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Preliminary Spoiler
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (29/? chp)
This manga hits me deep right in the heart. Because I'm also a countryside people continuing my education in city. It is always a fun experience if you can relate to the media you consume. Compare a thing or two, and also at the same time learn together with the MC about something new. How the culture change drastically and we need to adapt. But it's all not fun and games, there's always a problem everywhere in our life anyway. I can say that this manga capture everything perfectly about being a city people.

The story to begin with is very realistic and so does the ...
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (20/? chp)
Beat & Motion is a breath of originality and inspiration in the midst of tried and tested formulas.

The main character of Fujita Naoki's manga is Tatsuhiko. We follow the protagonist through his rather bleak daily life as he deals with the frustrations of his existence. The initial turning point in the manga that starts the plot is his encounter with a girl at a social event.

Beat & Motion's great asset is the real and nuanced way it deals with life's themes. Here we have a protagonist who is a young adult dealing with bad choices, a complicated life and dreams. I won't spoil anything, but ...
Dec 1, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Never in my wildest dreams would I think I could find something truly this brilliant. This manga utilizes the most genius techniques to mash the beautiful themes into a work of art. The body, age gap. The brain, incest. The soul, yuri. With these combined attributes we get this manga. Thank god I can read this with one hand. The other is very busy. Theres only a certain type of emotion a manga can give you; that feeling of euphoria. This manga encapsulates that feeling perfectly. They say yuri is the most pure love, however this goes beyond that. Our minds have exceeded such superficial ...
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (18/? chp)
Five Word Review: WTF Have I Just Read.

I was searching random Manga when I found this, and oh boy, it gave me some conflicting feelings. The first volume gives extremely uncomfortable feelings, as it's hinted at it being some strange, Loli Manga (and tbh I'm still expecting it to go that way...) while retaining a superb air of mystery. Even now that I'm used to what it will say, it still fills me with wonder and awe.

That strange feeling from the first volume dissipates in the second volume however. Once it's realised this girl isn't some poor, defenceless, Loli, and is actually a ...
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (34/? chp)
I stumbled upon this manhwa completely by accident, and I'm happy that I did.

The story revolves around an injured boxer who is reborn into a new world as a weak kid, aiming to become a boxer once more. He sees it as a second chance to achieve his dream since he was injured in his past life.

Characters 7/10:- for the main roster there is depth to the characters but not at a very high level at the time of writing this review, for example, the main character is on a journey from transitioning from his old world to the new one and it is not ...
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (168/? chp)
So where do I even start!! This is one of the rear stories I have read where the FL is so powerful, intelligent and scheming.

The story is about a noble women(FL) who is very clever and has a naught for scheming the most wicked schemes. She assisted her step brother in becoming the emperor only to be killed by him. When she gets a second change at life she is firm that she will extract her revenge and will not let people she cares about die.

I love how the story flows with FL in charge of all strategic matters and ML in charge of ...
Dec 1, 2023
Preliminary (1/? chp)
Doesn't get much worse than this. Obnoxious child MC has all the knowledge and power in the universe. Obnoxious MC flies around punching bad guys while laughing like an idiot. MC has a hundred girl harem from the first chapter. No story here. No plot. It's slice-of-life power fantasy and every character is unlikable. It's silly but has no comedy. In a sea of endless isekai manga I am astonished this got multiple volumes. I'm desperate to know what factory is pumping out these generic isekai stories. If you are a fan of isekai (good isekai) then stay far far away from this trash.
Dec 1, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/? chp)
I want to start this review with saying that I read a lot. I don't want to seem snarky, or full of myself, I just want to say that I can recognize bad from good, when it comes to literature. Or maybe not? It's up to you to decide whether or not my review is helpful.
(Some spoilers included)

With that being said, Classroom of the elite isn't anything revolutionary when it comes to writing. Most of the descriptive paragraphs, are something you'll pretty much find in any other basic novel. You know "Her shyness was showing through her rosy-red cheeks" type of descriptions. Of course non ...
Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (36/67 chp)
I...am afraid of whoever wrote this book.

I don't really know how I feel about this story honestly...for the past few chapters it felt like the characters were just rigmarolling (my phone says this isn't a real word) and I was getting tired of waiting for Sangwoo's backstory, not the little sneak peeks but the actual story, and I was getting tired of wondering if the cop was still on their trail.

And so, after having my first good night sleep in ages (just kidding it was one hour long), I rose from my slumber only to realize that...I don't care anymore. I've gotten tired of the ...
Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (19/? chp)

Wholesome romance mangas are quite the interesting read despite the lack of drama due to the direction of the storyline and the author’s take on the essential characters; as for this manga, the characters are too one-dimensional, while the plot is too cliche and fast-paced, though, it’s still somewhat soothing and entertaining.

Like noted before, the plot is tropey and fast-paced; in other words, there’s a lot of unnoticed and subtle time skips to force a “cliche” event to happen. This then causes the manga’s plotline/storytelling to be more similar to a webcomic’s progression, as there’s not much of a smooth sense of flow in ...
Nov 30, 2023
Cromartie High remains as one of my favorite manga/anime of all time, top 5 material easily. Though I’m surely not breaking any new ground by saying that. You can travel across the web, or attend any anime convention and find plenty of others with that same opinion. As I always say with my write ups, namely when it’s for my personal favorites since they tend to be comedy/shounen/motivational series, ‘Comedy is subjective’! If someone has a sense of humor that doesn’t align with a series, then their mileage will inevitably vary. This too isn’t a groundbreaking take ...
Nov 30, 2023
Preliminary (8/? chp)

Well, I can’t say I didn’t give this manga a chance, since I’m not one to kink shame, but this is uninteresting and bad if you’re not into the whole S&M while sympathizing/relating to the mc and fmc. From the characters to the plot, it’s basic and shallow — unrealistic to set up plot points, but there are flashes of promise in the writing at times.

Putting aside realism, the manga is decently well-written by exploring the psyche and moral values of each character, but that’s only if you’re putting aside realism. In the manga, every plot point seems too convenient for the prolongation of ...
Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (327/327 chp)
If I were to give a score only to the first half of Vagabond it would definitely get a higher one, but over time it loses its touch as a whole. The story becomes aimless, the main characters turn bland and incapable of learning, most arcs are a slog to go through, and, more importantly, by the end the art becomes crude and almost unrecognizable from what it once was.

Its particularly disappointing when comparing early fights, which were full of tension, dread, and meaning, with their latter counterpart, which are just mindless and empty.

Overall, regardless of how good the first 150 chapters or so ...
Nov 30, 2023
Preliminary (28/? chp)
Animeta! is a manga by Yaso Hanamura, a former animator, that delves into Miyuki Sanada's journey into the world of animation. Miyuki decides to pursue this career out of sheer passion, despite lacking full support from her parents and being aware of the financial challenges and exhaustive workload it entails. Contrary to what you might be thinking, she doesn't possess inherent animation skills, often facing criticism for her work. However, a character recognizes a potential in her that could make her an excellent animator and decides to invest in it. Throughout the plot, we witness the protagonist improving her skills through relentless effort and dedication, ...
Nov 30, 2023
A sweet rom-com that made me giggle and grin on more than a few occasions. There was only one chapter that I didn't really like, the one with the dog, since it doesn't really fit with the wholesome vibes of the rest of the manga.

I wish more rom-coms had MLs and FLs similar to Doujima and Himewaka. They're inexperienced, but at least they don't shut down and start stuttering at every little thing, especially Doujima. There's no stalling either, once the leads acknowledged what they felt for each other, they started thinking of ways to confess and didn't drag it on forever. Plus, there are ...
MÄR (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
MÄR is pretty much exactly what I'd expect from an 00's isekai: Kid gets teleported to a magic world, finds an overpowered weapon, has a tournament arc, and then saves the land. Despite that, I'd say it was still decently fun.

The plot points are predicatable and the tropes are hackneyed, but if you grew up with 00's anime/manga then you'll probably get the same enjoyment out of it that I got. On top of that it isn't very long (by my standards), only running 15 volumes so you won't have to dedicate tons of time to get through it. The biggest plus I can give ...
Nov 30, 2023
THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS MANGA I'VE EVER READ! If that statement wasnt enough to compel you then let me elaborate.
Fantasy setting has always been filled to the brim with highly acclaimed stuff and Claymore is no exception to that rule. The reason why I cherish this manga and think it deserves all the praise is mainly because of 3 reasons.
1. The Art : If you're of the opinion that manga have black and white imagery cannot look gorgeous then once you start reading Claymore, You'll take that statement back. The art honestly blew me away, I've never seen a series with ...
Nov 30, 2023
This is surprisingly wholesome and heart-warming. I had my doubts because of the introduction in chapter 1 but it was all misguided. Honestly, the way the FMC connects to people through sexual acts was a bit unnecessary for this manga to work, as it ends up being irrelevant for the most part, and takes away from the wholesomeness in general. However, it does make for a great contrast between what she was in chapter 1 and what she became in chapter 17, it's just that I think the author was a bit too "playful" and took it too far with the blowjob in the bathroom ...
Nov 30, 2023
This manga definitely belongs in the underappreciated category. While it got an anime, There's something about the manga's artwork that cannot be replicated in anime. Especially since the author of this is Nihei Tsutomu who is an accomplished mangaka most famously known for creating Blame!. My main reason for reading this was because Nihei's artwork left me dazzled in awe while I was reading Blame! So I endes up picking this and boy did it not disappoint at all.
Let's start with the story, Basically without spoiling much, Its about humanity living in space. Like a post apocalyptic setting which has been done so many times ...
Nov 30, 2023
Preliminary (44/? chp)
It was one of the best romcoms I've ever seen. I loved the storyline and the characters. In most of the mangas, we see the MC is gloomy but then somehow he makes friends and becomes an extrovert, I'm glad this story didn't turn that way it was just 2 childhood friends trying to figure out the other person's feelings. It was a bit cliche but I guess it's fine it's supposed to cliche.

Art: The best part was the art. It was clean and really sharp. It was one of the best arts in romcom I've ever seen.

Story: The story was a bit unbelievable and ...
Nov 30, 2023
6/10 FOR THE PLOT, the author kept a very good balance in playing emotions, i'd say.

2/10 FOR THE CHARACTERS, ml has a good sense of humor and thinks in a realistic way. That's what I liked about his character. He became mature as the time gone by.
As for the FL, her character is adorable, funny, and mature. Lemme tell u, there'd be fireworks coming from her head whenever she's happy which I (everyone) found soooo cute and funny in some way. Lol haha 💟

2/10 FOR THE ART, ufff!! The story was already great. However, the art made me stayed more hooked.

Just for ...
Nov 30, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I honestly really liked this one in the beginning, but after a few chapters it fell off in my opinion. A lot of questions were being raised in the manga and not one of them were properly answered throughout the manga, like literally it lead to nothing and I could not give my own interpretations to the questions or the plot points. I was waiting for some closure to the story but I didn't receive a lot except for one plot point which was concluded properly but it was still a bit predictable as to where it would lead.

And personally, I find the reason ...
Nov 30, 2023
Preliminary (4/? chp)
I'll keep it simple and short.
Boruto is still little below average, they should already stop beating the dead horse and feed of Naruto's success. Kishimoto should just move on and start thinking about something new, because with every new chaper it keeps on becoming pointless. Like it's so obvious that they want us to react to this like " ooooo wow boruto after timing skip so overpowered,oooo wow he came to save the day so cool " . Plus it has ruined all the orginal Naruto characters and nerfed them like Kakashi, Sasuke, Rock lee, Might guy. It just shows that all the shit ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (49/49 chp)
I'm sure everyone reading this has already seen several reviews for Shimeji Simulation before, so I'm going to try and briefly approach it from the perspective of someone who feels like they're not the target demographic.

At its core, I believe this manga is about learning to be a normal person and integrating into society whilst also coming to terms with the parts of it that you don't understand nor respect. Right from the start it is clear that protagonist Shijima prefers the path of least resistance, she is like water. Underneath that exterior is someone who /wants/ to be invested in life the ...
Nov 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (6/? chp)

There are times where mangas become interesting from their world-building, however, this same world-building can be a long, strenuous process that can completely kill any momentum or enjoyment the story can have. In this instance, the initial world-building was relatively manageable and interesting, however, as the story progressed, it got more burdening and tiresome to read; the thrill was no longer there.

Along with the hindrance and annoyance from the info-dumps in the world-building, the plot is too cliche and cringy for the story’s good. Besides for having a somewhat unique premise, the manga constantly incorporates its characters and conflict in a straight-forward, coincidental, and ...
Nov 29, 2023
Please note this is a combined review of both Dance of Spring and Dance of Summer.

TL;DR. An urban fantasy that is set in an alternate version of Japan called Yamato, where the cycle of day and night, the cycle of seasons are operated by two archers and four agents, who are human beings, instead of the gods who created the cycles as they found the job too monotonous.

This series is a beautiful essay on love. Not just romantic love but everything, parental and family love, friendship, animals, and most importantly, the beauty of nature. Needless to say, the writing is very poetic too. It's simply ...
Nov 29, 2023
This is a collection of NGE one shots from a number of mangaka. As one would expect from a collection of one shots, things vary tremendously from one shot to one shot. The only thing that almost all of them have in common is that they’re trying to be comedic, though there’s one that’s even an exception to that. To be honest I felt that there were far too many similar stories that relied on pretty much the exact same humor so the comedy got a bit stale, though I suppose that’s to be expected from the fact that it’s by multiple authors without any ...
Nov 29, 2023
This is an officially licensed parody manga. It’s composed of a lot of mini stories, most only a few pages long. As for the comedy, sometimes it lands and sometimes it just doesn’t. Some parts I thought were really witty and felt really true to the characters so in a way they had some depth to them. Other parts didn’t have depth but made fun of pretty interesting aspects so they were pretty funny. And there were also parts that were just crude and vulgar without really anything much more to them. I suppose with any comedy routine, some parts will land and some parts ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (10/? chp)
There are probably other similar stories. Sometimes more mature, sometimes more fun or even more lewd than this one (if someone prefers). But so far as a casual reader I had fun reading this, and I will recommend at least trying it out. Scored 8/10, so far.

This review needs more information!
Here are a few ideas of what you may wa....
Oh! wait! MAL wants me to give more details. Yeah, sure, why not.
Q: Is the story unique?
A: I don't believe so.
Q: Was the story predictable?
A: Nah. There were some clichés typical for the genre, but nothing too fancy.
Q: Does the art style fit ...
Nov 29, 2023
To start I'm just going to say I recommend this. By no means is this a great manga, nor is it trying to be. I think it knows exactly what it is. It's just a story to add on to the Naruto-verse. I'm fairly new to reading manga, so I think the art style is fine, but I've heard some complaints about it, still nothing too bad though. The real reason I recommend this, though, is because it is much better than the anime. Sure the canon parts to the anime aren't bad, but the filler is really hard to watch. It feels like a ...
Nov 29, 2023
I'll start off by saying that this is a criminally under-popular manga even though it belongs in the sports genre and generally sports anime/manga are more on the popular side. I've personally never seen or cared for Baseball and the only reason I decided to read this is because of two things.
1. I found the name "One outs" extremely cool (I mean, it definitely is a cool name for a series)
2. I was interested in the Main character.
Now on to the review,

Enter Tokuchi Toua, One of THE MOST cunning and psychotic protagonists I've ever seen in anime/manga. I'll put him right up there alongwith Madara ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (30/? chp)
First, the literal translation of the Japanese title should be "Heat Up the Pork Liver" or "Pork Liver Should be Thoroughly Cooked". I will explain why I brought this up in the Fun Fact paragraph at the end.

I just realised it's very hard to write a proper review without spoiling the story. Volume 1 ends with a huge plot twist and the real fun only begins from there. So, I will just write a normal [RT!] post introducing some interesting features of this series so you can check if this interests you.

It's a dialogue-heavy story. Since the protagonist is a pig, there isn't much he ...
Nov 29, 2023
Official synopsis: Van, a former soldier made slave, toils away endlessly in a salt mine. An expected chance at liberation drops in his lap when a pack of infected dogs pass through, killing everyone but him and a young girl called Yuna. Van hopes to make a peaceful life for himself now that he’s escaped. However, the disease that cleared out the mine is rapidly spreading, placing him and his ward at the center of a conflict greater than any the world has ever seen.


There are actually two intertwining stories with two protagonists in this novel. The synopsis above tells one of them and the ...
Nov 29, 2023
Am I the only one who thinks this story takes place in a flat-earth-ish world? ? If you have already watched the anime or read up to volume 3, you should have seen the world map. According to bits and pieces of info in later volumes, it does feel like a flat-world! Not that it's of great importance though.

When I said "in later volumes" above, yes, world building is indeed very slow. The first two or three volumes felt like a grounded, realistic mystery pretty much like The Apothecary Diaries. We are not told about the lore and history of this world until halfway through ...
Nov 29, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (13/? chp)
well I liked the story so far like how unpredictable things happening in this manga I like horror and Supernatural, Suspense genres so I some how liked this manga but the only think I didn't like is people like the **** teacher I didn't like her personality at all and some of people like her, I know that Miyako is psycho but she is better than all the girls in this series so far, I only read 13 chapters so far but I am some how enjoying to expect the characters like the teacher, The thing I knew till now that Sakurai is like a ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (56/? chp)
This manga changed my perspective on relationships and how difficult it can be to confess to the one you like, it felt close to home in several instances. This is probably the best school romance manga I've read so far because of how immersive & realistic its story is and the diversity present between the cast which is brilliant. I would recommend this piece of fiction to anyone reading this review because you will absolutely adore Skip to Loafer's story and characters.

The plot is straightforward, our *MC Mitsumi grew up in a rural and remote area of Ishikawa Prefecture whilst excelling in academics since she ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (111/? chp)
Do you love interesting stories with compelling characters who each have their own motivation and ideologie?
Well than this manga is perfect for you! (kind off feel like an ad on the radio 😁)
I absolutely love this story and cannot stop constantly looking when a new chapter drops.
The story is amazing how well planned and thought out it is. It keeps on surprising me and I never lost interest while reading it. The plot twist can be a bit over the top, but there are way more positive aspects that overrule the absurdness or over the topness (is that an actual word?).
This is one of the ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (56/? chp)
[I read until the end of Season 2]
tldr; >reincarnated into a child's body,
>doesn't stretch out the "childhood phase" too much,
>story pace up till S3 has been perfect for me so far.
>There IS magic in the world, but it isn't used to solve everything.

Main points:
- The art gets better the more you read, some scenes even made me want to get back into trying to draw. The main character and her sister are always dressed up prettily. You won't get bored of their wardrobe.

-The main character is an adult in a child's body, yes, which leads to her acting like a ...
Nov 29, 2023
The premise alone is questionable to say the least. A psychopathic teenager locks up 30 teenagers who used to be his friends in a school because he's curious about how they will react when they are under pressure: whether they'll be able to keep their humanity and test the human nature. And... he only has a fucking gun that he has never used to threaten them and make them do whatever he wants. Well, out of 30 people, no one is capable of doing absolutely anything when half the time he doesn't even have the gun on his hands, other times he gives weapons to ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (24/? chp)
Fun and good natured scifi slice of life!

It is comparable to Hinamatsuri with it's mix of comedy and every day situations but with less of the whackiness and some more introspection. A common theme among scifi is what truly makes us human in comparison to sentient AI and this pops up frequently in this series. It depicts the methods of dealing with the deaths of loved ones (human and robot!) and how this changes in relation to the futuristic space exploring setting. The emotional themes are all nicely presented with fairly simple and clean art.

Overall, this manga appears to be a hidden gem at the ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (22/33 chp)
Les Misérables is a good classical read rich with life's hard lessons.

This omnibus version is wonderfully drawn. The story is 10/10 to me, without much introductory need; it is derived from one of the best musicals of all time. Again, of all times.

Art: 6-7/10
It matches the vibes and settings of the story at those times.
Nothing spectacular, but it's above average for me.

Story: 10/10
Without any music, the story still able to power through from the original and captures me a lot. We can learn plenty from here if our hearts are ready for it.
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (28/? chp)
I have seen that the series have received unfavorable comments due to the graphic intercourse between a woman and a snake deity so I'm here to balance out the view. That is to say, I love the story. It's a great read for me! (don't know what this says about me tho...)

I think the intimate depiction really adds to the charm of the story which already has intriguing plot, dark but alluring art and a diverse set of characters. And I feel like the intercourse is built upon trust and love between the characters so I'm surprised that people can feel put off by that, ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (49/49 chp)
Shimeji simulation is my favourite work of fiction of all time. It's the first manga i've ever really followed live, reading the new chapters the day it came out, and just recently, it ended.

I don't believe objective criticism of any film or anime is possible, and shimeji is the maximum example of this in my humble opinion, as it goes contrary to most of the typical structure and rules other works seem to follow, so I will only be talking about how shimeji made me feel.

Shimeji is a philosophical slice of life by the creator of Girls last Tour. In many ways, it's very similar ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (6/? chp)
For those who came here after watching an anime series and want some nighttime action, I've read the first book and half of the second. When going through the first book and finding the night action skipped, I thought, "Okay, maybe the anime jumped ahead for faster storytelling," but after the night was skipped multiple times, I came to the conclusion that there will be no such action in the light novel. There was only ear rubbing and very uninterestingly described kisses. I do not consider this a romance or erotica story.

The story is repetitive. Reading about skill distribution all the time is boring as ...
Nov 28, 2023
This manga isn't redefining the wheel when it comes to horror and suspense, but it takes a basic 'Saw'-esque setting and really runs with it. Some parts of the story drag, but we still get a pretty good story. Even though you have a decent idea of how the story might end, the author still manages to keep your interest consistently.

This manga really has edgy and/or gory readers in mind, so it's not recommended for everyone. If you like a good storytelling with your gory mangas, I would definitely read this.

(Pros and cons with minimal spoilers)
- Some of the characters are very fleshed out.
- Good ...
Nov 28, 2023
Preliminary (145/? chp)
See, this was very fun. I don't care if the male lead was bland, the female lead was a bit of an airhead, or whatever inconsistencies happened in the duration of the story. I love this manhwa because it stood out from the other reads I had. From the lore to the characters, I am absolutely in love through and through.

If I can nitpick one little thing though, I hated the last arc. I just wanted it to get done and over with but I had to persevere because I am invested like crazy with this manhwa. Yerenika is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE female lead character, ...
Nov 28, 2023
5/10 for the plot. It is basically a teleportation of an ordinary gurl (the fMC) into a novel as a villainess.

2/10 for the characters. I Liked how she acted so independently in her real form when she went back to her own world.
MC also had Character development. I'd say he did act as someone should in the most situations. However, I can't take how Characters just start uttering, "are you really ______?!" or "Who are you?? ______ doesn't act like this at all!" when the most possible and logical could only be that she has lost memories bruh!! Even if she really ...
Nov 28, 2023
Preliminary (150/? chp)
For anyone on the fence or on the verge of dropping this series this is my plea to reconsider.
Undead Unluck has cemented itself as one of the most creative and thought out series in Jump in a long time. Usually I’m not one for stories that follow a certain plot device that is utilised in this series (not going to say much more to avoid spoilers) but the author has done something truly incredible by continually expanding our knowledge of the world and our rooting interests in the characters.

While I struggled at times early on to follow the systems and the many many characters introduced, ...
GTO (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nov 28, 2023
Preliminary (122/208 chp)
A friend recommended this to me and after seeing it's score on MAL i didn't hesitate to try it. I was surprised to find a dogshit manga that thrives on making jokes out of sexually harassing/assaulting fucking 14 year olds.

These acts are often portrayed as jokes and constitute a good portion of the "comedy" within the manga. The rest of the comedy elements come from Onizuka making weird faces and fucking 14 year olds acting cartoonishly evil throwing molotov cocktails and shit getting people raped and sexually assaulted. If this shit is supposed to be funny or endearing i am concerned with the mental ...
Nov 28, 2023
Preliminary (10/? chp)

“Oh shit, they made a parody manga about being exiled; this is about to be peak comedy”

This manga is misleading in so many ways; usually, when a manga doesn’t “deliver” on my initial expectations or predictions, it’s disappointing due to its wasted/misused potential, however, this manga, in its entirety, was an entire bamboozlement from the plot, characters, and writing.

With a parody-like premise, the plot isn’t expected to be the most well-crafted nor thought out, as it relies heavily on ridiculous situations and broken/absurd humor, but this shattered every single expectation, in a good way. ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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