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Apr 25, 2017
Thoswey (All reviews)
This manga is in one word: Soothing.
A simple slice of life anime or manga is something to watch or read while not concentrating. It's perfectly calming. Such is this manga, especially one thing: the artwork.

While the story is simple in its design, it slowly develops like an rpg. At every point, you stumble across another hint for the final destination of your quest. The same thing happens in this manga. A young girl named Somali is shackled and left alone in a forest for (yet) unknown reasons until the guardian of the forest, a golem, finds her. After having protected the forest for read more
Apr 25, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
MortalMelancholy (All reviews)
Please note: this review is a warning, and is focused primarily upon the start of the manga. The manga is, of an overwhelming proportion, garbage, would be the warning. Don't take this lightly. And don't think I'm being unfair to the manga; this is merely the objective truth.

This manga is thoroughly terrible in nearly every possible way; art (ugly and disgusting), story (there is none), and characters (stock characters with no depth, ego, or even self-awareness).

The art: Comparing the artwork in chapter 318 with that in chapter 3, Guts somehow managed to get uglier (ever so slightly), and the thought of seeing his ugly read more
Apr 25, 2017
Christinoutsa (All reviews)
I just finished reading it and i gotta admit it wasnt so bad at all!i actually enjoyed quite a bit!it was very short in my opinion so there was no time for mature character and plot development.The art is great though and that was what it got me hooked when i first layed eyes upon it.(a gorgeous and handsome vampire,how on earth can i resist that?)Ahem,so its a vampire-human love story but it was quite unique and different from the others i had seen.It could have a lot of potentional.

I dont want to drag this too long so my point is->
not too great but not read more
Apr 25, 2017
caramel-wolfie (All reviews)
Nanairo Kakumei is not a very enjoyable manga. It sure does have its good points, but some of the most important parts of developing a story are not taking into account most of the time.

-- Story -- (No Spoilers)
The idea of the story is alright, the idea of friendship is a very valuable thing to consider, and while this manga has those kind of objectives to pursue for, I think it is okay. Also, occacional romance is implemented, but it is not so exciting to see. It is not so developed so there is hardly any connection with the romance.

-- Art --
The cute and read more
Apr 25, 2017
fancyjasper (All reviews)
Murder incarnation is a very short episodic manga, so i'll try to keep things as vague as possible to avoid spoilers.

Murder Incarnation tells 4 different stories over the course of its 10 chapters. They all revolve around the goal of bringing someone dead back to life through the killing of 3 people.Each story has a different twist and i thoroughly enjoyed all of them, the last one being the highlight for me.

There is only one constant character throughout this manga, Mikuni Maya. The mysterious girl with twin tails who has an interest in corpses and offers to bring the dead back to life in exchange read more
Apr 24, 2017
lokalokaloka (All reviews)
I find it one of the most amazing yaoi mangas I've read, along with 19 days from Old Xian. Because it breaks some cliches heteronormatives stereotypes of yaoi that I long so much for their fall for more humanistic representation of LGBT couples in mangas. I loved the art above all, the atmosfere, it's beautifull, and how it shows the issues the characters struggle like homophobia, sorrow and loss of somebody to death, self aceptance, sexuality, developing a relationship, dealing with normativity pressures, family bonds, work, the person in it's culture and how they negotiate with that... Is so deep, and also so delicate how read more
Apr 24, 2017
Ibitsu (Manga) add (All reviews)
ErebosAkuma (All reviews)
Story: 10
before i started reading this i thought it was just going to be a really low quality gore fest and little to no story would be present. then i started reading it and i was so wrong. i figured out that the story was actually really interesting and made me fear for the characters. the story did its job in freaking me out.

Art: 10
well in order for the story to be as scary as possible the art would have to back it up right? well Ibitsu frikken nailed it the art is really really good and really really messed up where it needs to read more
Apr 24, 2017
2Blover3000 (All reviews)
This is my first review and not intended to be a review but a way to express my burning hatred for this series:

NOTHING happens in this godforsaken manga. All we get to see is the genuinely wonderful and likeable people that Makino COULD'VE ended up with but of course, she had to be with the arrogant, selfish, egocentric brat that had NO reedeeming qualities which the other characters try to explain why the way he is with wishy washy garbage. I just LOOOVEE boys who causes everyone in school to bully and humiliate me in public. nearly rape me and walk away when I'm being read more
Apr 24, 2017
Psyren (Manga) add (All reviews)
RewriteGonnaSuck (All reviews)
This could have been a 10 a legendary, but lackluster ending ruining it, like it. Feel like a forced end, so suddenly with many thing feel somehow unresolved or just end for the sake of ending it.

But like i said it overall still a very good manga, beat the average that for sure. I would like to end the review now but MAL want a longer one

So Psyren is about a group of colorful well written and Unique character, you will like everyone of them even the bad guys too,

The art is good even in the begining

The Story is about Time Travel, read more
Apr 24, 2017
__O__ (All reviews)
oyasumi punpun

It is really self-sophisticated story starting with a self-centered protagonist which is penguin like figure. Its essence cannot be felt at the starting but as you go deeper you can understand it very perfectly. It has very hard intense scenes which can pretty much excite you to death.

Artwork is magnificent.
In terms of Rating:- 10/10 especially the backgrounds which sometimes will make you think that a picture is pasted as background.

It is pure psychological.
It describes the story of a boy from its childhood to adulthood in which he undergoes many changes and change of behaviour in his life.

I too thought to dropped it at read more
Apr 23, 2017
Panlong (Manga) add (All reviews)
Shadowpwn191 (All reviews)
Love it! everything is f*cking best. i mean it. you should read this.

WELL THERE IS ACTUALLY 115 just release last night.


P.S. Whoever did put complete this "181 chapter"
BTW IT IS NOT F*CKING COMPLETE. IT IS ONGOING. you decided to put finish by 181 chapter? please kYS whoever did set this.

Apr 23, 2017
Last_Aeon (All reviews)
I'm new to reviewing and since there are no reviewers for this yet, I'll make this brief.

*May contain spoiler*

This story is one of the hidden masterpieces out there that I have really enjoyed. Seeing from the fact that the protagonist is weak, and stayed true to it. The MC, Regis, really doesn't have any special skill or power at all. All he has is his brain and his amazing strategies that never fail to surprise me, the reader.

Altina is a reckless princess who aspires to change the empire, and has recruited regis to join her on her journey to take the throne despite her brother read more
Apr 23, 2017
Mare (Manga) add (All reviews)
Yuu_Masuhara (All reviews)
I can't agree for more as Dynasty-Scans says in the page of Mare [メア] manga, "This manga isn't for the faint of heart. It contains rape, hetero, tentacles, gore, and of course yuri (which isn't til later)." It has 10 chapters which the first half of it is episodic. We will have different kind of NSFW story within main characters' school. While the second half of it focusing on the main character's issue in the past that present in the present.
Mea is said as Yagami Tsukiko's classmate and roommate. But, her present itself both as Tsukiko's classmate and roommate is manipulated by her power that read more
Apr 23, 2017
Yuu_Masuhara (All reviews)
Passionate Electric Waves is a short story, two chapters in Milk Shell [ミルクシェル] manga by Morinaga Milk which is already old (around 2002). Ema and Aya is a childhood friend who's in love with each other and get surprising visit by an alien amidst their relationship. This manga represents an old art with big eyes and round faces characters with typical shading of an old manga. The art shows mature contents with no censorship, that means, it's visible for our eyes to see the genital organ (unlike some yuri mangas which prevent to expose much about it). But, the story has cute nuance since the read more
Apr 23, 2017
BlueDragon17 (All reviews)

If you think that raping a girl just because you're irritated with her is fine, then this manga is for you.

Then there's the couple falling in love for no particular reason. It's a classic deus ex machina. Who needs a reason? Just throw the couple at each other and that of course results in love.

The story also tells you about one particular relationship fairly early on. Then, surprise, one of the girls involved drops a bombshell by informing the main character, who already knew what was going on, about what was going on. read more
Apr 23, 2017
SirMandokarla (All reviews)
Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare has a one-note premise, and it repeats the same joke for the entire story. It's not that it's really bad, but it lasts for a mere 40 chapters and, even then, overstays its novelty. It's an unimaginative story, through and through.

The most accurate review of this manga comes about the end of chapter 17. At the end of each chapter, a scene is redone with a different, self-referential joke. In this case, a boy is depicted as saying, "haha! Bullying and sexual harassment! Classic!" This is, in essence, the humour of the entire story, and it wears thin very quickly.

Lastly, read more
Apr 23, 2017
husseinbolt (All reviews)
I have a confession to make: isekai novels are huge guilty pleasures of mine. From the simple story lines that requires very little use of the brain, to the cool variety of magical abilities, and to the expansive fantasy like setting; there is something very appealing to such an overused concept. While my expectations was low before I started, the novel World Teacher provided a surprisingly enjoyable story... in its early chapters.
The main character Sirius, unlike most generic and dense protagonists, is very capable, intelligent, and is self aware in regards to his current situation. While read more
Apr 23, 2017
Roonyddevil (All reviews)
Why i liked the ln would be about the desired fantasy mix with smooth flow of story. Unlike some half hearted ln, this ln goes smoothly describing characters while avoiding sudden jumps but still keeping up the surprise. I mostly prefer fantasy settings with a light mix of science so this ln keeps me going. I really support the author for how the story is going on. A few flaws from my prospectives would be in some parts the story goes too slow while the part on fast pace part is good. I would say try keeping the speed but still explaining details. Overall it read more
Apr 23, 2017
enix18 (All reviews)
Knight Run is, if it has to be summed up, epic fights between awesome looking characters wielding supernatural weapons in fights with high stakes.

The character design and proportions are on spot. I never felt like there was something out of place and the alines are truly alien in their images. The space ships have unique designs and the perspecitves of destroyed landscapes, cities and shipwrecks is some of the best I have ever seen. The painting art style may seem crude at times but it really shines at setting atmospheres with the colour choices of the artist.

The characters have their own backstories, motivations, read more
Apr 23, 2017
comiclove (All reviews)
'Blaster Knuckle': A niche seinen historical horror manga from the early 90's created by a good friend of THE Kentaro Miura. Sounds good already, right? Unfortunately, it was cancelled only 20 chapters in (you can surmise why after reading the story segment) and was never continued again. The existing chapters, however, make for a good weekend read thanks to a strong plot, gloriously gory art, and well-rounded characters.

[Story - 8]

The story is rather unique for a 'monster-hunter' setting: It follows the adventures of Victor Freeman, a black man living in the southern USA during the 1880's. After witnessing shapeshifting beasts eat people alive as a read more
Apr 23, 2017
Dotanuki (All reviews)
It was fun. It was kind of hard to tell what happened in some action panels but other than that i have no problem with the book. The Story is in the form of an indipendent short stories. I don't have a particular favorite among them, i enjoyed all of them. The light hearted fun extras of the book where they showed Mr. Bison's love for heir braiding really put a smile on my face lol he braids Vega's heir ...LMAO... lol

I really enjoyed this second volume too. It was super action packed Street Fighter goodness. Let me tell you a summary of the read more
Apr 23, 2017
Dotanuki (All reviews)

It was a good series. I wish it was a little bit longer... otaku/cyborg main villain really cracked me up lol Father Anderson was a cool character, i wish he hadn't died. I liked the idea of building a Vampire/Nazi army to take over the world. Butler Walter's betrayal to Integra was a shame, i kind of liked him. Every character in the manga was a psycho lol Alucard was so cool, i wish they showed more of his origin... may be his first missions with the hellsing organization... mangaka touched his gloomy side a little bit with how he was defeted by Integra's father read more
Apr 23, 2017
buunny (All reviews)
This manga was made at the time when companies like Marvel, Tokyopop, and others were trying to break into the manga craze with titles like Peach Fuzz and the X-Men manga. They imitated Japanese manga, did not understand manga, nor its appeal to western manga fans. Most of these titles were a cross between manga and comic books that were not really either, revolting both American comic book fans and manga fanatics alike. This left little to no audience willing to purchase these products as they lacked both eastern and western identity, possessing only an awkward, uncanny mash-up of something in between. Thus, most of read more
Apr 23, 2017
Chinaz (All reviews)
Barrage - An Underrated Manga.

There are those stories that simply can't go up in popularity because (maybe) the readers are waiting for the same kind of storytelling that come from the same magazine and with that, the shonen genre become our daily bread. Barrage was one of the works that managed to overcome the barrier of popularity because today, the person behind this work is best known for creating the mega-hit "My Hero Academia" which currently has several animations and a second season currently airing.

The problem with Barrage is that it should had this level of popularity at the time it was released because not read more
Apr 23, 2017
serenekyogre (All reviews)
I dropped this series because of Chapter 9.

Think about it this way as if you were the MC:
One day three girls appear in your life. You don't remember meeting any of them, but each declare themselves as your future wife. You tell them over the course of days, weeks, months, that you are not interested in any of them. They don't listen. They force you into dates, force you onto bed, and greet you every morning by lining up in a row and displaying their underwear.
"Look at our panties! Which is your favorite?"

But guess what? There's still a girl you can talk to normally. read more
Apr 23, 2017
mnmike2002 (All reviews)
A silly mix of supernatural battles and ecchi romantic comedy. Young woman works for a "cleaning" office that specializes in taking care of evil spirits. She has a huge crush on her handsome but happy-go-lucky boss. But as part of her job, she must let him kiss her, at which point she becomes temporarily possessed by a powerful dog spirit.

The story is fun and lighthearted. The action and romance are interwoven well, it's well paced, and the ending is pretty satisfying. The art is quite good and consistent throughout.

The characters are really good, although I wish that there had read more
Apr 23, 2017
CPsDead (All reviews)
Plot: The first volume is all over the place and ridiculously fast paced, but after that, the volumes fix their pace and are quite enjoyable. There is a plot but the manga is mostly just sex & foreplay.

Characters: Sarasa was my least favourite character and he really needed to be in a mental institution or at least get a therapist. He was immature and selfish, but the audience is expected to pity him due to his backstory. Despite that though, he was a (relatively) complicated character which is rare in manga nowadays.
Kazunari however, is protective and kind but his character needed a backstory which read more
Apr 23, 2017
Maikoyey (All reviews)
Yamada - kun to 7 nin no majo is a story about a delinquent named Ryuu Yamada and how his life changes when he meets this 7 witches.

Story: 10

I gave the story a perfect rating because of its unique plot, even though some may say that its the same with other romance mangas but the idea of adding fantasy to the story is making it more interesting. Imagine a life where you meet 7 witches , it makes your life more interesting right?

Art: 9

I love the art but there are some parts that i dont like. (based on my own observation)

Character: 10

Well, this is read more
Apr 22, 2017
eggoist (All reviews)
The story starts out pretty typical and we see the cold and aloof but handsome guy so we instantly assume the protagonist would definitey fall in love with him, but no she ends up falling for sensei. so i found the story pretty unique its unlike the usual shoujo manga where main girl and main guy fall in love and everything is a bed of roses. However, even though the plot and stuff was great, the ending was too rushed. She got rejected and suddenly in like a few chapters she turned all her attention towards Mamura and realises she loves him. 70% of the read more
Apr 22, 2017
MondoX (All reviews)
The male lead is a not a loner, he has a friend, but he considers himself a loner. Also, it is his fault that he is a loner, because he does not want to be in any specific group, and all he does is whine and judges other groups. The female lead is fake, and she is proud that she is fake. She is afraid of others finding out about the real her, because they will not be friends with her anymore. Well, if that is the case, then they are not her real friends, plus she is deceiving them. read more
Apr 22, 2017
MondoX (All reviews)
For the most part, the manga was decent, with not much separating it from similar manga. However, I gave it a bad rating because of the ending and especially one chapter. I hope I can explain it without giving out many spoilers. The story is about a love triangle between a girl, her teacher and her classmate. It seemed like the mangaka had an ending for the lead, Suzume, to end up with one of her love interest. It was set-up to be with a certain character throughout the story, while the other characters was going to be the one read more
Apr 22, 2017
Berserk (Manga) add (All reviews)
young_kappa (All reviews)
((There is a spoiler in this review. If you saw the 90's anime, go ahead and read.))

Berserk is of course extremely popular. You probably live under a rock if you haven't heard of it. Many fans see this as a landmark not only for manga but for storytelling as a whole, and I'd say they were probably right at some point, but I'm not sure if it still holds up. I personally loved what I read, however following a number of convoluted plot developments it could no longer captivate me any more past a certain point. Thus I dropped it. Unless the author overworks themselves read more
Apr 22, 2017
finwatchin07 (All reviews)
I really liked the story line. By the end of chapter1/beginning of chapter 2 I was able to guess what the relationship was already which is nice..

But other than that I can't say much more.
It took a long time for my questions to be answered, and when they finally were answered I was left feeling like, "That was it? That was the problem?" Many of those times I felt like the problem/trigger of this always shaken relationship between the couple was too predictable.

Many times I found myself asking why the couple just won't break up if they won't be honest and own up read more
Apr 22, 2017
NatoBoram (All reviews)
Why am I crying so much reading a hentai? Reading this in one sitting had me dead inside for the following month. That manga fucked me up really hard.

This is romantic. This is dramatic. This is fucked up beyond anything. This is bittersweet. This is joyful. This is sad.

Because I've read it so fast, sometimes I wonder if I should read it again. However, I have reached the conclusion that self-inflicting psychological damages is not the best hobby one can hope for, and as such, I will not read it again.

My issue with the ecchis is that they often forget the ''reality''. There's no way read more
Apr 21, 2017
AlGoreCereal (All reviews)
Just a quick review since no one else has made one yet.

Pros: Interesting idea/concept for the story
Decent execution on said story
Decent gore scenes

Cons: Art overall is a bit sub-par
Way too many characters for only 3 volumes/17 chapters. Hard to get attached to really any of them.
Pace can be a bit too quick (a reason why the number of characters is a detriment).

Overall a mildly interesting read. Would recommend for something to pass the time, but shouldn't really be a priority.

And now, since MAL is saying this read more
Apr 21, 2017
Luna250 (All reviews)
One of the most well-known fairy tales from your childhood with a-.. lot of spice! Yup, that is the erotic fairy tale of "The Little Mermaid".

The very beginning of this story is the same as it was in our childhood fairy tale. Our Ariel's name is Lotte. And her prince Eric is Abel.
Lotte just got to the age when she's able to swim freely, all alone in the ocean. However, what she is interested in, is the human world. The one that's forbidden for mermaids.
As soon as she gets her head out of the water she realises there is a storm going on. Lotte sees read more
Apr 21, 2017
fiestyvi (All reviews)
strobe edge was an overall enjoyable manga to read.

the story was told through the main characters, so it went through the characters' perspectives. the story was simplistic. it appealed to me. the story is not really unique as it can quite cliche because its set in high school, there is always the main character falling in love with a handsome guy and there are complications before they get together. the pacing was good, it wasn't too fast and the reactions of the characters and situations went smoothly to the story. the best parts of strobe edge was how the author portrayed the emotions of the read more
Apr 20, 2017
Zurokyn (All reviews)
Most people have been bullied in some way shape or form, and some have had it worse then others. Here in Koe no Katachi, we watch as the main character Ishida who bullied the female main character (along with many others), Nishimiya, who is deaf, try to change himself and make up for the childhood that he took away from Nishimiya.

Some of the things that really made me like this manga storywise was how real the actual setting of the show is and how it can be a very controversial thing to cover in a manga. The bullying is realistic, it isn't kiddie bullying that read more
Apr 20, 2017
katzneel (All reviews)
It's a stretch to call this a collection of "stories" - these are vignettes, ranging from 3-pagers to 3-parters, about young people in love.

First let's talk about the good: the art, while likely not everyone's cup of tea, is right up my alley. Clean, sparse panels - sometimes just text on an empty background. Drawn in a sketchy style, figures are gaunt but graceful. Naturalistic movements; poetic melancholy. A thoroughly indie vibe. In a few places the background shading makes the floating text slightly hard to read; squinting is highly recommended.

~70% of each vignette consists of inner monologue - while this delivers in terms of read more
Apr 20, 2017
Doumu (Manga) add (All reviews)
Yotsuya112 (All reviews)
This manga was nothing short of revolutionary. I can only imagine Katsuhiro Otomo had a vision, and suddenly knew what future manga should look like. The character designs were out of this world, and immediately copied by his contemporaries (most notably Naoki Urasawa, or even in shoujo (Banana Fish)). Every detail in his artwork was breathtaking and a giant leap forward for the medium in general.
The pace picks up a few notches compared to any other manga of the time. And the psychological mindfuckery may seem normal to anime-lovers, but it wasn't ever done this effectively, until Otomo came along and added the intensity that read more
Apr 20, 2017
MayumiMay_ (All reviews)
I finally finished reading the manga from Aoharaido, so enjoying it, I'd like to say what I found. At first, Aoharaido was one of the manga I was most eager to read. During the first volumes, to be more exact, in the unfolding of the story, when we were getting to know the characters, and their respective stories. At one point I got tired of reading. The reading was kind of boring for me. That Kou drama, and everything.
(I understand that pain is pain, but Kou's attitudes were despicable in my view.)
So when I thought it would improve, because the Touma appeared, it was really read more
Apr 20, 2017
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
MayumiMay_ (All reviews)
I've never cried so much with an anime, the way I've cried with Orange.

I don't know what words describe what I feel about Orange. It's definitely one of my favorite manga, I can say that clearly. I think the biggest factor, I might say, is that I've gotten pretty much in touch with the story. It is not a common shoujo, where it deals with a collegial relationship, it is more than that. It is friendship, and the value it has. I even shiver talking about it. Idk. Some words used, some dialogues in themselves, remind me a lot of my life. Especially when read more
Apr 20, 2017
sarmale (All reviews)
“Ballroom e Youkoso” is a manga that will get an anime adaptation soon, so I wanted to give it a chance.
When I first found this manga, I thought it was just an ordinary drama with dancers. But no. It IS more.
The story is a bit pathetic in the first chapters, but it gets better around chapter 6. Some may find this manga being a cliche, but it isn't. The story deserves a 10.
The art is absolutely gorgeous and the author knows how to draw detailed facial expressions. When the dancing begins, prepare to be amazed. As a manga, it doesn't read more
Apr 20, 2017
23:45 (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nebular (All reviews)
23:45 is a cute love story that I really enjoyed. However, to enjoy it fully you need to read the sequel 23:45 Re:, which for some reason I can't find anywhere on MAL, unless it is included under 23:45 (since it says on this page that there are two volumes, 11 chapters, so I’m guessing it includes the sequel as well).

Story 7/10
One thing that kept me engaged was the whole mystery surrounding what actually happened to Mimori and why he was a ghost. It was the thing that drew me to read this manga since it sounded interesting, and it paid off alright. But the read more
Apr 20, 2017
bittersweetcrap (All reviews)
Best manga I've ever read, EVER. Hands down. Hands fucking down.
First of all, Sasuga Kei (also made Good Ending manga) really outdid herself with the art. What to say... um, the characters designs are awesome- especially the three main characters. They're also all interesting, even the minor ones. Their social circle which is mostly the literature club (if i remember correctly) are all fun to watch and all has their conflicts.
My favorite part of this series is its DRAMA. okay, the story goes like this:
The MC (forgot all the names, sorry) meets this girl who wants to have a one night stand with read more
Apr 20, 2017
RunawayWizard (All reviews)
This is my first review so take it easy, but the reason I'm choosing this manga is because I happened to pick it up from the very first chapter's release because I was enjoying Horikoshi's previous works Sensei no Bulge and Oumagadoki Zoo (if you haven't read the latter, do it, there are some cameos in BnHA and its enjoyable). I will try not to be biased due to author/artist favoritism.

This is a story all about how a wimpy nerd without a superpower("quirk") in a world chock-full of heroes and how he wants to become a great hero too. A simple and good premise for read more
Apr 19, 2017
chrissy_poo (All reviews)
Did you know that before Peter Jackson directed the Lord of the Rings movies he directed a weird Ghostbusters-esque horror comedy starring Michael J. Fox? Did you know before that he directed a movie about two teenage girls who grow so attached they’re willing to commit murder to stay together? And that it’s based on a true story? And that I was completely obsessed with it for months? Did you know that?!

You probably didn’t know about the last part. Anyway, this is a review of the manga Aku no Hana, not Peter Jackson’s excellent Heavenly Creatures, a film I mention only because of its aligning read more
Apr 19, 2017
daniel_franke7 (All reviews)
I have already seen the anime beforehand, and I am not one to read manga. My perspective might be a bit biased because of that, but I feel like sticking to the anime is the best option.

The manga version still does a good job of feeling and looking like the actual anime, as the story remains relatively the same and the art style is not only perfectly replicating what the anime was stylized like, but in my opinion even outdoes the anime artistically. However, the manga is shorter than the anime, and the anime was already constrained to only 12 episodes total with almost every read more
Apr 19, 2017
Drasill (All reviews)
Hey everyone who might come here somehow ^-^

Brynhildr in the Darkness (gokukoku no brynhildr ) is a manga written By Lynn Okamoto. He will be more known for his other work mainly Elfen Lied .
I have been a fan of his work for some time and read some of his short stories such as Allumage and Flip Flap and obviously Elfen Lied which as the author says is the same type of story as Brynhildr.
The thing is Gokukoku's plot was inspired of Old Norse mythology and of the Ragnarok which makes for a way better and more intricate plot.

Plot 9/10

Gokukoku is an intelligently read more
Apr 19, 2017
Remote (Manga) add (All reviews)
Dragonchase24601 (All reviews)
Oh my god the art is sooo bad. Like, seriously. The amount of fanservice pointlessly shoehorned into this is incredibly laughable as well. The first case was fairly entertaining, and most of the ones after that were at least fun to read, but the clear problem with this series' approach to whodunit is that the author doesn't give the reader the tools to solve the mystery. Instead we have to rely on the male lead (you know, the low-rent "L" character) to feed us clues. Except for most of it he keeps his cards close to his chest.

I dunno. I say just go read Death read more