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Warsada Sep 18, 10:18 AM
r u a dude?
Aerosmith224 Sep 15, 5:59 PM
You should ask yourself with that Shitty Review of Berserk
Aerosmith224 Sep 11, 6:21 AM
Trash mixed with garbage, fused with dog farts and interwoven into mindless Stupidity of words to write a review
Suiyaki Jun 28, 7:22 AM
You have a pretty nice taste for mangas, so I'm gonna follow through your list and read them (๑>ᴗ<๑)!!
_Lyborick_ Jun 24, 11:20 PM
It is good to see that we have come to a certain sense of understanding between us. Also, sorry for the delayed response, I was on a vacation trip with my friends. I'm just going to add some more commentary to your response just to continue the conversation for fun sake since I'm an avid fan of debating. I hope you are not bothered by it. If you are bothered by it, do let me know since some people despise debating.

While you may believe that social media has the influence to bring much needed change into our country, it never comes to fruition. Or at least long lasting changes will never come to fruition. If I were to point out some examples from recent times, I would say the most notable ones are worker conditions in the gig economy and black lives matter movement. Both movements resulted in nothing. Sure you might say that with the gig economy movement on social media has brought into the light how many of these low paying workers are being treated as machines not humans, revealing the greedy, inhumane behaviors of big corperations or how black lives matter movement has incrimnated Derick Chauvin for 30 years in prison, which much deserved for his crimes. But, these aren't lasting changes. Both of these movements were derailed and did not cause any change. Gig economy was patched with a few PR stunts by big conglormetant companies, but it never gave any substantial better work conditions for workers or power to these worker by allowing them to unionize. The biggest one being the failure of amazon worker being able to unionize and get their much deserved humane working conditions. As for the black lives matter movement, all it got was get Derick Chauvin to be convicted, but the movement was much more than that. It was to help black community to be not be fearful of their lives by any police officer. It was to defund the police. It was to put money into other infastruce such as drug abuse, social welfare. None of that ever came to fruition because all these social media movements actually mean nothing to the government and companies. As long they appease or quell the fires burning under the people just by the tiniest amount, everything goes back to normal.

I totally agree that companies only see people like you or I to be a cash grab and nothing else. That's why I get annoyed at people who get appeased at the fact that they got representation. Minorities should not be happy with an half ass effort to include them in fiction. I mean they have worked so hard to voice their opinion to include, then why not go the last 10% and make meaningful characters. If wrtiters are clueless then we should leave constructive criticism rather than canceling, but this is not possible in this day and age because anyone would feel overwhelmed by the backlash and harsh words people use to critic a single series. I would only for harsh words if the creator starts inserting political beliefs and refuses to change or correct their mistakes such as JK Rowling with her bigotted terfism.

Well the barrier to entry as a reader and as a writer has been lowering as the days goes on, which is a great thing. A few years ago anime and comics were seemed as an taboo since it was a sign of 'beta male' figure, but now compared today where multiple celebrities and mega companies are investing into such markets because there is untapped potential to make money. The notion has fazed away and now it is seen to be cooler in many social spheres. I think this change has been achieved due to the underground movement against toxic masculinity. As for authors, it is getting easier as well. They are getting more chances at publishing their stories, which is a big bonus. Not to mention many people from minority groups are seeing a viable career option that they are passionate about. Still, I do agree many of the experienced writers need to be slowly fazed out and give the new authors a chance to truly flourish without being bogged down by society, higher ups, and many more. Only focus on their story and the people who have actaul constructive criticisms. What would you think is a good representation of minority group? I don't care which group you elaborate on, but I would love to see your take on this.

I think comic are esxapist fantasies and forever will be. Sure, they will have some political elements since there will always be a certain bias included by authors in their works, but I would not consider every stylistic choice to be based due to certain political elements. I think coding and subtext tend to be in a very grey area because of how subjective it can be depending from person to person, hence I am not a firm believer in such idea. I only beleive what is being presented and the elements that have concrete proof. Like a the recent video by extra credits about how orcs are harming minorities. You have to stretch this fictional idea so much to get to the idea of it is harming actual minorities through the use of coding that it becomes so hard to wrap your mind around. Fiction is fiction unless the author or the game designer wants to add more nuance, which both is good for me.
tanigucci Jun 23, 1:23 PM
I was gonna read Ayame and Amane, because I thought it would be a cute GL manga maybe I could relate to. But my god am I glad I read your review first. It really is detestable how GL/Lesbians/wlw is sexualised by men so much in this way. A whole lot in Japan, but it also made me think about how the whole world treats wlw like that. Like, GOD!!!!! "Lesbian" isn't just a porn category!! It makes me so frustrated!
_Lyborick_ Jun 15, 1:43 AM
Also, if you are wondering why I wrote this in your comment section is because a) the thread that I had opened had closed, b) you had an actual argumentation against my points rather than slandering my name for being anti-sjw or whatever term that may apply to my statements that I made, and c) I wanted to discuss about this a bit more since I was intrigued to learn more perspectives.

I don't know if you want to further express your refutations against my arguments or not. I really do not care. If you insist on continuing this conversation then I'll most definitely chime in and do my part to come to a compromise. I don't care which platform you want to use whether it be MAL's comments or messaging system or even Discord as a matter of fact. I think that's all I wanted to add. I really once again appreciate the effort that you put in creating a reasonable argument without slandering my character too much.

Also, if you do notice anything that has ill-intent meaning or is harmful to you, please do let me know. The last thing I want to do is hurt you and your feelings over this tiny argument. Even if you don't want to respond back tot he argument, if you find anything harmful, at least notify me of that part and I'll fix it by clarifying or taking down the comment if you think that is the best course of action. Anyways, I bid you a good day and enjoy your time with anime. Peace.
_Lyborick_ Jun 15, 1:30 AM
Even though you may believe that it is not the root cause, I am pretty sure that it is actually the root cause, and I'll further expand later down the line. As for you, claiming my political left-leaning stance to be a smoke screen is also false. I personally support Pro-Choice, LGBT rights, pro-immigration, a more robust social program to help people in poverty, fixing the broken education system by routing funds into public school, allowing colleges to be free/reduced tuitions for all students, etc... I would, also, mention about infrastructure spending, but due to how much money Biden has infused into the economy at practically 0% interest rate, I personally am against huge infrastructure bills for now since if there is another dip in the economy it will cause a downward spiral of unemployment and rising prices. Now that I have mentioned my stances on certain issues plaguing the US, it is up to you to decide whether I'm lying or not because this is all I can do to show you that I have left leaning ideologies. I use terms like sjw / political correctness only for movements that make a huge fuss about the smallest thing or things that won't cause meaningful change. Sure you can that it might be meaningful to the minority group, and I, also, will agree that they find it meaningful. But, the part that I can't agree with is how so many people are basically removed from online platforms to pay for these one off minor mistakes. If we are to be a representation of inclusiveness and understanding, we should not be canceling people on a whim rather allowing them to have a second chance to become a better person. Anyways, that's the last bit I wanted to talk about myself, now let's get to the actual argument that we were supposed to have.

Your claim about it being a cash grab falls short when looking at the data. If we look at the data of comic sales in the US, we clearly see two trendlines. One is that manga and other types of media from the east are on a steady rise in revenue in the west and second a steady decline in revenue for western comic that have made it their only goal to creating stories and characters that focus on a minority <insert race/sexuality/etc> for a good year or two. By now companies and authors should take notice of the fact that if they only focus on making characters that are diverse for the sake of appeasing the minority groups without actually putting an effort to create meaningful characters and growth does not work out. Their bet has failed for half a year already, but they aren't willing to change because they are scared that their livelihood will be destroyed by twitter if they change.

I'm happy to hear that you were able to find yourself through discovering webnovels that explored different types of sexuality. I think this brings a key issue in our society about how there is a lack of diversity in children's books while there is a huge push for diversity in adult content. I would say that there should be more diversity in children's books since it is easier to integrate diversity while having a decent plot that will keep children immersed compared to adult content. Plus, creating a mindset with diversity in mind will help people be more aware of the social environments. I think why there is not a huge angry mob against garbage straight romance plot is because a) as you mentioned about representation being a normal representation, hence I’m not gonna explain, and b) lack of attention given to them. I have seen so many articles give attention about a book being written by trans or queer person, but the plot falls short to make me engaged into their works. The quality or the pioneering of a new genre should be the deciding factor on whether your work should be written in an article. Now, if the author is facing backlash and discriminations against her work for having a different gender than the majority, I fully support her having in the articles raising awareness about this injustice. This is why it boils my blood when republicans want to remove the idea of having a certain percentage being a different race in college. The purpose of the rule is to help students in those minority groups to overcome systemic racism the republicans turn a blind eye to. But, none of the articles even detail about the authors' struggle in the industry.

I don’t know where you are getting the idea that I'm blaming your existence for garbage writing. If my original post insinuated such statements, I’m truly sorry for that. I do want you or your community to feel unsafe or unwelcome by my post. Let me try to clarify it here through an example. Practically everyone can agree that Sakura from Naruto is one of the worst main female lead characters, but I do not blame the existence of women for the fact that Sakura is a garbage written character. I blame the author and the culture that forced him to create such character growth. The culture today is so focused on having diversity that it has become a bland checklist for authors to get free points for.

Forcing diversity is the root problem. Authors should have free reign on what they can or can't do as long as their work is not used in a way to harm a minority or propagate false ideologies such as America being the world servers of justice and peace. If authors believe they can create a good diverse set of characters, let them do what they want to do without placing any restrictions on their creative freedom. When they create their magnum opus, and people like you and I find such a piece of work, we then use our voices to get more people in to experiencing the joys of good writing on top of the fact that there is diversity.

Don’t take a LGBTQ character and try to make them a badass, take them to be a badass and be like ‘oh, <insert pronoun> also is a LGBTQ character.' It will always leave a lasting impact on your mind if you chose the latter.
Levitou Jun 14, 1:07 PM
Great forum post on the diversity thread (that's now been locked). Btw after you create a blog, you can get rid of the anime relations. They just ask you to add one to prevent spam.
Kimuraaaa Jan 20, 11:11 PM
your reviews are super useful and help me a lot, thanks !
Black_Sheep97 Jan 11, 12:14 PM
Read your reviews can wholesome and smut be the same?
grillbert Jan 8, 3:42 PM
nice berserk review, put a lot of the stuff I thought about it into words