Killing Bites

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Alternative Titles

English: Killing Bites
Japanese: キリングバイツ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 13, 2018 to Mar 31, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Broadcast: Saturdays at 02:25 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, EcchiEcchi
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 6.591 (scored by 6364963,649 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #56752
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1153
Members: 153,194
Favorites: 370

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Mar 30, 2018
SoraSenpai (All reviews)
The story is basically battle royale but with animals. These people are infused with specific animal DNA resulting in them being able to turn into their animal forms. Okay not the best story wise but the fighting is what really drew me into this anime. Okay I would be lying if it was 100% the fighting, a large portion of it revolved around the amount of HEAVY fan-service in this anime. Which can always boot the enjoyment of an anime as well.

The art and animation was really well done. LIDENFILMS has yet to disappoint me when it comes to high quality art and animation.

The opening read more
Mar 30, 2018
Leark (All reviews)
Hey guys,

I read the manga, i knew what i had to expect.
And man, i wasn't dissapointed. This could be the best worst anime of 2018.
I seriously was waiting for this anime, even though i knew it won't be something humanity wants to remember in the future.

This show is utter trash and i love it.

If you want to have a good time just watching boobs and people killing each other, then you are in for a hell of a ride.

The Story is unimportant and just a framework for the explosive action and eroticism.

The music rocks. I have to say, the music is really good, the read more
Mar 31, 2018
Lyree (All reviews)
A violent battle among people who morph into animals, with lots of action and fanservice. "That's what Killing Bites is"

The story begins when an average college student, Yuuya Nomoto, agrees to go pick up girls with his newly made acquaintances. Little did he know that by picking up they meant kidnapping and attempting a rape. Things don't go as planned, though, because Hitomi aka Ratel, the girl they try to mess with, turns out to be a real beast. That all leads to Nomoto getting mixed up in the world of therianthropes and their deadly fights.

It's easy to understand what Killing Bites is like. read more
Mar 30, 2018
Shingster (All reviews)
Please note this review is intended to be read by those that have finished watching the Killing Bites and while care has been taken to minimise story related spoilers there may still be spoilers within character analysis. You have been warned!

One nights encounter with a beast girl that changed the life of a mediocre student and introduces him to a hidden world of bloody beast fights.

Based on a popular manga of the same name Killing bites is an action based anime that also feature elements of sci-fi and ecchi Killing Bites gives us the opportunity to see what exactly would happen read more
Feb 4, 2018
Zerinha (All reviews)
May contain spoilers!

Awfully uninteresting, generic and boring.


One of the only good points, most scenes are well animated and fluid.


Another good point, the tracks matches the scenes, mostly on fighting scenes also the ending theme is awsome.



Guy: Useless.

Honey Badger girl: pisses me off with "The one with sharper fangs wins that's Killing Bites", beside that op af and till now killed everyone with 1 hit.

The rest are the same as the guy, useless and boring.


Enjoyment: if your'e looking for

Story, no
Looking for furry ecchi, maybe
Fights and gore, yes


Bad characters, story, almost no ecchi, may improve in the future if you want a trash read more
Mar 30, 2018
LegendAqua (All reviews)
"The beast with the sharpest fangs wins. That's what Killing Bites is." Your gonna hear that ALOT in this anime.

Killing Bites REALLY isn't for everyone, it's for what LA would say is like one of those 90's violent schlock animes...that somehow sprung into the Winter of 2018. Well by violent schlock LA can say that Killing Bites has gory uncensored action, attempted rape, sadistic and unmoral characters and hell even the core concept of this anime is essentially a battle royale animorphism cockfighting and you know what...LA kinda loved it for all it's violent schlockiness.

Killing Bites has some character developments towards the plot which focuses read more
Feb 2, 2018
Mike98 (All reviews)
*Somewhere in the Discovery Chanel HQ*

D:"Quick guys, we're running out of ideas, does anyone have anything?"
A:"Alien stuff? Dunno"
D:"We're not the History Channel for pete's sake... Anyone else? Joe?"
Joe:"You know how 'Animal face-off' was a pretty nice show, right"
D:"Hmm yeah, that's actually not a bad idea, a new season would be -"
Joe:"How about this time is animated and with scarcely clothed hot chicks!"
Joe:"And in order to appeal to the youth we should have highschool girls..."
D:"... Joe..."
Joe:"And... and -"
D:"Joe this is it, you're fired"
Joe:"What, why"
D:"Leave now or I'll call security"
Joe:"But wait -"

Later on, Joe made his own anime studio and thus decided to get back at his read more
Apr 1, 2018
Commander-Toffen (All reviews)
It's about a story animal humans fighting each other in a tournament. There is some progressions between the main guy and the main girl. There might be some unintentional spoilers along the way so please understand the concerns.


Personally I think the story was kinda lame, basically battle royale between characters, seen too many of those types of cliché stuff so nothing really unique.


The artstyle was somewhat unique so far i've seen in anime so that's something to go for if you are into the art but then again i wouldn't suggest watching this anime just because of the art.
Had some ecchi scenes if you are read more
Apr 2, 2018
Chris_Concept (All reviews)
Whoever has the sharpest claws wins.. not in this case.

Story 5: its another battle royale! Not really special, but I do like the whole animal side of it. Having their animal features and their abilities was pretty cool.

Art 5: Noting special here, a couple of good ecchi scenes though.

Sound 5: Voices were good, tracks were okay and the tracks reminded me of the 90s rock music (the middle cut scene)

Character 4: I didn't like alot of them, you have the typical shy guy that has a hot girl as a partner. If I had to pick a favorite character it would be kido read more
Mar 31, 2018
_Hentai_Prince_ (All reviews)
First of all Thank you to the Killing Bites team to presenting this Anime.It was Amazing.

And now about anime, when it started in first it was like whats going on, the starting was average but then it after some episodes it started to hit the mark, if i talk about story well it was good but what i special liked was the ending of the Killing Bites because the Main Thing, Main Story Starts from here...
The Art was well how to say it was kinda ero..(liked them) and the characters was interesting.
What hit me hard was the end part and it made me so excited read more
Jan 26, 2018
QueenxKefura (All reviews)
Just because it doesn't have a solid story doesn't make it trash.

I see a lot of hate for this anime. I'm not really sure why but i'm really enjoying it and i'm not even fapping either lol. Hitomi is bad ass, i like the concept and it reminds me of those AniMorph books i used to read but more adult themed.

Honestly this is my type of anime if only there was a real story. The art is good, the action and animation is good, the characters have good especially the females. (Of course)

Overall 9/10 because the lack of actual story but this anime read more
Mar 23, 2018
Haaselh0ff (All reviews)
Killing Bites is your basic Battle Royale fighting anime with some ecchi thrown in... AND CHARACTERS WHO CAN TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS!

This show is the best of the best. You watch the first episode and think, "oh god this is awful" AND YOU'RE NOT WRONG but oh does it get better! Ratel quickly tries gunning for the Best Girl spot and from there it is a hot pursuit between Tiger and Rabbit. The characters in this show are all amazing, even Cobra with his dual cannons was an alright character. Ratel is easily the most likeable and without her I don't think we'd ever figure out read more
Mar 28, 2018
uNs7oPPaBL3 (All reviews)
this is one of those action ecchi animes that wont satisfy most peoples taste it is trash the good kind of trash if you turn you brain off and just take it as an mindless action ecchi anime you will enjoy it a lot the fights are great there is not much talking but more fighting its exiting the music is spot on and gets you hyped up they do give character development in between the fights witch keeps you invested thou some of the animals are wrongly portrayed and are more buffed for sake of looking cool more than animal consistency and i must read more
Jul 14, 2019
ShiroTheWiseWolf (All reviews)
To keep it short.

Too much rape. Pretty grim stuff, a couple of people are raped and Cheetah gets aggressively molested. Main male protagonist is pretty much background noise in a cafe, not important one bit. Hitomi is rather sexy with a severe dad complex. Usagi Chan was a cutey, would protect. That ending was, well... bad.
A bizarre animal-human hybrid dystopia? alrighty then.

It's not a nice world this takes place in. It is a very sad place. Everyone has an ulterior motive, people get killed for no real purpose, the people who should die, don't, rape is common sight. This does not make me happy.
Mar 23, 2020
Dr_Civilization (All reviews)
Killing Bites is a fighting anime about fighters with animal powers. The powers of tits that is! I'm just fooling around (with their tits), it's actually a pretty great fighting anime. Whole chunks of it is clearly fanservice but it's actually quite amazing. The fanservice is actually incorporated into the plot in some cases (although in fairly obvious ways). Episodes consist of spectacular fight scenes with lots of gore and learning more information about other contestants in this fantastic fighting anime.

The animation is amazing and the characters are pretty great for a 12-episode show. The level of detail is really nice and they will always read more
Apr 1, 2018
Animorphimagi (All reviews)
On the surface everyone wants to simplify this into a fan service show, but of any fan service show show I've never seen the excess of emotion and brutality as I've seen throughout this show.
It's true that many things end of being fairly standard as far as fights and relationships go but by the last episode it's very clear that the betrayals and deaths that have piled up have formed a world that is unlike any in any fiction ever made. No joke.
The story is admittedly quite slow but after the first 4 episodes there's enough madness to keep you interested and as the show read more
Mar 30, 2018
Down4daFall (All reviews)
Summary: Stupid but entertaining. I may have watch this all the way through purely out of appreciation for the Honeybadger meme...that and the T&A.

I'm fairly certain that anyone who has watched even one season of anime will recognise this for what it is. Ecchi battle anime. Surprisingly, there's even the semblance of a story too...just don't expect much.

All of the characters, and I do mean ALL, are very one dimensional, the artwork and animation is average, the music is rather forgettable but, in terms of Ecchi, it's actually pretty decent. They do manage to make several of the female characters believable and sexy while making read more
Apr 1, 2018
sqwooby (All reviews)
The Killing Bites experience is similar to that of porn—not necessarily because you could easily jack off to either, but mostly for that aftermath with which we are all to familiar. You have a great time, but in finishing up after your session, you make the realization that you just so thoroughly enjoyed the last several minutes and it makes you disgusted–both with the content, and with yourself. Dejectedly tucking your shrinking chub into a more comfortable position, you expel a knowing sigh. You'll be back for more.

Killing Bites is degenerate, cheesy, over-the-top trash. In other words: it's fantastic. I love it. It's funny, action-packed, read more
Nov 30, 2019
YeeYeeAss (All reviews)
I truly enjoyed the anime. After I watched it I started to read the manga since there is no season 2.
Story: Nomoto agrees to become a driver for his mates and they abduct a girl named Hitomi. Which later turn out to be a Human animal hybrid. Then for some reason Nomoto has been made into Hitomis caretaker even though its the opposite. Later on Nomoto has been forced into joining a battle royale where Hitomi competes. The "caretakers" move the players around the map like playing chess.
Characters: Nomoto is this college kid who is kinda relatable. He is funny and kind. Hitomi read more
Dec 25, 2018
GeneFirewind (All reviews)
I have to say, I started up with this anime because I saw it on Amazon. Watched a few episodes and thought that the little bit of information the show gave on the different animals was actually interesting and helped provide an understanding to the characters actions.

At the start the anime seemed like it was going to be 90% about the fan service, but the actual fights were interesting and decently well thought out, pulling in the characteristics of real animals and the way they would likely interact in the wild was pretty good. I liked both the main and sub-main characters as they fit read more