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May 19, 2022
There was a man.

This man was angry.

He was angry at one thing and only one thing.

All he did was talk about them.

How bad they were, how they behaved, how they think like, he's probably the only man on earth who hated (and studied) these creatures this much.

It was unbelievable.

But his hate… it's real.

His hate was so strong, that his aura would draw in any and everyone for his mission.

Kill the goblins. All of them.

I could go on about the specifics and all the rest of it, but I've been doing this reviewing shtick for so long that I am not entirely bothered about writing read more
May 18, 2022
(TLDR at the bottom)

Honest to God here, it's been a long while since I've read this manga. Whilst I remember the overall theme of it, I cannot quite examine this as I would do with other stories I've finished not long after relatively. I've simply been meaning to write something on this for a while. Forgive my incompetence. It is likely I will delete this review and re-read this story another time.

Yoru to Umi is a drama about understanding one another, and the border that lies between two individuals.

When I first headed into Yoru to Umi, I didn't really pay heed to tags and thought read more
May 7, 2022
There's Nisekoi, and then there's Nisekoi taken too far, otherwise known as Kakkou no Iinazuke⁠.

I just don't believe this anime will reach any kind of high-quality writing as it goes on, it's just a prolonged romance between two characters who are pretty much going to fall for each other at the end of it all (would be wild if that doesn't happen tho ngl).

Characters aren't even charismatic or true to themselves. The clever guy here managed to get checkmated by some TikTok influencer in the very first 10 mins or so. Why? Idk, maybe he forgor to change settings his character settings, or maybe he read more
May 2, 2022
This is a lot sadder than meets the eye.

I will leave a quick note up here to mention that I've left a post on the forum to show what was pieced together by an individual in terms of the deeper narrative.

What I really just wanted to point out was how great this MV was. It's a dark job this spirit has, going on and giving the final push, but she believes in the beauty of life, which leads to moments of showing happiness when the bright times come. She's an odd character though, but maybe a new one for the job. Her reactions seem a read more
Apr 28, 2022
Bubble (Anime) add (All reviews)
*Spoilers marked*
I can't say a lot about this movie, because there is not a lot to speak about.

We start with the foundation which is basically Akira, going down into the route of Weathering with You, The Little Mermaid, and countless other "outsider must learn how to behave like a human" anime—I swear at one point I felt a Chobits vibe. This should already sound alarm bells that there is too much inspiration from other works, and nothing here to call their own. Even when attempted, it'd just be forgotten as fast as it came in (see last few minutes and Hibiki backstory). Seriously, if I read more
Apr 15, 2022
I believe it was during the Bilibili donghua 2021 (not really sure) lineup was how I found this hidden title. It didn't have the most astounding presentation for a thumbnail back when I saw the PV of it, but I came across a short with quality that doesn't come every so often, and I have to admit, even today, I am invested in seeing the future for this series and where it will go to in the future.

False Memory is a short about a boy whose memories are obscured due to creating a BUG man, named Shi Yan, who is basically messing around with read more
Apr 15, 2022
IchiMashi is a surprise. IchiMashi Encore is a bigger surprise.

Now, I'd like to make it clear that IchiMashi Encore, indeed, does contain all the features of IchiMashi, so going over characters and whatnot in this review would be a little pointless. Not that I really need to. Anyway, in this review, I will go over what makes this better than the prequels in my opinion.

You have IchiMashi, which set the foundation, and flourished in its own treasures for reasons visible when you actually watch the series. Then you have Encore: takes the premise, takes the writing, takes the characters, takes the visuals, and explodes with read more
Apr 15, 2022
Informative review.

This can really just be looked at as an extension of the main series. There is really nothing here that is special in its own way—it's really just the typical plots—enough so that it differentiates from the main series. What you find in the original is also present here, just new stories are to be found.

The only main difference that really exists is the new character designs; the eyes changed. The character change doesn't harm experience and although it is noticeable enough to get your attention more times than not, it is nothing drastic or experience-ruining; it is something to take note of as read more
Apr 15, 2022
Informative review.

This is just a space short about a little issue that happens whilst the main five are in space. There's really not a lot to it other than that. It is funny, it is plain, a little self-aware. This really just exists for people who have seen the manga to be honest (prior to the TV anime whilst also playing with characters whose personalities are already known). It doesn't make too much sense on its own, but it is watchable if you are new to the series. There are no spoilers or anything like that, but it becomes apparent later on as to why read more
Apr 14, 2022
Echo (Anime) add (All reviews)
Maybe this will be the closest thing we get to a Solo Leveling anime.

Despite disappointing realities, it seems the very existence of SL has managed to make for a great music video even with the lack of prominent animation and original scenes. It's really something else.

Echo is one of the most catchy MVs I've listened to in a long while, going as high as other greatly acclaimed MVs such as Yoru Ni Kakeru. THE BOYZ really delivered by making a fitting OST for the webtoon, it's got everything from fire beat, ability to captivate attention, high rewatch (or in this case relisten) value, and, of read more