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Jan 15, 2015
== [ Walkure Romanze - 7.5 / 10 ] ==

If you're looking for a sports anime with an unconventional plot - jousting, with some action and ecchi scenes then Walkure Romanze is for you.

While the story and character development are lacking, the show has its merits and is a decent show overall.

[ Story - 7 / 10 ]

The concept of jousting as a story base is interesting and not something you will see in other anime. While there are indeed several anime dealing with sport, jousting has not been covered previously, as far as I know.
Dec 26, 2014
[Spice and Wolf Season 1 and 2 Review - Overall 8.5 / 10]

Spice and Wolf (S&W) is what I'd call a great romance anime. It's a mature romance anime, and while not specifically targeted at an adult audience; I would call it a “seinen” romance – there are no cheap fanservice scenes, the characters’ behaviors are not exaggerated and the story itself is well-paced. The story deals with economic concepts but you don’t need a deep background in economy to follow along.

If I had to complain about one thing about the series, it is the lack of a definite conclusion. While there are 17 light ...
Dec 5, 2011
Preliminary (6/26 eps)
-- [ Hanasaku Iroha - 26 Eps - 8 / 10 ] --

One-liner: Good slice-of-life / drama series. Ok plot with a certain feeling of incoherence. Excellent animation. Will literally leave you wanting for more at the end. Characters can be annoying.

(Updated to fix a few spelling mistakes and make things clearer)

-- [ Story: 7 / 10 ] --

Hanasaku Iroha, which I'll abbreviate to just Hanasaku, is about the main female character, Ohana, being forced to go to live at her grandmother's inn because her mother ran away with her boyfriend who had debts. Uh... ok. The problem is that the grandma is very strict ...
Nov 24, 2011
Katanagatari (Anime) add
==[ Katanagatari - Overall: 9.5/10 | 12 episodes]==

One-liner: If you want an anime with amazing art, great character development, good romance and an ending which you cannot predict from episode 1, Katanagatari is for you.

[ Introduction ]

Katanagatari, or Sword Story, is about the Strategian Togame and her "sword", Yasuri Shichika. The story is about their journey to collect 12 legendary deviant swords made by master swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki.

[ Story = 9 ]
Jun 24, 2010
Hotel (Manga) add
Preliminary (1/5 chp)
-- [ Hotel by Boichi -- Overall: 9.5/10 ] --

One Liner: It tells the story of a computer that continues its mission, long after humanity has gone extinct. If you ever have to read a single one-shot and that's it, Hotel wins my vote. No questions asked.

-- [ Story - 8.5 ] --

The story is one of the most creative and realistic I've come by. There are too many shounen lately, and something that is realistic feels nice.

Hotel narrates the fate of mankind: Extinction. Apparently, we have gone too far with the planet. After abusing fossil fuels, humanity has caused a massive greenhouse effect that ...
Apr 22, 2010
Witch Hunter (Manga) add
Preliminary (28/? chp)
-- [ Witch Hunter (WH) ] --

One liner: "Amazing artwork. Great narration and impressive story. Unfortunately, there is not much character development yet. A manwha that's definitely worth checking out"

- [ Story - 8 ] -

Witch Hunter revolves around witches that suddenly declared war on humans, and Witch Hunters, agents that are suppress witches. Witches are normally women that can use magic spells and invoke creatures known as Supporters in battle. The main character is Tasha Godspell and he (surprisingly) has a Supporter, Halloween.

From the line above, you could tell me: "Hey, it's just another shounen! Good hero battles evil bad guys!". You would be ...
Jun 17, 2009
Eden no Ori (Manga) add
Preliminary (10/185 chp)
--- [ Cage of Eden / Eden no Ori ] ---

Note that Cage of Eden is a new manga, and only a few chapters are out. The review is based solely on those chapters, up to the latest (10 at the time of writing). If there are updates, I will change this review accordingly. Also, Cage of Eden is very new, and there is not much to say yet. Consider this review as a preview instead.

One-liner: For a starter, this manga looks promising overall. Nice art style. Interesting storyline. Average-y characters till now.

Total Rating: 7 / 10

Quick Synopsis: A ...
Jul 1, 2008
Soul Eater (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (48/51 eps)
- - [ Soul Eater - 6/10 ] - -

One liner: "One wacky anime you really got to see, just for the non-confirmism in it"

UPDATE: I have brought down the rating of this anime. Why? Because the ending was simply pathetic and did not follow the manga, which is still very good.

UPDATE2: A user mentioned on my profile that I shouldn't bring down the score of the anime just because I didn't like the ending as compared to the manga. He/she is right. Am sorry for that. But I still don't want to raise the score up, because this review represents my opinion and I ...
Jun 28, 2008
Berserk (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
-- [ Berserk ] --

One line: "Highly detailed scenes. Very impressive and complex plot. Lively and varied characters. Berserk rules!"

- [ Story - 10 ] -

Berserk is about Guts, an exceptionally skilled swordsman and his adventures with The Band of the Hawk, along with its leader, Griffith, and other characters like Caska. After a betrayal, Guts is branded as a sacrifice by the God Hand and loses all his friends and his love, set to be killed during The Eclipse. He fights like an insane, becoming an Eclipse survivor. Following this, he is cursed and always attracts evil spirits and violence around him. He now ...
Jun 28, 2008
-- [ Flame of Recca Manga - 33 volumes / 329 chapters ] --

One line: "Good art. Good story. Ok characters. What more to ask?"

Flame of Recca (FoR) is one manga where you will see the evolution of a mangaka's style clearly. It has a good plot, interesting characters, and a good bit of ecchiness. It definitely makes a good read.

- [ Art - 9/10 ] -

In the first volumes, the art was no good. The eyes were exaggerated, as well as the various body parts. It was plain old-style manga drawings. However, as the volumes move on, you see the style of the mangaka ...

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