for saying this but visually it's a fucking masterpiece.

Sound: Now, I'm a bit of a music nerd so I have a bias, but sound was one of the weaker points in this anime. I will say the voice acting is superb. I've never witnessed an action with as much passion as this, it was like the voice actor was there with you watching it and gently caressing you. The soundtrack was where its weak. I'm a music nerd so it was a hold-back for me, but the casual anime fan wont notice it, so I'm sticking with a 10, especially with that POWERHOUSE intro!

Character: Character development is really a hit or miss. And let me say, without any hesitation, this is a HIT. Simply fantastic, the characters felt like they could be real people which I find simply isn't present enough in modern anime. IM LOOKING AT YOU, CLANNAD. The characters in Boku no Pico feel like they could be real people you're holding hands with, and thats where this anime really shines. Watching them grow and change as they overcome great obstacles, its simply fantastic.

Ending: Now, I always like to believe the ending is PARAMOUNT. Never has an ending changed me so much. I'm still recovering. You know how BASIC anime fans talk about the "Clannad void", saying they connected to the characters so much that when it ended they couldn't find anything like it? Yeah, well fuck Clannad. Boku no Pico takes Clannad's ending, has it go to the gym every day for 10 years, comes back super ripped and beats the shit out of it. Nothing has left me feeling as sad yet moved as boku no picos ending, and no one can argue that.


Overall: You will not find an anime better than this. There ISN'T an anime better than this and thats a fact. I'm sorry that the haters can't accept that but it's a simple fact at this point. My overall rating of Boku no Pico is Certified Frosty, a rating only given to the best of the best or shows too important to ignore. Please...please go watch this anime. It's simply brilliant.

...fuck Clannad
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2 hours ago
Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (Anime) add
I guess this was a serviceable little show. I'm deep into FFXV now and I heard this series gives you a greater appreciation for the characters. Basically, it goes into some little vignettes in the past about each member of the party, but it doesn't really show anything major. Prompto loses weight as a kid, Gladiolus gains respect in training Noctis, Ignis gains respect in taking care of Noctis, Noctis gets revenge on a lamia thing that killed his mom. Out of the four, Noctis' story is the most interesting as something of consequence actually happens. It would have been cool to see further into the other 3's backstories but I'm guessing this is either explored in the game or will be explored further. Overall, a decent show that will give you a little more appreciation for the characters you play as, as the game does kinda throw you right in expecting who these characters are.
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3 hours ago
Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
Zankyou no Terror is a series that scrapes the surface of a lot of issues without fully exploring them. It was good, but although it tried hard it didn't quite reach the level that it was aiming for.

Story: 6
Even though the story had its problems, it was very immersive. It pulled me in from the start. No, it wasn’t just the sounds or the art or how pretty it all was – it was how the story was presented. I was hooked from the beginning. And it really was all a high point – that is until the episode when Five was introduced. Seriously, she seemed so… over-blown. I thought it was trying to at least stay a bit true to its realistic side and suddenly it introduces a girl so flashy and so batcrap insane that you know she can’t possibly exist in the real world. That was a major turnoff and made me want to start skipping scenes. Also, the semi-romantic scenes between Twelve and Lisa felt forced. Maybe not forced, but also unnatural and seemed to be there just for the sake of having a bit of something to attract female viewers too. A few things went unexplained as well. How does Shibazaki know so much about Greek mythology and literature? Why are Nine and Twelve (and Five) so closely tied to Iceland? Was there someone Icelandic from their facility? Was Five Icelandic? Was she an albino? Why, in a trying-to-be-realistic anime, was her hair white? I would understand if it showed her with normal coloring as a kid then white hair as a teen, but no, it doesn’t do that. There were a lot of other tropes present as well that made me somewhat uncomfortable, but I do appreciate that this anime never tried to use even a speck of fanservice. The relationship between her and her mother was never fully explored in the series either. Also, Lisa’d been gone for two weeks. At the very least, a mother, especially a paranoid and overly-possessive one would have at least tried to look for her beyond calling her phone, or would have gone to the police. All in all, the story for me was a 6.

Art: 9
The art was beautiful. So beautiful. The details, the explosions, everything was beautiful. I don't have much to comment about the art, so I'll leave it at that.

Sound: 9
I’m tempted to give the sound a 10, because the soundtrack was perfect, the use of Iceland as a theme was perfect, the English was (for the most part) actual English… but yes, the “American” blond guy’s accent was somehow Australian, and the other US guys accompanying Five and said blonde guy still had crappy English. Also, for a girl who basically spent the last eight years of her live in the US, Five's accent is crappy too. Kudos to the attempt on actual English, though. The (Australian) English accent was actually quite refreshing.

Character: 3
The character development here wasn’t really a strong read more
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3 hours ago
Paradise Kiss (Anime) add
I finished paradise kiss in one day, which is quick for me even though there are only 12 episodes, but I can't say I liked watching it. It was inspiring, sure, and the art was great, but from the beginning to the end I felt an underlying bitterness that I couldn't get out of.


So, even though some of the interaction in paradise kiss was more realistic than in other shoujo anime, I never got to liking the characters. The main girl didn't really have anything going for her and her love interest was extremely selfish. The fact that they fell in love felt unrealistic to me, the love itself felt more like lust and infatuation, too insecure and I personally just didn't see the point. Even though the other characters were reasonably interesting, I found that the little backstory they got was rushed, and I never got to liking them either. No-one made me smile and I wasn't particularly rooting for anyone. I think the makers were going for a realistic vibe, but part of life is the fun and I didn't have it, and I never really saw the characters have it. So why did I keep watching?

Most stories I love are the ones that have great characters, reasonably realistic and lovable. And though I think these were meant to be lovable or at least have some appeal they all seemed desperate to me. It missed one of the essential parts that I look for: Comfort. I need a bit of hope and comfort, a great friendship or deep trust or a love story that isn't just driven by passion. When none of that is there it just sort of drags on for me. I did keep watching, not really because I wanted to know about the characters but because I got fascinated by the feeling that it gave me. Somehow I just got an incredible feeling of growing bitterness and despair from every episode. I didn't really care about the story but it did teach me things about what I absolutely don't want from life. I'm a songwriter and I paused several times to write songs because it gave me that feeling of at least knowing my own priorities and goals. They were all pretty dark songs. I certainly found it interesting to watch but I'm never going to watch it again. It's just something I wanted finished, but the fact that I didn't stop proved that I was fascinated, which is why the score isn't dramatic.

Don't go in expecting a happy go lucky anime, I know, I probably already made that pretty clear. I don't think everyone finds it depressing, but I do, and it kept eating away at me. I get that some people love this anime, and some who crave realism might find what they are looking for. But personally I didn't find the story all that realistic and it just mostly made me feel kind of read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
This is my first review on an anime so forgive me if anything is out of place.

First of all I watched Sword Art Online a few years ago and back then I knew it was one of the top anime's and I told myself I had to watch it. At the time I thought SAO was flawless, but when I take more then the art and soundtracks I realize that it's not as great as I once thought. The main story I'm sure all of you know by now so I won't bother explaining, going onto the reason I gave SAO a 5 is because the supposed main purpose is to defeat all 100 floors but then Kirito meets Asuna. For a short amount of time in the game Asuna and Kirito become real close and of course leads to their relationship. I personally think it was rushed and kind of ruined the story of SAO, the first few episodes were okay. Plus every girl character had some sort of crush on Kirito, and it turned into a huge romance thing. Getting to Alfheim was about Kirito, Asuna and Kirito's sister (cousin). It basically focused on Kirito helping Asuna and Kirito's cousin sister (I honestly don't remember) feelings for Kirito.

I don't have any problems with the characters so I'll leave that topic.

I don't regret watching SAO but I am a little disappointed with how it turned out into the end. That's my review and I hope it was useful.
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4 hours ago
Beck (Anime) add
I've written very few reviews, so until I improve at coherently expressing my thoughts in an informational way I'm just gonna tl;dr this ;D

Story - LOVE the slow development, everything that is obtained by the characters in the anime feels like it was earned. Only thing I didn't like was how jumpy a lot of the scenes were (one scene will last 3-4 seconds, then abruptly change again) , not necessarily a down-side, just a preference thing, you'll see what I mean ;D

Art- Not a huge fan of the art, the show definitely picks its moments, sometimes the animation will be great, and other times it's mock-able. But i digress, art was definitely not the selling point of this anime, so take that criticism with a grain of salt.

Sound- Wow. While the Engrish can be strong at times, the songs are memorable and catchy. If you're going to make a music anime, you better have some good ass music, and god damnit Beck delivers on all fronts.

Characters- As aforementioned I loved the slow development of the characters, adds another dimension of realism. My only issue was the spotty-ness of character interaction, in some episodes Maho ( love interest) or Ryusuke (Other main character) would fall off the face of the earth, not to be seen for decent chunks of time. Perhaps it's petty, but I would've liked to see a bit more "flow" in terms of character interaction.

Enjoyment- Despite the art and choppiness I loved this show, finished all 26 episodes in about 2 days, this is a great feel good / underdog anime. Unless you're not fond of rock music, or good anime, ;) you'll definitely enjoy this show.

This show actually inspired me to pick up guitar again, despite any flaws I really connected with the anime, and to be perfectly honest, that connection is the reason I keep coming back to this damn medium of Japanese animation. Beck was a great watch, I'd recommend it to anyone. :)

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5 hours ago
Aki-Sora (Anime) add
First off, let me get something out of the way, that Aki Sora is an ecchi, and not a hentai.

Sure, there were some put-my-jizzle-in-your-nizzle scenes and of course the incest alone is enough to make Aki Sora qualify as a hentai, but my reason as to why it doesn't is due to its storyline.

See, many individuals fail to realize that the sole purpose of an anime labelled under ecchi is because there are actually characters with souls, real, unique emotions and most importantly, plot progression. While with hentai, it literally translates to "porn", meaning it is pretty much people having sex, then you forget about it after a while.

However, Aki Sora leaves a mark.

I see so many idiots in the reviews section bashing Aki Sora for the sole purpose of the incest displayed. I cannot say they are wrong, but I can certainly say that incest need not necessarily be something that puts people off. Within the show, all I see is sweet, pure and innocent love between a sister and her younger brother. In all seriousness, I have never seen such a well-told incest story in a long, long time. What are displayed within Aki Sora are actual emotions --- a sister and a brother having a strong, mutual love for each other. That is a beautiful thing.

Art wise, many complain that it doesn't fit the 2009 theme, and looks way too outdated. Personally, the simplicity of the art might be an argument for the section itself, but I like it, since it's my style, so I'll give it a solid 8. One thing the animators have done really, really well within the anime, though, is the fantastic camerawork done. You can tell the effort put into this aspect alone, as every single frame captures every tiny detail; almost looking through the characters' eyes, in a sense. The ecchi is also not overdone, since there are no gargantular tits in any part of the show. You know a fuck up when you see way too many panty shots within 5 minutes (which is honestly a turn-off for me).

Since I already briefly mentioned characters earlier, I'll only add on to it that 4 characters in just nice for this anime. Any more or any less and it would seem very excessive and overall unnecessary. Sound-wise, the creators certainly did a great job choosing the VAs. I especially like Sora's pick, since he had a slightly feminine touch to his voice and for some weird reason, it makes the entire story more enjoyable on a larger scale. My only complaint is that Nami did start to grow on me after a while as the story progresses, but that's a review for another day. Background music is also utilised appropriately. My personal favourite is the viola playing during the pre-climax, as it really set the mood for what's about to come. So I'll give this section somewhere near to perfect.

Ending words: Overall, I really enjoyed this short, 20-minute OVA. Many individuals read more
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Death Parade (Anime) add
So the plot to death parade is simple and pretty unique. Two people from the departed (They're dead) play a game for their life back. But they're dead so there would be no way to come back to life, and when their close to the end of the game some of their memories start to come back and they learn that they have already died and then they are put into some elevator and they're dead.

The op to death parade is pretty misleading. I honestly think that's the whole point because it can catch you off guard if you think its going to be lets say a goofy anime that isn't serious but then it turns out to be a very creepy and emotional anime.

As we know Decim is a bartender who is also an arbiter who has no real emotion and is a little dark. The 2 people who will play the game usually make you feel really bad and just sad for them because they think they've won the game then they learn they're dead making them really pissed off and emotional.

Enjoyment: Death Parade is dark, scary, and emotional every ep. Which I love considering how you can feel the 2 people's emotions and how they feel.

Overall: 10/10.
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6 hours ago
Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (Anime) add
I didn't like it.

While I enjoyed the early scenes, as it progressed passed the 20 minute mark where the family moves from the mountain the horrible pacing shows it's face and ruins, for me, what could have been a really great movie and becomes one of the worst additions to Ghibli's filmography.

One of the more aggravating issues is that scenes hang on for too long in areas that they don't need to like when Kaguya is seeing the noblemen, and end abruptly when they really shouldn't like with the scenes toward the end with Kaguya and the boy and the actual ending itself. I don't understand why at some parts this movie feels like a daytime television show trying to fit all it's drama into the 30 minute time-slot, and at other parts it lets loose some uninteresting dialogue go for much longer than I could possibly care for.

In addition, I felt like genuinely interesting or upsetting scenes were written so carelessly it was difficult to maintain any genuine interest in whatever the hell was going on. The Prince's awkward and unsettling advances on Kaguya later in the second half progressed the plot to where it needed to go, but served no other purpose and had no other lasting effects. It was just forgotten about as soon as the scene ended and his character ceases to with it, despite initially being introduced as if he was of some importance.

Which is actually quite interesting as this seems like a recurring theme in this movie as Kaguya herself has an interesting story of being born from a bamboo plant, yet does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this entire movie. Nothing at all. After her weirdly paced training montage, she just sits around and waits for people to talk to her. She's the most uninteresting princess I've seen and I don't know how someone could write a story about someone who does so little...

I don't want to rag much more on the film as it deserves some respect for it's interesting visual style, but I was a little let down that the style used when Kaguya first runs from her mansion back home to the mountain wasn't utilized later, nor was the style played with in any other ways that it could have been. It seemed like a missed opportunity for some more interesting visuals that could have broken up the film from it's constant white palette that got a little hard on the eyes at times.
The animation itself is great as per usual from this studio, but I'd think that usually goes without saying

Maybe I'm just giving this movie a hard time, but I really fail to see the praise this gets. The story itself is pretty unremarkable. All the characters aren't fun to listen to, and act so typically it's actually incredibly boring to watch the more character focused segments of this movie.

If you have to miss one Ghibli film make it this one. You're not missing much and there's certainly not read more
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Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Anime) add
Komori-san wa kotowarenai is a slice of life comedy originally written in 2012 by Cool-kyou Shinja. In 2015, three years after the manga began, it was adapted into an anime. The studio behind it was Artland, the same studio behind Mushishi, Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino & the horrendous Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Still, two out of three worthwhile anime isn't a bad precedent. I'm not sure what to expect going into this one, so let's take a look and see how it goes.


Komori is a fourteen year old girl who can't bring herself to turn down requests for help. As a result, her classmates are constantly relying on her. This, naturally, results in slice of life shenanigans. The biggest flaw with the series is just that the japes are pretty standard and predictable. You might laugh at points, but it's probably not going to be hearty laughter. More, a bit of a chuckle. This series may actually benefit from each episode lasting two minutes, simply because they have to fir out the jokes quickly and you don't get a lot of set up for the obvious pay-offs.


The characters don't have much to them. Although, in all fairness, you can't really expect deep and compelling characters in a series where the entire twelve episodes take up roughly the same amount of time as one episode of a normal length series. With that said, there are times where Komori's interactions with her friends, Masako & Megumi, work well for comedic purposes and there are times where they don't really garner a reaction. Then we have Kurou, a character who is consistently dull. Any time he shows up, you can safely tune out and not risk missing a funny moment.


The art in this is pretty simple but it's functional and there's really nothing wrong with it. Even if it does use that hyper moe style I'm not personally fond of.


The acting is perfectly competent. It's not stellar and Uchida Aya certainly doesn't get to fully showcase her talents, but it sounds just fine. I'd say the same for the other actors, but I haven't really heard them in anything else. Well, Ozawa Ari had a minor role in One Punch Man, but I don't remember her character at all. The music likewise is competent but nothing special.


There are times when Komori's friend, Masako, seems to have a crush on her. But it's difficult to say if that was intentional given the length of the series.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, Komori-san wa kotowarenai isn't a bad series. But it's also not a good one. It's a short, standard slice of life comedy. If you're a big fan of the genre, you might want to give it a go. The whole series is only twenty four minutes so it is pretty quick. Otherwise, you won't really miss anything by skipping it. My final rating is a 5/10. The series is average. Next week I'll look at Brain Powerd.
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Okusama wa Joshikousei (TV) (Anime) add
I thought this series was quite enjoyable even though it gets bad reviews.

I believe it was a very relaxing series that if you just want a sort calm romance I believe this series would meet those needs.

The characters are simple but likeable which makes watching this series interesting.

I like it how they didn't waste time on developing the romance and just went straight with the marriage and romance.
Some people may see this as a flaw I think its good for people who are just here to see the romance and enjoy some heart-warming couples everyday life.
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7 hours ago
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
This is my first review..
Okay, but honestly. I was so hyped for this anime since the PVs were out.
But this isn't what I expected.
I was expecting for an anime with more focusing on the sports and on the characters, not only on 2 characters, while there are 3 main characters. I've seen many sports anime and at least in the others, even the supporting characters have a back story. This anime is focusing ONLY on Victor and Yuuri, not in the other characters and not even in the sport. Seriously?! Yuuri is supposed to be the MAIN character and the other characters, at least have more OSTs than he does.
I was really happy about this, but after the episodes 7/8 I honestly wanted to give up.
If you came here to watch a Shounen-Ai have fun.
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In the midst of the star-studded Summer 2016 anime lineup, there's one particular show that I missed out on watching at first and that show was Alderamin On the Sky.

Let's get started with the story shall we? The story follows the adventure of Ikta Solork, a lazy and laid-back teenager together with his friends and comrades . Using his tactical brilliance, he must defend his land. Yes, the plot may not sound original, but believe me the anime executed it brilliantly. How? It lies in the characters.

Ikta is not your typical male Shounen MC. In fact, he's the exact opposite of it. He's the kind of character you can't help but to hate at first, but slowly you will root for him later on. One of the interesting aspects of the show was the dynamic or one could call it platonic, relationship between the two lead characters which is rare to find in anime nowadays. Even Yatori is not your typical, damsel in distress heroine. I won't spoil anything, but if you liked your female MC to be strong and badass, she won't disappoint. The supporting cast though, were just so-so in terms of development. The 13 episode count didn't help either.

Moving on to the animation, I would say it looked gorgeous at times, especially during the action scenes which can be bloody and violent, but overall for an anime released in 2016, it just looks average at best. I certainly didn't expect that from Madhouse, the studio that produced a large number of stunning and beautiful anime adaptation. The same goes to the soundtrack. Nothing too memorable that i can think of, even the OP and ED.

Yes, it's nothing outstanding, but it certainly was an enjoyment to watch as a whole . Just don't expect anything conclusive in the end, since the LN and manga are still ongoing which is one of the reasons why I kept the overall score at a 7.

Overall, I can see why a lot of people decided to skip on this show, but if you have enough time to spare, give this one a try. It may surprise you, in a good way.

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"Wake Up, Girls!" was a promising series that attempted to break the common tropes of idol anime. With a mix of optimism and realism that is hardly seen in shows of its type, this anime series held great potential to be something great.

However, the latest entry in the series, "Beyond the Bottom" serves as a lackluster conclusion to an otherwise stellar series.

The greatest gripe I had with this show was that it simply lost all the positive aspects that the previous entries had. For instance, "Beyond the Bottom" felt horribly disjointed from the tone and atmosphere that the the TV series and previous movies had.

For instance, there is almost no conflict in this story, aside from the upcoming Idol Festival, which by this point in the series, has become a rather stale plot device. Not to mention, there is no buildup to the festival itself, which makes it seem rather lowly compared to the festival depicted in the TV series.

Another complaint I have would be that the music in this movie is lackluster. Although "Wake Up, Girls!" never boasted a massive soundtrack, they always had a relatively strong, albeit small, selection of songs for viewers to appreciate ("7 Girls War" and "Gokukujo Smile") come to mind. The new songs introduced in this entry simply do not compare in the slightest. They are unmemorable and, unfortunately, not very catchy either. This is quite disappointing because I always felt that "Wake Up, Girls!" was quite strong in terms of the musical aspect of things.

The animation quality also took a massive nosedive. While 'Wake Up, Girls!" was never known for its animation quality, as you can probably tell from other reviews, it is quite apparent that the animation is even worse than it was in the previous entries. Faces look odd, the dancing looks stiffer than usual, and there are noticeable shortcuts taken to reduce the amount of animation needed to be produced by the company (which is quite obvious once you see it).

The characters from "Wake Up, Girls!" that many of us have come to know and love suffer from lack of depth. The only characters that really receive any proper characterization would be Nanami, Mayu, President Tange, and Shiho. Everyone else is left in the shadows, merely serving as background noise rather than actual characters. However, I do appreciate how the movie develops I-1 Club member Shiho Iwasaki's character. I found myself appreciating moments in which she appears, as she proved to be, in most cases, more interesting than the Wake Up, Girls! themselves.

To conclude, "Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom" was disappointing to say the least. In my opinion, it leaves a great big stain on an otherwise fantastic franchise. It is unfortunate that this otherwise good idol anime series ends off tainted with excessive cliches, quality issues, and lack of depth.

If you are a fan of "Wake Up, Girls!" like I am, you'll want to check this movie out. Just be sure to head in with your expectations read more
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9 hours ago
Shashinkan (Anime) add
Shashinkan- a beautiful tale of a woman who can't smile. Despite lasting only 16 min. shashinkan was unbelievably heartwarming and brought a tiny sparkle of joy into my life.

The art in this anime is definetly amazing. Fair enough characters don't look particularly anime-ish but when you look at them you can feel all the emotions running through their heads. Backrounds are exceptionaly well drawn and their vivid colours can undoubtedly be called "an eye candy".

There is not much I can write about the story or characters as the movie was too short to highly develop either of them. However makers of this masterpiece have done a great job of making an admirable and likeable main character (photographer).

My favourite aspect of this movie is the soundtrack. 16 minutes of magnificent, well-fitting classical music will definetly be hard to forget.

To conclude i recommend Shashinkan to every lover of bitter sweet love stories. If you have quarter an hour and a supply of tissues to spare, you are ready to watch it!
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11 hours ago
Amaama to Inazuma (Anime) add


Well I actually do enjoy a great slice of life to get some chill relaxing time. Hence I pick this series... and regretted it

Story: The story began when the father Kobei Inuzuka loss his wife due to something... ( they didn't explain just accept it) and he is a terrible cook so he and his daughter has been eating frozen bento from the convenient store and microwave it for about 6 months.
Wait... WHAT!!!!
What type of father are you?? Can you at least try to cook fucking meal for your daughter within the 6 months before learning how cook with your student?? I know you are busy in school BUT COME ON!!! 6 MONTHS OF EATING MICROWAVE FOOD. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO KILL HER?? MICROWAVE IS FUCKING RADIOACTIVE!!!!!!!! WHAT TYPE OF FATHER ARE YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A FRIEND THAT OWNS A RESTAURANT. YOU ASK HIM TO TRY AND ASK HIM TO COOK FOR HER!!! BUT NOPE, MICROWAVE MEAL IS BETTER!!! Also the story is about feeding and my friend say that the show is a recipe as every episode they are making harder dish. That would be true, however is FUCKING INCONSISTENT!!! On one episode they were making rice then hamburger steak with rice. Good that's harder recipe and you use the recipe from what you learn in the precious episode good progression. Then towards the end where is the dessert route they make creeps and donuts. WHAT!!!! Creeps is literally the most basic stuff that ever made.

Art/animation: Is good but there is nothing stand out about it. Now I think about it there is one stand out scene in this anime which is only in the 1st episode. Where the FUCKING father carries his daughter to an alley where there is lanterns. That's the only stand out scene that I can remember.

OP: Is quite catchy and I like it
ED: Like it. I mean is sang by brains the sun which make boku no hero academia ed.
OST: meh, is not the worst, is not best, is overall ok

Characters: We all know I hate the father. OH WAIT... THERE'S MORE... As an asian kid that grew up with an asian parents. He's not like any asian parents. Asian parents are strict, furious and don't give shit what excuses the kids made. You I think mikio mother suits that role well.... So as asian father he fails. Sure he did scold Tsumugi once but in the last episode where Tsumugi refuse to eat her food. A typical asian parent will just slap their child in public and scout at her... Tsumugi, she's cute, she can smile, dance and just act like any 4 years old kid be. YEA... The only reason why characters get a 4/10 and lower is because Kotori. I can understand her relationship between her and her mother and just want read more
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12 hours ago
Taboo Tattoo (Anime) add
Gosh, where do I start...

Right. Taboo Tattoo is like finding a good book with a good summary printed on it, only when you flip it and start to read it, you realize it's horrible. I imagined the creation of this anime started out with a guy who had some sort of checklist.

"How to make a good shounen anime. You need:
- Child protagonist ( )
- The Chosen One ( )
- School setting ( )
- Comedy ( )
- Female fanservice ( )
- Romance ( )
- Token Loli ( )
- Good backstory for side characters ( )
- Big boobs ( )
- Badass characters ( )
- OP antagonists ( )
- "Nakama" power ( )
- Gore/Death ( )
- Swear words ( )
- Yuri ( )
- Torture, for MC's growth ( )"

And the guy makes sure it's all there. Sure, they are all there, but the pacing of the story is awful. Some episodes aren't entirely linked to the previous, and the anime's pacing can go from serious to comedic in less than a second, destroying the mood. Half of the time I wasn't sure what I was watching. The first four episodes looked decent, and then it started going downhill. It feels like the anime wanted to please many audiences than what it was originally capable of at that point that it became a joke itself. Maybe that was the whole point? In that case the seriousness of the anime didn't justify itself. The so-called "tattoo" that granted people powers suddenly turned the anime into a magical one, where almost everyone is capable of using it. The story is so thinly threaded despite it was to "defeat antagonist". Then they added some pointless gore and death, crossing their fingers that it would make the whole thing better. It did not.

When your side character has more story than your main character, this is where it goes wrong. I relate more to a certain side character that appears for only 3 episodes than the MC who did probably nothing but tried to kill himself (and failed because plot armor) for 12. Sure, side characters need love and backstory too, but I literally know nothing apart of MC's unjustified strong sense of justice, extreme recklessness, and that he's the main character. Though, he finally picks up and became slightly better at episode 9, but he's still a mystery to me. Is he even the main character, I wonder? Some side characters have proven to be more interesting than an empty shell of "Justice" he is.

Nothing much to say about art and sound. They're at least better than what it's trying to convey. The art is pretty good, I must praise it. However, despite how much I can praise it, it will not change how much a mess this anime is.

I was hoping it to at least achieve the bare minimum of average, as a shounen anime that has a decent start. It turned out to be a lot worse than what I was expecting. Just finished it earlier, read more
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Today, 4:00 AM
Angel Beats! (Anime) add
How the hell did I complete this series without ffwd....!!!!first of all i want to say that i dont bash animes.This is only the second anime that got less than 5 score from me.
Story:This is one of the worst stories I have ever seen.I mean i believed devil fruit,revival(without explanation),shinigami,Death Note,Time machine i mean everything anime world thrown at me.but this sounded complete bs to me.
This never got going for me...from first episode it was just plain boring...It was just like Ironman movie...people are going crazy shit and I am like whats great in this movie...although I would like to say Ironman was watchable and not boring.This is my personal view..your views can be different.
Rating : 1
Impact :Zero
+1 for episode 5 becuase I found that to be good...also last episode.
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Today, 3:53 AM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
What I Say Next I Don't Know, I Already Said Almost Every Thing In My Review In Clannad.

As You Can See I Give This Anime A Rating Of 10, So You Already Understand How Much I Loved It.

Maybe It's My 3rd Anime, I Mean, I Never Give Any Anime A Rating Of 10.

But This Anime Made Me.

Well This Anime Have A outstanding Story line, I Thought It's OK If I Watch 1 Episode Everyday But After Watching Every Episode I Cant Wait For Next So I Complete This Anime In Only 1 Day.

OMG Really It's So Good, So I am Ready To Watch It Again And Again Until I Get Bored Of It, But I Don't Think I'll Get Bored From This Anime So Easily
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Today, 3:39 AM
Clannad (Anime) add
I Just Have To Say That I Love This Anime, Story Was So Good Also Sound And Characters.

I Watched This Anime For Once As a Comedy Anime But I Found It More Good.

But I Give This Anime Only 8 Rating Because Of This Anime Have Some Of Boring Episodes.

But I Found 2nd Season Of This Anime Clannad After Story More Interesting So Much Moving.

In The End I Have To Say Only That This Is The 3rd Anime I Ever Had Loved That Much Specially Sound.


By The Way If Any Of You Ever See Any Another Anime Just Like That Please Message Me
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Today, 2:26 AM
Higashi no Eden (Anime) add
#9 and # 4 are real ones, just sooooooo ignorant.
#11 a bad bitch. where they do that at?
everyone else is bitchmade and yoooosless!
The big message i got from this anime is to DO IT, just DO IT! Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just. DO IT! Make. your dreams. COME TRUE! Just… do it! Some people dream of success, while you’re gonna wake up and work HARD at it! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!You should get to the point where anyone else would quit, and you’re not gonna stop there. NO! What are you waiting for? … DO IT! Just… DO IT! Yes you can! Just do it! If you’re tired of starting over, stop. giving. up.
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Today, 1:32 AM
Aishen Qiaokeli-ing... (Anime) add
It's a CHINESE ANIME! (The first one that I've ever watched.)

To start, let me tell you a little of what to expect. It's basically one of those generic harem anime with a LOT OF FAN SERVICE. Personally, I love fan service and I totally love the ecchi genre. (Yay, boobies!)

This particular series starts off with a lot of comedic scenes and cliches. While gearing off towards the end, there's an almost steep hill of the story which will immediately come to your attention. It has a great conclusion (not so conclusion because apparently there's a second season) to it in which you'd actually feel satisfied with watching a generic series. The story is good enough to put a tear or two in your eyes.


The characters are very likable, and the development is clearly evident. The music is kind of a letdown considering that they could've put much effort in composing, nonetheless I gave it a 7. (I wish they could've at least put in some vocals in that.) The mob characters are kinda dull for the eyes due to the fact that they were all animated but not so much as colored correctly.

Other than these stated, I witnessed no other issues.

To sum it all up, I rate it 8 out of 10! It's a good watch, trust me!
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Yesterday, 11:46 PM
Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (Anime) add
I was not particularly impressed by the first two seasons of this show, which were named similarly inexplicably, but I did think they were at least passably entertaining. They seemed melodramatic and heavy handed, and somehow at the same time the story felt like the stakes were very low. All in all, it felt like a pretty cool idea hampered by some pretty blah execution. When I saw that there was a new season (series?) coming out, and that the name was somehow even crazier, I was like "oh this is going to be awful and I can't wait to watch it!"
I started this show expecting to laugh at watching it fall painfully down the stairs, but I will be damned if I am not actually really enjoying it.

Story: Anime had a baby with one of the darker Blocks of Magic the Gathering. Young people, originally just girls but now in the 3rd season suddenly boys too, have to play MTG in the Twilight Zone, but if they lose too many times shit goes downhill. It's more or less an attempt to make a serious anime out of the genre that contains shows like Yugioh, Beyblade, and Cardfight Vanguard. The first season felt like an amateurish attempt at that; this one feels like the concept has been refined into something much more ominous and engaging. There appear to be approximately 0 rules to the card game as well, but in a way that feels much quicker and not so bogged down in the mechanics as compared to Yugioh. Watching people play a children's trading card game gets boring fast. This is more like watching people slowly fall while playing a children's trading card game, which at least allows for some stakes and character development.

Art: It all looks pretty good. Only pretty good though. The human characters are kind of bland and monochromatic, although in all honesty it kind of adds to the already noticeably bleak and melancholy atmosphere. The characters who are actually children's trading cards look significantly cooler, and the aesthetic of the card fights is both unique and attractive.

Sound: Atmospheric and perfectly appropriate, although not particularly memorable. The opening song is also pretty bad (skip-worthy).

Characters: In the first two seasons I though that they were silly; in this season I think they are actually mostly pretty good. There are still some characters who feel very artificial, and unfortunately the main character, Suzu, is among them. Some of the other main and supporting characters, particularly grumpy AF Chinatsu and certified weirdo Hanna, are fun and interesting, and seem to have believable motivations and real human reactions to difficult situations. Watching them struggle is both gripping and sympathetic.

Enjoyment: Way more than I expected. If this had been lame, I was perfectly prepared to drop it after a couple episodes and never think of the series again. Instead I ended up writing an overly elaborate review for it and would recommend it to anyone who likes broody psychological read more
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Yesterday, 11:44 PM
Crayon Shin-chan (Anime) add
I Used to watch this when i was a kid. I lived in the Netherlands. This shit was funny as fuck from what i remember. I also remember one episode when i was dying of laughter. this nigga shin chan came through with the clippers and shaved his dads eyebrows off. then this nigga drew those back on real quick before his dad woke up. i know if i watch the show now i wont laugh cuz im more mature, but back then it was by far one of my favourite shows to watch.

This has been brought to you by @yonathan.girmay - Instagram
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Haikyuu!! is basically my favorite anime of all time, to reiterate on my review of the first season. To also reiterate sports anime aren't really my favorite genre,

But even though I'm a huge fangirl I have to admit, this season isn't as great as the first two. I'd give it a 7.5 if I could. What's largely lacking is the story. Of course, since the season is less than half the number of episodes of each of the previous seasons it's going to not have room for as much development. But it's still a little disappointing that it's literally just one long stretched out game. I've done something I've never done with Haikyuu before... and that was hope that a scene would hurry up and be over. Saddened me a bit. I do understand that they set it up as it is because they have to pace out the anime in accordance to where the manga is.

Anyway, there's not really much to say that hasn't been said about Haikyuu!! already, excellent plot, excellent sound, excellent characters. The only flaw this time is the lack of story development/complexity. On one hand, I think they made a mistake and should have just waited to make season 3 a longer season, with this Shiratorizawa match + what is to come. On the other, I get that it's supposed to be THE match, the one that seasons 1 and 2 were building up towards, so melding it into a season with other plot points of Haikyuu!! would have sort of lessened it's importance and impact.

That's basically it. It's an entire season spanning one match, so you can't really discuss much about it. What I can say as a fan is that despite the lack of story development, there is some nice character development among some familiar characters that make it really nice to watch.

Something else random... I don't really get why people are continually criticizing it because it's not as realistic as real life volleyball. There is NO, literally NOT ONE SPORTS ANIME THAT IS REALISTIC. Insane, athletic moves that not even pros can pull off being performed by school kids? Weird, unrealistic moves that don't exactly exist in real life being performed by school kids? Plot points that put a twist/unexpected spin on the sports rules? WELCOME TO SPORTS ANIME. Kuroko no Basket, Ace of Diamonds, Major, Initial D, Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, Prince of Tennis, Days, etc. etc. etc. even Chihayafuru, a "card sports" anime: the moves are always unrealistic, the players are always better than the pros. However, Haikyuu!! is one of the few that actually make the unrealistic moves/power/skills on the more realistic side. It seems like a really weird thing to rate badly... just my opinion.
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Yesterday, 10:04 PM
Mashou no Kao (Anime) add
Rate of 6 (fine)
Seen in English Dubbed

Has anyone had a masochist desire? well your not alone. In this anime the main male character has one in a dream. However, among many aspects of this anime it is unclear who's dream it was. One might argue it was the main characters. Yet, how would you explain the later submissive attitude?

Other aspects that are unclear are the origin of this unknown female. Why does the unknown girl have the same backstory as the main character male?

So many questions. If i were to guess i would say this is all about dreams. Everyone knows the ideal male dreams but i think this was centered around the dreams of the females mentioned in the show.

Could it be that we were seeing what she was wishing? It is highly possible. think about it. When you dream do you see yourself as yourself or as somewhat different? We all have things we dislike about us. Dreams is something rare in which we have a shot at changing them without consequences. That said in mind being different allows us to function differently in life. Where we take things depends but are no longer based on the same rules. A very intercepting idea that could have had a follow up episode.

Oh well...
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Yesterday, 10:04 PM
Baby Steps 2nd Season (Anime) add
This anime Is about Tennis and guys with permanently cemented hairdos. What makes this anime different about other animes is because it's a sports anime which really doesn't make sense to make animes about because animes are for cute girls and I am a cute girl (fix your shit nintendo)

Even though It's not for cute girls it's very realistic because I once saw ESPN and they actually do this stuff on tv. They really managed to capture the essence of a bus ride like the one in ESPN presents planet earth 2.

Now I want to talk about Maruo the MC in this very wonderful show, he has a very incredible and unique skill. Using velocity in his sharp hair spikes he can manage to bump off opponents off track and penetrate their tires, this in itself isn't that much off a skill but he actually managed have a girlfriend which also proves that this anime isn't really very realistic which poops on my previous statement about this show being realistic suck it obama.

Illuminati is real
;cue music;
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Yesterday, 9:05 PM
Buki yo Saraba (Anime) add
Given an 8 because it was great!

vocals were japanese
english subtitles

Last of the part package of anime Short Peace

By far the most assuming of them all! Sure, there was no witty song used unless you consider the radio in the intro. Which was odd seeing how it was an american (english) song.

You have your brotherhood of men fighting for a cause(stupid maybe but a cause). You have your exchange of blows. You have your surprises. There is some comedy some a bit 'dry'(inside joke).

Although, nothing can top that ending. Not what i thought would happen at all. As it progressed i kept thinking there is only path it can take... wrong wrong wrong!

If you have some time to kill even if you are not a mech/scifi fan check this out.
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Yesterday, 8:41 PM
Sansha Sanyou (Anime) add
As a Slice-Of-Life anime, you should know that this series would almost have no plot to it. Sansha Sanyou mainly focuses on the school life of three girls, so expect that you'd be watching an anime that heavily depends on the characters' personalities.

In that matter, I'd say that I enjoyed it very much! The characters have absolutely different personalities which makes all of them interesting, and I love the way how the characters were exhibited throughout the series.


No issues with the art. I like MOE as much as most people do. No issues with the sound and music either (in fact, I enjoyed listening to both the opening and the ending songs).

Also: Points for the Ojou-san (not so Ojou-san) character! (I love mature and prideful princess characters. lol)

Overall rating: 8 out of 10
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Yesterday, 8:07 PM
Sword Art Online II (Anime) add
When writing a review of Sao two, one of the most vital questions one must ask oneself is; who has the best boobies?
This animee introduces us to the beautiful object, Sinon, who carries a lot of potential to have an engaging arc involving PTSD and overcoming demons through the power of friendship and finding strength within herself, is immediately enrapturing to the passive viewer thanks to her sweet, sweet ass. Oh my god, look at that. So voluptuous and juicy...
Sinon's ass effectively replaces Asuna in this arc, who's boobs are set aside, thus freeing Kirito to fuck up and objectify this latest female character before she gets the chance to maintain a strong and powerful presence.
All in all, SAO II knows its audience well, and if you don't pay much attention to writing, animation, music, voice acting, quality in general, or just have no taste or critiquing ability whatsoever, then show is especially 100% for you! (if you are straight male or lesboan)
In short, if you're fucking retarded, you'll love it!
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Yesterday, 7:40 PM
Gambo (Anime) add
Rate Good (7)
seen via japanese audio with english subtitles.

Warning:not for the faint of heart. Reason being involves rape in minor girls(aftermath).

Normally i consider these snuff films garbage but this one i disagree. True it did have an evil tone but i can't help but to wonder in the ancient path if demons roamed the earth. If that was the case i would thank my lucky stars if i had the aid of a monster on my side. Which is why i liked the show. Not only was it a tad unique but despite how bad things are there was hope if you had faith. Which provides true to never give in and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
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Yesterday, 7:27 PM
Nobunaga no Shinobi Episode 0 (Anime) add
As this entire entry exists only over the span of a few minutes, there is only so much to review. This special is the prologue with respect to the rest of the Nobunaga no Shinobi series. The series itself focuses mostly on humor and character interactions in order to provide its atmosphere, which it accomplishes extremely successfully considering it brevity. This special, however, goes in a different, more serious direction and focuses more specifically on plot than the rest of this series. I think this is helpful in understanding the series, because the chadacters sort of existed without explanation initially, but it was also less enjoyable than the original series, almost straying from its original mantra or appeal.

I give this special a (5/10).

It is nice to have the background information on the characters but the biggest flaw of the entire series is its brevity. I think it has the potential to be highly entertaining due to its wonderful characters and interactions but there just isn't much present to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy it for five minutes once a week though. But then again, maybe its only good because its short, I guess the world may never know.
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Yesterday, 7:20 PM
Hi no Youjin (Anime) add
Audio japanese
english subtitles

rate average

I am neither pleased not disgusted from this. There was nothing of unique value to this. All it was taking advantage of a situation for one's own benefit. Not sure if i should feel sorry or not for the main character. Granted she was in a situation she did not want to be in but did her solution have to be so detrimental? On top of that the ending was not clear.

sincerely your reviewer,

remember this is a 5 part series/mini movies. This is part 3 of 5. Part 2 was tsukumo and part 1 short peace opening.
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Yesterday, 7:03 PM
Tsukumo (Anime) add
Rate of 10
Seen via english sub
Part 2 of the 5 part Short Peace package

Ahcha Gahcha I love that catchy little song!

Aside from the little song you got to love the c.p.u. animation. It is more digital then regular animation. A 3d outlook if you will. Another aspect of love is you never know what will happen.

Normally i don't like japanese audio... this time i loved it!

However, one draw back is the intro is not quite related to this.

sincerely your reviewer,

would have appreciated this to be mini series. Something with more of those catchy songs and animation style. This anime certainly wasn't 'broken' (inside joke)
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Yesterday, 6:09 PM
Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R (Anime) add
No just no! This anime makes no sense of being a magical/idol anime. And I god, the story is terrible, sound is okay, characters are dreadful and it is torturing from the start. But on the positive side, at least I got the voice italy doing tanu-p but still it is bad. OMG the ending makes me go wtf did I just watch. I mean I love magical girl anime but this anime deserve to be put into the garbage. And please I'm warning you, don't watch nurse witch komugi chan r, you will regret it watching it from the start.
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Yesterday, 6:08 PM
Short Peace Opening (Anime) add
5 -6 in rating
seen via english sub

Vocals was limited. A couple call outs and that was it.

Art is crisp and clean

Plot was slightly interesting. You are starting with a childhood game and next it emerges to a unrealistic situation. Not something too random yet no something too ordinary either. The way they went about it made me curious and want to watch the movie that would follow to this.

Important notice this is part 1 of 5 in terms of how myanimelist portrays this.

Part two is Tsukumo (Possessions) i think. If i am wrong i will edit my posting.
Sincerely your reviewer,
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Yesterday, 6:02 PM
Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare (Anime) add
Para vengarse de el viejo le arruina la vida a como 200 pendejas y nunca le hace nada al papá, que justificación tan estúpida, le pongo 1 de 10 porque no se puede poner 0.

El primer episodio empieza bien, pero nunca dicen el por qué del reloj.

Después de lar hermanas nunca dicen si quedan así eternamente o si qué o qué.

El 2do es más de lo mismo pero mucho más flojo.

El 3ro es una porquería total, te lo puedes saltar.

El 4to ya es la estupidez total de parte de los estudiantes, el loco, el rector, la policía, es una basura total, preferiría ver 2 horas de una película de Adam Sandler a volver a estar basofia.
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Yesterday, 6:02 PM
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
The reason why I give yuri on ice! a 10/10 is because of the story, the sounds including "history maker" for yuri on ice op and "you only live once" for ending theme song. Also, the characters are just to beautiful to look at including the main protagonist yuuri katsuki and viktor nikiforvo! *I ship vikuuri* the enjoyment is excellent and my over experience of yuri on ice is the most beautiful and gorgeous anime I ever seen*although I watch some sports anime and not as good as yuri on ice* but still watch yuri on ice and trust me you will love it.
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Yesterday, 5:59 PM
WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
*Warning Minor Spoilers*
This is my first review, so I'm still working on it. Thanks for reading.

After watching the three seasons of the original "Working" I was very much ecstatic and excited to see the announcement of a sequel, albeit a spin off. I had very high hopes for the anime and the first episode of this series caught my interest and convinced me to take on this anime journey. However, after the first episode I finally was able to realize the true train-wreck that this anime had become. After the hype of watching a sequel to one of my favorite slice of life anime had died down, I began to feel the inevitable grip of boredom. Every time I watched it I tried to convince myself that this would be the episode that redeemed itself as a successor to its original masterpiece but alas that never happened. Why do you ask? Well let's get down to it.

Story: 2/10
The story started off just fine; the introduction of the character was good and it felt very promising. However, even in the first episode I could see some flaws. The introductions of the main characters felt very rushed and forced, and there seemed to be just too many plot conveniences. I understand that it is a comedy but I really wished that at times it would just make more sense. This brings me to my major criticism about the story. It just doesn't make sense. While the last "Working" brought a story that explored the relationship between the MC and the rest of the crew, this series centralizes its focus on the relationship between the MC and the one other co-worker. The central conflict is always between these two and after the first conflict it quickly grew dull. The central conflict was way too oversimplified and boring; the writers also seemed to want to repeat it every other episode. This led to a repetitive cycle of the same dumb conflict that could easily be resolved. The conflict was not funny and didn't warrant the amount of screen time that they gave. This anime, which is supposed to be a slice of life, turned into a awful shipping anime instead. In summary the plot was just too boring for me to follow along with, the script could be understood by a 4 year old, and my head hurt from the amount of times the series hammered it's repetitive conflict into my skull.

Art: 8/10
There's not much to complain about the art. It looks quite nice and lived up to the expectations I set out for it. The visuals have the same appeal as the original, and the settings and the characters had a very nice visual appeal. If I were to criticize anything about the art it would be to have made some of the characters stand out more. A lot of the characters had very cliched appearance to them. All in all, it's not bad.

Sound 8/10
Personally I really enjoyed the OP. The music was read more
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Yesterday, 5:58 PM
Toradora! (Anime) add
I am of the opinion that stereotypes can be a good foundation for a character - as long as they grow out of it. Toradora nailed this.
The cast begins with an unremarkable list of tropes, but most of them grow out of it over the course of the story. The become deep and dynamic, and the interactions between them can range from hilarious to heartbreaking, but are always entertaining. Even if I disliked some of them at first (*ahem* Taiga), I grew to love them by the time the series was half way through.
My favorite character, and probably one of the best parts of Toradora, is Ami. She is the most complex character in the entire show. She is shaped and changed by the people around her just as much as she shapes and changes those very people. She has many layers: a sweet exterior and a mean spirit beneath that, but at her very core, she is thoughtful, mature, and strong. Her character is something new, and it makes everything else feel new too.
Most of the drama in Toradora achieves it's goal: it creates tension and emotion without feeling forced. This is pretty consistent until the ending, where it feels as if the creators were grasping for some sort of climax to add to the show. It ends up being forced, with characters making decisions that don't really make sense and mostly just overreacting to the situation. It's disappointing that the drama was done so well up until that point, and then it kind of falls apart. The ending is still somewhat satisfying. Loose ends are tied, but there's nothing to write home about.
Other than that, the visuals are smooth and fitting for the show, and the music is decent. It's a great anime for anyone who likes a rom-com with well-written characters.
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Yesterday, 4:39 PM
Cross Game (Anime) add
So, this is my fourth review of an anime ever and I've just finished the anime a few hours ago so bear with me as I sort out my thoughts a bit.

I liked Cross Game, I'm not completely sure why. It has a lot of things that I normally like in anime but most of them didn't grasp me as much as they could have. Maybe it's because it was about baseball, which I know nothing about. Or maybe the emotions didn't hit me as hard expressed in it's back to basic art. I still liked it a lot, though, I got through it's 50 episodes in no time and if you know my habits you know that I really do just drop the ones I don't like as soon as I've had enough of them, which is often two episodes in.


I do like my love stories slow and realistic, that's what probably struck a chord with me. I like a love between two people who actually know each other deeply, and trust each other on a very instinctive level. Passion is good, but not as good as that feeling of having a rock in the crazy storm of life, and just being willing to work for a relationship can make it so much more real.

Just like the art the anime is simple, back to basic, nice to watch, cute and funny, but simple. I'm sure other people found more meaning in this anime than I did and there is that layer that kept me watching, but I can't figure out what it is exactly. Maybe because it's very basic it feels honest, without a lot of decoration, both visually and emotionally. Even though I guess it deals with a story that could have been a lot more complicated it all happens very naturally, slowly but steadily.
I liked the story, I like that the drama isn't painted so dramatically and I like the way the story works and develops the main characters.

It has a lot of nice characters, I mean nice in the actual sense. I don't like it when anime's put in mean people for no reason other than trying to make you root for the main character more, like with rivals in love or in a game. They really have no function being mean if the couple you are rooting for is actually in love, or if the person you are rooting for to win is actually the best. They will figure that out even if their rivals are the nicest people in the world. I like that Cross Game avoided a lot of people being mean just for the hell of it.

What I didn't like about this anime. Well, I think the art was a little too simple, simple is good but when you find yourself wondering what the expressions on peoples faces are supposed to be, it's a little read more
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Yesterday, 3:16 PM
Seiken no Blacksmith (Anime) add
A red-haired tsundere who has a crush on her love interest but acts tsundere to him, the love interest is at best have is the strategist of the group, in a fantasy world with magical weapons, demons and or monsters appear and attack the main cast. What do mean this isn't Shakugan no Shana??????

Ok all joking aside, LA will say this as bluntly as possible......Seiken no Blacksmith is average at best.

Seiken no Blacksmith is your typical medieval fantasy anime focusing on a fantasy world of magical swords, demon contracts and a knight who needs a new sword from a mysterious yet justifiably gloomy would think that LA said this statement, this anime would have been great!''s not. Why? well...let's get on with this shall we?

In terms of characters, well one of the biggest problem goes to our main characters, Luke Ainsworth voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto the titular blacksmith and Cecily Cambell voiced by Ayumi Fujimura, Luke's problem isn't his character development as once his backstory and focus on during the current main plot gets, he becomes sympathetic at best and he becomes one of the more well-rounded developed character by the end of it. But the thing is when he isn't on screen or he is in focus, he's essentially the tsukommi to Cecily's boke or worst, he's just hardly in it when it doesn't revolve around him which is about half of the runtime!. Cecily Cambell is quite the opposite however as her main problem is that she's such a one-note character with hardly ANY character development (and when is involved in the plot, most of her development goes either to Lisa, Aria or Luke, not herself, it becomes a problem as we see this fantasy in HER eyes, but she's almost a blank slate aside from her strong sense to protect people but that's it) and her constant running gag of her big breasts (yes it's one of THOSE anime gags) it becomes extremely grating for any sense of comedy from her though she is constantly jabbed at Luke, Cecily just reacts to everything and is filling in the "tsundere archetype with the strong sense to protect everyone" and nothing else. Bad things aside, the other two main characters Lisa voiced by Aki Toyosaki, an assistant to Luke and Aria voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi a magical wind sword gets their proper developments as well as having a point in the majority of the plotlines she's in if it is there's focus on her or not. Quite easily, Aria very quickly became LA's favourite character, due to her being a magical sword and having a likable personality in general. In terms of villains, we do get our "usual crazy sword-wielding crazies" here and there and their stock crazy because of the war kind of villains, however the black-cloaked man villain at the start of the anime is essentially the mastermind and this villain doesn't comes into focus until the final when it comes to villains, their read more
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"Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku" or "My Teenage Romance Snafu" or simply "Oregairu" by Wataru Watari is the second season of the anime and seriously one hell of an anime.

For all those who watched the first season, it definetly is a must watch. Maybe for those who didn't like the first season, the art signifcantly has got better due to another anime studio producing the second season (and more cash, lol). It has a more connected story which makes it more exciting once you finished an episode! So I definetly recommend it.

For all those who didn't watch the first season, I also recommend it but first of course start with the first season then ^^. This anime contains like all the stuff I like when it comes to romance/school life animes. First of all, Hikigaya Hachiman, our MC, isn't like your typical MC you know from these kind of animes (the guy who always stands around and stares out of the window and still gets all the chicks...), cause this guy has attitude. Our man is capable of dissing others and pointing out their little flaws and he does that in a somewhat hilarious way. Being honest, therefore he is also hated by almost all the other characters. Inner monologues are very often in this anime which mostly are really funny but somethings reaaally deep. For sure one of my favorite male characters.
Second of all, many characters and side characters are introduced throughout the story, making the story and the dialogues very diverse. Many male characters other than the MC also play a significant role in the story and (thank god...) not all female characters are in love with the MC.
Aother point is that various places other than the school are set as meeting locations in the anime, making it more refreshing and diverse.
Also, the characters almost always act reasonable, not like in some romance animes where the females suddenly act like cold b****es or cry or run away because the MC talked to another living being.
At last the characters (especially the female in the second season) are animated very very well, well you'll see when u watch it.

My Scores:

Story : 9/10
Nice story, nice character development, deep plot in the middle of the story, bit complex in my opinion but still superb!

Art: 10/10
Scenery and character design was perfect, no more room for improvement.

Sound: 5/7
Well unless its a music anime, sound was always a bit unimportant for me but the Intro song is nice

Character: 10/10
As I already said, love the characters and especially love Yukino (like cats like friskies!)

Enjoyment: 10/10
Always has a steady curve in terms of funniness and never gets boring!

Overall: 10/10
One of my favorite anime indeed, and watch the OVA, you won't regret it ;)

Hope this review helped, and I hope you have fun while watching this :)!
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Yesterday, 3:03 PM
Break Blade: Virgins War (Anime) add
Rate of 5
seen via english sub

Art was very crisp and clear.

story made sense but was very cut and dry. I loved the intro song. Alas why was this made? *points gun at creator for an answer. Doesn't get one and fires. Creator dies. This type of response is close to what could only be seen. Doesn't go much further or deeper than that. If it was an ecchi thing i might understand but ecchi was not used here. Perhaps the purpose of this bonus was more plot based as a sentimental treat that could only be understood by watching the original show? By it self it seems like a waste of a clip.
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Yesterday, 2:16 PM
Amefuri Kozou (Anime) add
Rate of 5
seen via english dub

Plot: three wishes? that is a lie! It was actually four. the extra wish was the show you exist.

art: art was moderately drawn. Not clean and cut like most modern pieces are.

Voice appeared to be slightly off key from the character's lips. However, it got better towards the end.

Character: the back story was decent. Although, i question the fact if the ending was possible. The factor was if friends were made the trade off most likely in theory could not be accomplished. Given what he grew into how is it that friends were not made?

All in all it was a nice story. Quite sad on the time gap on the promise. Although the holes in the plot annoyed me.
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Yesterday, 2:01 PM
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
I dont write so often reviews here becaouse English inst my main language but i try my best.its gonna be short becaouse obvious lenguage problems.
"oh, an anime of figure skating,this gonna be good"Was my first think about yoi.
"Wow that was beaitiful"was my reaction after see the first episode
"What the hell is that"after see the episode 8
is the resume of this show

Story 7/10:
Its a spokon like allways"i Wanna be the very best"very simple,loser meet an amazing guy and he win all a spokon is not a problem

Sound 5/10:
If you think can win the world championship of figure skating with 2 choreographys,You are dreaming or anything,what guy think this a good idea? Eros more eros and eros,allways the same is boring,ost its ok

Character 8/10:
This is the best of the show,its wonderfull the progression of Yuri with Viktor ,the only bad of this 2 sometimes its a bit rushed,for example in episode 3 Respect a lot Viktor later in episode 4 seems like a cuple of lovers,for the other character 0 charisma.

Art 1/10:
I write this review for this aspect,You cant sell me an anime of Figure Skating with that horrible animation,its pretty annoying,its a sport of beautiness,i cant see any beauty in a deformed bodies(if you can search in twitter an account called BAD YOI CAPS,in 3 weeks have a 200+ cuts of deformed bodies)Since DEEN in 2000`s i dont see an animation extremely poor like that,also the camera when Yuri do the choreography its the same and is annoying af,shoes moves nothing change since cap 3 to cap 8,its like a joke the art in this show.

Enjoyment 5/10:
The only enjoyment of this show is the progress and relationship of Viktor/Yuri,The direction can do it better blinded,is so fucking bad you cannot do the storyboards of skating CTRL C CTRL V,with the only difference of where is skating.The cuts are only better when havent action
"But it has a great story lovers"im watching an anime of figure skating,no a romance anime.

Overall 4/10:
This anime is mediocre af,please dont vote with your heart when have an errors like temples,this anime has 8.58,the same of Kiseijuu or Uchuu kyoudai,its a insult for those anime compare with this mediocre show.
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Ergo Proxy (Anime) add
There is a significant amount to talk about Ergo proxy and it is quite difficult for me generalize it appropriately. Perhaps the best way to frame it is as a story of lies,truth and happiness that is delved into in a very philosophical sense. It is a story that presents us with an interesting perspective as what defines happiness. To the myopic few, their happiness may be limited to that of which is their own and thus they define it objectively as so. But Ergo proxy presents us with vastly different characters seeking out different forms of happiness and thus in turn showcases the arbitrariness of happiness. It delves into topics that of which defines an individual's reality and as a result sets the basis for an interesting perspective of truth defined within a subjective sense.

An instances of this is shown through the quote:
"A lie is truth, until you recognize it as a lie. To see the truth behind those lies is probably the right thing to do. However, it may not necessarily bring happiness. Lies are Happiness."

This is another form of "Ignorance is bliss" that also differentiates objective truth from subjective truth. Though, I felt at odds with the claim that "Lies are Happiness" just as I did for the statement "Ignorance is bliss" when I first encountered them. That is because I believed that neither lies are necessary for happiness nor is ignorance necessary for bliss. Lies can lead to one's happiness just as equally as truth can and this will vary depending on the context. Of course, Ergo proxy's story exemplifies the significance of this quote.

The manner in which Ergo proxy convey meaning to us is often through reference that range from subtle to blatant, much of which reside in the subtle end as opposed to the blatant end. As a result, I often find myself left to my own devices to decipher implicit meaning through the context. Even the manner in which characters interact with one another within Ergo proxy is usually through references that is sometimes clarified with analogies. This aspect of Ergo proxy, I am quite fond of because it allows the viewer to discern it's meaning, but for some reason there also exist points in Ergo proxy where it provides us meaning through exposition. The exposition seemed very inconsistent with implicit way that the anime conveyed meaning. I am not fond of exposition in any manner of which it is used because it strikes me as contradictory to the nature of story telling. The beauty of story telling lies in it's ability to convey meaning that otherwise cannot be conveyed through only words. After all, words serve only to represent only our perceived meaning of the word and that is potentially in contrast to that of others. Some may of viewed the exposition aspect of Ergo proxy as pretentious and I would of had shared this sentiment had it not been the fact that the exposition does complement the story very well. read more
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Yesterday, 1:51 PM
Fate/Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add
The second season of Fate Zero has a faster pace then the first, and a bigger focus on action and execution. The animation and overall quality is very good, the text is rich, though with less flourishes then the first season, it still reaches trilling heights !
I personally dislike how some of the characters are handled in their conviction, as it feels a little flat a times, but their resolution pays off; every single character has a satisfactory screen time and conclusive development.
Definitely not for the faint of heart, but very tasteful for those who enjoy a little tragedy.
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Yesterday, 1:50 PM
Tamako Market (Anime) add
Every character in this was great, but the main character was just mediocre. One would think that would make this a bad show, but just because she was mediocre, does not make her bad. She had ups and downs, but just didn't seem to be as animated as the rest (pun intended). All of the characters besides the main were good (except for the flower shop owner who had a terrible dubbing by a man). The dub for the bird was hilarious and gave a lot of personality and humor to the bird. It opens with the terrible voice-acting of the flower owner (who does a lot of dubs as a man, and clearly is a man, and is a bad choice.), which leads one to assume it will be awful, but the first word from the bird is great and continues as such. Disclaimer: I watch sub and dub equally.

The story was great, as it was entertaining, and not just run of the mill. the ending left me at a good closing point, without having to embrace an awful cliched finish.

This is a fun one that will most likely keep your attention rather well, and is just a good time with a few serious moments. I'd recommend watching it if you have the time to spare for a short 12 episode series.
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