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May 14, 2024
Preliminary (1/64 chp)
TW: Physical abuse, verbal abuse, whipping him until he passes out.

I picked this up because the comments said "LOVE THIS" and "ENEMIES TO LOVERS" This is NOT enemies to lovers, this is physically abused, whipped and treated like utter trash and a thing - AKA slave to lover.

The art is bad, they can't even draw bodies or faces proportional or at least not weird. extremely small jaw lines with big noses, or big eyes and tiny chin, in one occasion BIG curvy hips on the seme with a small tiny skinny waist and big curvy top part.

If you can get passed the art ...
May 14, 2024
Preliminary (2/? chp)
This is more of a mystery than a fantasy story. Honestly why is it even a Isekai - Reincarnation it is absolutely unnecessary. It starts off a quick intro to his first life and then bam it continues with mystery then boom surprise a tiny back story of the MC being a Mercenary and from the looks of it they skipped a good part of his back story, we don't even get to see him grow up or anything just boom here is a character boom tiny plot twist and surprise here is the MC but what the heck is going on...oh that's for you ...
May 11, 2024
Preliminary (16/? chp)
This needs a Harem tag!

To start off with this MC is NOT a kind, nice or even sympathetic. He is SUPER manipulative and knows how to use everyone, he is fake and will use anyone and anything. Everyone around him is stupid, including the regressor which those two things made me want to drop it however I was rooting for character development or something. It will definitely not happen he is basically a evil MC.

As of chapter 16 he had 2 girls added to his future big harem. I had to search it up to make sure the manhwa didn't just give off the vibe ...
Apr 29, 2024
This should not have a Yaoi tag! It shouldn't even have Boys love since they didn't even get together or even have feelings for each other until the last chapter which by the way this was more of a slice of life or a friendship drama story. Literally the whole manga is about the MC dealing with the injury the ML caused by accident. I shouldn't even say ML more like his best friend caused, the guilt he felt after thinking what he would think, the pain they both felt from the accident, them growing apart from each other to finally talking things out a ...
Apr 29, 2024
The art is hmm, the uke is drawn nice but the seme isn't...
So best friends end up not being best friends anymore, and then eventually boyfriends.
However this felt forced and bad as well as a bit boring, more like the seme was boring. Emotionless but not in the cute way and then when he smiled he looked a bit creepy. That aside he confesses to the uke and the uke is heartbroken because he genuinely thought they were friends but turns out the seme never saw him that way. Some times goes by and uke realizes the seme isn't going to apologize for the ...
Apr 29, 2024
Mixed Feelings
TW - Dub Con - He starts feeling up on his D and butt hole when the MC is sleeping but then the MC wakes up and consents to sex. Later on the MC thinks it was still rape but then realizes he taught him everything he knows so I he doesn't see it as rape again, not sure but putting this here incase you need the TW!

The art is good and okay in other scenes.
This story had a lot of potential for a really good plot had it been longer.
The MC/uke plays videos games for fun & to destress, and when ...
Apr 29, 2024
TW- Dub con - ML/Seme kissed the MC/uke when he was drunk, also started feeling up on him and stopped only because it was his first time... And pushing/basically forcing a bully victim to face their bully

An introverted teacher who was an Otaku in school and got bullied, even by the teacher ends up becoming a teacher so he can be there for those that get bullied. There he impersonates a extroverted persona and a rumor about him getting a high school girl pregnant starts.
He hangs out with a strict teacher who is very against teacher and student relationships and he finds out the ...
Apr 26, 2024
The plot itself wasn't bad IF IT WASN"T FOR THE FACT that there is a 6-8 year gap and the MC is in high school!! The MC/Uke is in high school (not sure what grade I don't remember reading a grade level however I skipped a few talk bubbles on the first panel so maybe I missed it. The ML/Seme is 23 year old. So not only is it an illegal age gap but what makes it even weirder is the ML met the MC when he was a kid, and he was in highschool (it seemed like he was a senior at the time ...
Apr 26, 2024
Mixed Feelings
The art is nice, really nice at times and at others just nice.
It is about hate/anger, regret, sadness & death. Learning to forgive and realizing the one at fault isn't the one actually at fault.

In the earlier chapters there is a little bit of a dub con scene but later on when they finally do it for the first time it has actual consent.
The reason why I can't recommend it or want to read it again is because of the ending. I hated how the ML had to push the MC away and tell him to wait for him while he spends his last ...
Apr 26, 2024
Preliminary (5/8 chp)
TW- Toxic uke!!

This is such a bad couple & the uke is beyond toxic!! The epitome of a fake friend & later a bad toxic lover! At first it was understandable that the MC/uke felt some jealousy towards the seme/ML his "friend" because he got an offer from the dream job he has been wanting since he was little. But then it just keeps piling up and he keeps feeling jealous for things that at this point is no longer understandable even after the time skip, especially after a misunderstanding. What makes this worse is the Seme/ML was genuinely into the MC, he truly ...

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