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Aug 14, 2020
LastDeer (All reviews)
After getting recommended this anime from a friend, i was sceptical at first since i had never heard of a gambling anime but i was not dissapointed for it has quickly become on of my favourite gambling anime and even one of my favourite all time anime too!

The artstyle (in my opinion) is breathtaking with its own distinct art style which is truely unique. Admittedly, from time to time the anime does look oddly sexual but in many ways it just adds to the atmosphere. Which leads onto my next point. The atmosphere

The general consensus is that each episode will feature a new game and read more
Aug 14, 2020
Ventedsiren (All reviews)
This review is just to say that the dub way better than the sub, it kind of reminded me of ghost stories just a little bit more tamed. The dub is way more fun and enjoyable than the sub but for the dub some the jokes are a little dated(remember fidget spinners). You won't regret it watching the dub but if do there's no harm it is and ecchi anime after all doesn't remake the but the dub at least has fun with the anime, it's a real fun ride you should give it(thedub) a watch it won't disappoint like the sub.
Aug 14, 2020
MCT_MAL (All reviews)
Amateur review,

The only thing I can say about this anime, is that it's well written and how the characters are portrayed, especially the main character. When people say romcom (romantic-comedy), they would probably think of it as niché type of genre. BUT, don't expect Oregairu to be your typical romcom anime. Despite its title and genre, it's shown dramatic and realistic scenes. Hachiman, the protagonist, is what made this series specially succesful for me. On how he tackled and solved problems are not how your typical mc does it. Well, there are also some apathetic mc out there, but Hachiman is just a ordinary guy, read more
Aug 14, 2020
RiceMan420 (All reviews)
ooooooo yyyyyeeeeesssssss me doo luv da sexx and dis sho all abowt the sexi and it is vewy good beecos i lov the sex hav I menshond that yet??!?

thais show maakes mi snaik go hiytened becoz it mak me horne!!!,!,,”!,!

this show also mak me sad and mk mi wana bang cos we lonly & amAlso a virg anand i’m even thi biig age of 7!!!??!,!!,,!!,!!?!!!like y am I still a vergboi! >:(

y dona plases in tha show exist in real irl lik thay wood bumblebee vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vevy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy read more
Aug 14, 2020
VanishingKira (All reviews)
Uzaki-chan is not the type of anime I'd normally consider checking out when looking through the seasonal anime chart, but I did, with full intention of dropping it within 3 episodes and you know what? I actually fairly enjoy the show surprisingly.

The show is a nice light watch, it not particularly special in any means but that's not what carries the show. What carries the show is its two main leads and their chemistry. Naomi Oozora (better known as Satania from Gabriel Dropout) almost completely carries the show on Uzaki's stacked shoulders (lol). She bring so much energy and good comedic timing to the show. read more
Aug 14, 2020
Krunchyman (All reviews)
“To fap, or not to fap: that is (not) the question.” — Hideaki Anno

But if not, what is? Perhaps, as Camus put it: “The only serious question in life is whether to kill yourself or not.” But is this not merely an inevitably given the certainty of our own mortality; making the very question rather redundant and vain — much like the allegorical myth of Sisyphus? While most participants in the game of life do not capitulate to physical suicide, there are other, unconscious ways we are incessantly ‘killing’ ourselves. Unhealthy diets. Smoking. Texting whiling driving. Stressing out read more
Aug 14, 2020
Kingdom (Anime) add (All reviews)
Waifu_After_End (All reviews)
Kingdom is it's own title all about war, to the social hierarchy of peasants to nobles and to the middle it's generals it so great personalities. Not at all for Xin who had an intelligent friend and then a King who becomes his friend but he seems not to grow up and still doesn't present a bit of calmness of assertiveness, still it 2 intelligent friends. Not enough for his lack of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, he observes battles, has seem what a general is; leader and strategic but Xin is only angry and angry and was no experience for what he was gone through it Wang read more
Aug 14, 2020
Waifu_After_End (All reviews)
Kingdom is it's own title all about war, to the social hierarchy of peasants to nobles and to the middle it's generals it so great personalities. Not at all for Xin who had an intelligent friend and then a King who becomes his friend but he seems not to grow up and still doesn't present a bit of calmness of assertiveness, still it 2 intelligent friends. Not enough for his lack of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, he observes battles, has seem what a general is; leader and strategic but Xin is only angry and angry and was no experience for what he was gone through it Wang read more
Aug 14, 2020
TheBlackestMamba (All reviews)
Texhnolyze is an adult show.
You may happen to witness homosexuality, SM, pedophilia,incest, blood sheds, meaningless violence and utter despair while watching it.
This is a pitch black cyber-punk tale of High Quality -Abe Yoshitoshi- in all regards : entrancing music, beautyfull art, bright direction and mind-blowing plot.

The pacing is slow, and the naration often resorts to visual communication and minimalist dialogues as you follow the taciturn (yet so hot) Ichise in the turmoil-city of Lux. You have to think of it as a highly symbolic and esthetic tale questioning civilisation, progress, evolution, survival, violence, loneliness and their conflicts with morality and sanity.
Aug 14, 2020
k8nine (All reviews)
This was a very unique and mind-captivating anime, I actually really enjoyed it, the tale of a little girl named Riko and a robot boy named Reg as they travel down into a vertical hole known as the abyss that has several layers.

Getting into the anime the first episode, in my opinion was a little slow but usually, most shows are like that so its to be expected, after the first couple episodes I kept getting more curious about the depths of the abyss and that alone had driven me to keep watching.

When I say this I mean it this definitely looks innocent just from read more
Aug 14, 2020
TakatzukiZen (All reviews)
Review in ENGLISH AND SPANISH (original)

This is a review of both seasons of School Rumble. To tell the truth, it is an anime that I have liked for many years, and one of the first I saw. I decided to watch it again and do a review because this is an anime that I consider pure comedy, without the need to make obscene jokes like Konosuba does, for example.

Story 15 / 20
In an anime that tries to make people laugh, the ridiculousness that occurs during the story should not be taken into account, since it is the essence of the series, a comedy. In itself, read more
Aug 14, 2020
xeerg (All reviews)
In one word, Prince of Tennis would be "exhilarating".

Tl;dr at the bottom.

There are many flaws—the lacking animation and art, for one—but they can't overshadow the essence of this story.

You can complain about the unrealisticness of everything, about their 'superpower' tennis, about everything that makes this so ridiculous. However, in the end, I will always say this: Prince of Tennis is a masterpiece unlike many, or any, others, and I don't use the term 'masterpiece' lightly.

What exactly makes me praise it so much?
The characters, despite there being almost a million of them, are all fleshed out, having their own dreams, backstories, difficulties, read more
Aug 14, 2020
MagicaHomura (All reviews)
(This review will contain some spoilers, DO NOT read if you haven't seen it).

Also my first review.

Possibly my favourite show ever, heartbreaking but amazing. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is a story of hope, despair and friendship. Two friends, Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, encounter a strange cat-like creature called kyubey claiming he can grant any wish on the condition that they become magical girls and commit to fighting 'witches'. They also encounter Homura Akemi, a girl who recently transferred to Mitakihara Middle School - the school Madoka and Sayaka attend. prior to her transfer Homura appeared in an apocalyptic nightmare of Madoka's. She seems to read more
Aug 14, 2020
FoxSpiritShrine (All reviews)
CONTENT WARNING! If you're sensitive to content depicting sexual assault and rape you should AVOID watching this show!


The art, animation, music and comedy in Love Stage are all great. It's very amusing and sweet to watch how one man is dealing with the realization that he romantically likes another man.

Except for the time when he sexually assaults his love interest. Honestly, it is presented in a comedic way, so it took me a while to realize what just happened when it happened. However this is not a gag anime. The story and the art make it feel very realistic, so the sexual assault doesn't read more
Aug 14, 2020
Isuraku (All reviews)
This left such a bad taste that I couldn't help leave my first review.

Story - 1/10
There is no story. It is a bunch of forced interactions strewn up together to result in an unbearably horrid plot. This is supposed to be a college romcom. There is neither romance nor comedy. But I suppose that is only natural, after all, how can a grade schooler with an immeasurable libido in the body of a college student with no dignity or self respect, falls in love with a rental girlfriend knowing that she is being a professional and providing the required service, whilst still having an erection read more
Aug 14, 2020
TheUnkindledO (All reviews)
This review contains spoilers along with my thoughts.
First of all, I congratulate the studio that did their best in this movie.

I have watched Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai with my friend who also has watched Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso with me. We were fresh about the feelings that Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso gave to us although we have watched it a few months ago, therefore we were reserved against this movie. I am not going to compare this movie with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso of course, but I wanted to emphasize the similarity between these two arts. In the beginning, we read more
Aug 14, 2020
isnortcoke (All reviews)
Its a lot. Its really hardcore and if your into that, by all means this is for you. Personally I hated every second of it. The story wasn't that great, but it wasn't horrible. Most of the plot is tucked away and instead replaced with torture scenes that last way longer then I can handle. It'll probably satisfy you if you're into twisted shit like,
( Those are the most notable )

Its pretty unique to be honest, there's not many hentai's that come close to being as fucked up as this one.

Overall, 6/10. If your unhinged enough to be into stuff like this, its absolutely read more
Aug 14, 2020
NolifeNomana (All reviews)
animation: has an animation that a few moments and rough and with small errors but and a very beautiful and smooth animation eh very beautiful: 8
soundtrack: a soundtrack that follows very well the moments of creation and production of the characters or points of imagination which makes everything more fun and with a wonderful opening: 8
story: a simple story where girls want to make animations but the way it worked and well done and how it teaches us about production of animations eh well fun: 8
Characters: are characters that differs from the common but are very own and memorable which makes the anime read more
Aug 14, 2020
PalmTigre (All reviews)
I'm one of the few that rated this the ten, and probably the only person that thinks it's better than Kimi no na Wa. And I stand by it, forever. The only movies I loved just as much are Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki and Maquia.

I loved the art, I loved the sounds. I loved the story. I loved everything. I don't really know why. I also don't know why this movie got all the hate it did.

I always thought Kimi no na Wa was overrated, and now I think Tenki no Ko is underrated.

That just sums it up for me read more
Aug 14, 2020
NolifeNomana (All reviews)
Kaguya Sama
Animation: has a very beautiful animation eh well made for a romantic comedy with traces and scenarios and characters well done and drawn: 9
story: and a simple story where 2 proud people play a mind game to try to make another person confess but in a comical and fun way: 7
Characters: Kaguya's characters are very charismatic and fun and memorable which fits perfectly with the story: 10
Soundtrack: Has a good soundtrack with an amazing background narrator that makes everything 100% better with a wonderful open: 8
score: 8,5

pt br:

Kaguya Sama
Animação: tem uma animação muito bonita eh bem feita para uma comédia romântica com read more
Aug 14, 2020
EDHENATION (All reviews)
As an anime that has some connections to Konosuba, Rent a girlfriend is the 2020 biggest comic anime for fans. Kazuya and Mizhuhara have the same voice actors as Kazuma and Aqua. The anime overall is a comedian romance, depicting a loser who lost her first girlfriend and gradually, in a series of dramas, finds his true love. This is the best alternative for Konosuba fans in 2020. The story is amazing, the art is soooo good, I can even masturbate on each "girlfriend" of the anime. Like the Konosuba, the anime gives you a strong incentive to watch it. This anime deserves 9 or read more
Aug 14, 2020
NolifeNomana (All reviews)
Characters: has a great protagonist and main heroine, but the secondary characters have a weak development eh poorly explored: 8
story: the story and simple, but sometimes broken as badly explained facts and left aside things simply happen the reasons are not explained this and the main weakness of the anime: 4
soundtrack: very light and smooth nothing d+ a simple track and used more just to leave nothing background, but some eps was amazing: 7
Animation: A decent animation eh well done with well-defined strokes and striking characters : 8

score: 6.75

Pt br:

Personagens: tem um grande protagonista e heroína principal, mas os personagens secundários têm um read more
Aug 14, 2020
PalmTigre (All reviews)
Honestly, I love Re:Zero. I absolutely adore it. I can understand why people would give it, season two, an 8 to a 10. And I can tell you why you do: you're high on adrenaline. The hype is so big, four year wait, show with pretty much the queen of waifus for a few years, and just a great show to begin with.

But me, personally, I read the original source material. Way before the anime came out, I even reread whenever season 2 was finally announced. I'm not hyped, I don't have that adrenaline, I'm just watching any other show.

And God, is Re:Zero not read more
Aug 14, 2020
Klepya (All reviews)
One of the most wholesome shows you'll ever watch, a really smooth and cute story of a loner girl trying to make friends for a promise.

Story: Is really good and precise, nothing else to add.

Art: Extremely cute and the one you would want to see in these wholesome animes.

Sound: Sound is good, good opening, good endings, good osts, really well made.

Characters: Characters are unique and lovable.

Enjoyment: Nothing less than a 10 out of 10, will make you love bocchi.

Overall: A really good anime with lovable characters, good ost, and one of the most wholesome storys.
Aug 14, 2020
Jiaxiangjin213 (All reviews)
Owari no Seraph

It's ight just ight nothing special, it was the top 4 in Livecharts.me in spring 2015 so I thought It would be good but turns out it's just a typical show with lots of cliches, the story is typical, the art of alright but it has a bit of CG usage and the CG looked like the zombies in HoTD sound was average nothing special but it wasn't bad, characters are likable but again nothing special, overall and enjoyment about 5/10 I haven't seen s2 yet at the time of this review I'm going to watch it after I'm done but I read more
Aug 14, 2020
Klepya (All reviews)
The worst season of the series, after the second one that was really, really good, we have to look at this dudes making a Prom...

The story is a disaster and doesn't make any sense, the overextended drama makes it worst.

Art is worst than the previous season when its supposed to be better.

Sound: Is bad, it doesn't match with the animation.

Characters: (Excepcting the main girl) as always are really good, definitely the only reason to watch this.

Enjoyment: is really low unless you are a masochist and like boring shows.

Overall this season deserves no more than 3 out of 10 points.
Aug 14, 2020
Lavania (All reviews)
Shounen stories like these ride on momentum, to maintain the dynamicity and keep it exciting but in this season, there was a flashback every five minutes which made it feel like we were riding a bumper car in a small arena. It was irritating, even though the plot is interesting. I hope they cut back on the flash backs a bit...I mean we are at season 4, if we have come this far, we know what has happened without you having to remind us continually.
In a gist the first half of the season consists of the overhaul arc depicting a clash between Heroes and read more
Aug 14, 2020
jmorales2718 (All reviews)
Heya Camp is a nice little series. For the most part, it maintains the same fun, light, and, of course, cute tone as Yuru Camp. And for this reason I enjoyed this little mini-series. However, there was one thing missing that made it less enjoyable than Yuru Camp: Rin.

The relationship between Rin and Nadeshiko was the best part of the Yuru Camp season 1. Because Rin is not a member of the outdoor club, she only has a supporting role in this series.

If you, like me, enjoyed the Rin/Nadeshiko dynamic most in Yuru Camp S1, you may be a bit disappointed with this series. read more
Aug 14, 2020
bigsucc (All reviews)
I waited to write review on this.
This is seriously one of the worst animes Ive seen.
Non of these characthers aren´t enjoyable even the slightest bit. The story is nonexistant. This anime is offence to whole anime community. Mc is a simp, but the worst of all, he is also an male whore , he literally is in relationship with a nice and beautiful girl, yet he fails to keep his dick in his pants. On his wedding day he even dicked down the demon girls...Like seriously? dick doesnt jump inside there itself. Absolutely disqusting. I hope his wife founds out about this and crushes read more
Aug 14, 2020
Ronsuma (All reviews)
Note: This review has little to no spoilers

1. Overall - 7/10

Okay I will get straight to the point, this anime is pretty generic harem but that doesn't mean it is not fun to watch by any means, it is actually surprisingly entertaining. I actually recommend this show if you are looking to dive into something and walk off with 3-4 hours of pretty entertaining episodes without actually having to pay attention to each and every detail in the show.

2. Story - 6/10

This is one of the weakest parts of this anime but here we go. We follow our protagonist, Anos Voldigoad, a 'demon lord', studying read more
Aug 14, 2020
lilkraken (All reviews)
This is a cliche story, yet perfect if you are looking for an easy, light and funny rom com to watch.

Story 7/10
The story follows a girl who is student council president (very bossy, controlling, organized and guy-hating, at first) while working at a maid cafe after school (which requires her to be submissive and very much a client pleaser, client tending to be men). I thought it was really interesting to see the character having this completely opposite roles and sides to her and fulfilling both so well. Although the story is cliche and predictable, it manages to keep you entertained. It's a rom-com, so read more
Aug 14, 2020
Winter_Fox (All reviews)
Re : Zero, one of my favourite anime ever. It is dark, mysterious, thrilling, and full of unexpected things with an amazing storyline.

Worldbuilding: 9/10

The setting is a common fantasy world set in medieval times, was very common like any another isekai anime nowadays.

Yet, the world is filled with many unsolved mysteries, and has a darker content and story with very little explanation that makes us always wonder. For example; the evil witch, dragon, cult, demonic creatures, how they're related one of another is really makes it feel very mysterious yet intriguing at the same time, and that's not a bad thing!

Characters: 9/10

All read more
Aug 14, 2020
TrueKireiPriest (All reviews)

This movie is complete garbage.
All the major characters are either unlikable or immoral monsters that deserve to be thrown in jail. Where is the justice in this world that these evil people are supposed to be cheered on while killing so many civilians? This society is disgusting.
The only likable people here are completely sidelined or killed off unceremoniously.

The music was horrific. The animation was some of the worst I’ve ever seen – much worse than the 2006 anime. You cannot tell what is happening in any of the read more
Aug 14, 2020
TrueKireiPriest (All reviews)

“Heaven's Feel III: Spring Song” is the final part of a trilogy adaptation of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel. Those who have been following these films will know the story so far: in the first film, we established our protagonist’s journey through the Holy Grail War while encountering fierce resistance. Yet in spite of these obstacles, Kotomine Kirei pushed through his struggles, and we as an audience start to believe that he may in fact have the courage necessary to be victorious. The crisis of the first film comes when read more
Aug 14, 2020
fastgamer2 (All reviews)
Im Not mad, just a little disapointed. Its hard to say if the issues with this season is in the Original Material or Studio Deen.
Log horizon season 2 forgoes quite a bit of the worldbuilding and fills it with cheap jokes and drama("romance", cause why woudnt half the city be in love with the antisocial nerd) for the first half. Wich wasnt a problem in the first season to the extend it happend since it didnt considerably slow the story).
The second half is taken up by secondary characters for a big part, wich is nice for those characters, but doesnt help the pace.
The enjoyabilty read more
Aug 14, 2020
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
breebearani (All reviews)
I believe that while storywriting and technical aspects of a show are important, the most significant part of a show is the enjoyment that you get out of it.

I binged BNA in two days. I watched nine episodes the night before, then woke up and finished it. To put that in context, that is something that almost never happens for me, but BNA was so enrapturing that I couldn't put it down.

To start, the story was iffy. All the aspects were there for a great story, but the 12 episode constraint condensed everything down too much. I feel like this show would've been much better read more
Aug 14, 2020
AyoooCee (All reviews)
Story: Black Lagoon is the brutal en-devours of a mercenary group of the same name revolving around a crew of four who accept work from the different mafia groups in the South China Sea region. That's all it is on a surface level, but however there's so much more to the story which is fleshed out by way of the characters and exploring their minds in depth, whether they're on just another run of the mill job or a life & death situation. Season 1 is mostly just scattered jobs giving time for the viewer to get comfortable with the crew, and slowly flesh out read more
Aug 14, 2020
VineetOfCulture (All reviews)
"Become a magical girl and fight witches and any wish you have will be granted"

I really don't like straying away from popular opinions. I have absolutely NO interest in trying to prove I am superior by criticising popular shows. But I have to go all out on any stuff that is considered devoid of even the slightest of faults. With 40k favourites and high scores all over critic abodes...... I decided to watch it. I had never seen any magical girl show before. Not even Sailor Moon.... I got into anime after turning 18 and I am a boy. So I was neither the read more
Aug 14, 2020
wafabig (All reviews)
characters: Don't actually like them that much, there your generic characters that want to save people in a nutshell even when its not needed which makes for over saturated type hero characters which i find myself find hard to get attached to. [kassim was a pretty good character since he was idealistic and if not for alibaba being a MC then alibaba would have ultimately failed] (6/10)

Art: nothing to special, but for its time it was very fluent and nice (9/10)

story: Its set in a ancient period of time and has interesting concepts like d'jinns and dungeons. (8/10)

sound: the openings aside from opening 1 read more
Aug 14, 2020
MooneBoy24 (All reviews)
Did you think the fillers for the Naruto franchise were bad? Imagine an anime comprised of ONLY filler episodes. Now, imagine if that anime were real, usually the majority of people would think such an anime wouldn't be given the opportunity to even meek out a meager 10-12 episodes. But, nope, Boruto: Naruto Filler Arc the Anime is already past 100 episodes due to its stellar ability to latch onto a highly popular franchise. This anime's only benefit is the meager screentime the characters of the original franchise have, as everything else is dreadful in comparison to the story of the original. You can and read more
Aug 14, 2020
YUOKAIS (All reviews)
There is nothing you're really going to get out of this aside from fun entertaining moments between the two main protagonists. This is a show that is obviously not catering to everyone, and doesn't pretend like it's trying to be. Similar to Takagi-san or Nagatoro, enjoying this type of female personality is an acquired taste that a lot of people really hate. I can totally understand where people come from when they say shes annoying or other less friendly feminine derogatory terms...

Anyway, I do find it enjoyable as sort of a brain filler. I usually watch this series at work when I am swapping computer read more
Aug 14, 2020
marubin (All reviews)
Despite the character design being kind of all over the place, this was quite wholesome to watch. It certainly brightened up my mood. It's easy to watch since it's so short, just a single OVA episode, so it's definitely worthwhile given the amount of enjoyment you'll get out of it.

I was honestly surprised at how good this holds up given how old this is. And I don't know why but this gave me similar sort of feelings I get from watching Moomin, perhaps it's got something to do with the weird creatures and old sort of watercolor-looking artstyle? But yeah, so that kinda gave read more
Aug 14, 2020
NewStarLabs (All reviews)
In a nutshell, Toradora is about a group of good people wanting the best for each other, specifically in finding love, but "no good deed goes unpunished", so things get complicated. There are lots of heart-warming and relatable moments, and you'd be surprised how much depth the story has, especially when it starts to unpack family issues. Some of that stuff really hit close to home for me.

The music is also quite amazing (10 Sound), and there is an epic fight scene and other creative moments and welcome appearance changes for the characters (9 Art), as well as some real quote gems sprinkled throughout the read more
Aug 14, 2020
RitoAreets (All reviews)
A pandemic has hit the world. Everyone on earth has come down with an uncurable version of the common cold. Instead of conventional science, a cult of cookie cutter bad guys holds a tournament to test our their healing technology. A bunch of cookie cutter high school kids are the only ones dumb enough to sign up, so they make it a high school contest. The kids beat each other up and the tech heals them, but somehow it cant break past injuries to cure this cold. Will they ever unlock a cure through high school kung fu? Or will everyone have read more
Aug 14, 2020
Japahispasian (All reviews)
TMS Entertainment looked at Nisekoi, Quintessential Quintuplets, and Bokuden and thought....." Oh, we can start a waifu war too"

*Cue in Hamood Habibi song"

Ahh yes.. its a start of the summer..... the image of dreadful heat and watermelon splitting at the beach... but you're kinda of glad that the pandemic is still going on so that your parents wont have to drag you out of your to witness the unsightly images of a 40 year old diabetic couple walking on the beach with a bad sun tan and a bathing suit tighter than that one shirt button on most busty anime girl's coat..... So how about read more
Aug 14, 2020
Firecold2000 (All reviews)
I won't waste your time or mine with a wall of text. Suffice it to say that this show has some great animation. If you can tolerate bad character writing and worse storytelling for a few sakuga scenes go for it.

Art and animation - 9/10
The animation quality is the only good thing about this, as I said. The art itself is fine, although I'm not the biggest fan of the consistent red noses and cauliflower ears.

Story - 4
I only saw 4 episodes, which is why I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and giving it a four. The anime has gone for a read more
Aug 14, 2020
AeBi (All reviews)
I generally rate high and give more importance to ease of reading and enjoyment while typing a review rather than using rocket science language to make an actually meaningless review sound superior.

(Tldr at the end)

Story: 4/10
It's about a chick named uzaki who like to hang out with her senpai
Who's a loner. Not original at all, and this anime in particular is not even good at executing the plot.

Art: 5/10
Very mediocre. Nothing much to see here. Characters barely have movement and look lifeless, art is sometimes off model.

Sound: 5/10
Again, extremely mediocre. The score is very boring and the op+ed sound generic.

Character: 3/10
When it read more
Aug 14, 2020
Foia (All reviews)
+-+- Introduction -+-+

"Can you feel my tears, they won't dry"
Set in Mars, 50 years after humans have started living there, Carole & Tuesday is an anime about two girls and their journey to become successful music composers. In an era where all songs are written by AI, they come with their songs made entirely by them.

I got some things I want to cover so let's just get into it without much further ado

+-+- Story - 5/10 -+-+

The weakest point in the whole show really.
It feels a bit rushed at times, and for that a lot of read more
Aug 14, 2020
Novecento1989 (All reviews)
Good anime from the 90s, I saw it in Peru on television. It was something similar to Captain Tsubasa, but with a funnier protagonist and a father (turned into a little dragon) who gave the ecchi touch to the series.

In my opinion, the story could have been developed in fewer chapters and given a better emphasis to the final soccer game. The end of the series, which I saw when I was 6 years old, did seem good to me.

As a curious fact, this anime was only broadcast once on Peruvian television and there were no repetitions, as it usually happens with other animation series.
Aug 14, 2020
chiyorinnn (All reviews)
There's a popular saying that floats around the anime community, "Don't judge an anime by its first episode!". Kono Oto Tomare! definitely necessitates this philosophy with its pilot's admittedly clumsy pacing. This is evidently a result of the large amount of backstory revealed in the shows first 24 minutes (which, in my opinion, hurts the series's storytelling a bit) topped with minor character friction that feels somewhat contrived. However, upon completing Kono Oto Tomare! I realize how vital this "stick with it!" mantra really is in the grand scheme of things. This anime is certainly standard slice of life fare but, if you choose to read more