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Jan 18, 2018
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Virtual reality goes into the Augmented Reality.

LA will be brutally honest with the Sword Art Online series, LA saw SAO go through ALOT of shit, from LA fairly liking the Aincrad arc, utterly hating how lazy the Alfheim arc was in how they pretty much flanderized MANY of the characters, then come Gun Gale and LA gave some "liberties" to it but saw some gaping plot holes and more of that flanderization showing from Alfhiem and finally comes Mother Rosario's arc where LA saw glimpses of good writing here and there but LA still wasn't convinced by the end of it that Sword Art Online read more
Jan 18, 2018
MsJiya (All reviews)
Honestly, I had very few expectations going into the anime. I knew that this had been famous for quite some time, but I've been pretty out of the anime loop until recently and my standards for Shonen anime have sadly dropped a lot. I don't have a certain style of anime that I really love( I've watched it all from yaoi to comedy to shonen), I just like a well written plot. I don't mean that it has to be super deep or very out of the ordinary, but rather something that keeps me interested. Usually, for shonen, the characters tend to be placed on read more
Jan 17, 2018
ItsZelo (All reviews)
Kotonoha no Niwa was such an amazing surprise for me I was going into this movie not expecting much and to fill my void of your name but god did I enjoy almost every minute of this movie the character development for the main characters were in my opinion very well developed in such a short amount of time you almost feel like your in Takao's shoes. The art work in Kotonoha no Niwa was outstanding it took my breath away at points the rain was so chilling it gave me goosebumps, the character design were so perfect that it complete immersed you into the read more
Jan 17, 2018
Parabi (All reviews)
King of Rhythm is honestly so amazing I had to watch it a second time. If you love so bad its good anime you will love this mess of a movie.

story- There is no plot except for a random backstory of some of the side characters in the middle of the film which is told at twice the pace of the rest. Nothing makes sense, they wear ice skates while dancing for no reason. I was left constantly confused but also in tears.

Art- the dancing sequences look like old vocaloid dances. This anime uses a wild amount of sparkles to distract us except... theyre always read more
Jan 17, 2018
berganda (All reviews)
Baccano sadly falls into the category of "over-hyped mediocrity".
There is no real substance for the viewer to grasp onto besides "oh the style is pretty" and this is kind of "mysteriously cool".

After watching it several times, I fail to remember much, if anything memorable about this show. The show arranges itself in a convoluted, albeit interesting way. Many individuals with separate stories and backgrounds are brought together by mysterious circumstances on a train to nowhere (ok, it is going somewhere).

That being said, that's about where the "interesting" part of the mess of a story ends. It seems like the author had some great ideas read more
Jan 17, 2018
CodenameGHOST (All reviews)
First thing first. If u r in search of some high action and/or good story line anime, then this isnt for u. Its for those who want to enjoy watching. U need to watch the season 1 and 2 before u start watching this in order to understand the super one line joke.(God those jokes r making me laugh even now). This series is made for pure enjoyment. I am repeating it again, its for pure enjoyment not any story shit or emotional strike. It will make u laugh every every second. For the rest just watch it and be amazed. HAVE FUN !!!!
Jan 17, 2018
ShotgunXShogun (All reviews)
Tonally Bipolar, Beautifully Animated and Abysmally Characterized: A Mixed Abyss

For starters, there is no denying, the animation, awe-inspiring vistas and immensely creative creatures in this show are truly out of this world, the titular Abyss is without a doubt the star of this show. That being said, there are a great many flaws in its presentation that border on near sadomasochism on the audience and showrunner's part.

The characters are, for the most part, adorable, if quite overly simplistic in comparison to the hyper-detailed world the exist in, but the fact that the main characters are designed and written to such young children leads to read more
Jan 17, 2018
WoodenGear (All reviews)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is what I look for in an anime. Great characters, world building, strong plot, great themes, etc. etc. I have watched this show around 4 times by now and it still is my favorite anime ever 6 years later. What really shines in this anime is the cast of characters. There are so many characters but it doesn't ever feel cluttered or unneeded. Every character has a backstory, a motivation, and an importance in the plot. I don't want to write anymore but I will give this anime a 10/10. A true masterpiece I will never forget.
Jan 17, 2018
sirYuki (All reviews)
This will be a review a little different where I'll to evaluate each episode separately as they are released, and at the end I'll give a total average note to anime...

Episode 1 - the first impression I had this anime is that it will probably be a kind of Smartphone no Tomo Ni 2.0 mixed with Knight's & Magic, the main character travels to another world, a world created/edited by himself as a programmer, and there he finishes for quickly becoming OP in the first episode, to get an idea he faces a fu*king dragon with a stone lol
The protagonist follows the same appearance of read more
Jan 17, 2018
RayTheArcane (All reviews)
I am not really the type of person to write reviews but honestly, the show isn't even done airing and everyone already has such strong opinions on it. Overhyped or not, i recommend everyone to watch this without a bias in their mind. The animation and art style is beautiful. The music is astounding.

The first two episodes are focused more on introducing us to the settings and fleshing out the characters without giving out too much details. I think that was done beautifully.
of course we don't know too much about everything right now to write a proper review (I will edit this comment read more
Jan 17, 2018
HibikisPapa (All reviews)
This is intended to people that watched the first season, and if you didn't yet then you shouldn't be here, as this season is chronologically next to the first one, and you won't understand this universe if you start with this one season first.

First of all, if you already watched season 1 and you liked it, at least for a 7 out of 10, then you will enjoy this second season. Watch it, it's not a waste of your time.

But I want to be fair, so I will organize this review in two sections: what is better done than the previous season, and what is read more
Jan 17, 2018
QrXtuV (All reviews)
Ok, I'm gonna keep this short because I've already reviewed the manga, but let's goo! Also my points get really directed at this anime only woops
Do you like scenarios where:
•two characters have an ongoing competition

•two characters love each other, but don't at the same time

•one character loves the other, but only hints to it(alot to the watchers) and the other one dislikes the other but always hangs around them to get revenge, but don't realize the real reason might be because they like them

•one character loses a lot but doesn't back down

•the dude is that guy who thinks he's smart and has a lot read more
Jan 17, 2018
MYmanga88 (All reviews)
My problem with this Black Clover anime from studio pierrot is the animation quite shitty compare to other great shounen anime such as My Hero Academia and One punch man, and the slow pacing story also kinda annoyed me since the manga have a super speed pacing which is the main attraction for the series, overall its still enjoyable to watch.

Its your own choice, dont listen to any NERDS ANIME ELITIST wannabe below since they are bunch of weebs that thinks they are superior to anime casuals, watch it for yourself and then decide if you dont like it just dropped the anime, no need read more
Jan 17, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
I don't really know how to review this one, single episode, but I'll do my best.

First and foremost: ARCHER. AND. RIN. ARE. SO. DAMN. CUTE.

Okay, moving on. I should preface this by saying I watched the 2006 Fate/Stay Night series that follows Shirou before I began this series. And, honestly, I don't think that was mistake at all. In the first series, Shirou--much like the viewer--has no idea what's going on, what the Grail Wars are, and who this random blonde chick is that popped up in front of him. For me, it was beneficial to learn the rules alongside Shirou because now I read more
Jan 17, 2018
LeWind_God (All reviews)
Time to play devil's advocate. But before that, Death March does seem to have pontential so lets see if it is true until the future comes.

- Boring and seemingly unimportant scenes showing the MC before transporting to another world. It takes a half of the episode to become sort of interesting.
- Being transported to another world for no apparent reason cliche, most likely won't even be explained. Also it just so happend that he was transported to Death March, the game he was fixing, and he turned younger (A man in his late 20's having a harem with young girls would raise some problems)
- Seems read more
Jan 17, 2018
OtakuDeity (All reviews)
You Know it took me a little while to figure out just how i was going to talk about this series. Because unlike any other series I've reviewed so far. "Girls' Last Tour" doesn't have a designated story plot, that I can explain at length or go into heavy detail on. Instead what we have is the story of two young girls and their day to day lives and discoveries as they travel through a post apocalyptic world.

Now that being said, the scripting and writing does a good job, when it comes to relaying the realism and relevancy of the story. As a lot of read more
Jan 17, 2018
xxella (All reviews)
Confession: I originally rated this 8/10 when it first came out nearly three years ago. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it. I thought it was clever and funny, but it didn't really stick with me.

But with the stress of university exams and life expectations, I've been rewatching a lot of old shows I'd once forgot about and I realized something about Assassination Classroom that I somehow failed to see the first time around: This show is kind of freaking perfect.

You've probably heard the basic synopsis of this show a million times before, but I'll recap it real quick for you anyway. read more
Jan 17, 2018
DonkeyDong (All reviews)

Man after I heard people say that season 2 had more titties I was excited. And while dey still be covered up it was still be good enough to "slam my jam Space Jam to" dog. All season 1 had was that nurse, and Holly with her stand, oh sorry Joseph I mean Horry. Season 2 had that purple haired hoe Mariah, as well as that one old hoe that wanted to have the fuckings with my boy Joseph, plus the other old hoe read more
Jan 17, 2018
qweiruy (All reviews)
Whenever I finish an episode of this...thing... I ask the question, how? HOW DID PEOPLE GET THE MONEY TO FUND THIS SHIT? It is just random joke after random joke with no real line of reasoning other than to utterly confuse you, and I fucking love it. It hits that level of absurdity where you question your very existence. It really is a must watch, just to experience it's unintelligible mental ravings.

Story: 1/10-There is no story (as of yet).

Art: 6/10-It does its job.

Sound: 8/10-The ludicrous voice acting and sound effects add to the absurdist humor

Character: 6/10-The do their job as characters, though their designs are read more
Jan 17, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
So, apparently this anime gets a lot of hate because the subsequent series are a lot better, and I don't understand because I had a blast while watching this.

To be honest, I don't know that was interested in the story so much as I was interested in the characters, but that was enough to have me hooked. I finished this in two days and I'm so happy I had the time to sit down and binge it all because it was amazing.

Of course, as you can see, I didn't give this a 10/10 merely because the story wasn't as fleshed out as I would've read more
Jan 17, 2018
fae_leia (All reviews)
I created an account just to give this title justice. This title has an excellent start and I really enjoy the story, but I will not recommend this for younger viewers because of thematic issues, such as normalizing and somewhat glamorizing crime and murder, human trafficking, sex, rape, torture and explores what it means to live in a world governed by political power, money and with no moral ethics. This show has sinister undertones of a world that is hidden underneath the bright and bustling world of Fukuoka, and yet does not lose the lightness and get indulgent in the violence. In case you read more
Jan 17, 2018
deideiblueeyez (All reviews)
I've seen people get holy-handed angry about this series, claiming it's nothing more than dialled-back netorare (i.e. a subgenre of hentai revolving around a female lead cuckolding the male lead) or that it's comparable to School Days, of all things. The lack of imagination and empathy towards these characters when it comes to understanding that this is not simply "School Days 2017" but actually much more mature, intelligent, and hard-hitting than School Days could ever hope to be. Other people say that it's an uncomfortable anime to watch, and there again I don't get why they seem to think so. If this had been rooted read more
Jan 17, 2018
Sumsulk (All reviews)
It's been a while since I wrote a review so I'll keep this short and simple

>>>>>>>>>>>>Anime Info (Which I watched)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Subber:- Horriblesubs
Quality:- 720p

We all know that Netflix is new to this anime business but I really must say that this anime is pretty amazing. I haven't watched the old Devilman anime, so I won't be comparing this to that. My review will solely be on this one. In terms of story, I have nothing to say except that it amazing and fantastic. It really shows how the current human society acts and feels.

In terms of Art, this anime does a pretty good job read more
Jan 17, 2018
drekun (All reviews)
This anime is not for everyone. Mainly because you need to have a sense of maturity to understand the depth of the plot. You also need to be educated what exactly is a hikikomori, and how serious this taboo is to the Japanese society.

For the interest of your time reading this review, I will just copy and paste what exactly it is defined by Wikipedia:

n Japan, hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引き籠り, lit. "pulling inward, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal") are reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. Hikikomori refers to both the read more
Jan 17, 2018
MenthaAquatica (All reviews)
As continuation: 2
As fantasy genre, if you forget about Boruto being continuation: 4
As shonen genre: 3
Current episodes are CANON! All episodes, manga, some of the fillers, 2 movies, books and novels are canon in ninja world becouse it was affirmed by author. Very minor spoilers in this review for Boruto, clearly stated start and end of one minor spoiler for Naruto.

And no, the scores will not change even if the series become let`s say 200 episodes long. Too much is destroyed already, and introducing action will close and remove the possibility of correcting poorly done peaceful background. Also it read more
Jan 17, 2018
Navster360 (All reviews)
Cool, i Genuinely like the vibes coming off this show.
A good Evangelion plus a very light Nightmare vibe(from season 2 of Code geass)

The first episodes visuals gave my first impression to this show a very good 8 or 9, and the story though not so unique was still very entrancing.

So far my numbers and explanations go like this

The story:(8) Well the story is very "Generic" as one might think, but with some pretty cool settings are in play. i love how "Humanity" is sorta in a downfall, or at least i think it is, and how they enlist children to pilot really cool mecha, read more
Jan 17, 2018
Themoffa (All reviews)
I see a lot of people commenting "Oh it sucks people compare it to Naruto" and so on. I'll address it and point out why these fellas complaining on people comparing it with Naruto, don't think enough to actually make that comment.

First of all, the really straightforward point I wanna bring.. Boruto is basically living due to Naruto fans. Most of the people watching Boruto, aren't new to the Naruto series.

Boruto on it's own isn't yet an actual anime by itself. There's no interesting plot and so on that would make anyone wanna watch Boruto, the main reason people do is because they read more
Jan 17, 2018
HodginsIsBae (All reviews)
Spoiler-free review:

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Kemono Friends. The first couple of episodes didn't grip me, but it grew on me the more I watched.

The story is kept fairly simple. Kaban and Serval set off on an adventure to the library to find out what kind of Friend Kaban is. Along the way we learn about Japari Park, its history and secrets, but not much. A lot is left out which will hopefully be covered in the upcoming season. Along the way we are also introduced to a superbly designed cast of characters. Every character somewhat resembles their respective animal while read more
Jan 17, 2018
SunnyYangL (All reviews)
The fall season unexpectedly brought along some of the most popular anime of the year, namely Black Clover, Blend S, and Mahoutsukai no Yome. However, alongside them, was Pine Jam’s newest release, Just Because!, a slice of life-school romance with some unique story telling traits that sets it apart from the rest.

What makes Just Because! different from other anime in its category is its approach to the characters and conflicts. Its strong suit is not its romance but its realism, as each student faces their own conflicts such as university exams, job searching and the general uncertainties that come with growing up. Due the read more
Jan 17, 2018
DraculeZiz0u (All reviews)
Immediately to know, I write this recent one for reasons because I have the need to present through the written form all the bitterness I feel about this title.
It all begins when the main hero Tatsumi leaves his village in order to become a soldier. He headed toward (supposedly) the capital of the stateless state. He comes there and is caught up with his corruption and injustice. Somehow, with all this "improper" circumstances, he met the Night Mare, a group of rebels with supernatural powers who aim to cleanse the city from injustice.
Indeed, the introductory fable sounds interesting, does not it? The most important continuation read more
Jan 17, 2018
Yukiololxoxo (All reviews)
This anime was very enjoyable all though the story line doesn't always a line with the next episode but it isn't a BIG impact. I love the main character and how is intentions slowly come out with each episode. The idea of each class over riding each other in the matter of academic achievements and other achievements is very interesting and how everything is managed with points and not real money. The art style is amazing and has smooth graphics during fighting scenes and most of the scenes in general. The voice acting is amazing and i though all the voices fit the characters wonderfully. read more
Jan 17, 2018
Da5 (All reviews)
I give it a Fine because its a Fine Wine.

But I really do think that it's an enjoyable show If you want a simple show with not much if any plot.
I think the characters are pretty good but there isn't much plot for it but in the end, it's not that big of a deal. In general, I find it to be an enjoyable show.
Its plot is simple along with its characters I enjoyed it way more than I thought I think that the recipe is also a nice touch.

Also the she is a total acholic for anyone who is wondering
Jan 17, 2018
neo333Earth (All reviews)
MSIK is what you get if Madoka Magica and The Hunger Games had a very entertaining baby. It may be flawed, but it's not terrible, and I ate it up like candy.

Story - 6
This show's story is a creative mix of familiar elements. Individually, I wouldn't call anything in the setup particularly groundbreaking, but as a whole it's interesting. There are lots of fun, edgy twists that vary greatly in the quality of execution. Seeing what would happen next was actually quite exciting. There are definitely plotholes and some deus ex machina instances but overall the plot is passable (barely)

Characters - 4
Quick math: 12 episodes read more
Jan 17, 2018
M0k0cch1_13 (All reviews)
If you're looking for an 'iyashikei' (healing) anime, this is definitely a good choice - no drama, all fun, and you feel refreshed once watching it.

The Story - As the show is a slice of life anime, the episodes aren't very story driven; episodes don't lead on from one to another, meaning there's a fresh new story each time you watch. The magic element really sets this show apart though - there's no war going on, the protagonist isn't on some long-winded quest or anything. Instead, it's about a young girl and her training as a witch. Simple, but it works.

The Art - Watching read more
Jan 17, 2018
Duckielover151 (All reviews)
Wow. Where to even begin? Usually, it's a recipe for disaster when a show has already been hyped to death by the time I get around to watching it. But for the entirety of XY&Z, my opinion swung between 'Huh, this season IS pretty good' and 'Is this really still Pokémon?'

I first started to get the impression that this season could be something really amazing around episode 10. I'd been worried that Team Flare's inclusion would seem rushed, but their plot was really well done. I didn't think Zygarde was a thing until Sun and Moon, but in hindsight, this actually tied into their schemes read more
Jan 17, 2018
ktulu007 (All reviews)
It's been almost four years since I talked about Street Fighter II, the anime film by Group TAC. It was a film I was pretty positive towards and with good reason. It had some solid action sequences, a compelling plot and was pretty close to everything that the game's fans wanted. This film comes from the same studio six years later in 2000. It's not connected to the first, but they surely must have had time to iron out those elements that didn't work and make something improved, right?

Like last time, I'll be using the Japanese character names.


We open with Ryu contemplating on his read more
Jan 17, 2018
agahtha (All reviews)
Do you enjoy seeing kids cry and suffer? Me too!
Made in Abyss is an anime you definitely should watch right now. It's good. Go watch it now, you don't need to read the full review, it's so much better than 99% of anime. The staff that worked of it did a masterful job, everything is treated with such care that it's almost impossible to not be charmed by it.

This is my score
Story: 9
Art: 10
Sound: 10
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 6

You may notice something weird. Why the hell is the overall only 6 when the mean of the other scores is 9.5? The answer is simple, it's because read more
Jan 17, 2018
Raggadish (All reviews)
Holy hell. This turned out to be an intense watch. Claymore is the work of Norihiro Yagi, and about a third of the manga was adapted in to this 26-epsiode anime 2007 by Madhouse. I was recommended Claymore by my cousin about a year ago, but just now got down to actually watch it. Which I´m very glad I did. Personally, the show was a real hit, it literally hit me in the gut. I can see why Claymore may not suit everyone, but in the dark fantasy/action genre it´s a gem. Medieval setting, dark atmosphere, monsters fighting monsters, powerful organizations, conspiracy´s, experiments, warriors, and read more
Jan 17, 2018
valtiel01 (All reviews)
This is the worst show I have ever watched (also the worst manga I have ever read): it's shallow, annoying, repetitive and contains nothing good from either characters or plot. I will explain my statement in next paragraphs.
The show is about an excellent and popular schoolgirl who behaves completely different when she returns home. She turns into a spoiled brat who does nothing but playing games, reading manga or watching anime. Her brother lives with her, despite being older and more responsible, he lets her do whatever she wants and fulfills her demands.
I don't feel there is any story in the show, all read more
Jan 17, 2018
Sliusarek (All reviews)
After both critical and commercial success of Shin Godzilla, the bar of expectations for the new Godzilla installment was raised so high, it seemed impossible to make a new live-action film that could compete with Hideaki Anno's masterpiece. Well, Toho found the perfect way out and called the banners to make something out of the box, to make this trilogy of anime films featuring Godzilla.
Instead of trying to beat Shin, Toho initiates friendship and creativity. While Shin Godzilla remains the best live-action Godzilla movie up to date, Kaijuu Wakusei has managed to offer something so fresh and original that you can't even try to compare read more
Jan 17, 2018
Ora_Beans_vol_2 (All reviews)
I think Akame ga kill is underrated, but not in a way that it is some sort of masterpiece I just think that people haven´t praised it for what it should have bin praised for and not criticized for what it was really lacking.

Well its pretty basic story of a naive kid who has a dream to become a hero and serve for the capitol which is a government/monarcy type thing and then there is this night raid which are claimed to be terrorists. But he finds out that the capitol is corrupt and the night raid is good.
After the first episode I already read more
Jan 17, 2018
Br3X (All reviews)
First off, story: There is not much to say about it, it's interesting but really simple story, atleast that's my feel about it.

Art& Animation: Art & Animation were great, especially fighting scenes. It was something that I will really remember for a while.

Sound: Same as art, it was great... the way they added bass to the godzilla's roar was epic and even background music was good.

Characters: Characters were interesting but I have same opinion on them as on the story. They were way too simple. (atleast for me, it not might be problem for other viewers)

Enjoyment: After all, it was really enjoyable, fighting read more
Jan 17, 2018
Christopher_Lum (All reviews)
Amazing movie. I love Godzilla movies and I love Sci-fi and mecha.
Overall: 8
This is great in terms of a movie but since it is a movie things will be rushed. I feel that this would've been better split into episodes. But everything felt really rushed. The story progressed way too fast to be really enjoyable. If this were made episodically then I'm sure the rushed feeling wouldn't be there but would throw something off. If it were made into a series of movies like the Break Blade series then there would be enough time for everything without the feeling of being rushed.
Story: 7
I believe there read more
Jan 17, 2018
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
manavito (All reviews)

Monster. An Anime that has a cliffhanger at the end of every episode and when the story is closer to its ending, you feel like it is actually getting more distant.


There is no way this story deserves a less than 10/10. Everything connects, something that may not make sense in the beginning, will make sense later on. Although I don´t want to give a description of the plot (as you can already read on MAL), I would like to say that the story is something that we don´t see in anime a lot, which is that it is completely realistic. Everything that read more
Jan 17, 2018
Mikasabestowaifu (All reviews)
I wish MAL would put a more detailed rating for anime and manga because I'm the guy that thinks it's necessary to have ".5" in ratings, like: "6.5,7.5,8.5...", sometimes I don't feel that an anime it's not good enough for a "7" but not that bad for an average "6". Anyways, let's get to the review, shall we?.

Disclaimer: This is a Spoiler-free review, please forgive me if you find difficult to understand some parts, as English is not my first language and this is the second review that I write (feel free to read my first review on the anime "Blend S").

Just Because !: A read more
Jan 17, 2018
nisekoichitoge (All reviews)
First of all let me say that i was the minority that did not want Komiya to win.
So hate me for it i don't care. ha ha

Review: This anime was amazing, i loved it from the first episode, it was that kind of anime that makes you relate to real life, it's not ridiculous it's grounded to earth and makes it believable. The characters progression is nice, but sometimes makes you also confused. I loved the art it's one of my favourites and the snow/winter setting makes it all the more enjoyable.
This anime could be a solid 8/9 and maybe a 10 if read more
Jan 17, 2018
RancidFran (All reviews)
This show is so bad, I even made a Myanimelist account to warn others. It had potential, to be one of the many others horror animes (nothing out of the ordinary, but at least enjoyable). Yet the characters, and the development are just PLAIN STUPID. Literally that's the word, Stupid.
It's full of plot holes and most characters behaviors don't make sense.

*Sort of a spoiler*

Imagine you having two big guys, and a 14 year old girl. So this girl have something of their, and they desperately need it back you can choose:
a)Gang up on her and take your stuff back
b)Scream and cry because she read more
Jan 17, 2018
nisekoichitoge (All reviews)
Okay this anime is one of a kind.
I have never seen a more weird anime, expecting it to be a random rom-com but it ended up being a kawaii female student with super saiyan goku asking her for her number while she is in love in a guy that could be her father.
Really weird and one of a kind anime that would make us cringe and disgusted if it was real life.
Well overall i think it's pretty good, i like the kitchen guy alot.
The sound is nice, artwork also not bad, and the first episode made a good impression that makes you wanting for more.
I read more
Jan 17, 2018
SKOT3 (All reviews)
oh boy! if we started with mediocrity then now we are at garbage territory. let me start, there's tons of inconsistencies, that while were present previously, here appear everywhere. the story is just isn't interesting at all, and the characters who i once could relate, and care for are just gone. instead we get these plain copies who just act like idiots all the time. meiko has been part of the cast for 4 ovas and hasnt done anything!

the music is just the same, there's like one or two new tracks and the rest are just remixes

the fights don't have any choreography behind read more
Jan 17, 2018
Navster360 (All reviews)
Overall, this movie was great, though it could have went deeper into the backstory of the main character, other than "i hate all the titans, i will kill them" type of attitude.
My enjoyment of the film was pretty fulfilled, i waited and received what i expected, nothing too fabulous, but at the same time it wasn`t unsatisfying to watch.

so as i would say, this movie gets a clean 7.5, though out if 10, even though i
marked it a seven

Art: the few Godzilla scenes there blew me way, though it was mainly because of the feeling of size coming off of him read more