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Alternative Titles

English: Berserk
Synonyms: Berserk: The Prototype
Japanese: ベルセルク


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Aug 25, 1989 to ?
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DemonsDemons, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, HorrorHorror, SupernaturalSupernatural, MilitaryMilitary, PsychologicalPsychological, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Miura, Kentarou (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Animal


Score: 9.341 (scored by 147028147,028 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #3
Members: 313,586
Favorites: 64,964


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Apr 29, 2008
TheCriticsClub (All reviews)
Story - 9.38

The first three volumes may discourage some of the readers because it's starts off kind of slow and the initial artwork is not quite up to today's standards. However, after the reader begins the Golden Age arc it is nearly impossible to not be pulled in and become addicted to the series. It is chock-full of action, drama, character development, twists and turns, and just a dash of romance. It defies generalization and is just damn good storytelling.

After the Gold Age arc wraps up the story come back full circle to where it left us at the end of volume 3. But by read more
Jun 7, 2013
Polyphemus (All reviews)

This series already gets plenty of praise, so I will mostly focus on criticism for this review, despite the fact that I do have plenty of positive things to say about Berserk. I want to make a review that will be legitimately helpful to people, rather than simply echoing the beliefs of every other reviewer on here. Look at the myriad "10" reviews for raving about how amazing it is, there is plenty of that already. This series does not get nearly enough proper criticism. Please read the whole thing before marking the review "helpful" or "not helpful." Because if you don't read more
Sep 30, 2010
qrdel (All reviews)
"Have you ever hated someone so much, that this feeling alone would drive you to do horrific and impossible to grasp things?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that your whole life was focused on finding that person and ripping him apart?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that you would forget about your humanity, purge it all just to find enough power, for one, single fraction of a moment, one chance to get your revenge...

What would your eyes look like in that very moment...? Insane? Terrified? Passionate? Happy? Or maybe... satisfied...

Look into his eyes, and find nothing there..."

When I first learned that there is read more
May 3, 2010
Cobbles (All reviews)
Berserk: best manga of all the time or GREATEST manga ever? This isn't up for debate, its written in stone.

The story is incredible in every way imaginable. It starts out with a few small arcs featuring the Black Swordsman named Guts who hunts down demons known as Apostles. We aren't really sure why he does this at the beginning but the mangaka, Miura indicates that there is a lot of history between Guts and these Apostles. The setting is realistic fantasy at first with dashes of supernatural and high-fantasy elements sprinkled here and there. Guts doesn't appear as a very likable protagonist at first. read more
Dec 13, 2010
Tumerking (All reviews)
If you like Berserk then you may find this review offensive. Read at your own risk.

STORY: 6/10
Berserk starts off very poorly. A man with a ten foot sword and a robot arm kills a bunch of people and some gross looking monsters. Now I like gore just as much as the next guy, but there needs to be SOME sort of story or reasoning behind it. It seemed like the main character, Guts, just walked around and killed ugly things for the first few volumes just because he liked being covered in blood.

But then the golden age arc started...This my friends, is one of the read more
Nov 24, 2008
Aja (All reviews)
A 10. One of the several few mangas that deserve two numbers. Berserk tells the tale of a swordsman haunted by woe and bad luck."Out of the frying pan into the fire" seems to be the only way to describe this manga, for the protagonist, Gutts, always seems to find himself in worse situations than those of his preceding situations.

The storyline line is superb - one of money, love, betrayal, and death. Each of these themes seem to be ubiquitous yet vacant throughout the story. Albeit a bit slow in the beginning, the plot rockets off, forming a most complex and elaborate tale that read more
Sep 29, 2015
M0nkeyD_Luffy (All reviews)
Fair warning: if you can't deal with a constructive critique of a work of fiction, this review will not be helpful to you.

This is my personal opinion and it reflects an attempt at challenging readers to engage in expanding their comprehensive and analytical perception.

My first exposure to Kentaro Miura's Berserk was that of the Anime Film Trilogy adaptation of the Golden Age Arc. I'll start by saying this: the Anime series and the subsequent Golden Age Arc films are an absolute insult to the breathtaking Manga Saga in terms of storytelling. They are oblivious to basic narrative components such as pacing, character development and structure.

That read more
May 12, 2010
aindah (All reviews)
Mod Note: This review was initially posted for the one-shot, Berserk Prototype, and was subsequently merged into Berserk.I've only recently started reading Berserk, so I've decided to check out the Prototype. I think that anyone who enjoys reading Berserk will find this interesting and worth reading. In itself it does not stand out particularly, and it really looks like another chapter of Berserk with some differences concerning the details of the story. (There are slight defferences in the treminology, and Guts is somewhat differently drawn.)
I found it worth while because it actually shows you that a rough idea needs to be refined and thought through read more
Dec 5, 2012
IronBerserk (All reviews)
"To me, a friend is something else. Someone who would never depend upon another's dream. Someone who wouldn't be compelled by anyone, but who would determine and pursue his own reason to live and should anyone trample that dream, he would oppose him body and soul...even if that threat were me myself. What I think a friend is, is one who is my equal." – Griffith

Words of wisdom and complete despair. Griffith’s speech at the top of the ballroom stairs is truly sublime and grotesque in nature. Many would agree with what is being said but only few expected the horrors this speech would imply. read more
Jun 28, 2008
infinity (All reviews)
-- [ Berserk ] --

One line: "Highly detailed scenes. Very impressive and complex plot. Lively and varied characters. Berserk rules!"

- [ Story - 10 ] -

Berserk is about Guts, an exceptionally skilled swordsman and his adventures with The Band of the Hawk, along with its leader, Griffith, and other characters like Caska. After a betrayal, Guts is branded as a sacrifice by the God Hand and loses all his friends and his love, set to be killed during The Eclipse. He fights like an insane, becoming an Eclipse survivor. Following this, he is cursed and always attracts evil spirits and violence around him. He now read more
Oct 22, 2016
hardcase (All reviews)
I don't consider myself to be much of a contrarian, so it is with little pleasure that I add this score to one of the highest rated series on this website.

I think Berserk is GROTESQUELY overrated, pointless misery porn with some very nice illustrations. The violence is hideously over the top, the worst of which is reserved specifically for its female characters, the sheer darkness of the setting mutes any of the story's supposed triumphs, and as far as I'm concerned you lose any potential allegorical worth to the brutality of the real world when you have demon rapist horses and giant rape machines read more
Apr 25, 2010
Neiru2013 (All reviews)
I can't praise this series enough. It will spoil you for anything else you'll read in the future because nothing will be able to compare to it. The plot couldn't be more epic, the emotions couldn't run stronger, the art couldn't be more awe-inspiring (particularly in later volumes), and I guarantee that Berserk will traumatize you for life - in a good way! There are no flat characters here, and you can look at the story from any one of their perspectives to learn something new and valuable about the Berserk world. There's rape and violence galore, but this manga isn't just about Guts kicking read more
Mar 4, 2009
dg2500 (All reviews)
The only reason I regret reading Berserk is because now no manga or anime even comes close to how good it is. It might act as a turn off to some younger viewers because of the violence, complex story line, sex (probably not), and tragedy.

Everything in this anime is perfect and might take a little difficulty to be appreciated because of its age.

It's original
The artwork is amazing
The story line is tragic and superb
It's the coolest and saddest thing you will ever read

Feb 27, 2020
AdamNasser (All reviews)
No wonder the 3 part OVA and the Musou game solely focused on the Golden Age Arc, cause any arc outside Golden Age is straight up trash, and most likely the Japanese manga readers know that well.

The art is quite well detailed, but that doesn't always mean it's eye-candy, and Berserk is no different. The art was best done on Guts' initial design, being the only uniqueness I've seen in Japanese art so far, for a supposed giant sword wielder.

Guts is the only standout character throughout the whole series, due to his character development and realistic emotional changes; also the fact he's a walking tank. read more
May 19, 2014
Saiyra (All reviews)
Berserk feels like two different series.

The first, the "Golden Age" arc, is where its acclaim rightly comes from- it easily stands alone as the single best Manga arc I've ever read. Deserves 10s across the board. Reading Berserk is *absolutely* worthwhile for that experience alone- superb, mature characters, fiendishly inventive plot twists, and some beautiful worldbuilding. The way it ends is absolutely heartbreaking.

Then, after the first ~110 chapters? There's, ah, the rest.

The post-Golden Age arc's still enjoyable- and the magnificent art style, if anything, has got even better. The problem's with the setting and pacing- it scarcely feels like the storyline has read more
May 6, 2013
ironcladgranite (All reviews)
When looking at the 5 sub-categories above, I noticed myself giving every one a 10 (expect for enjoyment, which I gave a 9. I'll get to why I gave it that in a second). While I'm not particularly the strictest reviewer ever, I generally don't go throwing 10's all over the place. So, needless to say, Berserk is something unique.

If one were to simply look at the series briefly, the average person would probably only see it as just another over-the-top action manga with a lot of nudity and sex. But that's where they would be mistaken; while violence in Berserk tends to be read more
Jan 16, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Update: 4/30/2016

As you can tell, I was pretty disappointed with the then current state of the manga when I wrote this review. Now that the party has gotten off the boat and production has sped up, I am cautiously optimistic. Also having re-read the manga recently, I find myself liking the post Eclipse manga more than I did on the first read through. I like the struggle that Guts must go through on whether to pursue revenge or choose protecting those he loves. This inner struggle and psychological drama is quite interesting. I also find myself liking the gradual redemption of the initially vile read more
Jan 27, 2014
TheSpicyDonut (All reviews)
Being a medieval-style lover, I started looking for a manga with this type of setting ever since I was introduced to manga and anime. Many people suggested Berserk and praised it as a masterpiece. It wasn't long before I saw why.

First of all, it's one of the few manga, if not the only one, where the secondary characters' past, relationships and stories are introduced to you in a way that the plot won't get sidetracked and the focus of the story will still be on the main characters. This adds to the drama and makes the cast more interesting and realistic. And we are talking read more
Sep 7, 2017
Agehaa (All reviews)
If not for the over hype and characters (Guts, specifically) i would have enjoyed this more.

People over hyping and praising this manga as if it was written by God himself, is honestly so disgusting and delusional.

Guts is the biggest Mary Sue i ever had to bear reading. Although i noticed people called him 'badass'. Understandable. But that was what it cut it for me. I don't like 'badass' characters in the first place, because you know why?

Together with 'badassary' comes big, inflated, tumorous egos, and cringeworthy one liners.

There were absolutely no stakes when characters were getting raped/attacked by big ugly evil monsters, because Guts read more
Oct 2, 2018
ChouEritto (All reviews)
Berserk is a series that has grown in popularity to be one of the most hailed works within the medium of manga, and for good reason. It's medieval setting, complex character writing, ties to several philosophical schools of thought such as the idea of Nietzsche's Ubermensch and it's top tier art are all factors in why many cite it as the greatest manga of all time.

However, that is a very questionable statement when it comes to analysing the series. Indeed, the quality of the Golden Age Arc, featuring some of the best character chemistry and complexity in the medium through it's main trio of Guts, read more