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Alternative Titles

English: Kobato.
Japanese: こばと。


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 6, 2009 to Mar 23, 2010
Premiered: Fall 2009
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: NHK, NHK-BS2
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, FantasyFantasy
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.991 (scored by 4805648,056 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5452
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Popularity: #1013
Members: 134,464
Favorites: 1,594
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Apr 10, 2010
Skadi (All reviews)
I have to admit to being won over by Kobato before ever seeing the first frame of film. One look at the artwork for this series and Kobato's beautiful clothing and settings and I knew this was going to be something for me. Thankfully I was also rewarded with an enjoyable and heartwarming story. While Kobato doesn’t exactly break any new ground, it’s a light hearted series that should make anyone smile, with just a touch of drama to keep it interesting.

Kobato herself begins as a bit of a mystery, tasked with a mission of healing the hearts of others in order read more
Sep 9, 2010
Yume_to_Tsubasa (All reviews)
Amazing- that's the one word I would use to describe Kobato.

I'm rather picky with my ratings, but for the first time in a good while, I decided on a ten.

Story-9 The plot of Kobato. starts out simple enough- a girl assigned the task of healing peoples' wounded hearts. The first half of the series covers the bases of the overall objective- cases of Kobato doing her work. Even these earlier episodes I though were awesome, but as the series enters its second half, Kobato.'s plot thickens and the series develops into a masterpiece.

In the first half, we see glimpses of the dark realities of life read more
Jun 25, 2010
5camp (All reviews)
Some­where around about epis­ode 12 it hit me. No, not that the show had sud­denly become watch­able, that wasn’t to hap­pen for sev­eral more epis­odes. No, what hit me was a per­fect way to express what it was I didn’t like about this show. I had some vague review thoughts in my head (sub­con­sciously review­ing the show as you watch it; the curse of being a critic) but most of them revolved around bitch­ing about how stu­pid Kobato her­self was and how the show relied on cute­ness as its main appeal, some­thing I’ve just never really liked. But then it hit me. I read on read more
Mar 23, 2012
DraconisMarch (All reviews)
What are you doing with your life? What are you working for? What will you accomplish during your time? How could that time be better served improving that of another?

All of these are questions you'll probably be asking yourself while watching "Kobato."

"Kobato" is one of those rarities that soothes the soul. It's hard not to find yourself smiling often, since there are many heartwarming moments throughout. The show regularly brought tears to the eye--not of sadness, but happiness. It's definitely something to consider checking out if you like happier anime, or need something to cheer you up.

The entire point read more
Dec 2, 2009
HalRyder (All reviews)
Kobato is a girl of currently unknown origins whose job is to "heal" the hearts of the world around her. Every time she heals a heart, a candy-like gem called Confetto will appear in a glass bottle in which she carries around. When this glass bottle finally fills up, she will get her wish granted. Thus, the story of Kobato follows her attempts to find people to heal.

Oh boy... Where do I even begin. The whole storyline has been put out so slowly I've lost interest. Even as a major fan of slice of life and non-related episodic anime (in which my favourites include Hidamari read more
Apr 2, 2010
Arararagi (All reviews)
Wow. After watching the whole series, it's amazing. Kobato is so lovable as well as many other characters.

Kobato, as you know, is by CLAMP, so there are lots of similarities overall, as well as some characters. The artwork is amazing with the nice colors and the touch that makes certain characters lovely or not. The songs played in the background as well as songs that Kobato herself sings were all perfect for the anime.

The story itself had times where it dragged on imo, but in the last few episodes, they were wrapped up so perfectly, and the final episode is one that I'd read more
Nov 19, 2009
Yxel (All reviews)
I'm not someone who can't live without shoujo. In fact, I usually hate everything of the genre with a passion. Kobato. seemed like a happy exception to the rule, but after a few episodes, it became apparent that old habits die hard for me (or rather "shoujo sucks" is still upheld).


- Visuals. Like most CLAMP works, Kobato. has great character designs and is an artistic triumph. I usually hate chibi, but the chibi here is well-placed, albeit done a bit frequently.

- Kobato. She is a great character, reminiscent of Yotsuba in her curiosity and innocence. Her easily earned smile read more
Jul 29, 2010
Kibikun (All reviews)
NOTE: the first paragraph is for those who are looking for motivation to watch this series, if not skip to the next.

If you're tired or bored watching same anime storyline over and over again and looking for something different, then I'm sure watching Kobato would not impress even a single cell in your brain, well at first. It's storyline is a typical shoujo, as you might be expecting, with a witty, innocent, naive etc. main character ,that you might have seen a thousand times already, living her life sharing/showing her naivety/innocence to others day by day. But even though read more
Mar 29, 2010
A2ZOMG (All reviews)
Kobato is a show I really struggled to find raw enjoyment in. It may be part in fact that I am normally a fan of silly lighthearted romance comedies and the occasional shonen anime. Suffice to say that this would be one reason to avoid this show. If you're looking for something flashy that will grab your attention immediately, this show is worth removing from your "Plan to Watch" list.

However ultimately I did decide to watch this show to completion since I am open to trying new things.

The story is fairly down to earth, once you look past the obvious fact that read more
Mar 31, 2012
NatalijaW (All reviews)
Every single person you've meet in your life hasn't felt perfect in every single moment of his/her life. It's nothing but normal to feel pain in certain situations. But there are people who suffer a little more than others.
In this anime, a mysterious girl appears with a mission. She has to heal hearts which are in pain, in other words, wounded hearts. If she completes her mission, her wish will come true. The story has very happy and very sad moments. It succeeds in making you smile without being stupid and succeeds in making you sad without being pathetic and boring. I would say read more
Feb 21, 2011
Akira-ne (All reviews)
Before I watched Kobato, I had yet to find an anime that made me emotional. I had NEVER cried before while watching an anime, and I did watch some pretty sad/deep ones.

When I saw the DVD cover, I was a bit hesitant. I couldn't help but think that it would be another one of those pointless happy-go-lucky friendship-is-the-best animes. But. The opening started playing and by the end of the first episode my eyes were glued to the computer screen. I
I literally fell in love with Kobato's guardian/mascot/stuffed animal Ioriyogi! The art was amazing and I adored Kobato's cute, frilly outfits (why don't I read more
Mar 24, 2010
butterflystudios (All reviews)
After finishing watching Kobato only today, I was compelled to write my first review ever for this wonderful anime, Kobato.

Where to start?

Story: 10/10

I definitely thought the story was well thought out. Some could argue that there were a lot of "fillers", but I disagree. The episodes that seemingly contributed no development to the plot let the watcher get a better feel on each of the characters' background stories and personalities, especially Kobato and Fujimoto's. Kobato's background story, not so much, but definitely her personality.

The last 7 or so episodes really started picking up the pace and started climbing towards the climax. Again, the story read more
Oct 3, 2013
anime-cat (All reviews)
I actually enjoyed this anime so much. I originally started watching it because I was after a time passer but Kobato turned out to be so much more. The whole anime was such a mood lifter and can be best described as soft and fluffy.

The story follows a girl, Kobato, who has been sent to Earth to heal people's hearts. She has 4 seasons of the weather to fill up a jar with the 'konpeito', what the bottled heart fragments are referred to. Her guide is Iorogi, a being taking the form of a stuffed animal. Kobato falls in love with a nursery read more
Apr 9, 2015
riiiiya (All reviews)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

♥The story is very unique and sad (but in a good way!)
♥The protagonist is very cute and cheerful and her companion is always angry but is funny in a way...
♥I like each and every episode because it has a different and touching everyday story in every episode
♥The singing and soundtrack are very soothing and I could listen to it all day!
♥The art is very detailed, clear and overall really beautiful

Must Watch Rate: 9/10

[Feel free to ask any more questions or discussions] ♥
Jun 10, 2011
asckj1 (All reviews)
Story: A thorough and intense story. Watching it with concentration gives you the essence of how excellently the story unfolds. The small things in life are depicted wonderfully in these 24 episodes. Emotions have been handled with great care to give the appropriate impact in each episode. [10/10]

Art: The Original Art by Mangaka CLAMP are always beautifully drawn. (They are the best illustrators among Mangaka really -only my personal opinion ofcourse.) The Art in the series too is excellent. Kobato's innocence, Sayaka Sensei's kindness, Kiyokazu's attitude, all show up nicely from the way they have been drawn. Loryogi-san is comical. The background landscape read more
May 18, 2010
xC0DEB10C (All reviews)
Ah Kobato...

If you look at my anime list, you will notice that Im very picky when it comes to rating. And seldomly do I ever give away a full 10 points. The only anime so far on my list that has gotten a full 10 points is Clannad. I praised it holy and as a milestone in my anime watching career.

And now! The time has come to gift a new wonderfull anime 10 points, and oh shall we prais its presence next to Clannad at the top of my ranking.

This anime... I rated it as a 10 - Masterpiece because if there is one word read more
Dec 22, 2009
mel-hime (All reviews)
Let me start with saying this :
I doubt a REVIEW is written when the anime doesn't even have 8 episodes released, but that's what i saw here, and it kinda pissed me off.I'm not denying anyone's opinion , but they should at least be kept AFTER the anime ended ,but since we are almost halfway through , i shall make a small review myself [ must note that the review might/might not change after the anime ended]

Story: Everyone is crying on how there is no plot. I actually see it very well , but the climax hasn't been reached cause even the manga is on-going read more
Aug 14, 2019
SynthwaveCrusade (All reviews)
Kobato is among only 4 piece of media to make me cry as an adult, Clannad, The green mile, Her and Kobato, i absolutely adore Kobato, everything from that clamp art style to the very first second of the op I could tell I was going to love it.

By Far the weakest aspect of Kobato is its story, Kobato follows the story of a young sweet girl named Hanato Kobato who comes to earth to fix broken hearts so she can go to the place she desires, the premise is neat but not anything very ground breaking, also not much of the lore of the read more
Apr 15, 2014
mathalaxryn (All reviews)
Cardcaptor Sakura, even when I didn't know back then, was the first touch I had with CLAMP. After being somehow disappointed by Chobits, I decided to start Kobato. Here's my review of this anime that will warm you heart.

Story : 9/10

The story of Kobato is pretty simple. We don't know much at first, but it seems that Kobato has to heal broken hearts to realize her wish. Broken hearts, as we and Kobato understand, can be hard to understand and especially to heal. The first 5-6 episodes are completely devoted to this understanding of how the 'konpeito' works. I will tell more about read more
Apr 27, 2016
Yuni (All reviews)
Kobato! Ganbarimasu!

Kobato. The show that I watched for some comedic relief, only to end up crying like an absolute bitch. It's also one of the few adaptations that I've heard has surpassed its mango form. I don't read mangoes, so I wouldn't know, but that didn't stop me from shedding a shit ton of tears.

The easiest way to know if you will like this show is to watch the first few episodes and ask yourself this: Do you think Kobato is the most adorable thing ever to exist? If you answered yes, like I did, you will absolutely love this show. If you by some read more