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I wanted to like this so much more than I did. The voice cast is godly and superb. The characters are loveable and fun. The story, in general, is interesting. The music is fantastic.

What killed me (and pretty much ruined me on watching beyond this season)... is the heroine. This will probably sound petty and lame, but who in the hell has orange and green eyes with no whites to them? I honestly couldn't stand to look at her, it bothered me that much. Combined with her wishy-washy behavior and attitude, I would have preferred she not be in the anime at all.

I wanted to watch more of the season because I honestly adore the entire male voice cast, but I just couldn't. I could barely make it through this one.
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18 minutes ago
Cheer Danshi!! (Anime) add
As someone heavily into the cheer world (cheered for 6 years myself, two sisters that cheered in college and coach now, mom that coached), I was super excited about this anime. From a technical aspect, the cheers and routines and realities of the cheerleading were completely spot on.

For the most part, I loved the characters, but really felt that they could have dug deeper into the characterization. At least Kazu, Haru, and Shou got some deeper storylines.

What really killed the potential for me was the MASSIVE drop in animation/art quality after only a few episodes. It was so utterly sad. I was hoping that at least the last episode would be better, but was disappointed to see that it was not. Any scene that showed more than a half-view of the characters was so poorly drawn. My friends watching with me and myself were laughing.

It was super cute but could have been so much better.
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20 minutes ago
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
As someone who doesn't have any athletic bone in my body, I rarely give interest to sports related matters. Heck, I don't even watch Olympics. I mean, what's the the point of watching something you can't relate to? But my anime loving part just wouldn't let me totally shut down my heart to this kind of genre. For years, I have watched hundreds of all of varieties of anime but only tens of those is a sports-anime. But when I first saw the trailer of Yuri!!! on Ice I knew this is gonna be good. But I was wrong. Because it wasn't just good. It was beautiful! The plot is simple and the goal of the MC isn't complicated but it's far from being cliché, the animation itself is unique and gorgeous on its on accord, the choreography of the programs was executed well and it clearly shows that MAPPA worked hard for it. Even the soundtracks are giving me eargasm. I thought english songs for anime would be shitty but the opening song of Yuri!!! on Ice is one of the best I've heard. My heart would shatter if no one does a routine using that song on the Winter Olympics. Yes I said I'm not interested regarding Olympics, but after I watched Y!!!OI I found myself being more enthusiastic about it. I even felt like I'm an Olympic figure skating gold medalist just after watching the first episode. Hype or not but it just shows how this show could greatly affect someone's perspective. It's very rare for an anime to be perfect on animation, plot, characterizations, soundtrack and I'm so glad I didn't hesitated to give this one a try. There's only a few episode out right now but it's already receiving a lot of love from the viewers, sure there's a few who doesn't really like Y!OI especially because it carries the air of shounen-ai to it. As for my personal opinion, I don't mind if VictorxYuuri K getting canonized, I just feel the adoration of Yuuri to Victor is turns to something deeper every episode and I also love how Victor is becoming a pillar of support to Yuuri. After so many painful years of failed shipping, I had learned to seized my inner cupid. But the anime keeps on breaking norms, I cant help but get my hopes up. I know this doesn't applies to everyone but the BL like feels shouldn't be a hindrance to stop someone from appreciating this gem. This show keeps breaking stereotypes and known anime norms and it's just so refreshing and yes if they keep at it they will make history, just like the lyrics of the opening theme suggest.
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This must be the type of anime you can call: Cliche

The begin was quite a good start, trainee heroes, destined to fight the demon lord and POOF, the demon lord is dead

Now the hero works other job to support his own life but doesn't feels right because that's not what he wants, but when his friends ask, he just make that uncomfortable face like of he talks it out, he's gonna die

Etc, etc, the story now develops to how he has to take care of the demon lord's daughter and deal with her and work his job as the same time because that girl is a pain in the ass

And because she's the demon lord's daughter so she must have a great power that the other bad guys want to exploit and in the end, the hero will come and save her and bring her home and they live happily ever after

For the character:
Our main hero, who somehow have emotional issue because he can't become a hero who defeats the demon lord

The main girl, aka the demon lord's daughter, a kinda dumb girl who always make a fuss about everything, because every ecchi harem anime needs a dumb girl

The girl who is the mc's colleague, very kind and cute and has big boobs, because every ecchi harem anime needs a kind girl with big boobs

The manager, a very sly and witty character who somehow always know how to solves everything in her way, has big boobs, because every ecchi harem anime needs a sly girl with big boobs

The vice manager, who always complain about the mc, like the manager very much

The straight face girl who seems to doesn't give a shit about anything but actually is a very good person, we don't see this type of character much in ecchi harem anime

The former classmate who is a tsundere, always make a fuss about what the mc is doing, nice body, because every ecchi harem anime needs a tsundere
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Kizumonogatari is back once again but this time on the form of Nekketsu-hen. It brings us the meat of the "Wound Tale" novel or maybe I should say backbone that leads us straight into the climax that is yet to approach us on the upcoming Winter 2017 for Reiketsu-hen. So how did SHAFT managed the middle installment we've all been waiting for since February when we left off on Tekketsu-hen?.

Plot: 10

We are brought into Dramaturgy and Araragi right off the bat as they prepare to fight for one of the limbs of Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade as she finds her self currently in a child form. from there on we are once again rewind on a similar fashion to Tekketsu-hen leaving us with Araragi Koyomi reading books regarding fights and/or sports books.

Kizumonogatari Nekketsu-hen Adapts Chapter 007 - Chapter 013, Pages 101 - 220. there is some shaving here and there once again removing the inner dialogues and replaced with body language and some symbolism however not as rich as it was present as Tekketsu-hen. As this installment is a little more confrontative and addresses the issue of the characters not demonstrating their thoughts on a confrontational manner letting them rip across the screen for the audience to enjoy. since this is the backbone of the trilogy and as such it is less intuitive as the predecessor.

Art: 10

The art in comparison to Tekketsu-hen did what i didn't expect. It rose and once again proved that SHAFT has mastered the blend between CGI and standard highly detailed animation. Its is superb and other words can't describe how well done it is.

Sound: 10

The BGMs are back and well placed. Overall hard to complain about them as they're meticulously well placed.

Characters: 10

The characters are tweaked a little bit as they're more youthful and direct on this installment. they're not you're usual quick witted 360 degree characters that dissect the smallest of things as usual of the Monogatari Series.

To reiterate, on Nekketsu-hen they rely a little less on symbolism and have the characters be a little more direct to interact with once another. Araragi is more emotional and Hanekawa less smartsy than what we are used to. the dynamics between the characters works rather well and let's us see another face of the characters we are used to and spin them on a more correlated way to reality imprinted on the screen as high school students interact and some bonus shinanigans fly about.

Enjoyment: 8

The movie is well put together. I've enjoyed it a lot, It's most definitely more action packed and a lot more comedy is thrown in. some ecchi from Kiss-Shot md form and more panties from Hanekawa Tsubasa.

however sadly this comes with some drawbacks. Nekketsu-hen unnecessarily trimmed itself into a 1Hr and 9 Minutes. this unfortunately thins out and sometimes removes the cushion necessary to shift gear on a adaptation which contains different states of emotion and setting that vary from serious to comical. the removal of this cushion handicapped this film read more
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3 hours ago
Sakura Trick (Anime) add
Sakura Trick is one of those anime that you watch but don't tell anyone about because they might think you are weird. But that doesn't mean it's not good. In fact, it's amazing. It's a beautiful anime that I found so adorable that every time they kissed, it just warmed my heart. I could watch this when I'm sad and I would instantly cheer up.

Sakura Trick tells the story of two high school girls Haruka and Yuu, who are starting high school. They realizes that when they graduate the school is being torn down so they want to make a memory to make them remember the experience. They decide to share a kiss because no girls would do that. There relationship deepens from there and secretly start dating. They soon find out there friends are lesbians as well, but don't tell anyone. Yuu's sister becomes suspicious of their behavior and tries to put a stop to it.

The anime isn't perfect. It has some flaws, especially the ending, no spoilers but they did some bullcrap before the actual ending so when the ending came, it wasn't satisfying. Also the fact that Yuu's sister thinks that girls dating girls is wrong, even though she wants to date Haruka, which makes no sense. It's sad that they won't make a season two but through the 12 episodes that this anime had, it was a fun ride.
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3 hours ago
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
OMG. this movie.. is FANTASTIC.
I will be honest, I am not too fond of anime movies unless they are miyazaki or root off of a series that I have watched. but this movie, is wow. I was so emotionally invested in it that i literally started to shake during some parts. There are so many twists that get put together and its so so so good. The characters are all amazing in my opinion and the movie just has a great vibe to it. The art is also just beautiful, I was watching it at one point and literally thinking to myself "im so glad im alive so i can watch this movie".
Before watching it, I was rather skeptical. The beginning was somewhat slow, but only cause there was no background yet. But then things picked up and i was alllll about it. SO GOOD.
i reccommend that everyone watches it.
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3 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
* Watches first time : "Wow this is great, I'll give it an 8"
* Watches second time: "Even better than I though haha guess I'll raise it to a 9"
* Watches third time: "What is the production value of this! This is a great piece of art I'll give it a 10"

In short, this 6 min anime is probably the greatest music video I'll ever watch. My first impression was that the visuals were really profound. The backgrounds were neatly drawn and the character desgin fit the story exactly accoriding to my personal tastes haha but the choices were done really well. It gave me an intense longing for delving deeper into the story but after looking at it from the outside I thought it was still great as it were.
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3 hours ago
Luger Code 1951 (Anime) add
I wounder if some of you were fooled too. I thought this was going to a full length show when I put it on my to watch list, but that was my fault for not recognizing it was just an ona. I'm still glad I watched though. The story is simple (I can't add more than the summary without spoiling it) and many things aren't explained, but it was really enjoyable. Like every other time when you have military people, you have that one group of idiots, but the main two characters were actually pretty fun guys. The only other major thing I can say is that this has a really cool concept and it would be nice to see it in a full length show, but sadly, I doubt that'll happen. For me it was cool enough to get an 8/10. You're opinion will probably differ depending on what you expect to see.
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4 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
Shelter is the perfect example of what anime could be.

Story : 9
The story for Shelter I something I don't want to talk about as it's best experienced without any knowledge of its story. However I will say the story is fantastic and very interesting. Although you may get lost if you haven't read the description on YouTube for the video.

Art and animation : 10
Shelters art is very good, the characters look nice and the backgrounds look amazing. But the animation is were Shelter really shines, on my third watch of Shelter I paid attention to the animation ,the animation is very fluid and really well done, the best animation A1 pictures has ever done.

Sound : 10
Porter Robinson's was responsible for the music, as well as the story that may explain why the work so well together. The music contributes to the emotional impact that Shelter has, Upbeat music to more emotional music.

Character : 8
Shelter has very few characters but the characters they do have at excellent. As for it being a 6 minute video there isn't much character development but the character are likeable and meaningful.

Enjoyment : 10
For me shelter was almost addicting, I replayed it multiple time. It was really impactful for me but they may be different for other people due life experiences and what they took away from the video.

Overall : 10
Shelter only has a runtime of 6 minute so they is no reason not to watch it. Evan if you dislike it its only 6 minute, you probably spent longer reading this.

Thank you for reading my review you can watch Shelter on YouTube or Crunchyroll.
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4 hours ago
Nanbaka (Anime) add
A boy, his father abounded him in a prison cell and the corrupted goverment decided that he should stay at prison until his sweat release of death comes and saves him. But this young boy has another plans for his freedom. At a certain age he decides to break out and get his freedom once and for all. But right after his break out the goverment finds him and puts him behind the bars. Because they were afraid of him telling the truth of corruption to world. Our young brave hero escapes again and again and again until they put him to a prison that is known for best security of all times. he mets with new freedom fighters in prison. One of them was a test subject for the goverments plans. They used too many drugs that he stopped feeling anything but now is immune to anykind of drug. The other one was a sex slave. They say in the anime that he even had a relation with a pig just enjoyment of the goverment officials. The other one was a fighter in arenas. He was fighting with bears and lions. They were stoping animals when he was only breathing. With this freedom fighter can our young boy finally taste freedom or will he just wait death. We will se when the anime is over.
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4 hours ago
WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
natukasii ah ....
The intros for me to the anime world are Slam Dunk, Nichijou and Working.
This anime is just kinda of a rip-off of the "Working" franchise. But surprisingly, it turns out to be a not-so-bad idea. Since the original "Working" already had its only finale, it does make sense to start anew.
Like many other SOLs, this is not exactly a story-driven show. But instead, it focuses on the interactions and the chemistry between several characters, each with their own oddities.

As for the characters, Hana is my favourite. This is possibly due to her resemblance to Inami in Working. And also, her seiyuu sounds oddly attractive.

The show is aiming at the more lay-back type of the audiences, for its, to put to it mildly, lack of ambitions. But if you are just looking for some fun, it will definite be worth your time.
Would recommend it to anyone.
And also if you haven't watched "Working", you should.
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4 hours ago
Angel Beats! (Anime) add
"An immensely beautiful story"
Angel Beats is my favorite anime of all time. It has everything that makes a great story. I'd definitely recommend watching a subtitled version as opposed to the dubbed version, as the dub has all sorts of mistakes and the voices do get on your nerves.
Otonashi Yuzuru wakes up in the afterlife with no recollection of how he died. He can barely remember his own name. He meets Nakamura Yuri, the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront, a group of young people in the afterlife who are rebelling against God for giving them cruelly unfair lives. Their main target is "Angel," a girl who they believe is, as the name suggests, an angel created by God to watch over and enforce the rules of the afterlife (which takes the form of a huge boarding school). Abiding by the rules results in disappearing, supposedly due to being erased by Angel and/or God. Otonashi joins the Battlefront, and so the story begins.
Several flashbacks are placed throughout the series to give some of the characters' backstories. Each flashback is very emotional, very real, and, most importantly, human. You can relate to each character incredibly well, because they are presented as human beings, and this sucks you completely into the story.
The musical performances by the fictional band in the anime, Girls Dead Monster, are really exceptional. The animation is spot-on (they even go so far as to match the actual chords that are being played) and the songs are very catchy, even if you don't speak Japanese. They provide a very nice soundtrack to some scenes.
My only problem with this series is that it should've been twice as long. It was originally intended to be 26 episodes, but for some reason was cut down to only 13. They could have done so much more with another 13 episodes. However, the episodes that were made are still more than enough.
Angel Beats makes us ask ourselves, "What do you want to do with your life?" Everyone wants to die without any regrets. Angel Beats explores this theme with a story that is hilarious, emotional, action-packed, tearjerking, human, and, ultimately, beautiful. I've watched it several times, and it never gets old, because the themes are timeless and universal. I highly recommend this anime to anyone.
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4 hours ago
Another (Anime) add
"A must for the Anime fan"
It's not too often an Anime keeps me guessing where the story is going, but Another certainly did that.
From very early on in the story till the very climax of it all (which should be noted is extremely satisfying) Another never steps in the tracks of the expected, which is quite something for a horror story.
Though progressing somewhat slow in the beginning after the third episode the series boosts away and rarely stops to let you take a breath. As a mixture of true mystery/horror and Final Destination style deaths it's clear that no one is safe. Except for the "Another" off course.
Ki o tsukete!
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4 hours ago
Elfen Lied (Anime) add
"A compelling and controversial anime....simply the best"
Elfen Lied has a unique story with diverse characters that make this show a must-see. For me, I wasn't all that interested in the show,only because...
...I had heard the show contained lots of nudity and scenes with naked children either being harmed or in one case abused by an 'evil' step-father. However upon watching the first anime, I was hooked. I mean, yes there's a lot of nudity and an episode involving a young girl whose step-father was a disgusting pervert who should have been killed in the series(Personal opinion). But all that plays into just what the series is about and the story behind it. Towards the end of the show anyway it all starts to make sense and the nudity winds down a bit...just a bit anyways. Without going into further details, all i can say is watch the show, because the story itself is compelling with plenty of drama, blood/gore, and suspense.
Also, I personally enjoyed watching the show in it's original Japanese language with English subtitles. Don't know why, but when the English voice over is done, much of the important dialogs is either left out or told differently. With twists & turns, you couldn't ask for a better anime series where the action is great and the characters are interesting.
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4 hours ago
Noragami (Anime) add
"There's a Girl That Rides a Lion So That's Cool"
Recently, I've been watching more and more anime. So far I've seen some of the highly recommended ones (SAO, AOT, etc.), but this month I watched an anime that I knew nothing about.
The show's called Noragami, which means (I think) "Stray God."
I thought it was quite good, and I'm here to give you my thoughts on the first and only season that premiered in early 2014.
Noragami's world is one full of gods and creatures called phantoms, both of which exist between planes of existence.
The "stray god" that also happens to be the main character in this show is Yato. Yato is a poorly dressed, goofy, and unpopular delivery god who is desperate to gain popularity and eventually build his own shrine.
Another main character is Hiyori, a girl who after being hit by a bus becomes half-human/half-phantom.
She has a pink tail.
Phantoms, by the way, are spirits from the "Far Shore" (basically the afterlife) that like to influence the minds of humans, normally in negative ways.
The final main character is Yukine, Yato's Regalia.
What's a Regalia you ask?
Well, funny you should ask. Regalias are "pure" spirits that have not crossed over to the "Far Shore." Once bound to a master, Regalias take a human-like form until called upon for battle. When this happens, the Regalias transform into weapons, clothing, and lions… I guess…
I'm sure I at least got some of that wrong. I apologize for my very limited understanding behind the magic of Regalias.
Anyway, Yukine is kind of a punk, and as it turns out, when you act like a punk, your master pays the price, that price being death…. eventual death.
Yes, as Yukine becomes more and more… terrible, Yato's health decreases, which makes combating the many, many, people that Yato has angered very difficult.
That's all I'm gonna say about the plot, because anymore might spoil some stuff. Let's just say that the story is diverse. Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's funny, and it's always good.
Art Style
Noragami's art style is all about contrast. Most of the backgrounds are dull, dark colors, while the main characters and phantoms are colorful. The three main characters' eyes are bright colors (blue, pink, and orange) that kind of match their personalities.
It's a pretty show.
Voice Acting
At the moment, there is no dubbed version of this show. So I watched it in Japanese.
I don't speak Japanese…. So I guess that's all I've got to say…
There are some cool fight scenes in this show, but for the most part, Yato kills phantoms in one slice. When Yato actually fights other gods, however, the action increases and some memorable scenes ensue.
But the final fight scene with Rabo could have been a lot better. Just sayin.
Award Time!
Best Episode: Where Happiness Lies
Best Regalia: The Lion that exists for no reason
Noragami is my favorite anime of 2014… mostly because it's the only anime read more
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4 hours ago
Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
"Really Good Anime In Every Aspect!"
I really enjoyed this show(note I've watched the sub of this), it had every aspect you look in an above average anime. It was very, very funny(the ova was really funny as well).
Their is a very cool storyline and ability concept that does very good with moderate action throughout the show and there's also a very faint bit of romance. The characters really make this show, each one is completely unique and you grow to love them all even in a short 12episodes. The art and music are very appealing and fit the eye and ears very nicely. I have high expectations to the English dub of this!
Overall: 4.5/5. Why not 5/5? Well its kinda your typical shounen anime, but that doesn't mean that its not worth the watch. Its still very well made and a really fun watch that i think anyone would really enjoy. But i think its still missing that "Umph" that gives a really good anime that hook that makes it stand out from the typical to an outstanding, i have hopes that they'll find that spark in season 2 or the upcoming chapters of the manga(its still ongoing in japan as of this post).
P.S. Their is only 1 OVA episode released as of this post.
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4 hours ago
One Punch Man (Anime) add
"Completely Hilarious and Full of Quality"
One Punch Man is one of the funniest and most entertaining anime series I've ever watched in my entire life.
Even though it is a newly started anime, the first episode was highly anticipated throughout the anime community, and it was definitely golden in my eyes, with high quality animations and a hilarious story line. The main character, his enemies and the life he lives is a complete mockery of other popular anime plots, both from recent and present anime's. The lines and the dialogs in the episodes are full of puns and jokes, with a satiric sense of comedy injected into them. I highly recommend that you watch this anime, as it will definitely at least bring a smile to your face, and you won't regret the time you spent to watch it.
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4 hours ago
Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) add
"Depressing, but good"
This is a story about a boy who is changed into something he fears. He then has to learn how to live on the border between what he is used to and what he fears.
The show is tremendously violent and gory, but not extraordinarily so in it's genre. It kind of falls into the Supersayan-problem of ever more powerful enemies that can only be defeated by the main character after becoming stronger, but it varies enough (more so in the second season than the first). Despite the characters feeling all over the place in the first few episodes, there is a point to that and after two seasons I actually quite like how the character arcs turned out.
What makes this story for me is it's underlying themes. It's about the big subjects of life and death and love and hate, but it does so in a different way than I am used to. The show seems to ask by showing murder after murder, battle after battle, slaughter after slaughter: isn't this pointless? Every time it sets a character up to be violently taken apart it makes a point to say that that character had value and now he or she is no more. It makes the point of the show, despite it's extreme violence one of pacifism.
It is a tremendously depressing watch, but definitely something I haven't seen before and something I don't know if I should recommend. Watch this if: a. you like violent anime and just want to see the pictures, because it is well made and not focus on the plot or b. you like feeling like crap after binging on short episode after short episode.
PS I don't like the title songs, but I am sure many people disagree.
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4 hours ago
Tokyo Ghoul √A (Anime) add
"A bit disappointed with season 2... but still adore season 1 !!"
Kaneki, a common teenager is about to meet his destiny which is waitingfor him right around the corner.Tokyo Ghoul is indeed epic andemotional at times.
It balances well drama and action as well as the development of the characters, especially it's main protagonist. It can be a bit violent and bloody at times but hey, that's what makes it original ! You will be literally hooked on the characters as the plot goes on and of course, on the plot itself.
Some episodes are better than others, just because of the combinations of music and drama.For Example, at the end of the 5th episode of season 1, there is a great combination of melody and atmosphere.Especially when Kaneki shouts ''Tsukiyama'' and Touka takes a bite of his shoulder,for me it is one of the best episodes of the series, for this simple reason.
It's my 2nd favourite anime, you should Definitely give it a try.
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4 hours ago
No Game No Life (Anime) add
"8 episodes in, but I am thoroughly impressed."
I was really surprised by this anime. I wasn't expecting much from it, but its funny and surprisingly smart. With five episodes left, unless they just completely drop the ball, this is easily is one of my favorites of this season.
So, whats it about? The anime is about a brother and sister, Sora and Shiro, who are NEETs and experts at games. I mean they are literally the best in the world. The get transported to another world where games are how everything gets done. No war, murder, crimes, just games. Naturally they fit right in.
What makes this show great is the characters. The main duo is great. They are awkward but also extremely cocky. The princess Steph is also great and its funny how the brother and sister treat her. The show has a great sense of humor and I find myself laughing pretty hard quite often.
I said it was smart. Yeah, when they play games, you can really see the gears in their heads turning, trying to figure out how to beat opponents that should be superior to them. It never feels like a dues ex machina is what finishes the game. You really feel like the are extremely smart and cunning.
At first, I wasn't digging the designs, but really quickly I warmed up to it. The style
feels like fantasy meets Las Vegas, which makes sense, considering the world is based on gambling. So yeah, I really like it. The girls are also very cute and the reaction faces are great. The OP and ED are very good as well. The presentation is great.
I guess its worth mentioning that it has a decent amount of fanservice. If you don't like fanservice, I personally don't think it will be too distracting... but I'm not the best judge of that. Just try to look past it if you think it might bother you.
All in all, I really like this anime and its one of the better ones this season. Check it out!
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4 hours ago
Highschool of the Dead (Anime) add
"It'd be Perfect if it Weren't for all the Risqué Scenes"
I'm currently watching the HOTD series which has truly grabbed hold of my attention this season. The artistry's great. The characters are developing nicely.
After ten episodes, I've stopped worrying about how a series will continue on people surviving a zombie influx; I'm rather impressed how the producers have kept the whole thing entertaining. But they don't need to keep injecting cleavage (or, bouncing breasts), and the roll-in-the-hay (or bathtub) scenes they seem to relish pushing. Just when I'm getting into a twist in the plot, here comes some up-skirt shot. I've been training myself to ignore those shots - but perhaps many people like that kind of thing. I, at 47, don't need to see it constantly. But the plots and artistry keep me wanting to see what happens. If you're easily offended or put off by the PG-13 (and really pushing R-rated) snippets, please try to watch a few episodes from the beginning. For those who don't care, watch the series from episode one! Great entertainment!
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4 hours ago
Yuru Yuri (Anime) add
I don't know what it is about this show, I haven't watched this type of anime before but I did not hate it whatsoever. It was adorable. Cute girls doing cute things, light and fluffy. I do very much enjoy seeing the relationship girls have with each other and the genres that depict this, watching this I was not disappointed.

Admittingly, I was looking for a more adult type of yuri show, and was a bit un-easy at first watching this considering the girls are in middle school and how the show depicts their relationships/fantasies with each other. It's definitely different humor and content some/most would consider perverted than I'm accustomed to watching.

Having said this, I kept watching because it was flat out entertaining. The conversations and overall feel of the show isn't one that's in bad taste, it's adorable. I didn't laugh out loud at the jokes but I smiled a lot. When you think about it, it's really hard to get un-provoked laughter from anywhere, but it's easy to smile when cute girls are being cute doing cutesy things and just amusing themselves being friends with one another. If you're worried about ecchi there's none, you may feel a bit uncomfortable briefly at times but there typically comedic relief immediately following any form of intimate fantasizing/behavior. Immediately. In fact, some parts of this show use these intimate moments/fantasies to set up that comic relief. Other parts you could chalk it up to girls caring for one another. Nothing is really shown other than kissing which is rare.

The art style is great, I don't know how to really describe it's soft and not overly defined, really makes the characters shine.

The sound was good, I watched it on another site so this might not be relevant. If this category refers to voice acting. I can't really say enough about how great the characters sound. As for theme songs, it fits the show.

Each character was entertaining in their own way. Each bring their own humor and personality type to the show. Hair color as well. I was entertained seeing how they each reacted to one another's personalities and the happenings that were brought up by it. This show does a good job of showing how different traits make for entertainment.

I enjoyed the show and will continue the series, I would have enjoyed the show more if the characters were older and the romance was a bit more serious, but that's not what this show is. This show is nothing more than how characters of their age have fun with one another and amuse themselves with their friends and other supporting characters, (and briefly at time dealing with emotions/feelings). If they were older this would be a different show entirely and not have the same fluffy appeal.

Overall, it's a show that can only work the way it does if it is nothing more than itself. If that makes sense. Warm and good feels. It should make you smile. Did I read more
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
This is the anime I would have cried the most in.
Your lie in April is a musical anime which can bring tears to even the heartless by its direction. For all music lovers, it is a must-watch anime. For all I know, many of its scenes made me forget everything around me and made me get lost in its beauty.
When I heard about this anime, I wondered why this anime was so popular. I had great expectations from it when I began the anime. And it fulfilled all the demands I had from this anime. All the characters being good, the music included in it, the way they portrayed the music, the feelings shown that could be understood only by a few. This is the kind of anime one would love to see. Even if you're not much interested in classical music
Its story was simple, yet effective. No unnecessary twists in between to ruin the story line.
Many of the episode made me cry, because of the fact that it portrayed the feelings of the amazing artists and in a really sensible way.

Art: 10/10
Its art deserves a 10. Many people might not have noticed, but along with the changing moods and feelings in the anime, the colors play a vital role in portraying those feelings. And the directors played a really very good job with that.
I mean, in the last episode, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

I don't listen to western classical music much but the music played in this anime made me want to listen to classical music. It makes me want to understand more how the legendary artists feel while they compose a piece of music.
Every time a different feel of music is shown which is phenomenal.

The main and the side characters were amazing. I really had to remind myself in the beginning that the main character, Arima Kousei was only a fourteen-year old kid.
Even though the characters were amazing, I would have liked is more if Ryouta Watari was described a little bit more in detail.
On the other hand, I really liked the way they showed the feelings of Tsubaki towards Kousei.

As I said before, this is the anime that made me cry the most. Of course, these tears imply that for me, it has become one of the animes that are of special importance to me now.

For me it is an anime worth giving a 10 because of the fact that its music and direction was amazing and well, my love for music made it even more special to me.
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Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Anime) add
I have to admit. When I discovered this anime not long ago I didn't expect anything amazing. I turned it on and I get this warning about characters being delinquents. Starts nice. Next I get awesome opening. I love it! But the very first scene is what made me felt for this anime. Seriously I didn't expect some random guy eating dropped pencil. It sounds stupid, it is stupid but it made me laugh so hard. And from now on most the time I enjoyed this title sooooo hard!

Story: each episode covers different story, sometimes episodes are vaguely connected but that is strength of this anime. You never know what will happen next. Sometimes I felt some longer story would be nice but then Sakigake made ma laugh so hard I instantly forgot about that stupid wish.
'Adventures' of Kamiyama and his friends are simple, sometimes stupid as hell but almost always I was dying laughing hard.

Characters: it is story about school full of delinquents so it is obvious we will encounter some bizarre characters. Copy of Freddy Mercury who never says a word. Robot Mechazawa who seems to be the most mature student. Gorilla as eloquent as Freddy.
But the strongest characters are the main guys. Kamiyama who is not delinquent at all and believes that bettering the school body is possible for him. Everybody assumed he is toughest guy in school and he wins National Boss Championship with his brains not fists. And his adventures and lists to his mom are incredible comedy.
I won't discuss every character because there is quite bunch of interesting guys. And everyone is funny and has rich background. Also everyone adds something to comedy making this show one of the greatest.

Sound: opening and ending fits incredibly this title. And to be honest I can't get op song from my head. Voice acting also is pure gold and even Freddy who doesn't speak a word has nice background noise.

Overall: I enjoyed this show. Laughed hard, cheered on this bunch of idiots who wanted to be the biggest delinquents in the world. Adventures of Kamiyama and gang were ridiculous, stupid and extremely funny. From beginning to the very end I enjoyed every episode regretting the fact that they last only 11 mins.
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Love Stage!! (Anime) add

Plot: The plot to love stage is about a boy named izumi who is dressed as a girl and has to do a commercial with a guy named ryoma and after 10 years after the commercial ryoma loves izumi thinking he was a girl but when he figures out that izumi isn't a girl he goes mad. Also Izumi wants to do manga as his job. 10/10.

Sound:The opening theme to love stage is good especially the quote "Whatever happens, I truly want to feel and experience it all" i think this is about ryoma being izumi's lover or that he wants to love izumi. 10/10

Character: Izumi is an antisocial sometimes happy and mad character, and Ryoma is a romantic lover character 10/10.

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed Love stage its a good yaoi! 10/10.

Overall: 10/10.

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Qualidea Code (Anime) add
Children who have been evacuated to a cold sleep facility during the invasion by the "unknown" several decades ago wake up from their slumber and learn that their bodies developed some supernatural forces. In order to protect the country from the "unknown" emerging from the Tokyo bay gate, the boys and girls wage battles in the defense the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba.

Well introduction to the story sounds pretty standard. Children with super powers fighting monsters while adults are cheering them up from the safe spots. But as we learned in anime that is not a bad thing. Stories based on that cliche can be amazing and entertaining.
And at the beginning QC does not look bad. It has world with not that many plot holes.
We meet world with three cities or rather three schools that defend their world. HOWEVER these schools does not matter. Only difference between them is how their uniforms look like. And fact that in one school students fly on brooms, second has swordsman type fighters and last one is for marksmen. But that doesn't matter, students are just background for the few main characters and it is very poor background.
We meet the world with ranking system which was never fully explained. Of course we instantly know that it is based on combat strength of students. It was opportunity to show some struggle going up, rivalry between students. But nope, instead we get... well nothing. One guy who is proud of being #4 and that's all. One guy who is below top 200 and he doesn't care. Awesome use it, show how strong he is despite his low rank. Nope nothing. We met probably two strongest students but that does not matter at all.

The plot is not complicated and after at most 3 eps you will be expecting the twist. Don't get me wrong. Story is written quite nicely, it is interesting and what is most important - I enjoyed it despite being so straight. I wasn't overjoyed with it but it was decent.
Powers called 'worlds' seemed to be important to the plot. I admit idea of gaining one as the result of dreams is not bad. Child dream about world, gain power based on that world (probably, they never explain it properly) and get supernatural ability called 'world'. And that's all. They are not interesting. Girl unleashing power with her sword made one or two big 'booms', boy controlling gravity never used it in interesting way. Sniper and her sister who is gunner showed few interesting actions but to be fair we never grasped how this marksman's ability worked at all.

But characters. They were very POORLY designed. I just finished this anime and I can't remember single character's name. But let's give main cast at least some thought and why they were... not the worst but not good either.
Chigusa siblings - awkward brother and sister with bond that you will feel while watching them interact. But also I felt very awkward watching them. And read more
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Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma (Anime) add
[Read more…]

Emma is delightful but also gently poignant. It's not an overwhelming feeling, there are no overly grand scenes, but it gently tugs at the heart throughout. You hope for future happiness, and feel that everything will work out, even as things crumble.

The characters are all well-developed in even the short span of a few episodes. Mrs. Stownar and Hakim are a pure delight in their own ways. Mrs. Stownar's gentle caretaking of Emma and the bit of mischief that flashes in her eyes stole my heart. Hakim is William's opposite and catalyst. When William doesn't act on his own, Hakim firmly pushes him in the right direction, not allowing him to waver as is his nature. Emma and William are both subtle characters, and Miss Campbell is a heartbreaking delight in her own right, with her strong affection for William but also the insightfulness to realize his heart does not yet belong to her.

This gentle tale of love doesn't stop with just one season, but I feel like it could. The ending was open, but the narrative makes it clear that one day, all that we hope for will come to pass. I'm looking forward to the second season, but even without it Emma has captured my heart with it slow and steady pacing, wonderful characters, and overall quality and depth.
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Sakamichi no Apollon (Anime) add
At its heart, Kids on the Slope is a tale of friendship between young men from different sides of the tracks. Kaoru is rich kid who is unfulfilled with life due to loneliness not to mention a constant sense of abandonment. On the other hand, Sentarou is dirt poor, but has a full heart, welcoming to all even though he faces his own challenges with his place in the world. While they're not the most original backstories, they come together beautifully in the series, and you can see how two polar opposites can come to understand one another over time. The pacing of the friendship works well, and there are wonderful ebbs and flows in their closeness that very realistically shows those moments that we go through as teenagers when emotions overwhelm our best judgment and we hurt those around us.

When series is focused on that key element, it absolutely soars; the music comes together, the seiyuu for Kaoru and Sen have great chemistry, and the viewer is drawn in completely. Usually these moments are done through music (there's a particularly compelling scene at a school festival) but it also works when they're speaking or even coming to blows. However, the series has a tendency to stray from its primary path, attempting to pull in elements from that era that either don't work or just end up taking time out of an already rushed storyline. While the university student riots of the late 60s are historically very important, they hold little significance to a couple of high school students that are more worried about getting to the basement for a jam session than political thought. Meanwhile, the love affair of a well-off girl and her revolutionary boyfriend take precious time away from the integral pairing in the series.

That's not to say there aren't important other side elements. While she never gets much development, Ritsuko and her relationship with both boys really does help to move the story along and helps bring to light more elements of the boys' characters. She plays many roles, shifting seamlessly from "sister" to nurse, mediator to object of affection, sounding board to voice of reality. Aside from Kaoru and Sen's friendship, her relationship with both boys helps them grow and better understand themselves. She serves as an outlet for their feelings, which is much appreciated over long minutes of internal monologues (which do exist in the show and are generally exceedingly well executed).

There is so much about this show to love, especially in retrospect, but in the end I really felt that the pacing hurt the series. The first half was languid, delicately interweaving the characters. Its pace matched overall feel of the series. However, after about midway through everything changed. Those random elements mentioned earlier got tossed in haphazardly, as well as new (annoying) characters and cliched plotlines. The series changed from languid to jerky. It would read more
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
"Your Name" - is a masterpiece. Now you can just go and watch it.

First of all - picture. From the first seconds and up to the end of the movie your eyes will thank you. Is it be a small town near the extinct volcano or subway train in Tokio or fantasy dream of one of the heroes, you can just stop the movie and look at the picture just like in art gallery. And landscapes are really cool, I don't know is it really so beautiful in Japan or artists slightly improve it, I do not care, it is pleasure for watching.

Second - story. I need to say, that after this kind of stories, mostly I must drink some wine or other alcohol. And at all my emotions are easy to manipulate, and because of it, I will try not to write an emotional post about how perfect movie is. Still, if you like stories of "Bioshock:Infinite", "LifeisStrange", "Mr.Nobody" or "Stardust", you will love this story too. Emotionally, sincerely, mysteriously, keep in suspense, break your heart, give you hope, steal it from you and then give it back again.

This is the story about two teenagers: Mitsuha Miyamizu - schoolgirl, who lives in a countryside and do not love it very much, and Taki Tachibana - schoolboy, who lives in Tokio. And one day they switch their bodies, just like in not really fun hollywood's comedies. But it all not so simple, because ... oh, it's spoilers. Yes, the story had really hard spoilers so be aware. I do not predict all story turns and it was good. I will just say, that this is a movie about love and how fates of people concatenate in time and space. Somewhat mystical, but we all love fairytales.

You will worry about heroes because it isn't just love at stake, it ... spoilers again. And probably, one can't say "love" in this case, it some feeling that must be defined by many words.

There are not third part of a review, just watch it. Maybe you will not love it as much as I, but definitely, you will no regret about your time.
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Uta Koi is beautiful and historical. It’s also aesthetically strange and anachronistic. Put together, we end up with a sometimes uneven show that one moment is blushing romance and another is awkwardly played comedy. However, even with this unevenness, it’s worth going through if you have an interest in the origins of the 100 Poems.

The art is one of the first things that sticks out, and may turn off certain viewers with its eccentricity. There is clearly a play on the woodblock paintings that have assisted in keeping these tales alive for centuries with the thick outlines used on the characters as well as the especially stylized portrayal of clouds. However, the rest of the character styles use fairly modern drawing styles, but juxtaposed against kimono fabrics that stay in place as the character moves. This makes the clothing more vibrant and also a bit surreal. This is not done to the same degree as Gankutsuo, so the effect probably will not make anyone dizzy.

The sometimes irreverent, usually anachronistic, and always out-of-place scenes of Teika who compiled the poems and introduces us to the poems for each episode stand out almost as much as the art—and not in a good way. These scenes are often far out of right field (ox cart races?) and sometimes take a little away from the episode when it tries to force a bit of a laugh where one isn’t needed. Thankfully these generally are placed at the same spots in every episode, so you can be prepared to mentally disconnect yourself as needed.

The real meat of the show is in the characters and the poems. I loved the way the show would pause and display the poems in writing as they were spoken aloud to really help them sink in. In the end, this series is all about the poetry, and it does well to highlight each poem. The characters could be somewhat overwhelming in part due to the large cast, but also due to historical contexts that often caused the same character to have multiple names. I was often afraid that I was confusing two characters for the same person, but usually it was just the same one with a different name than before due to a change in stature (an aside, it’s really weird to refer to “characters” when they’re based on real people). However, it was so fascinating to be introduced to these portrayals of poets who lived a thousand years ago.
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Chihayafuru 2 (Anime) add
For fans of the original season, the news that a second season of Chihayafuru was on its way was huge. The balance the first season attained to bring interest into an esoteric card game that’s not that popular in Japan let alone known at all outside of the country was a huge achievement, and expectations were high for the continuation.

The basic formula for the second season remained pretty much the same as the first:
Step 1: Recruitment drive
Step 2: Practice/establishing characters
Step 3: Karuta tournaments

However, the first season interweaved additional character and relationship development throughout the various karuta tournaments, which is something that the second season did not do. Instead, the focus was entirely on the card game itself. Strategies, styles, and reader nuances were illuminated as each match stretched longer. The series became more like a shounen tournament series, except that quite importantly the viewer never knew who would win. Chihaya and Mizusawa are not always triumphant even though they would be if this were a children’s show. It’s this unpredictability that allowed the stronger focus on karuta to work so well. It made matches exciting so even if nothing much developed between Chihaya and Taichi/Arata, we saw how their play styles evolved instead.

This change to a game-focus was probably difficult for many viewers to swallow. After all, the love triangle between the three main characters was a source of intrigue and discussion throughout the first season with fans for both possibilities. However, aside from tension from Taichi whenever Arata was around, this element was left out almost completely in the second season. However, I found it refreshing because in a sense, the show was an extension of Chihaya’s focus. Until she reaches her goal of being the Queen, she’ll likely never try to understand her feelings toward the boys in her life. She’s beginning to sense that there’s something more than cards in her life, but she continues to push it away. She’s too emotionally immature to follow through, and so she keeps focused on her dream.

One that that intrigued me in the second season was the expanded role Kana held. She and Komano both received the most development of the season—which suggests a bit of delayed gratification and that perhaps Tsukuba and Sumire will get their moment if/when the third season rolls around. Kana’s role in particular was expanded as she began this constant voice in Chihaya’s head helping her to remember the importance of the poems which often calmed her and helped her regain her focus. Her words along with Dr. Harada’s guided Chihaya through her victories. Kana also proved to be an excellent role model for the younger club members both in the cards and in life itself. Her advice to Sumire helped keep the girl from constantly making a fool of herself in front of Taichi, which was quite the relief for me as a viewer. Kana also served up some of the best comedy in the show, a frequent breaker of the fourth wall and read more
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Aku no Hana (Anime) add
Flowers of Evil explores the uncertainty of adolescence and also the darkness that dwells within the human soul--real or perceived. The story is tied to three students and how they act, react, and interpret the actions of one another. Kasuga is the quiet type who chooses to read things his classmates have never heard of. Saeki plays the role of the beautiful girl who all the boys like but none have the courage to approach due to her perceived perfection. Nakamura is the girl no one approaches because she is weird, explosive, and in general the nail that sticks out. When Kasuga's lapse in judgment is witnessed by Nakamura, she becomes determined that's found herself a genuine pervert and wants him to drop his outer mask and show the world how twisted he can be. Kasuga weakly resists her pressures and winds up doing things he never would have dreamed of--rather surprising if he's such a pervert, yes?

That's the beauty of Flowers of Evil. So much of our lives, particularly during adolescence, is shaped by what others think that we are and want us to be. This is further complicated by the fact that the idea of "who I am" isn't fully formed yet. Kasuga wants to be the kid who reads unusual books. Nakamura wants him to be a messed up freak. Kasuga sees Saeki as a pure angel. Saeki sees herself as just a regular person who wouldn't evoke strong feelings from anyone. Who these kids are, who they want to be, and who they are thought to be all contradict one another to form much of the basis for the story. After all, what is more important in adolescence that the idea of identity?

While the overall idea of Flowers of Evil is compelling, the artistic decisions further emphasize the overarching themes. The background music and ambient sounds are both heightened and somewhat hidden--it's the eerie sound of life which you notice when you're introspective but not so much when you're focusing on someone else. The art and animation (the most controversial aspect of the show) add on a layer of both realism and grittiness to the story. Since the show is rotoscoped, the movement of the characters is hyper-realistic, drawing the viewer into the show more completely (unless it pulled him out of the show entirely). This also causes the appearances of the characters to have more realistic features (at least when the camera is close enough to show said features). In many ways, it could have simply been a live action drama, except adding the layer of animation allows for additional artistic choices that would have been difficult in a live action show. In the end, it falls into an in-between space, not quite "anime" by some definitions, but certainly not "live action" either. This in-between existence is another element of adolescence. The characters are no longer "children" but they are not yet fully formed "adults." They exist in that strange world between these places, a read more
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Black Bullet (Anime) add
Black Bullet is the embodiment of an obviously over-targeted anime. There seems to be an endless supply of edgy backstories, lolis (oh god the lolis), and way over-done fights, yet I still find myself drawn for another season of this show. Let's deconstruct it, shall we?

-And let me point out, backstories will NOT be considered as part of this section of the review.

The overall idea of the show is one that's heavily foreshadowed by a similar setting (and that show everyone circle jerks), Attack on Titan, but I still think it can be considered unique in some aspects.

A crazy virus that turns people into giant man-killing insects has gone loose and drove civilization (or at least the majority of Japan) into a small city bordered by large obelisks of metal that help expel these nasty oversized bugs. However, some manage to get through (the science of common sense heavily contradicts this statement), those being the small ones, and occasionally things go a bit awry inside the town.

Also, apparently the population of those surviving in the city consists of two major groups - normal people that managed to wall themselves in to survive and lolis born after the outbreak of the virus that were contaminated with the virus before birth and now have special abilities that help them fight the insects.

Now it's an obvious setup for generic anime tropes, but at least it's a decent foundation for a rather cool atmosphere - one that I seemed to enjoy anyways.

>ART: 6
A lot of vibrant colors and good color palette choice - +1 to the studio for making it look good. Not much else I can say; if you've seen Owari no Seraph, you can draw a lot of similarities between the two. If you liked Owari's art, then you're probably bound to like this one too.

Would give this a 5 because none of the background music really hit me, but the opening was pretty noice so I bump up my rating for this section to a 6. Nothing impressive past that.

Definitely the worst aspect of the show. Little-to-no backstory is given on almost all of the characters, most of them are extremely generic tropes with no development, and a lot of the time they flip flop to all hell.

The show opens up with a little insight on the main character's childhood, but then immediately cuts to another day of his and it seemed out of place - quite ironic actually that the things that make a show good seem misplaced in this anime just because of how little it actually tries to add in the things that should make it a good show. In short, the show makes itself look better doing things wrong than doing things right just because of how often it does things wrong.

Still, I also think this is the aspect of the show that has the most potential. Since so much of the character's are hidden (and there's read more
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Oniisama e... (Anime) add
Based on a 1970s shoujo manga, the 1990s adaptation series manages to both capture the classic feeling of the manga while at the same time firmly placing itself in early '90s Japan. The themes throughout the show, from loneliness to love to grief and all emotions in between, transcend the time and place of the series. At its core, Dear Brotheris a story of the thorny path through the tribulations of adolescence all told from the viewpoint of one girl.

It's hard to decide where to begin the praise of this series. Each character, scene, plot is carefully put together to form a continuous story that is often difficult to stop watching. When I watched the series for the first time last spring, I would watch one episode after another, losing myself in the tumultuous lives of the ordinary and extraordinary characters. The characters are a perfect blend of believable and unbelievable. The lead protagonist, Nanako, serves a narrative tool to tell the stories of the other girls in the anime. Her simple and warm family life serves as a counterpoint to the lives of the girls, and shows how it can be difficult to understand such differences easily. However, Nanako is portrayed as naive but full of empathy, and we watch her grow wiser as she works through her relationships with a wide cast of characters.

Aside from Nanako and her best friend Tomoko (another "ordinary" character which gives a bit of balance to Nanako's life) there are the 3 most conspicuous girls on campus: Rei (aka Saint-Just), Fukiko (aka Miya-sama), and Kaoru (aka Kaoru no Kimi). Rei is a dark, brooding character trapped in her loving and loathing of Fukiko. Fukiko, meanwhile, is a prideful young woman who seeks control over every aspect of her life and the lives of others. Finally, Kaoru is a tomboy who is dealing with her own health problems as well as escalating concern for Rei who is self-destructing before her eyes. Along with these "Magnificent Ones" there is Nanako's classmate, Mariko. Mariko is shunned by their classmates because her family's money comes from her father's erotica creation. She's extremely lonely and latches on tightly to Nanako. Used to being deceived, she uses deception as a weapon to get what she wants as well.

Along with the characters, there is a plot that moves through various hardships that all of the characters face. While some of these challenges are perhaps a bit over-the-top, they are still handled deftly and with a tenderness that makes them very poignant even if they seem unlikely. Through these intertwining story arcs, we're able to see how even the worst people can be redeemable. In particular, Mariko is given such strong development that she turns from a character to loathe to one to pity and finally a character to love. There are so many moments that clearly distill the experience of youth, the good and the bad. The rumor mill and the way it transforms things into something recognizable is well-utilized, read more
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Kyousou Giga (TV) (Anime) add
Beautiful, energetic, creative, and perplexing are all great descriptors for Kyousogiga, one of the most imaginative and fun anime I’ve seen in some time—and also somewhat frustrating. It’s certainly a show that will require a second viewing to catch all of the important point, particularly because it was so engaging that I rushed through it without giving my mind time to digest what it had seen. Because of this I know that I loved it, but it’s hard to express why or to think of the little details that made it so amazing. It’s also difficult because it evokes so much from the viewer that isn’t necessarily rational. Scenes that were so simple were made something more from the look on a character’s face or the twist in the voice actor’s voice. There were so many of these little moments that they just merge into one overall feeling of “love it.”

The story has some complexities (particularly in the climax which admittedly didn’t quite work for me, at least not at this time) but is generally sort of straightforward: a priest and drawing fall in love, they create children together, and eventually go to a mirror world where they can live in peace. However, it is necessary for them to leave that world, and so they leave behind their children who long for their return. The introduction of Koto rekindles their on-going longing for their parents, as well as sets things in motion that might lead to a reunion, finally.

The idea of loneliness and longing is portrayed extremely well in Kyousogiga. The creators are careful to show just how different people handle grief and being non-judgmental in doing so. Yase in her fluffy dresses represents those that lash out when they hurt. Unable to contain her longing, she bursts out in anger. Kurama, on the other hand, buries himself in his work to try to both push aside his desire to see his parents while at the same time creating things that perhaps will be useful in seeing them again. Myoue turns to the company of others, trying to fill himself up with outside affection in order to drown out his pain—and brooding when he’s not doing so. And then there is Koto who prefers action to longing, and so keeps herself moving toward her goal even if she doesn’t understand how to attain it. What’s particularly good about these characterizations is that they aren’t shallow—there are other elements woven into each character’s expression of grief to give them fuller life. One that really stood out for me was Yase’s hoarding and how well they handled giving her that psychological ailment—they really made it possible for the viewer to understand why that one cup or that one scrap or one piece of ephemera was so incredibly crucial to her, even if it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else.

Aside from their grief, the characters of Kyousogiga are varied, engaging, and fun, not to mentioned voiced by very skilled actors. Koto fills the read more
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Ping Pong The Animation (Anime) add
The power of friendship? Battles at the table? The thrill of victory and the anguish of defeat? Ping Pong encompasses all of these things, but it is not a sports anime. It is a coming of age story with some of the basic trappings of a sports anime. Although it is told in the present tense without added narration, it feels like a tale of Smile's memories as he looks back through his teen years and how adolescence can leave you a shadow of yourself.

So much of Ping Pong is based on intangible qualities in life. The characters are all flawed--there is no perfect person and they are all believable in their flaws. Wenge Kong, the Chinese exchange student, is bitter and arrogant. Smile bottles up all emotions, preferring to keep to himself rather than risk the pain of human interactions that he doesn't fully understand. Peco is the essence of teen recklessness: everything comes easily until it doesn't, and then it's not worth doing anymore. Main characters, side characters, each one is carefully depicted as a whole person rather than a caricature. The two main adults in the show, the old-timer coaches, are perhaps the least flawed characters, but only because we learn about the mistakes of the past that they have build their lives upon. The juxtaposition of old and young characters accentuated the way life works in ways that few other anime ever have.

Victory, defeat, love, hate, and indifference are also a large part of the intangibles of the show. I appreciate how it showed the pain of indifference very subtly--it didn't ram the idea down the viewers' throats, but gently wove in the idea. In Wasted, Marya Hornbacher wrote: "Hate is closer to love than indifference." Perhaps that quote was taken from elsewhere, but it expresses an important concept that is so well conceived in Ping Pong. It is hard to accomplish anything if you do not let yourself risk loving or hating it. There will be disappointments, but there will also be joy. You have to be open to feeling--you have to leave the door open for the "hero" to emerge.

I would be remiss not to talk about the art of Ping Pong at least briefly. I am not an artist nor a trained appreciator of the arts. I generally go with a primal, "Oh, pretty!" or "Oh, neat!" or "What the hell?" approach when deciding what I find to be "good" or "bad." The art in Ping Pong is exceedingly ugly to me, and yet the animation and scene composition were outstanding. It took me awhile to come to terms with the art. Imperfect lines on a table? Shaky designs? Odd colors and shading? It was an assault on my eyes. However, watching the last few episodes I started thinking about whether or not the characters and the story would come through as clearly with "pretty" art. It certainly wouldn't be the same show, it would lose the rawness that made it Ping Pong. read more
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Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (Anime) add
If you've been around anime for awhile, when you hear about boarding house hijinks, the automatic thought is Maison Ikkoku. It's challenging not to compare any series with that setting to Takahashi Rumiko's work, which can set the bar rather high. Most series fall short of the mark, but Kawai Complex holds its own remarkably well most of the time, leading to a delightful if occasionally eye-roll inducing romp.

In many ways, it's the voice acting that makes the show work, in conjunction with well-done comedic timing. It's clear from the starting line that the actors are not phoning in their performances--each voice matches perfectly the character, the emotion, and the scene. Satou Rina nails her role as Mayumi. Shinomiya Gou channels Chiba Shigeru in his updated version of the mysterious weirdo character. The rest of the cast is equally solid, and while Hanazawa Kana has very few lines (even in the leading female role), she pulls them off well, working perfectly with the often visual-only essence of Ritsu.

The show uses a mostly similar character pool as Maison Ikkoku: milquetoast leading male, sweet leading female (with a hidden temper), strange male housemate, sexy woman, and firm but kind landlady. Of course, they don't match one-to-one, Kyoko is split between Ritsu and Sumiko, while Akemi is somewhat split between Mayumi and Sayaka. Meanwhile Sumiko is more of a combination of the managerial side of Kyoko with a bit of Mrs. Ichinose's bluntness. All that said, it's unfair to think of them purely as modern versions of the classic characters--they stand on their own well enough through clever lines and excellent delivery. While the influence of earlier works can be seen, Sumiko is Sumiko, Ritsu is Ritsu, and so on.

Kawai Complex does rely on dirty humor frequently, but in most cases it falls on the side of amusingly naughty rather than flat-out distasteful. There are only a few moments where I was really disappointed with the turn a joke took, one of which occurred in the final episode. Sure there is plenty of discussion about rather pervy things, but often these conversations are quickly nixed, result in disciplinary action, or are used to tease the young leads--it's fun to tease teenagers when you're an adult, particularly in front of the boy or girl they like. (What? Surely your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other adult acquaintances have pulled more moderated versions of the same jokes in front of your crush!) Even with some of the dirty humor I found myself laughing out loud, something that doesn't happen all that often with anime comedies in general, and especially not when the humor is a bit pervy. In fact, the way they pulled away from crossing the line (usually) is what made it so appealing. In the final episode there's a scene where the women are searching Usa's room for snacks, and Mayumi creates a points structure for the other things they might find (e.g. a porno DVD would be 50 points). The scene read more
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Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
Anime is uniquely powerful. In pretty much no other medium can you take topics as disparate as “World War II” and “Mahou Shoujo,” mash them together, and have people take you seriously.

Imagine if Hollywood tried to do it. A moe’d Jennifer Lawrence flying on a Russian anti-tank rifle over the battle of Belgium, slaying Germans with a flock of flying swords.

It sounds pretty metal, but I can’t help but laugh. The image is actually cripplingly stupid.

‘Shuumatsu no Izetta’ has painted that exact image, but with anime characters. It’s still dumb in concept, sure. But I’m no longer laughing at it. In fact, I’m watching it unfold and I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying it a lot.

Behold, the power of anime!

Initially, I was drawn to this show by the setting, and hooked by the same. World War II isn’t often depicted in this medium, and when it is, it’s usually A. not set in the European theater and B. not too focused on the actual campaigns. ‘Shuumatsu no Izetta’ reverses both of these expectations and gives us, well, fighting in Europe (though it remains to be seen if there’ll be any large-scale combat in the rest of the show).

As far as its depiction of the War goes, the show, up to a point, runs parallel to history. I won’t go into too much detail but everything proceeds like it did in the real world until the Germanian Empire (Germany) decides to invade neutral Eylstadt (basically an independent West Austria).

In the face of such an overwhelming enemy and abandoned by its allies, Eylstadt begins to crumble. This is where Izetta, purportedly the last witch alive (and as I like to call her, a Mahou Shoujo Superweapon), steps in to save the day.

And boy is it epic.

Score Breakdown:
Fair – 6/10
The pairing of unexpected themes and the very strong start aside, the story is actually a bit lackluster. For example: Izetta is very powerful, but her power is limited in a certain way... but that limit can be overcome. See how contrived that is?

And while the show does present an “interesting” what-if situation (i.e. what if Luxembourg/Liechtenstein had a witch – hitherto known only as a myth – to help them fight off the Germans?), the plot hasn’t shown any indication that it’ll be exploring this original premise in an equally original way. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not exactly a good thing either.

Perhaps the show will take an unexpected turn later down the road – after all, there is still quite a bit of room for the plot to develop. But as things stand now…

All in all, the story is not what carries ‘Shuumatsu no Izetta’.
Very Good – 8/10
The usual fare – in general, ‘Shuumatsu no Izetta’ looks and moves like most other shows these days. Now, this typically warrants just a 6 or so, but I’m a big sucker for scenic backdrops. Alpine villages and wooded manors? Ooooh baby. Throw in some battle lines to contrast all that pastoral goodness read more
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Handa-kun (Anime) add
Barakamon is one of my favourite slice of life anime of all time and I was disappointed that it only has 12 episodes. After hearing about the prequel, I got a bit too excited because I get to see more of Handa but I also told myself that the prequel exists just to capitalize on Barakamon's success. And.....After finishing the show, I guess I was right.

There's a lot of reasons why I love Barakamon. From its relaxing settings to Naru being one of the cutest and most fun anime characters to watch to Handa’s amazing growth and him coming to terms with his career anxieties by living in a rural countryside, it was a great piece of quality show that I really enjoyed. The comedy was also one of the best I've seen in anime. I'm all for more Barakamon content so that's why I was a bit excited for Handa-kun. After watching the first few episodes, I was honestly a little bit disappointed.

So what happens when you take out all the core strengths of Barakamon and turn Handa into a teenager and put him in a high school setting? Well, you get this. Although, just because I'm a big fan of Barakamon doesn't mean I hate Handa-kun. Handa-kun actually turned out to be a decent series. I also admit that Handa-kun's comedic aspect was good at times but decent for the most part and it made me laugh at some parts of the episode. Except the first 10 minutes of the first episode breaking the 4th wall, that scene didn't make me laugh at all. Though, I still think Barakamon's comedy was 2 times better.

The show, as a whole, is built on misunderstandings. Unlike Barakamon, which impressively portrayed Handa's amazing character development, this show only focuses on Handa's school life and the things that he has to face every day because of this "misunderstanding". He thinks that everyone hates him but in reality, almost everyone loves him. Now, why does he think like that? It's all thanks to Kawafuji (Remember him from Barakamon?) trolling the shit out of him and Handa actually believing his joke. Since Kawafuji finds the situation funny, he's letting all the events happen. That's the whole joke of Handa-kun. "The misunderstandings between him and the students". Though, it never gets tiring because the jokes has its twists every episode that keeps the joke fresh for the show's entire run. Plus, there's about 2-3 different segments per episode so it isn't just 24 minutes of Handa and that same student for a whole 24 minutes. Each segments focuses on different characters with a different situation and I, admittedly, was laughing my guts out on some of the episodes (mostly in the second half of the series). I just find it hilarious that Handa and the students, especially those on the Handa Force, are never on the same subject and they see things differently.

Also, some of the jokes on Handa-kun were references read more
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God Eater (Anime) add
So God Eater is a post-apocalyptic anime about human fighters known as God Eaters that take on the monsters that kill humans known as the Aragami. It follows Lenka Utsugi, a human who commits himself into killing all of the Aragami. overall, is it worth watching? I will have to say it is.

Story: 8/10
The story is actually really good and is part of why this anime is worth watching. While is does seem to rip off from Attack on Titan and has the first two episodes losing its audience, the third episode brings in all the action needed to bring them back to their seats watching the anime.

Art: 10/10
Now this is the main reason to why this anime is worth watching! The art style is godlike in terms of amazement. The CGI is well done and not overused. The animation is spectacular, and overall, it seems different from the art of a lot of other anime, but in a great way, being close to realistic. Of course this is by none-other than Ufotable themselves who are also the makers of Fate/zero, and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (series), two amazing anime.

The Sound: 7/10:
while I am not into anime soundtracks, I will admit that it had a decently good soundtrack, despite most of the songs with noticeable auto-tune voices. The opening song, Feed A by Oldcodex, is great, not only in tune, but also in fitting context. The ending song, Kouhai Chi by Go Shina feat. naomi, is a bore fest, but it fits with the dark theme, so points for that.

Character: 8/10:
Yeah some points had to be cut off from this aspect because most of the characters seem to have personalities taken from Attack On Titan characters (e.g., Lenka Utsugi and Eren Jaeger, Alisa Illinichina Amiella and Mikasa Ackerman, Soma Schicksal and Levi Ackerman), but why the characters are the way they are, they are explained during the anime. Also, most of the characters are actually really likable, and Alisa, while wearing skimpy clothing, is not just there for fanservice as some might think of it to be, but is actually more as an important plot point for this anime.

Enjoyment: 9/10:
With such great animation, badass fight scenes, showing the gore when it's needed, and an overall likable cast of characters, this anime is really enjoyable.

Overall: 8.4/10
While this is not the best anime of all time, it is still a great anime to watch, great especially for the art style and animation. In conclusion, this is a great anime adaptation of a video game and will go down as one of the best anime of 2015.
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Shirobako (Anime) add
Shirobako is a fun, fast-paced anime series. In some ways, it's like a fleshed out version of Animation Runner Kurumi, providing a lot of dramatized details of the world of anime production, while also telling that story through intimate character moments. From tension between animators and CG creators, directors with writer's (or more aptly, story boarder's) block and production assistants trying to get the cuts they need and keep the animation supervisors/artists happy to first episode viewings and series after-parties, it has a little bit of everything put in. If you're curious about the animation process and want it in a nicely presented piece of animated fiction, you really can't go wrong with Shirobako.

On the other hand, what if you don't especially care about how the sausage is made? It's a bit trickier then. Instead, you have to consider the art, animation, and characters to see if they have enough of what you want to continue watching. For me, I didn't realize I was interested in how anime was made until diving in, so it was able to pull me in. On the other hand, Paradox was uninterested in that element, and couldn't find anything else to pull him in. It's not that he thought it was bad, but rather it lacked the hook he needed.

One critical hook for some viewers (including me) is characters. Shirobako has a plethora, and they're all fairly well realized. However, because there are so many characters, it might be difficult to have a strong attachment to them. In many ways, you don't end up knowing the characters so much as their roles. While this might be due to poor execution in another show, it is quite fitting in a show that is the machine of anime production. While a production assistant is an individual, in the minds of the people frantically getting cuts finished, they're just one of the collective of production assistants and doesn't matter who they are but rather what they are. So it works in the sense of the story, but for some viewers that's not going to cut it for developing a connection to the characters. In the same vein, I felt that the interactions between the character lacked a little something. Miyamori and her high school club friends were friends, but I never got a true sense of them as a group of friends, even after 24 episodes. It was like that with many relationships. It was established that certain characters had relationships, but there wasn't always fleshed out in a way that made their bond palpable. That was a bit of a disappointment for me, especially given how the show excels at so much else.

The art is pleasant, with characters that both don't stand out as being exceptional designs and yet still feeling surprisingly distinctive. Details are not noticeably scrimped on either--I often found myself surprised at the detail of, for example, the back of a train seat. The CG on the other hand was rather block an read more
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Junketsu no Maria (Anime) add
Maria the Virgin Witch starts out very strongly. The world building in the early episodes, as well as the pacing of introducing additional key characters, is impeccable. It was easy to be sucked into both the historical and generally well-placed magical elements of the story. That historical piece remained strong throughout, and helped to give the series a strong sense of time, place, and importance. The overwhelming power of the Church, the unending loathing between France and England, and the ways in which warfare touched on all lives were well-depicted throughout.

Character-wise, there are just enough characters to represent multiple intrigues, but also not so many characters as to make it difficult to actually remember names (nor have characters that can't be told apart). Maria herself is a fun character--youthful, stubborn, and with a heart of gold--as are many of her fellow witches. Maria's entourage of Ezekiel, Priapos, and Artemis allow for Maria to go beyond her own abilities, and demonstrate the loyalty many have to their guardian witch. Galfa and Joseph serve well as polar opposites thrust into the same settings, and seeing how they handle their situations adds dramatic elements. Interestingly, it seems Galfa is an anime-exclusive character which leads me to wonder just how different the anime and manga are. The representatives of the Church (both of Heaven and of Earth) help to drive home the power of religion in European history, as well as the plight of those who dared opposed it.

Visually, the show has something of a throwback aesthetic, making it reminiscent of 90s anime. This is particularly true of the witch characters whose hair and clothing hearkens back to that time, although mercifully doesn't mimic it. The backgrounds are not always exceptional, but they do a provide a good sense of place and are hardly painful to look at. Only the magical creatures summoned by Maria and the other witches feel out of place, but perhaps that is intentional--after all, they are out of place in that world. Still, even following that line of intent, their designs felt a bit lackluster, like using an 50s Godzilla in a modern Godzilla movie.

With all that it does right, at least initially, it's disappointing that it slowly falls apart. The biggest is that it seems to lose its direction, as if 12 episodes was too long for the story that it wanted to tell. Additionally, the story it wanted to tell seemed to morph as it went, going from the tale of a witch seeking peace to a battle between witches and God that never really felt like it fit. Keeping that battle between the witches and the Church would have kept things more compelling, and there were hints of that toward the end. In particular, the idea of losing one witch to an inquisition could set off a witch hunt was incredibly interesting, and ultimately a plot thread that was nipped in the bud without paying off.

Maria the Virgin Witch is somewhat a mixed bag of a read more
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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
First of all, one punch man is not my favorite show. Though I liked that show very much but I don’t think it was the best anime ever. For me it’s just a good show watch when you are feeling bored, it’s really enjoyable. But after the critically acclaimed and commercially successful OPM comes Mob psycho 100 by the same author. May be that’s the reason for the hype. Even I was intrigued to watch this show. But does the anime live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

STORY- The story of mob psycho is not difficult to understand. It revolves around a teenage boy “Kageyama”, who has strange psychic power and with the help of his mentor reigen we seen his day to day life struggle to control his power and gain respect and recognition from his peers without using his powers. As I told you before, the story of mob psycho 100 is simple yet powerful, we see kageyama who has destructive psychic power; try to live like a normal human whereas other people who have same powers use them for their own benefits. But a powerful story does not imply that the show will be good, a good concept also needs a good execution. Now, let’s find out he performance of mob psycho 100 in other aspects.

CHARACTERS- Most of the characters in mp100 is likeable, except for the few but I will talk about that later. First our lead character, “kageyama shigeo”, he has a calm attitude with an expressionless face. He has immense psychic power but always reluctant to use them because unlike other people with psychic powers he wants to prove his worth by his hard work and may be he is not much of a looker and he is not a good athlete and he is not good in studies either but he works really hard to improve himself. And that’s the thing I liked about shigeo, not depending on his psychic powers and working his butt off to change himself, that is the difference between shigeo and other anime protagonists. He is easily the most likeable character in the whole anime. Next Is Arataka Riegen, he is the mentor of shigeo and helps him to control his psychic powers. Though he is not a psychic himself in fact he is a con artist. He deceives his customers by making them believe that he is a psychic but he relies mostly on mob’s psychic powers and some of his massage techniques but again he is not a bad guy because he does cure his employee’s illness by one way or another. And the relationship between him and mob is the best part of the anime. Even though he is not a psychic he tries really hard to help mob. He is clearly the most diverse and realistic anime character ever. And now we have shigeo’s brother kageyama ritsu, Ritsu being shigeo’s brother is total opposite of him. He is good read more
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Anime) add
Being a magical girl is everyone's dream,when you're doing things that you're fascinated with,you'll be glad to be chosen.

We,including the story characters,would think being magical girl is a wonderful dream,but after entering to the magical world,cruelty asides!In order to save magic power,rules are quickly added and the least helpful girls will be eliminated from the world,Could the main protagonists survive from extreme and cruel wars?

The most interesting part is that the characters don't even expect what the incoming challenges are,thinking that they'll probably be alright for the week.You may think,phew...The story is predictable,why should I watch it?Yes,probably we all knows what's going to happen next,but the fact is that the characters doesn't know about it and you'll be curious on what'll happen next to the characters and hence the story sounds like predictable to us but unpredictable to the story characters,which this is the reason why I think the story is unique and interesting.

Nevertheless,I think the storytelling could be improved.First of all,I think they should go straight with the storyline.One thing that I really dislike is the meaningless scenes in this anime,they should put some comedy to replace them or get to the point quickly.In addition,I also think that the stories in this anime is a bit jammed,somehow this anime has too much stuffs to say in each episode,I felt a bit uncomfortable when it do so,perhaps this could be improved by changing the story script.

Most of the characters in this anime have shown great comparisons and individualities to each other.The main protagonist Koyuki is one of the most hard-working and genuine magical girls,she believes that her hard work could pay off.She also fascinated about being a magical girl,thats why she's very passionate about it.On the other hand,Ruler and her team are always seeking for fames and success no matter how to get them.All they want are candies and fame,which is totally opposite of what Koyuki and her friends are.Its believed that more brutal fights between them will happen in the future.As you can see,I really like the individuality of characters personalities.

Unfortunately,I don't know much about the characters' real life.Even though they have shown characters precisely when they become magical girls,what about their real life?Will they have any conflicts also in the real life?These questions are never being answered throughout the whole show,since this show focus too much on the fantasy world,their real life is abandoned aside,it'd be nicer if they could focus more on the real life as well.

During the whole show,have you noticed that the characters somehow looks identical?Their face shapes and appearance are quite similar.Basically the only difference is just some hairstyle and eye colours changed,I somehow think the character design is over simplified.

Exclude the simple character design,the animation and sound are done fairly.The colour visuals are done fine,sound effects and soundtracks are there,though I think they're not very highlighted,since they are often covered by the voice acting.

In general,exclude all the flaws,I like the unpredictable storyline and the individuality of characters personalities,they give me sort of excitement read more
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Shelter (Anime) add
Shelter is what couldve been a decent "short music animation/video" or whatever you'd call it since it's so unique in that sense. All judgement aside, I like that the creators made something different and weren't afraid to do so. BUT that doesn't make Shelter any better than it really is!
***I see this happen all the time on soundcloud, someone makes something unique but their song is shit. Yet they get so much commemoration just because they made something different.
I believe that it is far from a masterpiece, and its resemblance to hit song lyrics is frightening.

The music: The song is good, heck, I'm a fan of Porter Robinson and Madeon. There's good transitions and progression, though at times it can seem a bit repetitive. The song is pretty appropriate for the message the animation is trying to say, but not consistently (I'll talk about this later). One problem that really hit me hard watching this was that the music was so loud I could barely focus on either the animation or the song. The two were so disconnected, it was as if I were watching an anime while listening to an EDM song in the background.

The animation: Beautiful colors, so vibrant, action packed progression really immersing. Aside from this, the entire time I felt like A-1 was just showing off. I've gotta praise the creativity and aesthetic of each of the "dimensions" she created with her imagination. Still, the animation and art style simply did not fit the music half the time. If you're going to join music with animation the viewer has to experience a connection. This lacking of resonance destroys the potential of the work of art.

The story: The basic plot idea is generic. Heck, just one month ago when I was thinking of good ideas for making an animation of my own (in a club) I thought of the same exact thing. It felt to me like the whole idea of an apocalypse and isolation in space was added just to make it seem less generic. Heck, if this was longer than 6 minutes, this might've been fine. The problem lies in that the magnitude of the plot should coincide with the length of story telling and background information. The approach to making this really just feels like they put together a story that seems deep on the outside to have viewers fill in the gaps, BUT ITS STILL EMPTY. People are looking for something deeper in this and the fact is simply that nothing else exists.

Character/character development/emotions??: First of all, the character is the plainest most generic thing there is. Sure, there's limited time so they can't expand on her personality, but other creators have been able to overcome this problem through dialogue and mannerisms. So why should we care if is a character is generic? It's clearly just a means to make it RELATABLE. That's what infuriates me about this. People go nuts over it because they relate to it. It's just like crappy read more
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Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
So in September 1st, 1939 blah blah blah, yes it's a story with a world war 2 setting where witches exists. Where the soldiers or the generals of minor Germania characters are seen as a douche bag, fat, ugly, having a witch looking chin (#HeHaveChin), unwitted, compulsive etc. And ally's minor and lame ass looking ones are comical as hell. Which is a very generic archetype that are to be ascribes to clearly states the villain of the story for the Germania. I mean this isn't some child cartoon right? So why make it look childsih? In addition, the MC (our Female Protag) has a very generic, heroic like persona, whose character are just so naivete and inexperience that i just literally came into disliking her as a character. And yeah, she's so compulsive to the point that she needed her enemy to reminded her the consequences of her action, or of other people as she tries to pure out of her emotions for dat typical, i will yell at you while not actually reading the situation that I'm in. Like fucking hell man, her pride is kinda a bit a pain the fucking butthole. But of course, this is an anime, an anime that has alot of illogical moment, including the fight scene, Soldier's actions, why is the princess running around with a couple of her brother in arm (and has so damn much freedom, i mean Queen Elizabeth are somewhat carefree like her, but to be so self committed to the war this much, like how is that realistic during WW2), and where they tries to be as westerns as possible with japanese looking people in the crowd, why does the princess negotiating when women are not even fucking allow to even do shit or decide during the war (given the discrimination), why are their fedora so fully intact when they're on the fucking top of a train (one person fedora falls as soon as they reach the top, but the other fedora doesn't even move an inch. It decides when to fall off later lmao), what are these scene where each of the character trip on nothing and so fucking forth. Btw, i still got a ton more of em question but that should be enough right? Oh, and women aren't allow to fucking become a soldier, or holding a men's occupation at the start or before WW2. That came in like later on, but god damn I love how this anime just defy all of those logic and yeah, it's an anime so no worries really. This story is a modification of the WW2 setting to their very own discretion and predilection of what they wanted the characters to be during the war. While the technology hold semblance towards the war zone machinery during WW2.

I'm not trying to imply that this anime is technically substandard with all of this - the story concept of a witch in the war zone, the character designs, the read more
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Anime) add
A Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Review (First Four Episodes)

TL;DR: An action-packed Magical girl series in which they test what it means to be in an alliance. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

This review will be updated as it goes along.


"Magical Girl Raising Project"

"What does it mean to be a magical girl?"
“Who is truly your ally?”


Here, we have a Madoka-hunger games-esque anime (Or so I thought), in which they twist what it truly means to be a magical girl. The story are about the girls (giggles) who are given the opportunity of becoming a real-life magical girl. But, too many of these girls were given an opportunity, so there shall be a needed drop in population. In order to stay in the game, you need to either get as much candy as you can, or get it any way you can. If you don’t get enough candy, consequences will take place. Everyone’s in an alliance on getting candy, but... What truly is an alliance?

There are three characters so far that you should pay serious attention to, and that is the main character (of course), La Pucelle, and the magical girl of the name “Ripple.” The main character, 1 out of 10000 girls, happens to be chosen to become a magical girl. It is due to the attributes that she displays to the magical girl recruiter, Kyuub--! *AHEM* *COUGH* I mean, Fav! And thus, she becomes the 15th magical girl in her city, making actions under the name of "Snow White," and shall unravel what it truly means to be a magical girl in her world. Along with her unravelling, she brings along her friend La Pucelle, who promises Koyuki that they’d train her (There’s a reason I said “they”). The character who seems to be the most serious of the series is Ripple, who oddly seems to know what is going to truly come along for these magical girls. These three characters are practically the stars of the show, but there’s a lot more characters from where that comes from. In the anime, there were alliances even before the “hunger games” was executed. The magical girl Top speed who has the attributes of what you’d call a witch, trained Ripple as a magical girl. But, right before their training appeared was a magical girl named Bisham-- I MEAN Calamity Mary. She’s a very sinister character who seems to do whatever she wants, no matter what anyone tells her. There’s a character who is interested in making an alliance with her, and their magical girl name is Magicaroid 44. Surprisingly, this character is just as sinister as Calamity Mary. For the next alliance, we have Tama, Minaelle and Yunalle, Swim Swim, and Maleficen-- I MEAN Ruler (Jeez, I keep messing up these characters’ names). Tama is the kind of girl that seems like they’re very clumsy in the worst situations ever, and is a bit slower than the others. Minaelle and Yunaelle are twins (if you can’t read more
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Skip Beat! (Anime) add
Skip Beat!

I am conflicted here. Nearly every episode ended with a cliff hanger that made me want to watch the next, and even after the anime was finished I wanted to watch more. I believe the reason for this is that there is a such a strong purpose to the story line and how the actors work their way through it.

Every day is filled with a passion for work, laughter, and a serious hatred towards the guy who broke the main character's heart. The main character's emotions are so extraordinarily vibrant that she can't help but act them out in front of people. She really goes the extra mile, and some people become confused when she does this because she totally is not paying attention to her surroundings. Not in a clumsy kind of way, of course, though it's really quite the spectacle.

What it comes down to in this anime is that the main character suffered an extreme heart break, and is willing to do what ever it takes to get revenge. In doing so, she becomes someone who she never imagined, meets many new people, and work extremely hard towards her goal. Such enthusiasm.

I've been careful not to give away much of anything towards the story line, as it all kind of came as a surprise to me, and I think you would appreciate it if the story unfolded towards you as well.

Now comes the ratings:
Story - 10 - There was one main objective here. The very same objective was consistently fueled with a renew fire, and it's kind of cool how this is dealt with near the end of the anime.
Graphics - 10 - The developers really went over and above in expressing the many different emotions and scenes in this anime. The use of flashbacks, dynamic view angles, alternative character displays, screen manipulating events, and many more.
Sound - 9 - The background themes really set the mood, while the individual action sound, such as a chicken 'PIKAAAA'ing, were rather quite funny.
Character Personas - 10 - Every character had their strengths and flaws portrayed through this anime. I could sense a manner of honesty and outrageous activity between characters interactions, and I say that because different characters perceive each other differently. A spoiled rich girl believes that she is honestly more important than everyone else, so why does everyone get mad at her?.. These kinds of events occur between personas.
Voice Acting - 10 - WOW. The main character really had me at awe at times. She had a tendency to become a magician with her own voice at times. By the way, this is the Japanese actor that I am speaking of, Marina Inoue.

Overall - 10 - I honestly wanted to give this anime a lower score because the pace can be slow, however I was never once bored with this show. In fact, some days I thought I had watched too many episodes. I recommend this anime as a humorous romance, and the show felt read more
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First impressions, so I was pretty hesitant to check this show out because of all the hype and hate that was around it so after a while I was like fuck it.
I want to see want the people are buzzing about.

Story, 4/10

So the story of re zero begans with subaru a neet who just doing his day to day things.
When out of the blue for no reason at all he gets transported to a generic fantasy world.
Man where haven't I heard this before.
While exploring this new world he gets attacked by a group thugs but is saved by beautiful girl by the name of satella who is looking for her insignia that was just stolen from her
Deciding to help her look for it
In thanks for her kindness in helping him with those thugs.
Eventually that mange to find where is and try and get it back.
After finding where it is subaru and Stella are brutally murdered.
Then subaru reawakens fine as rain.
but something is off he finds that events that happen before seem to repeating themselves, realizing that he gone back in time he gonig to try and stop the events and save satella from her death.

So the basic idea of this story is time resets and saving wifuus.

Now I will be honest I do kind of have a personal beef with story's that use time resets
As a concept,
Looking at you clanland after story and eased.
Now Disbate my distaste for these kinds of story's.
I must admit that there is some actually good ideas in this story which kind of shocked me a little because I didn't expect much,
And why should I from a story that has that as a gimmick

So the idea which I thought where good,

Was the idea that every time the main character dies,
He try's to learn and use different ways to try and Solve the problem at hand.
Like for example in The first arc he found out about the shop keeper and the thief girl and the person who killed him,
He wouldn't have known that unless he tried to find out what was going on.
And i really like that kind of approach.

The other idea which I thought was pretty good,
Is the idea of when the main character tries to do everything buy-himself like a good pro tag kun should,
But He gets slapped in the face by reality multiple times,
telling him that he can do quite a few things but some times there are things he can't do alone and that maybe he should get help.
Which was drilled into him quite hard when he was fighting the witches cult.
Because for the first 5 times he tried it by himself and failed,
But when he decided to get help it worked out better.
And I really like that message because I have seen to many stories especially now a days that always has the protag kun doing pretty much everything like it requires no effort at all.

But sadly that read more
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