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Apr 1, 2022
The case study of vanitas is nothing short of a complex story done right. From small wholesome moments to complex character relationships and psychological depictions not to mention the mysteries themselves.
The strength of this Cour particularly lies with the progression of plot and unexpected revelations and character moments.

What the author basically excels at is balance. Mostly complex stories dont take there time and throw a bunch of stuff at your face(I am only talking about the majority here) However Mochizuki is basically devoid of that. Taking a slow but pre planned approach not only makes it intriguing but immersive at the same time. You still ...
Feb 13, 2022
Ah demon slayer and its popularity
One of the most controversial topics in the anime community.
Manga being mid maybe is another thing(sorry but it is what it is) but the anime is good and enoyable( i dont think anyone can deny this) Like you can feel the passion from the staff just by watching it
Ufotable does play a role but i dont get why everyone is so pissed by that?(like seriously?)I mean they are earning so much with this project, why would they even stop animating it(its business afterall)...

What makes demon slayer stand out though is its colorful cast of characters and the emotions it ...
Jan 14, 2022
Acid Town (Manga) add
Preliminary (51/? chp)
Acid town is nothing short of a twisted, dark tale with the themes of karma, love,revenge,sexual assault,trauma and much more.
It follows the motivations of different characters connected to one person(who is dead) and how those strings lead to their actions in their present situation. In short, Its an emotional yet an epic ride.Several conspiracies tying them together and how that is related to the main characters is certainly a treat to read.
The characters are the best suit of the series. Most of them are morally grey not to mention they are written extremly well.
The BL tag might be a turn of for some(it has a ...
Dec 9, 2021
But I am a boy...So you cant marry me..
Who decided that?

A beautiful tale inshort.
After Stumbling upon Houtou Musuko to koi no Ana, I realised that a perfect romance does not require alot of chapters or the need of flowery embellishment which alot of romances tend to do.
Dealing with a realistic scenario of Minori(The main character being gay), the story unfolds by giving us an in depth analysis of his mental, psychological and emotional state(Later on). and finally his main struggles. The 2 main characters are basically the influence for each other and contribute to each other s growth and development.
THe story tells us how no ...
Sep 17, 2021
All good things must come to an end but in Vanitas case it’s just begun

On A side note If you are looking for long shounen fights, an idealistic protagonist, one objective and goal for which everyone works for and if you dislike slow burners, dialogue Then drop down. This series is not for you!

Synopsis is already there so I am not gonna bother with it.
Each story has different strengths.
In Vanitas case, it’s the writing style itself. The author Jun uses drip feeding technique and she is extremely talented in doing so and anyone familiar knows what I am referring to. and due to this Everything ...
Aug 28, 2021
Here U Are (Manga) add
(Including the extra chapters too)
One of the best romance stories out there
Here U are is a realistic depiction of what gay males go through. And the writer Djun actually wrote it while taking his own personal experiences into account.(Yes the writer is a male)
Its not your typical BL where everything is just good and lucky or where you would have a issue of over the top or forced relationships.
One of the main charms of the series is the challenges the main character yu yang faces in order to be who he is. The manhua beautifully potrays his strong willed nature and ...
Jul 21, 2021
A possible hidden gem and a potential anime of the year,
Link click is something that makes use of time travel, a rather common concepts in fiction in a great manner.
The best part about this whole series iis how the antagonist isnt even introduced till the last episode and they are able to balance, slice of life, thrill and alot of other factors as whole. The emotional feel is not too dramatic or too bland and u certanily feel for the characters. However i would also like to add that the idea of a antagonist and how 2 main characters balance each other out itself ...
Jul 5, 2021
Crimson-Shell (Manga) add
Crimson shell achieves a fleshed out story with great characterization in the span of only 6 chapters.
This is a huge feat considering many stories can take up to 100 to 200 chapters and they still lack these things..
Crimson shell is another tragic tale by Jun that revolves around " a rose" and its"Thorn"
"A locked up shell" who is rescued by a "friend". It takes inspiration from sleeping beauty but its soo minor that you dont really notice it until the very end, considering how different the story and the mechanics are
It follows the themes of friendship, Betrayal and loyalty with addition to self worth as ...
Jul 4, 2021
Chainsaw Man (Manga) add

Disclaimer "I might get some hate for this"
I heard it alot that Chainsaw man is the best new generation shounen
Was excited? Yeah but in the end
I cant emphasize enough on how flawed that statement was...
It feels as though that the author wanted to show that he could write something different and "adult" when in reality it feels like a story written by a 12 year old with a pathetic attempt to break "common shounen tropes"
Hilariously it does fall into that and i would address that later
CSM is ridiculously dumb and not in a good way(dumb series do end up being ...
Jun 29, 2021
First of all
Thankyou kyo ani. They once again proved why they are the best studio. I pray that the victims rest in peace.
Mere Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this movie is! It uses simple baits but the execution is top notch perfect! Violet evergarden is a series that will force your tears out until unless you are a nitpicky elitist no offence.
I will be honest i rarely cry, i do consider cring inside as a real thing which happens from time to time but tears rarely fall in my case.. And i could nt hold them back while watching this...
Animation, ...