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Feb 5, 2023
[Old Review]

Teekyuu Review - Part 2S
Informative Review

It's basically just restoring the brain cells of Teekyuu. The stories aren't too absurd and whilst it still maintains their humour, it is a little more condensed here. What's left is just some average day in the life of Teekyuu episodes.

1st episode is about Marimo at the dentist getting her teeth fixed. In a Teekyuu manor. There's a doctor/dentist you learn a little about to add to. 2nd episode is about Yuri getting to work as a shrine maiden due to some accident she had caused. The old lady there is a little something too. All in a Teekyuu ...
Feb 5, 2023
Teekyuu 2 (Anime) add
[Old Review]

Teekyuu Review - Part 2

It's comedy. Again. Fast comedy. Somehow the plot flows as it usually would in a normal anime. I didn't even expect there to be someone reasonable here to my surprise. The only difference is that this is fast. There seemed to be an absurd number of references to other major names in this real world. Makes you think, that Teekyuu is reality?

Mappa is still pulling the same visual beauty, so you can expect there to be the same wacky gimmick that you'd be surprised such cannot tear the insides of itself with such speed. Also dumb art for the funny ...
Feb 5, 2023
Teekyuu (Anime) add
[Old Review (written way before upload time, opinions may not be the same)]

Teekyuu Review - Part 1

Comedy is funny. But comedy isn't for everyone. Since there are different branches. Teekyuu falls into parody. And usually, dedicated parody anime is good. Very good. Great. Masterpiece.

There is no need to talk about the plot, no need to talk about characters, no need to talk about art, no need to talk about sound. Because they are all irrelevant from what is a ton of random events, speed through at just the right speeds to understand what is happening whilst concurrently not grasping everything, understanding that this parody is ...
Sep 5, 2022
Bai Niao Gu (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Rating: 7/10

It's good. Just not for very conventional reasons. Having read through other people's thoughts and feelings on this short, it has become apparent to me that there is obvious room for interpretation of the true intentions of the writers behind the scenes.

I wasn't the most focused on this short in all honesty, whilst some of it has to do with my own faults in how I behave, from what I did gather, I do believe that the execution did not live up to a great standard. It's good, but not good enough. Anyway, this whole meandering through the woods and following the birds' ...
Sep 5, 2022
Rating: 8/10

Butter Chicken is an MV that I have a pleasant (and healthy) addiction to. A euphoric wave of epic vocals and fluid visuals, unlike many others before it, has led me to praise it and listen to it on end seldom of any fatigue. The concept matches, but the expectations are not met in a literal sense. There is no apparent Butter Chicken here, but all the imagery and connotations fit well together regardless. As mentioned, it is all fluid and the entire MV promotes this harmonic union between the simple things in life and the celestial wonders of the universe. All crafted with ...
Jul 31, 2022
I will put out there that I don't exactly know every theme of this story, or what exactly the messages were. Whether that is up for individual interpretation or predetermined is something else I will not know for the time being. I am simply here to give my thoughts on what I have seen.

I saw a beautiful and artistic story on a moderately relatable institution and arc we may have gone through in life. School and friends. Mukougaoka Chisato wa Tada Mitsumeteita no Datta is a story about Chisato trying to reach her friends after being in an unfortunate incident.

It all comes across as ...
Jul 9, 2022
Mixed Feelings
There is literally already a well-made review on this OVA already, but since I was in the middle of writing a lot of reviews in one go at the time, I felt inclined to write something on this OVA anyway. I will make this a short informative review.

This OVA follows Kanade in some more ludicrous choice-making nonsense, only this time in a VN dating sim-type game. We have roles allocated as usual, from what you'd expect of these games: Kanade - protag, Nozomi - main heroine, Yuuouji - yankee, Yukihira - alien space ranger, Chocolat - well, Parfait. Basically, everyone who isn't Kanade is a ...
Jul 9, 2022
(TLDR review below, as usual, thanks for reading c:)

Everything you do is based on some kind of choice (discluding reflexes). Subconsciously choosing which path to take on, big or small. Imagine that being made apparent with a twist of being always bombarded with asinine decisions.

Enter NouCome.

It's your choice from here, but you have to choose one.

1. Continue reading.
2. Discontinue reading.
Jul 9, 2022
Mixed Feelings
(TLDR at the bottom)

I watched this some time ago but never wrote anything for it at the time due to planning to release reviews for all 4 seasons that currently exist all at once, but that might be very troublesome knowing how fast I get with anime. Oh well, here's a short review.

It's an episodic SoL that features siblings behaving in the way siblings would usually behave. Being annoying, terrible communication, getting at each other and all the rest of it. It's something that anime is seemingly incapable of doing from time to time, so I guess we just leave that to donghua.

Everything here ...
Jun 17, 2022
This is easily one of the funniest anime I have come across in a while. It is a little funny that I like this so much because I wasn't the biggest fan of the series when I first picked it up. Something about watching this made me realise just how great Aharen-san wa Hakarenai is.

It's a gag comedy about two strange people doing strange things in the most normal way (there are other strange people too). It's hilarious. The number of times this anime can create a scenario for the main two and elevate it into surrealism is seemingly neverending. I do find myself laughing ...

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