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May 25, 2017
Mika_sensei (All reviews)
The synopsis was interesting until I start read the manga.
This manga is so weird : Cannibalism , sex with animals , incest and pedophilia none of this contributes to the story.
This happens in the world that has no normal people , everyone is just crazy , I don't know what is in of author's brain but this is disturbing as shit.
Don't read you will waste your time to be like "wtf did I just read?"
I read 9 chapters I don't know why maybe I was expecting this manga to become better but I was wrong.
My score to this is not a 1 because of the read more
May 25, 2017
Crazy_D (All reviews)
Have you ever dreamed about the possibility of araki revisiting the phantom blood, battle tendency, and stardust crusaders parts in a new form with amazing artstyle, interesting characters, and a wonderful setting of the old west ?

Well say no more because hirohiko araki, one of the most notorious mangaka's out there already delivered our wishes with JoJo's seventh part : Steel ball run .

The plot 9.50/10 :New interesting locations, supernatural events, amazing stand powers .All of this and more are present in SBR, but To be completely honest the story develops very slowly, it take's more than 25 chapter to reveal who the main villain read more
May 24, 2017
yHam (All reviews)
This manga has the potential to be an 8-10, I rated the story/art/character/enjoyment as 8 but I just can't give it a high overall rating mainly because of the ending. The story is really good and the characters are very likable the only problem is the ending which for me doesn't even count as an ending, it's like the mangaka simply decided to end the story right there and then when there is soooooo much more to do with the story. The ending was so abrupt!

A good read but don't get to attached or the ending will make you want to search for the mangaka read more
May 24, 2017
Naruto (Manga) add (All reviews)
Coolingheaded (All reviews)
[I didn’t expect this review to come out the way it did…but it did. I’d actually consider this a really personal letter from me to the author of Naruto. I spilled my guts in this, I was feeling a lot of things after reading the last number of Naruto and I just needed to let it out, I thought I would try and make an analytical review so I could find what had gone wrong, but in the end I just couldn’t get past my emotions and ended up just letting it all out, even to the point where I was writing straight towards Masashi. read more
May 24, 2017
360x (All reviews)
I just found about out Suki x Suki in the manga zone app and decided to read it. Was it a good read? Mostly yes. Are the characters annoying? No but that depends on your perspective of girls (in anime or manga) in general. The girl in this manga, as you can see from the cover, is highly in love with this one boy. For some reason she became invisible and thinks that no one can see her but guess what. The boy she loves does. But he chooses to stay silent about it. If you love girls that are highly obsessed with a guy read more
May 24, 2017
Retro_Chocolate (All reviews)
Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko is a fun series that is made in a typical Go Nagai fashion.
Nishikori Tsubasa, Midoro Toranosuke
The story is the weakest part of Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko. While there's nothing particularly bad about it, there's also nothing particularly good about it. Some of the story during the 3rd volume gets interesting, but it's still nothing to write home about. However, the manga seems to recognize this and doesn't spend to much time on the story anyways.

ART - 9
The art matches up to Go Nagai's other manga in the 70s, it's detailed yet simplistic, and overall it looks really cool, which is important read more
May 24, 2017
Gintokikachi (All reviews)
*May contain spoilers

This manwha builds up to the later moments of the story. It is indeed slow at start, like what my friend said, the characters for him was too OP to build up. Sadly, he didn't continue. This type of story can greatly benefit from added characters as the story goes by. Writing an already develop character from the start is beneficial to other characters. But it is slow due to the fact we need to introduce new characters to be able to progress with the story. It really picks up on when D-5 shows up. I love the characters surrounding Rai and Frankenstein. read more
May 24, 2017
RTPDJRT1 (All reviews)
LITERALLY I love the writers art style and the manga she has done. Oboreru Knife has a bittersweet tone when I read it. Its so different from the other shoujo manga I've read with characters around the same age. The readers get to see the all the characters grow up from elementary school to high school I believe. The art and story is just so capturing.

You get to know a lot about how Natsume emotions are who is a model and moves to a small town but not so much about Kou (main guy).
His side of the story and his character isn't shown read more
May 23, 2017
mynameisdog (All reviews)
Ruthless, dark, sadness covers this manga. And i love it.
This manga creates a really stinking samurai world and also makes it so interesting that you want to live there (I guess).
The story is quite normal but somehow it's so fascinating, I keep reading and reading forever. And the way that ended up making me want to break the screen. And i love it.
About the character I can sum up as follows:
- Devil.
- demon inside an angel.
- Devils inside another devil.
- Girls.
Art looks both rigid and flexible. Again, i love it.
I just picked it up while I was bored, and of course boredom was blown away read more
May 23, 2017
ParezcoMafalda (All reviews)
Typical shojo, The history is about nozoki and zakura, they always are guarrel, but she looks him whitout glasses and she feel in love, but is insecure too, but he is a bad guy with her:)

The art is beautiful, i really love the smile of the girl but i don't like to much the story the guy is too idiot and evil with the girl. And she is a little idiot too.

I really like the extra-story is so cute so sweet, i like the characters, i laughed to much, in the final is cute and extra fun i like a reunion of lolicons

[Así me expreso read more
May 23, 2017
BlueDragon17 (All reviews)
This series begins in a promising way. Big brother who dropped out of school to take care of his little sister has problems at work. He then learns of a high school that he can attend as a part-time student. Some typical discrimination against the "lower classes" shows up immediately.
It's what happens later that makes this totally disgusting. A female character who is hired as a tutor is groped, sexually harassed, verbally abused, then told that the males involved are "just kidding" and it is implied that is it bothers her, it's her fault.
Frankly I read more
May 23, 2017
Manime8freak (All reviews)
it slapped my heart face so fucking hard with every fucking emotion there is, I've been crying lying on the floor an hour after finishing it squealing "the feels THE FEElS". this is the most a single story has ever effected my feelings this much, its illegally good.
the art style was not the best but it fit the story like a glove, i loved the art it was kind of refreshing too, it was simply different.
the story is what made me burst with emotions, id hate to analyze it anymore because i only want to communicate my love for this manhua.
it was the read more
May 23, 2017
CivilianHero (All reviews)
Just reading the synopsis of Sanctuary manga was enough to spark a interest in me; being deeply interested in politics, I was ecstatic to find a political thriller manga. I thought this might be a gateway for me to explore and know more about the Japanese politics. I arrived at this manga as it was compared to Code Geass and was recommended to the former's fans. That itself was enough for me to hold this manga at a high place and I was totally excited to devour 108 chapters with all its political strategies and mind games that go along with it. But, boy read more
May 23, 2017
Cerisine (All reviews)
"...a story should be like a roller coaster. That is to say before writing a really cruel scene, I have to lift the people's spirits, for example, with a fun scene... Before writing a scene of pure despair, we must go through scenes of hope. And indeed, when I write, all of this amuses me very much."

Some series are particularly difficult to complete. Not due to boredom, by any means - but because of the hidden promise of an impending tragedy. Having finished a story which I allowed to drift in limbo for too long, this hollow sensation is, at once, both intoxicating and debilitating.

A read more
May 23, 2017
neokent (All reviews)
From what I can presume, UQ Holder is some sort of sequel to Negima, that ridiculous ecchi harem manga with lots of distasteful stripping and panty shots and all kinds of fanservice. Which made me avoid it even until now, because I couldn't stand supposedly great manga that can't help but ruin their stories with terrible ecchi.

Couple of weeks ago, I discovered UQ Holder, recommended to me (didn't know about that whole Negima relation thing for a time). It was pretty nice. I would rate it an 8/10 a couple of days ago. A tale of dreams, adventure, and friendship. A standard shounen and a read more
May 23, 2017
sam_matt (All reviews)
This is one of shojou romance story that I have read more than once. The character of Tsubaki being the grandma - showa ( perspective to see and interact with the world) to her transformation to a girl who becomes a stylist was phenomenal. On the other the playboy Kyouta is moved by her and changes stereotypes about women. The fact that they grow together and their personalities evolve was really moving . Moreover the story was realistically progressed with not a lot of cheesy plots. The story - purely romantic .
Characters - tsundere and headstrong individually but they changed when they read more
May 23, 2017
Danthefanotaku (All reviews)
As far as One-Shots go, Kemono no Joou was really great. If you want to read a moderately short story with some good plot elements and the makings of an excellent series, then this is for you. If you aren't down to feel bummed out that there won't be any more chapters of this great One-shot, then steer clear of this one.

Alright, as far as storylines go this one was pretty great. The characters developed naturally, even though this was such a short piece. Now the story is that there are 12 entities that rule the world, and every 5 (or something) thousand years a read more
May 22, 2017
ibnat (All reviews)
I was drawn to this manga by the stellar reviews it had. Seriously, very few ratings below 7 ("Good") here. And, well, after reading 78 chapters within 24 hours, I feel like this manga needs a candid response to it.

Story: 4/10

Typical "opposites attract" storyline. The girl's popular af and the guy is basically an outcast. The twist? They are completely different people outside school, who start interacting through a chance encounter and thus starts their story. There's less "will they/won't they" moments here, and well, they actually get together and the manga goes on.

Now this could have been very good, BUT. But. read more
May 22, 2017
EvansXIV (All reviews)
Kakegurui has been one amazing revelation.

I started reading this manga 'cause I was fascinated by the art but I didn't expect the story to be so good too. Here's why you should read this series:

Story: 9
Games. There are plenty of series about games but you won't find one darker than this one. The story is set in this school where your social status, school life, and your whole life is determined by how good you are at gambling. You can play everything, from rock-paper-scissors to something more dangerous like Russian Roulette. If you manage to win you gain respect, other than enormous amounts of read more
May 22, 2017
beckmn (All reviews)
I'll start this review with this phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover", or rather in Watamote's case "Don't judge a manga by its first 40 chapters". The reason for this is because the first 40 chapters are somewhat of an introductory storyline where you essentially learn about the MC Tomoko and her socially awkward, and somewhat petty personality. Although it does get monotonous throughout that, and I'd recommend you just skim through those parts if you don't want to be bothered.

But after that, the manga slowly starts to take a shift in tone. It all starts as Tomoko tries to reconnect with her read more
May 21, 2017
Darkentries74 (All reviews)
Very cute story about two very different girls developing a relationshio

As of 5/21/17 a new manga called yamada to kase san has started as a sequel with them both in college

Yamada may be shy and rather clumsy, but the flower gardens at her school have always brought her happiness. Suddenly, a different sort of beauty catches her eye—the vivacious track star, Kase-san. Although the two girls don't seem to have much in common, they soon start a romance where each must learn an important lesson in tending their budding relationship. Can the two girls, so different from each other, learn how to make read more
May 21, 2017
Cecilialtk (All reviews)
Endearing and absolutely bewitching.

I've never been so enchanted by a any manga or manhwa, like this before. Annarasumanara is truly a masterpiece. Although the story revolves around cliche themes of "The Misfits" and "The ominous standardisation of society; wealth, social class, social status" , it distinctly challenges the readers views on "reality" and brings a refreshing perspective on the concept of "magic".

<< Do you believe in magic ? >>

The Manhwa is an obvious criticism towards social conformism. However one cannot help but feel dazzled by the enthralling art. The modern surrealism enraptures you in a state of self-reflection and amplifies the delight read more
May 21, 2017
Natsu24950 (All reviews)
While it's true that this is my first review I've written in my entire life, I decide it is time that that should change, and what better way than to write my first one about this fairly new series : Yakusoku no Neverland or the Promised Neverland.

Yakusoku no Neverland (YnN for short) is a shonen manga published in the famous magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, it has so far 38 chapters. The manga had a rough start but begin to gain more fame as the story progressed, and for good reasons: This manga in unlike anything I've ever read before, and believe me, I've read a read more
May 21, 2017
Exanti (All reviews)
Its been a while since a story of any medium had as much of an impact on me as this one did.

Holyland isn't your typical martial arts manga: it projects a much darker atmosphere, and provides a more thought-provoking story.

The plot revolves around Yuu Kamishiro, a troubled teenager who enters the world of street fighting. Rather than being centered exclusively on the fighting, Holyland uses it to explore the characters' psychology. It is in this regard that the story truly shines. Nearly every single one is a flawed human being in some way, and none more than our main character. His thoughts read more
May 21, 2017
EiennoLove (All reviews)
I have appreciated this anime/manga since it first came out. From Vampire Knight to Vampire Knight Guilty. To picking up the first volume of Vampire Knight to now Vampire Knight Memories. This Manga has given me a roller coaster so far, and have me waiting for more moments, more chapters. However, it seems the characters are a bit forced in the chapters concerning Zero/Yuki/and Kaname. In a sense that Yuki seems to force herself to Zero's side when in reality we know our main heroine hasn't had the proper time to move on yet.

And suddenly our cold knight Zero, pressures Yuki with his feelings even read more
May 21, 2017
Iuri_Vale (All reviews)
My review is in Portuguese, sorry if you only know English.

Vanitas no Carte é um mangá que desde o começo se mostra bastante interessante. Logo no começo já somos jogados em uma situação meio confusa sem muita explicação e mesmo assim em momento nem um você se sente de fato perdido, fora isso todo esse inicio apresenta um enredo que aparenta ser bem complexo, coisa que se confirma um pouco depois, onde são jogados diversos conceitos e detalhes que mostram o quão bem construído esse mundo aparenta ser. Fora isso temos, claro, um tom bem misterioso que a autora (Jun Mochizuki) sabe read more
May 21, 2017
kinesics (All reviews)
Currently, I have read 21 chapters, and I must say there is room for potential. From the start, I reckon some people will assume the mindset that this is a manga with an excessive amount of fan-service with no real drive to develop the narrative, A.K.A. your typical go by quote, "I'm reading this for the PLOT!" when you're trying to justify an anime or manga that's just 100% lewd. Anyways, the story sounds somewhat ridiculous when you're confronted with the fact that protagonist-kun's transformation is that of a psychopathic mascot. But once, you overlook the fan-service and if you're not into corny transformations like read more
May 21, 2017
BaileyHoldenFilm (All reviews)
The Promised Neverland - 1st Arc Review
Chapters 1 - 37

The first chapter of The Promised Neverland is one of my favourite opening chapters of any manga, it's so intriguing and fascinating and scary, it really has anything you could ever want. So I insist that you at least read that chapter before reading this review because I'm going to spoil the twist and the end of the chapter which is much much better if you see it for yourself.

Anyway, this is a really unique manga considering it's in Shonen Jump, it's not a battle manga at all, more psychological thriller, where a group of read more
May 21, 2017
Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
I was looking for a good drama-less romance manga after enjoying Bonnouji and landed on this. Read it in a day, and I was not disappointed. This is one of the best romances out there!

Feelsgood romantic manga with no drama and no third wheel characters are rare to find. Every typical romance manga has some drama and third wheels and that has become too generic. Fortunately Kyou no Yuiko-san has none of them. Just a middle school romance that is super cute.

Yuiko is your typical tsundere who's in a relationship with the super normal Tomoya. The manga starts from a point when there relationship has read more
May 21, 2017
BaileyHoldenFilm (All reviews)
Platinum End Review
Chapters 1 -18


I think the proof to some degree is in the pudding here. The fact that I don't see many people reading or talking about a new series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata (the creators of Death Note and Bakuman, but I think you all know that). These are some of the biggest names in the game and yet people don't seem to be taking much of any notice at al in the couple of years since this series started.

At first, I was a bit confused as to why this was the case, the first volume (Chapters 1 - 3) are read more
May 21, 2017
Yorkshire_Megan (All reviews)
"The Girl from the Other Side" is, without exaggeration, one of the finest manga I have ever read. Here's why you should read it.


It's unusual to start with the art but here it's well deserved. This manga looks unlike any other I've read - its style is quite reminiscent of 19th century childrens books and western fairy tail artwork and it pulls off the style superbly. The colour scheme and small details perfectly compliment the simple but subtle story.


The story of TGFTOS will be quite familiar in tone to anyone who has read a western fairy tale - innocent and sweet read more
May 20, 2017
AncestralSpirit2 (All reviews)
Much like many other manga based on visual novels, they become mysterious beasts that become hard to define as to whether they can be considered 'good' or not.
I am writing this review as someone who has seen the anime adaptation and read the manga but not played the original source material, 11 Eyes the visual novel.

The manga follows a specific route of the visual novel, the Kusakabe Misuzu route.
As such certain plot points and characters are completely glossed over in the manga, as to understand the entire story one must play through all the routes of the visual novel.
The first chapter or two can read more
May 20, 2017
thewolfofanime (All reviews)
***First, I have to put up a disclaimer I've only read what is currently translated into English! I'm desperately waiting for the rest of the chapters, and I await their arrival every update!***

This series is crude, the main protagonists are shallow guys looking for hot girls only and have the strongest violent streak, but it's wonderful. This series is complete fun, it's not made to test your morals and value. It's here to entertain you, and I'll testify this manga entertains the HELL out of me.

I re-read the current translated chapters all the time, and going through them, I was trying to figure out read more
May 20, 2017
WhiteIcePrince (All reviews)
Granted Kaicho wa maid sama was one of my very first shoujo manga/anime and thus I am slightly biased towards it But to this day after reading so many shoujos, Kaicho still remains one of the best.


1. The Art is awesome
I dont know your defination of good art but Kaicho wa maid sama is one of mine. Even at the beginning of such a long manga when the art is usually bad compared to the ending, kaicho's art was still levels above other 5 chapter shoujo mangas. No cring worthy awkward postures and it kept gettting better.
Art is crucial to a visual entertainment such read more
May 20, 2017
CumDonor69 (All reviews)
Backstory with CumDonor69: I don't read manga, not because I'm an illiterate potato, but because I just don't enjoy them as much as western novels and superhero comics. But when I saw Magic Mushroom on some random reddit post, I knew it was going to be the best thing I'm probably ever going to read.

Actual Review: Magic Mushroom is like Tommy Wiseau's "The Room", it's basically the 2nd coming of Jesus. If your normie friends tell you that anime and manga is ghey, just show them this and they'll instantly become the weeb friends that you've always wanted. If your parents and teachers tell you read more
May 19, 2017
Xheo (All reviews)
Enen no Shouboutai is a manga that is really capable of engaging the reader just after reading a few chapters. We are following a story where the main character is called a demon... Interesting? Some people would say yes and will be a no for others.

Story-9 Personally I started the manga after reading about its beginning in one of the covers of Fairy Tail and I immediately fell in love with the story, till this day I cannot say I have read something similar and although in some cases I think they handle the story in a quick way, then they end up convincing me read more
May 19, 2017
Kdrizzie (All reviews)
Disclaimer: I'm treating this as a review of both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re, since :re is not so much a sequel, but rather a direct continuation of where TG left off. Also, I normally don't write reviews, but for TG, I feel as if it's one of those series where I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't tell people why its worth their time to read.

I don't want to go into detail about the actual story, rather I want to touch upon a few things that make a story great, and why TG succeeds generally. In terms of the concept, TG may lose read more
May 19, 2017
Cazimir (All reviews)
This is the first MAL review I've written. It was unavoidable because I felt compelled to write it.

I will keep this somewhat spoiler-free, so things will mostly be kept in general.

After reading the book, I for the life of me am incapable of properly explaining the general premise of the story to any accurate degree. It was all a blur. It was basically something along the lines of a roller-coaster ride of the main character "Motoko" being in the classic GITS digital world in a series of panty shot randomness escapades. Mix in more classic Masamune Shirow elements (e-thugs, cyberbrains, hacking, body swapping, attack barriers, read more
May 19, 2017
NekoMazzie1993 (All reviews)
I really hate to disappoint fans of JoJo's Bizarre's Adventures fans but I really did not enjoy the manga. I do not have the intention to watch the anime either because the hype kills it for me.

Not much to say since I pretty much did not enjoy the first volume. I could have stopped half way if I wanted to but I don't know. I wasn't too convinced to carry on reading the whole series to be honest. I felt like the anime isn't mainly aimed for males.

I'm most likely to give this manga a 2/10. Sorry JoJo fans. I just cannot get into it read more
May 19, 2017
xxitselena (All reviews)
тнє ρℓσт

The setting is in a typical high school, and the couple is a typical senpai-kouhai pairing. They are both good-looking, popular and in the same archery club. What's different? How other people view them.

The senpai, Shino Yuzuru, has a beautiful face, but his personality does not match that good look. And because of that, he always gets dumped by girls saying "Senpai's personality makes me feel very disappointed."

The kouhai, Seryou Touji, also has a good-looking face. But unlike Yuzuru, Seryou is every girl's dream. He's popular for dating anyone who confesses to him first on Monday, then give her the dream relationship, and break read more
May 19, 2017
S-quare22 (All reviews)


the story of kaichou sama ga fiance da was very attractive... the reason that made me read this manga is that the main character is a playboy.. MY FAVORITE TYPE !!
it's very rare to find a smut shoujo manga with a great story these days ..but there is a lot of gaps in
the storys event .. the most of time they are having sex .. and that was very annoying ..I dont stand why the author put these scenes all of time without meaning ..
the end was very simple as expected ..
but I enjoyed reading it read more
May 19, 2017
El_Anciano (All reviews)

I read Koe on Katachi after having watched the movie, and I must say that I am disheartened at the fact that I will have to give two separate ratings for the same work of art being displayed on two different mediums. To be fair to the movie, it had a lot more pressure on it, considering that it hard to work on cinematography, transitions, and other aspects of production that a manga doesn't have to work on. Nevertheless, I am here to review the manga, and I shall do just that.

Koe no Katachi's power comes from the different nuances that come read more
May 18, 2017
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
GetMekdBro (All reviews)
I've currently read 179 chapters of ReLife, and I have to say the first 120 chapters are absolutely amazing. They are filled with many emotional moments, deep interesting characters, and a story that's not afraid to throw in a twist every now and then to keep everything really interesting. I'd give the first 120 chapters a 10/10 score. However, pretty much everything after that (so far) has been really interesting character development and a few good emotional scenes separated by a TON of slice of life wishy washy romance. There's many points where the story just feels like it's dragging. I kind of just feel read more
May 18, 2017
PurgeX (All reviews)
One Piece has a very wacky cast of characters; We have a pirate that can stretch yet can't swim, a guy that utilizes 3 swords and has the worst sense of direction ever, a money loving navigator, a liar that's an amazing sniper, a cook that's a ladies man, a reindeer that's a doctor, a calm archaeologist that's among the most wanted women in the world, a cyborg shipwright, and a skeleton musician. Yet... it works.

The story is pretty interesting, and has a lot of dramatic, and heartbreaking moments. The world is vast, and his continually expanding, which is one of the strong points of read more
May 18, 2017
Desk05 (All reviews)
I wasted too much time trying to read 28 volumes. If this story could have been condensed and stopped its repetitiveness (Nakia's evil schemes, whether or not Prince Kail and Yuri will have relations, and Yuri getting framed for some scandal, etc) I would have liked it much more. I just wish almost raping the female MC would stop being used as a plot device. This shoujo is from the 90's and I still see that in modern shoujos.

Now, I'm not saying Red River (English Name) didn't have its shining moments. I liked seeing Yuri go from a confused high school girl to read more
May 18, 2017
Crazy_D (All reviews)
Introduction: JoJolion is the eight part and is probably the most bizzare part of all jojo's and it's still ongoing, if i have to describe it it's a mix between JoJo and The fresh prince of Bel-air. Here's why you should read it :

-The story:Taking place in the 21st century the plot is as many people suggest; is very confusing.It's a continuation to "steel ball run" and the story starts with the main protagonist being discovered under the mud by another character and if that doesn't help at all, the former suffers from amnesia . He also has four testicles (It's mentioned in the first read more
May 18, 2017
Faiazation (All reviews)
Osamu Tezuka is often considered as the god of manga and once you read his works you can genuinely understand where they are coming from.Ode to Kirihito is a very underrated work of his and I found it to be one of his best.

The plot of the manga at first look may look disposable but Osamu Tezuka’s writing is what makes it so intriguing.This manga revolves around a mysterious spreading disease called the Monmow Disease.This manga does a brilliant job in creating a believable setting surrounding this disease and the fate that the patient of the disease has to suffer.There’s also a fantastic aspect of read more
May 18, 2017
DodoDog (All reviews)
The story turned out to be so much more darker than I was expecting. It deals with what being a human really means. In this world, robots are, litlle by little, becoming more and more like humans. Can a human love a robot? What is love? Why do we end up hurting the ones we love the most?

The art complements the story very well. The emontions are always conveyed by facial expressions. The coloring also helps to demonstrated the emotions and to set the tone of the story. It was my first time rading an webtoon and I really liked it.

The characters are well read more
May 17, 2017
fable2557 (All reviews)
I always wanted to comment on this series tho it may be a little late but I still wish to say some key points that cause this to never reach is key potential to me.

(there or some spoilers in here so read at your own risk)

1: No Character development
2: Not utilizing the elements that your story have
3: bad use of romance
4: Horrible ending

1 character development (mainly I'm going to speak about main character in this one since if i talk about all support and mc in this show it would be to long)

in shounen manga one of the biggest thing along read more
May 17, 2017
Ane Koi (Manga) add (All reviews)
RandomCritic (All reviews)
Even if its hentai about incest, I kind of enjoy part of this manga.

The first arc was beautiful. Even that i sometimes frown at incest because of reasons I will mention down the road, but if its real love, like shown on the first arc, then i would not mind.

First ark is about a boy and his 2 sisters (plus a cousin) that love each other. Oldest sister wanted to be the perfect sister for the boy, and the second sister just liked to roleplay with him as when children they used to roleplay a lot while using cosplay.
The third is, the cousin, came in read more