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Jul 19, 2016
Man oh man, has it been ages since I watched a Gundam show... Sure, there was this Iron-Blooded orphans thing, but Gundam as entitled - that has been escaping my radar for years now. Why, you may ask? It's quite simple. For a hardcore fan Gundams ended around Turn A and the only reasonable approach to the topic were either the Unicorn or (loosely) 00.

Thundebolt then caught me completely off-guard. Having no time for animes these days I got the glimpse of the upcoming OVA through some promo I was never hoping to watch, It didn't say much though, only showing some really neat looking ...
Jul 25, 2011
The second season of Saint Seiya Lost Canvas just finished and I believe it's high time I took both series into consideration and shared my thoughts about them. Forgive me for collapsing the two into a single entity, but once the whole show is completed most reviewers will actually do the same.

For starters, it's worth mentioning, that although the series has been up as an OVA for more than 2 years now, we are still only half-way through. This is because at the time the first episode was aired, the manga was still ongoing and only recently came to a spectacular end (at least for ...
Apr 14, 2011
"You cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. In this world it's called Equivalent exchange."

When I first learned that the Brotherhood is being prepared I felt chills. The first series was mostly great, with some weaker elements. The epicness spilled from it no matter which approach you took. However, what really got me into the topic of Elric brothers was not the anime, but the manga. The manga which, to some extend, changed the way I perceive things today. The manga which taught me a lot about life, friendship, priorities. The manga which showed that if you wish for something strong enough - you will receive ...
Oct 6, 2010
Slayers Next (Anime) add
Before we start I'd like to have one thing cleared and settled... I'll be reviewing this series WITHOUT comparing it to up-2-date standards. Why? I don't think that the series deserves to be mashed because of some quality flaws, that's one... and secondly... Well, there isn't a single series that could stand up to Slayers, even today.

But let's go off from the beginning...

NEXT is a direct successor to the first SLAYERS tv series, and a much better series at that. It gives you much less fillers, more action, funny gags and tons of enjoyment almost every episode.
The story circles around an old and incredibly powerful ...
Oct 4, 2010
If there is a Gundam series that is worth of scoring top notes and receiving every possible award out there for an anime it definitely has to be this series.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a direct successor to memorable Gundam 0079. While most of the people are new, there are also some classic cameos here and there. Once again we get into a White Base type space fortress - Argama, to travel with our young (and some a little older) pilots across the universe to fight off evil - a bit cliche, no ? ;]

In fact, Zeta Gundam is anything and everything BUT cliche. The ...
Oct 2, 2010
Bandai x Sunrise sure like milking their fans with the releases of new Gundam franchise anime. This is what I think today, after watching almost all gundam series and re-watching a considerable amount of them several times. As for SEED, well, it was my first G series, so I might have a little soft spot for it...

The story isn't bad, especially since it is a rip-off from Zeta Gundam. Although some parts seem to be a total copies of their predecessors in Z, they work quite well in general and for someone who has not seen any G series before those will make no ...
Sep 30, 2010
Berserk (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
"Have you ever hated someone so much, that this feeling alone would drive you to do horrific and impossible to grasp things?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that your whole life was focused on finding that person and ripping him apart?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that you would forget about your humanity, purge it all just to find enough power, for one, single fraction of a moment, one chance to get your revenge...

What would your eyes look like in that very moment...? Insane? Terrified? Passionate? Happy? Or maybe... satisfied...

Look into his eyes, and find nothing there..."

When I first learned that there is ...
Sep 30, 2010
Casshern Sins (Anime) add
People who lose their memories of the past are almost always dying to get those back. They feel empty inside, as if something was taken out of them. Something irreplaceable... Is Casshern the same?

I think that this question kept running through the studio director's mind as he decided to take up an old project that was long lost and created its new version - Casshern SINS. The series is a 24-ep-long philosophic discussion on the sense of human nature and its everlasting need for self-improvement. Paradoxically though, there are very few humans in this distorted world. The entities who appear to be more humane ...
Sep 29, 2010
"Nazenara wa.... Nonoriri is a normal girl"

Diebuster, or Gunbuster 2 or Top No Nare 2! or simply Aim for the Top 2! is one of the best attempts that GAINAX has ever made to create a short yet heart blasting show that makes you fall in love with it from the very first minute of the first episode. Not many can achieve it. Somehow, Gainax can.

The story features a robot-girl Nono who, of all things in the world, wants to become a space pilot the most. In order to do so she follows one of the top fighters - Lark, who pilots Dex Neuf - ...
Sep 29, 2010
I literally hate reviewing Evangelion. It's one of those series that you have to fully understand to enjoy it the most. Many people fail to do it. They tend to see only the shallow part of this show - mecha battles and romance (?) between some characters. Wrong. But it's not my cup of tea (yet) to change your mind on that dear fellas ;].

The first series was... a success. That's what most would say about it. It sold itself well enough to earn for two more movies (Death and Rebirth/EoE). All fine and well, but GAINAX did not stop on that. They are the ...

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