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Bokura ga Ita (Manga) add
Nothing was really unique about the story, it was simple and predictable, not as complex as it appears to be. But I like how the story was told, there was a lot of deep dialogues, you can easily understand how the characters are feelings.
The pacing was random, sometimes fast, and sometimes so slow with lot of unnecessary details. It could end with less chapters in my opinion.

It did well to deliver the story, the expression were realistic. The background and places were drawn well, I was only hoping the character would be drawn more mature after they grow up, but in general I like it.

Nothing is really special about them. I didn't like any character and I don't find them realistic at all. And I didn't relate to a lot decision made by those characters.
-Nanami is like any other shoujo character; She loves, she put all her faith on this love, no matter what happens she doesn't give up or move on, too sensitive and emotional, nothing new.
-Yano is someone who face some sad and critical events, instead of moving on and growing up, He make it a reason to torture himself and drown himself in regret, for too long time than those events deserve. And I don't think he did any wrong to regret and hate himself this much.
-The side characters are also bad, the typical second characters who insist on unrequited love for no reason even when it hurts them.

I personally enjoy melodramatic stories, but it needs good reason behind all the drama, I don't think this manga deliver this reason for me, so I couldn't relate to the story. If you enjoy sad love stories (even if there is no real reason to make it this sad) then you can like this manga.
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Geten no Hana (Manga) add
Since no one has done a review on "Geten no Hana" (Flower of the Human World) get, I give it ago. I base the scores on the 8 chapters that has been translated so far (and it ended with a major cliffhanger in the 8:th chapter - I wan´t the rest now!). It may changes to lower or higher depending on how it progresses from here. But so far I really like it! So what makes "Geten no Hana" so good in it´s genres (shoujo, harem, historical, romance) according to me? I will get down to that now.

Story: 8/10
It´s two main things that you should now from the start. The first thing is a that this is a reverse harem manga, with a heavy focus on it. If that kind of stuff bathers you, this is not for you. I personally thought this was done in a very good manner - the interactions between the female lead and the men didn´t feel forced our very cliche. They all had personal chemistry and not always in a romantic way. We have some archetypes, but in the few chapters they deepen in personality which makes them all likable. I actually really like the female lead. In this type of harem/shoujo mangas, the female lead can often be pretty bland, boring, useless and so on. But not in this one. Hotaru is a female ninja on a mission, she is as strong as some of the strongest male leads. But more about the characters later, they deserve to be elaborated. The second thing is that "Geten no Hana" has pretty detailed (considering how few chapters there are) historical setting with historical personas. You have Oda, Nobunaga, Akechi, Mitsuhide and Oda, Nobuyuki which are all historical persons and the story lightly follows the interactions between them (for example the brother and best friend betrayals). So what we have is a reverse harem in a pretty interesting setting and story. It´s some mystery's and some action. It also contain a lot of comical moments, which I liked a lot - it made the manga feel like it was self aware to how much drama this type of story would manage. Good balance between the two. For this type of short manga I think the mangaka have managed to build up a interesting and light read story, without loosening some depth and taking it´s self to seriously. Looking forward to the rest!

Art: 8/10
It´s typical shoujo - very pretty characters (both male and females). But all the main characters has their own characteristic traits and clothing. One thing I liked a lot is that the characters don´t has the traditionally skinny bodies. They are much more well built - great plus in my eyes. Over wise it´s wasn´t anything spectacular about the art. It did it´s job of getting a since of the environment and historical atmosphere. Hotaru´s transformations was pretty well done and the firefly panels was pretty great to.

Character: 8/10
I liked read more
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I don't like the series that much. Kenshin himself is a Gary Stu with the tragic backstory and being a complete badass and being a good boy now and blah blah blah he's just a boring insufferable faggot of a protagonist. His sidekicks were even more annoying with the kid character in particular I was hoping would die at some point.

It does actually have some decent arcs about Kenshin's past and the fate of modern Japan and mixes history quite well, but I found it hard to care because the characters were annoying and unfunny no matter how hard the mangaka tried to do comedy.
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Hokuto no Ken (Manga) add
Was one of the defining battle manga along with Dragon Ball and I sometimes wish this one had turned out to be the most popular because it has a lot going for it. Great apocalyptic setting with the gore and violence, characters actually die and don't have that Dragon Ball problem of coming back to life and had amazing art for a weekly series.

Takes a few chapters to find itself, Ken is overpowered and obliterates everything until he encounters his first major antagonist which takes 30+ chapters. The second half of the manga was weaker and only existed because of pressure on the mangaka to make more money.

Overall though a very competent shounen that does most things right.
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Berserk (Manga) add
As much as I like the art for Berserk, I feel the characters and narrative are a bit overrated and remind me of some dark fantasy books I used to read as a teenager.

Like many I think the Golden Dawn arc is by far the best part of the manga and the quality drops off once it ends. The backstory to Berserk, finding out why the characters think and feel the way they do is a lot more interesting than watching Guts and his merry band go on an extended road trip.

I don't think the mangaka gives a fuck about it anymore and don't expect to see it completed which is a letdown for all the longterm fans.
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One Piece (Manga) add
I think I gave it a fair run, I got deep in the Skypiea arc but I just stopped caring so had to drop it. It's a shame because it did have moments where it intrigued me like the whole seven pirate gods and world government but the Straw Hats get distracted and go off on these side adventures and they sometimes last hundreds of pages.

The majority of the arcs have the same structure where Luffy goes to a new town or island, beats up the local villain and moves on. A couple of arcs did this differently and were the better ones but it just wasn't enough, repetitive stop-starts kept killing momentum before it could build up.

Don't expect a HunterXHunter where it switches the genre and tone in each arc because it doesn't happen, not in the first 250 chapters anyway and everything blurs together, the exception being the Alabastor arc which had a different setting, structure and the only intimidating villain at that point in the story.

The characters have cool designs and I did grow attached to them but they were way too overpowered and got out of scuffles far too easily without any losses. I don't think a single named character died so it was hard to feel any tension during fight scenes because I knew everything would turn out just fine.

For me One Piece is a manga that had a promising setting and premise but it never gets fully capitalised on. A shame because it's loved by so many others, I think it could have been much better if the mangaka didn't drag the story out so much and took more risks in his story telling rather than taking the safe options.
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Yesterday, 3:04 PM
Aishite Kudasai, Sensei (Manga) add
Mediocre Story: The story it's interesting. Being a spoiler, it's the kind of story that the protagonists have met in the past and one of them ends up falling madly in love with each other. Later they meet, sharing a common space. But then there comes the weird thing. The love that is born here is an egoistic, possessive and aggressive love. Personally I found the historical line interesting due to the links but then when it comes to love development I hated it
great art: The art in this manga it's maybe the stronger point. I really liked the art cause it captures very well the movement and the most expressive characteristics of the face
dreadful characters: for the reasons i mencioned in the story part, i didn't liked the male character. All the behavior it's hateful.
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Yesterday, 12:18 PM
Number Call (Manga) add
As in the synopsis he says, with his relation to Hacchi he begins to "instill" changes in Eight. Yup, the story is very slow. It happens over 3 years.

The main character has been nicknamed "Eight" since childhood because of his name, he suffered bullying so he always hated being called that.
The manga begins when he takes 88 on a test and is mocked by his friend. When he tries to take his test from his hand the paper flies out the window. From the outside, where his test falls, is a student who holds his test and also plays with Eight by the conscideance of the notes and his name.
His nickname is the same as Eight's because his name is Hacchi (Eight in Japanese). From then on, over the manga they are talking little, but more and more. [Yes, for 3 years.]

If you are the kind of person who prefers fluffy stories, with perfect, consistent development, and super heartwarming: definitely read this manga.
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Yesterday, 9:33 AM
Prison Lab (Manga) add
Bullying iS TRULLYYYYYYY Interesting!!?
In Good/Bad/Mindfuck Way..

Those Days will never been considered as YOUTH but CRUEL Taste of Fate who's always in the Horrendous Pile of Crap..

Began to the Details as you please? *Sarcastic Laugh*
Eyama who's known to be the Trashiest, Dull, Weak and Pale Lowlife Student
The Day he receives a secret letter onto someone else could change his life for the BETTER. Either That Bitch is trapped and held, playing him everyday could be very fun you know? Tsk the ones you called you weak can be the Most Superior Manipulative Bastard as EVER!!..

He's treating him Not Just a toy but a Victim..

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Yesterday, 7:47 AM
Minori no Te (Manga) add
Minori no Te is a BL manga that I picked up because the premise sounded interesting and the art was gorgeous. The story tells about Minori Shigefuji who works as a chiropractor and offers his clients a little bit extra, if you get my meaning. Early on in the manga, we see him treat two clients who're both having issues, but the sex with Minori helps them relax and understand what they have to do.

If the manga had stayed like that and been a slice of life story in which Minori meets a new client in every chapter and helps them solve their problems with sex, I would have enjoyed this a lot more. After about two chapters, the artist introduces the idea that there is someone in Minori's past that he can't forget about, and we spend the rest of the story following the conflict that happens when Minori meets this person again. That in itself isn't a minus point because I prefer my BL with a plot, but unfortunately I felt that the conflict and the reasons for it were entirely disproportionate. When it was revealed what had caused the problems between Minori and his lover, I had to roll my eyes and wonder if Minori is going to run off and go into hiding if he burns the breakfast one morning. It felt like the artist really wanted to draw a dramatic and emotional reunion scene but forgot that in order for the reader to feel any emotions, they have to be invested in the story and characters first. Since the backstory was so dumb and made Minori suddenly seem like an utter idiot, it ruined most of my enjoyment of the manga. The potential was there, though, and I feel that with only a few adjustments, this could have been a much better title.

A special mention has to go to the sex scenes, of which there are plenty. We get to see Minori with three different men, and the medical office creates a setting and dynamics which are a little more exciting than usual. The art is very detailed and absolutely the highlight of the manga. If you want to see gorgeous men go at it and don't care so much about the story, then I fully recommend this title. If you're more like me and want a believable story and characters, this might not be your cup of tea.
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Yesterday, 7:39 AM
Pandora Hearts (Manga) add
Okay, first of all I need to thank the author of this anime:


I mean, this is THE manga, the one that you will love no matter what from start to end, THE manga, that you want to spend all your time with, THE manga, which makes you feel like your whole world evolves around it, THE manga, that makes you feel all the feelings at the same time...



It's the story, characters, everything that makes you feel like you belong to somewhere, that you need this thing in order to live your life to the fullest.

Every. Single. Character.
I mean every single one of them is unique, awesome personalities and memories, their pasts and futures all tangled up in a one single amazing story.

Like I am out of words, you have to read it for yourselves to know.

I mean, I have never ever cried that much before.
The heartbreak is real, because I love this story with all my being and it was devastating when it ended.

But then you just get up and read it again.
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Dec 8, 2016
Witch Hunt (Manga) add
Witch Hunt is labelled as a "drama," or sometimes inappropriately as a "romance" (it's not a romance at all), but it's so much more than that. At a very superficial level, it maps to your classic "fantasy" manhwa, as its world centers around the existence of witches and demons. On closer inspection, it tells a story of human desperation and loneliness. A story of how even the most innocent and sweet desires can be corrupted when pursued in depravity, lust, and fear. And, ultimately, how the tragedy of the past can only be corrected by taking responsibility, facing, and accepting the past.


I would prefer not to disclose too much information about this manhwa, but its poor description begs some attention.

Witch Hunt begins with a young, troubled boy named Gawin entering a new school. He expects to find himself in the "usual" situation (I'll keep that in suspense), but discovers a mysterious girl who avoids the rest of her classmates. When all of his classmates leave, Gawin goes back into the school and discovers that this girl has supernatural powers. The story unfolds to reveal that the girl, "Izzy Jang," is not at all what Gawin (or readers) has her made out to be, and that there are greater forces in the world that always dwarf the protagonist.

While it's true that parts of the story are somewhat poorly paced, these "leaps" are easily pardonable. They don't have a profound impact on story and, arguably, are constructive in reaching the heart of the story faster.


Also, the story gets plus points for the narrative style. Gawin is such an insignificant yet significant character. He shows us the world through a human's eyes, helping us understand how the otherworldly chaos of Witch Hunt guides his perspective and understanding of the world. Gawin's final reflections on the story give meaning to the repentance and sacrifice of Suri, who realizes that "fate" is not something beyond your control, but something that you embrace and willfully lead the present to.

In the middle of the story, the "main character" role smoothly transition over to Suri. The change in perspective is well-done and refreshing.


Art: 8
If there's anything about this manhwa that's generic, it's really the art. Manhwas, in my opinion, have very clean art when compared to mangas. It's not necessarily the best art, but the character designs are interesting and are mostly appropriate (with the glaring exception of Pamela). However, I must note that many of the "antagonists" or antagonistic forces (if there really are any) in this story are beautifully drawn (10/10).

Character: 9
What traits or distinctions make a "good" character into a "great" one? It's hard to say, but after reading Witch Hunt I've realized that the relationship between characters is possibly the most important factor in determining that.

Alone, many of the characters in Witch Hunt fall flat, with the exception of "Izzy Jang" or maybe Gawin. What makes this manhwa exceptional is the blurred lines between evil read more
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Dec 8, 2016
School Days (Manga) add
The story was cliche. I almost fell asleep. Until the end.

The art was nothing out of the ordinary. Until the end.

The characters were predictable and not very dynamic. Until the end.

I did not enjoy this manga at all. Until the end.

You should read School Days if you have lots of free time and nothing better to do. I'd imagine that most people don't think it's worth it, and that's okay. I personally loved the ending. What this says about me as a person...? I'd rather not dwell on it.

Mediocre everything wrapped up by its ending leaves this with a score of 6.
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Dec 8, 2016
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (Manga) add
As this is the first real manga that I've read (besides School Days... ugh), I don't have any relative basis for my scoring. Like some of you, I started reading this manga after finishing season 3 of the anime. The review is targeted at those in the same boat.

That being said, if you're hesitant about starting to read manga for the first time, the hardest part was learning to read right to left. Otherwise, it was surprisingly enjoyable.

The anime really cuts out a lot of the details from the manga. Lots of characters are introduced in the beginning of the 3rd season, and each character has a backstory that is explained in the manga. I feel like it should be mandatory to read those missing chapters before continuing onto the 3rd season of the anime.

After the arc that the 3rd season of the anime covers ends, I felt that the story really dawdled. The trials and tribulations that occur are weighty enough, but how everything is handled at the end seemed forced. Luckily, the story for The World God Only Knows was good enough as a whole that it was bearable.

I don't have much to say about the art except that the fight scenes were hard to follow.

The characters aren't bad. All of them had realistic problems that manifested themselves in interesting ways. However, at a certain point, they stopped developing and remained static characters. With so many characters, it's difficult for all of them to keep evolving, I suppose. Their behavior became predictable, and it was like watching a bad comedy skit. There are a few touching moments that sort of redeem them, but not that many.

I started reading this manga because the ending of season 3 was unacceptable. I had to know what would happen next and who would end up together. All I'll say was that I was sorely disappointed.

A fascinating premise with a wonderful start bogged down by a vague plot and stale characters in the second half leaves this with a score of 7.
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Dec 8, 2016
Spirit Circle (Manga) add
I don't think I can think of a manga out there that contains as much Wisdom as Spirit Circle. This is surprisingly because Spirit Circle is a work that can't really be defined as 'realistic', and its individual components have been done almost everywhere else. Yet, while Hataraki Man can be viewed as a work that focuses on a micro perspective of life, and a work like Murasaki-iro no Qualia can be seen as a work that focuses on the macro and cosmic perspective of life, Spirit Circle is a work that is simply able to encompass all that, although it is not as psychologically thorough or intellectually thorough as either.

The story has appeared before in Osamu Tezuka's Apollo's Song (+ Phoenix), as well as Andy Weir's The Egg. It has also appeared in Slaughterhouse Five, and it even the shoujo manga NG Life. Its character types are extremely Shounen, although it also takes from the broad strokes of life that Tezuka can pull off. It draws from Samurai stories, historical literature, fantasy literature, and a plethora of other genre influences. It has done nothing particular new in its philosophy either - given that the philosophy is the kind of Buddhist philosophy explored in a multitude of other works out there. It's ultimate ending message was made up of platitudes, but the way these platitudes were structured within the work was so powerful that you have no choice but to see it all in a new light.

Though this work takes from everything, it is still one of the most original Manga in the world. It is simply the best reincarnation story that has ever been conceived up to this date. It draws from the best aspects of this type of story and focuses deeply on the essentials with superb pacing (wrapping up in a mere 45 chapters). The best aspect of a reincarnation story is the beauty of having one's past relations be built anew - because when this happens, enemies can become friends, and relationships can be completely restructured to create new meaning. Spirit Circle is powerful because it managed to arrange all these alternate lives and have them build off one another, seeping and developing into different forms - as opposed to some Manga like Apollo's Song where each reincarnation feels like a vaguely connected short story rather than an actual 'living of a past life'.

This aspect is what drives most of the work forward. Spirit Circle can use platitudes and archetypes because these well-worn tropes will be given new light when it has the weight of several other lives upon it, causing the meaning to twist and swell up into things larger than itself. Something as simple as a few words of reconciliation can be extremely emotionally moving when it is juxtaposed against all the other past lives when such reconciliations failed. When you have all the other lives being able to commentate as well, it gives the feeling of a great historical wisdom emanating from a read more
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Kimi no iru machi is an amazing manga but what's more amazing is that the author has answered the request of the readers in the discussions about the "scenes" that have happened in the mangas chapters. Some say its all for fan service, for "plot" or just some fap material... but to me its just more than that even though the manga shows less graphic content (well it is still a manga not a doujin) its amazing how the author just answered the prayers of those people who want more on the other characters ''what if" scenarios in the manga. Well i dont mind on my comment but i just keep an open mind. SEO you are amazing :)
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Dec 8, 2016
Domestic na Kanojo (Manga) add
Note: This is a review based on the 87 chapters translated so far

Domestic na Kanojo had a pretty weird start, on the first chapter it was shown that our main character named " Fujii Natsuo " was in love with her teacher, Hina, who was known for being a very beautiful teacher. But that's not all, before reading this review you might have read the synopsis first, our main character lost his virginity to a girl named Rui for the sake of wanting to experience it. To our Natsuo's surprise, he ended up being siblings with the teacher he loves and the girl she had sex with after her father remarried.

Domestic na Kanojo's story is something that you wouldn't see everyday. It has a bit of NTR and incest if you consider step-sibling love as incest. A whole buttload of chapters are about Natsuo trying so hard for him to have a place on his teacher's heart while Rui finds herself to be in love with Natsuo.

The story can sometimes be frustrating to read not because it's boring or has a bad plot, but because of the characters; Hina and Natsuo.

Why do they make Domestic na Kanojo a frustrating read? For one thing, it's because of how Hina couldn't decide on what she really feels. Sometimes it seems as if she's forcing herself to love someone because they loved her. Her relationship with Natsuo is even more frustrating, on-off-on-off; she always thinks of the consequences if she continued her relationship with Natsuo, which was cut off momentarily.

As mentioned above, the main characters of the story are Rui Tachibana, Fuuji Natsuo and Hina Tachibana. Rui Tachibana, the girl she had sex with, which later on developed feelings for him. Hina Tachibana, the teacher who is clueless as to who her heart really beats fory. Lastly, Fuuji Natsuo, an aspiring novelist who has fallen in love with his teacher and is disguised as a " nice guy ". My biggest problem with the characters is Natsuo, because he's the type of person who wants everything to happen, his way. The way he always pushed his feelings to Hina, just for his sake.

There are more characters in Domestic na Kanojo but most are pretty irrelevant and are most likely tools for a harem for Natsuo (not really ).

The art of the manga isn't anything unique, but it feels suitable for the story it's trying to portray. The character designs are also fit, and adds a more realistic vibe to the manga; no hair colors for most characters other than black which is a good thing imo. It isn't messy and is really easy to follow.

As much as I felt angry and sad while reading Domestic na Kanojo, it was really enjoyable as to how Natsuo tries to find solutions to problems not only his, but also other people's problems; and as to how he pursues his dreams with the commotion of the whole love triangle.

Should you read Domestic na read more
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Have you ever thought what it would be like if Death Note ever turned into rom-com? Well, if that ain't the best premise for the best story then I don't know what else is, right? RIGHT?

- This whole pride confession thing to make your opposite gender fall for you first sounds good at start like a breath of fresh air, but it soon gets tedious and boring where nothing else is provided to break the monotony.

Plot:-3.5/10- (It is pretty much episodic, there's no continuation from the previous chapters. No matter what volume you pick, it feels like you have starting from the beginning. Although, there are some small arcs in between, but you are always gonna feel like they are back to square one in the next chapter, and based on the experience I have gather by reading similar type of story like Last game or the revenge story. Such basic plot continues till the end of the final chapter, it is always between the two it is either an open ending or someone finally confesses, not to forget the obvious cliche love triangles and teen drama before that then finally entering the final stage, and I have yet to include the troll moments in such story where you think something is definitely gonna happen big time, but someone acts as a cockblock during the final moment or it was just a big misunderstands of yours.)

Character: 4/10- (Now imagine one of the most used character personality in a story, and the answer might surprise you which is a super rich ojou-sama with a lonely and tragic childhood with possible daddy issues, and then you have a overly attached bimbo female friend, then you have a another female character who might be a lesbian and finally after that, we have your main male character at the center of it all who is obviously gonna fix our main female character's tragic life sooner or later and then eventually they both gonna realize that pride isn't worth losing your other half.)

Artwork:- 7.5/10 (Your mainstream dark Seinen art with your infamous dull and lifeless eyeballs during the serious situations to make it even more intense.)

Enjoyment:-5/10 (Nonetheless, I still enjoy the first 10 chapters for its worth because of the whole characters already knowing each other's feelings, but for some reason ego plays into role and our main couple starts acting like L and Light.)

Final thoughts- I might change my opinion if the main leads start going out, but they still bring the game into their new relationship because that would be definitely something new and never ever done before because a lot of the stories ends right there and then when the real fun stuff begins.
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Dec 7, 2016
Bus Gamer: The Pilot Edition (Manga) add
Wow... no reviews for this manga? Alright, I'll try.

I was able to get this manga around 2007 after hearing about it being a compilation of chapters of a story that was never completed. After reading the one and only volume, I was devastated that this story wasn't able to continue. The story and characters showed great potential from the very beginning, enough to want you to seek for more information. The art is nice and easy to the eyes, although a lot of the backgrounds are very bland and looks like they could have been taken from Initial D (sorry John Lo).

Overall, if you could find this manga for sell, (or just download it online), I would recommend it.
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Dec 7, 2016
Ranma ½ (Manga) add
Long winded, meandering, plots and characters don't change for four hundred chapters. Didn't laugh at the comedy. The fights scenes weren't too bad I guess. Doesn't really have any plot, the mangaka just came of with the premise of the water changing genders and dragged it for as long as he could.

The main female character is one of those annoying tsundere types who always beats on the protagonist for stuff he never did. The male is your typical beta male but this was back in the 80s and 90s so he isn't as pathetic as your beta MC today which is something. Anyway it's a bad review for a bad series, avoid it.
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Dec 7, 2016
Yami no Matsuei (Manga) add
First things first, to my knowledge, this manga is NOT finished, nor is there any estimate to when it will BE finished. There was an extraordinarily long hiatus, and then there was vol 12, and clue.

Moving on.

Story: 8
The story follows Asato Tsuzuki and his partner, Hisoka Kurozaki, on their investigations as a part of Enmacho as Shinigami. Each investigation is very different, though, there is often a recurring antagonist, Kazutaka Muraki. As the manga progresses, things start to become more interwoven, and more information about characters comes to light. Now, I give Story an 8 due to the fact that a lot of things seem unfinished, though, it seems like they should be at this point in the manga. Perhaps it will be later, and I will have to amend myself, but at this point, I'm not particularly happy with it.

Art: 6
The 6 is totally a personal thing. Yami no Matsuei was started in the 90s, so, it has the art from the 90s. I prefer more modern art styles. I found a couple chapters online that were completely revamped, though, so, the art does change, eventually. After some searching, it appears that it occurred after the hiatus, so, that makes sense. Still leaves it at a 6 for me.

Character: 9
I ADORE the characters in this series. There is so much to them. HOWEVER, the incompleteness of some things that I mentioned in Story comes into play here as well. Particularly with the main character. That is the only reason this is a 9 rather than a 10. All the characters are so much fun and have so much depth when put in certain situations. I love it.

Enjoyment: 10
For all the faults, I love this manga. I sped through it in...three days? Ish. I'm very disappointed that it is not over, as there is a lot going on right now, and I NEED TO KNOW!! Ugh. This manga seems built around dropping little crumbs here and there about the overall story to keep you hooked, and then throwing in this left hook arc that you just get absorbed into.

Overall: 8
It has its faults, it's incomplete, it drives me nuts, but it's GOOD. So, 8 seems about right for it. I really hope this manga isn't going to be dropped. One page said that the author had a lot she wanted to do with her story, and she was excited to keep going as long as sales kept up. I hope she still feels that way now.

Note: This could fix all my issues with the series, but, I'm broke. I read this online. All of it. As is quite well known, translations don't always happen the best. Things get REALLY lost. So, keep that in mind as you decide if this is worth picking up.
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Dec 7, 2016
Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku. (Manga) add
Firstly, I found this manga at the corner of self, the place where nobody looks because the series they came to buy (popular shounen) usually lie in the middle of my local comic books store lying in insignificance like a treasure chest. I've never heard this manga before but the name and the introduction on the back cover intrigued me. I decided to give it a shot and the rest is a story of love at the first sight. Now, The Gods Lie is one of my favourite manga.

The story is really heartwarming and characters fit in the context. You can find something from your own self in every character (SPOILERS: except that scum who dares to call himself Rio's and Yuuta's father). They really feel real. The visuals also fit in the context since it's the story of 6th graders; not so much seinen-esque but acceptable. Emotions are nicely reflected that you feel something warm and bright in your heart, just as -I think- the author intended.

The only downside of the series that it's relatively short. It could be longer. The structure of the story allows it but somehow it's only 5 chapters. What a shame...

All in all, this beautiful thing is a 5-chapter blast of warm feelings and a must-read if you like the works of Miyazaki and Shinkai like me.
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Dec 6, 2016
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Manga) add
This Manga was just simply amazing, I could not stop reading it whenever I got the chance. The characters, the story, the art, all of it was just so beautiful, the pairings where cute and surprisingly fluid despite the clear affection between certain characters. I was also surprised to see just how independent Shirayuki was, even leaving a specialized "Fuck You" to the prince within the first few pages, that showing of just who she was was enough to get me hooked.

The only problem with it is that later the science gets a little shaky, but that is minimal with all the interactions and action going on.

Plus, little Ryuu is just simply life.
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Dec 6, 2016
Dragon Ball (Manga) add
The DB anime adaptation was the first piece of Japanese animation I ever saw back in the 90s, so I felt it fitting to make it the manga I first read all the way through.

It's aged better than both DB and DBZ anime with no old animation and dodgy voice acting with Toriyama's art still looking good and the manga moves at a much better pace without fillers and dragging the fights out. It's one of the better shounen series (better than most modern ones) with great character designs and fighting techniques. One of the things I like most about DB was how it gradually changed from a gag manga into an action fantasy comedy and then into a serious sci-fi action series.

If DG had ended at the Namek arc I would probably bump it up to an 8/10 or 9/10 but the Cell arc jumps the shark and brings the quality down with constant asspulls, characters becoming flanderized, fights being purely about power with no strategy involved, non-saiyan characters becoming irrelevant, the super saiyan which was supposed to be a once in millennia legend becoming a normal power up for every fighter etc It's just filled with those annoying problems that arise in shounen when the mangaka runs out of ideas.

Anyway, the two weak arcs at the end don't ruin the rest of Dragon Ball, and it's better than most of the modern fighting shounen that copy it. I think it's a series everyone should read once because of how iconic and influential it became.

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The Kangoku Senkan series has spawned numerous adaptations and each come with their own strengths and detractors. Here I will be looking at the manga adaptation of the original game to see what it’s like and whether it holds up compared to the anime.

Lieri Bishop and Naomi Evans work as officers for the Universal Federation. Their new mission is to board a space battleship to report crimes on the Neo Terrors. Donny Bogan is the captain of this ship and of the Neo Terrors. With past memories of being arrested for an attempted kidnap by Lieri and Naomi still ingrained in his mind he has revenge in his sights of the lecherous variety. Will Lieri and Naomi being able to resist or is their future set in stone?

It may be a typical revenge story but it’s the content that makes it stand out from the crowd. I adore when an authoritative figure is taken down a peg or two, just and noble responsibilities or not, so seeing it on the page here with an ever increasing level of degrading acts is a joy to see. The battleship acts as a prison (hence the series name), with no escape for the girls as they are forced into a lurid hell with plenty of fetishes to keep it fresh.

Lieri is the senior commander here, Naomi looks up to her as a role model for her job. Both are stern and always abide by their duties. Lieri being the senior commander asserts herself much more, she has an aura of control. When it comes to the sexual scenarios she takes the lead so as to make a good impression on Naomi who is rather reluctant and finds it hard despite it being her duty.

Lastly we have Donny Bogan who was once arrested by these two girls years ago after he was caught attempting a kidnap mission. He is seedy, dirty minded, holds a grudge and plans to humiliate and break them in revenge. Sure what he wants to do seems a bit overboard and a bit generic but it works and works well here. He has a sick motivation and is hell bent on ensuring it works.

One of my favourite part here is when the lights go out. During the day Lieri and Naomi are duty abiding officers who put their foot down but as night comes a switch is flicked and they effectively become comfort women servicing the male officers in any way they desire, all thanks to the brainwashing. The helpless look on their faces, their feelings of despising this yet have not having a choice really did it for me. As senior commander Lieri sets the tone whilst Naomi is more resistant meaning the gradual decline and move into more perverted and filthy acts is worth the wait.

What’s even better is that when they come around in the morning they remember none of it as the guys on the ship give them seedy, leering looks which disgusts them. That they read more
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Dec 6, 2016
Koe no Katachi (Manga) add
This is my first review so i'm sorry if it happens to be terrible but I really wanted to write a review for this manga because of how much I loved it.

Koe no Katachi is a real tearjerker & I found it so emotional from both start to finish. The topic that it focuses on is really interesting and I think the manga got across how all the characters felt extremely well and it also really allowed me get a good feel as to how they felt throughout the manga.

As the description already says the manga is fairly mature and also focuses on a few main & once again, mature themes such as guilt which was due to foolish and irreversible mistakes that had been done in the past and I find it really interesting that a manga such as Koe no Katachi decided to take on that and also deliver is so well to it's readers.

Each character in the manga had their own different feelings and views on life & that really allows many the readers to be able to relate even if only a little to some of the characters and it also makes each and every character very distinctive. Even though this manga mostly focuses on the lives of Ishida and also Nishimiya it also focuses on other characters in the manga and gives us an insight of their lives too.

Overall I would highly recommend this manga to all those who have come to this page and it is really well worth giving a go as it is so touching and it is one of those manga which will be hard to forget as it really leaves an impact.

Thanks for reading my first review and if you happen to read Koe no Katachi I really hope you enjoy it!!

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Dec 6, 2016
Maoujou de Oyasumi (Manga) add
This is a manga where the captured princess is not the damsel in distress. She does what she likes and will do what ever it takes to achieve a good nights sleep. This usually causes trouble for the demons as they have to clean up the mess she has caused.

What about the hero party coming to her rescue? Does the princess even care? The answer is nope. She just wants to sleep.

This manga can be easily described as a unique story with unique characters, very different from the usual cliche fantasy stories. You will not regret reading this and you will definitely laugh a lot in the process.
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Dec 5, 2016
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (Manga) add
Best Yaoi Manga.

The story, the plot twist, the phsycological depth, the art, the characters, everything about it is great. I'm obsessed with this manga, and can't wait to see how the story will evolve.

From many yaoi manga I have read, not many story with this kind of depth (except for Kyūso wa Chiizu no Yume o Miru, that's another best yaoi manga).

I only can describe this manga without spoiling it as GREAT! Because it has everything, as you can see from my write above, each element complimenting each other. So it's not just yaoi (from my perspective).

So if you're looking for a hot, steamy, erotic yaoi manga with a great line of story, beautiful art, this one is definitely for you.
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Dec 5, 2016
Chikan Otoko (Manga) add
Como esto está lleno de reviews en inglés me voy a tomar el tiempo para hacer una en español.

Soy un lector recurrente de mangas de romance. El problema principal con estos es que su mayoría son extremadamente comerciales y para alargar la trama o para ''enganchar'' a mas gente le meten excesivo y poco real drama. Casos como ''GOOD ENDING'' y ''HETAKOI'' son claros ejemplos de mangas de romance demasiado dramáticos, quedando como tontos o simplemente infumables.

¿Que cosa no?, un 10 a Molesterman, ¿Por qué será?. Bueno, para comenzar no es nada de lo anteriormente dicho.

La historia de Molesterman (''Acosador'' en español y ''Chikan Otoko'' en ponja) es algo sencilla pero por suerte casi nunca predecible. Esto se debe al manejo del autor, que causa que empatices con el protagonista, logrando así tener las mismas dudas e incertidumbres que él.
Todo comienza cuando el protagonista, es confundido con un acosador por una chica. Para pedirle perdón éste le dice de invitarla a cenar y luego de un tiempo el antisocial protagonista se encuentra rodeado de un grupo de amigos, aunque su atención está centrada en esta chica.
La trama a primera vista es simple pero con el carisma de los personajes y sin ningún drama innecesario la historia va tomando forma de manera sublime, sin nada forzado ni personajes que no cuadran o situaciones pesadas y repetitivas.

El arte es lo mas flojo del manga, debido a que está hecho de manera poco profesional. Sin embargo, los dibujos son claros y aunque a veces el manga carece de ellos son suficientes como para ir entendiendo que pasa.
Personalmente me agradan, y si fuera por mi les daría mas nota pero estoy intentando ser objetivo y la verdad es que desde esta mirada dejan bastante que desear.

Los personajes de Molesterman son bidimensionales en su mayoría, que quiere decir que generalmente podemos predecir que van a decir o que posición van a tomar en las diferentes cosas que pueden llegar a pasar. SIN EMBARGO, debido a que nuestro protagonista no tiene seguridad en si mismo y tiene nula experiencia socializando muchas veces pasan cosas que no las vemos venir, como tampoco nuestro querido prota. De esta forma se logra una excelente representación de la vida real, en donde uno que es tímido o que no tiene experiencia falla incluso cuando tiene todo planeado, o le sale todo bien sin siquiera saber el por qué.
Los personajes secundarios si bien la mayoría no ahonda demasiado en personalidad son muy carismáticos y tienen rasgos muy humanos. Quizás los personajes terciarios que aparecen como alivio cómico son los mas simples y sin profundidad, pero justamente por ser terciarios no complican ni aburren.

¡QUE BUEN MANGA!. ES MI FAVORITO. Me gusta el comienzo, el desarrollo y el final. Me gusta que haya terminado donde terminó, que no haya secuela ni que hayan metido cosas demás. EXCELENTE.

En general:
Un manga perfecto para aquellos que no buscan la misma porquería de siempre y que tienen un cierto afán por el romance read more
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Dec 5, 2016
Koi wa Hikari (Manga) add
English is not my mother tongue so i'll probably make some mistakes.

As a fan of well written romance i recently found an author that has talent. If you're into this kind of stories you might understand what i mean and probably you're also tired of extreme dramatical nonsense and characters that get in love in an inhuman way. Aki Eda does not get too involved in drama and let characters get in love in a natural way, on their own.

The story is about a lonely guy that tells his only friend that he has the ability to see sparkles around girls that are in love. The main problem is that it seems that no one sparkles towards him.
The plot is simple, but that's not what it makes this a great story, it's their characters that devolop their emotions through this. This is a romance manga so it goes about their relationships so if you're looking for that this is pretty well done.
9/10 Simple and well written

There is no much to say about art because it's nothing out of this world but i have to point out that Eda has a very caracteristic way of drawing that is not too Seinen neither too Josei. It's like a mixture, and it helps very well to show the reader what the characters are feeling.

They're all lovable. They feel like human beings, even though they're not heavily detailed and their problems are quite simple. Characters in this manga are what makes it so interesting, so charming.
I have to add that they are pretty original, since the manga industry is full of archeotypical and cliché characters. There is almost nothing like that in this story.

As you may notice i love this manga, and it's one of the few that fits in my special list of ''Mangas i really like''. I've read a lot and i believe that only some of them has the charm that this one has.

If you're a fan of this kind of romantic mangas you MUST read it. Otherwise if you are not into this genre you might give it a shot anyways.

Extra Note:
The manga is not finished yet.
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Dec 5, 2016
Claymore (Manga) add
now this is what a manga should be like. it has lots, i mean lots of side characters that fill the story up so much more. it's weird how it doesn't concentrate to the MC all the time but it lets you venture to the other characters' minds too, which is quite cool. i loved the plot. the art was kinda basic, but there was still quite good details. it reminds me of Berserk a little, but that is a lot lot more detailed (no wonder it has been running for couple decades, heh..). one of the best mangas i've read.
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Dec 5, 2016
Baymax (Manga) add
Baymax - An Alternative Happy Setting.

Everyone knows the classic tales of Disney, tales that seem to live in our dreams.
However, there is one that is portrayed with so much affection that stands out from the competition.

Baymax is the result of Disney and Marvel together. In the series, Baymax is a kind, pudgy balloon-man programmed to stop at nothing to patch you up, physically or psychologically.

For people who like adaptations and who are not moralists, this is Disney's perfect adaptation. Now, please do not compare adapted works of Disney (in manga, with different creator[es]) with works adapted from Studio Ghibli. Many people think that an adaptation of Disney in anime is the definitive (=final) version of that work and obviously that is a wrong ideology.

Well, "Baymax" or more correctly "Big Hero 6" is originally a movie that debuted in theaters in 2014.
The action is passed in a fictional city called San Fransokyo (San Francisco + Tokyo) and shows us the daily life of Hiro Hamada (in the movie is shown how he makes money, in the manga is shown to us him in school) and how the story is developed to the very mark of the movie but before that, Tadashi (who is Hiro's brother) shows us the perfect world of dreams!
As in American comics, all heroes need a great inspiration to exist, in this story this inspiration will be Tadashi who acts as a guide so that Hiro not only finds a way in life but also forms a group of superheroes.

Big Hero 6 is a story that needs some time to present each of the main characters and all their motivations. The manga follows the standard quality of Disney, just as this history shows us family values ​​and stands in favor of science in the eternal struggle against capitalism, no matter how much the villain is presented in a biased way. There are charismatic characters (an obvious thing in Disney's movies) especially a character named Fred, which is the cliché definition of the 'lunatic character'.

Baymax is deep down, the soul of the history, not only by the captivating purity of the character or by the quality of the drawing, but also by the relationship he gradually develops with Hiro in order to understand the human emotional complexity. This is a trajectory that resembles other works did by Disney, such as "The Iron Giant" (in the year of 1999).

Seeing as one more Disney work, Big Hero 6 delivers to the viewer a good dose of action sequence and Haruki Ueno delivers a fantastic art that builds on the setting of history. This aesthetic mixed with the american and japanese cultures and the growing friendship of Hiro with Baymax that in the end, makes this story worth completely your time.

Technically speaking, there are some significant differences between the manga and the film such as Hiro's teacher, the places where the action is developed, the development of Hiro's group (aka superheroes), Hiro's brother and finally the beginning of the story.

For me, read more
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Dec 5, 2016
SQ: Begin W/Your Name! (Manga) add
In complete honesty, I am shocked at the lack of reviews for Tamen de Gushi! At the time I’m writing this it only has one other review! But, if there is one thing I know about Their Story, it’s that nothing will ever be so simply GOOD.

Enjoyment: 10
I love this manhua. I love it with every ounce on my being and that makes this whole review extremely bias but I hope you’ll take my advice and read it. Beacause it’s simple to describe Tamen de Gushi in one word: nice. It’s a nice experience. The story is nice, the art is nice, the comedy is good; the whole thing is just a pleasant experience which gives me butterflies every time it is updated.

Plot: 7
Girl meets girl, girl embarrasses herself constantly in front of girl, girls become friends despite being very different; girl falls in love with girl. It’s simplistic and that works because the comedy and style of the manhua allows this story to house as much emotion as any more complex manhua, if not more. It’s basic but Tan Jui uses this to grip their readers and slowly introduce them to new themes, ideas and emotions during the gradual progression of the story. (I would rate it higher but honestly there is no complexity at all… OR IS THERE?)

Art: 9
Again, its simplistic nature allows it to create a relaxed, clam tone with a nice light colour pallet which changes with the season within the manhua beautifully subtly.

Character: 8
The characters are very real. Nothing about them feels forced or abnormal even if they are melodramatic at times. Then again, doesn’t everyone act like that around the people they’re most comfortable with? I know I do.

The only real problem is the lack of direction. Tamen de Gushi can be praised endlessly for its calming simplicity but, without any progression or clear destination for the story in each ark, the manhua is beginning to lose the interest of many. I only hope that the side characters can have more exploration in order to add the tension that 19 Days (a manhua by a close friend of Tan Jui) is gaining.

Overall: 10
In terms of how good the manhua is, I don’t know. This manhua is certainly in the eye of the beholder but, for me, it’s a brilliant read that I trust to entertain me whenever I see a new chapter pop up. It's easily my favourite part of any day that I read it.

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Dec 5, 2016
Doubt (Manga) add
Doubt. So, the premise is that there is a cell phone game where you have to figure out who the killer is, kind of like wink murder, except its with rabbits and a wolf. A wolf has blended in with the group of rabbits, and in this game the rabbits have to figure out who the wolf is before they all get eaten. Except our group of characters wake up to find themselves playing the game for real.

I've read various horror/thriller mangas with a gameshow gimmick, the idea isn't particularly new but I enjoy this kind of theme a lot, so I though what the heck, I'll give this a go.

Doubt in a word is... underwhelming. It rushes you through the plots and the backstory, making you feel like you shouldn't really care about whats going on, which, quite frankly, I didn't. The characters good time together when they meet for the first time doing karaoke seemed really forced and then bam thats as much context as you get with them as they wake up in a abandoned warehouse or something and have to play a game and can only open doors via barcodes on a part of their body. (999 it aint)

The characters are one dimensional and boring. You see a tiny piece of each persons backstory, but that's it. No one has any sense of personality and no one really shows that much emotion either. It's all very bland. The wolf is glaringly obvious until the very end when you get a what the fuck plot twist that makes no logical sense, but sure all right we'll roll with it. I didn't really care regardless, I just carried on, wanting to finish the thing.

I'll give it one thing, though. The ending was great. Fucking amazingly hilarious. I'm sure it was supposed to be clever, which it wasn't, but damn it was a great way to end this manga.

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Dec 5, 2016
Yuragisou no Yuuna-san (Manga) add
The very first thing you might notice when looking through this manga's page would be the 'ecchi' and 'harem' tags, which would make half of you give up on the spot, while the other half would already be reading the manga instead of this review. This review is primarily aimed at the former half, the group that is less than enthralled by stereotypical ecchi/harem fare.

Story (7/10):
The story of Yuragi sou no Yuuna san is pretty straightforward - a guy who can see and interact with spirits, ends up living with a hot ghost. Stereotypical enough? Well, throw in a whole inn full of hot non-humans/super-humans, all of whom are living with our protagonist. Sounds like something straight out of To Love-ru or Monster Musume, right? Well, what sets Yuragi sou no Yuuna san apart is the execution. Not every action of the protagonist is for the sole purpose of earning himself the affection of the females and the females do not exist solely to be objects in the MC's harem.
There is no overall/central story to speak of, but the individual episodic story arcs are dealt with fairly well. The pacing is decent and there haven't been any major plot holes or the like so far.
This manga resembles Love Hina or Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou rather than the aforementioned titles. If you liked either of these titles, then you might like this manga as well.

Art (9/10):
I initially mistook the artwork for the work of Tosh (Shun Saeki), of Shokugeki no Souma fame, but it proved to be a mere resemblance. Anyhow, the artwork in Yuragi sou no Yuuna san is brilliant, with every detail being carefully drawn. The character art in particular, is top notch.

Character (6/10):
Now this seems a little harsh, but I'll explain.
The main character in this manga is possibly the best harem protagonist I've ever seen. He gets stuff done, is pretty powerful, isn't thickheaded and of course, is hilarious (unwillingly, most of the time). There isn't much more that I could ask of a protagonist... but the problem lies with the other characters.
All the other characters follow the common archetypes. There's the clumsy girl, the nosy-but-well-meaning classmate, the always-drunk older girl, the 'how shameless!' girl (you know what I mean), the cat-girl and the secretly-dangerous older-than-she-looks loli. They all get some small amount of development, with individual character arcs, but it hasn't really been sufficient to set them apart from their corresponding archetypal images.

Enjoyment (9/10):
All said and done, Yuragi sou no Yuuna san is a very enjoyable manga. The chapters just fly by and before you realize it, you're up to date. No complaints on this department.

Overall (7.75 ~ 8/10):
Altogether, Yuragi sou no Yuuna san is a rather solid manga, which manages to be interesting, even with its ecchi and harem elements. Though there are some scenes which bear resemblance to To Love-ru, it is still a fairly good read in its own right. It proves to be a rather entertaining read, even for those who read more
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Dec 5, 2016
Super Lovers (Manga) add
Super Lovers had me curious from the very moment the anime was announced. It had a lot of controversy surrounding it and everyone familiar with this manga kept saying to "just give it a try." So being the person I am, I watched the 9 episodes that aired and then came to the manga for more to really grasp the situation.
And now I gotta say, "lmao no."
This manga does a REALLY pretty job at trying to normalize a mentally unstable adult male "falling in love" with his adopted, child brother. Basically, Haru meets Ren (who is said to be almost 8 years old) when he is a teenager. Flash forward a couple years and some drama later and eventually Ren moves in with him at the age of 11/12 and they begin to get physical with each other while friends and family acknowledge and ignore this extremely uncomfortable and disgusting relationship. Haru emotionally manipulates and sexually abuses Ren because he wants him to himself while Ren, being a pre-teen/teen, struggles to even comprehend what deep emotions even are, all while going through what most children face growing up.
While I admit, the art is above average and the writing is very well done, I'm just not fooled.
This is not a beautiful, well paced romance (as said in most of the cringe-worthy reviews here) and never will be because of the push to justify such an unhealthy relationship. This is not just a little bit of harmless, fictional taboo. Art is meant to convey a message and the message here is toxic because no one ever says to these characters "you are crossing so many lines." It's telling you that a pedophile's actions can be excused if he is beautiful and developed enough. It's telling you that if the child says over and over again that he loves said pedophile, that you should accept it.
Today we struggle getting most anime and manga fans to take anything BL related (or anything NOT STRAIGHT) seriously to begin with, and this type of seemingly popular garbage is the reason.
No, I don't think anyone needs to "give this a shot" or "be open minded."
It's simple.
Do you think an adult should be in a physical/romantic relationship with a child? If you're not delusional, then skip this one, don't support it and continue living as a decent person.
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Dec 5, 2016
Love in the Mask (Manga) add
I've never written a review here before but after spending however many hours reading and completing this manhwa, I felt the need to write something, cause oh boy was it all over the place.

I'll keep it brief.

The characters are all pretty unlikable and many are just plain annoying.

The story is dragged out and seems to just go in circles, pretty much nothing happens in the first half that means anything.

I can't say much to avoid spoilers but I got quite annoyed at the ending, not to mention the lead up to it, Hyun-Bin's motivations completely change in a matter of chapters and the conclusion is just stupid.

The art is not the best, especially the eyes, I figured i'd get used to them as it went on (like Clannad) but nope, they were distracting the whole way through. The hair is well drawn though, lots of detail in it.

In the end I feel like I wasted my time with this one, I probably should've dropped it but by the time I was sick of the story and characters I was about half way through and still wanted to see the ending cause I figured it couldn't be that bad. It was that bad. I can't say much about whether it's a good gender bender or not since I haven't really read any others but I can definitely say there are much better shoujos out there. 2/10.
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Dec 5, 2016
Mou Ichido, Nandodemo. (Manga) add
Well what to say.. This manga is really a masterpiece It's so emotional.. I got feels while reading it ;-; the story was really so perfect so I gave it 10 and the art It's so beautiful It made love this manga more.. So I gave it 10 too.. And no I won't forget the characters omg they're so funny I was laughing the whole time especially the uke he really was funny tho.. U really need to read this manga It's so perfect I still re-reading it cant get bored from It..

I hope dat there's mangas like it. I wanna see more like this one

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Dec 4, 2016
Oyasumi Punpun (Manga) add
Repost of my full original review on
So, if you want to skip my review and instead just want to know one or two words about this Manga, it is a bloody masterpiece and so crushing, yet so beautiful. I love it.

So, if you decided to not skip this review, I´m so sorry for wasting your time. Let`s start with the b.a.s.i.c.s., base …anatomic special …i …csgo lotto site, I am not good at this. The story of Oyasumi Punpun begins with Aiko Tanaka, a girl who is the new classmate of Punpun. You see, Punpun likes her, but couldn`t keep the promise of going to Kagoshima with her. And what might sound like the next Shoujo school romance of the year, oh boy, you got pranked real good. The rest of the story revolves around Punpun (or Onodera, as I mostly call him) living out his life, being hit by misfortune and failure every single time, over and over. Multiple other stories of people, that live around him get integrated, such as Seki and Shimizu, two very different best friends, Pegasus, a crazy cult leader, who tries to warn everyone about the apocalypse, Yuuichi, Onoderas uncle, and Sachi, a Mangaka, who works together with Onodera, to make a living of drawing Mangas.

If you`re feeling a bit too good, you might wanna read this manga, because, trust me, it`s absolutely soul-crushing. It focuses around the themes of failure and coming of age. I already said how Onodera fails over and over at his life, which makes him grow from a childish, naive and shy kid to a completely broken human being. Nihlism, sexuality, murder, love, you name it, it`s all part of Onoderas character and theme of the story. His goal throughout the story is always to meet Aiko again, which is causing him to never abandon his past. Of course, all of his search leads to the ending of the story, which is quite fucking heartbreaking. It`s one of the best endings in any media really, but hell.

Of course, the whole rest cast of characters is as deep as Europas oceans (ASTRONOMY JOKES, SUCKER!). There is Aiko, who is energetic and nice at the start of the story, but I won`t go any further to not spoil anything. Another important secondary character is Sachi, who plays a huge role in Onoderas life, giving him a purpose for a time and generally making him realize much about himself. One of my favorite minor characters is God, who has been there for Onodera in the past, but was pretty fucking useles. He`s a funny motherfucker, who plays a part in the later story. These, and more, are all people who play a huge part in the story. They all take part in Onoderas change.

Now, the art of Isio Asano is nothing less than fantastic. Onodera and his family get drawn in a weird way, as bird-like creatures. It works to give the reader a character he can easily identify with. One read more
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Dec 4, 2016
Spirit Migration (Manga) add
I really like this Manga because it is so unique. I also read it for the first time when Sword Art Online and Log Horizon were very popular. I loved the characters I knew who they truly were and what drove them without getting so much I did found it droning on. The two volumes I have are not in my primary language english, that being said even though it was a slow read I enjoyed the story very much. The first one was a must read at a 10, though the second volume dipped down to around an 8. This is because the first one was more around his own personal issues in a dungeon. Was very interesting to me. The second one was him helping others, which I did not find as interesting. He can transfer to any body that is not human so him helping people with detective work seemed lame due to how easy it seemed. Really no, WOW that was amazing and so intense moments. I was told by my friend who recommended it to me, as she works as a translator and can read much faster than myself that the future volumes get intense again and even more so than the original volume. I would at least recommend the first volume, just for the promise of someone trapped in a dungeon with nothing but unintelligent creatures, yet craves companionship. He can possess creatures but not the one creature he actually wants to interact properly with the humans.
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Dec 4, 2016
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (Manga) add
I really liked not only the premise of the manga but also the art style that I had seen from a few images on /a/. I honestly didn't expect much, considering the fact that I thought it to be one of those manga that you couldn't really take seriously and it wouldn't really end up being anything more than just a cutesy little thing, but as I read on I kept thinking about how much nicer it would have been if it were in fact more serious than it was, and as such my review is a serious one.

Let's start with the story, then. There really wasn't one at all, there were a few hints of something going down with a festival (that ended on something with potential but ultimately the manga didn't do anything with it), as well as summer break bike training and the swimsuit selection, but other than that everything is just episodic. Personally whenever I read a manga that has to do with schooling, I tend to enjoy it more when I can be immersed by having the school go through various events, ie different seasons and festivals, neither of which the story really capitalized on. There was one episode where they changed seats but nothing really ended up happening there. Overall though my main issue with the story is that it's the same thing almost every single time: Girl teases boy, boy gets flustered, tries to fluster her back, and ultimately fails at it usually with a small hint of romance from the girl that the guy ignores or doesn't fully respond to. That's really it, and in my opinion the parts that could have really progressed the relationship between the guy and the girl would have been either the swimsuit chapters (which is where the manga is currently at), the horoscope/blood type chapter, or the festival chapter. All of those show that the relationship between the two of them could grow, but by the next chapters its always the same thing once again.

And with that allow me to enter the characters. If I really were to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with them. Sometimes the main guy does something manly, but most of the time he's just a retard. The girl can sometimes try and convey her feelings to the guy, but ultimately she just tries to tease him because that's what she enjoys. I really don't understand either of them, I'm sure it's nice to do what they do but why would being in a relationship stop them from doing what they do now? I don't see a reason as to why the girl wouldn't want to be in a relationship with the guy, even though she's tried several times to show him that she liked him. How would she not get upset? Annoyed? I understand being fine with the current situations but it really feels like she's never been serious about this and that upsets me. As for the read more
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Dec 4, 2016
Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Manga) add
This manga make your heart feel heavy a bit. I do not recommend if you just like soft histories. The history between/behind the characters is beautiful but it's heavy. We're talking here about an yakuza.
If, ONLY IF, you fully understand the personality of the characters and their story together you'll really enjoy and love as much as I did. <3

Tatsuyuki is an often bored guy and recently heartbroken (as you can know by reading Minori no Te). He was sent to Fukoka for work. There, he spends one night out drunk, sleeps by a park and when he wakes up he finds himself in an unknow place, inside someone's house.

Koga Nozomi dragged Tatsuyuki to his house and [just read the manga already]. Nozomi knows Tatsuki but Tatsuyuki don't even know who he is and that's when the history begins: Who is he? Why does he likes and knows Tatsuyuki so much?

This is a deep and lovely story, so goddamn well drawed and really deserves your empathy.
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Dec 4, 2016
Boku Girl (Manga) add
I'm am going to write a mostly spoiler free review of this series as most of its faults can be detailed without given away any plot specifics (nothing you can't guess without having ever cracked the cover) aside from character names. Warning, this series is ecchi and carries all such related warnings. All of pronouns referring to Mizuki will be male because I'm lazy and don't feel like writing his/her and he/she etc. and I have no clue how the author intended for us to see the character.

Summary 3/10 :
In certain sporting communities the word potential is used as an insult. With that in mind, I can only say that Boku Girl had potential. It had the foundations of a generally good gender bent series; but due to a phenomenal lack of a structured story, character development, sense of urgency, and consequences for actions taken, it failed to leave any positive lasting impression and left me asking what the purpose of the manga was by the end.

Story 2/10:
This is the most baffling part of the series. Boku Girl by all measures appears to be a tale of ecchi romance, and perhaps part harem; but, it fails to develop believable organic romantic relationships between Mizuki and any of his love interests.

The story begins with the expected gender transformation in our protagonist and the author writes a good twenty or so genuinely enjoyable chapters that deal with how Mizuki must proceed if he wishes to hide it from the girl he's interested in and the school at large. Unfortunately, once his secret is revealed the plot becomes muddled and rapidly devolves into a standard American romantic comedy filled with misunderstandings and a general lack of honesty between the characters. This causes the story to stall out and prevents the characters from developing proper relationship with each other.

This is because there is almost no causality in the story. Various characters will make attempts to court Mizuki but their actions don't result in any consequences. For example, a great number of characters try to rape him but it never changes the way Mizuki feels about them. If they were creepy before hand, they still are, but if they were a close friend Mizuki doesn't show any signs of emotional turmoil that his trust has been betrayed. This may be written off as generally ecchi behavior because the story never recognizes it as anything other than normal, but this would have been a strong opportunity to force much needed character development and offered a chance to escape the character and plot stagnation that was occurring.

Art 6/10:
Credit is due for the art. I'll quickly let it be known that the scenery and the general quality of the art work was slightly above average and never left me wanting or confused. Furthermore, some of the characters like Mei and Mizuki has designs which fit the characters well.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Yumeko, the female love interest. Her read more
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Dec 4, 2016
Jackass! (Manga) add
This manga took me by surprise, so in the early chapters it had already become one of my favorite manga. At first it seems like a very innocent story, slow and light-hearted but when you notice each page you'll let out a heavy breath and in the last chapter will be screaming (well, at least for me).

Hara Keisuke has an older sister (who often drinks too much). She wears the Keisuke jersey pants with her pantyhose underneath without warning him. Kei unknowingly takes his jersey to school.
During the students switching to PE class, Kei wears jersey pants and ends up realizing that his sister had worn his clothes leaving her pantyhose together. His friend, Shinoda Masayuki, helps to hide Kei from an embarrassing situation, feigning a fever, taking him to the infirmary to remove it.
There, Masayuki sees him wearing only pantyhose, he's totally glazed. He asks to touch Kei's legs with those pantyhose, showing a certain fetish.
Soon after this situation both characters are confused and from there the story unfolds.

I have so much love for this manga and I think I love more than I love myself. Thanks to this manga I'm officially Scarlet Beriko #1 fan and stalker.
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Dec 4, 2016
One Piece (Manga) add
I feel like this series is an inside joke I'm not privy to. The plot is mediocre, characterisation is shallow even for Shounen standards. I mean the plot actually repeats itself over and over as Luffy and co keep get involved with saving ANOTHER town/settlement. I mean I only got to around 200 chapters before dropping it and even then everything was starting to blur together, I can't imagine going on for another 700 chapters. The art style is also pretty bad.

It has a cute setting but is otherwise a very mediocre Shounen manga, no better than Naruto or Bleach no matter how much the fanboys try to convince you otherwise. I think for a lot of them they've invested so much time and followed the series for so long they feel obligated to love it. The big 3 were all in my opinion a disappointment ripping off of better Shounen series that came before them. Naruto and Bleach had the decency to end and now we just have this one pondering about, the sooner it finishes the sooner we can all move on.

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Dec 4, 2016
Focus (Manga) add
Basically this manga talks about Jun, a insecure young adult who takes care of the studio left by his father during a trip in which he never returned.

During his walking by the island, Yuichi, a photographer who travels the world, meets Jun and calls him to see his photograph exhibition in the local studio with the intention of going out with him. Yuichi tells Jun right in their first meet that hes gay, confessing his intentions.

The story is very cute and equally sad, the art is average and has a good development for both of the characters.
It is worth seeing the progress Jun makes on account of his insecurity caused by his "trauma".
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Dec 4, 2016
Oyasumi Punpun (Manga) add
I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Punpun. There were times where I cried, where I felt disgusted and times where I just outright couldn't feel any ounce of of sympathy or empathy towards Punpun at all. I felt like he deserved all that came to him, though so did he, which gave no feeling of satisfaction at all. Then my emotions would flip and I would feel overwhelmingly bad for feeling that way in the first place and just wanted everything to turn out OK somehow.

Punpun is a dark, twisted, coming of age story that felt like it could've been prevented if Punpun wasn't himself. His struggles are frequently pointed out as not being the struggles they really need to be if he just sorted himself out. But he doesn't. Because he can't. Everything is his own fault, but at the same time, you feel like you can't blame him for it. It's a constant up and down.

I have been hooked on this manga and read it all in around 2 days. I can't say I enjoyed it and I'm not sure I'll ever read it again, but Punpun is an experience. You live this boys life all the way to his 20's and while he seems a mediocre, quiet character, we soon see that his life, and he himself isn't like that at all.
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Dec 4, 2016
Akatsuki no Yona (Manga) add
I loved this Manga . The story is really interesting . Yona the protagonist is not a weak girl but a really strong character , I loved her character development throughout the series, unlike other series of this genre , shes not a damsel in distress but now is turning into a powerful warrior. The plot is intriguing it keeps you hooked . All the characters have their equal importance and have been developed brilliantly . Hak, her protector and friend has been with her , he loves her but never expressed . It has all the elements. The four dragons have become great allies to her who respect her. I liked the development of each character in this. Soo Won is really a mystery , his character is contradicting to his actions. I will love to read more of this
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Dec 4, 2016
Ao no Exorcist (Manga) add
Blue Exorcist - An Overrated Show.

What happens when an anime doesn't sell enough or does not cover the whole manga material? What happens when only one season/arc in the series is justified for an anime adaptation?
The answer is that, this series is Blue Exorcist.

It's a bit strange not to put Blue Exorcist inside the bag of stories clichés or stories that everyone knows by its genre, we are talking about the usual airing manga, One Piece, Bleach, Death Note and everything that startles inside. But what actually happens with Blue Exorcist and why it isn't in the same category as the previous manga? Actually, that's easy to answer..
The difference between Shounen Jump and Jump SQ is too obvious: the first (SJ) gives readers too obvious works with basic reading content, the reader only needs to know that the protagonist has powers and that the story is pretty basic, always about the protagonist; In the second (Jump SQ) the story is more serious and more developed, there are secondary objectives in the story and the protagonist is much less well-knowned and so ends up being less mainstream than the rest of the characters, we are talking about works like Claymore , AnoHana, Madofuki Park, Rurouni Kenshin: Tokuhitsu-ban, Rengoku no Ashe or even the Blue Exorcist spin-off, Salaryman Exorcist: Okumura Yukio on Aishuu.

I never realized why people give hate to the works of Kazue Kato, the woman works every day to give readers the treasure of her which is exactly this work (or the previous works about it). The problem that the industry puts in these creators is that they work hard and strive to give readers the best they know, but nonetheless, other authors who don't do it by the same way, get the fame all over (I'm sorry but I'm talking about Hiromu Arakawa, for example).

As the synopsis indicates, this is a story about demons and exorcists. The story has two realities: Assiah and Gehenna, the story is initially lived in Assiah but later on it is so far lived in Gehenna. The protagonist is called Rin Okumura and was educated by Father Fujimoto (whose is a powerful exorcist) but Rin never knew his own father. Rin eventually knows that he has Satan's blood - the Lord of Evil - and so he intends to fight against it but first he has to know how to use the exorcism and it is from here that the story takes a launching ramp with the centralization of it. From here, the story tells daily life of Rin and, just as in a shounen series, as he defeats villains until potentially encountering Satan.

The story has a huge range of characters, from villains to heroes or even to anti-heroes. We have Rin and his brother Yuki Okumura (Yukio in some languages), Shiemi Moriyama and his mother, Mephisto Feles (the anti-hero of the series), Rin's friends: Ryuji Suguro, Renzo Shima, Konekomaru Miwa and Izumo Kamiki, then we have the sexy character of the story read more
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Dec 4, 2016
Orange (Manga) add
I gave up on this manga fairly quickly. The premise and the high popularity drew me in and after the first chapter I got a fairly good idea of how things were going to unroll, and by chapter 2 I realised that this wasn't going to be a manga I was going to enjoy.

It starts out with a girl receiving a letter from her future self in 10 years time and at first our MC disregards it, but then slowly comes around to believing it to be true when the coincidences from the letter and what happens in her day turn out to match up quite a lot.

Great! I am all about this plot, there is a lot that can be done with it. Unfortunately, it goes downhill from there. A mysterious boy turns up, I assume he has some relatively sad backstory that I ultimately won't care about and of course she falls for him and our two main characters turn into the worst shoujo cliche ever. She can't think for herself and he can't share his problems because he is a Man and doesnt want to burden her. Plus she has to save him from dying a year in future somehow, even though in 10 years time she is married and has a kid, I assume with someone else? I didn't get that far. Why she and her friendship group care so much about this one guy I don't know. He doesnt seem like he's making any effort to be liked.

Art work is all right, typical shoujo. I'm not too keen on it, but that's just more my preference than anything else.

tl;dr : In all honesty, I think I just expected too much from this. If you're looking for a standard girl-meets-boy cliche, then check out Orange. If you're looking for something a bit deeper then this isn't for you. Or at least do what I did and just read the first two chapters, I don't think you'll need to go any further than that.
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