30-sai made Doutei dato Mahoutsukai ni Nareru Rashii

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

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Japanese: 30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい
English: Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2024 to Mar 28, 2024
Premiered: Winter 2024
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:00 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Satelight
Source: Manga
Genres: Boys LoveBoys Love, ComedyComedy, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, WorkplaceWorkplace
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.651 (scored by 2150621,506 users)
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Ranked: #13412
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Popularity: #3028
Members: 53,732
Favorites: 478

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Preliminary Spoiler
Feb 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
In this review I won't focus on the story too much because I've read the manga and I think the manga is a 10/10, the story is super fun to read, the romance is cute and develops at a good pace, the characters are compelling and relatable; it's just a good story all and all and my only hang up is the art style which can look wonky from time to time (specially Kurosawa's face proportions). This last thing was what got me extra excited for the anime because it was going to follow the story I already love so much but with a probably ...
Feb 10, 2024
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Watching this with my totally not homo-homies has made me feel like a I could conquer any hardships, as in hard, along the way.
The anime is good at making you root for the relationship between the main cast.
And as a totally not-homosexual, I would love to be in the position of the main character and have a friend like Kurosawa who would treat me right, as every man should.
The "reading the mind" plot point is well handled, the character knows the intention and tries to shove it off.
Personally, I think it's a masterpiece. I just think it lacks a lot of anal sex.
EDIT: After ...
Feb 1, 2024
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
I’ve been disappointed with the lack of BL romance releasing, so was happy to see this was on this list and it’s better than expected! Two virgins who received the ability to hear thoughts of those they touch on their 30th birthday. Super heartwarming and comedic. Into episode 4, they introduce a second potential couple aside from the MCs that I’m excited to see both of their developments.

As a BL lover, this is top tier only 4 episodes in and it has made me want to read the manga because it’s so freakin’ cute. Highly recommend to other BL lovers.

8/10 for this BL. It ...
Mar 27, 2024
This Anime has made me realise, how great it is to be in love.

I like how the beginning shows the viewer, the difficulties when you like the same gender. But that didn't stop Adachi. As far as he tried to deny Kurosawa's genuine feelings, in the end he couldn't.

The anime conveys their feelings in such a lovely way, you get butterflies from just watching!!!

Even the little substory is as realistic as it can be. The way the characters act makes my heart melt.

If you need to watch a heart-warming romance anime, that potrays same gender love in their own, joyful way, this anime is ...
Apr 3, 2024
If this premise was slapped on to a straight romance, it would do INSANE numbers here, since mature office romances have been taking off. But na, it's gay and people's interest wanes. It's basically My New Boss is Goofy if they actually leaned on the gay subtext and developed it into a full fledged romance.

This anime really belongs in the BL elites, having NO red flags, dubious situations with consent, or weird power dynamics between the characters, which in BL are rooted in gender roles they slap onto the femenine and dominant guy. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses and constantly lean ...
Feb 1, 2024
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
This anime leaves a smile on my face after every episode from how funny and light hearted it is.

An unique idea of a plot that you don't see often with unpredictable events that leaves you satisfied.

For the animation and colors it's really good they put the effort in it .

Also the intro and the outro songs it's sweet and fits .

The anime arranged well the events and it's good as a light bl if you don't want to see exclusive smut,

this anime is on the pure side and focuses on the plot and characters so you'd probably enjoy it~ .
Mar 27, 2024
I love myself a bit of 'opposites attract' so naturally I was quite drawn to this. If you're into that sort of thing then Cherry Magic is totally worth your time. The back of the manga literally says something like 'Clean-cut hottie x Virgin with self-esteem issues.' How much more 'opposites attract' can you get?! Also, the side ship follows the same formula: Cute younger, extroverted dancer with bleached hair x introverted, older, tall, dark-haired, glasses-wearing author?! Yes, please :>. Also, from what I've read of the manga so far, IMO this is a pretty good faithful adaptation with some thoughtful, well-placed anime-only additions. Overall, ...
Feb 29, 2024
Preliminary (12/12 eps)
30 Years of Virginity Can Make You Gay and I'm all for it.

Animation's decent pretty much everything else.

What this show brings though is too goddamn sweet and I'm ALL FOR IT. Seriously. I'm a straight man lusting for tiddies and getting bricked towards anime girls;and when I saw two men experiencing all kinds of romance like a straight couple in their early years, it does make my heart a lil bit tingly and my grin reaches all the way up to our ceiling.

Watching this show as a man feels like partaking in taboo, but hey, sign me up for more!
Jan 29, 2024
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
As someone who went into this anime with very little expectations, I must say that I was returned wanting for more.

The concept is promising, the idea of developing telepathy through sheer lack of sexual experiences is absurd but refreshingly funny. Admittedly, the anime doesn't exactly delve into the realistic positives of it but rather uses it as a plot device that helps us understand the perspective of the people who aren't the narrating main character. More specifically, telepathy in this show is mainly used to show Kurasaki's unrequited love for Adachi. Some may think of this as a cop-out since it avoids the more ...
Feb 27, 2024
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
So far from what I have seen this anime is lovely- a simple and sweet concept with nothing too annoying or emotionally taxing. I like how Adachi isn't fully on board with the romance right away but isn't entirely opposed to it either- a very realistic reaction I'd say which makes this anime a breath of fresh air in my opinion. I also like how the show just portrays him as just some normal dude- without disproving that by like making him super kind or whatever. Kurosawa is great too from what I gather- i like how they gave him depth without making it a ...
May 15, 2024
I don't usually write reviews for things I love but this show touched me. It did romance so perfectly that I have to let it out. It has wonderful pacing and shows a realistic and beautiful romance, conflicts and all. For such a silly premise the writers did a wonderful job.

The couple are really fun to root for. I laughed, smiled and cried with the characters. It showed the joy of falling in love, portrayed in such a realistic and beautiful way that I yearned for that experience again myself. I loved how about half of the anime was them being together, very much a ...
May 7, 2024
This is a beautiful BL romance anime with a happily ever after. There are no bad episodes and the characters are well rounded. I usually dislike the ‘dumb hardworking FL’ trope and thought I would hate it in this as well even though the lead is Male. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that they develop the character so well - starts out being under confident, but realises true potential because of his partner and becomes a better person - emotionally and in his career. It’s beautifully put together. The only reason to not rate it a perfect 10 is because of the ...
Mar 28, 2024

I hope the movie will be the 11.5 ep

recommend 10/10


⚠ This review needs more information!
Apr 13, 2024
ngl i was super excited for this anime & while i think the anime is a solid 7-7/5 out of 10, I feel like my expectations were super high and was not really met. Having said that, I still enjoyed the lovey-dovey couples & i have to say the 2ndlove story that was happening as far more interesting to me - it had a diverse dynamic that I would have loved to be invested in more. All in all, the ending was suuuppper cute & wholesome & I love that - that really is what has me squealing & loved that this is a full ...
Feb 10, 2024
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
Such a cute and fun romance series.

Story 7.5/10
Good story, but not that different from other romance series. What makes the series stand out is not the story itself but the premise of Adachi being able to read minds. Things seem to be heating up though.

Enjoyment 8.5/10
Comedic and cute with not too heavy a story, the series is really easy to watch. A fantastic palate cleanser that you can look forward to every week.

Art and Sound 7/10
The art is exactly what you can expect from a smaller series. Nothing to complain about, nothing to praise, just good art. The same can be said about the sound, ...
Mar 15, 2024
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
As a Yaoi this could have been much worse.
The story sounds absurd, the idea of a 30 years old virgin turn mindreader, but the execution is so cute. That's all this show has to do really, deliver on the funny and sweet moment. Which it does.
One thing I have to give it praise is how purely romantic it feels, for a romance junkie, this one's served. The couple are so not toxic and they progress naturally without dragging. While there are some usual tropes of inconfident MC, I'm willing to give it a pass. Sure, the animation can be a bit stunted, but when ...
Mar 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
The concept of the story is interesting and uncommon for a romance, I mean mind reading because you’re a 30 year old virgin? absurdly funny. I just wish the story were executed better. I mean there was so much to unpack with adachi’s power. How does he know the power is linked to his virginity? We also see (spoiler) — his friend eventually acquire the power himself so does that mean this happens to everyone who is a 30 year old virgin as well in this world? —

Anyways, the show was silly at first and I appreciated that the characters were pretty mature when it ...
Apr 26, 2024
I'm male, watched it with my sister who loves Yaoi and Shounen ai. She said it is one of the best yaoi/shounen ai series out here, she really liked it and she watched almost every Yaoi anime in existence and read almost every Yaoi manga.

What do I find good about it myself? Well, it's funny, I laughed in some episodes. Also, it has good emotional tension and not bad story writing overall. I liked the side story more than the main story, in my opinion, it's better, but I'm not the casual Yaoi watcher. In some parts, it was really hard to watch as a ...
Apr 16, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Yes, yes, this anime does have its fluffy, lovey-dovey couples, no problematic content, whatever. Not that it needs to be barren of problematic content to be considered a good story. Anyways, I personally enjoyed this anime for a few reasons, but it's not without its problems.

Let's just put it up front that I'd give 10 stars for one particular supporting character who was an absolute riot throughout the series. They're the very embodiment of 'don't judge a book by its cover', which makes every interaction with Adachi absolutely hilarious to watch. So there's your comedy.

One part of the story that might not have been ...
Mar 27, 2024
Preliminary (11/12 eps)
This is peak non sexual vanilla romance where boundaries are respected and consent is a must. We're almost down to the last episode but I can't wait anymore to put out a review. BL generally has a tainted reputation when it comes to the type of content being put out by majority of the anime or manga we get to choose from. It's shows like these that restore my faith in BL having the potential to be judged as a mainstream one (minus the animation budget) like any other romance story (because romance is romance, irrespective of any gender or sexual biases and stereotypes)
Cherry Magic ...