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Jul 20, 2017
KayB (All reviews)
**Spoiler Free Review**
Also, there isn't any explicit incest, don't worry.

Fire Punch is probably one of if not the most unique shounen manga I've read. While the premise of the manga initially seems rather cliche, the tone and characters in the story sets Fire Punch from the rest.

The tone is probably one of the largest highlights of the manga. Mixing together a dystopian setting with somewhat comical characters and dialogue contextualize Fire Punch of being campy as much as it self-aware. As a result, the character banter is enjoyable and weird in the right ways that give character to the otherwise bleak world the story takes read more
Jul 20, 2017
JukoLife (All reviews)
THIS MANGA IS DISGRACE!! Since 2016 February they aired only 13 chapter. This is a disgrace for readers. They stopped airing during middle of manga. People wait so long time for this but there is still nothing. I won't wait anymore, just dropped today.
Jul 20, 2017
TeKSMeLater (All reviews)
In some cases, a low rating doesn't mean I hate someone's work. There are some aspects to it that I believe could've worked better, and the writing is mostly at fault for failing to execute it well.

This is why I have mixed thoughts with literature that tries to be too deep. Literary theorists would ponder for days trying to interpret a work as if it's the map to some unexplored treasure. While that isn't necessarily all that bad, many would exalt it as being intricate and something far more special than a common, straightforward narrative. An impressive feat, if not spent too much on dilly-dallying.

After read more
Jul 19, 2017
SanbonJime (All reviews)
This is a bit preemptive, since I've only just began reading this tonight, but I've gotta say.

This is absolutely amazing. It's like K-ON, but with traditional instruments and I love it.

Before I begin I'll say I'm hugely biased - I play both shamisen and shakuhachi myself, so this is naturally going to be one of my favorite things anyway. :p

The story follows high school student Miya Nekoma after a chance run-in with energetic and seriously hyper classmate Hiyo Takemi, a shakuhachi (traditional Japanese bamboo flute) player, who immediately tries to get her on baord with joining a club devoted to traditional Japanese instruments.

Miya has a read more
Jul 19, 2017
Home (Manga) add (All reviews)
OliviaAnimes (All reviews)
Alright, sorry to be a buzz kill everyone. Actually, not sorry the internet needs to know this. I was extremely disappointed. When I saw that Ueda Rinko was the author I was very excited. I read her manga titled Tsuki no Shippo (Tail of the Moon), and it was one of the best mangas I have ever read, but as I said on this one, i was disappointed. The art was great, and it could have been very interesting, but I feel as though the story needed more time to develop. Things were very rushed. The characters seem to be lacking a solid foundation for read more
Jul 19, 2017
Ketamigo (All reviews)
Noragami is probably the most well rounded, most inspired manga that I've ever read.

Story/Overall Enjoyment:

Without being overbearing, over dramatic, pretentious, or pseudo-intellectual (like so, so many manga/anime) it masterfully weaves a tragic story through comedy and well-fought optimism.

Even at its most grim, Noragami is a tale of resilience, perseverance and friendship in the face of death, afterlife, and the "somewhere in between." It's a story of the endless struggle for serenity and happiness, even against all odds, even when suicide seems like the only viable course of action.

For those of you who tend to stick to comedy- read Noragami.
For those of read more
Jul 19, 2017
estepinn (All reviews)
This manga's actually a good quick read. I have been always looking for shoujo mangas wherein the protagonist is laidback and has strong convictions or ideals - in comparison to other shoujo mangas where the protag is fragile and at most times can't make up a decision who to go out with. In addition, even though there weren't many romantic scenes and more of platonic, it was a fun read since there were a lot of funny scenes. The only thing bad about it was how they rushed the ending (mostly prolly had to do with the manga's standing). So yeah, have a go read more
Jul 19, 2017
SinDeLuXe (All reviews)
Note: This won't be much of a review but more of a collection of impressions the series gave me over the years.

Many years ago I stumbled across a cute little anime called anime called "Bokura Ga Ita". The MAL user rating wasn't anything outstanding but thought "Hey,why not give it a shot?", since I tend to like the shojo genre.

What can I say? I loved it! Yes, the art has been weird at times but the fantastic music score ("Merry go round" and "Sunset" just to name a few) outweighted that negative aspect. The cast of characters did the rest for me. Years later read more
Jul 19, 2017
Packman4000 (All reviews)
The 80s and 90s was a special time for manga. It was a time when Shonen manga was at its peak popularity. Everyone knew titles like Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, and Full Metal Alchemist, while the likes of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach were only just beginning. Among all of these other, action packed series, stands a true gem, and that gem is Yu Yu Hakusho.

Before I begin to talk about the story, I would have to recommend that you read the first chapter of the series yourself before continuing with reading this review, as I believe it is the greatest first read more
Jul 19, 2017
Hashiyan88 (All reviews)
(Spoiler Free Review) From Chapter 19

Now Dr Stone as it is has a huge amount of potential but it takes a while to start up and get into it, which is one of the reasons why I believe a many people are not keeping up to date with it and dropping it after a while. Now don't get me wrong its far from perfect but I think its got potential and I hope that people give the manga enough time to start up and create a unique personality from itself that it deserves

The Story -8- The story revolves around a typical high school scene read more
Jul 18, 2017
Citrus (Manga) add (All reviews)
Mr_PurpleHeart (All reviews)
This is my first review so I thought I'd start with one of the first Mangas I ever read. This review is going under the assumption you've read the synopsis and have a basic idea of what the story is about. Also as of writing I've read all available 28 chapters but the story is not yet completed. Hope this helps some of you out!


Story - 10

One of the strong points of Citrus is definitely its strong storyline. It skips between the lines of heartwarming to heartbreaking with such grace, allowing the reader to really feel the highs the main characters have in their read more
Jul 18, 2017
deadoptimist (All reviews)
Think of a moment when you really need to get yourself off, but at the same time just can’t get into it. You feel the need, but your inspiration isn’t there. Then Versailles no Bara comes up in your mind, no matter the reason – and you start to work desperately on what raises those chemicals. Let’s make all the characters into sophisticated smashing androgynes – think you – who want to have sex with each other in weird situations and combinations (and with each other’s families, and in front of one’s family). Then you toss in executions and torture, psychological issues and taboo, exciting read more
Jul 18, 2017
Forced (All reviews)
One of the best hentai if the cheating-on-GF-with-her-mom genre is what you're looking for. A bit different, but it's 140 pages long! The *plot* is strong!
I skimmed through thousands of hentai with the cheating tag and this is just the best!

No loli +1
no shota+1
art is good+1
really long +1
*it's hentai* +5
            = 9/10
RECS: Kanomama -&- Hitozuma... (TV) Hi.Me.Go.To -&- Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro

Disclaimer paragraph to get to min. words to post: Not all cheating is NTR! Cuckolding is not the same as fun on the side! Especially with a milf. NTR corrupts all that is good! Damn Koreans! But read more
Jul 17, 2017
Tokoya (All reviews)
Originally when I first discovered this series, I was very intrigued not only because of the mature themes (And fanservice) but also because I found the premise to be very interesting and different since it dealt with polygamy which is something I haven't seen in an anime/manga and especially one set in modern times, but sadly, my excitement slowly went to shit

Story - 3/10

As I said before, the premise really sold me because it followed the polygamist relationship of the main male character and his two wives (Yuzu and Madoka) and then later the impact of having a third girl (Koharu) entering the fray and read more
Jul 17, 2017
arlerted (All reviews)
Should be spoiler free

Ever hear rumours about the 'deep web' where videos of people get killed for the sole purpose of other's enjoyment exist? That is exactly what this manga is.

Timid-looking main character and his crazy girlfriend with people killing each other like mad might remind you of Mirai Nikki, but this one does not involve anything godly or beyond us, just human.

Plot is original as far as I know, though you will see a lot of cliché elements (like the one I mentioned above) but so far it managed to keep me engaged. The idea might sounds boring, but keep in read more
Jul 17, 2017
comiclove (All reviews)
The manga adaptation of 'The Place Promised in Our Early Days' is a rather poor one at that, to state this plainly. While its retelling of the narrative is rather shoddy, the artstyle and characterization is almost as good as, if not as good as, the original movie's.

[Story - 5]

While the film was able to (almost) pull off telling the story of 3 childhood friends and their reunion through uncertain circumstances, the manga barely achieved it. It covers 2/3 of the events, so unfortunately we don't get a perfect resolution to the arcs of both the 3 protagonists and the overall story. The world-building is read more
Jul 17, 2017
censored_is_bad (All reviews)
Unbalance X Unbalance (or UxU) is a story about forbidden love between a student and a teacher, and the problems that arise from it. It's written by the infamous Im Dall Young, who is a great writer of female stories, but really sucks at finishing stories. So, after the heartbreak of leaving the Freezing manga, picking up UxU really assuaged my withdrawl symptoms.

Story: 9
Its a great harem/ecchi/romance story. The Main Character picks the right girl in the end despite some really twisted circumstances that could turn him away. Again, manga does explore some forbidden areas of society, and this one does it well. It is read more
Jul 17, 2017
Nagadir-chan (All reviews)
Consider that I've only read 5 chapters please =)

Story about two guys and one girl, a very interesting love triangle. I don't like these complicated love triangles but in this manga it's actually looks very potential and likeable. MC is trying to help his classmate to confess to his friend but is slowly starting to like her too. Story just naturally progress and presents some original concepts.
Characters are very well done and feel very realistic. MC is kinda average type of character, very normal. His friend on the other hand is very popular within girls and boys. He has a lot of friends but MC read more
Jul 17, 2017
STONe (Manga) add (All reviews)
Gundroog (All reviews)
You know, a lot of anime and manga out there get shafted because of very limiting and unreasonably universal standards people apply to them. Everything must have some kind of unique story or characters simply must be developed to the point you know everything about them. Those are standards that give no chances to smaller and eccentric titles focused on new experience and adventure which I like quite a lot. Titles like STONe. Now for the actual review that explains why despite the intro I rate this 5/10.

Art: hands down the strongest point of this worn. The visuals do an excellent job of bit by read more
Jul 17, 2017
lightofvictory (All reviews)
Disclaimer Alert! This is a hentai doujin.

Story: 7/10

I rated it as such since it does have a story. For an anime or manga, it would be too simple and cliche but for a hentai, it's quite ok. Decent even. Spans over 30 chapters but try searching for a site where they scan it by the books.

Art: 7/10

It's by no means comparable to Tachibana Omina sama but it's pretty simple and realistic enough. Biggest bummer is that the censors are the rays of light. Other than that, it does pay detail to all the smaller stuff like sceneries, bottles, horniness and such. Quite decent read more
Jul 17, 2017
Kaoru_Sugimura (All reviews)
I am going to go ahead and start out by saying that i am a sadist and that i have a "slight" bias for S&M works. The name: Taki Anna no Honshou wa S nano ka M nano ka Ore dake ga Shitteiru is way too long to say again and again so i will shorten it to AnaXMogamo. With that out of the way i will begin.

The Story. AnnaXMogamo is about a boy named Mogamo and a girl named Anna. They are both high school students that make good grades and are normally quiet/to themselves. The story begins with Mogamo moving into the same read more
Jul 17, 2017
lunariaflora (All reviews)
Ok, I literally made an account just so I could write this review. If you don't like cliché, cutesy love stories, then this manga is not for you. Alternatively, if you're like me and love high school romance mangas (ex: orange, ao haru ride, etc.) then I STRONGLY recommend this manga. The characters are pretty average but the charm Sakisaka manages to inject into the story is so addicting, you'll read this in one shot I swear. It's the perfect manga to use as an escape, lighthearted and easy to live vicariously through the characters if you have no love life read more
Jul 16, 2017
TehManyard (All reviews)
When I began Sengoku Youko, I had no idea it would affect me as much as it did. I thought I was starting a fun shounen action series, enjoyable and good to pass the time. It isn't that the summary isn't accurate, because it is ... for about the first ten chapters. This manga develops into something so deep and moving you never see it coming until you're already in the heart of it.

At its core this is a story about people. Humans, demons; the line between them is blurred as we learn that what defines us can never be categorized as simply as read more
Jul 16, 2017
IchikawaAkine (All reviews)
As someone who made the mistake of watching the anime first, I was slightly disappointed at the pacing of the story. Of course, there is always more time to carry things out in an episode due to the fact that things are always given more time in anime, as they are about 21-25 minutes long. However, I think there is a pacing issue that lies within the manga. Aishiteruze Baby is a wonderful franchise that will touch you right in the heart, but also has a few things that make it not as great as it should be. I am itching to talk about the read more
Jul 16, 2017
Freestyle80 (All reviews)

*mild spoilers*
The strong point of this small series is its characters and the main couple, Natsuki is an amazing MC and while Hinata might be really annoying at first, its kind of not her fault and it will be explained in the latter half of the chapters. The supporting cast is actually really good and not just forcibly there, Shigure is espcially hilarious with her positive/negative switches

The ending was also really sweet, although while i wish this was longer pretty sure it will have felt forced like those other stupid LoveCom (Like KimiMachi or Nisekoi) that has a nice start but gets boring

for what read more
Jul 16, 2017
Henshin (Manga) add (All reviews)
Kazanarii (All reviews)
Man...this is disturbing. This made me so angry.
It was too real.
I thought Saki was a smart girl but turns out she`s too naiive, too clueless.
Doesn`t know what's right and wrong. She took the worst path in life.
How was that supposed to make her get along with others?
"It feels...good...maybe" Trying to convince herself that she is okay when she was in despair.
She couldn`t tell her mother what was up, her father was already "gone" and wtf is wrong with her mother?? Bitch calm down, you blame the teenager for being raped? Sad, very sad.
The last scene was too hard. The way she braids her hair read more
Jul 16, 2017
Linnywoo (All reviews)
This story is very well-written, the characters are deep and it doesn't contain any of the standard manga clishes. If you're looking for a happy love story then you might be disappointed (I was), but if you're more interested in character development I'm sure you'll be pleased with it.

The art style is very nice, I think it was nice to see more grown up looking characters. Also, the university setting helped a lot, it was truly refreshing to read something that takes place outside of highschool (except one chapter).

The main downer for me was the ending. Apart from that I really liked it!
Jul 15, 2017
blackgiranta (All reviews)
This is a MUST READ (if not the BEST) sports manga, even though you might have no idea what American Foorball is. The best things I like about Eyeshield 21 is Characters' Development, which I give a 10/10:

Most sports manga have characters who are gifted or simply acquire some 'special traits' that make them suitable: Sawamura, Kuroko, Hanamichi,... Eyeshield 21 brings up a game where even the weekest player, or someone without any talent, can become the star. Not to mention, every character in the series have a lot of chances to shine and development.

Because the nature of American Football, where a team requires read more
Jul 15, 2017
Panlong (Manga) add (All reviews)
Suza_Suzaku (All reviews)
Panlog or rather Coiling Dragon is a Story that revolves around a youth name Linely Baruch. This story could be described as his legacy, his beginning to his triumph! The manwaha is an adaption of the Chinese novel "Coiling Dragon", and not a very good adaption. :(

The beginning of the story is rushed fairly badly, an entire volume of the novel is done in about 10 or less chapters of manwha. The first volume gavee the story a solid foundation of how linley grew up and his family. This was more or less cut from the series! The Pacing overall read more
Jul 15, 2017
360x (All reviews)
I found this piece of a gem in a manga app. And i'm glad I did.

Boku wa Ohimesama ni Narenai is one of those manga you'll forget after a short while but the time you had reading it was filled with joy. I'm actually a bit surprised why this manga isn't as popular on this site because it definitely deserves to be.

Here's why.

There's funny characters, amazing facial expressions, and a lot of ridiculous dialogue. The cast is incredibly stupid as they pretty much misunderstand everything that they hear but the things they do because of those misunderstandings always makes me smile. The art on the read more
Jul 15, 2017
Chinaz (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul - This kind of Seinen is.. Normal ?!

Since 2011, seinen has become a more shared genre among readers who are exclusively attached to other types of readings. Tokyo Ghoul is just an example of yet another forbid reading.

Personally and by reading the first time, I didn't like this manga at all because I feel that it's just like another 'cliché' seinen, which it's boring to read after a certain amount of hours with the same kind of stories. Even so, I feel very unsatisfied with the final product being almost exactly like some people thought it will become. Actually, I'm not even in read more
Jul 15, 2017
Kaiko (All reviews)
This series, like the original Munakata, isn't for everyone. This series is about a researcher/folklore professor named Munakata who investigates archaeological evidence for Japanese legends. I think that only people who are interested in mythology would like this series. I love mythology, so I think this series is great.

I really enjoyed the first series. I've always loved the darker side of fairy tales and legends, and Munakata really strikes a good balance between intellectual and horrific. This second series is much like the first, but the stories are a bit more interconnected. One of the weaknesses of the first series was a lack of character read more
Jul 15, 2017
YellowCheese (All reviews)
Over the course 2016, I spent alot of time on the library in my closest city. And, like any other decent sized library, it had a comic selection. it was in this library i found some of my favorite manga of all time, from Urasawa, Tezuka and many more brilliant minds. I was in a craze for older manga during the fall season, having read most of Tezuka’s mature stories and Yoshihiro’s small story chaos, I came across one of the most unknown (in the west) yet most important works in the medium. Hakaba Kitaro. One of the creepiest and more surreal yet engaging stories read more
Jul 15, 2017
Chehalem (All reviews)
Both Japanese and western comedy have a tradition of duos composed of an idiot and a straight man. It is very rare to see the role of the idiot taken by a woman, and when it is, the woman typically has the persona of a bimbo or airhead.
In Aho Girl we have the role of the idiot portrayed by a character who is not a passive bimbo or moe airhead, but the aggressively stupid Yoshiko. In an novel way this breaks with the traditional portrayal of stupid girls in manga because there is little to no effort made to portray Yoshiko as moe read more
Jul 15, 2017
MorningStorm666 (All reviews)
This review contains spoilers, but they are rather vague.

There's no shortage of dark, tragic manga and anime out there. Be it the kind that's gory and torturous from start to finish, tries to have tons of dark twists and turns, or tries to craft the evilest characters imaginable, there's something for everyone who wants something dark and graphic. But very few will ever put together a tragic tale as vividly and realistically as "A Lollypop or a Bullet." The story is poignant, brutal, and, in just 13 chapters, concise. There is no padding to this story and every event carries at least some significance. Yet, read more
Jul 15, 2017
me22 (All reviews)
simply amazing. I also stumbled upon this and cant believe it took me so long to find this masterpiece. never have i fallen so quickly in love with a story as I did with this one, and may be one of my favorite manag's which is crazy considering that i read manga daily. I strongly recommend, for people who like historical and if not because quiet frankly that was my least favorite genre before this

.....ok so it keeps saying write a longer review so this part will be complete gibberish.Full guidelines available here.
• Don't steal anyone elses work, this review should be all in your own read more
Jul 15, 2017
d388 (All reviews)
Chio-chan is a great read that makes me laugh hard every few pages.

The stories are mostly about Chio-chan going (walking / running / parkouring) to school, but the setting doesn't really feel like that usual high-schooly thing. There are rarely any pages where the characters are actually in school.

Sometimes the humour comes from strange situations the characters get into, sometimes it's the conversations they are having, but it's usually great. Its nature is intelligent, and often a bit absurd, but nothing close to Excel Saga, for example.

Sometimes you also get ... lewd vibes from some pages, but it's not the point of the manga, and read more
Jul 14, 2017
jcrayz (All reviews)
I am surprised to see some of the harsh reviews of this manga, because I consider myself a pretty picky shoujo fan and I really adored Strobe Edge. To summarize my main point, I think it bests most of its peers because of its characters' sincerity and the chemistry between the leads.

Story (9):
The storyline is standard shoujo. Cute girl and cool guy develop feelings for each other but have to overcome the difficulties presented by competing love interests. However the core emotion that the story captures is that of first love. While "unrequited love" definitely weighs in heavily, the author's strength read more
Jul 14, 2017
Sou1ace (All reviews)
It is extremely surprising to me to find so few reviews on here for Kengan Ashura. Besides myself, there is only 1 other review here on this page.

Anyhow, the manga itself is absolutely a masterpiece. It is able to convey everything that it wants to without feeling too forced and is able to introduce significant character depth within only a chapter. There isn't a single character within Kengan Ashura that I haven't grown attached to in some way, and, unlike most other manga, I actually don't mind when the main protagonist isn't the center of the world. The art in the series has honestly some read more
Jul 14, 2017
PlotLover (All reviews)

The basic mob 99% of fantasy writers/game publishers brush over.
Being able to write an engaging plot about that is a plus in itself.

But what sets it apart, is being able to provide multiple perspectives and consistent pacing to the world of the goblin slayer.

If you are afraid of gore and dark sexualised depiction of the fantasy genre then this manga isn't for it.

What is it is a semi-realistic story of what life would be like if the average person like you and I were to live in the popular generic fantasy RPG world, as we watch various protagonists share their harsh realities of living in read more
Jul 14, 2017
HikaruShidou (All reviews)
I... I can't even.

Like, what?

This. Was really... What the heck?

The art is messy, and the characters don't make sense (very 2-D with no interesting personalities, but rather disturbing and unrealistic). This manga is really.. strange. Like there's really no purpose behind the making of this manga other than for some weird moe satisfaction.. I don't even know. It's not very attractive, especially a certain page that I totally did not expect coming (likely, you won't really find it attractive either).

Anyway, read if you're extremely bored; but honestly, the only real good thing about this one-shot is the fact that it's only a read more
Jul 14, 2017
4b3 (All reviews)
Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai is about food, sport and love it's as simple as that.
Nowadys we have a lots of shows that try to be too many things and as result they fail miserably, reading this manga make me realize semplicity works the best if done well.

Story: (7/10)
Yamato Shuuhei is a teenage boy who's living by himself to pursue his dream of playing baseball at high levels so he enrolled in a high school known to be really good at it.
Yakumo Shuuko (28 y.o.) is a widow that loves cooking, since the dead of his husband she lost in part that passion, but knowing read more
Jul 14, 2017
Ju-On (Manga) add (All reviews)
oohkaibaboy (All reviews)
Ju-On, or The Grudge, is infamous in the horror cycle and after a number of films, spin-off and a video game, it was only a matter of time until a manga about it was published. But like the video game, the manga has none of scare factor or charm of the films.

Story: Volume one adapts the story of the first and second television films Katasumi and 4444444444 and Ju-On: The Curse. It's a faithful adaption however the cross from film to manga means it lacks the suspense, the scares and the overall wow factor. The story is mediocre and almost boring.

Art: The art isn't read more
Jul 14, 2017
Sammy_Lee (All reviews)
When I was younger and I didn't know what hentai or lolicon was, I thought this was super lit. Now I'm older and I was completely appalled.

It wasn't just the lolicon, (if you're into that, I guess) but it's the abuse, the manipulation and the pure disgust that I draw from like, all of the characters.

Shiren: Massive pedophile, but that's not his biggest problem. He constantly abuses Shinju, both sexually and mentally. He calls her a mannequinn, literally just because he's a jerk. Not to mention, not throughout the whole story, he never once tells her how he truly feels, which is pedophilia, but read more
Jul 14, 2017
Clotion (All reviews)
First off, do NOT read Ten if you know nothing of Mahjong! The rules are almost never explained, and they constantly use Mahjong terms. So either watch a quick 101 video on Mahjong or have Google at the ready to look up some terms.

I would also recommend reading Akagi before reading this, since some characters make a return, tho it's not a necessity.

On to the review then:

The art is probably the first thing you'll notice, it's not the best and gets pretty strange in some parts. For example characters having very strange proportions and the backgrounds being pretty basic to flat out just being white. read more
Jul 14, 2017
arbtr11 (All reviews)
EDIT : Caught up to chapter 37 and damn I love this manga. The following was written when I had finished reading chapter 21 and stays correct even now.

Well this is my first review on MAL so please bear with me. Also, I'm thankful to the various translators and hope they can keep up the good work, since I am not capable of reading the RAWs. Definitely gonna stick around with this one, and with the anime adaptation I hope it gains more popularity to keep the manga translation going

Story : 8/10

This story is a bit unique compared to typical rom-coms, you'll see why read more
Jul 14, 2017
Whiteviolet (All reviews)
I usually don't read a lot of shouen-ai - somehow I skipped over that stage and went straight to the smut, and find it hard to regress now. 'What, no cupping invisible shafts? How will I get to the end?" The lengths I go to on my quest to read every yaoi manga (Totally realistic goal, right?)

It actually did take me ages to finish this one, it kind of dragged at the beginning but picked up a bit at the end (but I mean at least it DID have an end unlike a certain other Eiki book...*cough art of loving cough*) Really if you were read more
Jul 14, 2017
EmeraldTulips (All reviews)
This is such a good manga. (Idk if I should say comic or manga since this is a Chinese comic) Anyway, I love how the drawing and story's theme match.

This story reminds me of NaNa (an anime)
So if you want something like that to try that out.
And if you know other animes or mangas like this, plz tell me.

I am really sad how there is no English translated manga for this one. Fortunately, I got to read a Korean-translated one up til chapter 3.

Link (to read Korean translated one):

Again! Please tell me if there is a manga/anime that is like this or Nana!
I really read more
Jul 13, 2017
Japoke (All reviews)
Spoiler tag when needed if so it is spoiler-free

Story : Does the job of a shonen. Can feel cheesy but can feel awesome. It relies a lot on big focuses on characters that say an important line that define their way of thinking. Can give you chills or it can be annoying. Can be really dark too. Like every shonen it has also some comedy.

Art: The way that he draws his character is pretty normal but the way he handles the effects. Oh my god. The fights are succesions of scenes with intenses effects and positions. Makes the fight fresh than the usual dragon ball read more
Jul 13, 2017
Douko (All reviews)
“I have Saitama’s face. I have Hinata’s hair. BAM! Robo-kun.”

Do you like sports manga? You probably have watched or read Kuroko no Basket and know how good it actually is. Now, Tadatoshi Fujimaki grant us with Robot x Laserbeam a sport manga about golf: n. a game in which clubs with wooden or metal heads are used to hit a small, white ball into a number of holes, usually 9 or 18, in succession, situated at various distances over a course having natural or artificial obstacles, the object being to get the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible. Source: (Dictionary).

The manga read more