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Nov 26, 2022
Unhinged (Manga) add
Preliminary (72/? chp)
I gotta say lads , this is pretty much a f*cked up mess involving a woman who's trying to figure out who her husband's murder is. Shes known to not have committed the crime and yet, she is put into jail. Pretty much society turns their back on her. She later joins a crew of serial killers who are Paul, Boom and Ms Box in order to take revenge on those who killed her husband. Paul and Boom pretty much have messed up backgrounds which involved the adults in their lives treating them like crap.

You really get a feel for each characters on why they ...
Nov 22, 2022
The Cellist (Manga) add
Preliminary (27/? chp)
Ok I did find the ML to be rather pushy, a snob and an a-hole towards the FL just because she came into his room in order to help retrieve some of the theatre staff smartphone. However I am glad the FL does stand up for herself when he is talking the “dont keep away from me without my permission” attitude, especially when it came to them creating a contract as an “employer” and “employee”. The story is interesting which I’ll definitely give credit for but my god, the art is pretty much wobbly and unattractive tbh. The ML looks like he has a body ...
Nov 11, 2022
So we have the uke here has been seeing lots of black smoke around people since childhood and when he grows older, he goes to college and meets the seme who is covered in a bigger black smoke. The seme is cold towards the uke at first because whenever some touches the seme, they get injured but he then warms up to the uke since the uke basically is invincible haha. The seme is so cute, well the pair of them are basically adorable so you're missing out if you’re going to read this!

I wish the ukes childhood friend buggered off because like all love ...
Oct 29, 2022
So I found out about this story through Joey’s video he uploaded recently (Some Great Horror Manga To Read This Halloween is the title on YouTube, check it out!) and I am literally in a state of confusion right now cause my bros, this story made my reading experience like a floor trip hazard that kept on going through the very end lol! Yet I don’t know how I feel about the ending lol. I like the vampire genre so this story is pretty unique in a sense where it didn’t need the signature fangs and the cloak, but it had just the vampires smiling ...
Oct 29, 2022
So here we are, yet again with the two rowdy siblings and friends at season five. I'm still dissapointed though that each episode is always at three minutes because I really wanted to see their shenanigans being expanded. Anyways it still gives you funny chuckles, if you watched the previous seasons, you'd know what to expect and yet you'll be unexpected what comes each episodes way at the same time. The animation did look stiff at times like sometimes their mouths were at weird angles LOL!!

The voice actors are still good as ever and again, the comedy side of things in this anime does ...
Oct 13, 2022

Ahhhhh my god guys this is such a decent BL that it gives you so full of emotions in terms of the amount of "worth it totally" flashbacks brought for both our boys Henry and James. Basically to give you a short rundown, Henry became a guardian of James (not 100% adopted because of Henry's past) who was a child at the time ...
Oct 9, 2022
So since I’ve been on holiday at the moment, I finally managed to watch the finale of this anime and was really surprised that the kiss by Nazuna to Yo-kun happening so suddenly. Now I will admit that the age on Yo-Kun was a bit too young for a middle schooler to be in this kind of “vampire-human relationship” but it was still interesting to see Nazuna-chan and Yo-Kun’s relationship grow throughout the show. It had its complications with the pair of them trying to figure out as to when Yo Kun will become a vampire or even how long he will continue to ...
Sep 24, 2022
Well I certainly will miss Chisato every Saturday night thanks to her bubbly chillax attitude and wish I had a friend like her man! I really thought the interaction with her and Majima was interesting enough like you hardly see a “villain” and a “hero” taking a break because of Chisato pushing herself too much with her artificial heart. I also thought both Chisato and Takina’s teamwork relationship was unique. I know that some people are here for the Yuri and of course it’s cute girls with guns but I personally didn’t think much of that and just only enjoy their interactions too. Chisato was ...
Sep 13, 2022
I really enjoyed this anime like I’m not too deep into the whole Cyberpunk series but I’ve heard good enough things about the games that I get the idea what they are about. First of all, I really loved the art like my god, Trigger know how to create their colours well by making everything that your eyes would thank you for blessing them with great visuals. The gradient colouration and the nightlife backgrounds make you feel as if you’re there alongside what the characters are doing. I still wouldn’t call this anime the greatest out there because it is quite predictable that our main ...
Sep 9, 2022
Serendipity (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I was recommended this by Animeplanet back in the best year as of yet, 2020 since I was reading another Webtoon at that time… Honestly I prefer that webtoon rather than this one to be completely honest because it did drag on, there were a few missing parts that weren't really covered until the very end (not gonna spoil it) and of course the ending was rushed too. Not a fan of the art either but at least it was decent enough for me read on.

I mean I still would recommend this to people who need a nice romance that doesn't really need to ...