Chainsaw Man
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Chainsaw Man

Alternative Titles

English: Chainsaw Man
Japanese: チェンソーマン


Type: Manga
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 97
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 3, 2018 to Dec 14, 2020
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DemonsDemons, ShounenShounen
Authors: Fujimoto, Tatsuki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


Score: 8.611 (scored by 9765097,650 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #742
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #21
Members: 178,490
Favorites: 21,569


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Dec 14, 2020
Xnovazero (All reviews)
This is the greatest shounen manga I've ever read. Bloody and brutal art, profound characters, serious with chaotic plot. I got into everything of this gem by "CHAINSAW". You know, Shounen Jump manga is known for friendship theme. But Chainsaw Man is unrelated to it in a good way. Extremely dark and mature style. Because Tatsuki Fujimoto has natural amazing talent. His thought and world-view are very fresh. He loves film and reflect his works. Chainsaw Man is no exception, too. We drawn into film-like writing of this manga. Let's talk about it.

Denji is an uncultivated MAN who never die. His personalities are simple. Enjoying read more
Dec 14, 2020
potatoboi83 (All reviews)
I hate reviews that start off with unnecessary prose, so let's skip all that and get to the meat of things!

Chainsaw Man is a story which thrives in its unexpectedness. It's a story that takes you for twists and turns in its plot and characterization, but most effectively in its subversion of shounen tropes which gives the story a far greater effect. It's a story that looks dumb as hell, with a protagonist who acts dumb as hell, with a goal that seems dumb as hell (touch some booooooooobs). But where Chainsaw Man gets you is that it anticipates your exhaustion with these tropes. It read more
Jul 22, 2020
BlackStarxo (All reviews)
Chainsaw man, It always had style but it took freaking ages for its plot to come together. Nothing safe to assume about this manga, But one thing is safe to say for sure, Explosive Events and Hype =/= Good Writing. I can't blame people who came for action it's all a fast read but coming for an actual story. SORRY you're fooling yourself.

The action and setting are alright, the story and characters are forgettable and nothing more than a modern fan service for teens to relate to. Like" I want to touch some boobs"

Will Power finally freaking do something? Denji fights are getting read more
Jan 7, 2021
GauravPandey919 (All reviews)
*Non Spoiler Review*

Before writing this review, I would like thank Tatsuki Fujimoto for writing such exhilarating manga. Hats off to him!
I have been reading Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen ever since December 2018. Prior to most reviewers, thus I think i am right person to interpret the series for you all. I finished Chainsaw Man about awhile ago, and i would admit I enjoyed it fullest.

Story: 9/10
The story was good but not too generic in my opinion. here is why please proceed with caution might have minor spoilers.
It's story about our typical Virgin lad "Denji" by the way he is a protagonist of this marvelous read more
Jul 1, 2020
Yuzu_Citrus (All reviews)
Chainsaw Man is a breath of fresh air in the realm of shounen manga, the premise is wonderfully executed with its wonderful story, characters, atmosphere and overall tone. It is such a fun manga to read and experience through as it grasps your attention and keeps you thrilled throughout.

The characters are one of this manga's main attractions, all of them feel like real people with their own personalities, growth and ambitions. The main cast have the seemingly virtuous duty of killing the powerful and dangerous monsters that are devils, but they are never portrayed as the "good guys," like so many other shounen do. read more
Feb 9, 2019
fettywapfan (All reviews)
With less than 1,000 members and only one other review at the time of posting this, I thought I should write this so that more people will hopefully read it. This is my first review by the way!

Story - 8
The story is pretty simple so far, but that is not a bad thing! It's a shounen jump manga so fight scenes are frequent and there are comedic elements as well. What sets this manga apart though is the characters and the monsters. I'll elaborate on the characters in the "Character" section, but the monsters are really great. Because of the premise, there are pretty much read more
Dec 14, 2020
NextUniverse (All reviews)
(TLDR review at the bottom, as always, thanks in advance for reading)
(Major edit at the bottom lol)

If you told me to describe Chainsaw Man in one word I would grab the nearest megaphone and microphone, place the megaphone in between my mouth and the microphone, switch both devices on, and start screaming,

Yes. There the word 'madness' or 'chaos' doesn't even fit. The sound does a better job of explaining it. Chainsaw Man is mostly made up of death metal screaming moments and having not read anything close to this other than watching Dorohedoro and maybe reading some of Berserk, Attack on Titan, Akame ga Kill read more
Jun 12, 2019
NorbiSenpai (All reviews)
TL;DR Chainsaw Man is a one of a lifetime experience. Even though the story at it's core is very simple, it certainly is not generic nor cliché. The plot may surprise even the veterans, yet it does not feel forced thanks to the world's unique atmosphere. Characters are believable, relatable and first and foremost, human. Artstyle is not objectively good, but the character designs are fresh and simply delicious. Humour is edgy and immature, but in those respective categories the comedy is very well delivered.

The Story - It is a simple one, but it serves astoundingly well as a tool to explore the characters. read more
Aug 7, 2020
MaliTigar (All reviews)
Seeing how highly this is rated goes to prove that people value hype more than good writting.


Begins with the most generic and stupid moment when devil decides to /for the sake of spoilers lets say/ help MC because he want's to see more of MC dreams (aka wants to see MC achieve his goals/dreams). And what does MC does after that? He decides to make his goal to touch a female. Seriously?


Character art is meh. Devil art is good. Battle scenes are also drawn pretty good.


Terrible and unlikeable characters fill this manga. Let's start from MC who is a simp for any type of physical read more
Dec 16, 2020
Cindy-Uchiha (All reviews)
While rating this I've pulled out my shounen wow-those-fights-are-so-cool heart in order to review this as fair as possible for the mangaka. Still couldn't give this a high mark.

The story and worldbuilding are so incredibly weak. The mangaka pushes you straight into action and from that point on you're in a rollercoaster that's only going hard downwards with no rest, meaning that there's no time to rest and therefore no time to enjoy the hype (no light without darkness yknow).

Towards the end, the story underwent an acceleration. The story that didn't even have anything to offer, underwent a goddamn acceleration. I couldn't even believe read more
Dec 14, 2020
Luubie (All reviews)
Chainsaw Man ends at its peak of popularity and quality and will be missed, as its reading is exclusive among manga. Who knew that Weekly Shounen Jump would hit so well this time, even more with a title above what is expected.

Obviously, everyone who reads the name laughs instantly about what the manga is about, but they are surprised by the boldness that Tatsuki Fujimoto took in building mature and spontaneous content at the same time.

For those who don't know him, he also created Fire Punch, another well-known title. But, what is Chainsaw Man about? Are your fame and positive mentions a complete exaggeration? Or read more
Mar 17, 2021
alex_er (All reviews)
well its got blood, gore and more blood and my own thoughts on it very quickly was that it was very much like sand just dry and bland

a positive i can give is that the fights are pretty ok and some of the few characters are pretty neat

more positive is that its pretty easy to read in a few hours or a day so that you dont have to think about it when you finish it

also the art is somewhat good at times and then it looks kinda like dirt on the ground with gum on the side

so basically 2 out of 1
Sep 13, 2020
Some1ridiculous (All reviews)
I've heard of this manga series a good few times by Joey (The Anime Man) and also, people who like No Guns Life. At first it was a pretty good start because we got to explore how our main character, Denji got around to being a chainsaw dude in the first place. I really liked his attitude of being laid back and always saying funny remarks with some of the characters. I did considerably get a few chuckles out of the comedy sides of things involved in this manga. I mean , this manga isn't THAT terrible but I think the boob jokes were rather read more
May 28, 2020
COW12X (All reviews)
No character is safe, which while not always a good thing, it's done right here. If you compare it to things like Akame ga Kill or even Game of Thrones, Chainsaw Man's character deaths always serve a story purpose in some way. I don't know that any major characters have died purely just for "shock value", although there definitely is some shock value in there.

The author in my opinion has always had very original takes on how superhumans would actually use their powers. I don't want to spoil anything in this series, but I'll say for example that in another series of his a read more
Dec 14, 2020
IhateHAISE (All reviews)
Chainsaw man is a type of manga that surprises you with the plot of the story, who will die? Who is the real villain? At certain times you will be asked who is wrong in the story.
Characters are the most important part of the manga, getting too attached can be a problem in the future...
In terms of art, the author can surprise, creating beautiful and epic scenes. The universe itself is not so complex to understand, which makes reading, besides being fun, exciting!
Although the protagonist has futile goals, the story around him can transform in a deep and frustrating way ...

Yes, READ!
Feb 4, 2019
ORT3GA (All reviews)
Alright !!! As promised, I'm back to update my review since Chainsaw Man has finally reached 25 chapters. Yay??!!! I'll update once more if this reaches 100 chapters. I've been following the series right from chapter 1. Tone has shifted. If you are a horny teenager who loves some bloody actions fashioned with pseudo-echhi moments, congrats, you've picked the perfect manga.

Outline : We find ourselves in a world filled with devils. They range from pretty to cute to pure disgusting abominations. Our hero, Denji, is a poor dude with a pet living a harsh life. His life was isolated and pretty simple until shit happened read more
Nov 23, 2020
GrayRealm (All reviews)
Those series have an amazing build up and are incredibly interesting to read all the way up to roughly chapter 82. Before that point the manga kept getting crazier, more fun, and there was hint of more coming....

And in chapter 82 the author pretty much took everything he has been painstakingly building for such long time, threw it into a blender and then flushed down the toilet, and gave the reader a cheap plot device. It is difficult to explain the issue without spoilers, but if I were to summarize it it would be series building up for a long time for something amazing, and read more
Feb 21, 2021
Mywifesson (All reviews)
I've heard alot of good things about this manga and now that it has finally ended I sat down and read it all in one sitting, surprisingly this did not take much time even though there are 97 chapters the majority of the work is textless whereas some chapters of manga can take upwards of 10 minutes to read due to how dense they are CSM is the complete opposite.

The art and concept are very cool, never saw anything like it before. The problem with this manga is it does not at all live up to the hype I do not understand why its read more
Dec 8, 2020
jiroutachi (All reviews)
Chainsaw Man seems to be somewhat divisive. While some people tout it as a masterpiece, others will absolutely loathe it and call it unsubstantial garbage. I can see why: it's stylish and strange and definitely not focused in being a crowd pleaser. I, personally, stand more in-between, and think that while it's most definitely flawled, what Fujimoto has to offer is a fun and bold ride that you can get a lot of enjoyment out of.

I guess the easiest thing there is for me to compare to Chainsaw Man, as many do, would be Tokyo Ghoul; both are manga about suit-clad members of an organization read more
Jun 26, 2020
Serrio (All reviews)
-Fujimoto has one of the best manga panel construction ability I have ever seen, it is reminiscent of a movie, which isn't surprising considering he's a big movie fan.
-the build up of atmosphere is incredibly outstanding and unique.
-I have read lots of horror manga but none have made me feel chills down my spine from one panel.
-You can never predict what will happen next and it is a good thing.
-He can use the lighting in a scene to create an incredibly oppressive atmosphere, conveying a genuine emotion which could be felt across the screen.
-For characters that show up very little, it is amazing how he read more