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Jul 20, 2018
cookiedestroyer (All reviews)
I loved this.
It's not easy to put into words but this short movie was an experience for me.

To be clear: I only describe what I felt. It could be not intened at all by the producers.

First, a short review:

It's about yuri. There were many sexual innuendos. Some of them were funny, others maybe a bit tasteless but still fitting in the main themes.
Often confusing - but I think that was the point.

Looks polished, the style is unique /recognizable. I liked it.
The girls looked very fragile and adorable. Sometimes the bodies looked a bit strange though. With all the sexual stuff they said there wasn't read more
Jul 20, 2018
tambi33 (All reviews)
I gotta say, three episodes in and I am enthralled by the story... Heck, it's pilot even created a compelling storyline that I'd hate to miss.

Character: 7
It sets the scene whereby the MC (I guess she's the MC) follows a progressive plot through, what I'd refer to as levels -I say levels since her "spawn point" is a basement from which she must navigate to go up a floor.
This is affirmed by it's most recent episode.
Furthermore, it is a level because she has to escape what could potentially be her cause of death...
But that's not what got me into it, rather -straight off the bar- read more
Jul 20, 2018
nookleon96 (All reviews)
Story: 10
A classic underdog story, but a great one. It's not very original, but it's still great. Joe, the protagonist is someone with real talent for Megaloboxing, but is stuck fighting in the underground boxing arenas because he was born outside of the city, thus he can't battle in teal Megaloboxing matches. The story is about how he overcomes that fact.

Art: 10
I would rate it higher if I could, it's old school, and that is what makes it so great. I am an artist, thus I see how it makes the show feel different and better.
The art style makes it all the more prominent read more
Jul 20, 2018
Yup (All reviews)
I didn't play the game and telling me I should to understand this, is terrible.
first 3 eps SPOILERS AHOY

Story - 1/10:
A girl is trapped in a death game that japan rehashes more times than I can count. She suddenly remembers some trauma and then becomes emotionless and fixated on dying. Yawn. She meets an edgelord and they kill floor bosses every episode as they move up. Their dialog consists of "Kill me" "No" "Kill me" "No" "Kill me" "No" "Kill me" "No" "Kill me" "No"

Art - 6/10:
J.C. Staff drew backgrounds and characters ususally this leads to some interesting looking shows, but all read more
Jul 20, 2018
TheAdriel (All reviews)
It makes sense some people are annoyed by the main character in the first couple of episodes. He is very noisy for some of the series. but overall the characters are interesting and the scenes are mostly interesting or comical. I am hooked!

The Main character is relatable to an extend, i would not be as energetic. but i would feel likewise.

The plot is interesting and seems to always go forward. not many things are happening for no reason.

The environment and the design is of very high quality and the fighting scenes are either short or very high quality/ impact full.
Jul 20, 2018
BlipBloop (All reviews)
Ahhh, Maoyuu. I originally watched this thinking it was a romance anime (what can I say? I'm a sucker for enemies turned lovers). I was pleasantly surprised when the romance soon wasn't the foreground anymore. This anime has a very Spice and Wolf feel to it. Especially Maou, she is crazy analytical, she wants to end the demon-human war, but not by decisive battles, she wants it to come to a negotiated close. She doesn't necessarily want one victor over the other. It's quite clear, her intentions. Her character is amazing, she may be a woman who is very bouncy, but she's also very intelligent! read more
Jul 20, 2018
BlipBloop (All reviews)
Mayo Chiki is an anime that I've seen three times now, each viewing with a sizeable amount of time in between. I've enjoyed it completely each time. The story keeps me watching. It's simple on paper yet the anime draws out its full potential. There is a substantial amount of ecchi, even some nudity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but they're so ridiculous half the time you can't not laugh. (The glasses scene-yeah if you've watched this then you know what I'm talking about). This is definitely something I would recommend to someone, especially if they're in the mood for comedy. I think Konoe's read more
Jul 20, 2018
BlipBloop (All reviews)
Hinamatsuri is a fantastic experience. The whole notion of this yakuza member taking care of this child that fell literally from the sky out of nowhere is extremely comedic. That's all I was expecting. I was really surprised by how enthralling the story line was. It was simple, yet done in this tasteful way, which, is mostly owed to the plethora of lovable characters. This is really a heart-warming journey, the character development is so satisfying. I do hope this gets a second season. I could not have picked a better anime to get me out of my slump. This anime is the type that read more
Jul 20, 2018
HisokaxMeruem (All reviews)
This anime was really enjoyable for about half of it, but once u notice how it just repeats itself for the rest of the season its just becoming very painful and not fun to watch anymore. Don't come with any expections towards character/relationship development into this, it may seem like there is something like that but there really isnt. The story isnt getting forward aswell or doesnt even exist to be honest. It has 1 - 3 "villains" if u wanna call them that but they are just there for the sake of making trouble and nothing else.

The music and the art is really good read more
Jul 20, 2018
SSbardock84 (All reviews)
Short Review - Spoiler Free

Overall this was a pretty decent movie. Certainly much better than the last Fairy Tail movie. Animation was fantastic, better than the actual series. The story itself was all right and would've been better if there was more time to work with. The fights and the story itself felt pretty rushed. There was too much in too little of amount of time. A concern I have as well is the amount of sexual fanservice in this movie. It takes away from it and has too much focus. I'm shocked to see that "ecchi" is not a genre for this movie.

Overall I read more
Jul 20, 2018
Kuta1 (All reviews)
At the time of this review, I've dropped Rainbow after episode 14. If I ever finish watching and change my opinion, I'll come back to re-edit, but for now this is my opinion on the show so far. There are spoilers in this review.

Story: 7/10. A serviceable story that gives insight into a time period that isn't well-known yet holds a lot of history. As the telling of a group of boys that learn how to stick together and bear the brunt of their tragedies, I think the show does a pretty good job but isn't without its flaws. After the group escapes from the read more
Jul 20, 2018
collegedebt (All reviews)
From the delightfully creative, awe-inspiring and visionary auteur Yuasa Maasaki, the director of the similar tale that is Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, once again produces the delectation that is Yoru wa Mijikashi Aurkeyo Otome, or the Night Is Short, Walk on Girl.

As a preface to this piece, it is good to note that the Tatami Galaxy and Night is Short are contained within the same universe, despite being different, separated stories that more or less follow the same premise. You can view either without having seen the other without losing much perspective, though it is extremely worth your time to view both as both are read more
Jul 20, 2018
NyaChan365 (All reviews)
Well this is going to be my first every anime review. However, i have recently replayed the rpg game it is based off of and watched the first two episodes on the anime so i thought i should give it a shot.

Story: 9

As for someone that have already done a total of 2 whole gameplay of the rpg, it might have heavily impacted on my overall judgement of the anime since i know the whole story of the show. However, what i can say about the pace of the story is that it is fairly steady and well in sync with the actual game. they read more
Jul 20, 2018
BlipBloop (All reviews)
This is only a recap episode, it doesn't have to be watched, not pertinent to the story. That being said, I don't think you could watch this as a substitute for episodes 1-9. It leaves out a lot of important information. Some of those concepts are somewhat complicated, and require more than a sentence to fully explain. They leave out some characters in this recap, as well as some plot points. However, the way the did this was interesting. Instead of having a narrator give an overview, they had "storytellers", which was a nice change of pace from usual recap episodes. Brownie points for that.
Jul 20, 2018
scrombleboi (All reviews)
Now with 3 episodes aired, Banana Fish is showing why it was such a popular Manga in the 80's. However, the show does not require any knowledge of the series to be utterly enjoyable, in other words is is not just 24 mins of nostalgia per week.

I'll start with this as this is a huge part of why I enjoy this series so much. The contrast and thrilling dynamic between the two mains keeps the show interesting and unique, not to say they aren't interesting on their own, as Ash is , simply put, the epitome of a cool, watchable, encapsulating character, and Eiji's progression read more
Jul 20, 2018
BlipBloop (All reviews)
Darling in the FranXX wasn't this terrible monster everyone makes it out to be. In my opinion it wasn't all that good, but not terrible. It was kind of generic, predictable, kind of confusing plot holes at times. It you look past that and try not to take this show too seriously, it's not bad. Episodes 1-15 were definitely better, after it kind of went downhill. I feel like the creators didn't bide their time well, they crammed in some things where they should have been drawn out and focused on areas that weren't as important. This anime could have been a lot better if read more
Jul 20, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
I was blinded by the lesbian-lensflare, then made speechless by the fluffy things, and further impressed by none other than the innocent, 2pure4thisworld romance development.

I really dig into that cute lesbian shit -- such as Tamen De Gushi and Stretch-- but both of these are manga series and not Taiwanese-origin cartoons which obviously sucks. Asagao to Kase-san is here to offer what has always been missing from this medium.

We find two lesbanese school girls in a relationship which focuses on them doing cute relationship thingies in awkwardness, experiencing what loving someone is all about. Unfortunately, it proves to be quite hard because they just read more
Jul 20, 2018
Taduga_Pdw (All reviews)
it's my first review,,,,

this will be difficult for me to explain cause im not native english. But i will try for now.
I try to describe why you should watch this anime :

1. You must know what will you watch
→Read Synopsis
→and Rating

2. Don't trust 100% HATER write. Black Clover is an anime spesificly for shounen.

3. Im watching this with my little brother and enjoy at all. so if you have young brother at age 13 they will enjoy this anime.

4. " THIS ANIME MAYBE WORST FOR 20+ YRS OLD GUY" they using other perspective for review this anime. FYI im 24

5. about story? good (just read more
Jul 20, 2018
GreenPanda56 (All reviews)
Let me start by explaining that I am a prude individual so when I first watched this I wasnt sure on the topics displayed. However after several episodes those topics displayed are dealt with maturely.

The story itself is about relationships and intimacy in a world where 'love' doesnt exist. Children are raised to control robots to protect an apolocalyptic world, however these robots can only be controlled in pairs. Now this is where the controversy comes in as the male controls the female, in a sexual position. However the show understands that this may raise a few eyebrows so it fits in as many sexual read more
Jul 20, 2018
CivilianHero (All reviews)
The biggest sin mankind has committed is to not give this anime the status it deserves. After watching this for 3 whole times, I feel that my opinion is pretty warranted and necessary to enlighten you uncultured weebs about this.

A village boy who dreams to be popstar accidentally becomes a demonic being who has risen from the fiery pits of hell itself in order to bring the world to its knees and lord over all mortals (in indie death metal world). You heard me right he accidentally became a fucking satan. The only other time such an unprecedented massive accident happened when Trump became President read more
Jul 20, 2018
JTXpado (All reviews)
As disappointing as the second season.

This anime keeps finding a way to let me down.
Maybe it was because i liked the first season so much that my expectations were really high.
I thought that the third season would rectify this problem but ,no.
There is absolutely no action scenes and some broad attempts at light hearted fun.
Its like the first season was an unexpected hit and the creators just want to squeeze the anime dry.
Every episode feels like a filler ,like those OVA's.

• Full guidelines available here.
• Don't steal anyone elses work, this review should be all in your own writing.
• Don't include story summaries, users read more
Jul 20, 2018
narukresna (All reviews)
Story : 4
Art : 6
Sound : 5
Character : 6
Enjoyment : 5
Theme Song : 8
Overal : 5

i don't know, if u guys asking me how i enjoy this movie, maybe 50:50, between enjoy,confused,and not enjoy at all.When i see the trailer, i though that this movie gonna be best summer movie that tells the story about romance drama that happend at high school in summer, because the trailer had watch by over 100 million people. But not what i expect, this anime make me soooo confused, this not mean i hate this movie, because usually i always enjoy read more
Jul 20, 2018
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Ideon: Be Invoked serves as an alternate retelling to the final several episodes of the TV anime when it was abruptly cancelled the year prior before Sunrise could wrap up the anime's plot. The film serves to wrap up events in the escalating conflict between the human crew of the Ideon and the alien Buff Clan.

Be Invoked starts where the TV anime left off in depicting Karala's confrontation with her father before the Ideon's power surges upward in response to the hostility between both factions. From then on, the film doesn't let up in showing how these hostilities result in an all-out final conflict between read more
Jul 20, 2018
SigmaticDoc (All reviews)
ConRevo came as one of the biggest surprises I've experienced since I've started watching anime. A show I severely underestimated solely because it looked silly at first glance.
The show was a massive critical success in Japan but it failed commercially, an overlooked gem so to speak.

I loved most of my time I spent on watching the first season of Concrete Revolutio: Superhuman Phantasmagoria and here's why :

The plot of ConRevo centers around society and Superhumans with themes of discrimination, different moral compasses and justice.
If Superhumans are the one protecting normal people, then who is protecting the superhumans? Enter the Superhuman Bureau, an organization that studies read more
Jul 20, 2018
Lucasljsilva (All reviews)
As you can see all the "1" come from progressist snowflakes that hate the FACT that Men and Women complete each other, and that is natural, and that is what is presented on the show.

Most of these "reviews" originated from a feminist progressist blog criticizing the anime. They can't enjoy anything, this type of people are the cancer of our world, they want everything to be changed the way they see it. To put it blantly, these pregressist people are the Invasors shown on this serie, they don't care about the future or the well being of humanity, they only care about what they think read more
Jul 20, 2018
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is an ode to excellence, an art habitually outdoing itself. It is the epitome of what Gundam is and was, and is the type of work only a master can craft. Origin is cinematic brilliance, and one of the finest in modern manga adaptating and modern anime storytelling. As such, it is as charming and emotionally evocative as its tentpole franchise has ever been, perpetually asserting itself among the best this decade has to offer in terms of an animated series.

It would be unwise to herald such a title as absolute perfection; there are blemishes in this magnificent work read more
Jul 20, 2018
GutoOtaku (All reviews)
It's amazing not only as exciting but also the characters are captivating, throughout the episode you realize how inexperienced they were and they became more daft but that in the first part of the episode. The second part is more exciting, but not as good as the first. I found the traits an interesting, very unique point, it's something that has quite ... class! It has a very good history and atmosphere, it passes very well the feeling of the characters being two virgins, but like contents like hentai, I say that of the first part same. The second part itself does not have a read more
Jul 20, 2018
Tringapore_98 (All reviews)
Watch Mahou Shoujo anime, it'll be fun my friends say. Watch Yuuki Yuuna they say. Alright, I'll watch, I said. So after finishing S1 and S2, I finally made my way to S3, scarred by the first 2 animes. And this time, I got scarred more than the first 2 combined.


Story: MESSED UP X9000!!!!! First Togo gotta go sacrifice herself cos she messed up. Fine. But the whole freaking concept behind her punishment is messed up. You imprison her... in a black hole and not only that, destroy any evidence of her existence. HENG AH Yuuna remembered that read more
Jul 20, 2018
hollowification (All reviews)
Kuzu no Honkai is difficult to judge, I honestly don't know how to feel about the anime in its entirety. I'm not gonna copy and paste the synopsis, it's right at the top of the page, so I assume you know what it's about. Instead, I'm gonna talk about some of the meat of the anime (without spoilers).

Story: 7
2 teenagers love someone, but they don't love them back. Sounds simple enough, but what makes the difference is how these characters act around that fact. Throughout all the things they do, they ask themselves questions, but I don't feel like we get to find out what read more
Jul 20, 2018
Raggadish (All reviews)
After finishing the two previous seasons of Full Metal Panic! about 1,5 year ago, my hopes for a continuation was very low since the last season aired back in 2005. But surprise, surprise, here are we now 13 years later with a new fresh season and I was one of the people who got really excited about it. Actually, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (FMPIV) was THE show of spring 2018 I was looking forward to.

Full Metal Panic! Invincible Victory is a direct continuation of Full Metal Panic! Second Raid, and it does assume that your memory is fresh. So, I would recommend you read more
Jul 20, 2018
TheRenegader (All reviews)
Who the hell do I think I am to write a review?

How could I tell you how the character's fighting spirit bursts from the screen? How could I show you the moments of pure adrenaline with shining color and life filling your eyes? How could I make you feel the power and pure rush from all the sheer badassery? How could I convey how this show drills right through the heavens?!! Who the hell do I think I am?! I'm a god damned spiral you bastard!

No matter how I try, I can't tell you how it feels to watch as the soul of this read more
Jul 20, 2018
animejas (All reviews)
Full Metal Panic! used to be a popular mecha show back in the early 2000s and after 2005, no one ever expected a sequel.

And welcome to 2018, where this sequel actually fucking happened. And no one is seeing this since its been forever since the last edition aired.

Anyway, here is my review!

Story (9.5/10)

This edition of FMP! had a really serious story with tension and twists everywhere. Awesome!

FMP! was a very intense season with being such a thrilling show building on the characters and action from the prequels very well.

The action was also well written as the battles used some smart strategies and the ending was read more
Jul 20, 2018
Aokushi (All reviews)
At first I was going to say I liked this quite a bit, and wanted a second episode.

But then I looked at the original source material and saw that it was an NTR mess (and not even the good kind meaning not 1 on 1 i guess). Kind of ruined what I liked about it.

Basically it's about a cute gal who wants to marry her childhood friend but gets blackmailed by a semipopular dude. Guy is handsome for hentai standards which was great, and the scenes had pretty decent art especially for the year it was made in. Didn't really pay attention to the read more
Jul 20, 2018
Hal (Anime) add (All reviews)
Meltskee (All reviews)
I just got done watching Attack on Titan season 2, and I was curious as to what other series Wit Studio has done. I picked out this movie because the cover image was colorful and caught my eye. I am a sucker for android involved story lines, so I knew I had to watch it after I read the synopsis. In the end, the movie didn't quite reach my expectations.

Story (4/10):
There was a steady story line in the beginning, but I was disappointed around halfway through. It felt like a lot was lacking, but I'm not sure what it was. A lot wasn't explained. read more
Jul 20, 2018
Free! (Anime) add (All reviews)
MellyBabes (All reviews)
I liked that Haruka and Rin bring different perspectives to swimming. As a Australian swimmer myself I feel the same way as Haruka feels about the sense of freedom that swimming brings. But can also understand the competitive spirit of Rin. And I like that this is explored in the story.

I really like how the story focuses mainly on the struggle in the relationship between Haruka & Rin. Haruka believes swimming is about embracing a sense of freedom and feeling the sensation of the water. Whereas Rin sees swimming as a form of competition & aspires to win and join the Olympics. Rin tells read more
Jul 20, 2018
Darkseedzero (All reviews)
This is my first review ever, and I'd like to first say I'm an avid Anime watcher with relatively high expectations. I also don't like writing long reviews so:

I had a blast watching this! 5 episodes of character development and insight into the lives of FFXV characters (btw i have yet to even play the game).
I'm more pumped to play than ever! Story was great, art is amazing, sound is....sound. sounds! It does its thing.

Characters were incredible in my opinion (favorite is Pronto's story!).
It was just incredible in general!

SO apparently i need a word count for this review to process read more
Jul 20, 2018
BigBert (All reviews)
This show just came out but has an intriguing premise and a great depiction of its main focus, the cursed dolls that actually made feel bad for them and makes the motivation of the main character a lot more believable.

Don't have much more to say on 1 episode but so far i definitely recommend it, and more importantly recommend you ignore the bad reviews this show is getting at episode 1 for no reason

If you have any qualms with his show id be interested to see a review of yours explaining what exactly made you dislike this from the get go.

ps: the opening, while not read more
Jul 19, 2018
dwp (All reviews)
this is my first review. pardon if there some forced-english (?) im trying my best as english is not my motherstongue.

Not your usual highschool romance story. the story itself is pretty unique. although it only narrate a small love life of each characters, the divergent personality of each couple made it enjoyable for me. The time you adore one of the couple you will realize what type of a person you are. You wish you could have a love story like them, and it will spark your hope once again, to positively live your life and finally meet the one for you (wtf?)

I'm sorry if read more
Jul 19, 2018
FawnOdelle (All reviews)
This will be one of the few times where you should DEFINITELY watch the dub. Asta's voice is irritating and everyone I know couldn't make it past the first episode. I read the manga and I loved it so I was looking very forward to the anime, but was really disappointed how far the Japanese voice went for Asta. The dub is still a bit extreme, but that's also just Asta in general. However it is much more bearable and the overall cast is fairly good for the dub.
The story is great and if you catch all of its read more
Jul 19, 2018
ggultra2764 (All reviews)
Following his work on the famous Mobile Suit Gundam, director Yoshiyuki Tomino moved on to direct what is yet another one of his famous works in the mecha genre with Ideon, an entry in the super robot genre focused on humanity's clash with the alien Buff Clan by utilizing the titular mecha of the series.

Personally for me, Ideon felt like a step down with what Gundam contributed in being one of the grandfathers of the "real robot" anime genre, though has some glimmers of potential. Whereas Gundam took the time to explore its world and offered enough fleshing out of both the Federation and Zeon read more
Jul 19, 2018
simm (All reviews)
I would like to formally say that this is my first review ever, and although I don't think it should make my points any less credible it is a fact that you, the reader, should know.
Also, I haven't seen the second season of Log Horizon, and I'm not sure if I ever will.

I wanted to really like Log Horizon. Like seriously. When I started this I really hated Sword Art Online, but by the end of it I ended up rewatching a bit of SAO and coming to gradually like SAO. Log Horizon is kind of plain boring. It brings very little things new to read more
Jul 19, 2018
SilentChameleon (All reviews)
Story (7/10) - Death March starts as any Isekai anime would; main character is living life, but then gets transported to another world, voluntarily or otherwise. At first he thinks it's a dream (as most would), but then realizes it's not and tries to adjust to the new world. I think the problem most people have with this anime is the situation surrounding Lulu and Arisa when they're first introduced. While it is terrible, it is considered normal in the world of Death March. And thankfully, the main character is not like everyone else.

Art (8/10) - The art style makes it easily recognizable as a read more
Jul 19, 2018
TheBigMak (All reviews)
I love reading articles that carefully dissect the flaws of this anime. The effort to pick it apart at its seams and meticulously state every fault possible is actually quite impressive. However, I would have to say that all these reviews of this show usually skip over the brilliance of the show as a whole.

(((Non-Spoiler section; if you have seen show, I recommend you skip to the spoiler section farther below)))

To begin with, the main character is not made to be liked. Almost every review, good or bad, seems to believe Yuuki is a shit character. But to dive into why he’s a shit read more
Jul 19, 2018
Meltskee (All reviews)
It has been a year since I have re watched Attack on Titan season 1, and I knew I had to give the rest of the series a shot. I have been the longest fan of AoT (Honestly, it has probably been about 3 years since I first watched it.) and had my fair share of shipping and fangirling. I remember obsessing over it with a few of my friends in middle school, but my feelings have changed quite a bit in the past few years. AoT feels slightly overrated and old, but I guess it is just because I've grown a little detached read more
Jul 19, 2018
animewarlordo (All reviews)
Shichisei no Subaru is an interesting anime, because it has that feel that most other anime don't get, for one it might look like your typical SAO rip off but it actually isn't. This anime by far is a hella more interesting then SAO like this one makes you bindge your A** off your seat wanting you to see the next episode.

Story (10)- The Story starts off with a close friend dying and all that stuff, then 7 years later they comeback to the game to see that she is their. The story is good because it adds that surprise element that only a few read more
Jul 19, 2018
OnyLink (All reviews)
I am a big fan of isekai and fantasy/magic shows with over powered main characters.
I love Overlord, Re:Zero, Konosuba, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, The devil is a part timer, No Game No Life, Highschool DxD and countless others. This show is kinda like those...sorta. Except, this show is bad and has poor execution in everything that is important. But let me explain WHY it is bad and why it isn't as good as many other shows.
Now, I will give credit where credit is due, the sound direction is decent, it does the job, but isn't anything to write home about.
Now its time to read more
Jul 19, 2018
donhaas (All reviews)
"In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum." What a fun and long winded journey this was, but damn Im glad I experienced it. Last year I was one of few anime fans that never watched Naruto and now Im one of many to have completed the series. The prequel series ended with Naruto leaving his village to train with his sensei Jiraiya in order to prepare for his encounter with the Akatsuki. On the other hand Sasuke joined Orochimaru so he can get stronger in order to kill his read more
Jul 19, 2018
Susuchan (All reviews)
! Possible spoilers!

I haven't read the manga but i did watch all the seasons. I liked season one, loves season 2, but this season.. I just don't know. It feels like the only thing that is left from the previous seasons is that they are ghouls.. I like SOME of the character development but haise is terrible.. He is too nice, too not kaneki. They could've done so many things with kaneki going rogue and they choose this..

What is nice about this anime?
It is nice we see some old faces, but seeing those faces also raises more questions. Why don't they try more read more
Jul 19, 2018
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
"Even though we are divided into enemy and ally, there are good people on both sides. People who can understand each other. And me knowing that amidst the stupidity of this war is the one thing that gives me hope"

Gundam has a longstanding reputation for showing the unfiltered truth of a raging war that breeds hatred, destroys families and consumes resources at the consequence of entire civilizations. It is made emphatically clear time and time again with every (good) iteration of the franchise that no side is truly right in their convictions, and that even within the enemy organization are kind hearted people who seek read more
Jul 19, 2018
Squiddzy (All reviews)
For me, this is just another Overlord ripoff. That doesn't mean, however, that it's a shitty show. As you probably notice, the other reviews are doing their jobs, telling you their opinions about the story, art, sounds, characters, enjoyment, and overall scores. I have to agree with most of them. The story is bullshit, but that isn't the selling point. The art and sound are beautiful. The characters are kinda a bland, but this demon lord guy, I can start get used to him. Overall, it's a great anime 10/10.

Enjoyment? Oh, sorry I forgot,,,
The enjoyment, I put a 10/10
well i'll just put one read more