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Shomin Sample had an interesting concept and I liked the perspective of the overly-sheltered girls. However, it was a poorly executed mishmash of ideas.

Story 3/10
The plot was bland and there wasn't much progress throughout the show. The success of any anime rests largely on the plot, and the plot of Shomin Sample could easily have been completed in an episode. The story was the epitome of vanilla.

Art 7/10
It had decent, fairly enjoyable art.

Sound 4/10
There isn't a title from this anime that i would put on my playlist.

Characters 3/10
Half-baked characters seems to be a common theme throughout this series. Hardly any character development from episode 1 to episode 12

Enjoyment 1/10
At times, I struggled to click *next episode* as it simply wasn't engaging. I felt as if I wasted 4 hours of my time.

Overall 18/50
This show had some potential, but it was thoroughly disappointing.
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
So at first I was very skeptic towards Yuri!!! on Ice since it seemed a little "gay" lol.
But I decided to give it a try anyway since I saw 3 episodes were out. Honestly the only reason I was convinced cause of the OP + the song, they were amazing holy sh*t, I am listening to "History Maker" as I'm writing this (^-^*)ノ But anyway I was instantly hooked, the characters, the story, it seemed very "fresh" cause it was my first time watching ice skating/figure skating related anime so it was a new experience and man I was really surprised, it's really good, sure it has some "yaoi" moments here and there but hey, it's a bonus for us fangrills (and bois) (*´∀`*) I DEF RECOMMEND IT, ENJOY MINNA-SAN~
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Mawaru Penguindrum (Anime) add
"I hate the word fate. Birth, encounters, partings, success and failure, fortune and misfortune in life. If everything is already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?"

The first word that comes in to mind then I think of "Mawaru Penguindrum" is - TRIPPY. This is what an acid trip most be like. To say the least, this isnt your average anime. But that necessairly doesnt make it bad, just different. From what I have read about it, its a two camp type of anime - either you love it or hate it. But I find myself in the middle, i didnt loved it or hated it. I found "Mawaru Penguindrum" unique and enjoyable with its type of story telling. If you have a problem with jumpy storys and deep layered conversations - then I can tell you right now, this isnt for you.

Story: 7/10
I think "Mawaru penguindrum" brings up many deeper subjects. Does fate exists, and if it does are we complitley bound to it? And if we can change it, there always a price to pay. What is really a real family? Is it blood ties or is it the feelings you have towards the people close around you? Or both? The story of "Mawaru Penguindrum" often make you ask yourself alot of questions. It forces you to think, and if you manage to see the deeper layers in the trippy visuals, it actually has alot to say. You may also ask your self less existential questions like; "what the hell is this penguindrum?", "why is it penguins every where?" and "are those really brother and sister, that was wierd?". The story often doing time jumps, and sometimes its hard to make out if what you just watch was an hallucination of one of the characters or a deeper message. But I can say that I never was bored watching this, thats for shore. Even do many loose ends are tied together in the end, you might feel a bit spaced out in end anyway - but thats whats making this anime so unique.

Art: 8/10
Its very colorful and often quite abstract. But it suites the story perfectly. The overall impression I had was a trippy effect. Which suites the show and its characters well, which both balances on the edge of incanity. The animation wasnt something outstanding, but definitly for filled it purpose.

Sound: 7/10
I think the music and backgrund sound were very suitable for the show. Mayby not my personal taste in music, but never the less suitable. It highlighted the trippy moments and the mental state of the characters. I watched the dubbed and it was fine except from the very fact that one vocie actor did almost every female side characters voices. It was a bit annoying, because she sounded the same for all. Havent watched the subbed, but mayby you have more luck there.

Characters: 7/10
The characters was overall enjoyable and intresting - no wall pappers here! They were all read more
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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (Anime) add
okay okay okay....before people start bashing on this anime and calling it "yaoi-try hards", remember that this is from a game, Touken Ranbu, which has no storyline at all. (and theyre also getting another anime in 2017 which is gonna be animated by ufotable, so yall better calm youre horses)
If you wanna know what the game is about, please check the wiki. Its a great game, 10/10, very addictive.
There are a lot of references from the game, especially the jokes, which non-players of tourabu would not understand. Therefore, if you wanna have the full blown experience of tears and laughter and stress from watching this anime, I HIGHLY recommend you to play the game first.
For all the tourabu saniwas out there, we all enjoy and LOVE this anime A LOT. Cried every episode coz our swords are finally animated and moving. Plus all the characters have the same personality and habits from the game, which really touched our hearts.
In conclusion, PLAY the game cuz its good as well. It may be better than the anime but theyre both lovable.
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Memories (Anime) add
Wow, this came out in 1995? The art is fantastic! It is extremely detailed, and the 3rd movie in particular has an awesome unique style to it!

These 3 short movies each have their own appeal and strengths.
The first, "Magnetic Rose", is a solid sci-fi mystery. It has a highly believable, immersive setting. For the vast majority of the movie it is impossible to tell what will happen next, so many interesting ingredients, this story could have been twice as long and I'd be grateful!

After my expectations were set so high from the first story, the second, "Stink Bomb", was disappointing. It starts out serious and believable, with a premise that could go anywhere, but it quickly throws away your curiosity will all the answers you could want. The first half of the story I was glued to the screen, but the latter half was hard to really care about when the protagonist turns dumb and clueless and takes the least interesting, most predictable path possible. To be fair, the second half is probably funny and enjoyable if you keep an open mind, but I was hoping for a more serious plot, and it easily could've have gone in that direction.

The third movie, "Cannon Fodder", is a really unique watch! It's a slice of life story in a bizarre setting. It doesn't have a deep story, but it does take itself seriously and builds up an interesting society where you're eager to learn every detail about the lives of the citizens. It kinda ends out of nowhere, but it's good regardless.

There's a rich story to these movies, but the characters are pretty forgettable. The main character of "Stink Bomb" is notably awful, but the characters in the other movies are good enough to get the job done.

I enjoyed these short movies a lot! My friction with much of the second movie did cause me to lower the overall score, but I'd still say Memories is a must watch for anime fans. These short movies have more substance and are more memorable than a majority of airing anime. Everyone will find something to love about them!

7 / 10 ... Keep an open mind with Movie 2, but you better watch Movies 1 and 3! ^_^
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School Days (Anime) add
This isn't your usual love harem anime. At first it will make you smile because it's funny and sweet, but through the rest, will make you really angry, but at the same time, i think it's something people should watch, because even though it's terrible, it hits home and will remind you that love is a cruel mistress.

The MC is not a specially bad guy, he's actually a more realistic character than your usual male main character. He's not honor-bound, but acts like a real person. As it happens, he's a young high schooler, even though he tries to do good, he has more spunk than maturity.

The characters are shallow, yes, but that's because they're teenagers. Teenagers are shallow because they haven't figured out themselves out yet. The main character is a wimp, selfish, and refuses responsability,...just like many IRL teen boys.

Anyone that has been in a relationship for a long time will tell you, after a while the magic starts fading away, and you take the other for granted, as much as we'd like to pretend that doesn't happen to us, it's how we're wired. That's happens here. The MC cannot resist the temptation, as the best of us sometimes cannot, when the intense excitement of a new female love presents itself to us, which leads to dramatic consequences.

Sure you get to hate the characters, but isn't that proof of good writing? Are all villains poorly written just because they're despicable? That's what the anime producers set to do, and they accomplished that so well.

As the drama unravels itself, as everyone feeling's gets hurts, it shows that being in a relationship is not only about your selfish pleasure, but that it comes with a part of responsibility for the other's feelings.

The art and sound were okay, it was hard to tell apart characters sometimes because no one had crazy hair colors, i guess they were shooting for realism here.

The sounds the characters makes are full of emotion, and either makes you feel sorry for them, or hate them.
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Re:Zero is one of those shows that can completely alter the way you look at anime. After all, it is a popular adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And yet, that is exactly what I did when I first looked upon its PV’s and early impressions. At the time, it looked to me like a weird Sword Art Online clone and could thus, be safely ignored. But as the summer season rolled on, the show continued to hold its high aggregate score and the hype and forum buzz was only getting stronger and stronger. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I decided, against my better judgement, to follow the crowd and give this Re:Zero thing a try. To my dismay, what I found may not have been quite Sword Art Online, but it certainly wasn’t much better…


Despite this show’s many problems that I will be discussing, the story is without a doubt one of the weakest parts of Re:Zero. It begins with our main protagonist Natsuki Subaru, a loser NEET who has nothing in life besides video games and radio calisthenics, being randomly transported into a fantasy world. Only a little confused, but mostly pants-shittingly excited, our hero proceeds to run into an alley and get mugged by the anime three-stooges. To his luck he is saved by a half-elven girl named Emilia and proceeds to follow her around as she chases after a loli thief girl that stole her precious insignia. As this subplot plods along, Subaru discovers three things: 1) when he dies, he is sent back into a random/convenient place in time, reminiscent of a video game checkpoint. 2) He really sucks at staying alive. And 3) for reasons unknown, he is really into this Emilia chick.

For what it’s worth, Re:Zero’s plot has a lot going on and it would be difficult and very spoilery to sit here and summarize much more of it. But what the plot has in quantity, it certainly doesn’t hold any weight in the quality department. The show will have you scratching your head from the very beginning as Subaru is transported into this fantasy world for seemingly no reason and without any process. He doesn’t fall through a worm hole, doesn’t get cursed by a roadside fortune teller, and he didn’t purchase a VR headset at his local convenience store. He simply walks outside, blinks, and he’s in it. Even if you are desperate to have your modern Japanese hero have his adventure in a fantasy world, the least you can do as a writer is try to explain it, and this is never touched upon again in the series.

The other big problem with Re:Zero’s plot is that there is no overarching goal that is presented for our protagonist and his “friends” to work towards. He seems perfectly happy to be stuck in this world, so it’s not like there is any sort of desire to leave. He certainly never even bothers to accurately convey where read more
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
As someone who doesn't have any athletic bone in my body, I rarely give interest to sports related matters. Heck, I don't even watch Olympics. I mean, what's the the point of watching something you can't relate to? But my anime loving part just wouldn't let me totally shut down my heart to this kind of genre. For years, I have watched hundreds of all of varieties of anime but only tens of those is a sports-anime. But when I first saw the trailer of Yuri!!! on Ice I knew this is gonna be good. But I was wrong. Because it wasn't just good. It was beautiful! The plot is simple and the goal of the MC isn't complicated but it's far from being cliché, I also like the fact how the modernization today is being applied to the show, such as how the video went viral through internet and how addicted the characters are to their instagrams, the animation itself is unique and gorgeous on its on accord, the choreography of the programs was executed well and it clearly shows that MAPPA worked hard for it. Even the soundtracks are giving me eargasm. I thought english songs for anime would be shitty but the opening song of Yuri!!! on Ice is one of the best I've heard. My heart would shatter if no one does a routine using that song on the Winter Olympics. Yes I said I'm not interested regarding Olympics, but after I watched Y!!!OI I found myself being more enthusiastic about it. I even felt like I'm an Olympic figure skating gold medalist just after watching the first episode. Hype or not but it just shows how this show could greatly affect someone's perspective. It's very rare for an anime to be perfect on animation, plot, characterizations, soundtrack and I'm so glad I didn't hesitated to give this one a try. There's only a few episode out right now but it's already receiving a lot of love from the viewers, sure there's a few who doesn't really like Y!OI especially because it carries the air of shounen-ai to it. As for my personal opinion, I don't mind if VictorxYuuri K getting canonized, I just feel the adoration of Yuuri to Victor is turns to something deeper every episode and I also love how Victor is becoming a pillar of support to Yuuri. After so many painful years of failed shipping, I had learned to seized my inner cupid. But the anime keeps on breaking norms, I cant help but get my hopes up. I know this doesn't applies to everyone but the BL like feels shouldn't be a hindrance to stop someone from appreciating this gem. This show keeps breaking stereotypes and known anime norms and it's just so refreshing and yes if they keep at it they will make history, just like the lyrics of the opening theme suggest.
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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
This is one of the few anime I've watched where I've been forced to give serious thought and reflection on it for days after I'd seen it. In fact, I'm writing this three days after I finished the movie.

I believe that "Kimi no Na wa" is the height of Shinkai's storytelling. Almost immediately, we are engrossed and deeply care about our two protagonists, and what they do. He takes these interactions to make something meaningful out of the story. While the first of the three sections (if you will) is definitely the lightest in tone, the over-arcing wastes no time in plunging you head-long into the full story. Instead of just playing it for laughs, the story makes an interesting scenario that pays off in spades later, as well as developing that characters and the world around them. This is something I strongly commend, as a problem I had with "5 Centimeters per Second" was that I was never really able to connect with or care about the characters (in part due to a lack of backstory and development), and thus never deeply care about the events they got into. No matter where you are in this film, there is always something to keep your attention on, always something to make you smile. There's less of a drive for "thematic consistency," and more of an engaging experience for the audience.

The art is gorgeous and breathtaking. Sadly, I only got to watch it in 720p -- something I will definitely rectify once it's been officially released in the states.

RADWIMPS brings an electrically exciting musical atmosphere to the table, and it certainly delivers. As opposed to the soft-spoken and gentle tracks composed by Tenmon for previous Shinkai films, the music helps to shift the gears and mindset of the viewer, while still being balanced and soft-spoken where necessary.

The only main complaint I may have with this film is the minor spattering of plot holes or "conveniences" that show up as a result of making a romance sci-fi. This by no means takes away from the overall experience, rather, just makes some elements of the film harder to suspend disbelief of than others.

Ultimately, "your name." is an exemplary example of change for the better. Shinkai left everything alone that worked, and changed things that benefited the work in the long run. It’s funny, entertaining, gripping, engaging, moving, and romantic, all while having a pretty solid base story line. I'm looking forward to re-watching this in the near future, and crying all over again.
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Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
This show is crap, and I love it! It never fails to make me laugh with how freaken ridiculous it is. The art and animation are so bad it's good. XD

The story is ridiculous and all over the place, the art is laughable and over exaggerated, and the characters are basically Shonen-ai/yaoi stereotypes.

Overall, this is a "quality" anime that I enjoyed very much. The randomness of it all constantly had me laughing. If you like ridiculous, purposely bad, or so bad it's good stuff, you'll like this.

This anime is quality. (I wish it would stop telling me to make this longer, I'm done with it. lol)
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Ao Oni The Animation (Anime) add
Ao Oni, a game that I played a couple of years ago and ended up enjoying, albeit nothing amazing or too special. So, when the anime was announced before the start up of this current anime season I was intrigued; how could they possibly adapt such a short story, and one in which features a purple/blue monster that chases you around a mansion? Well the answer was simple cries Studio Deen: DON'T EVEN TRY!

The anime consist of short three minute episodes that are neither funny nor well animated. The anime is clearly trying to go for comedy but it comes across as so strange and bizarre that it feels awkward instead. Most of the time, the jokes they're trying to tell are humorous when out of context, but the presentation is so sloppy and strange, it feels off putting. The comedy feels forced most of the time and unoriginal, so much so, I wonder why they even bothered to make this in the first place. The characters are all boring stereotypes that have no charm or have no chemistry between any of them. The animation is very basic but easy on the eyes. It doesn't look ugly, per say but it's not exactly the worst I've ever seen either.

This show is the equivalent of a "huh, whatever". There is nothing memorable or special about this show at all, even more so considering how much the original popularity for the game has died down and if this show had been airing along side the hype for said game, I could understand why this was made. It may improve in the coming episodes but I highly doubt that. If you REALLY like Ao Oni I may recommend this as you may find some enjoyment but for everyone else, I'd tell you to keep away and don't even bother. Its entire existence is pointless and it serves no purpose, not even to die hard fans of the original game.
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Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Anime) add
One of the most refreshing series of this season. I went in not expecting much out of a low-budget moe anime but was pleasantly surprised as after the first few episodes. Although quite generic, the show is unique in its own way, and its average score makes it feel criminally underrated.
Ping pong is a rare focus for a sports anime, but the story begins quite typically, having some twists and turns here and there, but is generally predictable throughout. However, it is interesting enough to make you anticipate the next episode.
The art is what is expected of a low-budget adaptation, but although not flashy, it is good at what it does, reflects the characters very well, and doesn't go overboard with the fan service. I also appreciate how they don't downplay the ping-pong and keeps is as an essential element in the story.
The soundtrack is surprisingly good. There are few scenes where it actually matters, but the timing and the intensity of these scenes are absolutely perfect. The voice actors are on point as well.
Although the characters' personalities are clearly cookie-cutter, they are not exact copycats of those from other anime. They are surprisingly well developed and support the plot well, especially the main characters.
The amount of enjoyment while watching this anime is what rockets this from an average to great anime. The dialogue is hilariously funny, the scenes are fun to watch, the character interaction is ridiculous, and if you're looking for great laughs or to relieve some stress, then this is the show for you.
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Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka (Anime) add
ill first say that the 2 people who have the popular review are either dumb or just stupid idiots because of a couple of thing one being sora lusting towards aki that so wrong its actually the other way around and also one of them saying there rape actually not there's reverse rape where a girl rapes a guy (in a sense) but yeah please stop rating up those reviews and ill get 2 it

Story: ill agree with them on one point there really isn't a story too this as the first aki-sora but its whatever to me to be honest

Art: it was very good the last one had good art so did this

Sound: sound was very good nothing bad about it what so ever

Characters: no real character movement per-say no one really develops as much or at all but they were still good again

Enjoyment: now yes i did enjoy this just a bit more than aki-sora because of this having more sex scenes and also keeping the comedy kinda there but yeah

Overall: giving this 8 it was really good nothing bad about it the sex scenes even though you cant see anything was ok too me otherwise check it out you hopefully will like it as i did
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7 hours ago
Aki-Sora (Anime) add
ill first say that yes finally you get a semi anime and hentai where the brother and sister are blood related and not step bother and sister to be honest i have seen this before just never got the chance too review it and also this is soft-core hentai so you wont see any penis or vagina just boobs and nipples

Story: you could say the beginning kinda has a story where as aki started to love sora when they were much younger otherwise the episode doesn't really have much too show as a story

Art: art is very good nothing ba about it

Sound: same as the art was very goo nothing bad about it at all

Character: you really dont get awhole lot just 4 characters mostly just aki and sora and a little bit of kana and nami all are very good nami no idea she almost felt like she forced nami into taken her breasts out which was odd but eh maybe there will be more of a story in the next two

Enjoyment: kinda meh to be honest even though i gave it a 7 there was a little bit of comedy but the reason for the rating was because there was really only 1 sex scene

Overall: giving this a 7 the sex scene kinda made me give it cause i honestly thought there wasn't gonna be one at all but glad there was also the comedy was kinda good
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
Ok so MAL removed my review because I wrote it when it was at episode 3 (my bad lol too eager) so I'm reposting this, with some additional edit since I've watched ep 4 too.
Once, I heard someone say, that the more exclamation mark a sports anime has, the gayer it is. THAT IS TRUE.

There are so many moments between Yuuri and Victor that will make fujoshis/fudanshis scream in fangasm, but it's not just that. The implications between the words they exchanged, the bath scenes, and ending credit is just... amazing.

Other than that, the animation studio did a great job with animating the skating sequence. Although it don't look that detailed, it flows pretty well. The story is refreshing, since it didn't start with a high schooler MC, unlike most sports anime. I'd like to give extra points for the OP and ED songs, since I like them a lot.

Overall, I totally recommend this!!!


update: watched episode 4. They don't even try to hide it anymore. It's full-blown implications. The beach. The bath. I- *faints*

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8 hours ago
Hibike! Euphonium 2 (Anime) add
This is the first time I've ever written a review on this site, mainly because I'm honestly angered with how this season of Hibike is turning out, and I absolutely loved the first one, being my most liked show since Hyouka.

First off, compared to season 1 the pacing is slower and more focused, though for the worst... I don't know how to write this without spoilers so I apologize if one slips out, my gripes so far are threefold:

1. The way things are being exposed. Flashbacks and more flashbacks, Kumiko is getting info-dumped left and right about this “huge” drama that happened a year ago, which mainly involves a couple of girls. She is kind of being dragged and has no role expect for being the viewer’s vessel, which is fine, it happened in season 1 once or twice, her personality lends itself to be the kind of girl whom everyone sounds off, she’s a good listener but not really someone who could give you any kind of advice, this season is going overboard with it though. There’s nothing organic about Kumiko’s involvement in this particular drama, she just happens to conveniently be at the right time, in the right place to either eavesdrop on a conversation in the middle of the night or find one of the parties involved about to throw up from a PTSD attack.

2. Literal ‘forced drama’. I hate this phrase, but I don’t know how else to explain what went on during the first 4 episodes of the show. I can’t get into much detail without spoiling the whole buildup and “climax” of this arc, but there were some plotholes and issues with characterization involving these two girls, Mizore and Nozomi, of which the drama revolves around. Too many coincidences and probably black magic was involved in order for the bubble to not burst earlier.

3. Mediocre production quality for KyoAni standards. KyoAni is known for having top notch visuals and consistent animation, but so far we’ve gotten very little eye candy compared to season 1. Full body character animation during wide angle shots feels stiff and sloppy, a few compositing mistakes during episode 1, episode 3 and 4 consist mostly of camera pans, and they are being very conservative with the shot composition as well, utilizing medium and close up shots for most scenes, very uncreative and bland, except for maybe episode 2. If it wasn’t for all the subtle character expressions and detailed eye designs, I wouldn’t even know I was watching a KyoAni show at all. I can only assume that with Koe no Katachi and Kobayashi-san overlapping in their schedule, they had to cut corners, and since they do most of the production in-house, this year must’ve been tough. But still, I find it unacceptable for this particular studio which I hold in very high regards.

Not everything is bad though, characterization and development for Kumiko, Reina, Yuuko and Asuka has been top notch. You can see how Kumiko and Reina have grown as characters and read more
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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru (Anime) add
Where do I even START with this one? I will say firsthand that I have not finished this series, so my opinions on it may change later, but honestly, after completing a third of it, I don't see the likelihood.

I had fairly high hopes for this one. After finding out about the time travel elements that'd be in the series, I immediately added this to my queue to watch, as I'm a big fan of time travel shenanigans in any form of media. Time travel shenanigans wasn't what we got though. What did we get then, you ask? Touken Ranbu, or as I call it: "Half-Baked Yaoi Fire Emblem". Let's get the positives out of the way first.


*Good artwork for the most part
*The series does have its charming moments, though they're few and far between


In order to fully convey my problems with this series, it needs to be explained in a wall of text.

Firstly, its music. It's not the worst of the fall season of 2016 (Nazotokine's music has it beat there), but it's certainly extremely bland and highly forgettable. Additionally, there's a brief choreographed dance routine, which tells me they wanted to rip off Haruhi Suzumiya in that regard. Not cool guys.

Secondly, while the synopsis of the series does advertise the time travel aspect, what it DOESN'T tell us is that time travel is barely the focus of the series to begin with. Instead, it focuses on the character's wacky antics on a day-to-day basis, which would be fine if it were actually funny. Spoiler: It's not funny. It's clear it's supposed to be, but the comedy of this series feels so forced it hurts. Another problem I have with this is the fact that we're talking about villains that quite literally go back in time to change the past. I don't know about you, but villains that dangerous, you don't have time to goof around, so I absolutely hate the episodes where they don't go back in time AT ALL (take episode 3 for instance, which is undoubtedly the worst of the series so far).

Next up, the fight scenes. The fight scenes were the anime's strongest point.....until the second episode. It was pretty cool to watch in the first episode, but in the second one, it was just a one-liner, one swing, then they defeat the enemy. Wash, rinse, and repeat. The fight scenes have been pretty boring since.

Finally, and what is probably the biggest problem of all, the characters. They don't even give us time to get to know the characters. They introduce like 30 in just the first episode, and they keep adding more and more, without bothering to give the previous ones character development. As a consequence, we get bland, unlikeable characters that we can never remember the names of. Additionally, literally all characters so far have been male. Not just male, but they're extremely feminine-looking males, as in "Re:Zero Felix" levels of feminine, if you catch my drift. While not entirely problematic, the read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
SAO is arguably the most popular of the virtual reality MMO genre that has been especially popular as of late.

It gets A LOT of hate because of this popularity, and a lot of people criticize it for not being as in-depth as other animes of the same genre, but all of that aside, it's a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of this show (yes, even the second arc which people would swear is the antichrist) and I would highly recommend it to anyone that isn't an elitist. It's not the second coming of Christ either, but it's a wonderful show that builds a beautiful world full of fun characters.

Tl:dr - Don't listen to the hate. If you like anime and are an avid gamer, you'll love this show.
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11 hours ago
To Be Hero (Anime) add
First time reviewing anything so I'll keep it short. The animation, sound and art are all fine nothing to rave about but still fine. This anime just feels like it's trying too hard to be funny and falls flat most of the time, I would say that most of the "Jokes" are toilet humor and/or dirty one liners that just make me not want to watch anymore. The saving grace of this anime is the ending theme, it's so catchy and quite delightful.

So when I clicked submit I was told to make this review longer (so much for keeping it short).

I don't really have anything else to elaborate on so I'll be giving an example that I feel wraps up all the episodes of this anime. Imagine going to a comedy club/bar/pub (I don't really know what they're called, never been to one) and the comedian performing just told a joke, nobody laughed so instead of moving on to a different type of joke he/she told the same joke thinking nobody heard him/her the first time. I hope this example makes sense.

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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Story: The story isn't so good until now but I think it will start becoming better in the future.

Art: The art combine with the series, the characters design is good.

Sound: The OST's are good and well put in the series, the Opening and Ending are very good.

Characters: All the characters are good and charismatic, I do not dislike any of them.

Enjoyment: The battles are the best part of the series so if you dont like fights you probably won't like this anime.

Overall: The story is ok, the soundtracks are awesome, have good characters and epic battles.
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Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
I'm not really into sport animes, but I've decided to give Yuri!!! on ince a chance(because I really liked the characters design) and it surprised me!
The anime is wonderful! Many will think that it's a typical yaoi-bait. It may really have some suspect moments between Yuri and Victor, but that's not all. The characters are SO well worked, all of them are fun and have their particularity, they stoled my attention and made me want to be a part of it.

One of the things I most like about it, is the fact that it's not only one more typical sport anime with school students, making it different from the others animes.

The art style is marvelous! The characters design is wonderful, one of the best I've ever seen, pretty and without exaggerations! Good sceneries too. The movements are so beautiful and the skating scenes are so wonderful and fluid, flows pretty well, they're really artistic!

So, if you like sports animes and want to see one with a good comedy and great characters, watch Yuri!!! on ice and you won't regret!
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11 hours ago
Natsume Yuujinchou Go (Anime) add
I'm so happy to see a new season of Natsume Yuujinchou, I thought it would not going to happen. It is, no doubt, my favorite anime. Good story, great characters, with a calm e heartwarming atmosphere. Some episodes will make you laugh, some episodes will make you cry, but most of them will make you calm. My heart fills with happiness everytime I watch Natsume Yuujinchou.

Natsume Yuujinchou has a lot of characters with their own particularities. Natsume had a tough childhood, always alone and being bullied, it could have been a reason for him to hate people, but instead, he has compassion and he's able to do anything for those who are important to him. Nyanko sensei, despite trying to look
tough, he has a big heart and cares more about Natsume than the book. He is fun, funny, cute, brave and, especially, loyal. I'll not write about every character, but I can say all of them are really well worked. Even the Youkais who only appears in one episode. Their stories are always showed in a deep and interesting way.

Art and animation:
The art is beautiful. Without exaggerations, simple, and its simplicity makes it so marvelous. Great character's design, no unnecessary details. I love everything about the art style... The characters, the sceneries, the youkais/ayakashis. Everything. And I really love the animation of Natsume returning the Youkais's names, it's pretty ang magical.

The music is marvelous, as always. Not only the opening and ending music, but, especially, the background musics. They match so perfectly with the situations, give you good so many good sensations, sometimes it even gives me goose bumps. Just wonderful, best OST I've ever heard.

If there's one anime I want to recommend to EVERYONE, this anime is Natsume Yuujinchou.
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12 hours ago
Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime) add
perfect show perfect scores all round not a single fault 10/10
Aoba 10/10 would watch with parents and relatives and my dog. G rated show for kidz only a few scenes that feature cleavage but it's a great show for all water lovers and people who are looking for a calm relaxing show, this is definitely not a prank not lying this is rated G for kidz 100% true watch with kidz
story 10-OUTSTANDING!!!!!
art 10-OUTSTANDING!!!!!
Sound 10- OUTSTANDING!!!!!
Character 10-OUTSTANDING!!!!!
enjoyment 10- OUTSTANDING!!!!!
overall 10- OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Splash in my dream, making new days!
Splash in my dream, let's fighting!
iku shika nai dive!

hibikutakanari jikaku shita nara
tobikome naku cha startline uu!

hajimatta yume ga shibuki ageru yo
kyō no mirai ni akogarete

kyōretsu haranbanjō bigbang
hanare apurōchi kōryaku unmei
moe ta ine, my life!

nozome jibun shijō kōshin shi te Win
Even this mark I wield to show
ima ni zen chikaramake nai yo DREAM×SCRAMBLE!

gamushara ga ii mata muchū ni narou
haccha meccha new life kitto egao ni nareru
kakugo wa alright?

Splash in my dream, making new days!
Splash in my dream, let's go now!
iku shika nai dive!

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//This anime in a nutshell...
public void JojoStardustCrusaders( Characters[] Villain )
int x = 0;
int NumberOfEpisodes = 24;
int CurrentEpisode= 1;
IntroduceShittyVillain( Villain[x] );
while( CurrentEpisode < NumberOfEpisodes)
if( VillainIsDefeated( Villain[x]) )
IntroduceShitty( Villain[x] );
MessageBox.Show( "Where the f*** it's DIO?" );

Seriously i just ended watching this anime because i wanted to see the mighty DIO on the next season, most of the episodes of this seasons go like the method previously written. Even thou, you should give it a try to get to know the new protagonist (Wich aren't that great neither).

The worst part it's that the second season it's almost the same, with just the final 8 episodes bringing actual good villains (Vanilla Ice and DIO) that do something.

I still prefer the part 2 and part 4 anime, but still, there are many fans of this part, so you should give it a try if you liked the first two parts.
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12 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Parts of this series were not a good watch. I was actually baffled during a good part of the series. The first season here is so bad and it partly is because of ridiculous plot holes and it's overall various plot contrivances. I would rather watch almost any other anime but I managed to get through this one because basically everyone was watching this thing. Also the second season isn't too much better and I would highly not recommend watching these series. That is unless you want to learn of all the reasons why this show is a terrible story.
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Yesterday, 4:05 PM
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (Anime) add
"Romantic" my ass.

Plot and story:
This short anime is about Ranmaru who recently got married. He ends up drinking on their wedding day and, obviously, becomes drunk. The captain then takes advantage of Ranmaru's drunk state and leads him to a room on the ship where he rapes Ranmaru. Yes. Rape. Non-consensual sexual activities.
Even if it had been with consent, there is no love story or romance. Not even friendship. The captain clearly has no interest in Ranmaru's personality or life and only wants to bang him, which is far from being romantic in my opinion.

The captain is a disgrace to Italians, even though he's just a fictional character. He's clearly not interested in forming any sort of relationship with Ranmaru. Considering how he has no sense of moral, personal space or respect, I'm sure this isn't the first time he has done this either.
As for Ranmaru, there isn't much to his character. While watching the anime, I couldn't relate to this character and his personality was flat. Overall, he wasn't an interesting character.

Design and art:
The only plus for this forsaken anime. Ranmaru looks handsome, which is probably the only reason why Captain Rape wanted him.

I think I've already made my opinion about this anime as clear as possible.
But at least the horrifying experience was short (Thank God for that).

This is just another anime that proves Japan can't create a proper yaoi and/or shounen ai anime.
It completely skips the most important thing in a love story and jumps directly to the bed scene, as if that is what romance is all about.
Before I watched this anime, I was expecting drama, romance and angst. Three typical things in forbidden love, which is what the anime was supposed to be about. Did the anime had any of these things? No.

As a hopeless romantic person, I want to see actual romance. Seeing two guys in a bed will never impress me. The love needs to be pure and the bond between the characters needs to be strong. This anime had neither of these things and failed to convince me that these two main characters love each other.
Such a disappointment.
I recommend skipping this anime. Read a fanction or a doujinshi about your favorite pairing instead.
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To sum it up: it's a compressed version of the first season. It does however, have minor new scenes. Emphasis on minor. And it's only two. I'll go through what they are at the end of this review because it's a slight spoiler from the first season.

I definitely recommend you watch this if you want a fresh up on what happened in the first season before watching the second season. But I do NOT recommend to watch this if you haven't watched the first season. It skips out on a lot of details that was in the first season and it'll ruin the experience for sure. So if you are here because you'd rather watch a compressed version of the first season rather than going through the 13 episodes.... hear me out and just give it a chance. Trust me when I say you will not regret it. (The animation/visuals in it are SO stunning).

Minor spoilers ahead (is this even considered a spoiler tbh?)
The added scenes were:
1) They extended the scenes in the Sunrise festival, which was nice.
2) They added a scene of Yuuko Yoshikawa and Mizore Yoroizuka interacting, which was NOT included in the first season. Glad they added it in though because it followed up within the second season and now things make more sense.

As far as recap movies go, this is a solid 7/10. Good enough for a review of the first season, but not good enough on it's own. First time writing a review btw, so I hope it was helpful!
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Yesterday, 3:39 PM
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
While I am not a fan of sports anime as I'm the most unsporty person on this planet I initially shrugged off this anime thinking it would be really based around ice skating and competitions and what not. I write this review with an unbiased opinion and I must say, when I watched the first 4 episodes I knew my assumption was terribly wrong. This show is awesome I love it. For everyone asking, yes, there is low key yaoi tension in the air but it isn't overpowering or distasteful or even distracting, it is done well and is actually so entertaining to watch!
will keep this review brief and mostly touch on the art and sound which have been complimented by many viewers.

ART (9): I for one think that the art is beautiful as recreating ice skating scenes through animation must be so incredibly hard and yet they triumph, the scenes are seamless, easy to follow and elegant. The Character designs are unique and cool and drawn to appear handsome and , going hand in hand with a little of the fan service previously mentioned.

SOUND(7): The Opening and Ending theme suit the anime very well and are having said that, the simplicity of this anime opening theme is beautiful both in sound and visuals.

If you haven't watched this because you're like me and you dislike sports anime or if you just weren't sure about it all definitely give it a chance! I sure did and it's the best anime I'm watching this season! Hopefully you will agree and enjoy it as much as I am too :)
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Yesterday, 3:15 PM
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
Yuri on ice episode 1-4 preview

TL;DR :A story full of passionate and inspiration,a simple but tightened story

"Have you ever lost your passion before?"

-Story & character:
Yuri on ice is neither a simply ice-skating show,nor a yaoi show.It's all about passion and inspiration.A show that you'd amazed when you're watching it.

I usually don't watch sports or yaoi shows,since they are generally shallow and disgusting,but Yuri on ice is totally a different story.Yuri on ice is a show that you couldn't judge by its cover.A show that is out of the ordinary.

What's so special about Yuri on ice is that the story doesn't start from scratch.It starts from the middle of a life story,which was the time when protagonist Yuuri started to turn from failure to success,while so much things happened that let him to find back passion on ice-skating.Could Yuuri become a champion as well?

While the story is propagating,in order to keep you entertained,it includes so much comedy inside to keep you entertained,while keeping the level of seriousness.This anime is also somehow the first anime that uses social media as a tool to push the story forward.Yuuri is impressed by Victor because of the YouTube video posted by his friends and many hilarious jokes are mainly from social media too.How interesting!

Not only that,the story of this show is not about a bunch of retarded training.It also includes about the flashbacks of the characters and their inner feelings.As we all know,passionate won't come out automatically,it must have some sort of inspiration in order to trigger it.Yuri On Ice is one of the shows that focus on inspiration and passionate.From all the characters practice and shows,it connects the inner world of the character together with their past,which triggers their passionate on ice-skating and splendid performances during the competitions.You could see that not only the story is tightened,but also the characters descriptions and the details as well,which is the reason why makes Yuri on ice never ceases to impress me!

-Animation & sound:
Another elements that keeps you immersed into the beauty of ice-skating is the usage of sound effects,the background music.It fits well to the characters and the story.Audience reactions,the sound effects of ice-skating,the background music.Beautiful!

Animation is great too,real descriptive animation are there,the ice-skating,the actions.Perfect !

-Enjoyment :
I think this anime is really well-balanced and well-rounded.Even though you're not fascinated about sports,you could still enjoy the beauty of this show.This show is nearly flawless and impeccable,just if they could manage the time of each episodes more thoroughly and add some more female characters,I surely think this would more appeal to everyone.

I hope that everyone could have a chance to watch this anime,this show is indeed very inspirational and unique.Hope that not only you could enjoy the story of Yuri on ice,you could also find back your own passion of stuff that you're doing.

"We're born to make history!"-op of Yuri on ice!

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Yesterday, 2:39 PM
Drifters (Anime) add
At this point I have only seen three episodes but as I stand I only forsee two major problems that are likely to arise. Keep in mind I have Not read the source material so for all I know what I'm saying is exactly what will happen or completely off base.

Given the absolutely incredible art direction and attention to detail I think the most likely problems will be symptoms of some sort of sloppy writing. The idea is intriguing and the tone is just right. However, the pacing at the moment will need to improve. If the story is drawn out any more than it already has been then many people will become frustrated. They are trying to handle too many characters for them to take a lot of time with each. That is my second problem, I can't see any considerable character development happening in a show like this and it may quickly become stale if the excitement of the show drops even a little.

All this being said it's my favorite show on air at the moment and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. I hope it impresses me with either increasingly intense animation and tone or that they spend time and energy developing characters into more than just the swaggering badasses thay have been established as. Either of those could easily make this one of my favorite shows and if they pull of both I would rate it as a perfect 10/10
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Yesterday, 2:32 PM
Strawberry Panic (Anime) add
I'm no yuri expert by any means, but I am a sucker for romance and I will say that this show does romance fairly well.

The Story: It's a rather complex plot which blends together several character arcs in what I would say is a more or less satisfying conclusion. I say complex because there is quite a bit of character development in the 26 episodes. There are many secrets. There are many romances. But there is a sense of progress and it rarely feels like filler. It's very character driven and for the most part, I felt myself caring about the characters. The show can get very dark at times, but at the same time, there is plenty of humour, romance, and lightheartedness. I've felt confused quite a few times while watching and some themes they brush upon are not very comfortable, but at the same time, there was a sense of comfort and hope. The show is earnest and quite seriously set on telling a decent romantic story if you let it. Character interactions and development were mostly well done, although some choices and situations were rather strange and did not penetrate my disbelief. Ultimately, it's a good romance story because the show convinced that me that the feelings were real and that I should care about these characters. Although it's a conclusive story, I do wish to see more.

Art and Score: The art style is consistent and well done. It's an older show, but the style is pretty and doesn't distract. As far as the score, it's not quite up there with Clannad or Sakura Trick, but there are a couple memorable scores, and it's nice that they incorporated some music into the character development via playing the piano. We all know that pianos add +1 to romance.

Yuri/Ecchi/Lewd: This is a bit of a mixed bag. The show isn't shy about sexual themes, but at times, it goes a little too far. There is no actual nudity, but there are definitely themes of sexual relationships between certain characters. The Yuri theme is present throughout pretty much the whole show, mostly in forms of romance. There are a few kisses, but it's not on level of Sakura Trick. Though I will say that there are a few much deserved kisses and moments of intimacy that feel like a real payoff. Simply because of the subject matter and fairly strong sexual themes, I would say that this is for mature audiences. I know it says PG13 and for the most part, it is, but those few moments make it quite questionable. I'm sure most teens can handle it, but I wouldn't be comfortable showing this to someone under 16.

If you're looking for ecchi, this isn't really that great of a show for it because it's relatively scarce. If you're a fan of romance and yuri romance in particular, I think the story is compelling and ultimately worth watching. It's by no means read more
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Yesterday, 1:55 PM
Hatsukoi Monster (Anime) add
Plot :

Nikaido Kaho is the online daughter of the richt Nikaido household. Becausenshe is sonpreciousnto her parents, nobody in her environment had ever been mad at her. One day she decides to go and live in Tokyo to bedoel independable. She getsbalmost hit nu a car but gets saved a boy that got mad at her for nog looping out. Kaho fans in love with this boy but soon after confessing she realizes that the boy is actualy in fifth grade.

Story (6) :

It's actually quite a strange story because of the fact that it's about two lovers where one is still in elementary school while the other in high school. Because of this many people dislike the anime while there are goods points about it. People explain to Kaho how she should react and what it is to be in love so the messages it brings are nice and for some people helpful.

Art (9) :

It has quite the same art style as most shoujo anime but the colors used are pretty and it's nice to look at. For some some things might disturb them (boy drawn with a girl face) but in the overall it's nice to look at.

Sound (8) :

The voice actors did a great job, especially the ones that had to represent the elementary schoolers. The may have an adult voice but when the kids play they express themselves with a "childish" and playful voice.
The soundtracks themselves are very nice and match the anime.

Characters (8) :

Each character is unique in their own style. Some you might like some not. They are easily recognisable and can easily be remembered.

Enjoyement (7) :

This really depends on each individual. There are some specific traits in the anime that you have to like or not what influences if you enjoy it or not.
Many times during the anime I did cringe, but afterwards when an episode ended I'd hear myself saying "well that was fun".

Overall (7) :

Anime with a strange story but Instill liked it in the end. Now that it's done I really want a second season! I really liked some of the characters and it has a beautiful art style. So, I recommend it if you haven't any (good) anime to watch. It's something to try out ;)

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Yesterday, 1:38 PM
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add
Wow!Just wow I love this more than any other anime maybe its because the one i watched but I recently watched it again and yet I love Like it the most.Being an anime Fan I have watched alot but none come near it.I can name many anime which i think are great and I think are awsome However my one true anime is this epic master piece.
These are my reviews Many will contradict with it.
I have great respect for One piece and Berserk.but the only think then comes close is the Hunter X Hunter 2011 series.Where to start
Full metal has great story great chracter design great animation But the best thing is it was not prolonged it had a great ending the best i have seen in anime.I can name so many more great anime which were destroyed by there ending.And no fillers Oh MG I hate fillers in anime just for the sake of prolonging the anime.No other anime had more impact on me than Full metal alchemist brotherhood.Nothing comes near it.It is the best I have seen.It was every thing It had everything It is one of best action comedies one of best adventure animes One of best Thrillers THE best shonen Anime with the best endings and The best Animes Ever I have seen.
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Yesterday, 1:17 PM
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) add
It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy, you will enjoy this sports anime. I never thought that you could make a good anime about figure skating but Yuri on Ice proved me wrong.
The plot is one of a typical sports anime: the protagonist fails at the beginning and tries to succeed again with a lot of obstacles on his way to the top, (very simplified version).
It is beautiful animated, you can see how much effort and time they put in to the animation.
This is one of the rare anime that you can watch the first episode and decide if it’s for you or not, it’s that simple.
It has a lot of sexual innuendo between the protagonist and victor, this is one of the main reason you should watch it. It makes literally every person a little more “gay”, in a total positive way.
One of the “nicknames” is on purpose: yaoi on ice, although you are left alone with your imagination. :-P
The intro and ending songs are just beautiful, every episode I sing them along (or at least I try).
The anime combines a lot of different animation styles, sometimes really basic “stuff” and then with a lot of “specialties”.
I think you should give it a try, the first episode and then decide for yourself.
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Yesterday, 12:53 PM
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
I feel sad for the cool drawings as they are wasted on the poor plot.

In "Kill la kill" the guys from Trigger made a lot of great art and the plot was simple yet decent and funny and it exactly suited the art and everything else thus making a whole picture.

Here they tried to go with a somewhat smart original idea of the plot. The idea is actually very interesting and several first episodes are intriguing. But! They seem to just fail it. Because they can't work it out properly. The behavior of the charecters is highly irrational and unnatural. Not as irrational as real people can be but in an unnatural way. Their speech is the worst part of it. What charecters say is not just complicated and "hard to understand" or "deep". Their words just lack the meaning, have no consistency, are poorly justified and are full of contradictions. And it's not like intentional playing around as in some wierd funny animes. I was waiting for them to say something smart or some explaination in the end. But it just gets worse. The last episodes are the least sensible.

I expect people to think that I just "don't get it" when they read me. Whatever. Looking smart is not enough to be smart. And having a good idea is not enough without proper implementation. I'll keep thinking what I think.
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Yesterday, 12:53 PM
Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
The plot to mob psycho is about a boy named shigeo kageyama who is nicknamed "mob" and mob has psychic powers and he can bend spoons and even rarely use them against humans if its needed to be done but the main point of the powers is to use them against evil spirits that are trying to fight shigeo.

The opening theme song to mob psycho is awesome because it says "if everyone is not special maybe you can be what you want to be" I think that's talking about how mob has amazing psychic powers that no one else is born with and its just a good song.

Mobs character is about a quiet boy who is a little awkward or weird because of his psychic powers.

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed mob psycho.

Overall: Its a 10/10 its amazing go watch it.
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Yesterday, 12:42 PM
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime) add
+ great opening soundtrack (and sound overall)
+ feelings are real for some characters and are well written
+ the art is good
+ its all about fun and "doing the impossible"

- some mainstream japanese culture cringe that is found in most animes is also present in this one
- dislike the creative art "monsters" / mechs are drawn, except for the humanoid resembled mechs

Story: 6
The story is a little mediocre, but its sufficient for the route its taking. The anime is more focusing on body language and actions than speech.

Art: 7
The art is creative, but I personally dislike the way some things are drawn. Overall its simple, bright and nice to watch.

Sound: 9
Great soundtrack, enjoy listening to the opening and outro.

Character: 7
Well written, but pretty much focussing on problems the entire series that there's not much "social" speech.

Enjoyment: 8
You either get excited and emotional or you feel bad and uncomfortable, to admit, I did feel uncomfortable in some scenes, but at a low level. Most of the series is cringe-free.

Overall: 8
I've personallay had a good experience, few japanese cringe moments. Manly series.


Conclussion: try the series, if you dont get excited then its not for you
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Welcome to the last week of this year's horror anime month. In order to wrap things up, let's look at the other instalment of Danganronpa 3, Zetsubou-hen. Is it an improvement over the other half of Danganronpa 3, just as weak or worse? I suppose the only way to find out is to watch and determine for ourselves. So, let's take a look.


Zetsubou-hen opens with Yukizome taking a teacher's role at Hope's Peak Academy as part of an investigation into the Academy's more shady pursuits. She's assigned to the 77th class and begins her work in earnest, both as a teacher and an investigator. All while events are moving towards the great world-changing event of ultimate despair.

Therein lies the biggest flaw with the series. If you saw the first Danganronpa, you know how it's going to end. Even if you haven't, the series itself calls it a tale of hope that ends in despair. Which could work, if they built up some tension in another way. But the series never bothers. About half of it is spent on vaguely slice of life school life with very minor references to Yukizome's investigation. Then we get a bunch of episodes setting up Junko's machinations. Most of the series is just build up to a pretty disappointing climax. To make matters worse, if you happen to have watched Mirai-hen first, like I did, then you'll know the exact plot points to expect. The series also shares Mirai-hen's weakness of having a lot of bad, over-blown speeches. The only difference is that the ones in Zetsubou-hen are mostly about despair instead of hope.

That being said, I do appreciate what the series was trying to do. When it comes right down to it, it's trying to humanise the group that Naegi got called a traitor for protecting. It's trying to get you to connect with and understand them. There's just one problem with that. Let's talk about the characters.


The Danganronpa series in general isn't good at providing compelling characters. The first anime got around that by providing good mysteries. The Mirai-hen part of Danganronpa 3 tried to do the same, but ended up spending too much time with strangely absurd action sequences and puerile hope speeches. This series doesn't even have that to fall back on. We know that Junko's the villain as soon as she shows up. We see what Hope's Peak is up to before there's much investigation into it. We know that things are going to end in despair. So, what we're left with are shallow archetypical characters who spend the bulk of the series doing nothing interesting.


The character designs continue to be a weakness. Although this may be the part of the series that's least effected by it since a good half of it is about the students just being students. The series does have a strange habit of making the non-important characters just look like blue humanoid blobs. Maybe they didn't want normal looking people and they didn't want to read more
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Yesterday, 12:28 PM
World Trigger (Anime) add
So found out that world trigger was completed then i started to watch it and frankly for someone who likes these types of anime this anime both triggered and dissapointed me big time. Why almost everyone think this is great praising it like the next coming well no its not.

The story is the same as most anime there you have scifi combined with superlike human weapons or abilities. Good guys fight back while bad guys keep invading. This is fine i kinda expected it and its not something i would rate an anime bad for. The only problem is that type of story makes it easy to guess different plots in it. When i see something happening and think to myself ah so it was going to happen like that, then i know something just normal will be with this anime. The triggers is what make this anime what it is it gives the anime the only thing to make it unique. What type of triggers does he use what is the difference between each things like that is of interest because thats what this anime is about combined with the alien attack. But this anime pisses me of because i feel like they just say hey lets make this happen while another part says hey lets stop this doesnt feel good lets make something else happen instead. And when they finally get to explain things they create a big event and its basically and now after the invation break. I can watch slow animes i even love those but thats when they actually try to get some sort of picture through or explain not when you just throw a bunch of fights there you just get more and more distraught.

I will give this anime that it has openings that you can enjoy eventhough they try to make the anime unique by plopping the openings in the middle of the episode. The openings are interesting there is that.

Never have i found myself hate as many characters as i did in this anime never. I was at the 10 episode when i thought should i just toss it aside but no my anime sence told me that there was something i would enjoy. The characters was not any of this. The main character is piss poor weak he cant fight for shit he cant even do dmg whats so great about this. He gets helped almost always and it feels like the only thing he can do is acting like a meat shield or run away as a distraction. The main supporting girl Chika basically gave alot of the story away when i heard about her more clearly which is why i wont spoil it but its obvious. The supporting guy Yuma is your typical op supporting character who helps the main character Osuma a bunch of times hes likable enough but has his weird yet kind side. There are a few other characters i read more
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Yesterday, 11:33 AM
Aa! Megami-sama! (TV) Specials (Anime) add
This review is based on episodes 2 and 3 the of the OVAs. I didn't see ep 1.
Writing this, I assume the reader is familiar with Urd and Skuld.

Art was good, like in the TV series. I didn't feel annoyed by the sound, so it was also OK I guess (but I didn't pay special attention).

I think I can't treat "Story" and "Characters" as separete topics here, because they are so closely connected to each other, and they are what makes the OVAs so enjoyable.
These are sweet little stories of friendship and love about my preferred series characters Urd and Skuld. I especially enjoyed watching the suddenly changed persons and how they and their social enviroment responded to the changes of their physical appearances (Urd changed to kid, Skuld changed to adult). This also brought aspects of the unequal sisters to shine which were not seen in the series before.
I liked these OVAs more than the TV series. For me, ep 2 is the best "Goddess" episode so far, and also ep 3 is well above series standard in my eyes.

For appreciation of the characters, it probably helps if you have watched the TV series. Even if you don't consider it that great, I think you can still enjoy the OVAs.
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Yesterday, 10:42 AM
Pokemon XY&Z (Anime) add
Pokemon xyz 4/10
This saga became one of the most overvalued of all the Pokemon anime.
Animation and music are good: (7/10)
But the story is the same as always: (1/10)

1._Ash reunites medals and returns to fight in the league.
2._the league, lose it again as always.
3._El evil team did not last 5 or 10 chapters and all sorted CRYING (much melodrama for an anime that promotes the game and in the end everything returns to normal).

Some techniques that were never seen in pokemon, were taken from other anime, for example naruto, such as shuriken or water pulse.

This saga is not compared with Pokemon Special (Fire Red & Left green) where there are deaths of characters, blood, falimiares meetings and characters mature.
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Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
I'm somewhat masochistic. Typically when I find something that I think that I will dislike I will drop it after giving it a shot once I'm sure there's nothing I'll enjoy. However, when something is so bad that I am stupified at how many flaws I find in the writing of the show and how poor the characters are in terms of consistency, I somehow enjoy how much I can hate the show in question while watching it. This is somewhat of a disclaimer to say, that unlike most people, I didn't watch the series to enjoy any of its positives, but enjoy ragging on its negatives. Which might kill some of my credibility since I don't find credibility in a wholly negative or positive review for anything, and might've made me oblivious to the strong points of the series. I will attempt to find some positives in the series, regardless, but I could simply be oblivious to some of them due to how much of a bad experience the show was.

Deadman Wonderland is a good choice for you if you're looking for edgy fun and if you're the kind of person, like me, that enjoys observing the peak of how atrocious the writing of a show can be. However, it's a bad choice if you can't ignore the flaws and inconsistencies in the writing of a show, because there's just so many of them.

As an action series, Deadman Wonderland looks good because of its good production values. As a matter of fact, the good production is what did not make the series a complete botch, since I kinda enjoyed its soundtrack. However, as far what happens in the action bits, there's not a lot of meat to go around, with the battles being very one sided towards a certain group unless the character gets a powerup. They are either meant to express gore, or they're meant to express certain shounen-isms. I know the show doesn't have the shounen tag, but the manga is tagged with all the tags this was supposed to be. I'll list them all as I review the series, so no need to check the manga. The shounen-isms I talk about are "I GOTTA USE ALL MY POWER TO PROTECT MUH FRENS" and "I CAN BE STRONG TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!". However they are not implemented well and they're often nonsensical to happen and they feel like a writing asspull, often seeming just like the writing got pushed into a corner and then "wait this needs to happen ugh this character can bleed at supersonic speed now hahaha". There's just a lot of things that adapt to the convenience of the plot as the series goes on, and as a result of such, random power-ups, or specific characters get depowered, with often not as much as an explanation. The supersonic thing ain't a joke, characters need to use their power at that speed so they will not be deactivated by certain weapons. Powers which could've been used at previous read more
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki was produced by 9 different companies.

The studio responsible was Asread who are known for Ga-Rei: Zero and Shuffle!.

Mirai Nikki is an adaptation of a manga of the same name created by Esuno Sakae.

Mirai Nikki is a interesting psychological thriller revolving around a survival game with the title of God on the line. Tune in to watch 12 diverse characters manipulate and fight for the grandest prize of them all. The show is nail biting at times but suffers from some plot inconsistencies. I’m going to say that this anime is not for everyone, but it should definitely be given a chance.

Story: The story revolves around a boy named Amano Yukitero who is loner. He spends his days observing the world that he has become unattached too. He is isolated and reflects on the past where he was bullied and rejected. He writes down these observations of his in his diary on his phone. The viewer learns that when he returns home he is able to connect with a god known as Deus ex Machina. Deus is dying and sees Yukitero as a perfect subject for his grand plan. He transforms Yukitero’s diary into a “Future Diary” and begins a game in which 12 individuals are gifted these cellphones which have the ability to see the future in different ways. The last of the 12 standing becomes the new god of the world. The game begins and then we meet our second main character, Gasai Yuno. She is a stalker and becomes Yukitero’s friend with the sole goal to help him survive. The two of them join forces in hopes of being the last ones standing in this survival game.

Characters: The two main characters are the backbone of this anime. Yuki is the quiet, innocent loner and Yuno is the crazed stalker. I loved these characters, you feel for Yuki because he’s just a kid who was kind of thrust into this game and now people are trying to kill him. Then there’s Yuno. Yuno is awesome, she is insane and that is what you come to love from this show. She will often say things that she’s thinking out loud regardless of who’s around without a care in the world for others feelings. She cares for nothing except Yuki and will do ANYTHING to help him. The side characters range from boring to great, the good thing is that most characters have an agenda and stick to it. Even the lamest characters in the show have a reason for why they act and that’s all I can ask for.

Atmosphere: This being labeled as a thriller anime requires it to have a suspenseful mood, and boy does it. There are moments in this show where the music and dialogue match perfectly for some truly terrifying moments where you’ll say “he/she wouldn’t”. There are a few twists in the show and they all deliver. They all make sense in some way so for the read more
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The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (Anime) add
TL;DR: 6/10. It's OK, but could be a whole lot better. I am disappointed even though I didn't hype or over-expected anything aside from naturally comparing it with the original. The songs are awesome though.

Wow, I must thank myself for not believing hype from others. This show's OK, but could have been better. It really could. And please don't think I'm writing this because I'm a hater. I'm writing this because the iDOLM@STER was, so far, the only anime series that I seriously took my time writing a review to express how glad I was to stumble upon the show, and how much I fell in love with it.

No, I absolutely didn't expected it to be impressive like the original. In fact, I started watching this with the same strategy as before: set my expectation as low as possible. However, the differences are too obvious to accuse it for the result of having half less episodes. Within 13 episodes, the first iDOLM@STER made me love it completely. Within the same 13 episodes, Cinderella Girls made me feel literally nothing.

(Things I don't like)
One thing is that the girls' personalities may be all over the place, but I think they have a lot of potential if developed more effectively. Unfortunately, the show just didn't bring any of them to the full capability at all. Hell, I can hardly recall their names. Of course, I can remember Rin and Ranko naturally because they're different from others in the first place, but others? Well there's Mio whose personality is somewhat more notable and was given more screen time; then there's... um... this super sweet girl I like. She's the first girl we met, but what's her name again?

(Things I like)
Anyway though, there are still something that I like: the music. The ED is simply wonderful, and OP is super awesome. The OP is actually the only thing of Cinderella Girls that I like over 765PRO's. There are still no songs that are near the level of Chihaya's Aoi Tori and Yakusoku though... but I think that's just my preferences for slow songs. I hope there will be some in the second season. Voice acting is good, although I'm not sure that real life Russians spoke like the russian girl or not.

Also, the art is awesome, especially in first few episodes. They're very gorgeous.

Despite talking about how I'm disappointed by it, I still give it 6/10 score, which means for me it passes. It's just how much it could really be better that makes me rant this much.

Anyway, I can just only hope that it'll be better in the next season. That mysterious lady might turn this show into something more interesting. Perhaps the plot and pace will be improved since they've used all this time introducing us the atmosphere and characters in overall.
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Girls are made of sugar and spice, and all things nice.
The “nice thing” that Isshiki Iroha had. It was sweet, yet spicy. And it was probably bitter and sour. Her “nice thing” was so bothersome that you wouldn’t be able to understand unless you experienced it for yourself.
And without a doubt, Isshiki wasn’t the only one who had something of that nature as the two girls whom I was fairly close with in my own way had it as well.
Just what could it be, I wonder?

This was the Whole summary of Volume 10.5 which could be the date (Not really a date but kinda sweet tho) Having the two of them truly acts as a couple.. ... and the three of them hanging out in Chiba.. Which is something that Yuigahama is lacking much in a few scenes. The way Yukinoshita follows Hachiman.. (Ahmm.. She really wants to get close to him).. Yukinoshita is very atttached to cats and That "Nya" sound thing.. Yah!! That's so cute. After that They really made some memories onto themselves. it’s likely they end up trying to keep our manifested, awry feelings held together.

Last Hachimans Ideology :

And lastly, hugged closely from both sides, Yukinoshita, although slightly vexed, was blushing red with embarrassment.
Just how many more days of these normal trivialities could we continue to accumulate from here on?
Just what kind of pain would accompany the nostalgic sight of these photos when we became old enough?
In thinking all of that, I pressed the shutter.

Hopefully Better to Rewatch whether you find the true meaning of genuine in the whole episode All Over Again.... :D

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Doukyuusei (Movie) (Anime) add
This review contains a small spoiler, that's actually not really a spoiler though.

To be honest, I've never really tried any shounen ai anime, as I'm more attracted to the opposite version. But I wasn't disappointed when I watched this movie yesterday.

Story (8/10):
The story revolves around two boys who fall in love with each other. They try to keep it secret, but people found it suspicious that a popular guy in a band suddenly became so close with the class nerd. As the story goes on, their relationship becomes more serious. There are two things that bug me, tough.
1. Sajou got kissed by Kusakabe for the first time at one point, but I was like... THEY JUST RANDOMLY ASSUMED THEY WERE BOTH GAY OR SOMETHING????
2. I'm upset by the fact that they never made their relationship public. And I wanted the movie to last longer.. it was adorable to watch them care so much about each other.

Art (8/10):
The art is really sketchbook-ish and I really enjoyed it. Don't have much to say about it, only that when they cry it looks like the Niagra Falls. They could've reduced the amount of tears just a bit because I just couldn't feel emotional about them crying. I could only laugh about it lol.

Sound (8/10):
Not much to say about the sound. It's enjoyable. Kusakabe's voice actor was really good at showing emotions within his voice.

Character (9/10):
Kusakabe was obviously my favorite of the two. He's a goofball, always making fun of things, but on the other side he's very emotional. Sajou, however, is very quiet and rather keeps things to himself. The movie really focuses on the two, and the side characters are just a decoration.

Enjoyment (8/10):
I really enjoyed this movie! It's a very lovely story about two guys falling in love and it's very pure (ok some scenes aren't).

Overall (8/10):

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Nanbaka (Anime) add
This is my opinion but I think this anime is great and I want more people to love it too. I know, that this might not be the type of anime you might watch as most people watching this dropped because they think this anime is full of bad jokes, zero plot and unsatisfying comedy. But as someone who reads the manga, I know that Nanbaka is not what it seems to be. Sure, there is definitely comedy, but if you think that's all there is to it, well you're wrong, it'll have an unexpected turn of events that may or may not be your cup of tea but I am hoping that people would at least give it a try, things will turn out serious later on.(so long as they do follow the manga) I like the characters as well and it was enjoyable to watch them interact with each other. The animation wasn't all that amazing but it is good, albeit a bit too bright and colourful and sparkly. As for music and soundtrack, the OP was awesome imo and the ED is cute.
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Shirobako (Anime) add
Fall 2014 is my first time to follow seasonal anime and anime from that season was great. And from that season, first time ever i felt so invested with two show with female MC after Cardcaptor Sakura : Yuuki Yuna and Shirobako. And Shirobako was ... Outstanding !!

They give us more explicit info, about what are they doing in anime industry, their job like animator, producer, etc, and many more. It's a lot material into their story, but they make this series easy to watch. And this series always on point to story, not move away from topic, not make it long, and not make it one side. I mean one side is ... they not making one episode so serious or make it fun at all. They mixed serious tone and fun tone in one episode and you can watch it every episode. This anime give us a view about anime and we finally understand, how they make a anime become good or not.

For Art, it's so good and consistent each episode. It will give you epic moment, sad moment, and satisfied moment after watch it. Their expression was well drawn and so fit with their character. They had awesome story and awesome art, it's like a complete package for me.

Sound ... hmm, i like their opening although not so special. I think this aspect is not their strong point.

For character, i love them all. Many character you can see in this series and they had many different character. Their character not same each one and all character look important. It's great because one character have many connection to other character and their conversation look so natural like a producer to their crew. Character development was great, it's not only about main character but almost every character.

This anime has became one of the greatest anime of all time. They have it all : Great Story, Great Art, and Great Character. All of that give you a satisfied feeling after watch this anime until end. Not many anime can give you this feeling.

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Kyousou Giga (TV) (Anime) add
It always sounds so pretentious to say that a work is only made more perfect by its imperfections. At best it seems like a meaningless, sophomoric word game; at worst it seems like you're trying to make whatever you're talking about immune from criticism. But I can't say why I love Kyousougiga so much without doing that, so there you go.

I'll at least be specific: when I say "imperfections" I'm talking about the obscurity of how the story is laid out; the slight visual inconsistency (the final scenes of episode 4, for example, are animated by a different person than episode 7's climax, and Koto's design is quite noticeably different in each); the first 5 episodes' insularity and consequent lack of sense that the narrative is progressing; and the way all the pertinent facts are finally revealed in one massive, unwieldy monologue that suddenly telescopes the scale and is also almost too much to take in all at once.

The reason I appreciate all these things so much is mainly because of the show's setting. The Mirror Capital is full of anachronisms and looks like it's made of paper cutouts. We know from the outset that it's a drawing come to life, and it looks like it. This comes across as self-reflexive to an extent, but really what I get out of it is just that the Mirror Capital was deliberately constructed by someone. It's a world made by parents for their children.

That's plainly obvious in episode 3, when Inari takes Kurama around the capital and tries to give him the means to pursue his interests. It's not an original or uncommon idea that parents will try to build a world for their children both to protect them and to foster their interests. Nor is it surprising that eventually, children want to leave that world.

It probably wouldn't surprise anyone to observe that Kyousougiga is about kids trying to escape a world constructed by their father's egoism and fear. (I happen to really dig that kind of thing.) But Koto (the little one) really makes the difference for me. Her conception was itself an act of rebellion on Inari's part, but she ends up being the one to resolve the consequences of his rebellion. She doesn't go totally over to the other side, of course; she doesn't submit to the Shrine's high priest.

Even though Inari's rebellious bent is behind the show's entire conflict, it's the reason why Koto, Yakushimaru, Kurama, and Yase exist. And he does love them, even if his love is imperfect. When they try to escape from the Mirror Capital, they're not rising to some kind of greater reality; the Mirror Capital is as real as the other 12 spheres, in the end. They're reacting to Inari's imperfections, and they'll bring that with them wherever they go. Even if kids leave their parents' world, their perspectives can still be influenced by the contrast between their parents' world and the countless other worlds out there.

Inari gave all read more
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Shelter (Anime) add
Well i gotta say is, when i first watch this. My reaction was normal, then when i watched for the second time. I was like WOW! This anime is so Touching and Good. And I nearly cried...

Okay lets start with the summary.
It all starts by a 17 year old girl, Rin stayed in the space shuttle because the world is about to end. Why is that... her father or brother, Shigeru, the Scientist Engineer built a space shuttle to protect her from the world to end. Pretty sad. Once she's in a comma, she's now lived in a virtual stimulation world and create her own different unique worlds everyday. While she's doing her imagination world, she suddenly went back to her memories when she was a small girl. She realized why she's trapped in the space shuttle forever is that her father or brother wanted to protect her from the world to end...
The score for the plot is a 10/10. Why 10/10 because for me it's very sad when Rin lives all alone forever in a space shuttle. ;-;. Sad story and Terrific 6 minutes short film and also i cried when the brother or father made his SACRIFICE for Rin after his Last Words spoke to her.

The art the design is also a 10/10 because i really like the design of the world, the background and the effects. I just LOVE the art design. Amazing art design.

The sound, as a DJ, me. I would rate a 10/10.
Song written by Porter Robinson and Madeon - Shelter
Electro House song... Great work you two!
Come On Guys! It's Porter Robinson and Madeon!
Porter is also a fan of anime so he went to Japan AI pictures and made this sad and touching video.
I also really like the piano part because it links the feeling of Rin's memories. The piano track just MATCHED and set the whole mood tone. I matched perfectly!


Overall it's a 10/10. I would LOVE to watch and listen over and over again because i'm a DJ and i like these kinds of songs and I would LOVE to watch again. I really don't know how i felt. I really never FELT this feeling before.
So Thank you Porter, Madeon and the crew for showing us this great short film. You know what's gonna be great, i dont know guys is that crunchyroll and A.I Pictures, Porter, Madeon and everyone involved in this, you need to make this into a FULL MOVIE at least. It would be so beautiful with a lot of song and vibrant animation and others and it will BE TRULY BEAUTIFUL!
And AGAIN Big applaud to everyone involved in this production. AMAZing work!

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