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Apr 27, 2017
Jack_Corvus96 (All reviews)
As a Fan of the falcom game that goes by the name of "The legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky" Trilogy (I'm still waiting for the 3rd game) I'm a bit dissapointed that the game didn't receive a faithful adaptation, yet it wasn't that bad. the only thing you have to take in consideration, is that the whole OVA goes around the second game (rushing it like hell) it doesn't even finishes it tho, and it commit a lot of mistakes in story telling and characters.

if you are interested about this series, you better play this game on PC, because you won't understand anything read more
Apr 27, 2017
Amazing_Grace (All reviews)
I am very much in like with Sword Art Online. I don't love it, because it's not a good show, but I do deeply like it, for a lot of very uncritical-- possibly even silly-- reasons. Sword Art Online is not good in the traditional sense of the word. The characters are weak and one-note, the plots are contrived and sometimes just so full of holes I feel like I have to play hopscotch if I think about it for two seconds, and the game worlds are broken. But I still like this show w for purely aesthetic reasons. At the end of the day, read more
Apr 27, 2017
TrashDax (All reviews)
I’m still not entirely sure whether I was supposed to fap to this or not.

Hanabi loves her teacher Narumi, who loves another teacher, Akane. Mugi is also in love with Akane, despite being a student. Hanabi and Mugi decide to have a purely physical relationship. However, Ecchan is in love with Hanabi and Moka is in love with Mugi. Now you might wonder, who is Akane in love with? Nobody, she just likes to fuck and steal other girls’ love interests. Does this sound like a good story to you? Probably, if you’re a 13-15 year old girl. But all kidding aside, love triangles (or read more
Apr 27, 2017
harshtruth (All reviews)
Wow it's been a long time since I've sit and watched a show with one hand on the mouse and the other on my face thinking "Seriously? These are the kind of shows that people find appealing these days?" This is my first review so I'm going to try and keep it short. (I may fail)

I went into this with optimism and tried to keep the thought of OreImo out of my head but watching this gave me flashbacks of what a mistake that show was. The story itself is nothing special (a LN writer trying to make it big)...meh. The characters itself are your read more
Apr 27, 2017
Sebu-Senpai (All reviews)
The amazing sequel to attack on titan 1! Love the opening and great show, but the Beast Titan deserves a white van to go with his creepy smile and voice. Epic characters, especially Levi (I know Eren can be a bit whiny at times, but his rage kind of makes him a suitable protagonist for a post-apocalyptic anime.) and epic soundtrack. I've read the manga and it's so good to see it in full colour and animated. 10/10, best anime after Sword Art Online. Ending theme is good too, but it kind of spoils the titans creation for those who haven't read the manga to read more
Apr 27, 2017
myllaut (All reviews)
The first time I watched it I really didn't have expectations and got really really surprise on how good this show actually is.
The story is pretty great but not that big of a deal.
Art is really good in my opinion, the draws are clean and the show is pretty colorful.
Sounds are perfect, and this opening is actual dope.
Voice match perfectly with their characters and they are really clichés but still funny as hell.
I think this is one of my best animes I watch this season for a good amount of reason like the reactions of the characters in certain situations etc...
Overall I read more
Apr 27, 2017
SpiritH0shi (All reviews)
Well. Took me long enough to gather the courage to watch this show. I had seen some clips from the second season, and thought it looked boring. I didn't even bother to try it. But finally, I started the series and really it was worth it!

It tells a comedic, exciting and well-plotted story of people, who have supernatural abilities. You know that's the industry is full of supernatural series, but this is easily one of the best of the whole bunch. It is really special and beautiful series that deserves a spot on my favorites. Every character feels so alive with their creative past and read more
Apr 27, 2017
Doragonized (All reviews)
I read its manga some time ago and found it very interesting, never thought it would have an anime adaptation.

The problem of the anime adaptation is the time: they're explaining only the most important parts of the manga in just 1 min. Another problem is that if you haven't read the manga, you'll be very lost. Everything is happening super fast (as was to suppose) that you can't understand what is going on.

The art and the characters are awesome, they're cute and well drawn.

Another thing that disliked me was the voice of the female character... They did not complement each other, I mean, read more
Apr 27, 2017
PathOfExplosions (All reviews)
Having just completed the thrilling anime Kyoukai no Kanata, you can imagine my surprise to find that there were two movies related to the series, Kako-hen, the recap movie, and Mirai-hen, the direct sequel. This review will obviously pertain to the former.

Please note that this is not a movie for newcomers who are unaccustomed to the plot of KnK (so for the love of Gilgamesh if this is you, don't watch this).

Despite the original anime's prevalent flaws, my prior enjoyment made me believe that this movie could stand alone or be (dare I say) better than the original if it cut read more
Apr 27, 2017
Hells (Anime) add (All reviews)
Rinne Amagame is an average schoolgirl ready to start the new year, but on her way to her first class is struck by a semi-truck while trying to save a cat. Naturally, she goes straight to Hell and is enrolled at an academy for demonic delinquents whose goal is graduation and ascension to Heaven. But Rinne quickly learns her death is a mistake, and looks for a way to return to the real world and her mother. Rinne and the rest of Hell will even be dragged into a plot that goes as far back as the story of Adam and Eve.

It's surprising to see read more
Apr 27, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
Are you finding for cute girls well this is an anime whith lots of cute girls
The MC is a real cute blue haired girl which is a girl who tells her feelings
But in lateral parts try to become a tsundere
The two other girls are also tsundere
MC is not that strong like he was in the past
MC takes care of cute kids if your a loli con you are welcome
That's some reasons why you might want to watch it
Warning this anime might contain feelers in more episodes to come

What is this anime about

So this is the story of the final human read more
Apr 27, 2017
bad_dong (All reviews)
I would say this is typical of the high school comedy genre. It was funny, but there isn't much about this anime that makes it *special*. Girl is into guy. Guy may or may not be into her.
I thought the side characters were more interesting than the main characters, but that's how it usually is. The main character can only be described as a "normal high school girl" while the side characters were character types I hadn't seen before.
The op is good. The song it catchy and is relevant to the anime.
I have to write a longer review, but I don't have read more
Apr 27, 2017
Germanpaint (All reviews)
*no spoilers*

As far as this anime is aired, three episodes currently, I am really enjoying it.
This anime is "just" a normal and common slice of life, school, romance anime, but the way it is made is just pure awesomeness. The characters are lovable and the setting is really good. The anime is really calm and that is one of the reasons why it is so fascinating. You can feel the characters, and everything seems realistic. I highly recommend this anime for school/romance anime fans.
Right now the hype for the next episode is strong...^^
In this spring season this is definitely one of the upper anime
Apr 27, 2017
Trident11 (All reviews)
Only show I've ever dropped/made a review for, no clue how I managed to force myself through almost 9 episodes of this garbage. Characters are fucking terrible, MC is a shitty Mary Sue with no personality beyond the fact that he's a nice guy with a bow. I get that it's a shitty harem anime but honestly there is zero characterization for any of the (female only of course) supporting cast either. They could have at least made the girls likable but it's just shoving one pair of tits after another in your face over and over again. The only character with any potential read more
Apr 27, 2017
EvanLoh (All reviews)

My god is this anime heartwarming! I never thought that I will like this anime this much.

The main focus of this anime is definitely its characters. Each character is very relatable although their personalities are still pretty cliche and I love it. I didn't find any characters in this anime to be annoying, at least until now. Every character has their childish side and this anime shows how they develop to become a full noble prince. After episode 4, this anime is certainly being realistic by letting the princes go to the town and learn about it. The voice read more
Apr 27, 2017
22 (All reviews)
TL;DR - Its an anime that initially tried something unique that couldve worked beautifully but after a certain point everything in the anime falls apart. I dont recommend it at all. Go watch White Album 2, KareKano, Cardcaptor Sakura, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal and Spice & Wolf. Those are good romance anime, or are good anime in general with good romantic elements.

Now lets start with the actual review. I'm going to be explaining my preferences first, and then I'm going to dissect what I thought of each individual episode. So yeah, theres going to be major spoilers here. I dont read more
Apr 27, 2017
Please_stop (All reviews)
If i wanted to i could write an entire goddamn thesis on why this anime fails on every corner but i won't because like how the light novelist and this director gave attention to it i will stoop to their level of attention which is none at all, first off the character's my god i thought aot had bad characters but no! this just goes to show that every expectation can and will be broken first off we got edgy emo 14 year old, i'm not even going to say much just that his name "The black swordsman" is a terrible rip off of read more
Apr 27, 2017
FeelerofFeels (All reviews)

The boy from episode 1 and 2 is the same. *I'm an idiot* and realized it after I did some google-ing about the last episode. (Yeah, I thought it was 2 different short love story)

ps. my first review.
Just gonna rate it a 10 coz I liked it. Haven't watched a lot of anime to grade the story, sound art, etc.

MAL asked me to add some more words. IGNORE WORDS BELOW
Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, two very close friends and classmates, are torn apart when Akari's family is transferred to another region of Japan due to her family's job. Despite separation, read more
Apr 27, 2017
Rezolut1on (All reviews)
Tbh I'm trying really hard to like this anime. Believe me I am. But it's so hard for me to like this anime when everything is all over the places. The story and plot is good but the way they are presenting it is really hard understand.

But I have hope it's a 2 cour anime so maybe the story and everything will pick up. But as 4 episodes have currently aired (when I'm writing this review) I don't see sagrada reset worth watching.

So should you watch it ? : I think putting it on a ptw list and then when it ends binge read more
Apr 27, 2017
GugudReviews (All reviews)
I will not review, i will tell you the story.

SO, one day, the main char finds a note book, he picks it up and goes home, then he writes names and people die. the devil comes and says, that's my note, the main man says, oh no!! and the devil says, it's fine, chill. K!!

So then, the main man, goes and kills more people because he wants to kill more to save the world, but then he cant, cause like, it's elligal, so he forgets he can kill people to pretend he does not know, but he actualy does not, so its k.

So then he read more
Apr 27, 2017
Yokan-chan (All reviews)
Here's a quick summary: The first 2 episodes suck ass, judge it after watching episodes 3 and 4. Episode 4 is where it starts to get real, the characters seem lifeless but I think that is still part of their character

Story: (8/10)

In the first few episodes they really spoon feed you the information like the characters powers and about sakurada, they don't even try to hide it they literally just tell you what their powers are. It has so much potential to be a good mystery anime based on their powers and sakurada alone, this is probably why most people dropped it (they also dropped read more
Apr 27, 2017
LardYen (All reviews)
I started to read The King's Avatar light novel months ago, When I knew there would be an adaptation i started to freak out, now we see the first Chinese anime adaptation with a excelent animation and flow, a "original" storyboard and good design.
The MC has a good charisma and a bit funny, betrayed by your team and 1000% Triggered in a new server, wanting to be the best glory player again, good secondary characters like Tang Rou, Chen Guo and the dungeon party.

Positive and negative points:


Animation is great, different from all the Chinese adaptations seen until now, with flow and nice design

Badass read more
Apr 27, 2017
hijikata215 (All reviews)
'Can we open our hearts to others? Can we let others know about our anguish? Can we learn to love and share all our worries?' Marmalade Boy seeks the answer.

PLOT: 7/10

Marmalade Boy starts with Miki, a high school student, having her parents swap with Yuu's parents during their Hawaii trip. This unusual situation causes both families to stay together. This is where it begins, their romance. Yuu does not open his heart to anyone. With all the hurdles in their way, will they last?
The plot is unique and that needs to be appreciated. Since it's a long running series the plot does go astray sometimes read more
Apr 27, 2017
animeguy6969 (All reviews)
There are many reviewers on this site who criticize this anime. The one thing I Don't get is that all those reviews have the one and the same thing written in them, i.e It is too long, 700 episodes and counting, don't waste time, more than 200 hours, etc... I would say F*@k all of them, Watch this anime because it is fun, it has great story, characters (except for Nami), Unique art and is enjoyable. If you don't like long anime's don't watch it. it is simple as that. But bashing this anime jus because it is long is not called anime reviewing it read more
Apr 27, 2017
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
HairyPanda (All reviews)
This is my first review so if you have advice in how to make it better please feel free to tell me.

Spoilers from the first episode ahead

Story [8/10]
91 days takes place during the Prohibition Era in the 1920s in a town called Lawless. Where our protagonist Angelo Lagusa is trying to get revenge on the people that killed his family. Pretty simple right? Is it ground-breaking? No. Is it original? Not really. But the feeling of not knowing what Angelo is going to do next is thrilling. Because if the mc doesn't know what to do next, why should you right?

Art [8/10]

Its nothing special, read more
Apr 27, 2017
OremLK (All reviews)
This review does not include spoilers.

I don't think video game worlds make good settings for stories. It's lazy writing, for one thing--using a generic fantasy RPG setting like this requires little thoughtfulness or creativity beyond the initial, already overused idea. It's also a constant reminder that the world of the story is not real. And in Grimgar specifically, you're never certain what the real stakes are, since we're never told what happens when somebody dies inside the game world. For all we know people who die might simply get logged out and go back to their lives.

I also wonder why Grimgar read more
Apr 27, 2017
SnapMyBerry (All reviews)
"A Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that makes anyone who has their name written together will instantly fall in love if they kiss each other regardless of any circumstances."

This anime is like a mix of Death Note and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and a little bit of The World only God knows.

This has got to be one of the funniest way to represent love. But on a more serious note, this anime shows all kind of love, whether it's forced, or it's with the same gender. Also, episode 2 showed some serious thing about being in love. It's great.

Well this is gonna be read more
Apr 27, 2017
SnapMyBerry (All reviews)

This is basically OreImo in an alternate timeline. But, at least this series is so far turning out a lot better than OreImo, at the very very very least. It kind of reminds me of KissXSis too where the parents are conveniently absent.

It's about a guy who's nothing special and his tsundere sister who happens to love games involving dating little sisters. When he finds out about her secret then then it all goes down.

It's not the incest thing that's making me hate this anime. Maybe it's because I've been an anime fan for so long and thus endured the read more
Apr 27, 2017
DisasterFlare (All reviews)
You know, for a series that's supposedly SUPPOSED to be sexy, you'd expect there to be a lot more...I dunno...sexiness? In case it's not already clear by the things I've seen in the past, I'm not shy about fanservice by any means, but for a story of this caliber, this barely has any fanservice at all. Worst part? When the fanservice DOES happen, it's really boring and underwhelming. I've only seen 4 episodes of this so far, so hopefully I can write a helpful and accurate review that (hopefully) won't upset anyone.

Let's start with the facts we already know: We have a girl who likes read more
Apr 26, 2017
RealmOMFG (All reviews)
So first and foremost, let's get this out of the way. Watamote can be VERY difficult to watch sometimes. Sometimes Tomoko's actions makes you wanna break your face against a wall. Very often, especially at the start of the series you will experience second hand embarrassment just by watching. However, this did not by any means ruin the series for me.

All in all, the show was good. I enjoyed it plenty and if you're only reading these reviews to know if you should watch it or not then I suppose you can stop here as I assure you it's definitely worth watching. If for read more
Apr 26, 2017
Mantislord000 (All reviews)
Undeniably one of the greatest anime films I have seen. And certainly up there when it comes to films in general.

The extremely rich and developed artwork was visually stimulating and engaging. Intoxicating the viewer immediately at the incredible detail and colors emanated throughout the film.

The plot was very touching and quite emotional to see play out. The way this film presents the story and incorporates themes of love, time, and wonder was phenomenal. The way everything weaved together was interesting to watch from beginning to end, and ultimately served for a greatly enjoyable and at times very emotional experience.

There were humorous moments, read more
Apr 26, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
To those who have not watched Naruto I highly recommend to watch it before you watch boruto

So Boruto is the time when Naruto is the 7th hokage and where the ships has set sailed
Naruto x Hinata
Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Temari
Ino x Sai
And lots more

The youngling that fought the war has become old they had kids now
So this is the time when modernization happens
And the shinobi is really scraped off lots of shinobi is not here anymore
The population is getting lower and lower because of Modernization

So this is the story of Boruto the son of Naruto
As he walks his own path to the life read more
Apr 26, 2017
11eyes (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hakushama (All reviews)
At first sight it seems to be a classic harem/ecchi cliche, but it's not exactly like that, in this anime the principal characters can die brutal deaths at anytime like in Akame ga Kill and the history is very good, specialy if you like works like Overlord, Accel World and the concept of other-world anime.

The art is a bit outdated but the animation is consistent, if you like other-world anime in general, mistery, light ecchi and also like old style anime it is sure worth your time.

If I had to compare this one to other animes I would say that it reminds me of: Itsuka read more
Apr 26, 2017
ChivbagTalksalot (All reviews)
Oh boy, the 14 year old girl in the anime said she loves dicks. There's a stupid brother sister situation with sexual undertones.
"Don't wash my panties anymore"
It's Oreimo all over again, Only updated to fit with the current times.

This show is vapid and there is no real reason for you to watch it. There is nothing new happening here. Everything about it is an insult to anime watchers because it assumes they are idiotic meme loving 12 year olds.
The characters are dumb, there is a harem dynamic surfacing, and it seems the show is trying to spawn a new meme every 2 seconds.

Don't jump on read more
Apr 26, 2017
Hakushama (All reviews)
This is one of the best anime I ever watched and posses great originality, there is no other anime like this one.

The anime has great focus on the psychological of kids towards death and there's so many different characters and personalities that you easily empathize with some of them.

- I do not recommend this anime to people who likes cliche, comedy, harem and shounen.

- I highly recomment this anime to people who likes works like I Am a Hero, Monster, Mushishi etc... This is a tragic and depressing anime that will brutaly kill kids without mercy and show the worst and the best of people read more
Apr 26, 2017
FrostyHippo (All reviews)
Sakamichi no Apollon is an great slice of life that captures the drama, the fun, and the joy of being in high school and being carefree to do anything that your heart desires. One of the cornerstone's of this anime is the development given to the main character, Nishimi Kaoru. Nishimi starts out as a very shy and frail kid who struggles with outside life since he gets nauseous whenever something surprising happens around him. Nishimi meets Mukae Ritsuko and Kawabuchi Sentarou and big changes to Nishimi's daily life begin to unfold. This anime is filled with some heartfelt amazing moments which is why I read more
Apr 26, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
Why watch it
It's real funny promise
Yandere Girl
A Kawaii Angel that does not even look like an angel
Uhm A cute imouto
Will have Another yandere girl
A blonde imouto of first yandere girl
And so funny frgn shipping promise
Like the angel shipped the secretary of the secretary of something of Japan both boys XD
There is a talking cat dem it

So what is renai Boukun

It is about an angel which is a Cupid
So with her book she ships peaople into turning into couples
She has serious things for yaoi but it's real funny if you watch it
So she mistakenly put the MC's name in the book
Told read more
Apr 26, 2017
ChivbagTalksalot (All reviews)
At this point in time when the show has just begun, it is fairly enjoyable. An average shonen with good production.
Though with that said, there are deep problems already surfacing with the writing, the biggest of which being that all the characters are way too powerful for their age. We have child characters capable of massive summons and advanced elemental techniques. This is on top of the fact that it is set in the Naruto world which is already deeply flawed as it is.
It would have been nice if the show returned to its humble roots with characters being modestly powerful and fights being read more
Apr 26, 2017
DEBT437 (All reviews)
"Same but different."

The magic-combat subgenre of harem is often scoffed at. It's cliche, predictable, and notorious for somewhat boneheaded MCs. Sure they're the guilty pleasure of a lot of people, but they're one of the biggest offenders as to why many people think anime has stagnated as of late. So this story itself doesn't stray too far from the proven formula, but does just enough differently that I think it could end up being either one of the best of its subgenre or maybe be viewed as a little different.

STORY: 8/10

I read the manga previously, but as you might have heard, the MC is quite read more
Apr 26, 2017
Exccel_Girl (All reviews)
Area 88(TV) es un drama militar que nos narra la dura vida de kazama Shin, un japonés quien luego de ser engañado es enviado a la base militar aérea que lleva por nombre "area 88" y es obligado a actuar como un piloto mercenario que sirve al ejercito en la guerra. En dicha base militar conocerá a muchos amigos.

La historia comienza con la llegada de un supuesto periodista llamado Makoto Shinjou, quien dice querer fotografiar simplemente la actividad en dicha área, pero este tiene un propósito oculto, propósito que no mencionaré pues es un mero spoiler.

La animación es bastante buena. Las batallas aéreas son el read more
Apr 26, 2017
grazr (All reviews)
In many respects this show is nothing we haven't seen before. Even the "first boy to enter a previously 'all girls' school" gimmick has been tried and I have to be honest, although i've watched my fair share of harem as something of a guilty pleasure i still consider it to be the lowest common denominator out of all of the genres short of maybe "magical girls".

But all that said and out of the way, this show is not as it would appear by its cover alone. Ironically, despite the above being major pet peeves of mine, another is what i have come to dub read more
Apr 26, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
Why watch it
Personally I like the story
Because it is full of conspiracy theories
Which I though also as a student
The anime that people do turns to life but in another universe
Dude Whut if that can be discovered real OMG m8 we can have real anime girl
Our real waifus in Blood and sweat
There is also kawaii girls so don't worry

So what is Re Creators

Not regular fantasy world and is weird
The MC is not the on who goes to the fantasy world
The one's in a fantasy world goes to him/earth

One day a guy which is an otaku is just watching a famous anime
But booom read more
Apr 26, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
Why watch it ummmm
Cutest frgn Imouto seriously Sagiri is so kawaiiii so frgn kawaii
A cute little joker blonde girl that has explosion in her veins (cause her name is megumi)
A cute little loli elf san
Brother complex
The brother likes to wash the underwear of his sister sadly she told him to stop
And more girls to come

So what is ero manga sensei

Ero manga sensei is about a family that was given another chance
to be a complete family
The brothers side losing his mother
And the sister's side losing her father
Their both parents became united and so was they
But one day the parents of the siblings got read more
Apr 26, 2017
Jacklives (All reviews)
Sound! Euphonium’s first season left me impressed but also a bit disappointed. Granted that this show is an adaptation and that my only issues lie with characters, take my opinions with a grain of salt. At the same time though, KyoAni has done immaculate reshaping of characters for other adaptations that have turned out phenomenal (see K-on!). With all that said, I thought the second season of this series was an enjoyable and improved follow-up to the first season.

Story (9/10):

The majority of this season revolves around the Kitauji High School’s concert band after the events of the first season. They’re going to the Kansai region read more
Apr 26, 2017
BCxER80 (All reviews)
Terra Formars

Story 5: I love the story of them wanting to help and all but.. it went nowhere. There was lots of death and nothing really was resolved.

Art 7: I thought the art was good, nothing amazing. There were a couple great moments, but everything was pretty basic. The fight sense were pretty good [lots and lots of blood]

Sound 6: The tracks were the same, throughout the whole anime. The intro was amazing though, I really liked that. Voices were good nothing special there

Characters 4: As far as these go.. people just died off without read more
Apr 26, 2017
JMazac (All reviews)
(No spoilers) OK, I had never ever written a review on MAL before, but after I saw how Ordinal Scale currently (4/26) has a 8.40/10 I had to say something... IT WAS TERRIBLE!

Sword Art Online season 1 will always hold a special place in my heart (season 2 was okay), and it hurts me when I think that those same characters that I loved so much are in this abomination.

I'll start off with the good:

Art: 8
The animation is VERY polished. Throughout the entire movie it was very smooth. The art style was generic A-1 Pictures. (That final fight scene was great)

Sound: 7
It was decent. read more
Apr 26, 2017
Seichiroku (All reviews)
This is the first time I writte a review but this film has upset me.

Usually I prefer the animes of adventures and fights but I must admit that falling on this kind of nugget is extremely fun, the script surprised me, I looked at this anime without reading the synopsis, I did not know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised at the turn of the story, Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda talks about something real but with a little fantastic, the complexity of words, the power of words is the main theme.

Story: History is utopian but it is precisely this point that read more
Apr 26, 2017
The_BreadAmazing (All reviews)
Vamo lá, minha primeira review, espero que eu não fale nada tosco ou estupido, Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation que anime daora, eu descobri essa belezura aqui navegando nas interwebs pois diabos eu vejo um personagem desse anime a cada rolagem de mouse no Tumblr, dai eu vi que tinha um jogo desse anime da Steam então eu pensei:

- "Se tem até jogo disso é porque deve ser bom, to com um tempinho sobrando bora ver se vale o esforço"

MEU DEUS, o que eu acabei de ver, a historia que eu pensei ser mais um cliche de colegial deu um read more
Apr 26, 2017
Andromeda (All reviews)
This review may contain minor spoilers.
Note: This anime has no serious bone in it. Abandon all your hopes for serious plot, complex characters or deep and tragic/sad backstories. If you’re a fan of these, stop reading here. Also, consider the fact that I love classical music, which may had affected my scoring.

„Spielen wir unsere Musik!“

Starting from the anime’s title, ClassicaLoid, some people (including me) may immediately thought about Vocaloid. And it would be almost accurate. Instead of Miku and Co. we have Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and many other representatives of the good old classical music. From the same people who brought Gintama and read more
Apr 26, 2017
Itakuu (All reviews)
Very good series. Would definitely recommend it if you're into slice of life and romance anime! It had very good characters and is funny, It's a easy watch and has very lovable characters and a good plot... I would rate 8/10, Definitely worth a watch

Note. If you're put off by the romance tag don't be. It holds a very small role in enjoying this show, the romance parts are good but they don't define the show in any big ways. The show is more a comedy and slice of life anime. So if you were put off by the romance tag don't be