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Mar 18, 2024
Preliminary (20/? chp)
I really enjoyed this manga because I found that both ML’s and FL interactions were so nice. I like that FL is accepting of ML who cross dresses and although she looks like a child, I like the fact the author doesn't make her the usual "damsel in distress" but more of a likeable laid back sort that you rarely see in manga. Although I wish ML was a bit more confident as FL is but at the same time, you'd feel for him being awkward as unfortunately, men dressing up as women can be bullied and he's pretty cautious of that. I have a ...
Mar 3, 2024
I have to say, I’m really surprised that I didn’t get to read this before as it really shows the reality aspects of “social anxiety” and how it can make a huge impact young people, especially when it comes to their schooling, family life, trying to fit with their peers, etc. I like the fact we get to see the two main leads with their own struggles like Jaeha having a stutter when it regards with talking to people and Youngwoo becoming a hikkiomori after blaming his twin brothers death. Both lads interactions together was just what everyone needs when it comes to having someone ...
Jan 25, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (333/? chp)
Ok so I began watching Iruma kun as an anime back when it first aired but I then immediately moved onto the manga. I really enjoyed the gang being up to no good and seeing Iruma progress to being the "demon lord" that Sullivan wanted him to be as his "grandson". I really liked a lot of the characters surrounding Iruma like I didnt actually mind at first having a lot of them because they really blended the story well and I always got a chuckle from every chapter as it can be seriously funny. However that all changed recently when the author decides to ...
Dec 29, 2023
So this is my second manga that was recommended by my secret Santa from Animeplanet and I gotta say, the art looks absolutely incredible that it kept me interested to reading more. There was such goofy moments especially Rans wolf changed brother randomly kissing girls cause he’s in “heat” like I literally fell to the floor laughing guys, no kidding XD! I also thought the ending was pretty inspiring as well as wholesome seeing Ran advising her young nephew that just because she had the magical power to automatically be in a 20 year old body at 10 years old, that there isn’t actually a ...
Dec 28, 2023
Omg I’m so so happy that I consider this as the anime of the year like bruhhhhhh the fights were amazing like honestly, FairPlay to the MAPPA artists for creating such amazing fights. The Gojo vs Toji and Yoji vs Mahito fights were literally the most entertaining gorgeous fights I’ve ever seen in anime like I’m lost for words man! I didn’t think the last season was that good but my god, this season would literally blow your friggin mind off!

Of course there were emotional sad scenes with Kento dying and Nobara being hurt (?) like you actually fall in love with the characters the ...
Dec 27, 2023
Voynich Hotel (Manga) add
I was introduced to this unique manga by my secret Santa from Animeplanet, which I would never have discovered otherwise! I enjoy that we get to witness what this mysterious hotel is like, with several groups of people checking in to discover what it has to offer and exploring the abandoned places surrounding it. The main characters, Kazuki and Helena, were featured in the amusement park a few times, and as someone who enjoys looking at abandoned places online, this is right up my alley!

Regarding the characters, I also like the fact that all of them weren’t forced to be in the story without context ...
Dec 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
For god sakes, why such a half baked abrupt ending?! I really really wanted to see all couples admit their love for one another and just kiss like wtf author, why did you have to do this to us?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I honestly thought the jokes were on point especially taking the p!ss of the usual tropes you normally see in romance manga out there. I’m so annoyed that it’s only at 25 chapters like Bruh, you can still make a good 50 chapter story and do a lot better than 25 chapters!

I like the fact each characters have such unique personalities such as the playboy, ...
Dec 21, 2023
I honestly didn’t expect part 2 of Season 2 to come around so quickly this year! Although I will say it still was slow as the first season with Philomenas grandmother acting as the abuser as usual but at least though, we finally get to see Philomena come out of her shell and FINALLY kick her abusive azz. Some people thought she was whiny but I thought she needed a hug and encouragement that she can fight for what she needs. I’m sorta glad they moved away from the school setting and adventure into the abyss.

I was glad to have seen more action at ...
Dec 10, 2023
Preliminary (33/? chp)
I always seem to have walked past this well-known manga about a dense ol salaryman who meets a young shopkeeper with two personalities (one the very cheery good customer service gal and two the baddass chick who smokes around the back of the store). It's very slow burn but it's pretty readable if you don't mind the less drama/action and more fluffiness & silliness. The art is not so bad either like some people have complained that it's not top notch but at the same time given the theme of the story, it's honestly fine and easy on the eyes. That's all you want really...

I'm ...
Dec 8, 2023
Preliminary (93/95 chp)
Well what a Yaoi manhwa it has been folks, I’m going to seriously miss the two bois always at each others throats the whole time and yet give us the most warmful fluff we ever ask for! I really enjoyed the bickering and the differences of opinion like you don’t expect what they were going to do at every interaction as the author really knows how to tease us Yaoi reader for some juicy BL goodness. I have been reading this great manhwa since I saw it on a well known site during the covid lockdown in 2021 and the reading just makes you hooked ...

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