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Brand New Story
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Debby the Corsifa wa Makezugirai PV
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Ore dake Level Up na Ken
Apr 5, 4:17 AM
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The Esper's Game
Apr 13, 5:13 PM
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Hiasubi Apr 8, 9:56 PM
Sorry for late reply.

Ahhh cool, any reason you chose Malaysia and Thailand or just ended up there?

Work, work and more work. So usually only have time for reading manga like usual on work days.

Though I've actually been making an effort to not laze around all the time when I'm off, so gaming - Helldivers 2 atm mixed in with Moero Chronicle H - and more building Warhammer though I've also just built my first Gunpla kit which was great fun.
Hiasubi Mar 3, 3:42 AM
Ooooo, now that I've finished Hitman Reborn! I'll make that my next read then.

How have you been anyway good sir?
Hiasubi Feb 24, 12:59 AM
Is Chi no Wadachi any good? The synopsis sounds very very interesting.
YayaSoy Jan 13, 10:24 PM
"Yaya from FTV?"

Not quite mind you. She's long retired and only comes on here to keep in touch with a few friends. I am her cousin, Ester, who took over for her when she finally retired back in 2017 as she had two accounts. I just manage this one since I am too lazy to open one myself.

As far as FTV goes, I have not been on that website but she tells me it is a dead place now and she only visits when an old friend sends her messages there.

That's pretty much it.
Fario-P Jan 20, 2022 6:37 PM
omg i am so sorry for not replying after all this time, idk how i forgot but thanks a lot!
i am already familiar with some of these but thank you for sharing, maybe i'll give you some of my thoughts once i ever finish some of them?
Blackwolfzu Nov 7, 2021 4:04 AM
Hey it's your second thanks btw, lol
Blackwolfzu Jul 24, 2021 7:29 PM
Happy Birthday !!
Hiasubi Jun 9, 2021 12:02 AM
Yeah, bloody long time.

Yeah when I messaged you last you were spending more time working through your 360 backlog than anything else. Must admit I was the same, Took a long break only reading my regular stuff like OP, spent more time doing all sorts gardening, gaming, cooking, Gunpla. It's only in thr past month or so I've gotten back into manga proper again. Anime not so much but I'm dipping my toe into it again.

I'll check that manwha out then, will make a change since what manwha I do read all seems to be Isekai, there is ALOT of Isekai Manwha it would seem.

Regarding Watamote, if I had to guess its because the current manga isn't as crazy. Since right now she actually has a somewhat large group of friends now and it's not about her being as awkward, heck a few chapters she doesn't even appear now. Aside from the silver public hair story or the argument between Kuroki and another girl about jerking another guy off I don't recall any whacky socially awkward moments in along while. That being said DGM had to wait years for Hallow, Bleach is finally getting its last arc adapted so who knows.

Yeah I checked FTV just this morning, I did post there, it's nice to see a few people pop by occasionally to post, I'm surprised Maiku hasn't shut it down yet, though I would be sad to see it eventually go though.
Robinne Jun 8, 2021 10:18 AM
They're characters from Love Live with dresses from Aria and yeah it's a very cozy and contemplative series.
Hiasubi Jun 8, 2021 7:11 AM
How's it going good sir, been a long while.
Alexioos95 Jun 8, 2021 3:14 AM
For Grisaia , the 1st season is about the backstories of the girls , it's good but there isn't really any slice of life events between the reveals , so it feels weird. (I've heard that it was a bad , rushed adaptation of the Visual Novel , so it may explain.)
The OVA & 2nd season are about the backstory of Yuuji , and this is damn good , exhilarating and emotional. Definitely my favorites episodes from the whole serie. And there is lasts few episodes with a lot of... weird/cringe things.
I'd say it's worth solely for the backstory of Yuuji.
My tast are... peculiar (?) , so i don't know if you'll like it as much as i did. (And i have a thing for badass/warrior/military girls , so i couldn't not love a badass sniper girl such as Asako !)

I don't mind the limit of 10 favorites since i use sections of my About me for that. (And i can't think that i'll ever remove Shiki from it.)
Alexioos95 Jun 7, 2021 4:12 AM
I'm 19 years old. The "95" is my department number. (similar to Counties in USA or Regions in UK.)
It is (or was... ?) pretty much common for French players to put their department number at the end of their pseudonymes.
I could have changed my pseudo , or took rid of the number with time , but i took a liking to it.
JCDRANZER Jun 5, 2021 7:53 PM
Note to self, read 52 chapters of Demonic Housekeeper.
KANLen09 May 24, 2021 8:38 AM
You mean "insightful", LMAO I almost thought that you're insulting me instead. Pardon the language.

It's sad that like Nana, Iris Zero will never see the light of being completed even after 10+ years. I know that the author's health isn't the greatest, but it'd be a big mystery. For a fact, I chanced upon Iris Zero as one of my very first manga ever read, and I always think of it as my go-to manga.

Back Arrow? If you like Gurren Lagann, then it's right up your alley.

I used to go to NoFillerAnime and Anime Filler List to check up on such stuff as that, but that was specially for Black Clover. Never came across any other sites that do the manga to anime comparison, so you're on your own for that. If I have any info I can hit you up, but bear in mind that those websites cover the classic shows and some new ones.
Blackwolfzu May 22, 2021 11:18 PM
Sup, thanks for accepting.. and yes it is from noragami lol

sorry for the late late reply ^^
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