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fancyjasper Jun 12, 4:23 PM
I can handle some pretty hard beatmaps, but not the ridiculously crazy ones. You're not ranked in the top 100 of the country or anything are you!? If your Osu levels aren't beyond human capabilities then i should be able to beat you. After i practice and get good again anyway.

I love Bloodborne, but not enough to spend hundreds on one of those figures. If i was rich i would totally get the doll figure though! I think the figma joints are as well concealed as they could be for an action figure. I mainly collect scale figures, but i've still got about 15 figmas. PlayStation didn't attend e3 this year did they? That's my main console, so it's a shame we didn't get to see more games from them. I know all about the Berserk games, but none of them seem worth playing. The ps2 one looks like it's the best one though. The graphics legitimately look better than the Berserk 2016 anime.

Thank you again for the compliments. I only seem to get called cute and stuff online though (-∧-;) Apart from my dad, but of course he'd think his daughter is cute, so it doesn't count. I guess people wouldn't know about my personality since i tend to be really quiet and avoid talking. No one would know i'm a hardcore otaku from a glance would they? XD I got approached in a game store once, so my appearance can't be as terrible as i think. I was wearing a one piece shirt though, so he might've just wanted to talk about that with me. Maybe i should hang out there by myself more instead of attached to my mum and i might get a boyfriend that way XD I am always with someone when i go out, so maybe they just don't have the chance to come and talk to me! Hehehe you're so tiny. I'm 172 cm last time i checked. <( ̄︶ ̄)> There there little boy, maybe you'll grow a little taller someday (*´ω`)o I'm definitely a lot more open online, but when i get really close to someone this is my default personality irl. Thanks for putting up with my rants btw, it's nice to let the emotions out. At the time of my break up, i didn't have anyone to talk about it with, so letting it all out feels nice. I'm just going to look so bad after surgery, and the thought of having screws in my jaw freaks me out. T_T Ahaha i'd never accept hospital food, i'm impressed my grandma could eat it. Hospitals should make more of an effort. You need food to help recover! I know right! I mean, even i'd like to have my boyfriend take me out to dinner and stuff, but i'd be really happy just cuddling him all day XD My dream would be to share an apartment, have a cat, and my boyfriend to be a really good cook that wants to feed me delicious food (っ˘ڡ˘ς) Honestly there's no way i'd survive moving out on my own. My mum doesn't mind how long i stay here or anything, but i feel like that's the next step to becoming a true adult! But living on my own would be scary, and i don't want to share with strangers, so i'll stay here instead! XD

Ahaha we haven't known each other for that long, i'm sure you'll get over me quickly XD I'm sure you're a very nice person, but even just waiting to meet someone again is too much for me now. If you happen to move to the UK i'll consider you though! XD Anyway, you definitely look like the type who'd have a cute girlfriend. I'm not really into it, but you've already got the beard fetish covered! So keep looking and you'll find one :3
NatiT Jun 11, 4:18 AM
Thanks for accepting. Just open alot of profiles and thought that your profile is really cool :)
fancyjasper Jun 10, 5:35 AM
Yeah the English voices. I can't get into the Japanese version because Tai sounds so much like a girl. English Tai is great! I look forward to beating you in Osu! Well, unless you're a master at Osu in which case i look forward to losing to you in Osu XD

The scale figures are soo expensive though! That's why i'm going to settle for the lady Maria figma. Yeah the design is pretty good. Speaking of, fromsoft released a trailer for their new game. Miyazaki is working with the creator of game of thrones. I don't care about game of thrones, but i hope the game is good. There's one more game they haven't announced yet, so hopefully that one will be more up my alley. I just want a Berserk game from them T_T

I don't think i'd describe her as being cute during those scenes, but whatever floats your boat XD I think Maria is very cute, just not when she's laughing manically over people dying! I can't help feeling this way about myself. I guess i have a bit of an inferiority complex. Ahhhh don't call me cute so much, it's really embarrassing you know (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑) It doesn't fit me at all. I'm tall and weird looking, i don't qualify as cute! Aw that's really nice, but i'm sure you'll meet someone better than me. Maybe i just seem better than i am because you haven't met me in person. I am being myself though. It's just the thought that my boyfriend would be there for me to hold my hand made me a lot less scared of surgery, so now i'm really terrified. People have died recently over hospital food you know! They might as well prepare my funeral! T_T Ahaha i guess so. I just want to experience all the lovey dovey romantic things couples do together. In my case just hanging out and playing games with them would be enough for me. Being able to kiss them whenever i want would also be so nice. (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ

I don't want you to feel hurt about me wanting to just be friends. If you were closer i probably would go out with you if that makes you feel better! There's nothing wrong with you at all. Online relationships are just a big no, especially when the person is in another country. I've learnt my lesson.
_kukiyomenai Jun 8, 7:26 PM

I'm so sorry, I thought I already replied to your last message lol. I realized, I still haven't.

I also got distracted watching some series. I just finished Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru and it's really good! Do you like sports anime? I you saw Dragonball and YYH before, maybe we are in the same age :)

My boss and co workers had another drinking session last night but I didn't go because I'm not really interested.

I don't know why I'm telling you random stuff:P
fancyjasper Jun 7, 3:02 PM
There's some voice actors in Digimon who're pretty good. I've heard them in some other anime series as well. I'll definitely get a laptop this year...maybe. It depends. I've promised a few people i'll play Osu with them XD

There's been dlc for other fromsoft games, so hopefully Sekiro will be the same. I'm gonna get the lady maria figma from bloodborne when it's out. I wasn't too into the hunter figma, probably because it's just a representation of the player character.

It's not cute when people are being killed! Ahaha don't try to be like Osomatsu XD Besides, my fictional men taste is probably different from my real life taste. If Oso were real i wouldn't want a free loading neet to take care of! I like to think he'd change his ways if he got a girlfriend though, i think he would! I can't help it, i think feeling like human garbage is an innate part of my personality XD Ahaha well i hope you won't hurt me on purpose! That'd be mean! Hey dw about it. You haven't said anything that's hurt me yet. Keep looking! There's a million better looking girls out there! Nah i won't gain weight. I've always been pretty slim and until then i'd never exercised in my life. Apart from PE in school. I just wanted to improve my stamina! No it's not gotten any better yet. The first time i went to physiotherapy i was being pulled and poked all over! The last time he pulled my leg really hard and i had to pull back at the same time. That damn muscle needs to sort itself out! I have a feeling my next appointment will be a lot of leg pulling again. On top of that i have hospital appointments to go to about my jaw. I have an open bite, it's where your front and bottom teeth don't touch. It makes it hard to eat some foods, plus it makes my face look weird. The surgery is still a long way away. I wasn't so scared when i thought i'd have my boyfriend with me, but i'm honestly really terrified now! I've never had a big surgery before and had to stay in hospital. I mean, i'm getting my jaw and bone in my face cut and screwed back together, it's really scary! I'm going to be all swollen and ugly afterwards. It can even take a year for it to fully go down. There's also a risk of a nerve getting cut in my lip, so i might be numb there forever as well. It's a possibility, i'd like it if it didn't happen though. I want to feel what it's like to kiss someone T_T
Well it's nice to know that someone else would want to date me. I just really don't want another ldr relationship, so we can be besties instead!
fancyjasper Jun 4, 4:34 PM
I like the English voices. They're a lot of fun! But then again, i've never watched Digimon in Japanese, so the English voices are the embodiment of the characters for me. I'd say it's better than the Pokemon dub at least. All i've got from LRG is Rain World, Celeste and Fata Morgana. I like to have physical copes of my fave games, especailly Rain World. I jumped on that! Uhhh a new laptop isn't really urgent or anything. I'll get one eventually ♪~( ̄ε ̄;)

I tend to play for as long as i can until it feels impossible to go further without levelling up. There's some levels in Disgaea games that are pretty much designed for quick grinding. Yayy i did it!! It didn't take me as long as it took to beat Dark Souls are Bloodborne. I really love how streamlined and fast Sekiro is. I hope we get some DLC and i must buy the Sekiro figma that's coming out! Yeah you totally can skip it. The cleric beast is just in a dead end. Beating him doesn't give you access to anything. I think he's easier the the hunter boss though, so going for him first makes sense.

Yeah i really can't choose between the two. They're both god tier. We'll have to see how Ciconia ranks when it's out! At first i thought Maria was just a crrepy kid who was enjoying all the murders happening, but then you discover she's the only one who used magic correctly the whole time T_T Aww you can't hate poor Satako! She's so cute and she's been through a lot. I don't just automatically like all eldest brothers you know XD Osomatsu just happens to be one. He tends to be called the most boring brother, but i completely disagree! If you ever watch it, it'd be interesting to see which brother you like the most. They're all really great characters. I think i like Osomatsu because he's so different from me. He get's drunk and speaks his mind! He's very endearing~ Well i have to admit i think the whole thing has traumatized me (^▽^;) I still tear up when i think about it sometimes. It's not that i like him romantically anymore, it's just when i think that i used to really believe i was going to spend the rest of my life with this person and he apparently felt the same way and things still didn't work out. Well it upsets me a bit. I can be happy, but there's certain tiers of happiness you know! I don't think i can get into high tier again, it hurts too much when things don't work. Letting myself get too happy in case things didn't work out was something i was scared of. But the one time i let myself just feel the happiness and be hopeful for the future i get dumped. So i can't let myself get too happy again, or i'll just get more hurt again ( ̄^ ̄) I can only be happy with fiction, real people will let me down. Ahaha well thank you. I'm sure there's prettier faces to be found though! You don't need to travel so far for one XD I really don't even have to energy to fall in love again any time soon. Thanks for trying to cheer me up though. Every so often i'd just say. Soo what did you write about me in that essay? XD I was hoping he'd be a little drunk and tell me by mistake or something. I felt like i didn't really deserve him either. He was just so amazing that didn't feel like i was good enough for him. I'm not overweight or anything, but i started doing exercise like everyday without telling him. I was trying to improve my stamina so i could keep up or even surpass him when we went hiking together and really surprise him! I actually hurt a muscle in my back pretty bad because of it ( ̄︶ ̄;) I'm seeing a physiotherapist to try and fix it. My muscle is hitting a nerve or something, so it causes a feeling to go down my leg. It's really annoying! I've had it for almost a year now. I swear, i'm never going to exercise again XD He broke up with me twice actually, but the first time he wanted to get back together the next day. Being broken up with twice really hurts, my heart can't take it XD I'm not sugar coating what happened either. It's not like we had a big argument or anything. Of course i was shocked and upset when he broke up with me, but things were pretty civil. I don't know. You think you know someone ┐(´∇`)┌

Hanyuu is cuter! Even though they have the same voice actress. Oh i didn't even notice there was a delay. I can take weeks to reply sometimes, so don't worry about it!
fancyjasper Jun 1, 2:01 PM
I definitively recommend it. I think the original Digimon Adventure is great all the way through, even though the final arc is a little weak in my opinion. And even though the music can be bad sometimes, i'd recommend the English dubbed version. Check out the Japanese music though, it's all really good. The opening song is a classic. Oh i didn't know that about nintendo games. I buy a lot of games second hand, so i get them cheaper that way. Unless it's a fancy collectors edition. I actually just ordered the house in fata morgana ps4 collectors limited edition! I got it of this website called limitedrungames and they sell out of things super fast. I'm glad i got this though! I own the game on steam, but haven't been able to play it since my laptop broke. I love collectors editions anyway and i can already tell i'll love this game!

That's what puts me off turn based games. The final bosses are usually really cheap and you have to grind in order to beat them. I don't care about it in Disgaea though since it's fun to grind in that game. I beat the boss and an optional boss in Sekiro too! Onto new game +! Sekiro is easily another one of my favourite games. I think i might like it the most out of the souls games, but that might just be because i just finished it and am high off the game XD Hmm i definitely died to the cleric beast a few times. Now i tend to throw oil urns followed by cocktails at it since that takes away a lot of it's health. The cleric beast is just optional as well, you can ignore it and fight the hunter in the graveyard first, but i always fight cleric beast first for some reason. Yeah it was pretty much a puzzle boss. You had to grapple to certain tree's a bunch of times and that's it really XD it looked cool though, it was more of a spectacle fight!

They both have different things going for them. I love Umineko because of how complex and layered it is. It's so deeeep! Not to say Higurashi isn't, but Umineko is on another level in my opinion. But then i love Higurashi for the friendship between the characters and the theme of never giving up, as cheesy as that sounds XD Yeah Maria is great, your opinion really changes of her by the time you finish the story. Aww poor Satako always getting left out. She's part of the team! She's the trap master! She beat Amakusa from Umineko! Ahaha no you've got it wrong!! They're his brothers! XD Osomatsu-san is a show about sextuplets! They're all identical brothers and my fave is Osomatsu the eldest bro. Something about him just makes my heart flutter(*´▽`*)I know you don't, but i was told similar things in my last relationship and look how that ended. So many promises made that are never going to be followed through. I still appreciate the time he spent with me though. I'm still not the most confident person and my self esteem is still really low, but it's still a lot higher compared to how it used to be thanks to him, so i'm really grateful for that. It was probably the happiest year of my life to be honest, so he deserves a medal or something for that! I'm just kind of sad he apparently didn't want to stay friends after all. I wanted to play some games with him. He's probably just scared of losing to me! <( ̄︶ ̄)> I'd say it's your fault for being born in America! You could've chosen to be born closer to me instead! ヘ(●`,_っ´)┌θΣ(#´д`) It's not like i'm meeting anyone, so i can safely guarantee i'll still be single when i'm 30 and beyond XD Maybe someone could put me to use and use my virgin blood in a ritual to summon a demon or something ┐(´∇`) I can be happy and single. I admit i'm definitively the type of person who would really benefit from having a partner. That year i had a relationship was proof of that, i was doing lots to improve myself and became a better person because of it. So was he! He got accepted to college because he wrote about me in one of his assignments (∗´꒳`) He never told me what it all said though because it was too embarrassing. That's the biggest regret! I should've asked him to spill the beans before i started getting ghosted! (⁎˃ᆺ˂) Yeah i was planning on giving him a bunch of presents to unwrap when he came over for all the birthdays and Christmases i couldn't give him presents for. It's a good job i didn't buy some things that would've been suuuper pricey. He's really into hiking, so i was going to get this fancy engraved compass for him. But then i thought it'd be nicer as a anniversary present. I was getting a little too ahead of myself there XD The thought that he might just think of me as an annoying ex girlfriend cuts deep though ヘ(>_<ヘ) I only sent him about 3 messages when he started ignoring me, so i don't think i can classify as that. I would've appreciated a message, but i take not responding as an invisable message that says leave me alone. And so that's what i've done for a long time now. I was tempted to wish him a happy birthday, but i didn't want to bother him. Anyway, wherever he is now i just hope he's happy and doing well. He gave a lot of his time to me and those happy times will always be nice memories for me.

Rena is obviously cuter! It's no contest!
fancyjasper May 31, 3:52 PM
It's definitely worth checking out Digimon Tamers. Season 1 will always be my favourite though. I rarely buy games the month that they're out. I just wait until it has a big price drop and buy it then. I got Sekiro as a birthday present, so it doesn't count! Digimon die a lot in the Digimon World games. You learn to move on fast!

He looked intimating, but it wasn't a hard fight at all when i got the hang of it. The attack he does that doesn't let you heal was annoying, but i don't need to heal if i don't get hit suckaa!! Hmm i don't think that's happened to me off the top of my head. I always beat the game if i'm up against the final boss. I just got through Sekiro a lot faster than i thought i would. I'm not as good at it as the other games, since i get hit way more. I still haven't fully adjusted to the combat, but i find it to be a lot of fun. I don't see any of the bosses in Sekiro as being impossible. It was just a feeling of trying to learn what to do and i'd easily be able to beat it. I beat one boss of my first try, so i can't be that terrible at the game. Granted, it was more of a puzzle than a boss, but still!

The anime was just a great anime in general. Umineko's anime probably put a lot of people off reading the VN. I still can't choose which i prefer between Higurashi and Umineko. They're both god tier to me. Yep, i have a bunch of Osomatsu figures and posters and a folder dedicated to pictures of him XD He's not the only reason i like the anime though, i re-watched it 3 times before i suddenly really liked him! His personality is just so great. I'm just not going to let myself fall in love with someone who's so far away again. My brain won't let it happen! It's nothing against you as a person, it's just having another ldr relationship would just be too draining for me. It was all build up to nothing really. I'd be scared of being broken up with every day and i'd rather have the person here with me, you know. I'd probably be willing to give things a go if you were my first ldr relationship, so don't get down about it! Same here, i've only been in love twice. It's really rare for me to find someone i like that way. I want someone to spoil and be lovey dovey with, but i doubt it's gonna happen unless i hire an escort or something T_T Hey i'm sure you'll find someone perfect for you in your own country! It's a big place after all. I've accepted i'm gonna live the forever alone life though. That year i was in a relationship seems like it was just a dream now. It was nice to experience what it'd be like to have a boyfriend though, it made me really happy. I was looking forward to the cuddling and kissing part of the relationship, but i'll have to settle with what i got until my next life XD
Well there were some pricey figures and stuff! I might as well sell them to people who want them instead of hanging onto them for years on end and getting reminded of the sad memories.

But kid Goku is so soft and squishy and has a tail. Much cuter!
fancyjasper May 31, 1:27 PM
Digimon Tamers gets pretty dark later on. It's a good combination when you think about it. Lain was also about the digital world, just like Digimon! I got really into the new Digimon world game, but it's been so long since i've played it that i've forgotten a lot of things. It's pretty complicated. Yeah that's literally what it is, characters can die in this game apparently and the way you interact with the world looks just like Danganronpa. The art looks really nice too

I beat the guy i was stuck on in Sekiro. He wasn't too bad at all when i learnt his attack patterns. I'm up to the final boss now, but i'm going to go back and do all the stuff i missed before i go beat him. In retrospect i think this might be the easiest of the souls games. It didn't take that long to get to the final boss at all. I say it's easy, but still died a lot XD I can't decide where it ranks among the other games just yet. It's quite different, maybe it's not even worth comparing them tbh.

I always though Higurashi was way more popular than Umineko, because Higurashi had a really popular anime in the west. I'm surprised Umineko isn't the VN they chose to release in small parts. I'm sure the manga of Rose Gun Days was just a bad adaptation. I couldn't get invested in anything that was happening at all. Osomastu is the man of my life okay, i love that cutie (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ I neeeedd to seeeee the movieeee!! The wait is killing me! Wow that sounds rough. I'd be seeing red flags immediately if someone were controlling like that to me. I'm glad you're not in a bad relationship like that anymore. 3 years is a long time to be together though! You must've really wanted things to work with her, i'm sorry they didn't. Well there's plenty of fish in the sea! I'm flattered that you like me, but don't be getting so ahead of yourself! I'm not romantically interested, you can't forget about my feelings here (≧ヘ≦ ) I just wanna be friends. Yeah it's over, i just hope he's doing okay. It's his loss anyway, i was going to post him all the presents i'd bought for when he came over, but i sold them on ebay instead ( *`з´) It's better get rid of everything that reminds you of them. I still have to get rid of the box that had the valentines day chocolates that he bought me (^▽^;) Don't wan't my mum to see them and ask where they came from XD Well my mum tends to buy lots of make up that she never uses, so she wants me to be into make up so i'll use it for her.

Yeah a skin for my tablet. They look like this It just makes it look cooler! You can choose any picture you like and then have it sent to you from a certain website. I don't like talking to my family over the phone, talking to internet peeps will be even worse for me XD Besides, aint nobody got time for that!

No, i gave it a chance, but Yu Yu Hakusho didn't grab me. I just find Gon to be the most basic Shonen protagonist i've ever seen. At least Naruto, Luffy and Deku have some unique characteristics. Gon is just a cookie cutter shounen protaganist. Plus Kid Goku is way cuter than Gon.
fancyjasper May 26, 3:44 PM
Season 1 and 3 of Digimon are definitely the best seasons, with the first one being my favourite. The 3rd season was written by the creator of serial experiments lain, so it goes a little crazy later on. The public consensus seems to be Pokemon anime < Digimon Anime, Pokemon games > Digimon games. I actually really enjoy the digimon games though. Rumble arena 1 + 2 are so much fun! I got quite addicted to Digimon World next order. The new ones coming out have been really good too. I'm looking forward to Digimon Survive! It looks like a danganronpa game mixed with Digimon. A great combination! I'm different with that, i'd hate to hold onto a bad game because i'd shudder every time i saw the game box. Hey don't knock prize figures, they're super good quality nowadays. They easily rival the scale figures now.

I drink lots of water, so hopefully i'll never have to go through kidney stones! Ahhh even just throwing up is an awful experience. I think it was 2 years ago where i had the worst Christmas ever. I had some sort of virus, i was achey all over, hot and cold at the same time and had a awwwfull stomach ache and was sick. Being sick is just such an unpleasant experience, it makes your throat burn because of all the acid and you get it in your nose, so disgusting! (ᗒᗩᗕ) Gah, i hope i get a computer that can run games before Ciconia comes up. If i can save money for another month or two i should be able to get one. Hopefully no rare figures pop up in the meantime and steal all my money!

I think the souls games are enough of a challenge already without having to go back and farm health items for hours though. Speaking of which, i beat a few more bosses in Sekiro. I somehow missed a really useful item that you can get early in the game so i went back to get it and it turned the boss into a joke! Now i'm currently stuck against a guy who looks like Gwyn lord of cinder. He's too tough! I regret not getting the last guardian collectors edition. It looks so pretty! Yeah the characters in Resident evil 2 remake and devil may cry 5 look kind of weird to me. But i'm not too into photo realism in games, i'd rather have unique styles.

Ahaha well if something exists not everyone is going to like it. That's a given! I don't think they're terrible btw, just very average. Hey man, if you love Clannad you'd buy it no matter the cost! I don't get why they didn't release all of Higurashi's question arcs at once followed by the answer arcs like they did with Umineko. I wonder why they decided to sell it piece meal. Yeah Rose Gun Days looks interesting. The manga version didn't grab me at all, but i think it was just a bad adaptation. Osomatsu is the love of my life~ Just looking at his cute little face makes me happy (人´ω`*)♡ I can't wait to see the movie! Yeah i always took iron with food like i'm supposed to. I switched between different types of iron, but they give me stomach aches no matter what i do >< Thank you, but i think you're idealizing me too much, i'm at least below average really (^▽^;) Oh wow, how was it an abusive relationship? You don't need to tell me if you don't want to. Nah i think it's a bad idea. I'm going to try and go out with someone who's in my country XD Even though you think you know someone online, they can be very different in reality. Yeah when i was going out with this person we were always really open about stuff like that. He'd get depressed sometimes and i did my best to help him. He said i cheered him up a lot, so that's good! He said he wanted to still be friends after we broke up, but i said i just needed a little bit of time to get over him. I've messaged him a few times since then and i've gotten nothing back. Makes me wonder if i did something wrong. He's a really nice person, so i just can't figure out why he'd something like this. Honestly the best way to get over it is just to imagine that he's dead, as morbid as that is XD He better have a good excuse for not messaging me! If he doesn't want to be friends anymore he should just tell me. So much for him still thinking of me as his best friend (  ̄^ ̄) My mum wants me to get more into make up. She's got this new foundation thingie for me to try, so i might wear some when i go out tomorrow! I haven't worn make-up in such a long time, i don't want to get out of practice. If you want one then you should go for it! Since i don't have a pillow for my Tsukiko ones at the moment, i might just hang one on my door or something.

I remember hating the mirror level where you play as the girl. I think i got lost a lot XD Nights as a roller coaster does look strange though! I got a new tablet for my birthday so i'm looking forward to using it for Osu. It's one where you don't need batteries for the pen, so you don't have to worry about it running out and screwing you up. I ordered a nice miku cover for it too of course! Discord just isn't my thing. Yeah most VR games tend to just be mini games and stuff. I'm not too into first person games though and VR is like the ultimate first person gaming experience!

I've heard good things about it, so i'm looking forward to watching it. Same goes for book of murder. Personally i'm not a fan of Hunter x Hunter or Yu Yu Hakusho. I just felt no desire to continue watching them. I prefer what i saw of Yu Yu Hakusho though. Hunter X Hunter was just too basic for my tastes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but i didn't like any of the characters so i didn't get any enjoyment out of it.
EndlessMaria May 26, 2:38 AM
sorry im not very social. i will try to message you once i get back on d/c
fancyjasper May 24, 1:41 AM
They should've done what Digimon did. Each season has a new set of characters. I re-watched Digimon Adventure quite recently actually and it's still a really great anime. There's no nostalgia talking there either since i only ever saw like 4 episodes of Digimon as a kid. It's so charming and the plot and characters have a surprising amount of depth to them. I just wish there was a way to have the english voices, but with the japanese music. Disgaea d2 is still enjoyable, but yeah, none of the characters go through any meaningful changes like they did in the first game. I used to hold onto things a lot, but now i only keep my favourite games. Same with manga, i'm only collecting series that i'll probably re-read again, so they're not just sitting there doing nothing. Oh i collect anime figures! You can see them all here! I have shelves and shelves full, but i still have a few empty spaces that need filling! (ノ・ω・)ノ I've sold a bunch recently though. There's a surprising amount of games that get English releases nowadays though. Project Diva is a game i never though would come out in English, but now there's a bunch of games that've been translated.

My dad had kidney stones a long time ago. I've heard it's really painful, but i didn't know it was on that level of pain. Aaahh child birth looks horrifying though, now way would i ever do that! You've been through quite a lot haven't you!? Dislocating my spine would be enough pain for a life time. Just the thought of it makes me feel funny! It must've hurt so much! Glad you're okay now. Ahaha very smooth. I'm sure there's other benefits to not dying other than that though XD Well i hope whatever job you get it's a safer one next time. Don't go in any harnesses! That's a cute little Gundam!

I haven't played Demon Souls. I just never got around to it. I don't like the idea of farming for health items. That's something Bloodborne got wrong too with the vials. Sekiro fixed it again by having health that refills when you rest. It makes it a lot more fun so you don't have to grind for items when you run out. Ahaha you must be a masochist then, i've heard Demon Souls is the hardest of the souls games. You should get Rain World if it goes on sale! It's so brutal, but i've beaten it 4 times now. I have the ideal route memorised. I love the game play and graphics so much. I got a little plush of the slug cat you play as! I've seen that game around too. I'm pretty terrible at mega man so i'm sure that game would be really tough for me. Oh i own the Undertale collectors edition. I had to get it! I'm a sucker for collectors editions. I have the Hollow Knight one on pre-order at the moment too. I don't think it's sacrifcing graphics, i think ps2 games look really good! I love how games like RE4 and Okage shadow king look. If they were made for newer consoles everything would have this plastic-ey look to it. I can't really describe it, but they definitely wouldn't look as cool! I'm happy to help^^ You should take advantage of the time you don't have to work. Chill out and play games all day, it's fun!

There's nothing wrong with that, if you enjoy it that's all that matters. Being a key fan must be nice since so many of their VN's are on steam. I don't think even half of ryukishi's are available. There's quite a few i'd like to read. Yeah i get where you're coming from. You don't want to steal you waifu away form their true love! And misuzu's personality is a bit too like a child to be waifu material. Well my husbando's have girlfriends, except Osomatsu. I think it's pretty safe to say he'll always be single XD He's perfect though, i wish he were real! (*’∀’人)It must be so hard feeling like you have to do stuff like that. Even just walking somewhere could take forever! So do you know that nothing at all is going to happen just from stepping on a crack, but it's like your brain won't allow you to do it? The brain is a strange thing. I hope you continue to do better. Hmm if you say so, i believe you (¬ε¬ ) I used to have really long hair when i was little, but stupid iron and hormones mean it won't be like that again T_T I've been trying to grow it longer for years, but it's just too thin. Thankfully i don't lose as much hair as i used to. It was ridiculous how much i was losing! The iron has definitely helped. I'm done taking iron for a while though, it gives me reeeally bad stomach pains. I'll have long hair someday! That's nice of you to say, but even my personality isn't that great in my opinion. I really don't think i'm that great of a person. I'm like a low 3/10! Besides, getting romantically involved online is a bad idea! I had a relationship online quite a while ago with the promise that he'd come and see me and we'd get married and all that romantic stuff. Long story short, he broke up with me after a little over a year ^^;; Being broken up with is probably the worst feeling in the world(─.─||)But he probably had a lot better girls close to him since he was in college, i don't think it was worth waiting so long to be with me. I actually think wearing make up all the time means that when you take it off you'll look a lot worse in comparison. I've heard of girls who never let their boy friends see them without make up or people who won't even go outside without it on. I put make up on sometimes, just not everyday. I remember the first time i tried to put on mascara i kept poking myself in the eye XD I could show you a picture of myself if you want to put a face to who you're talking to. You probably won't like me as much anymore though i bet T_T Getting a dakimakura was like an obligation to complete to become a true otaku XD I'm just waiting on a nice Osomatsu one (¯﹃¯*) I'm not a big fan of the few he's got so far.

That happens to me with some anime. I'd love to give Nana a 10, but i just can't when i know there's a lot more manga material that could be adapted. Doesn't Nights turn into a slay and a mermaid in the original game? A boat's not too random! It's a dream, it makes total sense! The sections as the kids are probably the worst part. It's okay when you just play as them for a few seconds before becoming Nights, but for an entire level? No thanks. It might still be a long time until i can play, but i'll let you know when i can. I'm really out of practice, so i'll need to get good at osu again before i start playing online. It's fun playing against other people, even if there's always that one guy who gets perfect every time XD Don't get your hopes up about discord. You underestimate by social anxiety! I would've liked a new space channel 5 game over a VR game though. Compared to sonic, Nights and Space channel 5 only have like 2 games!

Maybe it's the sort of thing that draws people in with the fujo bait, but the story makes them stay! I'll definitely give the black butler book of circus anime a try. It has a cool opening at least. Just read Pandora Hearts when you feel like it, there's no rush^^ Don't feel pressured to continue if you don't like it, i'm just curious what you think about it. I started reading the authors newest work, but i'm not sure how to feel about it. I think i should've left a bigger gap between finishing Pandora Hearts and reading her newest manga. I'm still too attached to Pandora hearts!
fancyjasper May 21, 4:43 AM
It's best not to think of it as Ash. Think of him as Ash's younger brother with the same name and Pokemon partner. It'll make it a lot easier to get into XD I heard people being really mad that Ash didn't win the league in X and Y when it seemed like he would for sure this time. I guess the character must be so popular that they don't want a new protagonist. Disgaea D2 has some funny scenes, it's just missing the emotional parts to make it really great. I wanted progression with the characters, but instead we got more characters like Laharl's sister and Etna's brother to focus on their stories instead. Sony should've waited until the ps vita was dead before they started porting their best vita games to PS4. No one has any reason to get one anymore since all the games aren't exclusive to vita anymore. I only hang onto my favourite games, if i kept everything i bought i doubt there'd be any room left. Yeah that's something the vita gets right over Nintendo consoles. Being region free which is a big selling point for me.

I thought spine damage is the sort of thing that could get you paralysed and stuff! I'm glad you didn't die! Well some education is definitely needed. I think basic reading, writing, maths etc is needed. Unless you want to be a doctor or something, higher levels of education seem kind of pointless to me. I did all that work, but i still got a job someone with zero qualifications could do. Nursery school is basically just a daycare because parents can't take care of their kids all day, but i liked nursery XD Building Gundam models looks difficult. I remember an episode of Genshiken where they build one. It takes dedication! DS1 on the PS4 runs really smooth. Blight town isn't a mess like it used to be! Maybe you'll go back to it someday and love it next time. It's common for people not to like dark souls then play Bloodborne and love it, and then go back to Dark Souls and love it too. It's a difficult game, but for me to hardest game i've ever played is Rain World. I love it so much, but it's tough! Have you played it? Ahaha have you seen Undertale's trophies? The creator doesn't like trophies and stuff, but he was forced to put them in and it's really funny. The perfect commentary on how pointless trophies are. I went out of my way to get the platinum because it's hilarious! It's a double edged sword that game creators can add to their game afterwords. If there's any bugs it's great that they can be patched, but then because things can be patched games get rushed out. Honestly i wish games would go back to ps2 level graphics. That way they can put more time into the game play instead of the graphics.

I'm all for love and stuff like that, but in KEY works it feels so artificial to me. Like he's figured out the best way to manipulate people into feeling sad and just rolls with it every time. If he'd just done one story like that it wouldn't bother me as much, but it's the same formula with all of them. Ahaha yeah, KEY as a person would be quite a pain XD Is Misuzu your waifu then? :3 "Gao" is a much better speech tick than "Uguu" from Kanon! I prefer the pig from Clannad, he was pretty cute. This guy did a video about OCD. Don't know if you watch him, but i'm a
big fan of the guy. It sounds awful, having to do certain things all the time. Oh, you prefer long hair? T_T Well thank you for the kind words, that means a lot. You're quite the flatterer aren't you?^^ I mean, i know i can't be hideous, but i don't feel like i'm particularly pretty either. My body is fine, i'm slim and the perfect weight for my height! It's just the face where i lack confidence. Granted, i don't tend to wear make up or anything, so i'm sure i'd look better if i wore more of that. If i'm comparing myself to girls with tons of make up on of course i'll lose XD It's crazy how different it can make girls look! It's like they're wearing a mask! I know the standards for beauty are higher too when you see all these girls using filters and stuff. Thank you for being so nice, although i don't know if i'd say i'm sweet. I used to be! I used to be like Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke, but i've morphed into more of a Tomoko from Watamote XD I knoww, it'd be so nice! I had a dakimakura pillow, but it wasn't the best quality so i threw it away. I have to get another one to make use of my dakimakura covers! I have no shame!

Same here, i've only given 4 10/10's. Even though i love a lot of my 9/10 anime just as much. It just doesn't feel right giving a 10 to anime where i know there's more material in the manga that isn't covered. The parts where you play as her aren't that bad. They're not fun, but they don't take long to do. It's just annoying having to protect her. Osu is a lot of fun. I haven't been able to play it for a while since my laptop broke and i'm using a chrome book now that can't run games or anything. I'll buy a new laptop eventually. I want to save up a bit more for one. We can play Osu together sometime once i've got my skills back! I'll be impressed when you can control the game with you mind and not have to use a controller as well. Space Channel 5 is getting a vr game actually. Use your VR for that!

For what it's worth season 1 and 2 of Black butler don't really follow the manga well. I've heard people who didn't like it much really like book of circus and book of murder, so i'll give those series the benefit of the doubt. There's 20 volumes of manga, it can't all be fujo stuff. There is a story there. Yeah if you ever start Pandora Hearts someday let me know! I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.
fancyjasper May 19, 3:00 AM
I know it'd be best to think of this as a completely different Ash in sun and moon, but it takes some getting used to. He's more like a child than he was in season 1! But i understand Pokemon is all about appealing to the next generation of kids, so they never have him go through major changes. I really don't think he'll ever become a Pokemon master. I wonder how the anime based on the pokemon sword and shield game with be like. I guess i'm obligated to watch it since the region for that game is based on the UK this time! D2 was a big disappointment for me. The characters didn't really advance in ways i hoped they would. It's just more goofy fun times. Maybe i'm just salty because i wanted Laharl and Flonne to be a couple by now XD Oh Laharl is my fave Disgaea character and just one of my face characters in general. Love that guy. Me too! Those Prinny games are really hard though. It's a shame, the vita is so good as a console. There just needs to be more games. I bought it for the danganronpa games, but then they got ported to ps4 so i didn't really need to buy a vita XD Granted i found a lot of great games to play after that. I think you've got more than me there! I got all the games i was interested in though, so my psp and vita collection is complete. All that talk about ds's last time made me dream about them XD But in my dream i got a 3ds instead of a 2ds xl by mistake so i sold it and got the right one!

A friend of mine has a pharmacy job. AAhhhhh!! You dislocated your spine!!? How did that happen!? Are you okay now, is there any lasting damage? I have a warehouse job actually! Just packing things in boxes to be shipped and stuff. I totally didn't need all those GCSE's and A levels for this job! I could've been making money all the time i was learning pointless stuff in school! Oooh a retro game shop sounds cool. Ahaha he sounds like an eccentric guy. I guess he just really wanted to tell you about his gunpla's XD DS1 is my fave souls game. The world and bosses are the best. I'm not to into fights with second phases, so that's a negative for all the games after the first one. Also tomb of giants can burn in hell. I hate that level. Same here, i was so obsessed with Bloodborne i thought i might as well go for the trophy, but those dungeons are the most boring thing i've ever experienced in a souls game. It takes away the best thing about them, which is the great level design and crams you into dark corridors that look identical over and over. I'm not too into trophy collecting though. I actually really dislike trophies and wish they never existed! I wish we got rewards within the game itself, or just overcoming a challenge yourself is the reward.

Maybe i'm just too cynical to enjoy cry porn now XD Everything would be forgiven if i was invested in the characters, but all Key characters tend to be moe blobs. Granted i did enjoy planetarium. It was short and sweet. I've heard some stuff about OCD, i can't imagine what it must be like. Are you coping better now that you're taking medication? It's crazy how a little imbalance of chemicals can cause all this stuff. It's on a totally different level to what you're going through, but i had a borderline iron deficiency. Your levels can be up to 200 and mine were at 20, so it caused me to be dizzy and lose a lot of hair. I'm not bald or anything XD But my hair is a lot thinner than it used to be. Even though my levels are higher now it's still not that thick because of my stupid hormones as well! I just want to be girly and have long hair, but above shoulder length is the best i can do without it looking too thin :( I compare myself to people a lot which usually ends up with my feeling sad because they're so much better than me. All these girls are work have got their lived all figured out. Moving in with boyfriends, getting married and having kids. I guess i just feel really immature in comparison. But they're like 10 years older than me, so of course they'd have their lives sorted out. Thank you, i'm doing my best not to slip back into that state again. You're welcome, i know having someone to talk to can really help, so let it all out if you're feeling down! Yeah i've heard that before. My body is probably really craving it then, i don't think i've cuddled anyone since i was a child and cuddling is one of my main fantasies. That sounds really sad of me ( ̄ー ̄;Thinking about it just makes my heart go all fluttery! And besides, dakimakura's are made for people like me. I really want a nice Osomatsu one! Aw that's really nice of you to say. I can't believe in America if you get injured you have to pay for it! That's so messed up! Honestly i'd be too anxious to move out and live on my own, let alone go to a different country. Feeling attached to where you live is totally natural.

I got really good at zombie dodging. You have to bait them and when they lunge for you go backwards. Once you've got it down, you can get through the game without killing zombies and having them come back as crimson heads. Honestly my biggest complaint of the old games is the save system. I'm one of those people who saves whenever they can in games, so it takes a while getting used to strategically saving in resident evil since you only have so many ink ribbons. I like it, but it's annoying if you have to stop playing the game to go somewhere and don't have an ink ribbon on you.

Yeah RE4 is a 10/10 game. It still has tank controls as well. I love the feeling of progression you get by upgrading your weapons and stuff. It's so satifying blasting enemies with a super powerful shotgun. Even though the Ashley sections are kind of annoying. It's a lot easier when you unlock her armour costume. Zombies can't even pick her up, it's really funny XD Space channel 5 is probably what got me into rhythm games. It's so weird and charming, it gives me katamari vibes with all it's colourful characters and aliens. I'm sure VR is interesting, but i'm not into gimmickey stuff at all. I just wan to play the game with a basic controller and that's it XD Yeah you should totally play more VR games, it might fry your brain like the SAO nerv gear, wouldn't that be fun? b( ̄▽ ̄*) You've at least finished RE4 haven't you? That's the only fps game i could easily sit and play the whole way through. I tried to get into borderlands, but the genre as a whole just isn't for me. I heard operation raccoon city was terrible too.

Black Butler does have more to it as well, even though it's more blatantly appealing to the fujoshi crowd XD I definitely plan on checking out Black butler book of circus though. I've heard it's really good since it follows the manga closely. I like the main character too. I finished Pandora hearts and it was reeeally great! One of my fave manga now. I love stories that have foreshadowing in them and take a lot of brain power to figure out. It's the kind of series that would benefit from a re-read now i'm more familiar with the characters. I recommend it if you want something complex to read!
_kukiyomenai May 19, 12:47 AM
Oh, so HxH and YYH have the same mangaka? I'm not aware about it. Aside from YYH, I grew up watching Dragon Ball and Flame of Recca. Also Slam Dunk. (My age is getting revealed lol)

I'm pretty much adjusted with my job, I'm working in a new developed company so there's nothing much to do at this time. However, I'm not liking some of my co workers because they ask me to drink with them which I don't really like. >___<

When I still don't have a job, I still felt lazy cleaning my room and just spent my time watching a lot of anime and movies. Yeap, I'm missing those days.