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Aug 26, 2019
Senyuu. (Anime) add (All reviews)
Are you a baby? Do you laugh at loud noises? Is your idea of a joke lots of visual stimulation and screaming?

Well look no further than this anime.

Senyuu takes a common trope in Japanese anime comedy, of not being funny at all, oh and they use a straight man and then the rest of the cast is wacky characters. WoooooooAAAAAAAhhhHHh

Each episode is about 4 minutes long when you include the time for the opening and the preview of the next episode and they have no time to set up any jokes, so instead of the classic formula of joke: setup->punchline, it is read more
Mar 11, 2019
What we have here is a stylistic version of a trite plotline of monsters vs humans and the questions of good and evil. To me though this is the problem, the story was never interesting enough that there was a payoff. The whole thing was luke warm providing plot points that didn't escalate tensions, there were repeated moments where out comes were just erased in order to preserve certain characters. Miraculous victories for the MC and his group of friends for no reason.

I had this problem with Aku no Hana as well where I felt like the author doesn't understand human emotion, perhaps read more
Feb 17, 2019
Sup fellow Gymcels are you looking for something to read between crushing reps and box at the gym? Well look no further.

Here we have a manga that is just mindless fun, no story no end goal, no character development, just a gag manga about working out. There is no real through line, each story can just be taken as an excuse to insert some kind of work out knowledge into the weeb population which we will need when we rise up.

The jokes are a bit samey as there is only so much material you can cover but the art and the ridiculousness keeps read more
Nov 27, 2018
Ooof where to start with this one? The concept is decent, a multiverse scenario that is just ruined by an amateur studio taking the reigns. The frame will obviously stay on the same picture for 3-10 seconds at a time with slight alterations. The art is so bad and inconsistent that it completely takes you out of the experience. Because of the amateur studio the pacing is off balance as well, clearly they failed to meet their deadlines and the story suffers for it. The problem here is that the director had some amazing ideas, something like Stein's gate with alterations to the main timeline read more
Sep 27, 2018
Hot off the heels of Kodomo no Jikan, Kaworu's artistic ability has leveled up in a big way. If you don't know the artist who penned this manga suffered a major blow, after getting a big deal with a U.S. distribution company for her pedorag mag, they suddenly pulled shelf space when the contents of the second volume were made aware.

Now imagine being in this headspace and writing something like Bakuman, you see when Bakuman was written, Obata and Oishi had already reached the pinnacle of success, not only were they jump regulars but they had reached world wide renown with their series Death read more
Aug 11, 2018
Too often people confuse perversion and degeneracy with a demarcation of intrigue. This anime in particular deals with plenty of themes that stray from the path of God including homosexuality, killing, affairs, pedophilia, probably rape, but so what? In the end it doesn't make any sense.

If I had to guess the train molestor manga artist who came up with this story was trying to convey the idea that people are all fucked up by writing in characters who lead somewhat normal lives with an intense perverted quirk about them, like BnH for pedophiles. I don't think it works, their backstories aren't fleshed out read more
Aug 4, 2018
This movie ultimately fails in what it is attempting to do. It draws on the idea of faustian bargain but the rules of the trade become convoluted and nonsensical to get to an ending that doesn't make sense with in the context of the overarching theme.

Further the love interest of one of the main characters has no reason for being a love interest, they have been shown to have barely any interactions and their relationship does not grow or receive any attention until the very end. It makes the whole premise very unbelievable and unfortunate, because the original idea this character would have read more
Apr 25, 2018
Believe me when the description of anime starts with "____ is an otaku" I typically run away, but on a whim I decided to give this a shot and look at this for what it is.

The story is not very compelling, it is a cliche Messiah complex story where some beautiful girl saves a loser from his life, and he learns to function as a normal individual. What this anime does with this; however, is why it is above par.

The pacing is great, rather than waiting 12-24 episodes for a love connection dopamine hit the anime zigs and zags with peaks and lows, read more