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Kuchu Kuchu Mama♥ (Manga) add
I went into this collection of hentai stories with moderately high expectations after I read the first chapter, that had me intrigued with female character design and overall art. The author actually made that older mom look with bigger lips well enough and it was a good read at first. But then it became a bumpy ride, a bunch of premises and characters interaction that broke my enjoyment, and only about two female character designs that I was into (the cute girl with lingerie and the one from the final chapter).

Manga included some medium rough vanilla sex, but overall "plot" consisted of kyonyū (all women have decently sized breasts), incest, shotacon, rape/humiliation and to lesser extent pee and pubic hair, which is one of bigger turn offs for me if done wrong. I can live with all of these fetishes since none really bothered me, but none of the above were really among my favorites. And while I'm a fan of big breasted women, the art wasn't on point, the proportions were weird (on both sexes), with some bad panels now and then that looked more disgusting than appealing.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some of it, I quite liked the first chapter and even some other parts. Despite that I wouldn't recommend it past the first chapter, maybe if you are into mentioned fetishes, but even then this probably wouldn't end up among your favorites.
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11 hours ago
Kingdom (Manga) add

I usually dont have a specific Favourite anime or Manga, but for the first time i liked a manga so much that yes its my favourite manga!!

Dont waver out thinking its just one of those boring Historical Manga, Kingdom can make you fall in love with the genre itself!!

It has Drama, History, Humour, War, LOTS and LOTSSS of action !!!
Its still pains me when i see that Kingdom is still oblivious to so many people and also those who know about it dont think its good enough to give it a try...

So yeah read it and i gaurantee you ....that this will go to your Favourite Manga list for sure!!!
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Today, 6:17 AM
Jigoku no Enra (Manga) add
In my opinion, Jingoku no Enra is really a gem ! I don't know why it is still underestimated but it is really good .))

Story : 9/10
The story is simple, interesting but fascinating at the same time !

Art : 10/10
The art is so adorable and beautiful !

Character : 10/10
I really loveee the female lead!! Since i read shoujo mangas a lot I usually see the laugh a lot, innocent and kind type alottt and In getting sick of it !!.(( But the female ead in this story is guaranteed no anything like that and her personality is rare to see in shoujo manga.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I usually don't read manga again but Jingoku no Enra made me to read it not twice but maybe more than 3 times and still left me squealing !!!

Overall I think it is a decent but underestimated manga, I really recommend everyone to read this !!!

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Today, 4:13 AM
Azumanga Daioh (Manga) add
Azumanga Daioh is a 4-koma high-school comedy. If you ever enjoyed a manga or an anime consisting of even one of those three components you should pick it up. The setting is simple: We have some high-school girls and we witness their 3 years of high-school, one hilarious 4-koma gag at a time.

A word of caution: While this is a masterpiece, there is a good percentage of people who dislike the overall silliness of the genre, so don't go around recommending it to your work supervisor simply because he has enjoyed Death Note and Attack on Titan.

The anime adaptation follows very closely the manga, so this review can be applied interchangeably to both of them. The greatness of Azumanga Daioh can be found after you peel the initial layer of simplicity, in the underlying complexity of the work. The main focus is too make you laugh and it delivers. The cuteness of the scenes and the wackiness of the surreal elements are welcome additions, but they always remain byproducts, and are never allowed to upstage the comedy.

The principle of initial simplicity and underlying complexity can also be found in the 8 or 9 main characters. Initially they look like stereotypes that can be found in dozen other works, but the fact that they are masterfully written, makes them lovable and memorable.

The magaka gave me the sense that he really knew what he wanted the manga to be about and never bothered with elements he did not care about. For instance there is no romance (just a few o-nee-sama gags), no adversity (well, there is a hateful cat), or any drawings of boys (a fact that is farcically mentioned in the anime). I found that this lack of elements the mangaka did not care about made the whole much stronger.

The greatness of Azumanga Daioh has spawned many copies, but they cannot capture the brilliance behind it. There are a lot of 4-koma manga (and their anime adaptations), a lot of “cute girls do cute things” slice of life manga/anime, but Azumanga has no peers. The only one getting kinda close is Nichijou, but its success lies on the fact that it copies Azumanga shamelessly.

So if you loved the manga the only thing you can do is watch the anime (and vice versa). To get yourself a work of similar quality you will have to cross genres a little bit into high school shoujo (Ouran Kokou Host Club, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) or shounen (Great Teacher Onizuka, School Rumble) comedies. Great stuff 9.0/10.
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Today, 1:22 AM
Itoshi no Kana (Manga) add
Oh Dear... How should I describe this piece of art... and without any spoilers... Surely my review gonna have some spoilers... (Think of a review with spoilers and ending spoiler!)

(Spoiler?)If you wanna know you're gonna like it or not, let me tell you it's a passionate love story about a ghost named Kana who has nobody and can't go anywhere. She falls in love with the poor but kind guy she meets and they both reach a new level of happiness in their lives. (Spoiler?)

Story: 10/10

Fantastic! The story made fully satisfied until the volume 13. and after that we have some sweet little stories.
Maybe the story is just a little part of their life but It keeps growing like a monster-tree and... Makes you amazed that how lonely our couple were and how much they've changed just because of the bond they have.
Heartwarming, Erotic and 'sad and happy in the same time'... Made me cry so many times... Imagine a lonely ghost that only has you in the world as the main character. And then the miracle happens, if you believe in miracles.

Art: 10/10

Couldn't be more soft , simple and 'real' at the same time. Completely made me feel the liveliness of Kana and, the Sadness of Daikichi.

Character: 9/10

They could be deepened more in the story, but the the character development was wonderful anyways.
You have a ghost that loves a human, A human that loves a ghost and wishes he could make her alive again. A Guy that loves supernatural activities, And a neighbor who is a very kind friend to our couple.

Enjoyment: 10/10

As I said I loved the concept itself and enjoyed the hours I spent reading the manga. Who thought a ghost story could be this lovely? I can't describe the satisfaction I got from reading that. Maybe you think it's a sad story but That's so beautiful; Loving a ghost.

Overall: 9/10

So Much Emotions . Just give the first volume a try, you're gonna understand what kind of story I'm talking about.

Ending Spoiler begins// The ending could be even more fantastic if kana could get real and come back to life... everything is possible in a story, then why not this... //Ending Spoiler ends
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Yesterday, 11:31 PM
20th Century Boys (Manga) add
“The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on. If you can change the way people think. The way they see themselves. The way they see the world. You can change the way people live their lives”- Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

Coming from the same mangaka as Monster, expectations from 20th Century Boys were sky high. And boy oh boy it did hit the marks well enough. Keeping his distinctive style of webbing up an apparently abstruse mystery, bathing us in captivating rays of bewildering thrill from time to time, he narrates a compelling storyline with quintessential skill. Not to forget how the substantial amount of references were used to good effect from time to time. Stretching from the ever evolving world of music to world events and swooping down occasionally into the world of well known names in Japanese anime/manga entertainment(like Ashita no Joe, Cyborg 009, Planet Mask, Tetsujin 28-go, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, etc.), the list goes on to show the amount of work that was put in the 249 chapters spanning a time period of roughly 46 years. And the supernatural elements. This is the first time I’ve come across a Japanese anime/manga that neither uses it as a base to crawl upwards, or use it casually or inadvertently just for the cheap entertainment value.

‘I hated shoujo manga, so I only read shounen manga. In real life, there were no perfect boys who always pop up in shoujo manga. In real life, there were no princes riding on white horses.’- Yukiji

Story- Storytelling is reminiscent of Stephen King’s style in ‘IT’ in the first quarter and goes on to encompass several timelines centering around the same set of major characters. Each timeline however has it’s own set of riveting characters that adds to the charm of this sporadic swapping narrative. Beginning with simple childhood fancies of a certain friends circle in the 60s it takes us to the rising fascism with glimpses of a near post-apocalyptic world from time to time. flutters from nostalgia to hype, drops a few doses of simple but enjoyable humour, then goes back to presage a disaster. An aberrant form of delish amusement. This guy has mastered the art of believable ridiculousness and complementing it with keeping us guessing upto the final chapters. There were few arcs that leave you disappointed cause you realise it was all so simple and predictable, and the next moment you are back to wracking your brains to figure it all out. Waves of childhood dreams, ambition, hopes crash against the darker elements of regrets, disappointments and failures.

‘So this is what it looks like… when our fantasy became reality…’- Kenji and Otcho

Characters- Each of the major protagonists goes from well defined simple tetrahedrons in the beginning; to read more
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Yesterday, 9:25 PM
Gokusen (Manga) add
I finished this entire thing in thirteen days which is super rare for me considering how long it takes for me to finish longer manga. I honestly didnt know I would like it this much in the beginning but i slowly realized how much I did. The story is basically super funny with a uniqueness to it that I've never read before. We've all heard of yakuza mangas but this one was just executed so well. Even though the basic plotlines are a bit similar, it doesn't get old and manages to keep you reading until you get tired or until it's finished. The art was not the best I've seen but it isn't bad either. It IS a comedy so it makes sense that the art isn't super detailed. It fits well with the yakuza theme too. The characters are probably one of the best parts of this whole thing because there are so many yet very few are dislikable despite being flat characters. What I mean is that some don't stand out as much, which is expected, but they still fit well in the story and it all works out. The main character is obviously the best and throughout I just loved how she managed to do everything herself without much help. I dont know why but I really like characters in manga that are op af. There is a lot of character development which is good to see as well. My enjoyment for this is obviously a 10 because of how the content and characters never got old even after so many chapters. There was always something making me laugh and cheer inside for the main character.
Overall, although my ship didn't work out, I love this manga and will definitely reread it sometime later.
One more thing, in the extra chapters after the ending it felt like the romance was rushed and the characters suddenly became all lovey. Not really into that but I mean it's still worth the 10/10 overall.
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Yesterday, 8:11 PM
Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction (Manga) add
I started from Chapter 1, which 'tricks' you with a faux story off the bat, then switches to the actual story, for seemingly artistic reasons. it's actually pretty cool, and I kid you not, you might be wishing all of it was like that intro- but I'm getting ahead of myself...

This is frequently called a 'Slice of life' manga- but that's not exactly true. It's just abysmally slow. there is a huge plot just hovering over the lives of the characters, but it is pointedly ignored as far as actual development goes. it's just 'always there', unchanging- and sending out a little hint of progress now and then, which will be shot down by the governing structure of the story.

I read 20 chapters of this brilliantly drawn, but ploddingly plotted work before dropping it- and I'll let you know that I wanted it to go somewhere badly, but I'm not patient enough. This is someone's rent payment. A story that will be drawn out from 10 chapters of actual story to 200 with 'filler'- all 'to keep the lights on'. If it delivered more entertainment- I wouldn't care- but the slow and sloppy plotting leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Instead we focus on a bunch of minor characters who... let's assume will fit into the big story somehow, eventually. They go on about everyday life, and this is what makes it 'seem' slice of life, but its really just a vehicle to lengthen the actual plot. How can I know for certain? Because anything that happens in this 'slice of life' ends up meaning nothing in the most anti-climatic way. Now, in fairness the author could be intending that every significant soap opera wrinkle die quietly in apathy (usually overlooked, but occasionally pointedly ignored)- but 'whatever'-

'let's make motions like things are going on while we figure out what to do (and collect a paycheck)'. This is like 'Lost'- but with less effort.

Anyway. If you try to pay attention to the plot, you'll probably hate this. If you actually like the caricature-level stereotype characters... 'More power to you'.

For me, 20 chapters of people talking shit, doing nothing, or accepting absurdity is enough.

Also the title is stupid and means nothing.
Maybe by the end that won't be true- but for now one of the words is a misreading of a character's name, and everything else is garbage.
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Yesterday, 2:00 PM
Bokutachi no Tabi (Manga) add
I understand short manga doesn't have much time to flesh out it's content, but you should at least put some thought into it. I don't mind simple works but this feels like the author just wrote a manga about their favorite daydreams without bothering to make the necessary changes. As it stands, Bokutachi no Tabi isn't terrible at its core, but the shell is impressively messy with a ton of plot devices and ridiculous conveniences. If the core was more impressive I could forgive its shortcomings but as it stands, it's just a couple bland characters running away from home for minor reasons and after some chance encounters realize they shouldn't give up on their dreams.

In the end, it's hard to find any value in a mediocre story with poor execution. The fact that it lacks redeeming qualities outside of aspects that could've been worse solidifies it's place among manga I wouldn't recommend to anyone ever. It doesn't even fail in any interesting ways.
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Yesterday, 1:14 PM
All You Need Is Kill (Manga) add
If you've read some of the personal information, you know that I usually like to complete some of the author's works to full enjoy the experience of that certain person. In this particular case, we are going to dive into one of the most famous works of Takeshi Obata: "All You Need Is Kill".
This little unique story uses immortality and time loops to build the setting, which is something very interesting due to the fact that, in some cases, it is very rare to find stories like this.

Before we dive into the concrete story, I'd like to mention that this manga was sold in many languages including Portuguese and it was published very quickly, making it one of the most international mangas volumes ever made. That is something that I find unique and wonderful at the same time because proves that Japanese manga is not only sold within Japan.

All You Need Is Kil (or simply AUNIK) kinda reminds me of American comics because the way the environments are expressed. The character designs and the detail are one of the best things that you will ever read and as some people will say, it is done by the same author that did Death Note, Bakuman and/or more recently Platinum End.

But the story has nothing interesting beyond the loops and the immortality, in fact, this story is pretty basic, to begin with. The looping it's basically the main reason to read it, no spoilers for those who have not read yet but the main protagonist slowly learned how to used and the reader too, along with him. There are many ways to use it and the main protagonist chooses one of them.

As for the main character, he is the definition of a "military bored soldier" and that's basically how things work from there. There are other characters which personally should have appeared more often but that's a personal opinion like the mechanic girl named Shasta Raylle or the cantina girl named Rachel Kisaragi, for example (I personally think that both Rachel and Shasta are one of the most beautiful well-designed characters that Takeshi Obata ever made so far). In response to this, not all characters are equal and that's a shame, unfortunately.

However, Keiji (the main protagonist) finds Rita (the main heroine) but we never find much about this characters anyway because this has a small plot with very limited characterization and development and that's the weakest aspect of this manga.

The artwork is just very detailed and overall is amazing, as usual of Obata.

I'd recommend this manga for people who like very little stories, Obata works or even to try something new, just don't get your expectations too high because it will go to be not worth it.
Read this manga as something new or eventually buy it, like this you will love it for sure.

8/10 -> I think it is a pretty solid score for a manga like this.
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Yesterday, 10:06 AM
Try! Try! Try! (Manga) add
This one shot is based around a little girl and her cheeky innocent behavior, which, to the viewer might seem hilarious, to her young, single father they are not.
It is clearly depicting the most pure form of humanism, and if you're looking for a story that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, this one is for you.

The art is presented in a clean, elegant manner yet it's very vivid and immersive; you can nearly feel the cozy sun in your skin. It makes you forget about all your problems for a little while.

Comedy is presented in a subtle way on this piece of work. It displays the contrast between the innocence of a child and the rougher point of view of an adult. Yet, far from making it dramatic, it makes you feel like "aww, what a cutie!" instead of "woah, wish i was a child again..."

To any of you who has just stumbled on this page : I strongly recommend that you give this manga a shot. It's only has a few pages but by the time you already go through them you will be already wanting for more.
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Feb 24, 2017
Yakusoku no Neverland (Manga) add
I wholeheartedly recommend reading this manga if you haven't already.

There. That's about all I need to say.

...oh, wait I need to tell you why? Well, see, the problem is that this manga should be read without knowing too much about it, I think. You can read the summary given by the description above, and that's about all you should know. If you read the genres you would know that this is a mystery story--not a "sherlock holmes" bullshit detective "mystery," it presents actual, solvable puzzles for the reader.

So, I'm not giving you a summary.

What I can do though, is describe what I find most appealing about this story: it is REALLY CONSISTENT. The characters act like people, the world is very well developed, and, well, every event that takes place makes a lot of sense.

And, I really cannot stress this enough: the CHARACTERS act like PEOPLE, and wow are they smart. There are no stereotypes, no cliché personalities, just a bunch of very perspicacious individuals vying for survival.

I can, off the top of my head, think of exactly ONE kawaii-desu-moe-uguu~ moment in all of the 27 volumes I've read: you will not find a whole lot of levity in this manga. It is very aptly named "horror," it did a very good job of instilling tension in me: this is a good thing.

Go. Now.
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Feb 24, 2017
Naruto (Manga) add
Everyone is an orphan.


Also, they all have teenage angst...probably from being an orphan.

I would've ended my review here but this site says I need a longer review to allow me to post. What do you want to know? They characters are essentially copy and pasted from each other:

Goofy/doesn't need to try too hard/naturally athletic/blond haired protagonist: Goku...I mean Naruto

Serious/trains super hard/bad-guy-turns-good foil to the protagonist: Vegeta...I mean Piccolo...I mean Sasuke

As far as plot lines go, there's one really good twist/reveal but I won't spoil that for you. Once the cat's out of the bag on that plot arc, the rest is a little weak sauce filled with a bunch of doodad fillers that meander around This-is-going-nowhere Streetsville. Also a trusty tool used by DBZ to line the pockets of these anime writers.

In short, picture DBZ but they're really cool ninjas with cool ninja abilities. Also, a lot less constipation. Yes, Dragon Ball Z Ninjas on laxatives.

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Feb 24, 2017
Boku no Mei (Manga) add
Boku no Mei is a short shoujo one-shot about an introspective male protagonist and the awkward situation life has put him in.

The main focus is the interpersonal tension between the protagonist and his niece, and considering the circumstances, it's difficult to tell exactly what sort of tension it is, and what the implications are. It's very subtly handled, and definitely the strongest point of this work.

The weaker aspect is the pacing. The attempt to recount the protagonist's memoirs results in cramming a whole lot of information into just a few pages. It all goes by too fast; there's enough nuance to paint a general picture, but not enough to quickly "dip" you into the setting as good one-shots must try to do.

The art is decent. It's a bit too much on the simple side and the adults look like early teenagers, but it's fairly expressive and serves to give the characters some personality.

Overall, Boku no Mei isn't the sort of one-shot that leaves a lasting impression, but it's fairly enjoyable while it lasts.
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Feb 24, 2017
Kamisama Gakuen@Armeria (Manga) add
Okay, I am writing this review because this manga deserves one, and not for the conventional reasons, either. So, here we go. Let's hop on this divine ride together:

Art: You must be thinking: "Why is this person reviewing the art first?" Well, let me tell you, the art was what caught my attention in the first place, and the reason I kept up with it for 8 volumes. The art is a m a z i n g. I am not kidding when I tell you that every panel looks like a CG art straight out of an otome gal game. The art may look a little weird sometimes, with their skinny proportions and too-long-legs, but 9/10 times, they look absolutely stunning. Yes, even the side characters who don't even get a name look great.
The backdrops are alright too. Nothing too out there compared to other shoujo manga, but nothing bad either and fairly detailed.

Art : 9/10

Story: This story has an interesting premise with potential. But, it's an isekai that focuses on shoujo more than the actual plot. In fact, here, I'll give you a spoiler-free summary of the storyline:
We are hit with the plot straight away; on the first page of chapter one, in fact. Good. Waste no time in gathering a reader's interest. But at the end of chapter one, we will be thrown into the story's real plot (shoujo-fall-in-love). And then, that's basically it. There will be mentions of the other plot every few chapters or so, but that's all. The rest is shoujo manga fanservice and the main girl saying how she loves all the gods.
I will be giving this a 5/10, which might seem generous after I've just bashed the plotline. But, I'm including the fact that it has potential as well as the fact that in the end of the day, this is a shoujo manga. While many people who loves a good storyline may get turned off by the lack of a meaningful story in this manga, others may enjoy it for just the shoujo isekai element.

Story: 5/10

Character: Oh boy. I don't know who to start with. Okay. Let's just start with the obvious, the main character.

Our heroine, Yanagawa Rikka is your typical Mary-Sue. She's optimistic, beautiful and loved by all the gods & people. She has a superpower where whenever a classmate/God or anyone who 'holds a god' touches her in any way, they are instantly at peace. Also, apparently if any mortal shall see her, they instantly fall in love or some crazy sh-t. Because in a span of 8 volumes, it seems like no one has any conflicts with her. Like, I'm sorry, I know she's God's blessed child or whatever, but please be real. Her one character flaw turned out to be not even a character flaw by chapter 3, so she's now an above-perfect person for the rest of the story.

Our target love interest & hero is introduced in the first chapter as a super OP (lone) read more
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Feb 24, 2017
Gakkougurashi! (Manga) add
Hello everyone, since you're reading this, you wanna hear my opinion and review of this, so let's just get right into it!

The Story, (5/10)

The story isn't really special at all, the girls are in a zombie apocalypse, they live in their school, and they try to survive. But just because the plot isn't anything new, doesn't mean that it isn't good. I really liked the execution of how it was done.

The Art, (8/10)

Chiba Sadoru does a wonderful job of making the cute slice of life scenes cute, and the scenes where everything goes down the toilet, very well. When you see the characters that had their usually moe face, and then you see their faces twisted in horror, it definitely gives me a rush. Seriously some of their expressions (I'm looking at you, Rii-san, Yuki-chan!) definitely got me surprised.
Seriously like one time, my BF was over and I was reading vol. 5 and I literally shouted at her, OMG I NEVER SAW HER WITH DAT EXPRESSION BEFORE! And she looked at me, "Wtf?" Looked at the expression. "WTF" So yeah, the Chiba-san is very good at making both moe and horror.

But one of the other things I like about the art, (Which is probably true for other mangas) Is that it is not censored as much like the anime (I'm looking at you Terra Formers!) unlike the anime, you get to see more of the zombies, and just how gross they look, now it has been almost three years since I've watched the School Live anime, so there may be scenes where they do show zombies, it's just I know the manga has them much more detailed.

The Characters, (7/10)

The characters themselves are not too special, it's how they deal with the situations. Kurumi and Rii-san both baby Yuki to help her not realize the truth, but when Naoki Miki comes in the picture she tries to change that. Or when at first you think Yuki is the one messed up in the head, you think otherwise when you see the situations that happens to them, and their reactions (I'm looking at you Rii-san ;)) which I enjoy very much.


The Good:

Actually, I will tell you how I got to this manga, I was first introduced to the anime, and the only reason I watched it was because I didn't want to watch Highschool of the Dead because it had too much ecchi for my taste, but I wanted to watch a zombie anime. I watched School Live, I enjoyed it, except for the ending, so then, I was still a noob Manga wise, and I did not like reading scanned versions of manga, I made a choice to get the manga of School Live, to see if it would be better. I was not disappointed (Btw making a decision to get a manga series is a hard choice if your 12)

If you have watched the anime, around where the anime ends is where vol. 5 is. read more
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Feb 24, 2017
Aizawa-san Zoushoku (Manga) add
After reading synopsis you can probably tell that Aizawa-san Zoushoku is not typical harem. Personally I wouldn't call it harem at all, as most of the cast are Aizawas that don't act like usual harem members.

Story of this manga is very nice. It introduces the multiplying mechanic in the very beginning and is focused on it until the end. Other than that it's mostly normal high school romance.
Aizawa-san Zoushoku is very lighthearted and has many cute moments. Comedy will make you smile but isn't that great in my opinion. Romance progresses nicely and is very satisfying.

One thing that surprised me are characters. Aizawa herself is very interesting and unusual main heroine. Souta seems like usual "nice guy" type of character but doesn't fall into "harem MC" stereotype. Other characters were also nice, although I think they should have had more development.

Art was ok. It wasn't too detailed and backgrounds weren't really noticable, but such simplicity seems acceptable for this kind of manga. On the other hand characters design was nice and their expressions were really good.
I just wish we got some fanservice with all the Aizawas...

Overall Aizawa-san Zoushoku is enjoyable, rather short (20 pages per chapter) and lighthearted story. It might not be great but I don't think anyone could really dislike this manga.
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Feb 24, 2017
Dengeki Daisy (Manga) add
Dengeki is probably my favourite Shoujo of all time. Kyousuke Motomi really does have a knack for romance.

Firstly, her art was pretty good, although I'd say in the start there were a few times where it looked a bit strange, I liked seeing her progression through her first massive serialisation.

The story was great! Not at all your classic Shoujo, you can tell by reading the first part that this is in another league! She builds romance nicely, giving you just enough, but also builds a fully fleshed plot, with conspiracy and developed characters.
As well as this, the comedy in Daisy was very good and surprisingly on point.

I enjoyed Dengeki Daisy a lot! The experience of reading it will stay with me for a long time.

9/10 but I also want to give it 10/10 :P
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Feb 23, 2017
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (Manga) add
RAW thoughts:

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to get my thoughts out after getting up to around 200 chapters into this series. I know that this series is labeled as a harem manga, but I could not stand how drawn out the story became after 200 chapters with the MC and the MG (main girl). It was as if the author was actively trying to keep them apart for as long as possible so that the series couldn't end.

My main problem was that once I got to around 200 chapters, I think I knew more about the side characters and MC than I knew of MG. It makes the story lose focus for me since I barely understand what MG is like or what her character even is.

SPOILER: After 90 chapters the author decided to figuratively shelve the MG by having her not attend school for a indefinite amount of time, using the reasoning that she was under one of the witches spell. That's fine for a short hiatus, but this lasted to around chapter 240.

If I could make an analogy of the romance between MC and MG, it is like getting a striptease that lasts 3 hours. I got bored of it once my legs fell asleep.

For the supernatural portion of the story, the idea was fine for a harem manga. It wasn't too technical, not boring, but they kept on rehashing the idea way to much. It gets really boring when the story devolves to center around the memory erasing ability in the last 60 chapters.

The last chapter was nice though, points for that. It is one of the few harem mangas that end with a wedding and epilogue chapter. However, because of how the story was structured, it didn't feel fulfilling enough to enjoy it to its fullest. It was almost a paint by numbers thing that you had to hit the checkpoints that the MC has to end with MG, so their chemistry was sacrificed for it.

All in all, just watch the anime. It saves you a ton more time. If you got time to kill, read the manga but be warned that if you root for the MG, you will have a bittersweet ride.
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Feb 23, 2017
Grand Blue (Manga) add
Do you like high school dramas? Romcoms that make your heart go doki-doki? A classic comedy slice-of-life that feels like a warm chicken noodle soup on an autumn evening?

WELL TOSS THAT SHIT OUT OF THE WINDOW, CAUSE THIS MANGA IS NOT SO MUCH CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP AS MUCH AS A DRINKING COMPETITION DURING OKTOBERFEST. Yes, here comes what I have no doubt of saying the funniest manga I've read in my entire life. I haven't laughed this hard in AGES.

Story: 8
So what exactly is Grand Blue? Grand Blue is the most intense slice-of-life comedy you'll ever read in your entire life. It follows university student Iori as he moves in to his uncle's diving shop, named "Grand Blue". Turns out, the university's diving club holds their meetings at Grand Blue, and as a result, Iori is unwillingly dragged into the diving club. The premise is solid. Nothing to complain about. This manga isn't so much about the story as much as it is about the misadventures Iori and Co. deal with.

Art: 9
THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. OH MY GOD. I CAN'T. The artist is a god for giving me facial expressions that rival Great Teacher Onizuka himself. The art is never messy--rather, it maintains a super clean style, contrasted with the overly detailed facial expressions and rowdiness every time there's a drinking competition. Just amazing.

Characters: 10
Okay, these character dynamics are absolute genius. You thought Iori would be the straight man? Nope, he's a total idiot who can't do anything, drinks all day, and is a total scumbag. Then you have the super hot dude, but he's a total otaku. Two super buff guys with an addiction to being naked 24/7, an exhibitionist female, a first-year obsessed with makeup, and an over-the-top siscon. Each of the characters in this manga have one defining trait that makes them a complete weirdo (except for the leading heroine, who is arguably the only straight character in this manga). AND THEY WORK SO WELL TOGETHER. They get drunk very often, to the point where all their horrible and weird qualities show out, and it is HILARIOUS. I can't get enough of these characters.

Enjoyment: 10
What can I say? I laughed until I cried.

Overall: 9
I feel SOOO guilty for not giving this manga a 10/10, but it's because I reserve 10/10 for the literary masterpieces like Berserk, not to a slice-of-life comedy manga that has random stories all over. But I loved every second of it. READ IT.
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Strike Witches' Maidens in the sky actually makes a great addition to Strike Witches franchise. It gives a lot more background on how Yoshika Miyafuji joined the Strike Witches and the events that lead up to it.

I basically just gave you a chunk of the story summary above, but I have a bit more. The manga also explains how Yoshika obtained a familiar compact with a Shibu Inu dog. The manga itself doesn't tell you the breed, but I know from reading it on the strikewitcheswiki. It's pretty much a story of personal of personal growth and Yoshika making friends along the way. I'm forgiving the fact that the transition from volume one to two is kind of disjointed since I like the background information so much.

The characters are great too. You're introduced to some really likable characters with great personalities and it also introduces you to the well loved 501st joint fighter wing members. It also introduced to Junko Takei if you haven't already read about her in other Strike Witches manga; I believe she only appears here first if you go by release order, but not chronologically. Overall, the characters are kind of a love of hate aspect. They're not super developed or anything, but there's more than information to make you like a lot of them.

The art is pretty much the same as it is in other Strike Witches manga. I still loved it and it suited the story well.

I enjoyed reading this a lot. I enjoyed reading the Fuso Incident and The Sky that connects us manga more, but this one was pretty much just as enjoyable still. I really like reading about new witches who aren't featured in an anime yet. I recommend giving this a read if you're a somewhat big fan of Yoshika. If you're not, there is not really worth your time reading about her backstory.
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Feb 23, 2017
Kamisama Hajimemashita (Manga) add
I really like this manga at first and as the story progressed on, I started liking it more and more. But, there were many things that really changed my opinion about this manga.

ART 8/10: The art was really nice and I really liked it, but there was nothing really special about it.

STORY 7/10: The plot of the story is unique, but the vibe of it was like any other shoujo manga.

CHARACTER 8/10: At first, I thought that Nanami was a weak heroine and she needed Tomoe to save her all the time. But, she progressed and she was weak but not as weak as before. Considering she was a goddess, she was really weak which was kind off a turn down for the story.

ENJOYMENT 6/10: As it was nice in the starting and the middle, I didn't like the ending at all.

Overall, I will give this manga a 6/10. It was a manga that barely went over the passing mark for me.
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Feb 23, 2017
Keijo!!!!!!!! (Manga) add
What is Keijo!!!!!!!!? Essentially, it's what you get when you weaponize T&A (boobs and butts), essentially making asses out to be extremely lethal weapons. Throw in the universal shounen, "rise to the top" plot, and there you have it—And yes, Keijo!!!!!!!! does take the plot, the asses, and the sport itself, very seriously, and with a straight face, characters will absolutely comment on how overpowered ones' particular ass may be. Naturally, expect tons of incidental "fanservice" as a result of weapon choice. If what you really want to see is mad gymastics do T&A, and T&A doing mad gymastics, martial arts, and more, this is probably the show for you.
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Feb 23, 2017
Happiness (Manga) add
if you already liked Oshimi Shuzo hstuff like Aku no Hana and Boku wa mari no naka, you should read this one too.

since its a Vampire typical manga, I was really didnt look at this one, untill more chapter I read, it proves me wrong. Oshimi Shuzo-san really break a boring Vampire manga in his way.
Background and terrain its not Oshimi Shuzo type, the manga itself is all dark and full of shadiness, really suits for the story, and the character progression is the one that made my expectations wrong too. this is a decent manga, and the one that really should make an anime debut(yeay!)
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Feb 23, 2017
/Blush-DC: Hi♥mitsu (Manga) add
this is not a simple meet-n-f**k manga, similar to Nozoki Anna, this two give me a feeling of not to fap after all s0x scene stuff lol.
the story really played well, aside of that scene stuff, though not best for me, but seeing the characters progression give me an urge to read the story off.
The Art itself is quite good, semi-realistic and that is what I really want to see in a manga with s0x, drama and stuff, I could say this one is a decent if youre looking for same stuff like me.

and the s0x scene, is really awesoooommeee, though I dont fap to it(yet, haha) but its not rush s0x scene after all, the author really describes what is the feel of lust, hate s0x, and stuff.
oh like a said before this is not a simple meet-n-f**k manga, there is much drama plot here, a bit tearjerking for me, for seeing the heroine here.
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Feb 23, 2017
Hare-Kon. (Manga) add
though I oppose polygamy(and the opposite) act but this manga really gets me into it aside of my views.

the story is not about typical harem manga stuff, the author really describe polygamy in women perspective, and since the women who encounter this situation is the MC, whom an individual, asexual(?), tomboy girl, the story went awkward, but rather become funnier somehow lol.

another thing that catch my eyes is the CHARACTERS, OHHHHH the author were too goood for this one.
its not moes*it, its a semi-real creatures we were talk about, its a rare thing to see cute, beautiful ladies pairing with long haired cool cooling stubborn boy(who really resemble me to a visual kei bandman lol) in a seinen manga as far as I know
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Feb 23, 2017
Kingdom (Manga) add
to be honest I didnt really into a War, Historical or related manga, this was the first one I ever tried and well, a GOOD starter as I can say, to be still reading them in 400s chapters I'm still dig with this manga.
BUT, still, since I'm not really used with War manga, I didnt really quite enjoyed war chapter, it usually took about 1 to 3 volumes to end up the War arc, when the stuff that bugging me that is when they explain some stuff about strategies and tactics, its not really like I hate them but, since its my starter, this Manga is bit hard for me to getting in, but I'm going to used with it anyway. oh btw they didnt push you to getting your head flooded with all tactical war stuff at beginning arcs, its in the middle arcs when the MC gets into a medium scale war so its okay anyway for a first timer like me to read it up lol.

oh the one thing that really get me stuck is the Character Progression. seeing the MC (Xin) as a stubborn brat became a hot headed fine young man, there is no time skip in the manga! time is just went flow like the water and thats why I love to see this thing going!

the story is not quite bad anyway, there is some tearjerking arc, that really gets my tear fall off haha(almost) and since the author improvised the story and add some plot/characters that is not even really depicting the real events, somehow it becomes more interesting to read, in my opinion. but if you prefer 'purity' of a historical manga, I bet you didnt really like this one.

oh didnt mention the Art, since its my starter so I really dont know if Kingdom art meets good score in historical/war manga, but its quite fascinating for me anyway, I mean, those bloods, those troops fighting and stuff, and the terrain too, I think thats awesome.

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Feb 22, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add
Berserk, é difícil escrever sobre a maior experiência que já tive o prazer de desfrutar. Vou tentar ser um pouco breve.
Berserk não se trata apenas de um mangá medieval e violento, trata-se de sentimentos, emoções humanas. Tudo isso sendo escrito e desenhado dá forma mais sublime e bela possível. Miura kentaro foi capaz de transformar tudo aquilo que grotesco, sórdido, sujo e podre, em arte. Em berserk temos personagens muito bem construídos, com suas motivações, traumas, convicções, desejos, ambições e SONHOS. Além de ser uma história muito bem construída, estamos também em universo fantástico, onde o autor nos apresenta criaturas mágicas e espirituais, seres de outras dimensões e com bastante referência a clássicos, por exemplo: HP Lovecraft, mitologias Nórdica, Tolkien, Hellraiser.
Berserk é um mangá que entra não apenas no Hall dos melhores mangás já escritos, ele é uma das melhores obras já feitas na história dá humanidade. E a minha favorita.
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Feb 22, 2017
Sword Art Online: Progressive (Manga) add
I like to think that the progressive series is the true form of SAO since it is full of details on each floor; questing, leveling up, getting equipments, skill descriptions and usage in combat, thoughts and development of the characters, interaction between Kirito and Asuna not in a romantic way but as a Party. This is really what SAO should be. Everything that the haters say that the original SAO is lacking is in this series.

I read until the volume 3 of this LN and this series captures what i imagined SAO would be and what i wished it would be. Each floor is interesting and has its own unique setting and the exploration on each is just too good. Also, different characters are explored much more in this series than in the original, for example Argo. I think that characters here have a much more development than in the original. How i wish that this is the original SAO
I remember seeing Sword Art Online on my recommended list and read the synopsis. Just from reading the synopsis i was really excited since it looked very promising.

I watched the first episode and i thought "holy sh*t this is really going to be good and i have a whole 25 episodes of this" and i just got more excited when they cleared the first boss. I thought that is was gonna be a floor by floor exploration (which is what the progressive series is) since they always emphasize how aincrad has 100 floors and all that stuff. I was kind of disappointed on episode 3 as they skip into 20-ish floor which is a HUGE problem for the original SAO as they skip a lot of floors but i thought that there is no helping that if they want to focus on the floors near the 100th floor since there is only limited episodes. But the way they ended the aincrad just made me feel betrayed and disappointed.
I wish that Reki Kawahara would just say f*ck it and just remake the Aincrad arc using this series and just finish until the 100th floor all the way. But i think that it is next to impossible.

I think that many people watched the anime thinking that it would be what progressive is like (Myself included). Which is why i think lots of people hate on SAO because it is different on what they thought it was gonna be and it has so much potential wasted. This series is for those who hate SAO. I recommend this whoever liked the original SAO series. It will make you love it more. But i recommend this LN specially to those who hate the SAO series. Because I understand why you hate the SAO series and the progressive offers what you think is bad or what the original series or anime is lacking
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Feb 22, 2017
Nana (Manga) add
Nana is definitely my favourite manga ever! It is as realistic as any anime/manga can get, and you can actually imagine these characters being your neighbours, they're that relatable!
It is a tale of two girls (both of them named Nana), as fate makes them roommates in Tokyo. Both chasing their dreams, and characteristically the polar opposites of each other. One chasing fame in the music industry, while the other chasing her lover. Nana started out slow, and was a bit light hearted in the start, but it kicked into full throttle pretty soon and became a work of art.
Though incomplete (it's been on hiatus since 2009), this manga is definitely worth a read, cause there are very few manga which will make you care about every single character. You'll have feeling for every character, in one way or the other. Even the stereotypical characters have a layer that helps them break out of their stereotypes.
Read this, and enjoy a heart-breaking, realistic story of the two Nana's and how their life turn out in the end.
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Feb 22, 2017
Shuriken to Pleats (Manga) add
Shuriken to Pleats was definitely not an amazing manga.

Firstly, the art albeit it decent, reminds me too much of the Vampire Knight style; especially the eyes and sharp faces. i personally did not enjoy Vampire Knight so it definitely impacted my opinion on the matter negatively.

Also, I adore the concept or rather what the plot could have been. However, it was very superficial. The story did not delve into the various relationships between the main and supporting characters. Also, the "seed" aspect of it left me confused and I found it did not add much to the story. The story did not really flow, and it lacked either a great in-depth plot or an easy reading cliched manga feel.

It was a mediocre read, I wouldn't recommend it unless you really are interested in the topic, or have nothing more interesting on your list.
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Feb 22, 2017
Wind Breaker (Manga) add
That's my first review so be gentile (must to say that im from spain so my english is kinda bad, sorry). :3

Actually i want to start saying that if you come form Yowamushi Pedal you shouldn't deserve a similar manga (or manhwa in this case)
The main character it's actually okay, nothing that makes the diference comparing it to another mangas or animes, and the secondary characters are probably better, but whatever xD.

Story: 7
The history starts like a normal day for our main character (Jay) making an awesome and amazing use of a bicycle making one jump on a construction and a very extremly yaw on a downhill. The history is the same as any other spokon... or at least this is what you will expect when you start reading it, but one of the characters will make a diference about it and then the history will take an dark background. Afterall it's another spokon story si will not make the diference, but is not that bad by the way.

Art: 8
Nothing that makes the diference... So why did you put an 8? Well, you just have to read it and then you will see why, the autor transmits all the feeling in the careers and are actually (even nowing who will won or lose the caree) excting as fuck. Probably it's not the best artwork you will see on a manhwa because the background stage of some pages are not the best, but you'll definetly like how is made the artwork in general.

Character: 9
This is strange and a little bit bizard but let's start, first of all i have to say that the characters design and personality are so poor... but then Vinny makes his appear and becomes an special character that you will probably never forget.

Enjoyment: 10
Ciclism is actually one of my favourite sports like basketball so I really enjoy it as fuck. If you like spokons suchs as Haikyuu!, Kuroko no basuke or Yowamushi Pedal, you will probably, love as much as i love Wind Breaker.

Overall: 9
I think it will never deserve a 10 but considering how the history is going and how is improving the autor with the time i really want to support it and read one chapter every week, enjoying every single line and every single drawing of it.

I know this is short, i know this is porbably a bad review, but i am just impresed about this manhwa, so i actually just realised that i can coment here to recomendate to anyone because, and afterall, Wind Breaker it's actually a GOOD manwha.

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Feb 21, 2017
Natsuzora and Run (Manga) add
Alright so i am writing this right after i finished binge reading the whole thing in a day and i am not gonna lie this was a pretty decent story. Characters weren't too deep but you grew to like them. It wasn't too long as to were you just beg it to end or you want to drop it, but it could have used about 10 more chapters cause the ending feels rushed. (It works though). Another thing it did which i did not like is that towards the end it basically became a sports only manga and the romance got pushed to the side till the very end. (last 4 chapters are like that). This is not a story you will think about as one of the greatest ever but it defiantly is a story worth reading.

Side note: If you hate sports or student teacher relationships this might not be the best one for you. Even if you don't, i would give it a try because of the length. Hope this helped.
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(This is my first review so please be kind! BTW this review is spoiler-free)
I'm a huge JoJo fan and after finishing DiU I was pretty excited for Vento Aureo, sadly it was quite disappointing. I thought the premise was brilliant (JoJo and gangsters, what could go wrong?) but it was just poorly developed.
Story (5/10): The plot in Vento Aureo is quite linear, slightly similar to the plot of Stardust Crusaders yet it has a lot of confusing elements and undefined character goals which make the whole thing basically pointless. For me the storyline in Vento Aureo was a huge let down, considering the amazing and rich plot of its predecessor DiU. The stands and the fights in this part are really creative, yet they fail to leave a deep impression.
Art (8/10): The art in Vento Aureo is really unique and dynamic and it has the distinctive fashionable style of Araki. All of the clothes in Vento Aureo are pretty flamboyant and the design of each character is unique and memorable. For me the only flaw is that in the last chapters the art gets confusing and messy, especially in the fight scenes.
Characters (6/10): The main flaw in Vento Aureo is definitely its protagonist, Giorno. Giorno is just boring and he doesn't have any sort of character development nor charm unlike the previous JoJos. Giorno's companions are far more charming and interesting than him and have a fair share of character development; sadly they're overshadowed by the forgettable enemies and the overall boring plot.
Enjoyment (6/10): Vento Aureo is not as enjoyable as the other parts of JoJo because of its uninteresting storyline and undeveloped characters, also the pacing of the story is really fast which makes catching up with every element and the fights a difficult task. In the positive aspects, Vento Aureo has the bizarre elements and weirdness which are the unique aspects of JoJo.
Overall (6/10): I really tried to enjoy Vento Aureo but I was pretty disappointed by its many flaws, for me it's definitely the weakest part of JoJo. I won't say that it's bad, but it's not as good as the rest of the parts. Right now, I'm pretty hyped for the anime adaptation of Vento Aureo because I believe that DavidPro can make a great job in fixing some of the flaws of the manga and make me truly appreciate Vento Aureo.
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this is a revew where im dippin into touho lore, and if u dont knowhou you might wanna read it, cause ill getting in depfth

touhoh sussnan is the new touhou book on the block and its' got everything, action romand and mystry, even a little spooks if ur into that, it starrs kosuzu, the girl the book's named after

kosuzzu needs to collect all the books but some r evil so she has to get help from the real main char, maimouzu futatsuia, to find out which ones r bad

this is real good twist on standrard "drugs r bad" moralty play, with the algory of books and info replacin g drugijs and alocohol, and makes point of how peopl can sawy minds with fake news from foreign sources (tanukis = trumpa dmintinstration)

the big important here is return of fn favorite charcter, koishi, who appears in one panel in the most shes ever gotten in any touhu comic book

if ur fan of touhou you should read it cause its dark

story - theres usually 2 stories, one about kosusu and one about some shinto lady
art - good there's a good amount of attentin on how good the books aredrawn, looks realistic
character 10 mamuzu is boss and knows how to stay cool when someone offers u drugs
enjoymen t10 i laughed once
overall 9
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Feb 21, 2017
Yoake ni Furu, (Manga) add
this aint even done yet and boy i love it


story is 10/10 and im losin it. they're so cute and so and fallin in love just look at dying........this is a continuation of a previous manga i literally never read bc homeboys are just side characters in that one.

unrequited love HURTS to read like at some points i felt a genuine pain in my heart reading some of these chapters but i recovered and im good now

~ ART ~

ok hunny this is some of the best art???i have ever SEEN!!!! im gona die i s2g this is favorite art style ,....EVER.......... im such a thot and the artist of this manga is wacky talented they dun shook me up like ffaaaaaaam just read one chapter they got it down PAT theyre shsl artist straight outta hopes peak im tellin ya

~ characters ~

characters are GREAT........ i love them so muc....... the two main characters are higuchi and sudou who are childhood friends. higuchi is like this awko taco tough guy who was lowkey childhood friends with sudou but he bullied him at first so it's confusing af. even so he bullied him bc he was mad crushin and it turns out he still is and he got it BAD for sudou. but sudou aint feelin it (he has no clue acutally) and has the hots for his dad's ex boyfriend and his old elementary school teacher (i think lmao) so ya as u can guess there's a lot of slowburn and tons of unrequited love but u know what? when higuchi and sudou get together it will all be worth it and the pain this manga inflicted 'pon my heart will finally leave my weary thotty ass soul

i think i went off track

anyway yeah characters 10/10

read more
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Feb 21, 2017
Fairy Tail (Manga) add
I liked this manga because the plot is intriguing and the characters are well-developed. Also, there are a lot of good quotes and themes in Fairy Tail. I would recommend this to both experienced manga-readers and beginners. Its entertaining, but also has some sad parts. The mood changes a lot and sometimes it's funny, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy, sometimes sad, and sometimes just plain weird. There are also some hilarious OVA's, which stands for Original Video Animation, and they are sort of like extras. It's also an anime, which is pretty good, too, but which one you watch/read depends on your own personal preferences. But overall, it is a great manga (and anime!) that anyone would enjoy.
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watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui is a show about me in highschool

literaly theyj just took picturs of me and put them thru one of those "make urself an anime" wesbsites i see on the siedebar, and said "ok that's a good show" so i shoudl be getting royalty for it

where are my residuals

this not first time japnese playgerise the west )see my berzerk revew) but rarly does it ghit closidj to home like this, it scary how ther was japane people hiding in my schol for 4 year taking pics of me

if japna wehr to steal my life story they should give beter attention to my gaming habits...i dont play on the vita, only a true ninentbro here, sonyponys go home

aslo baseball girl probably paranoia darinin refrence, she hotty thou

since im the only one who knows my loife story il just put my final transcrpt for score here:

english: A
history: a
physic: b-
mathematic: c
athletic: c
GPA: 3.4
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Feb 21, 2017
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (Manga) add
this is spinoff of my fave anime story, asumanga dayo, with chiyo (w/ new haircut) doing stuff in highschol by herself and new friend manana

this storey speaks to me...cause chiyo is a real gamer girl, and knows about payday 2, if i could move to japan id like t o play payday 2 with chiyo-chan and we'd do the overdrill achievemen on death wish aND id say "chiyo, the real loot here is u" and id hand her marriage ring and license cause you only need one side to write marriege license in japn (plastic nissan taught me that)

there real good art, and also there's side of funnie hijincks as chiyo becomes super assasin BLOODERFLY or something i forgot, and she gets buddy from bike

story 10 there's enough gamer refrences that it isnt a scrub anime
art - 10 chiyo is hot and i wish i could marry her
character - there's only 2
enjyoment - 10
overall 1000
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Feb 21, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add
ill say it frdost: this show suxx cause its rip off of starwars: big guy with magic sword, wearing all black armor???? gattsu is ripof of dark vader, so no point for oring ingalyty here, but ill try to ignore to make review

this is story about bumbling faries name puck and luck (jojo reference?) who travel realy far on a boat to help save princes, but lots of fishy thing happn to make it difuclt...

first there was prequel movies where gattsu has to help mentor obi-i mean griffisu, he fights in big war against alliance with lots of politic, and then has to rescure him from big white object that has a prison sector...hmm...

show get diversty point becaus casuka is arab...when evel men like DONLD TRUMP make world not safe for tehm, at least japn nice enough to put themi n story (too bad its just coping star wars 7s diversity)

also there big wookei named gorilla grodd, hes literaly petermayhew w/ horns

story - its all ripoff of starwar
art - its ok 10
character - we ned less scenes of darth vader ripoff
enjoyment - p cool figt scens, but...are any better than DUEL OF FATES??
over 0 i dont like plagarism
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Feb 21, 2017
Fuan no Tane (Manga) add
thus is spooksville story...better be watch your back,.. cause scary things might happened...

theres no plot in story but i dindt notcie because i was psspooked out of my really sPOOKED MY GUTS OFF...and now ihave to review it

come sit down, r u ok, here have a nice cup of tea,

it all began with fun no tane, which is a doesnt have any fun *thunder crackles*

there's a lot of spooky storeis whch witch makes up for how they dont have fights in them, if you want to get spooked this is story for u, also litle kids can watch it because no blood, sex like in big hollywood movie like friday 13 or musou darinin

there's one part where remind me of reali life, i saw a spoky face in the window once, it was cold december night and snow outside, when i see old man peek from above whereing red clothes (stained in blood???????) and he whispers "shhhhhh" i was only 6 but it spook me to this day,

story 0 because there are none
art 3 too spooky
charcter theres no names (unless one of them is named tane)
enjoyment 40 to make up for the rest
overall 10

now...the real spooky part is...i was dead all along, now u have to write review r the fuan wil come to SPOOKY YOUR GUTS OFFFFF
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Feb 21, 2017
Abara (Manga) add
After reading several of Tsutomu’s stories, I have come to the conclusion that the major flaw keeping me from enjoying any of them is the way the characters are presented and developed throughout the story. Short, long, it doesn’t seem to matter; the characters are introduced all at once and in a manner that makes it impossible to remember who is who. We get the names in roundabout ways without any characterization, making it very difficult to follow the plot. Abara is no exception.

This is because Tsutomu prefers to tell his stories using visuals rather than dialogue. Despite this, he does not flesh out any ways the reader could become attached or interested in the characters, even with the dialogue we have to work with.

The art is the high point of the manga. If I were to observe some of the pages as objective, apocalyptic, gritty stills, I would find them fascinating. Reading this as a coherent story, however, is just plain confusing. The motive of the characters is obscured, replaced by vague reasoning and urgency used to spur the action forward.

I understand that withholding information is a plot device, but Tsutomu keeps everything to himself but names and basic terms, leaving the reader with little beyond cryptic drawings to unearth some motive along the way. While people praise this as a “deep, psychological” manga, the reader simply has to work harder to uncover why anything is happening, hiding an exhausting guessing game behind psychological intrigue.

The author wanted to draw gritty, sci-fi-esque monsters and fight scenes, and the plot and characters were sacrificed because of that. Beautiful art aside, my score is low due to sloppiness. There was no reason why the author couldn’t add in a detail here or there to help the reader keep the characters in order and understand the plot.

I will say this: I am aware that I am impartial to character development and a fleshed-out story. If you don’t mind feeling a little confused or detached from the characters, this is a grungy and action-packed read that you may enjoy.
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Feb 21, 2017
Oyasumi Punpun (Manga) add
oyasumi punpun (punpun is japanese for "joke") is a story abtotut baby bird woho learn to fly from nest, but world is scary out there and he become poesses ed by delmons

the art is god uh but its kinda scary (dont tell anyone i said that) they use tesselatins in one chapter i know what thse are, but it need more anime fights to become true clasic

bird boy could use bird-themed power like a bird-bird devil fruit to fight somemne but they dont do that,,,where is the figths

i hear that author boceome tarnssexual, so maybe all of this metaphor for that? bird boy is scared of worl,d dont know where to fit in, has trouble with girl and his head becomes shaped like genital so maybe thats' the big moral of the story:

its hard to become transexual in modenr society

stpry - there's 3 stores one for birdboy, one for friend and also cult
art - they draw some really prety buildings 10
character - not as many as dragonball but enough
enojynymment (sorry) enjomyent - 10
overall i like it
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Feb 21, 2017
Murciélago (Manga) add
tihsi THIS is a comic about black lady named little black, that sounds kind of racist (sillyj japan)

there lot of cool artr like guns, car chases, lebian,

little black and her potato friend have sto stop crime in the big city, but colofrful casts of rogues c gallery wants to stop them because they make money from crime (one of them smokes a cigar that sadas says "crime" in smoke lettrs)

i think litle black is on the top 10 list of hotest anime babez ever
-1 litle black
-2 rei
-4 videl from dragn ball
5 suply sdepot prinsess from kancole
6 - that one lady from lesbian dirt gardern arc w/ fighting

theres should be a sound score for this one, cause i made up my own char themes for the cast, here's little bracks' temheme: i give it a ten

i didnt finis h because they havent made new episode sicnce april 25th 2016, so ill make fanfic that finshes story so i can give it better review

story - there's 2 stores in this one, little black's and potato girls'
art - 10 pretty
character - ther's like a bajilion characters
enjoyment - 10 you dont need to get hit in cratch with ubmrella to enjoy this oen
overall, 1,000,022 (i think ur supsoed to add thse scorses together to get real score)
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Feb 21, 2017
Noblesse (Manga) add
I have been reading this manhwa for about two years now. At first, I really liked it. The story stayed interesting, the character interactions were complicated and realistic, and everything seemed fine. The problem is, for the last 200 chapters or so (its sitting at over 400 now, but essentially for the latter half of the currently translated material) nothing about the plot or characters has changed.... at all. For a piece that seemingly had quite a bit of potential, it has gotten very boring and repetitive. Let's dive right in.

Story - 3
The story used to be an interesting and often comedic story centered around character interaction. This was fine. The problem is that for a long time now the story has switched into a ridiculous action sequence that never ends. They put out 1-2 chapters of character interaction and plot development, followed by 20-40 chapters of long drawn out fights. This detracts from the interesting part of the story - the characters. On top of that, the fights are not even interesting. It follows the same mold every time: "A new enemy has appeared and done something bad, oh no!". *Main cast - MC proceed to fight it and lose* "Wow this new enemy is stronger than any other enemy ever we are REALLY IN TROUBLE THIS TIME. " *MC Shows Up, Deus Ex Machina*. This has happened for 3-4 plot arcs in a row now. It isn't interesting and stops me from watching interactions between characters I previously actually cared about.

Art - 8
The artwork at the start was mediocre, but it has improved a lot since then into a genuinely visually appealing piece. Even if the fights are boring, at least they are well drawn. The artist continues to improve their skills, which is fun to see.

Character - 7
The true reason to read this is for the characters and their interactions. When they actually get the chance to interact it is well written and fun. I would be putting a higher rating here if all that was in the piece was these character interactions. Because the characters constantly get into fights and just yell and panic a bunch about the fights, this score is only a 7.

Enjoyment - 4
I don't enjoy reading a story that doesn't know why it was good, and can't maintain that level of quality. That being said, it is still an alright read.

Overall - 5
Essentially, the obscene amount of action causes an obscene lack of story, so it is hard to continue to care about any of the plot since it rarely actually gets mentioned. It is like reading a bad caricature of shonen tropes.
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Feb 21, 2017
Para☆Izo (Manga) add
Mixture of very horny and sexualized jokes toned by the fact that almost all characters are underage. Despite that, you got blowjob training, endless hunt to lose virginity, methods of renaming your poor sexual life to locked achievements, sex robots and interstellar visitors.

It's Douman Seiman, so you either love the art style or hate it all together.
Most characters are high school students and those are ranging from horny sisters, lesbians club with one poisonous-body-like-plant-girl to flasher, depressed guy and his sex bot and an alien.

Ok to read if you got an hour or so to wait and want some giggle or few chuckles but in the end it's really tiring to only get jokes about anal, scat, bj's while most of the jokes are drier then Sahara Desert itself.
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Feb 21, 2017
Orange (Manga) add
ORANGE starts off incredibly shallow. The characters are not much more than a single personality trait. I could only remember Naho, Suwa, and Kakeru’s names for the first half. The writing is a equally terrible. While dialogue is supposed to move a narrative along, Orange's dialogue does this too literally. Everything is spelled out for the reader, and everything that happens to the cast seems like a contrived convenience. Couple this with generic high school manga situations, and I was left bored and disappointed with Orange. I would have dropped it earlier on if I hadn’t purchased the complete series at once. I’m glad I finished it, because it does get better. Perhaps Ichigo Takano just needed the hiatus she went on.

During the first half, I was asking myself a bunch of questions about the logistics behind character motives. Why would five teenagers devote their entire existence to helping some new kid they barely know? Why would Suwa just give up the girl of his dreams to the new kid who doesn’t even come to school half the time? These questions are answered in the second half of the series, and a lot of my problems with the series were resolved. Unfortunately, it ends just as it gets good. I thought I had a whole extra volume in my omnibus before I ran smack into a two-shot Seven Seas added to the book (without mentioning it anywhere!). I would have loved to have seen Orange continue on. The ideas of regret, depression, and suicide are important topics to be discussed, and Takano gives some decent insight.

Although Orange grew on me, I can not give it too positive of a review. The first half of it is unbearable, and the second half average. It’s a good idea, but I don’t care for the execution. I hope Ichigo Takano learned a lot from this series, and creates something really good in the future.
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Feb 21, 2017
Tokidoki (Manga) add
Warning: some spoilers ahead
For a one-shot, this was amazing. They characterization was excellent given the length and I really became attached to the likable characters. The story, while sad, was inspiring and hooked me in. It relies heavily on "the feels", but this is most likely because there is no other way for it to be impactful with such a short length. I' m a logical and less emotional person and I have probably cried 3 or 4 times over a story, and those were only light tears, but I was actually sobbing at the end of this. It left be somewhat depressed the whole rest of the day and even after that.
Overall, it's amazing. However it suffers from the one thing that makes it so good. It is a tragedy. Tragedies are extremely impactful, which is why so many people like them, but people generally prefer stories with happy ending, including myself. Knowing the characters will die, I could not enjoy and wouldn't want to re-experience a manga or anime series for this story. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I think the story would honestly be better with a happy ending, no matter how illogical it is or sounds.
I still love it though.
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Feb 21, 2017
HajiOtsu. (Manga) add
this is the first time i reviewing something solely because i want it, well i just finished it and the way to describe the story was.... so sweeet, diabetes symptom alert.

the story is about a girl who fear to all male because she always think that boys/male are frightening creature that always eat from rice cooker, crush her hand if they hold it and other many bad image about boys that she has. then her friend tell her to try overcome her phobia simply by just confessing to strange boy out there. so she remember a guy who she always pass by in her way to school who once pick her key chain by chance. she mustered the courage and confessed to him but surprisingly she got accepted by the boy. so it's begin their first, cute, sweet, awkward love story... the story was focus mainly on how the two of them act to each other and get the advice from their friends... since it's their first experience going out with someone. no love triangle, no bullshit drama, no intervention, no depressing situation, only the pure first love story from two highschooler

it's not only from girl perspective, it also from the guy perspective which is very much similar with the girl perspective(about the shyness and how to act as a couple).
i could say its seinen with much shoujo feeling yet still have shounen type romance feeling too.
the feeling really similar when i watch ore monogatari and working. really recommend for sweet romance lover
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Feb 21, 2017
Re:Monster (Manga) add
To begin with, I think MAL should put mediocre as #4 and decent as #5 when it comes to rankings.
Anyway! First review for this Manga in 2017.
Imagine a really cool premise, but an author that allows the protagonist to become ridiculously overpowered for no real reason. Imagine a manga without any threats or suspense. Imagine a manga where there was decent character buildup in the beginning, but during the later chapters it just turned into ramblings about "training" and completely one-sided battles.

*minor spoiler*
Oh, there's also a harem. Did I mention the harem of girls who love the protagonist only because he's the leader? Did I mention the elven sex slaves who join the ranks and forgo their grudges because of "training"?
*Spoiler over*

This is a manga with an interesting premise, but a lackluster story developed by the author.
There is no character development.
There is no suspense or chance for enemies to even challenge the protag.
There is no surprises, twists, or great plot points.
It's just a mediocre story about a guy who kills stuff and gets women.
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