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Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
Never in all my time of watching anime have I been so moved by a story. There's something about this one that just makes remember things from some time ago (as is a theme of the movie)

TL:DR version
Kimi no Na wa is a fantastic movie from both a objective and a personal standpoint the way the movie uses imagery and symbolism is astounding as well as its way of sudeley telling you about the movie's plot before it reveals it to you (If your looking.)

Longer version
Kimi no Na wa is a movie that uses imagery and symbolism to convey a story that is utterly astounding, It's subtle way of conveying more mature themes through the use of imagery is something that I enjoy in anime, however you don't need to grasp all these themes in order to have a great time with this movie. I think the thing that most grips me about this film is its way of making you expect something to happen, and then totally mislead you but you still end up feeling like that's what you wanted. Some of us can probably relate to the characters in the film, either it be with Taki's always frantic schedule or with Miyamizu's completely boring life. Point is everyone has someone they can relate to. (I wont go into the characters that much as there development is quite important in the story and would dive into spoiler territory) The Development of these characters is one of the best I've seen in anime, pretty much ever.

Kimi no Na wa has stolen the top spot away from full metal Alchemist and rightly so. I must admit I never thought I'd see the day where something would top it, I new it would come though and whatever did would be fantastic and well I was right. THis anime does such a phenomenal job with everything in it and I wouldn't even hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
Not much is to be analyzed.

Watching this was an absolute treat.

So rarely does one come across an anime that diligently sets itself apart in the aspect of plot-portrayal. No matter the unique depiction of characters, their seemingly-unrelatable demeanour at times, or even the realization that you know almost nothing about the world the characters in the story live in (Hence intermediate scores in the Story and Character rating), you can't help but feel bedazzled by a story with such a unique setting.

It's not that Ryuu no Haisha has many twists and turns.
It's not that Ryuu no Haisha has the innate ability to change the way you think about the world.
It's not that Ryuu no Haisha has a story that will move you to tears.

No. It's much more simple...
It simply enraptures you.
And I encourage you to watch it.
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this anime has gone down in history as my least favorite anime i've watched. i've complained about it to many people, and here are the reasons why.
(bear in mind its been quite a while since i've seen this so excuse any missed details)

so, my very biggest issue with this was the plot (specifically the ending). there were so many ways this show could turn out and so many hints at the character's pasts. the majority of the show is based off of the character's backstories and the time loop they seem to be stuck in, but it's never explained. i watched 24 episodes and they did not go into any depth about the backstories, or any past lives or adventures when they clearly are crucial to where the characters have gotten to. i was hoping for some sort of explanation at the end, but i was left with nothing learned and just confusion and anger instead. it was so irritating to spend so much time on a series only to be left with nothing in return. i have so many questions i was never given answers to, and that's the main reason i really do not like this anime at all.

a few other things as well:

-i did genuinely like most of the characters. some were fairly predictable but they all managed to hold my interest-- i'd say the characters were a strong point in this anime.
-the music and art were fine to me, but didn't particularly stand out
-not very much was explained about the past (which is pretty important to the show)
-there's a fine line when leaving out critical information, and this anime quickly passed from 'i want to know more!' to 'okay so i know nothing at this point.'
-the best thing about this anime was hotsuma and shusei, and their relationship. their bond with each other was quite complex and i enjoyed seeing how they act around each other.
-the plot seems interesting, but i just felt it was a useless build up to a confusing ending and too many unanswered questions

so, to summarize, i really wouldn't recommend this anime unless you want to be disappointed.
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Fruits Basket (Anime) add
You know the old adage "you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain?" Well... that's me right now. I could've just stayed a casual fan of anime, but instead I find myself becoming a bitter and jaded cynic who's slowly beginning to think that anime really was a mistake and that it's nothing but trash. This is a medium that seriously impacted the person I've become (for better or worse) and to see season after season of garbage coming out, it's pretty infuriating. At the same time though, I have to remind myself that there's shit out there that made me fall in love with the medium in the first place. This is the first in a series of reviews I'm writing up to hopefully shed some light on the programmes and shit that hold a special place in my heart and actually had a crucial role in helping me become the person that I am now.

The year was 2014, a few months after I graduated high school. I was getting back into anime and I was scouring about GRArkada videos and the MAL forums trying to get a feel for what to watch. Cryptic-senpai, one of my earliest friends on this godforsaken website recommended me Fruits Basket after a few rounds of talking to one another. I forgot how that recommendation came up in the first first place, but that's irrelevant. Point is, she directed me to this series and honestly... I can't thank her enough for it. It's actually fucking hilarious upon retrospect: how the fuck can I hold a supernatural reverse harem meant for teenage girls in such high regard?

Well... it actually has to do a LOT with my own upbringing. If yall don't give a shit about my own woes, feel free to skip ahead to the next paragraph. My parents split up when I was like 4-5 years old, and my mom got remarried to a physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive alcoholic whom I still wish death upon to this day (edgy I know, but w/e). When I was 10 years old, my mother died and without getting /too/ much into the specifics: I became estranged from my mom's side of the family, and moved in with my real dad: a good man, but he was always working the night shift during my formative years so I was basically left to my own devices. High school was when I found out I had some SERIOUS trust and dependency problems when I got into my first actual relationship. Now let's set the stage for 2014, right around the time I got into this site in the first place.

I really wasn't expecting much out of Fruits Basket when I first started watching. Almost every episode basically played out like Touched by an Angel (sorry Arkada, I'm stealing your analogy): character of the day has a problem, our all-loving protagonist Tohru comes in, she works her magic, and the problem was solved... asterisk. read more
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Nyanko Days (Anime) add
If you are like me who likes to watch many times some anime just to relax and have fun this is the right anime. I dare say it's one of the best, where you always watch every happy and many (VERY MUCH) fluffy moments (100% of the time is cute).
 At first the protagonist is a shy girl who, instead of relating to other people, prefers to keep her cute kittens, which are really cute (have I already said they are cute?). It has 3 kittens and they are easily memorable, so in the first speech of each one you already know exactly the personality of each one, which makes them from the beginning striking and lovely characters. What really marked me in this anime is that exactly ALL the conversations and situations of all the episodes (released so far) are extremely fluffy it seems until I'll melt away from such cute

Just a personal opinion: this is one of the types of anime that I really wish it had more than 700 eps with 20 minutes minutes long.
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
As a high school student myself, I have many opinions about the mentality of people in this show; and many opinions about this show in general.

I've decided to write a song that will encapsulate why I disliked it.

Tic Tac Toe, Three in a row,
MCs so stupid I stubbed my fucking toe.

O.k. I think that's it.

Contention 1 is Stupidity
(oh wait it's called story/character/enjoyment)
1.) The characters think if they do not have sex and sexual relationships their life is meaningless (let's just ignore making real friends because friends with benefits are cool)
2.) Who the fuck in high school has that much time?? These kids are slackers and are probably going to live in a box after high school...
3.) Why the fuck is that female teacher a teacher and not a leech off of some successful business man with her "smarts" in "manipulating men" to like her
4.) If you wanted to make a porno why not go all the way and cut away this fucking dumbass story??
5.) The mindset "My life is so bad I have no friends and I keep on having sex all the time b/c that's what life is about" makes me wanna kms that people like this exist (as other reviewers have said) (kinda similar to point 1 I guess, but the point is that the show is a cringefest for any intellectual who knows a thing or two about life and relationships) (shoutout to all the starving african children who would actually work hard)
6.) Why is trying to fuck underage girls a thing in Japan @ guy who knows nothing but sex who had sex with the female teacher who knows nothing but sex
7.) The chances of 5 people on earth having an iq of 0 is like 10^-210000*1% so why are they all in Japan

3/10 I guess; I've seen worse. Like uh. Clannad :^)

Contention 2 is Art

The art isn't that bad. I'm an objective kinda guy. I think the art is very good. 8/10. It's pretty artsy.

Contention 3 is Sound

I like the ED and the OP is ok. The ED is really artistic and cool wooo 8/10.

So out of everything 5/10
It's mediocre.
I'd still watch it, though.
It's nice to feel cooler than the anime characters for once, and also;
Bataille appreciates the pain I receive from watching this shit show. :)
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Charlotte (Anime) add
First of all, since this anime is simply a work of art. Characters, scenery, visual, music, in short, all this anime is magnificent and very well done. A story with a lot of mystery and drama, but also has many comedy scenes.

Yuu Otasaka has the power to enter the body of a person nearby for a few seconds. He starts using that power to get into a big school, get good grades and also try to find a girlfriend. All fine perfectly well as the plan until it is dismantled by the Hoshinoumi academy student council which is also made up of people looking for experts like him. Yuu is then required to request transfer to a Hoshinoumi academy and also to join the student council. For some reason Yuu initially reminded me a lot of Lelouch of Code Geass. Another thing you can observe is not a protagonist is a way how your personality will evolve for the better with the analyzer of the story.

After a change from Yuu and his younger sister Ayumi Otosaka, he attends his new school, where he also helps the student council initially formed by Nao Tomori and Jojirō Takajo to find people who, like Yuu, abuse their power.

With the analyzer of the history of the climate of drama and mystery dominates the anime and several revelations are happening. The finale was very good and exciting.
Strongly recommend for anime fans to watch this great work. It really surprised me and every time an episode ended.
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Turn A Gundam (Anime) add
Turn A Gundam acts as the culmination of Gundam's story and supposedly all of its AUs, and it does more than a satisfying job of this. Created in the twilight between traditional and digital animation, Turn A Gundam is an unorthodox entry to the Gundam franchise that acts as a statement not only on humanity's sins but how we can move forwards to the future with hope.

The story and setting suffer from a few notable flaws but nothing to detract from the experience as a whole. Turn A Gundam is set thousands of years after the space wars that culminated in the near extinction of the human race, and more towards the end of a dormant period in history where humanity has been isolated between Earth and the Moon. Conflict arises when the people of the Moon resort to brutal methods in an attempt to return to the Earth and essentially re-colonize it - the violence among the two factions feels rather juvenile and unnecessary at times but redeems itself as a whole near the end of the series and there is in fact something of a reason for it in the story so it's excusable.

In my opinion the main draw of the series is in its characters which are all brilliantly written (one small exception being Will Game, but I won't go into detail on this). Our protagonist is Loran Cehack, a young Moonrace boy sent to Earth two years prior to the enactment of the Moonrace's return plan to determine if the world has attained stable conditions for living, and in desperation he chooses to pilot the White Doll with the intention of mediating the war. Whether you like Loran or not he's a flawlessly executed main character. He's charismatic, he's an effective pilot, hell he's even cute sometimes and his pacifistic tendencies do not come off as obnoxious, because the viewer is made to understand the struggles on both sides of the war. Supporting Loran are a number of other characters including Dianna Soreil and Kihel Heim, two girls who look nearly identical and act as something of a representation of the Moon and Earth people respectively, Sochie Heim, the talkative and headstrong younger sister of Kihel who becomes a reliable fighter in Earth's Inglessa militia, and Guin Sard Lineford, a rich nobleman that controls the Inglessa domain. We're not introduced to our antagonists until the final 11 episodes, but the ones pulling the strings in this story are Agrippa Maintainer who takes control of the Moon's government in Dianna's absence and Gym Ghingham, the ruthless leader of a military fleet and pilot of the Turn X. Among all of these, there are several minor characters who all contribute to the progression of the story, each of them with their own endearing personalities and unique motives.

The mechanical designs are unusual, but very intricate and memorable, which is attributed to the creative mind of Syd Mead, whose work is seen in renowned sci-fi classics such as Blade read more
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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
As expected from ONE, he created another overpowered anime character with such level of humor and naivety. I had already expected that Shigeo would share similar characteristics with Saitama-- a naive yet strong, almost unsurpassed, character who cared nothing about their powers.

To be straight, I hated how the animations were made that I almost lost my interest for it . Maybe because I was used to the high class animations in other animes I had watched. After watching the anime, more mysteries surfaced and it gave me cravings for the next season. It is a masterpiece in its own sense and it would not hurt to wait for the next season.

I love the characters and their developments. Just wanting to know how will they develop as the plot complicates and why was it that it seemed that the son of the Claw's Leader is still after Ritsu even after revealing that the real strong Kageyama was never him but Shigeo? It is worth anticipating, right?
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Gintama. (Anime) add
Gintama has always been my favourite anime since all time. The anime starts with a major spoiler for those who haven't watched Gintama previously. Therefore for those who are interested to watch Gintama for the very first time, I'll just suggest you guys watching from Gintama 2015 (since I know people aren't willing to watch hundreds of episodes from Ep. 1).

The season as of right now probably won't have too much jokes as it's starting in a really serious arc. Even though their cheap jokes are still used once in awhile, it never fails to make the viewers smile, grin, or even laugh. Also, the story keeps unraveling shocking information and it develops really well. Loyal fans of Gintama who watched from the very beginning must've been really hooked with the story's development.

As of art, it probably isn't as beautiful as other new animes, but it has marvelously upgraded since the start of the first episode. It is still considered a pretty good art because it certainly helped create the ambiance the creators intend.

Seriously a 10/10 anime.
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Bakemonogatari (Anime) add
Bakemonogatari is a series where I feel like I'm missing something crucial that everyone else appears to see. The series is applauded by many as being clever, creative, and entertaining. However, to me, it was none of these.

The concept of the show is that our main character, Araragi, became involved in dealings with the supernatural after an incident involving vampires. After this he meets various girls in his life who are haunted by supernatural entities, and Araragi must help them solve both their personal and supernatural problems. An interesting concept, but the execution completely falls flat.

To put it simply, this is a boring harem show. Araragi has the harem protagonist cliche of just having all of the women in his life throw themselves at him for no real reason. In fact, I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to feel about Araragi here. It's extremely hard to sympathize with someone who does things like sexually harass an elementary school age girl, but at the same time he's not downright evil enough for me to truly hate him. He comes off as simply a pervert, jerk, etc. without any truly redeeming qualities.

The other big issue I have besides the poorly handled harem aspect is that the show is just plain boring. I hope you like talking, but this show is about 95% characters standing around and just talking. When I was reading about the concept of the show, I expected to see the characters actually, you know...dealing with supernatural creatures. Instead they drone on and on about both the creatures and tons of other irrelevant stuff. When they do finally shut up, their "solution" to every problem is always the same: go see Araragi's friend Oshino so he can tell them what to do. I'll admit that there is sometimes a good payoff, such as the climax of Kanbaru's arc. However, it's not even remotely worth the pain of everything that came before it for a few minutes of something that actually turned out to be entertaining. Had I not heard such praise of the show, I would have dropped it during the second arc, when one episode was almost entirely three characters standing in a park just talking about Mother's Day. Seriously, 22 minutes of boringness.

It's not a show completely devoid of positives, however. The art is pretty unique and quite nice. The characters all have a "soft" feel to them that I liked a lot. The show does do some pretty strange things visually, such as flashing "Red Scene" and "Black Scene" text up on screen seemingly at random, sometimes throwing up giant walls of text that you can't possibly read without pausing, and sometimes showing real photography. And of course, sometimes the characters are shown in very strange and exaggerated poses (the "Shaft head tilt"). It's all just weirdness for the sake of weirdness, not adding anything to the show.

The music, however, is good. I enjoyed a lot of the soundtrack and the openings. It's nothing outstanding that read more
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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (Anime) add
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is a Gundam series that we really do not need, at all. It's almost unanimously praised as a masterpiece and I see tons of people claim it's among their favorites but I cannot fathom how, and I don't understand what's in the OVA that earns it all of its praise.

To begin with the story itself makes no sense at all. We have a perfect conclusion to the Zeon conflicts at the end of Char's Counterattack, but then about 30 years after that came out we get Unicorn, which tries to revive these conflicts with the stupidest reason to have a war ever - people are fighting and killing each other over "Laplace's Box" and they don't even have a clue what's in it (i did look it up and it's really underwhelming to say the least). It feels like a superfluous addition to the early UC story and for these reasons I personally like to call it an "official fanfiction".

The characters are subpar, boring, and sometimes frustrating. We have a wet noodle of a protagonist with no piloting skills and extremely weak newtype powers whose mobile suit does almost everything for him (and he's also too much of a god damn wimp to kill anyone despite opting to fight in a war), and we also have a recurring Gundam character who, despite initially having a lot of potential in previous works, is made uninteresting and given a watered down personality. The only Unicorn character I think we can all agree is good would be the antagonist, Full Frontal, because we learn pretty much from the first time he's mentioned that he is a resurrection of Char Aznable and he retains all of the traits that made the original Char so good, with a little extra cyber newtype stuff thrown in.

I can say however from an audiovisual standpoint that Unicorn is fantastic and it has lots of very fun fight scenes. For some reason most of the designs in Unicorn are just rehashed from ZZ which isn't a very good series either, mind you, but they're made to look way more pleasing to the eye. The animation is spectacular as well, and the soundtrack is good.

You can feel free to watch Unicorn if you want to but you should heed my warning and consider how much people overhype the shit out of it. It hasn't got much going for it in terms of story, character and writing, and you'll be scratching your head if you're looking for something that isn't dumb and actually makes sense.

You might also see that I have only watched 2/7 of the movies so maybe take some of what I have said with a grain of salt but several like-minded friends of mine who have actually finished Unicorn tell me that it doesn't get better at all and I have every reason to believe them.
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
Set in a fantasy-like land, there exists dragons and people who clean the teeth of these great flying-beasts, whom are known as dragon dentists. Dragon dentists cleanse the teeth of "bacteria" and prevent cavities in what looks like a dragon port, station, or village. These bacteria and cavities are harmful because it affects the dragon's power of revival. It is said that humans are reborn after death through the teeth of dragons, but they may not always be reborn as humans. One exception to this rule is the "yomigaeri," or bad omen, which is said to be a sign of future destruction. This may symbolize humanity's sins as a whole. Is this fate, or is it mere coincidence? Does fate even exist, or is it something we tell ourselves in order to stop trying? These themes are ever-present throughout the show. In particular, our dragon dentists are very aware of this concept. They have a sense of understanding on what it means to live and what it means to die.

It should be noted that in Buddhism, there is no belief in "God" or "fate." This contrasts against the dragons that live and enable their power of reincarnation. There is a mixture of beliefs or a constant clash in ideology carefully embedded into this show. It makes you think. It makes you wonder. You can be alive, but are you really living? It is said that dragons "cry with their teeth," yet their teeth is their source of power; they live, and they live genuinely.

If you were put into this story, would you fight your fate or would you accept it? There would be a sense of irony if you resisted your fate only to find out that it was your destiny to fight fate; you would be playing into the plan right from the start. Our fellow characters are forced to find out if we truly are the authors of our own tale. Ryuu no Haisha, or The Dragon Dentist, is an unconventional surprise that contains Buddhist undertones and challenges what we may believe in ourselves.
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Ryuu no Haisha (Anime) add
All right, to sum up your appointment, make sure to use mouthwash. Also, remember to floss everyday. Flossing helps get these big ass monsters out of the gaps in your teeth, which we need to kill.

TL;DR at the bottom.


With this anime comes a unique path of reincarnation involving the mythical creatures, dragons. It occurs through the teeth of the dragon, hence the anime title. With that, the requirements of a reincarnation is to have died a meaningless death, while having nothing to return to. It is a sort of redemption I think brings this anime a great uniqueness to it. When reincarnated, they are born through the teeth over again as the same age as when they died. If successfully reborn through the teeth, the task of whoever is born through the teeth must fight monsters that are born in the gaps of the teeth.

The anime also takes place during war, one that is Humans against Dragons. The reason why was never really talked about, and it really felt like it happened out of nowhere... at first. It came to be the cliche of a hatred towards another race. Despite that, it was enjoyable enough for me to watch both episodes.

Honestly, at first, I came to watch this because I goddamn love dragons ever since I was a kid. So if you'd like some dragonic nostalgia, this is something to come to.


The animation is quite comparable to that of Trigger. There are many times I was actually confused on whether it was CGI, or 2D. That is something I think brings this to be a high point of the series. However, there are times when it can get trippy as hell, like the opening of the first episode and some moments in the second episode. With someone like me, I like watching something as if I was inhaling drugs of the sort.

However, with the opening, it is nothing different than watching the rainbow found in a puddle just making movement.. I personally thought it was cool hehe.


I think the seiyuus are good for how well they match the character's ego. There is not much else to say about that. The opening sounded nice.

Also, do you like dubstep? No? Then, this part will definitely be your cup of tea. For me, it was well matched to the atmospheres at the times certain soundtracks tried to invoke. It did a well job.


This anime is about an individual who was reincarnated after being killed, and the young man's name is Bell. Bell seemed like an emotional teenager whose mood is sullied through forcing it onto himself for some strange means. However, after learning of his past life, it is understandable why he is the way he is, and I only came to root for him after learning such. Along with the main character comes Nonoko, aka the cute girl of the series aka why is she not my wife yet. With her, I feel she serves as a support for the main character read more
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I'm sorry, but this anime is horrible. I have no idea how it has such a good rating on here.

The story is basically just that the main group of guys is given the task of turning their landlord's daughter into a proper lady. The plot could've been interesting, but instead it just turned random boring events.

The art changed way too often, at least early on in the series. The character designs were even worse than the inconsistent backgrounds, etc. The guys almost looked like girls or at least the main 4 guys did. Even the other character had some really off putting designs to them.

This isn't an anime that focused a lot on sound effects, but the music that is there, does really improve the series. Everything is forgettable, and the voice acting was awful.

The characters were just as horrible as everything else. They pretty much had one or two main aspects that separated them from everyone else, but these aspects were never developed. I would forgive the lack of development like I do for most other anime if those aspects at least lead to some decent moments, but they didn't.

You can tell that I didn't enjoy this at all. I cannot believe how horribly this is presented, yet it seem to be loved so many people. I'd rather not ramble anymore. Please save your time and do not watch this ever.
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Witnessing someone who does silly things to himself is always amusing. But even with all the wit, this anime is not entirely just about comedy. He is also a story of the drama about a girl who is trying to getthe attention of his friends, and this anime has always managed to maintain its focus well, never deviated from what he wanted to. As there are scenes of ridiculous when Tomoko act redundantly to make the audience laugh, occasional anime also slows the story, to show the other side Tomoko as someone ordinary girl is lonely, the more naturally able to invite the audience to empathize him, sympathize for failure efforts, and participate relieved when she found a little happiness. Amazingly, these changes, from fast to slow and from comedy to drama, it never feels too abrupt or awkward. There is always a gradual process of thinking to explain to the audience, to a certain extent, they are able to understand how Tomoko finallyarrive at a situation.
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Are you looking for boobs? Yes? Are you looking for more H.O.T.D.? Yes? Well, this is coincidentally the perfect OVA for you!

There was never a beach episode in HOTD (or at least, I can't recall if there was) and we all know that an ecchi anime can't be complete without a beach episode ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so the creators were nice enough to give us what we all wanted: A beach episode with plenty of "plot." Of course, there is no real plot in this OVA, but that's not the point of this OVA is it? As I stated before, this is a beach episode, NOT a critical part of the story line, or even connected to it. It's not supposed to have an actual plot in it. Since when has a beach episode had a plot in it? Anyway, let's move on.

This OVA is honestly one of the best I've seen (ignoring the plot holes). After about 5 years since I watched the anime, it brought back a lot of memories I had of this show. The characters all have a place in the show, none of them are ignored and none are favored more. The sound effects were very... interesting... the art is the same as the show. Nothing special. The biggest part of this OVA is of course, boobs.

Boobs. Boobs everywhere. What'd you expect of a beach episode? This OVA is boobs galore, may have rated 7/10, but boobs are 10/10. Can't get enough of em. Ecchi around every corner.

(clears throat) Okay, moving on from that topic. Conclusion: This is an OVA not worried about the story and more worried about the boobs. If you're looking for a story strong episode advert your eyes. Wait, if you weren't looking for boobs, why are you even looking at Highschool of The Dead? This show is infamous for the boobs. This OVA doesn't break that tradition.
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Utsu Musume Sayuri (Anime) add
So, I think this anime is very odd, there's no mistaking it, however I actually came up with a theory.

I think this anime represents growing up.

Sayuri is essentially one body, with Hiroshi, her mother, and her father connected to her. I think this represents how children depend on their family.

When Sayuri's "time to strike" has come, the mother and father disconnect from Sayuri, this represents the child becoming independent in life.

The striking part represents raising a child, as in Asia the "tradition" would be to beat your children (I am Asian before you say anything).

Sayuri doesn't think much about beating her "child" as it is tradition, and the child doesn't fight back because it is tradition.

And that just about concludes my theory.
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
The 89 seconds opening were the best part of each episode

Seriously! This is a typical average Demon King anime i've seen enough of. I can't understand why these ratings are so good for this shit.

The first 2 episodes are great and a good start into this anime. Since the moment they went to school (yes to mother****ing school) I guessed (and guessed right!) it will be full of boring episodes where totally nothing will happen. Thank you for wasting my time A1!

The end was typical for this kind of an anime. I can't describe what happened because spoilers are prohibited. To know what I mean, you have to watch it. BUT better don't think about watching it and watch any other anime.

Overall this anime is AVERAGE
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Anime) add
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku tries be new and shocking in a half-baked attempt to win the ever-growing popularity contest that is the steadily-rising "Madoka replica" craze. What the producers of these shows haven't learned is that it takes more than cute character designs and violence in order to successfully win over an audience.

So we have a magical girl survival game anime. From the premise of the show alone we can conclude that there will be lots of death. And here is where they made their first mistake. Giving details about the plot before the show aired. They outright tell us it's going to be dark before we even watch the show. The element of surprise is completely lost, which leaves little to no room for impact when the plot gets into motion. Now anyone who has seen Madoka or any of it's replicas could see the "twist" coming from a mile away, but in this case it doesn't even count as a twist because it was revealed before the show even started airing.

This leaves us additional problems with pacing and characterization. We know from the start what we're getting ourselves into. And yet it takes about half the series just for the characters to find out that they're supposed to fight each other to the death. If the series was twice as long the slow pacing might have worked to it's advantage, but with a twelve episode series and cast of 16 characters there isn't enough time to work with a slow plot build-up.

Yep, 16 characters. That's an awful lot of personalities and backstories to incorporate into 4 hours. As a result you end up with poor characterization. Each character's past is revealed, however their backstories are totally glossed over for maybe two minutes per episode. We don't get any real insight on the effects their experiences had on them because of how little screen time each character gets. The 'bad' girls get the worst of it. Their motives are so shallow and don't make a whole lot of sense. It's almost like the creator said "screw motives we'll just make these girls assholes for the sake of being assholes!" The writers also have a bad a habit of killing off characters with any ounce of likability first.

The end result was...sort of...very predictable. I think we can all pretty much agree who's going to win from the start of the anime but it's still interesting to watch. Despite all of it's flaws the story isn't completely horrible. It isn't great but it isn't horrible. I believe that the people working on this show at least tried to make something enjoyable. And it is enjoyable. But it's not amazing and far from being "the next Madoka."
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7 hours ago
Highway Jenny (Anime) add
While it's not in the tag system, I think that this should be aproached entirely as a musical, because it is. The music feels a bit disjointed, sort of like Daft Punk's Electroma, but while that one had a very basic plot that felt sort of empty this one has a mess of a ideas a bit too pseudointelectual for my taste (humans are the same as animals, every day people are born and die, I'm just one more of them, "Motherfucker while you sleep your all my sheep I'll conquer the world", all this taken from text on screen). If you can see it all as music lyrics then, you know, music doesn't tend to get the most insightful stuff in the world anyway. You're not going to get mad at Interstella 5555's lyrics.

Visually it's a mixture of rotoscopy, computer generated backgrounds in lineart and extremely hands on snippets of either constantly changing figures or hand written stuff. It feels like a middle point between one of the less interesting Waking Life parts and 12oz Mouse.

The music is okay for me, but I think this is the key point for enjoying this. If it's you enjoy the sound then the pictures pass as an extra you didn't ask for. If you don't you'll suffer through trying to understand what's the point of all this and how has it been only 18 minutes so far.
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I thought this was nothing more than a typical ecchi/harem/action anime, until I realized what a masterpiece it is while watching episode 12. That's when it hit me: an epiphany, a moment of bliss when I became one with the Universe. What i'm refering to of course is the "suggestive" sex scene.

Just when I was getting excited about the MC finally getting angry and turning BADASS MODE on, he forcefully gets on top of a girl and kisses her, while saying ridiculous things like "take it in.." and she's screaming in her head "I can feel your power". And the true climax? She says it's the first time he really "kissed" her and he then kisses her so hard that she bleeds a little.

This started as a cool anime but then it turned into something so absurd and cringy, that I can't help but love it even if it's not for the reasons than the creators intended.

10/10 would recommend! For maximum enjoyment, watch this as if it were a Filthy Frank/iDubbbz video or a "Prison School meets fantasy harem".
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So I recently finished Konosuba and honestly, I'm not sure what to think about it.

Basically, it's an anime set in a RPG like world with levels and skills and all those geeky terminology that only a handful of people will know. I will give props to the show on it's aesthetics, but comparing the look to the actual content is pretty unfair the way I see it. I say this because honestly, nothing really major happens in the show and each episode feels more like it's own stand alone thing than a chronological series of events.

Nothing issue I had with the anime was the jokes that was kinda it's main selling point. Not saying the jokes were bad, but they did start to get repetitive after sometime making it obvious where the plot of any particular episode was going. This happens because the characters are basically one trick ponies when it comes to personality where at some points I actually forgot their names and actually knew them as "Protagonist", "Useless Goddess", "explosive Witch", and "Masochistic Knight".

I feel like the show does a good job with their comedy, which I won't say is a bad thing, but it kinda just introduces you to a character, shows you their quirks, and have you laugh at them without anything new being added to the character. Sure there may be a conflict or two they face, but by the end of the episode it's almost like it never existed and come next episode it's almost like it completely forgotten that it ever happened.

I can't really fault the show on what it is, because I will admit it's entertaining, but it's nothing I think should be praised as a masterpiece for what it is. Basically, watch it if you want a good laugh, not a good story.
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9 hours ago
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (Anime) add
This is one anime that almost did not thinkpart of the story, not even merely the background story as a setting for the situation-comedy love her so most did not give a clear reason for the characters to stay together. Indeed, there are still about Nyaruko opening story that comes to protecting Mahiro, but it was only last up to two episodes before then the whole story becomes meaningless. So what could be the advantages of this anime? Comedy crazy? Looks like neither. Parodi the flagship feels too forced, more just tryingto show a resemblance to the original work that became a reference basis rather than pay attention to the element of comedy itself. Using the Star Wars-style scrolling text to convey a bad joke will not make anyone laugh. And, OMG, it even went satirically political! .... Meanwhile, the slapsticknya also very repetitive and seem random. Mahiro scenethat constantly wear a fork to punish Nyaruko just look stupid when both Mahiro and Nyaruko each did not have the background to specifically use a fork or fear him. Anime is occasionally may still bemade to smile, but most of the comedy is very bland.
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9 hours ago
Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
Mob is simple, and that's why some reviewer gave it a 4/10, yet it's enjoyable so some people gave it a 10/10. What about me? Mob is a 7, no more, no less.

Read why ↓

Story is not unique and neither are the characters. The art-style is a copycat of One Punch Man and the animation is heavily influenced by Ping Pong the animation and Nichijou. The plot doesn't go anywhere and doesn't conclude at the end of the series. The villains and their motives are weak and unbelievable. The super powers and abilities are straight rip-offs from HxH and other shounen series out there, u name it.

So What???

This is not what the show is about at all! It's all about the idea that it tries to put across. At the end of the day anime is merely another visual medium for expressing wisdom.
If you listened to Reigen-san carefully you'd understand what the show is about. And I won't tell you. Just go and watch it yourself and I guarantee that if the message gets to you, you'll not feel like you've wasted your time.

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Rate a 4 (decent)
Seen via English dubbed

Negative: lacked in background detail. I don't mean some times it was not clear what i mean is the background was mostly white.

negative: not original. A remake of the old black duck story

positive: did a good job keeping the viewer in touch with the change in time frame

positive: had a kind vibe/explanation for those that are different

Positive: had a nice little song that was slightly catchy

Positive: provided a slight deeper explanation in to the plot of the original show.

final say
Best to see a bonus for those that enjoyed the original show. Alone it means nothing.

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9 hours ago
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (Anime) add
What do you get when you take a Jellyfish, an oni, a lion, a cyborg, a cross dressing mafia member and a cat with a serious God complex? You get one of the strangest comedy anime of all time. For such a long time whilst watching this show I couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was trying to achieve nor what it wanted to be. It constantly jumped between comedy and random shenanigans to tragic backstories and drama at the drop of a hat, all of which made the show incredibly jarring and confusing to watch, resulting in some of the worst tonal shifts I have seen for any anime. Now, before I actually get into that, let me talk more about the plot for this show.

Enka, the God of destruction died one thousand years ago but upon dying, proclaimed that one of his children will carry on his will to destroy the world. Now, in modern Japan, all of the possible children of Enka have been gathered together and are joined as a family in an attempt to prevent the destruction of the Earth by showing them how wonderful and beautiful human life is. The possible children of the God Enka, include Teika the lion, Gekka the Jellyfish and even a biological weapon, Hyouka. Each of the main characters are both unique in terms of design and personalities, and have decent chemistry with each other, as well as lengthy backstories and tragic past. And that's it for narrative really. Nothing really happens of much significance and all the events that do happen in the show feel random and intrusive rather than a natural progression from arc to arc. While the show does attempt to create comedy, and for the most part, the comedy could make me smile and even laugh a couple of times, it's ultimately ruined by the abrupt and strange tonal shifts that change so frequently, which ruins the dramatic tensions of the show. One moment they're throwing out some random gag and the immediate next one we are watching the backstories of a young girl who is being whipped by her evil family. It feels jarring; clunky.

Some of the most entertaining episodes of the show are just when they are sticking to comedy and random hijinks and if the show was more like this in its entirety I would've had a lot more fun as a result. It's just that they chuck so much shit in with so many random characters that it begins to feel tiresome and the show begins to drag mid-way through. While, as I said, the characters can have decent chemistry with each other, their backstories are forced in and are so boring that I lose interest right away. Even when the show does introduce a more central and focused narrative for the final four or so episodes, it still feels rather awkward and confusing as well since the characters keep jumping from one place to the next without reason and characters are read more
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SAO comes from Overrated Anime to over-hate Anime. I am not hating this anime, but I am not very like this too. To be honest, this anime has great story concept but very bad execution. But the movie is different..

The movie is not a best movie, but it is far better than the anime series its self.

The story is more focused to Action and still very enjoyable. There is still has kirito-asuna romance story. This movie is very similar enjoyable to marvel movie, in my opinion.

I don't have any doubt about Art, Visual, Animation, and Music. Very very good..

If you like an action anime and light plot story or you search a movie to enterain yourself, this Anime movie is very recommended for you..
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9 hours ago
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
i still haven't watched yet, so i gave it 10 for no reason.

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drydhg,dhgyhmgflkodbfoårfbn gvlbgpohbfolhnderhbpæltnd,kol redhr hr e je sej senhawej aegjjgasdeosde sdgsdg dgs sdsd
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This is one of the best, to me! This is a feed from the Lupin series, so it is already what I'm use to and what I expect to see! The characters are exaggerated! People for funny qwhips and personalities! And, there's a kids! Kids never let me down in a Lupin installment! The girl's a brat, but it's funny and she gets character development! And, she's not a brat for no reason, which makes her relative.

It's a heist adventure that takes less emotional twists and turns than some others. The twists in this are more the thriller type. Everything works out in the end, and the gang more on to the next adventure.

I was excited to watch this and there were a lot of laughs and gaspes. I didn't feel the emotional stuff that was going on because of the corruption plot. I the emotional was attached and they really tried to put it on, but it didn't get me.

Other than that, I suggest Lupin fans watch it! I don't suggest it for anime new comers.
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The fourth film of the 6 to be issued by Digimon Tri, the previous ones rubzaban the bad, it seemed an unnecessary sequel (And it is), there is nothing really new that has relevance even in its universe, but they were not insulting to the viewer (Which saw Adventure 01 and did not overestimate the latter for being "infancy")
Until this comes ...

Digimon Tri-Soushitsu
Conveniences, Deus Ex Machina, unintentional characters, one-dimensional villains, power scales passed through the ass, evolutions (specifically the Ultimate) no longer means anything ("Oh, yes, I want x stupidity" * Digivolves to the Ultimate stage *), not even It makes sense in his own rules that I raise in Adventure 01, it is an insult that this crap even exists.
The only good thing is the animation, even in the music fails, reuse the same song over and over again until it becomes full.
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10 hours ago
Lupin III (2015): Italian Game (Anime) add
I can say I've developed a standard for my Lupin content, and this failed on the character development. One thing I can take away from this is after seeing the character development go so wrong I have a better understanding of what right looks like.

The opening is way to long with clips that happen in the movie, with no context. It even some shows very dramatic scenes, but I have that "why should I care" when they scenes are around the girl I don't know yet. And, the opening is too long.

Speaking of the character development girl, I don't feel like she actually learned anything because her development was rushed and it felt empty.

The plot and storytelling are rushed and feels empty. This is also one of the ones where Fujiko is useless.

I don't suggest this to fans or new comers to Lupin or anime, in general.
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10 hours ago
Kuromukuro (Anime) add
Kuromukuro, aside from being a really solid mecha showing, is fascinating for how it takes up a lot of the tropes thrown down by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Vision of Escaflowne, and totally makes them its own. In the first episodes it seems like it will be a cliché storm, but by the halfway mark it really comes into its own. This is a giant robot show for our times.

There is a lot to like in this show, starting with production values. There’s a lot of great design here, from the mechas, which come in all shapes and sizes; to the characters, who do too. There’s a lot of CG, but it’s pretty well integrated with the regular animation, and there are both exciting robot-to-robot throwdowns as well as a couple of swordfights.

The story was complex, with a lot of moving parts and evolving revelations, some of which are never definitively concluded. This seems to be a theme in this series: You can’t know everything for sure; you can only take the information you have and act in good faith. Pacing is sometimes a little off, but never totally debilitates the show. Salient variables in the plot include ancient legends, a disappeared dad, Kennosuke’s loyalty to a 450-years-dead princess, aliens, and loss of innocence. And despite the more fantastical elements, when it comes down to it our protagonists are just two young people trying to figure out how to survive in a turbulent world where pretty much anything can be lost.

Characterization is where Kuromukuro most reminds me of Escaflowne. We have the brash warrior boy and the timid schoolgirl as our main protagonists. But this familiar dynamic is cleverly tweaked. Kennosuke is a young samurai who falls out of suspended animation completely naked (which is the opposite of what generally happens in anime: usually it’s the girl who comes in with no clothes on) right in front of Yukina, a hapless everygirl whose mother happens to be director of the paramilitary Kurobe Lab and whose father disappeared in a plot-related event eight years prior. Kennosuke is a great fighter and a seasoned soldier, but Yukina is the one who understands how the modern world works as well as being more emotionally mature. So while he definitely gets more action sequences than she does, she is openly confrontational with him in a way that serves to dovetail their character development. They have actual conversations instead of pretty-sounding exchanges. It is clear that they have a sense of companionship before they ever have a sense of romance, which really works to the series’ benefit. (And she does toughen up, in a realistic but gratifying way.)

The supporting cast is well-realized: some are more flat as characters than others, but their thoughts and actions work to theme and in some cases become compelling in their own right. There is definitely a flavor of NGE in regards to Yukina and Kennosuke’s classmates, but it’s not a bad thing. They do here what I wish read more
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It was recorded in 1989, so I'm going to be here nor there on recording quality. They did what they did back then, but I can say it's not bad. I was in it for the storytelling and plot, and I was not disappointed! This story is around a heist, that takes some unexpected emotional turns with the characters involved with the event.

The storytelling isn't ground breaking, but it's what you would expect from Lupin. If you're in it as a Lupin fan, I suggest it! If you want to watch this offhandedly, I don't suggest it. I see this one as more for people already in the know about the characters.

I caught a case of the feels at the end.
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10 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
I refuse to use the word 'overrated', which I've seen some people describe this show as. I didn't like the show much at all, and to be brutally honest I don't think it was objectively very good either, but I'd be blind if I didn't see why people enjoy this show.

Even before I started watching this show, I sorta knew what it was about. I've never been spoiled directly, but the people's responses to the ending of the show have pretty clearly shown me what's going to happen. It's not exactly subtle in the show, either. Four episodes in, it's pretty clear. I didn't really mind, however. Even if I know where the show will end up, it doesn't mean that the journey isn't interesting - which is something the show makes a point of focusing on. In this case, however, the journey just isn't worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I honestly found the story and characters interesting. No doubt, had I made it to the ending, I would hold the show in a higher regard. I just felt like it wasn't worth it. Yes, the art looks nice and the motion flows. The characters for the most part feel worth following and the story is simple and understandable. The music is nice and it just sorta works. Yet, I can never shrug the feeling of being treated like an absolute moron, like I'm being held by the hand to go through everything just so I wouldn't miss anything. Among other things.

Let's get into the more specifics and start with things that I like. The animation and art is nice. It's nothing breathtakingly impressive, but it's better than lots of stuff I've seen. Few times did the animation feel unnatural and the art for the most part is real solid. My biggest gripe with the art is that whenever they're showing what the music makes people feel. It's a tad on-the-nose, not to mention pretty unoriginal. It's not really bad, per se, just uninspiring.

I've already mentioned I got hooked by the story and the characters, and it's not really hard to see why. The story is a pretty basic story of self-betterment, with a side-dish of loss and passion. The whys and hows of the characters' motivations are solid and inspiring. I want to see how they get to the things they want. Not to mention the main cast works well together and they're just fun to follow. They have a bad tendency to overreact, however. I'm sure they're real passionate about their music, but it starts to fall apart a bit when it seems that to these people their instruments are everything and anything in the world. If it wasn't for a piano or a violin, these people would seemingly cease to exist. It's not always like that, mostly just during the heat of the moment, but it's clear enough to start making the whole thing fall apart. It was refreshing to see people have obstacles in their way, read more
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11 hours ago
Soul Eater (Anime) add
OKAY let me put this disclaimer at the start: I'll try my best to be as objective as possible for this review, BUT I personally really really enjoyed this show so there will be bias in this review.

Right from the start I was already drawn in by the characters, I truly felt that the character design was top-notch with every character given a unique flavour and vibe that adds to the enjoyment of watching this series. Character development for the 3 main meisters was well paced and it was really heartwarming to see them grow and develop over the course of the anime.

One of the things I would like to point out is that Soul Eater will be one hell of a emotional rollercoaster ride. I'm not certain if it's because I got too invested into the characters and hence over empathising with them, but even if that's the case it means that the show had done a good job with character engagement with the audience. The show starts out slow, with an episodic style with minimal continuation, but still enough suspense to keep you coming back for more. Every episode seems to hint at something, and you feel something build up as the episodes progress, and its that subtle feeling that trouble is brewing that really hooked me into Soul Eater. Weirdly enough, this anime had a fair share of really emotional angst scenes even though its a comedy genre. This is what turned some people off in the later episodes, but personally I could use some angst so I was sucked deeper into this series (lol). But if you're a fan of comedies, then this show is a must watch because the antics of BlackStar and Soul Eater are HILARIOUS and will have you laughing at how silly everything is. The pacing in this anime was perfect for me (and apart from the two really annoying filler episodes of Excalibur) all the episodes were deeply enjoyable and satisfied me.

Now on to the art. I really really liked the art style. It was simple and easy to set your eyes on, and it felt fresh. The action sequences were also a feast for my eyes with a variety of fights varying from sword fights, hand on hand combat and guns. The soundtrack for this series is also something different from your usual soundtrack, with most songs having English lyrics and being pop, and the change to a sadder music when the time required it, every piece of music really suited the scenes and it just flows so well you won't even realise that the music really played such a huge part.

If you have been reading other reviews, you would have come across people saying they were disappointed by the ending, or by the second half of the series when things got more serious. If you have not read the manga, then it the ending isn't really that bad, maybe you might consider it slightly underwhelming, read more
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11 hours ago
Drifters (Anime) add
Gonna keep this review short.
Drifters combines some parts of Hellsing, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

A half-good anime about a fantasy world filled with goblins, elfs, witches etc.
Drifters has action scenes with random comedy scenes, combination that I liked.

Story: 7/10
The premise of the story is quiet original and fairly well executed, I loved it.
The story revolves around 3 humans who at the time of their death were saved and sent to another world receiving the name of "Drifters". These men will wage war against the dark forces of that world, fighting alongside goblins, elfs, witches and humans in order to save the pople of that world.
The story does have plot holes and flaws but I will not go into details.

Characters: 5/10
The characters are a bit generic but they have interesting personalities, unfotunately they do not get any development.

Animation: 8/10
The animation is fluid with nice art and character design. There are some flaws but you will only notice them if you search for them.

Sound: 7/10
Drifters has a great opening theme and a decent ending theme but not very good  background music which is absolutely necessary in a show of this genre.

Enjoyment: 9/10
For some reason I loved watching Drifters. An awsome watching experience filled with thrilling and hyped moments that I will remember for a long time.

Overall: 8/10, real and objectiv rating: 6/10.
Drifters employs a good storyline with dcent characters and awsome fight scenes, I am looking forward to the 2nd season hoping they will fix some of the issues. I recommend giving this show a try, you might enjoy it.

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11 hours ago
Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
This is my first review so i yeah...

Lerche never seizes to amaze me...I mean it's assassination classroom, Danganronpa 1 and Gakkou gurashi which are COMPLETELY different from each other and seem to always grasp the attention of a very very large group of people and include them in their work's fandom but srsly what's wrong with kuzu no honkai? it's so damn "what the hell" and gives of "school days" feels (i surely hope it won't end like that) and just watching the first episode makes me want to kill myself for expecting something from this anime which touches the border of R x which is totally fine but they way they did that might as well make this a hentai and end it.I understand whats right and whats wrong but watching kuzu no honkai forcefully makes me recall that what i think ...nope, what we think is right doesnot necessarily mean that it is correct and when it happens i am left between the lines of "thats weird" and "thats acceptable"... i just dont know myself whether or not i like this anime. this is the review of the first 2 episodes. If you want any anime similar to school days which is about relations and actions that make no sense and they do at the same time if you are willing to take it positively then try it out. the animation is "OK" and the other stuffs like sound, story, character are "MEH" but what makes "scum's wish" enjoyable is the way it is executed by one of the studio that does the job right always when they have to but i can hardly say anything more than that wathcing the first two episodes.
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For me this anime was an unexpected discovery. One rainy day I was wandering through some internet anime fan’s pages when I suddenly saw “the best 2016’th anime” discussion, and this show(1’st season) was in top. I seriously don’t know where I’ve been in the previous year, but without a shadow of a doubt I can call it one of the best.

Now that the 1’st season is over, the second one not only didn’t low its level, but made a step forward. The jokes became funnier, characters are more versatile, secondary characters appear more often on the screen and are paid more attention to, and finally - some new locations(besides the newbies town and the castle that Megumin used to blow every time).
It’s been 7 episodes so far, but from what I can judge the creators will not please us with the big final - the takedown of the Demon King, and there is a possibility that we will see the 3 season(I really hope this will happen).
Now I’m about to be more specific (that’s the info for those who didn’t see the 1 season).

The story is pretty simple and common to many animes. The main guy suddenly wakes up in another reality/world (which, by the way, is very similar to some MMORPG game) and in order to survive he must assemble his crew. Storyline is nothing but 100 times used cliche, with one but. It could be shallow and boring in any other show, BUT NOT in this one. It is brought to viewers mixed up with tones of great (perverted) humor and funny (ecchi) situations, unlike each other (very very weird) main characters and… Aqua. Well, not the water, but the goddess of water. She deserves a special attention, because she is that cherry on top of a cake, she makes the whole mood of the show and brings the joy and laughter to every moment she appears on screen.

Creators paid much attention to different kinds of moods that we can see on our characters’ faces and ‘ve made them realistic and colorful. The openings/endings are great, art style is beautiful, dialogs are entertaining and creative, the enjoyment is very high.

The anime is everything I did not expect it to be – exciting, full of action, unique in its own way and full of joy. This show is definitely worth watching, unless you want to miss to see one of the best waifus (Aqua) in action;)
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11 hours ago
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Anime) add
How can we truly perceive the world around us? The answer is: we can't. It's impossible for a human being to understand what is actually going on around him, because what he really sees is just what his brain interprets. Everyday people make new discoveries, everyday another person comes to realize something new about themselves and the world he is surrounded by, but we aren't getting any closer to understanding the questions that have been bugging us since the beggining of humanity's development. However, all that would never be possible in the first place, if we didn't set goals for ourselves, if we didn't dream about something bigger, something better, something that we more than likely won't ever reach through any normal means. Even if we know that some things are completely out of our reach at that exact point in time, we still wish for those things. That's what defines humanity. And this is a show about setting those goals, followed by the never ending search of any means to reach them, and completing small objectives on the road that it takes us. One of those goals might just be saving the world, another one could be understanding it.
Ladies and gentlemen - Sunday without God, a series that while being seriously flawed at some moments, was able to provide ME with a tale that I could fully comprehend from the beggining to the ending, and one that was able to achieve one of those normally unachievable goals it set in front of itself. That goal was pretty simple: give the viewer a freedom of interpretation and understanding this story in his own way, while still providing enough entertainment, plot twists and phylosophical questions to make him think about it for days.
Incredibly simple right? (*Sarcasm alert*)

I will be reffering to this series either by "Kamisama", "Sunday without God" or "Kaminai" throughout this review.
*Incredibly slight spoilers inside*

Story: 9
Sunday without God constantly brings something special to the table, with an unique premise, setting, and ideas at every new step. It is impossible to talk about the actual plot without spoiling a single thing, so instead of that, I want to talk about the appreciation I have for the care that the original creator put into his work.
Kaminai is his first project, and throughout the show I could feel the passion that was put into the story. The manga that it is based off of is his first work as an author, but it doesn't go as far as his later reimaginations. I'm pretty certain that the idea of the show just popped into his head one day, and he rolled with it, creating a story around it, adding additional characters and arcs that he then released in the form of a light novel and later into an anime. I feel like this is the case because of the way that the story revolves around the main character, Ai, or more specifically, around the previously mentioned journey and the objectives she completes along read more
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Onihei (Anime) add
this is the most underrated anime of the winter 2017 season and it breaks my heart. This show continues to get better episode by episode. Now it is an anime geared towards a more mature audience which is honestly nice. Sometimes anime provide so much cuteness and fanservice that it actually hurts the story. Onihei has some very emotionally involved stories that may possibly bring you to tears based upon your life experiences. The main character is extremely likable and easy to watch. The show has a nice balance of humor, action, and great storytelling. This show also has a really core jazz score, kinda reminiscent of cowboy bebop. I know a 10 is a high score, but I enjoyed this show as much as I did samurai champloo. If you want a more down to earth, emotional, historical, anime drama then this is the show for you. Or if you've been getting tired of the textbook shounen formula then this would be a great watch as well. I give it a solid 9.5
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
This review only applies for the first 11 episodes of the series, it does not constitute for the overall experience of the anime itself and it will be comprised of what I liked/disliked about the anime and the reason I have had dropped it for.

One of the aspects that most people agree that Hunter x Hunter does have, is the element of analysis and strategy through the action and confrontations in the series. And it does try to do this at every turn.

However, just because it tries, it doesn't mean it is good at it. I'll give you two examples of how I see these attempts as botches, one being from episode 2, and one from around episode 10-11. If you want to avoid spoilers, although I will describe these in manners that merely describe the confrontations themselves, without real plot specifics, skip this paragraph. If you just want to get the Episode 2 example, because you see a spoiler from episode 10 as being too late in the series, then skip after I've delivered that one. So, in episode 2, there's a test the cast of characters come across, where you have to choose to save either a or b, with the choices being a person you're close to. Like mother and lover, brother and sister etc. You have 5 seconds. The test is obviously subjective. There is clearly no correct answer. How do you win the test? Pick no answer. Now my problem isn't the test itself, but the contradicting explanations for the test. The test evaluates whether or not you're capable of making a decision when there are high personal stakes. Then how is not making a choice the right answer, or at the very least, why is picking an answer clearly wrong? If you think about it, merely making an active choice in those 5 seconds, should be correct, regardless of reasoning. It just makes no sense, because a person that makes no choice because they were still thinking passes, and a person that made a choice, is failed because they made a choice. It is a poorly made exam to showcase the impressionable third choice between A and B, at its barebones. Choosing nothing or both, when presented with two options, is one of the simplest techniques of misdirection in strategy and writing, because it plays with your preset expectations. But in this situation there's not even a plausible setup to the situation, as the explanation makes no sense for the given purpose of the test, because stalling a decision, could result in saving neither. Now I will talk about episode 10/11's botch. So there is this fight to the death between two contestants and one of them leaves the other unconcious. However the participant refuses to kill them in order to secure the match. They end up agreeing the match is not over until the enemy becomes concious, so they can surrender. Eventually hours pass and they want to check the body, but read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
In a century, when video games are becoming an indispensable part of our society, new manga and anime series emerge with the concept
of getting trapped in a virtual world are emerging from the anime industry. For the most part, their success is great. However, on the Summer-Fall 2012 seasons, one of this kind show emerged from A1 Pictures that broke the world apart into two groups: the ones who called it "The Second Coming of Christ" and the ones that saw beyond the surface of the show and hated its guts claiming it as "The Worst Anime of All Time". If you have not guessed by now which show I am talking about, let me tell you: it is Sword Art Online.

Now let's start tearing it apart. The short answer for whether I recommend this show is no. But, the long answer is...

Story: 2.8/10

Let's begin! Well, the first two episodes were actually ok. They built up the setting, they introduced the characters, they showed the world and tactics of the MMO and you witness the first boss fight. In the first two episodes, although the plot's pacing was very fast and we were told about the death of people like it is your everyday Sunday morning news, instead of shown, there was nothing particularly awful about it. And then, the third episode comes in and it introduces with the speed of light new characters out of nowhere only to spark a melodrama in the end. After this mediocre episode, everything goes down to the drain. The pacing is goddamn awful, the filler episodes are put in a more ruthless fashion than in Naruto and the second arc is on the same level of terriblness as Boku no Pico and Tenshi no Drop.

Characters: 0.3/10

The one thing that bugs me about this show is how many who have seen it say that the characters are good. Let me tell you what I think about them:

-Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto): The king of Gary Stus himself. I am laughing when I see people saying that he is relatable. He is fed with a diamond spoon with the biggest hax powers in the world and he is only 14 years old! He is a beta-male harem lead who is on par with Ichika Orumura from Stratos and he is the most wanted bachelor in the WHOLE GAME! Every girl he meets literally submits to his Gary Stuness and she craves him like a succubus. 10/10 relatability am I right? I hate this guy so much.

-Asuna Yuki (Assuna): The badass edgy female in episode 2 that started as a dynamic lead character only to end up becoming the good, generic tsundere housewife of Kirito-sama. Oh and she is also used for fanservice, because why the hell not?

Klein: The only character that seems likable in the beginning since he seems like a nice guy, but you will never give a damn about him since he has close to zero screentime in the show. RIP Klein Screentime. He read more
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Usagi Drop (Anime) add
Plain and simple, this is by far the most adorable anime I have ever watched!!

As someone who is more of a "shonen-person" aka over-the-top flashy battles and explosions, watching a quiet anime about a middle-aged man raising a little girl, was to my surprise a refreshing change of pace - I was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it and how immersed I was.

The animation is simple, charming, and very unique, and the story is just 11 simple stories about the obstacles in every day life. Both from the perspective of the little girl, Rin, to whom everything about the world around her is new and unknown, and the middle-aged Daikichi, who has never had a child of his own, but does his very best to be a good father, and makes sacrifices of his own to make sure Rin is well.

One of my favorite episodes **SPOILERS** is one where Rin is upset that she is the very last one to get picked up at kindergarten because Daikichi works late, to the point where the institution is closed and she has to wait outside with the caretaker, until she gets picked up. Daikichi understands her frustration, and although he isn't making that much money to begin with, he has a talk with his boss to reduce his working hours, so that he can pick Rin up before it gets dark **SPOILER END**

If you like calm and gentle stories, that manage to touch your heart with very little, then this I can't recommend enough!
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Kill la Kill (Anime) add
I had this anime recommended to my by a friend. At first, I didn't like it, quite the opposite, I didn't like the exaggerated nature of the animation, I didn't like how fast paced it was, and I sure didn't like the sexual overtones and fanservicy nature of the show.

Months went by, and I suddenly felt the urge to give it a second try; I still didn't like the fanservice, but everything else, I suddenly loved, and couldn't get enough of. I loved the high tempo, the over-exaggerated battles, the art style and overall animation, the nummerous plottwists, the whole friendship-is-magic theme of every other anime ever, and above all the personality of the main character. She is gentle at heart and puts others before herself, but has one hell of a temper and a smartass attitude towards her opponents.

It is also one of these classic tales of the main character striving towards a goal, and repeatedly getting stronger and stronger, going from the weakest link, to the most powerful character in the series that you don't fuck with.

I can't quite explain what exactly made this series so outstanding to me, except all of the above, it just spoke to me, and every episode was just filled to the brim with exciting action.

...also, while on the topic of "speaking", the english dub was nothing but phenomenal!! An anime can be as great as it wants, have good characters, good story, good animation etc, but if the voice acting is bad and you don't CONNECT with the characters and feel their emotions, then all of the above is meaningless. And EVERYONE, especially the main character Ryoko Matoi, delivered an amazing performance in the english dub. When she was fighting and yelling at her opponent at the top of her lungs, I was the edge of my seat!

Overall, this show is a tribute to classic over-the-top fighting anime and everything that makes those great. So if you love shows like Naruto Shippuden, DragonBall Z, One Piece etc, then definitely give this one a try!

!!Again, beware of fanservice!!
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
"Kuzu no Honkai" is the most fucked up show I've seen since "School days". Honestly, this show could be a Hit or a miss for most people. For me, fortunately or unfortunately it was big miss. Although I do appreciate the boldness to create and put out something like this this, can't say I'm a fan of it.

There really isn't much I can appreciate about the anime. It is a cringe-fest of a show with a few okay moments. There isn't much to the story, it isn't very eventful or progressive, it relies heavily on the discovery and the development of the characters, which in my opinion is it's biggest flaw. There is not a single character I like in this show, Everyone is annoying as fuck and in no way relatable, they're so bland and poorly written, they all just seem like they are different versions of themselves. They are all so fucked up and their actions are so forced and predictable. Their dialogues are so corny and wannabe-deep. When their thoughts are narrated in a first person narrative it is sooo exhausting to even listen to them. Their designs are however not bad and there are a few comic moments that stood out and made them likeable, even if it was for just a moment.

Another huge flaw are the sex scenes, I don't have any problems with sex scenes but here it's just so forced and over-saturated, like there is a mandatory sex scene in every episode which kinda halts whatever this show is going for and gives us a few minutes of just pure cringe. it is just so uncomfortable to watch their movements and listen to their dialogues. They don't even really have sex, it's just boring to watch. If you're reading this and want to watch this show for this kinda content, I would suggest putting your dick back inside and look for something else lol.

One thing I've seen this show being praised for is it's "maturity". Which I strongly disagree, although this anime does seem to have that kind of ambitions, it's stray far away from it or rather comes off as very pseudo-mature. Really, how does a bunch of junior high kids who try to compensate their desires and insecurities through such fucked up pretentious acts come off as mature? It's doesn't, Oh! and don't get me started on the slutty teacher character who does a bunch of crazy things too. It's not mature at all.

The three things that I do like very much about this show are the Animation, Soundtrack and Voice acting. I appreciate Lerche studio's effort to tell this mess of a story as cohesive as possible. There is good detail and clarity in the animation which truly deserves praise.

The soundtrack is really great too. I really like the OP and ED, the BGM switches up at times and can come off as very unpredictable, which played a major role in helping me read more
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add
“Quotes at the beginning of reviews seem really stupid to me.” – Me.

I have always had a special relationship with the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Roughly 5 years ago, at a ripe teen age, I attempted to watch the original FMA. This was, if you have ever seen my dropped list, a failure of an attempt. I ended up dropping it around the 40 episode mark, basically just before everything really got going for the climax. I hold vague memories today of the old attempt, and recognised a few of the plot-lines that cropped up during FMAB. However, overall, I remember my opinion of this series being rather lacklustre. If this was due to my age at the time, or the overall series, I have not yet found out.

As a result, you can probably guess I was always hesitant to attempt a re-watch of the original series, or an attempt at watching Brotherhood. Throughout the next 5 years I would always see it as almost a chip on my shoulder, knowing I haven’t experienced a series so highly acclaimed, not only by this site itself, but the members of the community surrounding it. It gave me the feeling that my MAL list was incomplete, missing a vital entry that so many others had that it seemed commonplace. Today, I finished healing that chip on my shoulder, and finished watching Brotherhood - and not the original series. My main reasoning for this being that regardless of me being young (and honestly, at that age, stupid) some part of the series lead me to dropping it, and picking it up again, even factoring in my terrible memory, would make me re-watch the series, and not watch the fresh experience that Brotherhood could provide.

So, 300 words in and I final begin talking about the actual series. So, what did I think? Well, it was… respectable. Yeah, that’s probably the best word I can find to describe it. My first impression after coming back to the series was remembering the art style I had missed. It looks almost generic at first glance, but holds a very clean look to it that you don’t see too terribly often around other series. Its appearance was bright, yet dull. The characters were crisp, get clearly weathered. It gave a good look to the series which fitted with the overall tone the plot presented – on the outside, it appears relatively simple, but at a finer look, there’s more to it – something that some young idiotic teenager might glance over, as I clearly did back when watching the original.

Getting my complaints of the series out of the way, I only really hold three.
Firstly, the infamous pacing issue at the beginning of the series that I was warned about time and time again. Honestly, I ignored any complaints I received, but watching it, this is a serious issue for the series. I understand it is trying to present a lot of information at once to the read more
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Let me start by saying I watched this in cinema, and when it finished, the collective "that's it?" from the audience was audible; that's how disappointing it was. I am not exaggerating.

Though I have not watched the previous movie in this series, from the official website it suggests this to be a standalone movie that you can enjoy regardless and has good reviews from people who did not watch the first one. So I went ahead to watch it. But honestly I think only the people who watched the first movie would have felt anything from it.

The main problem here is that there was almost no time for one to build an attachment to the main characters and feel anything for anyone. If you are seeking the signature heart-wringing moments in a romance movie, turn back now. There is none to be had here. There are a few cute/funny scenes but beyond that this movie is bland.

The entire movie is 65 minutes, and things progress fast. *very minor spoiler* The main characters go from first years at junior high to being in a high school in like 15 minutes. The timeskips are jarring. I got the feeling like the movie had a lack of budget and and scenes were aggressively cut for it. Of the two guys in the love triangle, one of them barely had any screentime, so you just knew who she was going to end up with. The characters and relationships are sorely underdeveloped.

This movie is very low on substance and is entirely a promotional vehicle for HoneyWorks songs. If not here for the music, don't watch it.
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One Punch Man: Road to Hero (Anime) add
Meh. This one was meh. It wasn't bad, but not exactly outstanding either. It isn't particularly relevant to the main story, but it was fun to watch another ridiculous adventure of Saitama.

There were no battles that were as good as the ones in the original series, but this is fair since the story takes place when Saitama is just starting out. That being said, it still has all of the charms of One Punch Man. There's humor, especially when it comes to Saitama's indifferent attitude and plain looking face, characters that progress the story well as well as bright and fluid animation.

Is it necessary to watch this? No, but I don't think that it's a waste of time either.
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Sword art Online Movie Ordinal Scale, Good but not good enough as a movie

SAO Ordinal Scale is set after Mother Rosario and before Project Alicazation timeline. It began with there are new technology called Ogma which is an integrated AR (Augmented Reality) getting popular among society. Ogma very much useful in many ways such as Weather forecast, Messaging application, Idol called Yuna and game called Ordinal Scale. Kirito and the ganks are playing Ordinal Scale facing the boss that appeared before on SAO. Strangely, People that played SAO before being hurt while playing OS, then lose their memory during the SAO time. what is going on with this new game?

Sword Art Online never satisfies because their shallow storyline. in this SAO ; OS movie, the plot is very much clear and easy to read. the most boring part is the build up of the story to the climax is so slow. From the climax, we see many fights and cool moves by Kirito, then again reki kawahara decided to make Kirito is super Over Powered character. sometimes this movie put some kind of joke inbetween the scenes, i like those kind of things. the other focus in this movie is romance between Asuna and Kirito. i really like this things inside the movie where kirito decides to give anything to save Asuna, and while asuna on her lowest peak, she decided to help Kirito. Reki never fails on this one.

The Art is the most disappointing part from this movie. Although having a superb 3DCG, still can't properly use a regular animation correctly. if its on TV series prolly im gonna said that its enough, Movie takes another level and clearly SAO cant reach that level. some art just only rescale from the TV animation scenes which makes it stretched so bad on theater. 3DCG is really appealing in this movie. Fight scene takes your breath away and i love how the storyboard works on the last boss fight.

The Music is really good, Insert music are really good during fights, BGM also fits with the movie. LiSA ending song are good enough for this songs. The seiyuu act really takes my breath away. Matsuoka, Tomatsu and Sawashiro really going allout for this movie.

Enjoyment in this movie is mostly because the hype, but SAO Fags would love to see this movie and their waifus on the big screen. for me, this movie is slightly upgrade from 2 season Tv series but nothing special came out from this movie. The VA act really good especially Matsuoka really going all out and give us a new insight of Kirito in desperate mode and how Asuna really transform into a fine woman in this movie.

Asuna Still best girl for SAO, but i still cant find myself liking this series,

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