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Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jan 12, 2:19 PM
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Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
Dec 27, 2020 7:40 AM
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Dec 22, 2020 11:47 AM
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maddy91 Jan 21, 10:33 AM
hey how have you been long time no talk! What did you think of petshop of horrors is it worth the read and the watch?
Sh1ro_ Jan 19, 7:43 AM
You know it's bad when the only interesting thing about a so called action manga is the fact that a dude wants to bang all the girls lol
There will be an anime adaptation this year, will you check it out? I want to see if it's better when it's animated (probably not) but still doesn't hurt to try
GGGP1 Jan 18, 12:04 PM
If you ever read Berserk stop at Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc, after it the story weakens, well that's for me at least

Is it weird that i find her hot?
Her VA did an amazing work also so check her dialogue

Raikou is also good
GGGP1 Jan 18, 11:02 AM
The future we will probably never see
GGGP1 Jan 18, 10:50 AM
I didn't get what you mean in second part after skjadhklsdjfhk about Gintama and illegal sites.

Got it.

Huh, why change it to this one? I mean he looks handsome but not as hot as that tattoo guy.

Yeah I get what you mean, we all have our opinions and I can see where it fall short for you, its just that I didn't care about those falls.

Is he some sort of a playboy? Also by groping, you mean he is touching them weird or just grabbing them as guns and they don't feel anything about it?
In Shuumatsu the Valkyries doesn't seem to feel it that way, though I suppose they feel the pain of the attacks and Loki mentioning the Buddhist common destiny idea suggests that they are aware of what happening, still the story didn't dive deep in that yet.

My biggest complaint will be the mangaka turning from political to fighting with gods, like that a bit of a huge jump.

Is this in the anime? In the manga that happened in the middle of street if I'm not mistaken, still peak comedy.
Also I did see some of the anime picks and...I wish I followed my dad advice to put glasses on, if I knew taking them off later will make as hot as the MC.
Sh1ro_ Jan 14, 2:27 AM
I just read your review of Chainsaw Man and damn I completely agree, thought I was the only one who found it totally undeserving of its praise. Characters lack development and while the story had some (very few) interesting aspects, for me it's just a poor excuse of an "action" manga. There are way better alternatives to this one. Anyway, I know this was totally random I just felt the need to express this
GGGP1 Jan 13, 11:13 AM
Damn I say 'also' a lot, is it annoying?

Boobs and abs
GGGP1 Jan 13, 11:12 AM
Also also sorry but add Gintama ep 206, I'm telling you generally the best of the best series gave to me yet.
GGGP1 Jan 13, 11:05 AM

I get what you mean and i think what was appealing was the absurd comedy, like Power hitting Denji with a car and blaming it on that girl and the fact that Denji doesn't want to be the king of the world or any of that. For me that was interesting but I understand your point. Also will you check part 2 of the series?

That twink give humanity a father complex but yeah thanks, also sorry if I came off as annoying, I just like the series. Also the first fight is the weakest, Lu By in the prequel didn't interact with any women so I wish they made it a bit of a quirk with him literally using a lady as a weapon, like make him blush or be an extra gentlemanly, but no it's just Lu Bu friend fangirling, still the art and ending is cool.

I did like in the middle of series he was morally ambiguous but I agree, Magi would have been better if it didn't have a final villain to beat, especially one who would disappoint a maiden's heart.

Its a character from that artist, Zao Dao.

Also I'm reading Parasite, I'm in ch 20.
GGGP1 Jan 13, 7:39 AM
Come on, it just been (see the last chapter came in 2018) oh...

Yeah but she got it all: personalty, boobs, abs, everything.

Huh, i'm only interested in Chainsaw Man so...also i get your point in your review, the only things i think you got wrong is that the question wasn't who will Denji bang but how he will get a normal life, this is the entire series focus for me, also there will be a part 2 so maybe he will develop more, mentally Denji comes off as around 6, a pervert six years old, so it's not surprise that he didn't grow that well.

I will wait for you until time then, then we will fangirl and fanboy over Adam.

Then you can watch those two and enjoy tearing them apart if you didn't like them.

here is my collection, this is the best of the best, the top vanillas i found
Also Sinbad finally accepted his sexuality and showed his true feelings

I got new profile pic, what do you think of it?
Aiku058 Jan 12, 9:31 PM
Mine too! And thanks for the recommendation!
Aiku058 Jan 10, 5:51 PM
Hey! And thank you! And I get what you mean ^_^ I almost did the same but in the end of I finished it!
GGGP1 Jan 10, 7:09 AM
Also i know you said you didn't like it, but Gintama episode 188 & the second half of 189 is beauty, it's funny but it's amazing, just check those and you watched the best of the seires
Sh1ro_ Jan 10, 6:27 AM
hi, I just found you randomly and thought you were interesting, thanks for accepting lol