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Sep 16, 2021
Gunjou (Manga) add (All reviews)
People, I can't tell you how twisted up this manga is. We watch two grown a** women quarrel and attack each other all the time, simply to show us how much heavy baggage they have to deal with! I mean guys… their relationship is pretty much toxic as hell, yet the author practically draws you into the story since it's so addictive that you can't put the manga down thanks to their unique reading style of luring you in...

I have to agree with some folks that the art isn't fantastic, but once you get into the tale, you forget about the weird faces drawn by read more
Sep 14, 2021
Scissor Seven, currently in its third season, has greatly pleased me by going above and beyond to make Seven known for who he was all along (his assassin suit is just badass). I noticed that this season featured more action in terms of combat scenes, and boy, the quantity of frames dedicated to this project truly blows your mind as to why this anime series is being slept on.

I liked how we got to witness our boi and Thirteen start to have feelings for one other since their connection is wholesome throughout the three seasons, but it's tricky because they're always interrupted by a read more
Sep 4, 2021
It's a interesting shoujo ai manga about a rich girl named Reina who stays in a random summer villa and doesn't appear to have caring parents because they're marrying her off to a childhood friend she doesn't love. She meets Maya, a mysterious beautiful woman who wears a black long sleeved garment, and the two become closer as they learn more about one other. And, my God, there's so much more to the narrative than them falling in love, like there's quite a few plot twists in this shoujo ai people that you wouldn't expect to happen at all!

If you really like your mysterious, read more
Aug 29, 2021
This story was really really cute and very dramatic at the same time. It’s merely a romance shoujo manhua about the main characters disguising themselves so they don’t recognise each other in either school or at the nightclub. I like the fact we get to see both characters rather tsundere to each other since that is quite rare to see both having the same personality in the manga world. The art was nice and the realtionship between An Kele and Ye Ling was very interesting like there are so many surprising things uncovered about them that you wouldn’t normally expect in a typical shoujo.

Also read more
Aug 11, 2021
I felt awful for the ML while reading this manga since he was suicidal as a result of a sexual assault case in which he was found not guilty and his family abandoned him. However, I felt it unusual and bizarre that he purposefully kidnapped a random wealthy woman (AKA THE FL) for a crab bite. Yes, she is cheating on her author husband, whom she does not love, according to what you read. This manga is supposed to be dark, but as I got halfway through the novel and they went on their "adventures," I didn't find the story to be very emotional. It's read more
Aug 11, 2021
So I heard that this is becoming an anime adaptation soon and I really thought it had promise at first because we get to see a delinquent student exploring himself with art. However reading it was a struggle at the same time as the pages were really long, it doesn’t focus on the others apart from the MC and I feel they just add the Yuka character for the sake of the usual old fashioned trope (boy wears dresses) rather than deep dive on their struggles being different. As well, I know I’m not into art but they could have at least explain the facts read more
Aug 7, 2021
This manga was mentioned by Joey (The Anime Man) and realised this was on my “to read list” for a very long time so here we are lol!

I actually surprisingly thought that this manga was a pretty good read from what I was expecting! It’s about two highschoolers Ren and Hina who are known to have the power to swap bodies with the thanks of their pinkies. Hina is in love with Ren but in actual fact, Ren is more interested in Makoto. Then the messiness starts with them having funny business with others but I’m gonna stop there as it would spoil every read more
Aug 6, 2021
I gotta say, the 10 short stories were really cute at varying at what the main characters do occupation wise and what their personality trait were in each story. However it missed the mark of attempting to engage with the reader due to plot and character development not being taken seriously I did notice the art was rather meh and pacing felt off. It’s disappointing that I wasn’t able to enjoy it fully because I really really had high expectations for this type of manga! Then I would’ve really considered it as part of my best Yuri manga collection. It’s just such a shame read more
Aug 6, 2021
Shshshs omg man this GL manga is so friggin cute to which it pulls your heartstrings like crazy! So it’s basically about two women who work in the same office, they both have different personalities but they eventually warm up and of course, start to like each other. The art was just soft on eyes and the plot makes you wanna read more about the girls. Also funny enough, this is my first GL to have a love triangle by involving a likeable “third wheeler” involved as well as one of the girls sister. Y’all know yourselves how much of a nightmare side characters can read more
Aug 5, 2021

The reason why I got to read this manga because I heard it’s going to be airing as an anime soon and the fact the author who wrote the well known“Death Note” series. I absolutely didn’t thought the story as well as character development was mediocre enough and the ending was goddamn awful like there wasn’t even a mention of the human population to disappear into thin air! I mean I really thought it was all about saving people and turning them into angels?! Cmon bro!

I even hated the fact our MC is a typical read more